2019 Hoyleton Youth and Family Services Impact Report

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LOCATIONS Hoyleton Youth and Family Services Fairview Heights Campus 8 Executive Dr. Ste. 200 Fairview Heights, IL 62208 Hoyleton Childrens Home 350 N. Main St Hoyleton, IL 62803 Lehre Haus 300 N. Church St. Belleville, IL 62220 Hagar House 900 Royal Heights Rd., Ste. 3150 Belleville, IL 62226 Wood River Office 228 N. 6th St. Wood River, IL 62095 Schippel House 1311 S. Marion St Salem, IL 62281 Cahokia Office 2200 Camp Jackson Rd. Cahokia, IL 62206 Marion Office 930W. Cherry St. Marion, IL 62959 Puentes Welcome Center 4012 Maple Ave. Fairmont City, IL 62201 Our Newest Ministry 2 Vandour Ct. Belleville, IL 62226

CONTENT 1 Letter from the Board Chair 3

Letter from the President & CEO


Hope. Faith. Future. Meet Fryday.


Our Financials


Puentes Updates


Honoring the Churches


Our Donors

Hoyleton Board of Directors Kelly Bandy | Chair Ann Stephens | Co-Chair Karen Holtgrewe | Secretary Mike Auffenberg Donna Davis Sonja Uzzelle Lari Vanderpoel Dr. Tron Young

Rev. Bob Goddard Patrice Howard Rev. Don Jones Amy Mistler Stephen Shevlin Rev. Ivan Horn | Ex Officio Chris L. Cox | Ex-Officio

Letter from Kelly Bandy, Board Chair I am honored to have been asked to serve as Board Chair for an organization that does so much for children and families. Over the course of my time on the Hoyleton Board, I have seen tremendous growth and expansion of programs and services. As a donor and supporter of Hoyleton, I have witnessed firsthand the impact my gifts make to those we serve. I am forever moved by the compelling stories the staff shares with us. The stories reflect the dedication and commitment of our staff and reinforces the reality of the unmet needs in our communities. As I begin serving my two-year term as Board Chair, I am excited about the opportunities that lay before us. I am confident that with your continued support we will have an even greater impact. With Gratitude,

Puentes de Esperanza Board of Directors Rev. Don Jones Ann Stephens Lari Vanderpoel

Chris L. Cox | Ex Officio Brice Bloom-Ellis | Ex Officio 1

Our Mission seeks to enable all

young and old alike, to realize the


wholeness of life that GOD intends.

This will be accomplished with the compassion of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy

Spirit reaching out to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social needs of those with whom we


Hoyleton Executive Team Chris L. Cox | President & CEO Brice Bloom-Ellis | Chief Program Officer David Allen | Chief Administrative Officer Alice Drobisch | Director of Philantropy Jennifer Cox | Director of Information Systems & Performance Improvement

Jenny Childreson | Grants Coordinator Kristen Shinn | Director of Community Support Services

Laura Huge | Director of Finance 2

Monte Mister | Director of Therapeutic Residential Care

Shannon Moore | Corporate Secretary Sharon Schultz | Director of Child Welfare Services

Stephanie Tesreau | Director of

Communications & Marketing

Tina Kampwerth | Director of Clinical Services Wanda Harden | Director of Human Resources

Letter from Chris L. Cox, President & CEO When I reflect on the past year, I am aware that without you and your ongoing support, the impact Hoyleton has in our communities would not be possible. You are instrumental in this life-changing ministry. This summer, we will begin celebrating Hoyleton’s 125th birthday. There is much to celebrate in our history, ministry, and partnership with the ISC/UCC. During both times of opportunities and challenges, we persevered with God’s help and your support. I want to take a moment to highlight a few of Hoyleton’s successes and paint a picture for our future work. We are currently providing more care than at any time in our history. Hoyleton is committed to addressing the unanswered needs for behavioral health services in our communities. This is evident in the 377 percent increase in counseling services. We are grateful for the opportunity to help so many, but sadly, even with this increase, we are only scratching the surface of need. This summer, we will be opening one of the few therapeutic foster care homes in the State. This new program offering will provide intensive support for children in a community setting. Hoyleton is one of three organizations asked to join a pilot project focused on providing care for youth “aging-out” of the child welfare system. This model will better prepare young adults for success once the state is no longer engaged in their lives. Hoyleton recognizes the importance of technology in our lives today. When our ministry began 124 years ago, no one could have imagined the advances in technology that have become our reality. We openly embrace the changes, and we strive to use technology to become more efficient and effective with our resources. As you read this impact report, you will see Hoyleton’s continued commitment to serve those most in need. We genuinely appreciate your support and trust in us. God has put you in our lives, and through our relationships, we will continue this ministry for the next century. Thank You,


Hoyleton is a CARE and trauma-informed organization. As a provider

we strive to empower children and families to reach their full potential. With a focused approach to helping One Child at a Time, Hoyleton promotes the restoration of family relationships, support to emerging adults, and counseling care. Hoyleton is Building Stronger Communities through programs that strengthen and preserve families today and into the future.

Prevention Education Program

Foster CARE

Served 18% More Clients

Educated 2,654

Prevention education is a combination of mental health first-aid training with adults as well as students learning coping skills, decision makeing skills and substance abuse education.

Counseling CARE Served 176 clients on average each month


FAMILY Of the 375 children Hoyleton served in foster care, 60 children were reunited with their biological family and 25 forever families were created through adoption.


Hope. Faith. Future.

“My dream for the future is to help other young men find their way. It is hard to be successful without support.�

Fryday Nelson


Speaking with Fryday Nelson comes easily. A polite and soft-spoken, young man he is both watchful and curious; skills he learned early in life. Moving from home-to-home brought with it a level of uncertainty. However, stepping into a new environment welcomed the hope of stability. Stability because he had a place to lay his head, yet wary because he was unsure how long he would be in the home. Our conversation meanders as we touch on one topic and settle on the next. I am interviewing Fryday to learn about his life as much as he is interviewing me to learn about adulthood and life beyond foster care. Fryday is one of many Hoyleton success stories. Having recently turned 21 and aged-out of the foster care system, Fryday is prepared to test out his acquired skills. His case manager, from a different foster care agency, recommended he participate in Hoyleton’s Independent Living Option Program (ILO). The ILO program helps emerging adults prepare for adulthood. Fryday was an ideal candidate for the program. He was motivated, and he understood life holds endless possibilities if an individual was given the opportunity to succeed. Fryday entered foster care at age four along with his brother. One of his earliest memories was sitting on his mother’s lap in the back of a police car as child advocates prepared to place him and his brother into care. Fryday is candid about his time in care. “In my darkest moments, I knew the Lord would be there for me, and He was and always will be.” Hoyleton’s ILO program is tailored to meet the needs of each client with the end goal of selfsufficiency. “I am a watcher and researcher by nature. I sit back and look at a situation before making a move. The ILO program helped me take positive steps in finding an apartment, acquiring a job, and learning important life skills, like budgeting and finance. When an opportunity to take a class and learn a life skill presented itself, I was there.” While in the ILO program, Fryday did not waste an opportunity. “I knew from an early age what I did not want to be. I listened to the older men on the corner talking about life. The boys from my neighborhood are either dead or in jail. That is the reality. I knew I wanted a different life. Seriously, I was scared to get a traffic ticket. I knew I wanted a clean record.” Today, Fryday is building a bright future for himself and his son, Zai’den, with the skills he learned from the ILO program. He recently acquired employment in the trucking industry and the hiring company is training him to obtain his commercial driver license (CDL). As our time together draws to a close, I ask Fryday, “Is there anything Hoyleton can do for you?” He turns his head slightly to the right and ponders the question for a moment, “Yes. I would like to stay in contact in case I have a question or need advice.” I look him in the eye and smile, “We are Hoyleton. We can do that. Building stronger communities one family at a time is our thing.” We laughed. If you have a desire to help individuals like Fryday, please contact our Philanthropy Department at 618.688.7094.

Our Financials

Hoyleton operates under category 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service

code; and every year we try to match our funding with our commitments to the needs of the children we serve.



Current Assets Property & Equipment Other Assets TOTAL


























Total Liabilities Net Assets TOTAL

84.0% Eighty-four cents of every dollar goes directly to our programs that serve our children and families. 8

Fundraising | $948,491

Private Grants & Foundations | $77,698

Revenues $13,774,646

Programs | $12,325,032

Fundraising | $278,446

Expenses $14,505,771

Because of your generosity you were able to help us offset the FY2019 loss.

Management & General $2,326,656

Puentes | $248,979 Clinical & Prevention $1,657,281

Child Welfare $3,701,265 Residential | $6,293,144


“What is something special about Hoyleton youth and family services? Through structure, counseling, and opportunities to learn new things, you have given us our bright, loving and happy son, Jared, back. Thank you!�

Marvin & Ann Fank Parent of Residential Client

Puentes serves Spanish and Latino speaking families and individuals in our communities. Puentes offers interpretating and translating services while our clients visit medical appointments, government facilities, and other services they may need assistance with. We also offer counseling services utilizing bilingual counselors.

In FY18 we served 438

clients. With your support we

have been able to increase that number to 639


in FY19, resulting in a 46% increase.


Total Hours Served to Puentes Clients 11

Honoring the Churches that support Legacy ($5,000+)

Hoyleton’s Mission

St. Paul UCC, Columbia, IL St. Paul UCC, Freeburg, IL St. Peter UCC, Red Bud, IL St. Peter Evangelical UCC, Granite City, IL

Visionary ($1,000 - $4,999)

Bethel United Church of Christ, Cahokia, IL Evangelical UCC, Highland, IL Immanuel UCC at Hamel, Edwardsville, IL Salem United Church of Christ, Alhambra, IL St. John UCC, Mascoutah, IL St. Paul UCC, Belleville, IL St. Paul UCC, Lebanon, IL St. Paul UCC, Waterloo, IL United In Faith Church, Pana, IL

Sustaining ($500 - $999) O Fallon UCC, O’Fallon, IL St. John UCC at Johannisburg, Addieville, IL St. John UCC at Midway, Moro, IL St. John UCC at Plum Hill, Nashville, IL St. Paul UCC-German-Township, Evansville, IN St. Peter UCC, Massena, IA St. Peter UCC, Okawville, IL Zion UCC, Marion, IL

Partner (Gift in Kind - $499) Bethel UCC, Evansville, IN Bethel United Church of Christ, Nebraska City, NE Christ United Church of Christ, Dupo, IL Concordia UCC, Belleville, IL Congregational UCC, Godfrey, IL Crossroads Trinity Church, East Carondelet, IL Fieldon UCC, Fieldon, IL First Presbyterian Church, Nashville, IL Friedens UCC, Farina, IL

Partner (Gift in Kind - $499) cont. Friedens UCC, Hecker, IL Friedens UCC, Irvington, IL Friedens UCC, Marissa, IL Friedens UCC, Seward, NE Friedens UCC, Troy, IL Grantfork UCC, Highland, IL Holy Ghost UCC at Darmstadt, Lenzburg, IL Lighthouse Community Church, Nashville, IL Marine United Church of Christ, Marine, IL St. Jacob UCC and St. John UCC Summerfield St. John UCC, Collinsville, IL St. John UCC, Evansville, IL St. John UCC, Fairview Heights, IL St. John UCC, Granite City, IL St. John UCC, Maeystown, IL St. John UCC, New Athens, IL St. John UCC, Smithton, IL St. John UCC, Summerfield, IL St. John UCC, Valmeyer, IL St. John UCC, Waverly, IA St. John UCC, Wood River, IL St. Mary’s Church, Carlyle, IL St. Paul UCC, Carlinville, IL St. Paul UCC, Edwardsville, IL St. Paul UCC, Nashville, IL St. Peter UCC of Stone Church, Addieville, IL St. Vincent DePaul, East St. Louis, IL Trinity UCC at Biddleborn, Marissa, IL Trinity UCC Quincy, IL Trinity UCC Troy, IN Trinity UCC, Belleville, IL Zion Evangelical UCC, Hoyleton, IL Zion UCC, Addieville, IL Zion UCC, Waterloo, IL Zion United Church of Christ, Chrisney, IN Zion United Church of Christ, New Baden, IL Zoar UCC at New Hanover, Columbia, IL

Our Donors

We are extremely grateful for your support. You have supported our mission to help us improve the care we provide, the services we offer, and the reach throughout our communities and State. Your partnership allows us to continue to provide quality services to those in need through our programs. Your continued support is truly appreciated.


Chris L. and Jennifer Cox Roger and Shirley Cunningham ($5,000+) Donna Davis Estate of Blanche Fluhrer Janice and David Dawdy Estate of Eugene Schnur William Edrington Estate of Frieda Schrader Dale and Susan Fiedler Estate of Raleigh Snodgrass Duane and Karen Forcade Joseph H. & Florence A. Roblee Fred Robinson and Betty Gerth Foundation Sam and Kathleen Habermehl Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis Charles and Carol Harbaugh Marillac Mission Fund Marjorie Lewis Rankin Bypass Trust Kenneth and Jenna Highlander George and Sharon Hoerr Violet Jameson Trust Ed and Lisa Holderle Mark Whitty Junior Service Club Founders Circle of St. Clair County ($1,000 - $4,999) Larry and Pat Kaburick Kevin and Dorothy Kriesel American Legion Auxiliary Bill and Ellen Krohne 22nd District - Collinsville Laner Muchin, Ltd. Assurance Agency, Ltd Glen Lemmerman Mike and Emily Auffenberg Louer Facility Planning Balloons Over Marine Merchandise Pickup Kelly and Eric Bandy Service, Inc. Wayne Barber Donna and Donald Merkle Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. Jerry and Dorothy Mohr Rev. Cal and Christine Bloesch Old Newsboy Day Boeing Company Gift Match OrgStory Tim and Linda Boyce Poshard Foundation Kerry and Susan Brethauer for Abused Children Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Ellis and Margrette Schmidt Mark and Dawn Bryant Dr. Stephen and Teresa Schmidt Kenneth and Harriett Clark Eldon Schoeber Commerce Bancshares Foundation Select Rehabilitation CompuType Computer Services

SFW Partners, LLC David and Carol Shanks Fred and Mary Siebenmann Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP Les and Ann Stephens Paul and Sue Sutherland Stefanie Thelen Benjamin and Sonja Uzzelle

1895 Society ($500 - $999)

David and Linda Allen Shirley Asmussen Chris Bagwell Bank of America Benefits Services LLC, Allstate Benefits Judy Betz Elmer and Muriel Brockmeier Dale and Phyllis Buente C.J. Schlosser & Company, L.L.C Deborah and Bob Connell-Cruse Doug and Alice Drobisch Kay Gaines Donald and Nadine Gericke Joe and Ann Heiligenstein Brad and Donna Hummert Tina Kampwerth Gary and Joyce Kniepkamp Eddie and Susan Kunkel Donald and Karen Kunz David and Mary Mehrmann Charlie Meier Rev. Dr. James and Ruth Mennerick Robert and Cynthia Merkel Susan Munshaw Network For Good

Thank you!

Old Enterprise Farms Family Charitable Trust Ken and Kathy Perkins R.P. Lumber Larry and Marjorie Rhutasel William Riechmann C. David and Margaret Rota Sharon Schultz Rev. Jeffrey and Sara Schwab Shrum, INC. David and Audrey Steiner Brian and Dawn Stumpf Sun Life Financial The James R. and Sheila Schnurbusch Family Charitable Fund The Rome Group The Winney Foundation Charles Vaaler Paul Weilmuenster Stanley and Cheryl Winkler Melissa Wohlwend Don and Audrey Yann

Next Century Club ($250 - $499)

Brent Babb John and Candace Baltz Rachelle Binnion Janet Blair Brice and Ilene Bloom-Ellis Dorothy Brandt David Bray Dr. Patrick and Marilyn Breitling Cheryl Byars Jaqueline Chacon Citizen’s Community Bank - Freeburg Citizens Community Bank - Mascoutah


Next Century Club cont. ($250 - $499) Gerry and Pam Clark Council for Health and Human Service Ministries Rev. Earl and Johanna Crecelius Dr. Paul and Ruth DeBruine Frank and Teresa DeGiacomo Richard and Diane Drake Don and Ellen Edler Edward and Mary Kohlbrecher Family Foundation Carol Jean Faust Jack and Fayette Frandsen Robert and Marilyn Guerrieri Virgil and Darleen Gummersheimer Gary Habich Lee Hartmann Gary and Karen Holtgrewe ImageNet Consulting Daniel and Tami Kampwerth Donald Kelly Kids for Christ Bible Study Kenneth Krauss Karen Kuhlman Larry and Kathryn Lucas Macy’s Bill Mallard James and Dianne Mertz Randall and Margarite Miller Keith Missey Brian and Shannon Moore Pat Morris Kenneth Nettleton David Nicholson Doris Obernagel Helen Obernagel Scott and Christy Pursell Patricia Rensing Gerard and Kimberly Restoff Rommelman Bros. Farms Rev. Donald and Anne Sabbert Rev. Dr. Paul and Debby Schippel Richard and Sheila Schrumpf Daniel and Kristen Shinn Ron and Ruthie Shownes Dean and Jane Skaer David and Vicki Valley

Gail VanWinkle Terry and Diane Weber Virgil Wehking Rev. Fred and Shirley Wehrenberg Mark and Bonnie Westcott Richard and Tracy Wetzel Ronald and Dianne Winney

Century Club ($100 - $249)

Lydia Aberli John and Donna Ackermann Wendell Armour Dwight and Kathy Asselmeier Robert and Judith Baltz Ed and Teresa Barbier Barkau & Unverfehrt, P.C. Sheila Beam Jeffery Behling Thomas Benedick Eugene and Mary Bergmann Robin and Marcia Biggs Brent Boyles Barb and Brett Bray Brightstar Consulting June Bronnert Harvey Bunker Ben Burford Harold and Nancy Byers Gerald and Sara Chase Brittany Chavez Jennifer Childerson Coast To Coast Collaborative Strategies Inc. John and Gayla Corrigan Adrienne Costello Ron Cross CSL - Illinois 1 Daniel and Joan Daab Gene and Lillian Daiber Shirley Daniels Judith Daussman John and Sandra Dawson Gavan Day James Del Carmen Sharon Deutsch Jane Dick Gene Dinkelman

Diana Douglas James and Kay Dunn Bob and Judy Edler Dennis Eng Leif and Pam Erickson Farmers and Merchants National Bank First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust First National Bank of Carlyle First National Bank of Okawville Dennis and Janis Foehner Brent and Carol Freeland Bruce Freeland Friends of Latoya N Greenwood Cole Gaebe Gene and Doris Gahr Kenneth and Ginger Gehrig Brady Pat Genz Walter and Carol Giffhorn Jessica Gilmore Ronald and Laurel Glenn Mildred Glenn Ronald and Mary Going James and Barbara Goodall Rev. William Groennert Edie and Keith Grote Jean Habermehl Dr. Dean and Susan Hageman Sheryl Hansen Arlen and Shirley Harres Murray and Eunice Hediger Steven Heiligenstein George and Rhonda Heisner Jack and Beth Helmkamp Tracy Hermanson Harold Hirstein Bich Hoai Bonnie Hoffman Mark and Susan Hoffmann David and Sue Hoffmann Carol Holbert Shannon Holdahl Holland Construction Ronald and Debra Holle Rev. Ivan and Vivian Horn Terri Hosto Sherwood and Judy Howald Charlotte Howard

Larry and Shirley Hoy Laura Huge Curtiss and Jennifer Hummert Robert and Pamela Hunter Gladys Huston John and Kristy Jefferson Elbert and Tammy Jennings Jody and Denise Johnson Kelly Johnson Skip Jones Delrose and Wilbert Juelfs Charles and Lynne Kamm Mark and Judith Kampen Mary Kelly Samuel and Carol Susan Kennedy Kenny’s Cans Thomas and Lori Knapp Louis and Marlene Knobloch John and Elinor Koelling Thomas and Susan Koesterer Ralph and Donna Korte Mark and Mary Kay Krausz Rev. Gustav and Sue Kuether Frank and Karen Kunz Margaret Kutterer Carol Kynion Eric Langenwalter Debbie Lippert Karen Liszewski Constance Lockett Leonard and Gina Loerch Brad and Erin Luechtefeld Make it Home Properties Tamra Maschhoff Randall and Marian Mathews Maurer & Associates Thomas and Shirley May Jeanette McClellan Mark and Ruth McDaniel Larry and Betty McDowell Dennis and Mary Mensinger Curtis Meyer Midwestern Pizza Company Rev. Russell and Doris Miller Rev. Del Miller and Chris Heckendorn David and Kathryn Mitchell Kathleen Morio Josh and Deann Muehlhauser Kelly Murphy

Wilfred and Shirley Myers Emil and Linda Nehrt Dustin Nelson Marion Oelze Deborah Parris John Pilarski and Jan Huseman Vernon and Shirley Reid Philip and Rachel Ricks Jodie Robinson Scott Roustio Herschel and Sandy Ruhmann Tami Sadler Melinda Schiefer Robert and Linda Schmidt James and Sheila Schnurbusch James and Darlene Schomaker Emory and Betty Schumaier Rev. William and Diane Schwab Schwarze Trailer Repair INC Frank and Kim Seppi Jane Shelton Trinada Shields Sons of the American Legion Post 665 Rev. Michael and Sue Southcombe Spirit By Design E.J. and Jeanette Sporleder Darryl and Jo Stein Verna Steinkamp James and Lynne Stille Taylor Stockman Stephanie Tesreau Steve and Bonnie Thiems Rev. Paul and Marilyn Thompson Joseph Thorpe Adam and Molly Trexler Trost Plastics Steven and Janet Urciuloli James and Lari Vanderpoel George and Alixa Wacker Frank and Rosario Walden Harold and Aleen Watson Thomas Weber Ed Wegner Wehmeyer Seed Company Darline Weihl Michael and Robyn Weilbacher Robert and Anita Whittington

Ruth Wild Wolf Excavating and Fabrication Rebekah Woolever Donald and Donna Yates YourCause Jerry and Karla Zurliene

Friends ($50 - $99) Roland and June Ahlmeyer Natalie Akins Jacqueline Barth Albert and Joyce Barth Lavonne Bathon Donald and Jean Bernhardt David and Marcia Braswell Karl and Barbara Bretz Clarence and Faye Brown Richard and Marlene Buettner J. Scott and Peggy Burke Nancy Caminiti Henry Caughman Robert and Kay Connolly Otto Daech Carole Deibert Kayla Dinkelmann Alvina Donnewald Christopher Dreste Rodney and Sheri Duffy Alan and Debi Edwards Emerald Mound Grange #1813 Jeffrey Erb Family of Lucille Willeford Barbara Fanter Will Faries Arnold and Roseanne Franke Jerry Frohbieter Jerry and Judy Fromme Amanda Garrison Jerry and Lois Gibson Irving and Lorena Gray Lyle and Donna Hackstadt Barbara Hall Myron and Diane Hanna Wanda Harden Steven and Kathryn Harres Bernard and Vickie Harsy Vera Henschen Russ and Jeanne Heuberger

Melba Holtgrewe Steve and Mary Holtkamp Fred and Carol Hotz Dennis and Lori Huddleston Joseph and Nancy Hummert Jamestown Women’s Guild Lowell Jeffries Ruth Juenger Joy Kessler Lee Kinney George and Sharon Klann Rev. Kenneth and Jean Knobloch Judith Koch Vernon Koch Pamela LaBelle Nicholas Lamia Lonny and Brenda Ludwig Lisa Mareschal Richard and Connie Martin Gayle McCarthy Matt and Anna McCormick Kenneth and Doris McMullen Jesterica Mcnamee Sylvester and Darlou Mehrmann Doug and Sarah Michael Mike’s Convenience & Service Ruth Ann Mitchell Fern Moehle Suzanne Mondello Alma Muenter Nabers Shop Truck and Auto Repair Robert and Janet Nagel Tim and Diane Netemeyer Jeremy Noble Marvin and Ruth Redman Terri Rennegarbe James and Mary Kay Richards Fred and Betty Robinson Joan Sackmann Ronald and Lynda Sauer Marisa Schafer Mark and Barb Schauster Karen Schlechta Linda Schneider Carolyn Shields Gary Shondy Fred Singleton Richard and Joyce Skelton Marion Skundrich

Robert and Joyce Ann Sliment James Smithson JoAnn Snellenberger Pearl Spies Allan Stahl John and Jacqueline Straub Kristen Swisher Mary Tenllado Clyde and Becky Trexler Troy Towing & Storage INC. Donald and Beverly Turner UnitedHealth Group Tamarah Usher Dennis and Luann Valentine David and Mandi Vehlow Melvin Wagner Larry and Kathy Washausen Toni Wells Wilbert and Elaine Wernecke Chyrel Wessel Marvin and Martina Wiegman Edward and Sharon Wilson Loren and Grace Windhorst William and Susan Wittenborn Woodmen Of The World Chapter 6049 Jayne Wright John and Karen Zeller Onis Zweck

Your thoughtful


is not just a donation... It is a

difference. 15

Hope for the Holidays was impacted by all of the wonderful donors that serve Hoyleton’s children and families. Because of benefactors and individuals like you, Hoyleton was able to distribute...

2,453 gifts 90 Gifts Donated

110 Gifts Donated

75 Gifts Donated

16 Gifts Donated

Fieldon United Church of Christ Youth Group, Fieldon, IL

Evangelical United Church of Christ Youth Group, Highland, IL

Volunteers are not paid -- not because they are


but because they are



8 Executive Drive, Suite 200 Fairview Heights, IL 62208 618.688.4727 | hoyleton.org