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Independent Book Fair


How brave is the wren is a mobile children’s bookshop, I specialise in sourcing beautifully crafted and illustrated books created by authors, illustrators, artists and designers. The independent book fair for schools has been developed to offer a wide range of high quality books from independent publishers.

How it works

The mobile shop is flexible and can be adapted to set up in almost any space, depending on the available space a reading area will be set up alongside the shop. The shop can be set up in school for a day (or more) to allow children to have a look at the books and get a chance to sample the stories. As all schools differ in structure, size and approach the running of the day, structure of the shop and purchasing can be tailored to suit your timetable. Usually we remain open after school for parents/carers to come in with the children to make purchases, this can work particularly well if matched with parents/carers evening. A PDF with a sample of books is provided in advance of the bookfair for you to circulate with parents, carers and staff.

Book fair stock

Working with independent publishers I am able to offer a selection of award winning books, both fact and fiction, covering a broad range of topics and broadening children’s access to exciting and engaging literature. The stock is appropriate for Key stages 1 & 2 with a small selection for Key stage 3 if required. Stock can be tailored to suit specific topics and can include books on your schools current reading list. As a bookseller I am aware of the lack of diversity in children’s literature and actively source publishers, authors and illustrators who are creating books featuring characters from diverse backgrounds and experiences. I can also provide a range of books that delicately and sensitively discuss different topics around mental health, ethnicity and gender.

Pricing Structure / Benefit to school

There is no charge for bringing the book fair to your school, the School takes the profit from the book sales after costs, these are: - Costs of books; approx. 50% - Bookseller fee and admin costs: £150+£50. - Travel; If the school is within a 30 mile radius of Birmingham City centre then no travel costs apply. Outside of 30 miles a 30p per mile charge is applied. Indication of potential profit: on £650 taken (figure from previous events) £650 - £325(books) - £200 (fee +admin) = £125 profit for the school This profit can either be paid in cash or the equivalent value in books I am aware that other book fairs, direct from the publisher, offer a greater profit margin, what we offer is a bespoke service and on the day bookshop facilitation along with guaranteed high quality selection of books.

About how brave is the wren

Jenny Moore is the founder of how brave is the wren, she trained in photography and was the Director of arts organisation Capsule for 13 years. Jenny has two daughters who love to read, through this project she hopes to share her passion for creativity. Jenny has a current DBS check and public liability insurance, a full CV can be supplied on request. For more details or to book please contact via: / 07866437834