The Great Decorate Teens of 2021

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Antonio C09818 Daxton Hotel and Social Kitchen & Bar

Link to MARE Profile Link to Video Profile “Antonio has a good sense of himself and is driven and excited about his future,” says one of the adults who knows him best. “He also really values his education and life skills.” Antonio and others describe him as genuine. He’s calm, cooperative, unique and helpful. Antonio is a good listener who’s good at conversation.

Austin C09542 Adachi and Petite Cabane

Link to MARE Profile Link to Video Profile “Austin has been described in school as courteous and cooperative,” says a person who knows him well. “Austin is a joy to be around.” He’s also described as outgoing, kind, caring and helpful.

Avion C010230 Barbara Boz Boutique and Forest

Link to MARE Profile “I am friendly, warm, easy to get along with, respectful and outgoing,” says Avion. Others describe him the same way and add that he’s a sweet, friendly, calm and unassuming young man who would flourish in a forever family. “Avion has come a long way and made significant progress,” says an adult close to him. “He is very optimistic and positive about life and his future.”

Bayli C09838 Churchill's

Link to MARE Profile Link to Video Profile “I have a strong sense of humor, and I am a very compassionate person,” says Bayli. According to a person close to her, “Bayli is a delight to be around and has a bright future ahead given her potential. Bayli is very calm, cooperative and mature. She is insightful, resilient and loving.”

Christian C09762 Phonecia & Bridal Couture of Birmingham

Christian loves spending time with friends as well and says talking with them is one of her favorite after-school activities. She likes gardening and art clubs and going bowling and to the movies. Christian has an adventuresome spirit, which shows in her wishes to “travel to Disneyland or Disney World and stay for a month and go on a shopping spree with no cash limit.”

Domanic C09545 220 Restaurant and The Italian Dish

Link to MARE Profile Link to Video Profile One of the people who knows Domanic well describes him as outgoing, sincere, honest, open and adventurous. “Domanic does well when he is able to be outside and given oneon-one attention.” Domanic also benefits from structure and routine at home and in school.

Emma C010172 Emagine Theatre Birmingham

Link to MARE Profile Link to Video Profile “Emma states her strengths are that she is generous, helpful and sensitive,” says an adult who knows her well. “Emma can be described as a caring and compassionate youth. A prime example of Emma’s caring nature shows when she often calls others to ask, ‘How is your day?’”

Jaelyn C09885 Fab’rik

Link to MARE Profile Jaelyn is described as creative, friendly and kind. Jaelyn often looks out for the best interests of others. “She is a caring, youthful and loving child who longs for love, acceptance and a family of her own,” says one of the adults close to her.

Jayvion C09815 The Townsend Hotel and Urban Wick Candle Bar

Link to MARE Profile Jayvion is a kind, polite and friendly young man who likes to keep things clean. “Jayvion values tidiness and order,” says an adult close to him. “Oftentimes, he straightens up whatever room he occupies.” In school, Jayvion says math is his favorite subject.

Joslyn C09206 Greenleaf Trust

Link to MARE Profile Link to Video Profile “Joslyn has a very bubbly personality,” says a person close to her. “She is very caring and loving. She also gets very excited about the little things in life, and the people that she loves and cares about are the most important thing to her.”

Katelyn C08908 Harp’s Lingerie

Link to MARE Profile Link to Video Profile Katelyn is a gregarious girl with a great personality. “Katelyn really is a sweet and lovable kid,” says one of her close acquaintances. Others say Katelyn likes to use her tablet as a coping mechanism. Most of the time, Katelyn is a happy young lady. “She has a sense of humor and a smile that can light up a room,” says one of the people close to her.

Kevin C08992 Hastens and The Morrie Birmingham

Link to MARE Profile According to one of the adults close to him, “Kevin is a loving youth with a great desire to have a forever family. He is very likeable and kindhearted. At school,” says one of the people who knows him best, “he works hard and gets along well with his peers.” Kevin also benefits from extra attention when he’s in school, and he says math is his favorite subject.

La'Zeric C09678 Carlson, Gaskey & Olds and Toast Birmingham

Link to MARE Profile Link to Video Profile Lazeric is well-liked by peers and adults. “Lazeric has little to no issues with interacting with other people,” says one of the adults close to him. Lazeric thrives on one-on-one attention, and he does well in school, where he says math is his favorite subject. “Lazeric is especially gifted in math,” says an adult acquaintance.

Le’Asia C08821 Hazel, Ravines and Downtown and Figo Salon

Le-Asia hopes for an adoptive family who’s Christian and attends church together. LeAsia is a delightful teenager who enjoys being a girl,” says one of the adults who knows her well. “She has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh and smile throughout her day. Le-Asia is a polite, energetic young lady who is kind toward others and enjoys seeing others happy.”

Lilyana C09801 Market North End and Streetside Seafood

Link to MARE Profile

Lily is described as a bright, outgoing, respectful girl who’s always smiling. She’s focused and determined, especially at school where her favorite subject is math. “Lilyana is a caring child who could brighten up any circumstance,” says an adult close t her.

Madysun C010123 Primi Piatti and The French Lady

Life could be c’est magnifique for Madysun if she had a forever family to share her interests. One of those interests is visiting France one day. Madysun wants to travel to Paris to fulfill a promise to herself. “I have always wanted to go to France,” she says. “It just intrigues me.” If she could click her heels together and make a couple more wishes, Madysun would want world peace and the ability to go back in time.

Mohamad “Ameer” C010106 Sal's

“I am good, insightful and fun,” says Ameer. “I love to make others happy. I have the potential to do great things and just want to be in a good environment and be accepted by others around me. I want to go to college, and I want to accomplish my goals.”

RobertSidecar C08988 Slider Bar

Robert is funny, outgoing and very personable,” says a person close to him. “He's a pretty laid-back youth. Robert is a great and loving youth. He is a great role model for other youth.”

Taevon C09003 TENDER

Link to MARE Profile Link to Video Profile “Taevon’s strengths are that he is loving and can be very helpful,” says an adult close to him. Taevon makes lasting friendships and builds relationships with the adults he trusts. Even though he’s good at interacting with others, Taevon enjoys his own time and can entertain himself very well.

Taivion C08515 St. Croix Shop and Luxe Bar & Grill

Link to MARE Profile Link to Video Profile Taivion describes himself as smart, energetic and thoughtful. “I like to spend one-on one-time with people,” he says. “Taivion is caring, loving, loyal and enjoys sports, and he has a strong desire to be a part of a family,” says one of the adults who knows him best.