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CARE Today. CHANGE Tomorrow.

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Letter from Our Leadership


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Letter From Our Leadership

Dear Shareholders,

Chris L. Cox

Kelly Bandy

President & CEO

Board Chair

Hoyleton Youth and Family Services confronted 2020 with determination and willpower to continue providing our

communities, children and families with the services and programs to assist in their daily life. The 125th year of our existence was memorable and proved to be a year of service and financial success for our ministry.

As you peruse the impact report, you will find that our children and families served and our revenue has grown

three times over the past three years. This is a proud moment for Hoyleton. Financial growth over the past eight year period is at 92%. No one needs a reminder that the past year has been unlike any other. We embraced

the moment in time and made the conscious decision to find new innovative ways to save our children and communities.

Join us in celebration as you read about the Nolte family, who made the decision to open their hearts and home

to four siblings in need; Josh who received therapy to move forward and conquer the year of COVID with his high school diploma from District #189 in East St. Louis; and Katrina who realized her passion for a family connection.

Our success is your success. You helped make these outcomes possible. We thank our Board of Directors for their commitment and tireless efforts advancing Hoyleton’s Mission; the staff, who continually went above the call of

duty during these uncertain times, our volunteers who followed “special” restrictions to keep things moving, our

donors who provided us with financial assistance, and those who provide support and prayers. You allow Hoyleton’s mission to flourish within our community.

Hoyleton is truly the place where your passion to help others finds a purpose. Joining together on this journey is a remarkable experience for us all.

Chris L. Cox

Kelly Bandy

President and CEO

Board Chair


Areas of Service Over

7,000 Youth and Families Served

Therapeutic Residential Care Safe, secure environments where young people can begin their journey toward independence. Promotes healing for youth ages 9 – 21 who are severely emotionally disturbed and have intellectual disabilities.

Foster and Adoptive Care Connecting and training foster and adoptive parents with youth in need of their forever home. Promotes Foster Care and Adoption, Specialized Foster Care and Therapeutic Foster care.

Emerging Adult Care 03

Life Skills programs for youth ages 17 – 21 that helps lead them to independent living as a young adult. Programs such as Transitional Living Programs, New Life Parenting Program, Independent Living Program and Life Set provide the skills and tools necessary for these youth to succeed.

In-Community Care Specialized programs for Substance Abuse Prevention, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, The Healing and Loving Oneself (HALO) Program, Network of Voice against Trafficking and Exploitation, and Project Safe Neighborhood are a few of the programs.

Puentes de Esperanza A trusted resource for Spanish speaking residents. Puentes provides an Immigrant Family Resource Program, Latinx Special Services, Community Outreach and a one stop human services center at the Fairmont City Welcome Center. Reached over 3,000 people through the health navigator activities.

FORWARD Counseling Care by Hoyleton The FORWARD portfolio of services includes Outpatient Counseling, Schoolbase Partnership Programs, Violence Prevention Program, Mental Health First Aid, Trauma Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Child Parent Psychotherapy and the Nurturing Parenting Program, to name a few.










Hoyleton Board of Directors Kelly Bandy | Chair Ann Stephens | Vice-Chair Karen Holtgrewe | Secretary Mike Auffenberg

Hoyleton Youth and Family Services seeks to enable all

people, young and old alike, to realize the wholeness of

life that God intends. This will be accomplished with the

compassion of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit reaching out to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual,

spiritual, and social needs of those with whom we journey.

Donna Davis Rev. Bob Goddard Patrice Howard Rev. Don Jones Amy Mistler Stephen Shevlin Sonja Uzzelle Lari Vanderpoel Dr. Tron Young

Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

Our Vision

It is our vision to have a greater impact in the community

through program excellence, strengthen the organization

through diversified funding streams, continue our efforts for quality improvement and sustain the organization through social readiness and diversity.

Rev. Ivan Horn | Ex Officio Chris Cox | Ex Officio Puentes de Esperanza Board of Directors Rev. Don Jones Ann Stephens Lari Vanderpoel Chris Cox | Ex Officio Brice Bloom-Ellis | Ex Officio Hoyleton Executive Team Chris Cox | President & CEO Hope Carbonaro | Chief Program Officer Shavonda Mitchom | Chief Financial & Administrative Officer Brice Bloom-Ellis | Director of Strategic Initiatives Jennifer Cox | Director of Information Systems & Performance Improvement Alice Drobisch | Director of Philanthropy Laura Huge | Director of Finance Monte Mister | Director of Therapeutic Residential Care Shannon Moore | Corporate Secretary Sharon Schultz | Director of Child Welfare Services Stephanie Seaton | Director of Project Implementation Kristen Shinn | Director of Community Support Services Wanda Williams | Director of Human Resources

Our Values Excellence | Integrity | Faith Based | Diversity Acceptance | Fairness | Honesty | Faithful


Success Stories Ariana’s Story


As a private agency, Hoyleton Youth and Family Services provides specialized resources and support during extenuating circumstances. Nicole and Nick Nolte quickly became aware of these opportunities when they were contacted by DCFS regarding a family member of a friend who at the age of 11 was placed in protective custody. The child was admitted to Cardinal Glennon Hospital suffering from signs of severe neglect. Because of Ariana’s circumstances, the Noltes were referred to Hoyleton Youth and Family Services where the plans for bringing her home began. Getting home would be a long transition as Ariana suffers from Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus, Epilepsy, and Neuro Muscular Scoliosis. She requires constant care as she is non-weight bearing, has a g-tube for feeding and cannot use words to communicate. The foster care staff at Hoyleton ensured Ariana had all necessary medical equipment for a safe environment. She received specialized bedding, a wheel chair and the support of an informed case worker to guide Nicole and Nick through the paperwork process.

In 2020, the year of COVID, foster care home visits moved to a new level. With social distancing restrictions in place, our Foster Care Staff was able to make 100% of the visits required by DCFS via porch visits and video calls. In many cases, we provided tablets for communication, food, hygiene products and other necessities.

Cortney Walker, the Hoyleton Staff Nurse, guided Nicole during difficult situations. Her knowledge of specialized services as well as her caring attitude was a comfort to Nicole. She became a medical advocate for the family, ensuring the Nolte’s had the techniques, medications and equipment to make certain Ariana’s health was well managed and thriving. According to Nicole, “Cortney became my sounding board for feedback and helped through some trying times.” With the support of Hoyleton Youth and Family Services, Nicole and Nick brought life to Ariana. After three days of being home with them, she showed emotion for the first time. Whether a smile, frown or tear, they knew in their hearts they were making a difference in Ariana’s life. She was formally adopted on January 9, 2020 and became a part of their blended family of 3 children. Most recently, the Nolte’s adopted Ariana’s other 3 siblings and became a family of 8! Remarkably, 3 of the 6 children have a passion to help others and are wanting to pursue a career in social work.


Success Stories Josh finds purpose with FORWARD Counseling by Hoyleton


FORWARD Counseling Care by Hoyleton was established

Josh’s connection to Hoyleton provided him the means,

in 2018 to provide services to those in need of mental

determination and support needed for his High School

health care. One specific program, a school based

diploma. Without Hoyleton, he may have become a

partnership with the East St. Louis School District #189,

statistic. As an adult, he has continued to work with our

has proven beneficial to over 100 youth and their families.

specialty programs to gain guidance.

In District #189, Hoyleton counselors work with the school social workers to identify students and families that may

The purpose of FORWARD is to positively impact a

need more long-term therapy services.

person’s mental and behavioral health. It allows us to fully understand their life’s dynamics, gaining valuable insight

Many youth suffer from symptoms of anxiety, depression and

on their struggles and providing practical solutions that

trauma that affect their behaviors and learning capabilities in

result in successful outcomes.

the classroom. Understanding and learning to manage these factors will improve their educational outcomes. Through the partnership, a Dist. #189 counselor makes a referral to FORWARD for further counseling. In this case, Joshua, a high school student with an Independent Educational Plan falling behind with school and personal wellness, received FORWARD counseling services to overcome his struggles. During his year of bi-weekly counseling, he was also introduced to Hoyleton’s community support specialist to assist with getting him the appropriate resources for his medical needs, food and a much needed winter coat and gloves.

100% of 8th grade students and high school seniors in the residential youth program at Hoylton Campus graduated in 2020.

Success Stories Katrina’s Passion For A Family Connection

Katrina, an 18-year-old loving individual longing for a

Now, Katrina and her family send each other cards,

family connection, spent the last 15 years in the child

colored pictures, and gifts in the mail.

welfare system. At Hoyleton, we know how important family connections In 2016, she became a part of Schippel House and

are and will do whatever it takes to assist – this time, a

quickly played the role of caretaker to the other youth

friendship, social media, and Hoyleton Staff helped in the

in the home. In no time at all, she became known to her


Schippel family as the “mother hen.” In an effort to help her transition to Schippel, the Hoyleton staff were able to allow her to stay in contact with a friend, Kim, whom she met at a prior placement. As many of us know, during COVID, many turned to social media for connecting. Kim was surprised when a “You May Know” request came across her social media page. Noticing the last name of the person, she asked if they were related to Katrina as they shared the same last name. Because of the girls’ interest in finding Katrina’s family, Hoyleton staff assisted in making the connection. She got to meet her sister for the first time via Facetime. Not long after, she was connected to her grandparents, her other sister, and then, her mother. Katrina had made the family connection she had yearned for all her life.

Katrina and her family send each other cards, colored pictures, craft projects, and gifts in the mail. For Katrina, COVID brought a feeling of connection and belonging, instead of isolation.


Serving Our Spanish Speaking Communities Puentes de Esperanza

In response to specific community needs due to the impact of COVID-19 on the Hispanic community, in 2020-21 Puentes has: Participated in 14 food distributions Provided interpretation at 3 mobile testing sites, serving more than 300 individuals Partnered with UMC on a Facebook Live Census Event Reached over 3,600 people through the health navigator activities, including workshops, PPE distribution, one-on-one conversation, etc.

Puentes de Esperanza Bridges of Hope

Helped 15 youths receive eye glasses through Eye Thrive partnership

The Suarez Family Finds a Trusted Resource The mission of Puentes de Esperanza is to transform

During 2020, a family reached out to Puentes after their

the lives of Latino children and families in Southern

home of only one month burnt to the ground. The Suarez

Illinois through community-based ministries directed

Family, grandparents and their young grandson had

at their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

nowhere to go. Puentes’ staff was there to assist them

Puentes serves English-speaking immigrant populations,

after losing everything to the fire. They received emergent

connecting them to the resources they need.

funds for their immediate needs. The staff provided clothing, shoes, coats and gloves to the entire family.

As a leading provider in the Latino community, Puentes staff specializes in providing crisis intervention, triage

As time continued, the Suarez’s were able to find comfort

services, comprehensive case management, and direct

with a bilingual community advocate who could assist them

assistance to every client that walks through the doors.

with paperwork, as well as provide comfort and kindness.

It is common for a client to come to Puentes needing

They were able to move forward, find new housing and send

assistance with scheduling a medical appointment and

their grandson back to his familiar grade school.

then learn of a multitude of other resources available to them within the agency.

The Suarez Family found hope and solutions through the

Families received food bags through our 2020 distributions with over 600 individuals benefitting.


CARE provided through Puentes’ services.



Families impacted by COVID-19 were linked to financial resources (housing, utilities, medical & financial relief) totaling $300,000.

2020 Key Fundraiser Events Hoyleton 2020 Honors Banquet Our Hoyleton Honors Banquet celebrates our supporters, partners and volunteers who make a tremendous impact in the lives of the youth and families we serve. In 2020, we were proud to honor Keith Senior, Okawville High School, as our Enthusiast of the Year; St. Paul United Church of Christ, Columbia Illinois as our Mission Companion and Slalom Consulting as our Community Connection. Fryday Nelson, who successfully completed the Independent Living Option Program, shared his Hoyleton experience and his dream for the future.


Sponsors: Assurance Agency Ltd. Auffenberg Dealer Group CompuType IT Solutions Dunlop Investment Group ImageNet Consulting

Larry and Pat Kaburick Laner Muchin, LTD Les and Ann Stephens St. Paul UCC – Columbia, IL Spencer Fane LLP & Ed and Lisa Holder

Back to School Drive A total of 340 backpacks were distributed to clients thanks to donors collecting school supplies, purchasing supplies from Amazon Wish List, or cash donations. Auffenberg Dealer group partnered with Hoyleton having three of their locations serve as designated collection spots since churches were still not gathering in-person. Through this partnership with Auffenberg, we received 8 large boxes of donations. Additionally, we received $2,035 cash gifts from 10 donors, and $1400 spent on items on our Amazon Wish List by 19 donors. A Place of Grace was a great help in packaging the Back to School items into pencil boxes.

Hoyleton 2020 Golf Classic 11

Following COVID-19 guidelines, the 2020 Golf Classic raised as much money as the 2019 Golf Classic. Thank you so much to our sponsors, friends and the 30 foursomes that supported our annual event and congratulations to our first-place winners: “Old Pros,” Heartland Children’s Foundation, Slalom Consulting. Mark your calendar for next year’s Hoyleton 2021 Golf Classic for Friday, August 20, 2021 at Tamarack Country Club!


Les and Ann Stephens

Assurance Agency Ltd. Larry and Pat Kaburick Auffenberg Dealer Group Laner Muchin, LTD CompuType IT Solutions Merrill Lynch – Chris Bagwell Dunlop Investment Group St. Paul UCC – Columbia, IL Spencer Fane LLP & Ed and Lisa Holder Wirth Insurance Agency – Sam and Kathleen Habermehl

Hope for the Holidays Hoyleton was able to gift 1,677 Christmas gifts to clients and 60 Thanksgiving Meals to families. The 2020 Cash Gifts totaled over $4,035.00. Our goal of making the Christmas season brighter for those we serve was exceeded more than ever before. In order to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, we used an Amazon Wish List to help gather some of the gifts, offered contactless gift drop off and provided more opportunities for donors to make an impact with cash or gift card donations. Our Hope for the Holidays volunteers were still able to help with modified volunteer shifts and social distancing completing 42.25 hours.


Financial Successes The FY20 financial position for Hoyleton Youth and Family Services strengthened significantly comparative to the prior year period. Net Assets increased by more than $1 million, or 25.6% from the prior fiscal year 2019. This is largely the result of declining liabilities, Hoyleton was able to pay off $2.9 million in its line of credit and increased current assets due to a strong cash position.

2020 Fiscal Year Balance Sheet ASSETS



$ Change

% Change

Current Assets





Property & Equipment





Other Noncurrent Assets












$ Change

% Change




- 10.5%











2020 Fiscal Year Total Expenses Puentes de Esperanza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $281,254 Clinical & Prevention . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,926,336 Child Welfare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,039,418 Residential . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,887,979 Fundraising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $435,750 Management & General Admin . . . . . . $2,951,299 TOTAL EXPENSES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $16,522,036 TOTAL REVENUE/SUPPORT . . . . . . . . . $17,555,644 EXCESS OF SUPPORT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,033,608

84 cents of every dollar goes DIRECTLY TO OUR PROGRAMS that serve our children and families.

increase in total revenue from the prior year.

Despite the growth in expenses for FY2020, total revenue for the year totaled $17.56 million which reflects an increase

of $3.78 million, or 27% from the prior year. This is largely due to increased revenue for Hoyleton programs, which grew by nearly $4 million, or 31% from the prior year period. The programs took advantage of COVID-19 funding enhancements totaling nearly half a million to provide additional services and additional support to the community and Hoyleton youth and families during the unprecedented pandemic.

2020 Fiscal Year Total Revenue Fundraising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $692,292 Private Grants & Foundations . . . . . . . . $140,016 Puentes de Esperanza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $167,179

increase in Hoyleton program revenue compared to the prior year.

Clinical & Prevention . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,696,013 Child Welfare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,956,475 Residential . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,878,901 Management & General Admin . . . . . . $24,768 TOTAL PROGRAMS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $16,723,336 TOTAL REVENUE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $17,555,644

Additional COVID-19 funding provided nearly HALF A MILLION DOLLARS to support our Hoyleton families. Increase in Hoyleton’s budget over the past 8 years.

Over the last 3 years, we have tripled the number of children and families we serve.


Thank You Volunteers Hoyleton would not have been able to flourish and serve the many families of our community without the help of our dedicated, caring volunteers. In 2020, over 80 volunteers joined our ranks to help run community events, assemble care packages, organize donations, and more! Hoyleton also utilized four interns to keep our programs running smoothly.


Success Because of Our Volunteers




virtual hours

2375 volunteer hours




intern volunteer hours

Honor Roll of Churches that Support the Hoyleton Misison Legacy ($5,000+) St. Paul UCC, Columbia, IL St. Paul UCC, Freeburg, IL St. Peter UCC, Red Bud, IL Visionary ($1,000 - $4,999) Bethel UCC, Cahokia, IL Friedens UCC, Irvington, IL St. John UCC, Maeystown, IL St. John UCC at Plum Hill, Nashville, IL St. Paul UCC-German-Township, Evansville, IN St. Paul UCC, Lebanon, IL St. Paul UCC, Waterloo, IL Sustaining ($500 - $999) Bethany UCC at Tioga, Mendon, IL Friedens UCC, Marissa, IL Illinois South Conference, Highland, IL O’Fallon UCC, O’Fallon, IL St. John UCC at Johannisburg, Addieville, IL St. John UCC Maeystown - Maher Trust, Fults, IL St. John UCC at Midway, Mora, IL St. Paul UCC, Belleville, IL St. Peter UCC, Massena, IA Zion UCC, Marion, IL Partner (Gift in Kind - $499) Calvary Pentecostal Church, O'Fallon, IL Christ UCC, Dupo, IL Evangelical UCC, Highland, IL Fieldon UCC, Fieldon, IL Friedens UCC, Hecker, IL Friedens UCC, Seward, IL Friedens UCC Troy, Troy, IL Grantfork UCC, Highland, IL Holy Ghost UCC at Darmstadt, Lenzburg, IL Immanuel UCC, Carlyle, IL Immanuel UCC at Hamel, Edwardsville, IL Jamestown Women’s Guild, Jamestown, IL Marine United Church of Christ, Marine, IL Peace UCC, Jerseyville, IL Salem UCC, Alhambra, IL St. Bruno Catholic Church, Pinckneyville, IL St. Dominic Catholic Church, Breese, IL St. Jacob UCC and St. John UCC Summerfield, St. Jacob, IL St. John UCC, Breese, IL St. John UCC, Collinsville, IL St. John UCC Evansville, Evansville, IL

St. John UCC, Fairview Heights, IL St. John UCC, Granite City, IL St. John UCC, Mascoutah, IL St. John UCC, New Athens, IL St. John UCC, Valmeyer, IL St. John UCC, Wood River, IL St. John's UCC, Venedy, IL St. Mary’s Church, Carlyle, IL St. Paul UCC, Carlinville St. Paul UCC, Nashville, IL St. Peter UCC at Hookdale, Smithboro, IL St. Peter UCC, Okawville, IL St. Peter UCC of Stone Church, Addieville, IL Trinity UCC at Biddleborn, Marissa, IL Trinity UCC, Quincy, IL Trinity UCC, Troy, IL United in Faith Church, Pana, IL Zion Evangelical UCC, Hoyleton, IL Zion UCC Addieville, Addieville, IL Zion UCC, Chrisney, IN Zion UCC, Waterloo, IL


Honoring Our Donors Superintendent ($5,000+)

Bandy’s Pharmacy Enhanced Veterans Solutions Inc. (EVS) Les and Ann Stephens Gertrude Bleish Trust FBO Marian Cooper Bill and Ellen Krohne Marjorie Lewis Rankin Bypass Trust Poshard Foundation For Abused Children The Asselmeier Family Fund The Estate of Louise Barth The Estate of Laverne A. Doelling The Estate of Blanche Fluhrer The Estate of Violet Jameson The Estate of Frieda Schrader United Way of Greater St Louis

Founders Circle ($1,000 - $4,999)


Assurance Agency Ltd Auffenberg Dealer Group James and Margaret Auffenberg Mike and Emily Auffenberg Eric and Kelly Bandy Wayne Barber Cal Bloesch and Christine Tani Tim and Linda Boyce Kerry and Susan Brethauer Muriel Brockmeier Cardinals Care Kenneth and Harriett Clark Commerce Bancshares Foundation CompuType Computer Services

Chris and Jennifer Cox

Roger and Shirley Cunningham Donna Davis Davita Dialysis David and Janice Dawdy

Doug and Alice Drobisch

Blake Dunlop William Edrington George and Corine Engele Duane and Karen Forcade GCS Credit Union Rev Bob Goddard Sam and Kathleen Habermehl Charles and Carol Harbaugh Kenneth and Jenna Highlander Ed and Lisa Holderle Junior Service Club of St. Clair County Larry and Pat Kaburick Kevin and Dorothy Kriesel Laner Muchin Ltd. Glen Lemmerman Charlie Mathis James and Ruth Mennerick Merchandise Pickup Service Inc. Jerry and Dorothy Mohr Network For Good OrgStory Stephen and Teresa Schmidt Eldon Schoeber David and Carol Shanks Robert and Mary Lin Siever Slalom Consulting Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP St Louis Communinty Foundation Suburban Journals Paul and Sue Sutherland

The Estate of Harry E. Jameson The Estate of William and Bertha Yoxall The Winney Foundation Benjamin and Sonja Uzzelle Laurence Walton Floyd and Linda Watson Helen Whicher Stanley Winkler

1895 Society ($500 - $999) David and Linda Allen

Shirley Asmussen Chris Bagwell Bank of America Benjamin F. Edwards & Co.

Brice and Ilene Bloom-Ellis Steve and Veronica Bradley David Bray Dr. Patrick and Marilyn Breitling Dale and Phyllis Buente Don and Ellen Edler Carol Jean Faust Jack and Fayette Frandsen Donald and Nadine Gericke William Groennert George and Sharon Hoerr Ronald and Debra Holle Ivan and Viv Horn Don and Coleen Jones

Tina Kampwerth Donald and Mary Kelly

Leona Kersch Gary and Joyce Kniepkamp Donald and Karen Kunz Louer Facility Planning Thomas and Shirley May Susan Munshaw Old Enterprise Farms Family Charitable Trust Ken and Kathy Perkins Household Stephen and Patricia Rensing Larry and Marjorie Rhutasel C. David and Margaret Rota Paul and Debby Schippel Tim and Chanda Schippel James and Sheila Schnurbusch

Danny and Sharon Schultz Jeffrey and Sara Schwab Karla Scott Ron and Ruthie Shownes Dean and Jane Skaer David and Audrey Steiner Clyde and Becky Trexler Gail VanWinkle Ronald and Dianne Winney

Next Century Club ($250 - $499) Lydia Aberli John and Candace Baltz Thomas Benedick Benefits Services LLC, Allstate Benefits Mary Blaufuss Boeing Company Gift Match C.J. Schlosser & Company L.L.C Center for Racial Harmony

Jaqueline Chacon Jacob and Jennifer Childerson

Citizen’s Community Bank - Mascoutah

Bob Connell and Deborah Connell-Cruse Daniel and Joan Daab Judith Daussman Paul and Ruth DeBruine Diana Douglas Richard and Diane Drake Sue Drewer

Rachelle Dunahee

James and Kay Dunn Bob and Judy Edler Edward & Marilyn Kohlbrecher Family Foundation Richard and Johann Ellerbrake Leif and Pam Erickson Dale and Susan Fiedler Brent and Carol Freeland Charlotte Freeland Kay Gaines Keith and Edie Grote

Robert and Marilyn Guerrieri

Virgil and Darleen Gummersheimer Gary Habich Arlen and Shirley Harres Steven Heiligenstein Gary and Karen Holtgrewe Kristopher Klaustermeier Laverne and Marilyn Korsmeyer Karen Kuhlman Eddie and Susan Kunkel Larry and Kathryn Lucas David and Mary Mehrmann Larry and Betty McDowell Karen McGee Robert and Cynthia Merkel Keith Missey Ruth Ann Mitchell Nashville Chamber of Commerce Stanley Niemann Jeremy Noble Shirley Reid Donald and Anne Sabbert Sandberg Phoenix James and Darlene Schomaker Richard and Sheila Schrumpf E.J. and Jean Schrumpf JoAnn Steiner Hal Swaringim Bambi Tebbe

Mark and Stephanie Tesreau Steve and Bonnie Thiems David and Lisa Tiedemann UBS Donor Advised Fund Mildred Warnecke Virgil Wehking Fred and Shirley Wehrenberg Mark and Bonnie Westcott Rick and Cindy Witzel Ralph and Heather Wuebker Tron and Keisha Young Jerry and Karla Zurliene

Century Club ($100 - $249) John and Donna Ackermann Natalie Atkins Shirley Anderson

David and Sue Hoffmann Carol Holbert

Dwight and Kathy Asselmeier Wes and Dona Barber Terry Barber Sheila Beam Christopher and Sandy Becker Laura Beckmann Jeffery Behling Kristen Belcher Kelle Bess Robin and Marcia Biggs Rachelle Binnion Connie Bonifacius Carolyn Borton Carol Bottum Patricia Brandt David Brannon

Christopher and Allison Hursey Gladys Huston Jody and Denise Johnson Joe and Amanda Kaburick Charles and Lynne Kamm Mark and Judith Kampen Jeanette Kampen Jennifer Kampwerth Rebecca Kappel Donald Kaufman and Mary Jane Elchacker-Kaufman Samuel and Carol Susan Kennedy

Stephanie Anderson

Heather Bray

Brett and Barb Bray June Bronnert Clarence and Faye Brown Neville and Danielle Brunnworth Saundra Bryan Joann Buchanan Ryan and Karla Bulman Harvey and Karen Bunker J. Scott and Peggy Burke Harold and Nancy Byers Virgina Byford Phyllis Cassady

Brittany Chavez Jamyra Conner

Gayla Corrigan Earl and Johanna Crecelius John and Snadra Dawson

Alexandra Decker

Jane Dick Daniel Dietz Mike Digby Gene and Claire Dinkelman Craig and Melodie Donatelli Donald and Joyce Dudeck George and Betty Eckert Farmers and Merchants National Bank

Jasmine Ferrer

First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust First National Bank of Carlyle Debra Franke Kathleen Freeman Jerry Frohbieter Gene and Doris Gahr Kenneth and Ginger Gehrig Brady P. Genz Darryl and Barbara Gerstenecker Carol Giffhorn Mildred Glenn Ronald Going Barbara Goodall Lyle and Donna Hackstadt Dean and Susan Hageman Carol Hammack

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Murray and Eunice Hediger

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Ryan and Lauren Hesterberg Russ and Jeanne Heuberger

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Paul and Wendy Hill

Charlotte Howard Larry and Shirley Hoy

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Richard Huite and Amy Kern-Huite Robert and Karen Kessler Lee Kinney Robert and Karen Kirk Jack Klopmeyer Joanne Klueter Louis and Marlene Knobloch Judith Koch John and Elinor Koelling Thomas and Susan Koesterer Neil Kolling Betty Kombrink Ralph and Donna Korte Norma Kramer Mark and Mary Kay Krausz Gustav and Sue Kuether Sherri Kulpa Frank and Karen Kunz David and Carolyn Lehr

Frances Leuck Debbie Lippert

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Anna Massie Jeanette McClellan Alberta McDaniel Mark and Ruth McDaniel Kenneth and Doris McMullen Matt Meacham David and Mary Mehrmann James and Dianne Mertz Midwestern Pizza Company Don and Linda Miessner Ruth Mikeals Russell and Doris Miller Randall and Marguerite Miller Joseph and Karen Milton Ricky Mobley

Brian and Shannon Moore Kathleen Morio Pat Morris Marlene Mueller

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Ryan Seipp and Meghan Murphy Wilfred and Shirley Myers Robert and Janet Nagel Emil and Linda Nehrt

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Kenneth Nettleton Katrina Palan Pelican Insurance Agency LLC Norma Pepmeier

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Fred Robinson and Betty Gerth Eunice Rogier Scott Roustio Donna Ruzicka

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Emory and Betty Schumaier Ed Scott

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Daniel and Kristen Shinn Patrick Smith and Keia Shipp-Smith Richard and Joyce Skelton Marion Skundrich Sons of the American Legion – Post 665 SPARK Pearl Spies Allan Stahl and Natalie Frazier Verna Steinkamp

Josi Steinkamp

James Stille Donald Stumpf Robert and Jane Sudhoff Sun Life Financial Matthew Swinford Ray and Gladys Thiele Matt Thomason Paul and Marilyn Thompson

Joseph Thorpe

Kerry Trice Donald and Beverly Turner Dennis and Luann Valentine Dave Visintainer George and Alixa Wacker Melvin Wagner Frank and Rosario Walden Harold and Aleen Watson Wehmeyer Seed Company Darline Weihl

Katherine Whalen

Robert and Anita Whittington Todd and Natasha Whittom Ruth Wild

Mindy Williams

Edward and Sharon Wilson Delbert and Sandy Wittenauer

Andria Wittenbrink Melissa Wohlwend Matt and Terri Wolf

Rebekah Woolever Don and Audrey Yann

Bolded donor names are also employees.



CARE Today. CHANGE Tomorrow.

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Hoyleton Campus 350 N. Main St. Hoyleton, IL 62803

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