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April 2023

April 2023

Start your next chapter with our weight loss surgery team.

If you’re considering weight loss surgery, our team at St. Luke’s Health is ready to help you on your path to success. You will have the support of our doctors, nurses, and nutritionists every step of the way. Our weight loss program is built to fit your individual needs. Many have gone before you to experience spectacular success. It’s your turn now. Start a new chapter, with a new you.

Learn more at StLukesHealth.org/weightloss.

Glassell Junior School of Art

Summer Registration Now Open Session I starts June 5 • Session II starts July 10 5101 Montrose Blvd, Houston, TX • 713-639-7700 • juniorschool@mfah.org Art classes for kids ages 4-18 Expand your child’s talents at mfah.org/juniorschool

T a b l e o f c o n t e n t s

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Raising Global Citizens

We all Share Planet Earth

B y C h r i s t i n a K a t z

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Bee a Friend

Create a Backyard Haven this Spring

By Houston Arboretum

Why UHD? 14

R e a s o n s y o u r t e e n s h o u l d c o n s i d e r U o f H

B y H o l l y B e r e t t o

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T e n R e a s o n s W h y

Y o u r T e e n W i l l B e c o m i n g a C o u n s e l o r

B y J a n e e n L e w i s

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E d i b l e E a s t e r F u n

3 F u n R e c i p e s t o M a k e w i t h t h e K i d s B y J a n P i e r c e

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I A m T e x a s

B e c o m e a P a r t o f T e x a s H i s t o r y

B y i W R I T E & T h e B r y a n M u s e u m

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S p e c i a l A d v e r t i s i n g S e c t i o n

S u m m e r C a m p

D i r e c t o r y

F i n d d o z e n s o f c a m p s t o c h o o s e f r o m f o r y o u r k i d s s u m m e r a d v e n t u r e s !

I n E v e r y I s s u e


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Team IMPACT, a nonprofit that matches children facing serious illness and disability with college sports teams, will send three children to join their respective teams at the 2023 NCAA Men s Basketball Tournament The children will have travel accommodations, and tickets for the Sweet Sixteen round of the tournament with their matched teams from the University of Connecticut University of Houston and University of Miami

“The children and the student athletes both find inspiration in each other, which is part of what makes the program so powerful,” said Seth Rosenzweig CEO Team IMPACT “These are truly symbiotic relationships that complement the child s medical treatment, allowing the child to develop relationships and skills that help them complete the full circle of healing I’m thrilled that we can help create such a special experience that will have a lasting impact on the children and teams ”

University of Houston –Houston-native Jace who battles nephrotic syndrome and lupus, has been matched with the University of Houston men s basketball team since August 2022 where he’s dependably served as Lead Ball Boy Jace has formed an especially close relationship with Coach Sampson, Emanuel Sharp, and Marcus Sasser this season and the entire team would tell you that he is more important to them and their title run, as they are to Jace and his battle off the court

April is Autism Awareness month If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Autism there are numerous events happening this month in and around Houston (see HFM calendar for specifics) In researching events, we discovered that LegoLand Resort in Florida is acertified autism center If you are considering destinations for this summer this would be a great place to consider! Check out their website for specifics on how they address guests with sensory sensitivities www legoland com/florida


KittyNTug has created sweet and soft t-shirts that show their support for autistic children 100 percent of the proceeds from these shirts will go to KFM Making A Difference a nonprofit that helps pay school tuition for autistic children who want to go to college KittyNTug is a mom-owned, online children store that sells the most fashionable and most affordable wooden sensory toys and beautifully made clothing to dress your little one From cozy, soft sweatshirts, sweat pants, hooded bear-ear jackets and teddy bear-faced socks; plus, their happy face beanies, your kiddo will be influencing your own personal style! KittyNTug also sells affordable sensory toys made of wood that make learning more fun and are designed not to over-stimulate young minds that might struggle with too many colorful, loud stimulating toys The owner s own daughter struggled with a speech where the owner had to source special toys that helped with her daughter’s learning disability

' I a m d i f f e r e n t . N o t l e s s . ' LIVING NONPROFIT
P r i c e : S t a r t i n g a t $ 4 - $ 5 0 S h a r e A S a l e I D : 1 3 5 2 4 5
Start your day with a morning stroll along the shores of McFaddin Beach or Sea Rim State Park. Then hike on shaded paths as you watch for colorful birds, experience the life and times of iconic rock ‘n roller, Janis Joplin, or soak up the sunshine as you sip on a locally made craft beer. It’s o cially Crawfish Season in Cajun Country! Home to a remarkable confluence of cultures and landscapes, there’s nowhere quite like this Texas Gulf Coast destination. visitportarthurtx.com ROAD TRIP TO port arthur, TEXAS Take a 1.5 hour GET OUTSIDE TO CAMP FIMFO. WWW.CAMPFIMFO.COM 7 | HOUSTON FAMILY MAGAZINE April 2023
8 | HOUSTON FAMILY MAGAZINE January 2023 Meet New 90's era American Girl's 1st Ever Twins, Isabel & Nicki $115 Americangirl.com M u s t H a v e s f o r A p r i l Woodland Friends Play Set $30 Gund com Magical Dragons Easter Basket $33 Personalcreations.com Egg shaped Slime $12 amazon com Lego White Rabbit $20 Lego.com Garden Ring Set $28 SuperSmalls.com Easter PJs $39 HannaAndersson.com Chocolate Dinosaur Egg $23 Simplychocolate com $10 Etsy.com 8 | HOUSTON FAMILY MAGAZINE April 2023
global global R a i s i n g R a i s i n g Citizens Citizens B y C h r i s t i n a K a t z B y C h r i s t i n a K a t z Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd 10 | HOUSTON FAMILY MAGAZINE April 2023

W a y s T o R e m i n d K i d s W e A l l S h a r e P l a n e t E a r t h

Every April 22nd all over the globe, we celebrate Earth Day But this Earth Day, before you remind your kids about the importance of conservation, planting trees, and recycling, why not remind them of a few profound truths about what it means to be a human being living on planet earth If you can instill a healthy amount of awe in your kids about living on earth, you likely won't have to work as hard to get them to consume less, dig in the dirt more, and sort their trash

According to worldometers.info, there are over seven billion people on the planet already and that number is expected to grow to nine billion by 2042 Think about it Right now and on any given day, we are part of this vast collection of humanity sharing a tiny globe that orbits the sun at a rate of about 30 kilometers per second (or eighteen and a half miles per second) As we zoom around the sun, the planet that we are standing on is constantly spinning on its axis, one full turn per day

If this information doesn't get your kids' minds spinning about the daily scientific miracle of life on earth, I don't know what will But how often do parents stop and consider our place in the larger scheme of things? Considering the length of our to-do lists, probably not often enough So these reminders are not just for kids, they are for the benefit of the whole family

Here's what parents can do to instill a healthy appreciation for planet earth in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives: we can slow down, pay attention to the miracle that is our life on earth, and raise our family's consciousness about our humble place in the vast scheme of things

You might think, "But I don't want my child to feel inconsequential and overwhelmed." Don't worry. Learning about the world and our place in the universe has an inspiring affect on kids, and teaching them will likely inspire you to want to learn more too.

Ready to remind your family that we all share planet earth? It's easier than you might think Weave a glimpse of the universe into your home décor. Bring some globally minded toys to your kid's bedroom Let kids see for themselves that although we all matter, no one person is the center of the universe. Here's how:

Display a large flat map of the world prominently in your home

Keep a globe within reach

Hang a mobile of the solar system

Get a telescope or visit an observatory

Take virtual trips around the globe together using Google Earth

Watch A&E Television Network's, Spaceship Earth as a family (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0095 O5PX4/ref=dv dp ep6)

Display a "you are here" image of our place in the galaxy

Subscribe to National Geographic Kids or National Geographic Little Kids magazine

Watch the documentary, Babies, with the whole family

Take a trip to the closest science museum and visit the planetarium

Read Horton Hears A Who and The Lorax by Dr Seuss out loud every year on Earth Day

Books and Toys For Global Awareness:

National Geographic Kids, First Big Book Of Space by Catherine D Hughes & David A Aguilar

I Never Forget A Face Matching Game with children's faces from around the world by Eeboo

48-piece Solar System Floor Puzzle by Melissa and Doug

If The World Were A Village, A Book About The World's People by David J. Smith

Children Just Like Me, A Unique Celebration Of Children Around The World by Anabel and Barnabas Kindersley


Bee a Bee a Friend... Friend...

to Backyard to Backyard

Pollinators this Spring Pollinators this Spring

Pollinators do important work in nature and in our gardens, and they’re also fun to watch!

Attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to your yard by planting beautiful native flowers this spring.

nny spaces

Firewheel (Gaillardia pulchella)

Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta)

Mealy Sage (Salvia farinacea)

For shady spots

Red Sage (Salvia coccinea)

Turk’s Cap (Malvaviscus arboreus)

Gulf Penstemon (Penstemon tenuis)

By planting flowers with different shapes, colors, and bloom times, you’ll attract a greater diversity of pollinators.

Bees especially love daisies, so plant Firewheel (Gaillardia pulchella) in sun or Lanceleaf Coreopsis (Coreopsis lanceolata) in shade.

Hummingbirds adore bright, tube-shaped flowers like Mealy Sage (Salvia farinacea) for sun or Red Sage (Salvia coccinea) for shade.

Butterflies need flowers for nectar AND leaves for their caterpillars, so choose Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta) for sunny spots or Turk’s Cap (Malvaviscus arboreus) in shady areas.

Firewheel Gulf Penstemon
Red Sage

Advanced fetal care for your baby and you.

From the beginning, we’re here for you, providing all the care your baby needs. As a leader in fetal diagnosis and intervention, we’re among the first to perform fetal surgeries to repair spina bifida, as well as other innovative procedures for complex fetal conditions.

Affiliated with McGovern Medical School at UTHealth

Houston, UT Physicians and Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, The Fetal Center provides the most advanced care. And it’s designed for your baby and you.


Advancing health. Personalizing care.

Why Why

S?tudents looking for an exceptional education in Houston’s city center will want to consider the University of Houston Downtown. UHD is part of the University of Houston system, even as it maintains its own operations. Located on a perch above Buffalo Bayou, the school offers an urban setting with a host of programs designed to give students real-world experiences that enhance classroom learning.

“We offer many service-learning classes that allow students to gain hands-on experience with community service and reflection to enrich their learning experience,” said Daniel Villanueva, Jr , vice president for enrollment management. “The Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning allows students to participate in community activities and develop creative solutions to community issues, benefiting students' ultimate ability to think critically about the world around them We accomplish this through academic and co-curricular community engagement activities and by offering various service learning course options each semester.”

UHD offers more than 50 majors that span the humanities, STEM and business fields. Students can consider such diverse options as nursing, data science, history, fine arts, political science, applied statistics, geosciences, human resource management and more. An honors program ensures a challenging curriculum for those looking to be more deeply engaged. Combined with an array of degree programs is a commitment to small class sizes, and affordable tuition.

Go Gators!

“Students leave the university with one of the lowest debt ratios in Texas,” said Villanueva “And our faculty and staff genuinely care about students and their success. From admissions to orientation to academic support, UHD’s faculty and staff go above and beyond to ensure students feel a sense of belonging and are set up for success.”

For those wanting to be involved in a number of college activities, UHD has plenty to keep students engaged There are more than 40 clubs and organizations that offer opportunities for leadership and joining together with those of like interests

Students leave with one of the lowest debt ratios in Texas

“In addition, we have eleven Greek organizations and a premier collegiate Esports team Beyond that, there are club sports teams in soccer, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, baseball, cheer, and dance,” said Villanueva.

Prospective Gators will discover a school where they are cared for as individuals, where their classroom activities will have direct implications for the community around them and an atmosphere that is welcoming and supportive. Students looking for a school that is close to home but offers a world of opportunity will find UHD to be a strong choice for their college careers


10 Reasons why your Teen might

LOVE becoming a camp counselor

Did your teenager love summer camp as a child? Does he or she need a job but can’t work during the school year because of homework and activities? Maybe you’re ready for your teen to get employment experience but still have some carefree time outdoors away from electronics. Day or sleepaway camp is the perfect place for teens to transition to the world of the employed. The pa ycheck is nice, but being a camp counselor has other rewards, too.

The Gift of Responsibility

As much a teens sometimes protest about it, learning responsibility is the gateway to more independence as they grow into adults. Camp is an ideal place to build accountability because teens are in charge o f other kids or activities, but they are still being supervised. If they work at a sleepaway camp, they must keep their cabin quarters neat and guide younger children to do the same. If they work at a day camp, they must show up on time, care for children and lead activities. Working at camp is fun, but it also gives teens a glimpse into the adult world with the guidance they still need.

The Opportunity to Be a Role Model

Do you remember a teen you looked up to when you were a kid at summer camp? Maybe he or she helped you perfect your back stroke, taught you how to throw a curve ball or gave the perfect advice for dealing with disagreements between friends. Teens can connect to kids in ways that adults sometimes can’t, a nd when teens work at camp, they experience the fulfillment of helping younger kids meet their goals and develop new skills.

Refined Relationship Skills

From fun-centered sports competitions between rival teams to getting chores done for inspection, counselors and campers have to work together. Being able to do this teaches teens to hone their communication and interpersonal relationship skills. Some ca mps even offer staff communication trainings and morale building activities before camp starts to increase awareness and create discussion about how to get along with others.


Improved Time Management Skills

Teen counselors have to be on time to meals, the morning meeting at the flag pole, and the activities they lead They’re also responsible for gently prodding their campers to be punctual. If they are in charge of a lesson, craft or game, they must plan ahead and make sure they have all the supplies ready and set up on time These time-management lessons will benefit them a s they enter college and the work place.

Time Away from Technology

Most day camps and sleep away camps either have a no device policy or have only short scheduled times with technology Camp is the perfect place to do a “digital detox” and get back to nature, sports and face-to-face socialization.

Preparation for Being Away at College

If your teen works at a sleep away camp, he or she may get a taste of what college life is like. He or she will be responsible for meals, getting up on time or using a coin laundry These are all valuable lessons that will prepare him or her for college Also being away from home for an extended period of time for the first time can take some adjusting to and it can create some homesickness Teen camp counselors have experienced these feelings and dealt with them before the y go to college.

A Chance to Share Talents and Skills

Is your teen an athlete? An artist? A nature enthusiast? Can he or she dance, write or program computers? Camp is an ideal place for teens to share strengths.

I served as a camp counselor when I was in college, and it was the first time I realized I had a knack for teaching kids. It was the gateway to me becoming a teacher, even though I was a journalism st udent at the time Camp introduces teens to opportunities that maybe they hadn’t considered It builds confidence and opens doors to future careers

Saving on Summer Expenses

One of the advantages of working at an overnight camp is that in addition to a pay check, meals and lodging are usually provided by the camp. Staffers’ work and life all happen at the camp, so gas use is minimal Teen counselors chaperone camp trips to amusement parks and museums which are usually covered by the camp. Granted, these covered expenses do require responsibility and work, and are not solely carefree outings, but they are positive perks for a summer job.

Resume Building

Working at camp is great experience to put on a resume when your teen is ready to enter the adult world of work. Camp experience is beneficial if your teen wants to teach or coach, but working at camp also builds communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills, all worthy resume additions that may catch a future employer’s interest

A New Appreciation for You

Being a teen counselor is indeed hard work. It involves stamina, patience and responsibility Oh, and teen counselors must also teach, guide and care for children younger than themselves It sounds a teeny bit like parenting, right? Teens who are camp counselors may begin to recognize how hard parenting is With that recognition, they may have a new appreciation for all their parents do by the end of the summer

Being a camp counselor is a great start for teens who want to join the world of work.

If your teen is interested in beginning the adventure that comes with being a camp counselor, you can find more information at the American Camp Association website at https://www acacamps org/staff-professionals/jobcenter.

camp directorySUMMER H O U S T O N F A M I L Y M A G A Z I N E . C O M 2023
Kamp Kanakuk Branson & Lampe, Missouri

Summer Camp Directory Camp Directory

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Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens



Ages 1 0 - 1 2

Bayou Bend’s Summer History Camp, open to 5th and 6th graders, allows campers to engage with the museum’s collection of American art while making discoveries alongside art history experts.

B r i a r w o o d S c h o o l



Ages 4 - 1 2 A C A

Project Briarwood is The Briarwood School's summer camp that specializes in dyslexia remediation through Project-Based Learning. Children do not need to have dyslexia, but they should have an academic need to be in the program (Preschool - Rising Grade 7)

B u i l d i n g B r a i n s L e g o E g



Ages 3 - 1 4

Our camp is designed to strengthen math skills, motor skills, and science skills. Students will develop strong critical thinking skills in the fields of physics, engineering, and fine motor skills because we use Legos to build simple machines while incorporating math concepts such as Pythagoras’ Theorem. A


Summer Camp Directory Summer Camp Directory special advertising section

C a m p I n v e n t i o n




Ages 5 - 12 A

Unlock your child’s potential at Camp Invention®! This nationally acclaimed K-6 program returns to Houston with all-new, hands-on STEM adventures. Register and save today at invent.org/local

C l u b S c i K i d z



Ages 4 - 1 5 A C A D E M I C

Club SciKidz offers science and technology summer camps for kids ages 4-15. Our camps are full-day, week long camps. Throughout the week, campers participate in 20 hands on activities related to the topic of their camp.

C o d e W i z K a t y



Ages 7 - 1 7 A

Code Wiz Katy is a learning center where kids can unlock their inner geniuses with custom-tailored tech programs, connect with like-minded peers, and join the "nerd herd"! Children can try a class for free to experience the program before committing.

C r e a t o r C a m p s



Ages 6 - 1 3 A

Creator Camp is Texas's quickest growing EdTech summer camp! Now with 12 different locations between the Houston area and Austin we look forward to inspiring future Creators through STEAM curriculums!

F u n t a s t i k L a b s



Ages 5 - 11 A

Walk-in Science, Arts & Robotics Entertainment Center for kids. 15 Fun STEM + ARTS Week-Long Summer Camps! Summer camp projects your kids will rave about!

H e a l t h M u s e u m D i s c o v e r y C a m p

713.521.1515 A C A D E M I C


Ages 5 - 1 3

School is out, but learning (and fun) is in! Camps at The Health Museum bring science-learning to life while building memories that will last a lifetime.

i K i d s , I n c .




Ages 3-12 A

iKids offers educational, recreations andcreativeenrichment for children. AfterSchool, Summer Camp and More! Fine Arts to performing Arts, STEM to STEAM and everything in between!


Summer Camp Directory Summer Camp Directory




Destination Downtown: IWA Summer Camp. Two exciting weeks of summer camp, June 12-16 and June 19-23. Featuring podcast storytelling, broadcast news, STEM courses, and exploring downtown Houston's amenities.




Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Sign Language & English immersion summer camps. Learning another language has never been so much fun! Our innovative summer camp is offered at multiple locations and schedules. Payment plans are available. June 5 - August 25, 2023.



#PlaneAwesome A variety of camps for all ages and aviation interests! Crafty Aircraft, Aces & Legends, Aero Derby Dash, Fly Girls, Go Zero G, Pilot Maker, and Advanced Pilot Training! Visit LoneStarFlight.org for details!

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L a n g u a g e K i d s
3 - 10 A C A D E M I C L o n e S t a r F l i g h t M u s e u m
8 - 1 4
I n c a r n a t e W o r d A c a d e m y
11 - 15 A C A D E M I C
CAMP EPIC. CAMP CULLEN. YMCA Mission: To put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. Everyone is welcome. LEARN MORE: ymcacampcullen.org O ering overnight summer camp adventures for kids and teens ages 7-17. houston.clubscikidz.com SciKidz Club Club SciKidz Where ience & chnology nnect! Sc Te Co Each summer Club SciKidz offers over 60 themed camps, grades PK-7th. Marvel Movie Maker Adventures in Minecraft Robot Engineer Little Space Explorer NEW FOR 2023 The Best STEM Camps! $10 OFF Use code FAMILY for 21 | HOUSTON FAMILY MAGAZINE April 2023

Summer Camp Directory Summer Camp Directory

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W o r l d S t r i d e s




Ages 8 - 1 8

Experience life-changing moments with Worldstrides. Immerse your child in the learning journey of their dreams! These programs give kids a taste of future careers in veterinary science, medicine, and more.

C o r d o v a n A r t S c h o o l



Ages 5 - 1 6

LIVE LIFE IN COLOR at CORDOVAN ART SCHOOL this Spring & Summer with the best creative Art Camps in the Houston area! Select from over 40 themed camps and experience mixed media of all kinds at 4 locations around Houston!

G l a s s e l l J u n i o r S c h o o l o f A r t



Ages 4 - 1 8

The Glassell Junior School is an art school for young people devoted to nurturing creativity and dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the arts and an awareness of the world.

P e a r l F i n c h e r M u s e u m o f F i n e A r t s



Ages 5 - 1 6

Inspire your child’s creativity! Weekly themed art camps explore mediums, techniques and principles of art, including time in the museum galleries and with guest artists. Plus, check out our NEW Visual/Theater Arts Camp!

D i s c o v e r y S c h o o l h o u s



Ages 0 - 1 2

Discovery Schoolhouse provides educational preschool child care. They also offer a wide range of educational programs for children from 6 weeks to 5 yrs old and before and after school care for children 5 - 12 yrs old.

G o d d a r d S c h o o l



Ages 0 - 12

Fun, exciting and healthy learning at our Before & After School Program!

T h e H o n o r R o l l S c h o o l



Ages 2 - 13

Experience awesome! Summer at The Honor Roll School isn't just camp, it's an experience. Watch their confidence grow as they conquer new challenges and pursue new interests.

A R T S / D A N C E
R T S / D A

Summer Camp Directory Summer Camp Directory

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r i m r o s e C i n c o R a n c h



Ages 5 - 15

Located all around Houston, our camps place special emphasis on youth choice, achievment and a sense of belonging. Activities include sports, outdoor games, creative and performing arts, archery, engineering and nature exploration.

1 2 N A T U R E

Head to the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center for fun-filled, week-long camps that explore the natural world through active, hands-on indoor and outdoor adventures. o u s t o n A r b o r e t u m HOUSTONARBORETUM.ORG 713.681.8433

YMCAHOUSTON.ORG HOUSTON 713.893.1461 M C A D a y C a m p D A Y C A M P
4 -
We believe that who children become is as important as what they know. The Primrose core belief of nurturing balance among mind, body and heart is integrated in our Balanced Learning® approach.
D A Y C A M P The Honor Roll School 2 years to Grade 8 4111 Sweetwater Blvd. • 20417 University Blvd. • 281-609-9194 SUMMER @The Honor Roll School Learn More Day Camps Academic Camps Sports Camps Specialty Camps It’s not just a camp. It’s an EXPERIENCE. THRS_HoustonFamily_Mar23_Camp_7.375x5.indd 1 2/8/23 10:08 AM 23 | HOUSTON FAMILY MAGAZINE April 2023
5 - 10

Summer Camp Directory Summer Camp Directory

C a m p C h a m p i o n s



Ages 6 - 17

Camp Champions has created a tradition of excellence since 1967. With the facility and staff expected from a premier camp, Champions is distinguished by a developmental focus on building strong kids.

C a m p H u a w n i



Ages 6 - 17

Nestled in the Piney Woods of E Texas, Camp Huawni is a traditional, throwback summer camp for boys and girls We’ve crafted exceptional summers since 1965, cultivating an environment where friendships and creativity thrive

G i r l S c o u n t s o f S a n J a c i n t o



Ages 5 - 1 7

The Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council is proud to celebrate 100 years of building girls of courage, confidence and character that make the world a better place. We offer 2 locations in the Conroe area and one in Seabrook. Enjoy traditional camp activities like swimming, archery, STEM, adventure course, sailing, horseback riding and more. Activities vary by camp.

K a n a k u k K a m p s



Ages 6 - 1 8

Kanakuk is a premier Christian summer sports camp experience for kids ages 6–18 with locations in Branson and Lampe, Missouri. Its five overnight camps provide kids with fun, safe sports and outdoor camping experiences that develop them spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially.

Ages 3 - 16


Since 1994 Kidventure has provided the finest in Summer Day and Overnight Camps for thousands of Houston children ages 3-16. Helping grow your child through the power of camp.

Y M C A C a m p


u l l e n



Ages 7 - 17

Your camper is in for a week filled with enriching outdoor adventure that includes dozens of activities and specialty tracks, allowing them to choose their own activities, including horseback riding and water sports. There is a new theme each week, offering a fun and festive atmosphere for your camper’s stay.

Ages 6 - 17


Alliance Fencing Academy - International Fencing School Safe, Smart, Unique and Great workout! Home of 3 Olympians, 4 World Champions, and over 40 US National Champions Enrollment is open now in Houston & The Woodlands

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T K i d v e n t u r e KIDVENTURE.COM
S P O R T S A l l i a n c e F e n c i n g A c a d e m y



Ages 6 - 17

Register today so your children can have the summer of a lifetime In a single, action-packed week, your children will enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, daily worship and bible study sessions




Ages 2 - 13

At Houston Swim Club Swim School, we teach swim lessons in a safe, nurturing, and loving environment. Your child will learn how to be safer in the water while having FUN!

Ages 6 - 17 IAMFAMILYMARTIALARTS.COM 832.743.0567

Spring's BEST Summer Camp is the best choice in Spring! Now your child can benefit from a movement based Summer Camp designed specifically with families

Summer Camp Directory Summer Camp Directory special advertising section
S P O R T S F o r e s t G l e n
o u s t o n S w i m C l u b P O R T S
A m F a m i l y M a r t i a l A r t s Join the fun at Girl Scout camp! Sign up at www.gssjc.org/summercamp 713-292-0300 Two overnight camps near Conroe and one in Seabrook. Plus a day camp in Katy. Weekly sessions starting June 18 for overnight camp and June 12 for day camp. CAMP LIFE is the best life Secure your spot and save today at 25 | HOUSTON FAMILY MAGAZINE April 2023

Summer Camp Directory Summer Camp Directory

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K i d v e n t u r e D a y C a m p



Ages 3 - 1 6

Since 1994 Kidventure has provided the finest in Summer Day and Overnight Camps for thousands of Houston children ages 3-16. Helping grow your child through the power of camp

R i c e U n i v e r s i t y S T E M l e t i c s C a m p



Ages 6 - 1 7

STEM-Letics provides interactive STEM experiences in both the classroom and on the athletic field, and camps are open to all students throughout the Greater Houston Area.

Y M C A D a y C a m p



Ages 5 - 15

Located all around Houston, our camps place special emphasis on youth choice, achievment and a sense of belonging. Activities include sports and outdoor games, creative and performing arts, archery, engineering and nature exploration

A l l e y T h e a t r e



Ages 5- 14

Each camp session explores big ideas and questions connected to award-winning children’s books through three class rotations: acting/storytelling, movement, and makerspace. Alley Play Makers culminates in a joyous, celebratory performance that demonstrates our campers’ learning for parents and friends.

E C Y T H o u s t o n



Ages 5 - 18

Christian Youth Theater (CYT) is an after-school theater arts training program for students ages 5-18 Locations in Sugar Land and Spring, TX

M a i n S t r e e t T h e a t e r



Ages 4 - 17

MST Summer Camp has 4 locations across the Greater Houston Area: Rice Village, the Museum District, Midtown, and Bellaire Ages 4 – high school Plays, dances, prop-making Creative, collaborative, FUN!

S t a g e W o r k s T h e a t e r



Ages 2 - 12

Ages 2 - 12

Whether your student is looking for something fun to do, needs help developing confidence and courage, or wants to develop acting and singing skills, our Academy is just for you!

LoneStarFlight.org The ultimate virtual reality experience! And its only at the Lone Star Flight Museum. is here! Open daily! • Fly a plane • Travel in space • Go under the sea • Ride a rollercoaster June 5, 2023 - August 25, 2023 thehealthmuseum.org /summer-camps A summer of fun with immersive learning in STEM & medical science! SUMMER CAMPS $200-$525 per week • $25 discount for members 27 | HOUSTON FAMILY MAGAZINE April 2023

E d i b l e E a s t e r F u n :

If your kids are fans of gingerbread houses at Christmas, they’ll really love these edible Easter projects. Gather the ingredients, make a sample and then let the kids assemble these incredibly cute Easter edibles

Peep Houses

Graham Crackers (3 whole ones for each house)


White Frosting

Candy Eggs

Pastel M and M’s

Easter Grass (edible kind if you can find it)

Parchment or Waxed Paper


Break graham crackers into halves Using frosting, glue three walls to the floor, leaving the front open Let set one hour

Glue the peep inside the house, adding Easter grass

Glue the roof peak together and carefully place on top of structure Allow frosting to drizzle

Glue rows of pastel M and M’s to the roof

Garnish with candy eggs

1 2 3 4 5
, E
M a k e i t T o d a y
a t i t f o r
a s t e r

Marshmallow Easter Bunnies

1/3 cup Vanilla Frosting

36 Large Marshmallows

36 Miniature Marshmallows

Red and Pink Heart-shaped Sprinkles

White Sprinkles

Small Black Sprinkles

Pink Colored Sugar

Place frosting in piping bag (a baggy with cut corner works)

For each bunny cut two mini marshmallows in half. (a tiny bit of oil on knife or scissors makes cutting marshmallows easier)

Use frosting to attach two arms and two legs to front of a large marshmallow, creating body

For face use two mini-marshmallow halves for cheeks. Use sprinkles to create eyes, nose and whiskers (the heart is the nose and mouth) For ears cut a large marshmallow on the diagonal, dip the sticky side in the pink sugar and attach with frosting to top of head.

Put the head on the body with frosting. Let set to dry for one hour

Place bunnies on a paper plate and add Easter grass or candy eggs as desired

Pretzel Nests

Two packages 10-12 oz white baking chips

One 10 oz package pretzel sticks

24 Peeps

Candy Eggs

Waxed Paper

1. 2 3

4 5

Melt white chips and reserve out ½ cup of mixture Keep warm

Gently mix melted chips with pretzel sticks and drop in mounds on waxed paper. Using two forks shape into nests

Dip the peeps in the reserved chip mixture and attach one into each nest

Let stand for one hour

1 2 3 4 5. 6
TEXAS HISTORY VOL 2 VOL 2 I AM TEXAS! I AM TEXAS! Brought to you by The Bryan Museum & iWRITE Brought to you by The Bryan Museum & iWRITE Largest Published Book in the World! GUINNESS WORLD GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER RECORD HOLDER Be a Part of Be a Part of "I "I am Texas" am Texas" Deadline to submit Deadline to submit April 30th, 2023 April 30th, 2023 30 | HOUSTON FAMILY MAGAZINE April 2023

In case you didn’t know, Houston holds the Guinness World Record title for the Largest

In case you didn’t know, Houston holds the Guinness World Record title for the Largest


Published Book in the World called I Am Texas! To make matters even more awesome the entire book (which Book in the World called I Am Texas! To make matters more the entire book (which stands seven feet tall and weighs nearly five hundred pounds) was written and illustrated by one stands seven feet tall and weighs nearly five hundred pounds) was written and illustrated by one thousand kids! Here in Texas, and especially in the greater Houston area, we love giving our kids the thousand kids! Here in Texas, and especially in the greater Houston area, we love giving our kids the opportunity to shine, through literacy, the arts, and education. This larger-than-life opportunity for opportunity to shine, through literacy, the arts, and education This larger-than-life opportunity for kids to share their Texas story was provided to students through a partnership between The Bryan kids to share their Texas story was provided to students through a partnership between The Bryan Museum and iWRITE. Museum and iWRITE.

If you haven’t been to The Bryan Museum, you

If you haven’t been to The Bryan Museum, you have got to get down to this historic treasure in have got to get down to this historic treasure in Galveston, Texas. The entire museum is Galveston, Texas. The entire museum is dedicated to sharing the story of Texas through dedicated to sharing the story of Texas through rare artifacts, documents, and paintings rare artifacts, documents, and paintings displayed in the beautifully restored building displayed in the beautifully restored building that was previously the Galveston Orphans that was previously the Galveston Orphans Home for nearly 100 years. Home for nearly 100 years.

Each year the education department at the Each year the education department at the Museum hosts the I Am Texas Writing and Art Museum hosts the I Am Texas Writing and Art Contest which allows students in grades 2-12 to Contest which allows students in grades 2-12 to tell their Texas stories through writing and tell their Texas stories through writing and artwork. Kids have the opportunity to enter artwork. Kids have the opportunity to enter several categories and win prizes that range several categories and win prizes that range from $50-$1000 PLUS the chance to be from $50-$1000 PLUS the chance to be published in a historian’s journal and become a published in a historian’s journal and become a permanent part of The Bryan Museum’s library part of The Bryan Museum’s library collection. collection.

Top art winners have the chance to auction off Top art winners have the chance to auction off their work alongside professional artists at the their work alongside professional artists at the Art Untamed – A Night of Contemporary Art Untamed – A Night of Contemporary Western Art event each October. Western Art event each October.

The youngest students (grades 2-5) are asked to The youngest students (grades 2-5) are asked to research a famous Texan and then to write a letter research a famous Texan and then to write a letter explaining why they believe that person was (or is) explaining why they believe that person was (or is) important to Texas history or culture Students in important to Texas history or culture. Students grades 6-12 may choose to write a fiction or grades 6-12 may choose to write a fiction or nonfiction story inspired by an artifact or piece of art nonfiction story inspired by an artifact or piece of art at The Bryan Museum. This is a great reason to come at The Bryan Museum. This is a great reason to come and see the amazing collection in person. and see the amazing collection in person.

Over 2500 pieces from the 70,000-piece Over 2500 pieces from the 70,000-piece collection are on permanent display collection are on permanent display

Each first-floor gallery is carefully curated to highlight Each first-floor gallery is carefully curated to highlight the amazing history of Texas from Spanish the amazing history of Texas from Spanish exploration through the Texas Revolution and into the exploration through the Texas Revolution and into the early 20th century. early 20th century.

The upstairs houses special collection exhibits and The upstairs houses special collection exhibits and art about Texas and the American West. art about Texas and the American West.

The ground floor has a pirate cave and ship for the The ground floor has a pirate cave and ship for the youngest visitors and a display about the orphanage. youngest visitors and a display about the orphanage.

Even if you can’t come to the Museum this spring Even if you can’t come to the Museum this spring there are several other ways to see the collection. there are several other ways to see the collection. There are four featured artifacts on the I Am Texas There are four featured artifacts on the I Am Texas website: IAMTX.org. There is also a searchable website: IAMTX.org. There is also a searchable database where students can choose a category to database where students can choose a category to quickly get a feel for the depth and breadth of the quickly get a feel for the depth and breadth of the collection collection.

Student artists in grades 2-12 can submit hand-drawn

Student artists in grades 2-12 can submit hand-drawn illustrations and paintings through the website as illustrations and paintings through the website as well. Artists in grades 9-12 may also submit digital art. well. Artists in grades 9-12 may also submit digital art.

Whether it’s through a Museum visit – in person or Whether it’s through a Museum visit – in person or online – or by researching a Texas hero, each student online – or by researching a Texas hero, each student who submits work to the I Am Texas contest is who submits work to the I Am Texas contest is helping to bring the history of Texas to life! helping to bring the history of Texas to life!





Spring Fest at Dewberry Farm (April 1,2,8,9,15,16)

Spend the day in the country as the kids enjoy the rides, attractions and animals on this magnificent farm 10am All ages Admission ticket is required www.dewberryfarm.com/pages/ spring-fest-attractions

Easter Festival in the countryside (April 1,2,7,8)

There is something for everyone to enjoy Go on an Easter Egg Hunt, enjoy the vintage amusement rides, spring photo ops, 20+ attractions, delicious food, and more 10am All ages Admission ticket is required www.p-6farms.com/

Houston Astros Baseball

Cheer on the Astros as they take on the White Sox in their home opening series! 1:10p All ages

Tickets start at $31+ Bonus: Jeremy Peña MVP Bobblehead giveaways www.mlb.com/astros

April 13 - 16th galvestonhistory.org

April 13 - 16th galvestonhistory.org

March Madness: Men’s Final Four (April 1-4)

Basketball fans have one thing on their minds – who is going to win the final as four collegiate basketball teams play for the win NRG Stadium Various times

All ages Tickets $20+ www.nrgpark.com/eventcalendar

Innovation Spark Fest Sugar Land Town Square Witness three rings of bot competitions, the latest inventions, technologies, and breakthroughs that are sure to revolutionize the way we live, work, and play 11am-5pm All ages www.sugarlandtownsquare.com

The Nightingale Book Launch with ROCO

Experience Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairytale “The Nightingale” in a new musical setting from ROCO for violin, clarinet, piano, and narrator, by composer Kevin Lau! Houston Public Library – Central Campus 10:30am. All ages. www roco org/performances /the-nightingale-book-launch/


EGGstravaganza on the farm (Apr 1,2,7,8)

Go onto an outdoor egg hunt on this splendid farm Let the kids run and discover all the hidden colored eggs they can find Blessington Farms

9am-3:30pm All ages Admission required www blessingtonfarms com

Detective Days - Bayou Bend Gardens

Do your children love a good mystery? There’s mystery afoot at Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens for sleuths ages 6 and older Detective Days feature self-guided activity sheets that challenge children’s observational skills and critical thinking All day All ages


Houston Astros

Kids Run the Bases Ages 5-12 Cheer on the Astros as they take on the White Sox in their home opening series! 1:10p All ages Tickets start at $39+ Bonus: Jeremy Peña Replica

Ring giveaways


Old MacDonald’s Farm for the animal lover

Your family will enjoy the wooden playgrounds, duck pond, train ride, sand mountain and petting zoo offer plenty to keep kids entertained Animals like llamas, ponies (available for riding!), deer, goats, peacocks and donkeys

10am All ages Admission required www.oldmacdonaldsfarmtexas.com

The Tall Ships Festival, Galveston Tall Ships Festival, Galveston

Explore Abilities at CMH

Explore Abilities gives families the opportunity to enjoy the entire Museum at their own pace and also participate in the special activities occurring that day Children’s Museum, 10a-3p All ages www.cmhouston.org/events/explo re-abilities-day-2

Bubbles and Board Games

Fun for the littles. Evelyn's Park, Bellaire. FREE 11a-12p. www.Evelynspark.org

Delight in a vintage Circus spectacle at the (until April 9) Marvel at human feats and traditional showmanship at the animal-free, Broadway-style circus treat Cry Creek Social Club, Venardos Circus in Richmond

Multiple dates and times www venardoscircus com

First Tuesday at the Houston Zoo

You’ll need a ticket to enter the gates, so get them early Houston Zoo, Various times All ages www.Houstonzoo.org

Teach you Tuesday: the art of candlemaking

Why not make your own candle for a special gift or to some extra ambiance in your own home Bagby Park, 5:30pm Age: 21+ www midtownhouston com

Learn Live, Homeschool Program at Moody Gardens

These 3-hour-long programs focus on an educational experience each month with different combinations of elements to explore a featured attraction, ambassador animal presentations, and hands-on activities 9:30am All ages



5 Japan Junction (1st Wednesday of the month)

Kids of all ages will enjoy expanding their cultural horizons through kamishibai “ paper drama” storytelling and fun crafts that highlight Japanese traditions from origami to woodblock print making and more! 4:30pm www.levyparkhouston.org

Nature Discovery Center & Story time (every Wednesday)

Visit the discovery rooms and enjoy the trails Plan to stay for nature story time which can include live animal encounters and a simple craft

Tues -Fri Noon-5:30pm, SatSun 10am-530pm, story time Wednesday at 4pm All ages www.naturediscoverycenter.org

$5 Thursdays at the Lone Star Flight Museum

Fly in the for the day Admission tickets includes all the permanent exhibits Lone Star Flight Museum, All day All ages www.lonestarflight.org/events/ 5-thursdays-at-lsfm/

It's Free to Visit the Health Museum Every Thursday Always wondered what goes on at the health Museum? Check it out on Thursdays for FREE from 2p7p All Ages www thehealthmuseum org

Storytime at the Bookshop (every Thursday)

Enjoy story reading, sing songs, and do an art activity The themes change weekly Blue Willow Bookshop, 9:30am Age: toddler-preschooler www.bluewillowbookshop.com

Easter at the Kemah Boardwalk (April 7-9)

Celebrate the Easter weekend at the Kemah Boardwalk by meeting the Easter Bunny & participating in a scavenger egg hunt Noon-7pm All ages www.kemahboardwalk.com

Easter Egg hunts

Check out Apr 1 & 2 events for more Easter Egg Hunts

In celebration of the holiday, the hunt will take place inside the exhibit area so that adults may tour the exhibits while the kids hunt for eggs Czech Center Museum Houston, 2pm All ages Free for kids under 12 years old www.czechcenter.org

Screen on the Green: DC League of Super Pets

Bring the kids to watch a movie under the stars This animated tale focuses on Krypto the Super-Dog, otherwise known as Superman’s pet Discovery Green 7pm All ages www.discoverygreen.com

Houston Dynamo home game

Take the kids to watch a home game and cheer on their favorite soccer team Shell Energy Stadium, 7:30pm All ages Tickets start at $20+ www.tickets-center.com

Space Cowboys Baseball: Friday Fireworks

Who doesn't love a good fireworks show? Join us every Friday night as we light up the sky Texas-style with post game fireworks presented by Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers!

Constellation Field, Sugar Land

Game schedules Age: under 12 15% discount applies on club tickets starting at $25 www.milb.com/sugar-land

EcoTots at Armand Bayou

Nature Center (every Friday) Get involved in nature with your toddler! EcoTots activities include nature walks, art activities, stories, and nature exploration with other parents and their children

Armand Bayou Nature Center

9:30am Age: 18 months -3 years old $12 for the program www.abnc.org/eco-programs

Happy Easter

Sundays at the Polo Club (every Sunday)

A stylish and sporty way to spend a Sunday afternoon Dress in your best attire and hat and enjoy the pounding of the hooves Polo Club Houston 4pm or 5 pm

All ages Tickets start at $15 50 for under 12 and $35 for adults www.houstonpoloclub.com

Kayak Rentals @ Kinder Lake

Try out this water sport beneath the shadow of the Houston skyline at Discovery Green Leisurely paddle around the shallow Kinder Lake and enjoy all the fish swimming beneath the surface. 11a-5p (weather permitting) $5 gets you two laps around lake. www.bayoucityadventures.org

Farmers Market Farmers Market Easter Festival Evelyn's Park Polo Club
Blue Willow Blue Willow Bookshop, Houston Bookshop, Houston Battleship Tour Battleship Tour

Dinos Alive: An Immersive Experience

Bollywood Film Nights: 3 idiots

Discussion: Hang the Moon by Jeannette Walls

The book explores the life of an indomitable young woman in Virginia during Prohibition Your ticket will include access to the inperson event, and a signed copy of Hang the Moon There will NOT be a signing line 7pm Age: adult www.bluewillowbookshop.com

Go Berry Picking at Blessington Farm

Bring the kids to the farm and let them pick their own berries Blueberry and blackberry picking is seasonal and so much fun for the whole family! There are around 3000 blueberry bushes and 375 blackberry plants to pick from 10am-3:00pm All ages www.blessingtonfarms.com

Curious Kids Science Day (every Tuesday)

Are you raising a Curious Kid?

Curious Kids lessons incorporate live animals, plants, natural objects, crafts, puppets and/or models, stories, and nature walks

Nature Discovery Center

10am Age: 3-5 years old The accompanying adult must stay for the class www naturediscoverycenter org

Toddler Tuesdays (every Tuesday until May 2nd)

Enjoy a morning of interactive story time, costumed character meet and greets, activities, and soft play equipment from Toddler Towns Every week features a themed story time with crafts to help toddlers discover the joy of reading and imagination

Discovery Green 10:30am12:30pm

Age: toddlers-preschoolers www.discoverygreen.com

Book Reading at Blue Willow 11 12

EcoAdventurers for the homeschooled (every Wednesday)

This drop-off program is an indepth study of environmental science topics and STEM activities

These programs prepare learners to understand the nature. Armand Bayou Nature Center 9:30-11:30a. Age: 11-14 years old. www.abnc.org/eco-programs

Travel back to the Jurassic in a thematic park full of realistic dinosaurs see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat Marq'e Entertainment Center, Houston 10am All ages Tickets $20+ www marqehouston com

Volunteer at the Houston Food Bank

You know what doesn’t cost money? Giving back to the community The Houston Food Bank accepts families who would like to volunteer Houston Food Bank 10am-4:00pm Age: 6+ www.houstonfoodbank.org

Tall Ships Festival

Kicks off in Galveston (April 13-16)

The 2023 Tall Ships® Galveston festival hosts tours of participating ships, numerous special events, sail-away excursions, music, food, and fun in a family-friendly format Galveston Island serves as one of three ports for the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Gulf Coast 2023 Series, which features a fleet of ships traveling across the Gulf of Mexico as they visit other participating cities Tickets are good from 10 a m to 6 p m (last tour at 5 p m ) for the date selected Fast Pass tickets allow to holders to access on-board tours ahead of the general admission line through a private queue All ages Tickets start at $10+; Kids under age 6 are free Galveston Pier 21 www.galvestonhistory.org/events/tall-shipsgalveston/tickets

Samba Dance Class

Learn a popular Brazilian dance style during this exciting class Samba is a partner dance from Rio de Janeiro that evolved as a ballroom dance to the Brazilian samba musical rhythms Midtown Park 7pm Age: 16+ The class is free but RSVP is required www.midtownhouston.com

Disney on Ice presents Frozen and Encanto (April 13-16)

Sing and dance with Mirabel, her sisters, Isabela and Luisa, and more! Also join the race to find Elsa and stop the eternal winter, dream about summer with Olaf, and sing-along with Kristoff and Sven Character meetings occur in the morning slots NRG Stadium 10:30am, 11:00am, 2:30pm, 6:30pm or 7:30pm depending on the day All ages Tickets start at $35 www.nrgpark.com

Get ready to love, cry, laugh, and celebrate life in these modern classics This international hit (a favorite of Steven Spielberg’s) is a coming-of-age comedy-drama that follows the three engineering students who develop outlandish schemes to take on the draconian system at one of India’s premier colleges Bring your own lawn chairs, blankets and snacks to enjoy the show Asia Society Texas Center 7:00 pm All ages

www.asiasociety.org/texas/bolly wood-film-nights

15 14

Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival (April 14 -16)

Make art matter! Enjoy the original works of over 200 juried artists, complimented by live musical performances and lots of activities for the children Town Green Park, Woodlands 10:00am-6:00pm. All ages.


Twilight Gala at the Nature Center

Mark your calendar and plan to attend An Enchanted Evening. Russ Pitman Park 6:00-10:00pm. All ages. Reservations are required.

www naturediscoverycenter org

Car Parade

The eclectic automotive exposition is roaring back into town

The iconic event is set to feature over 250 craft cars from artists, schools, non-profits, and other creators from across the country 2pm Downtown parade www.thehoustonartcarparade.com

Family Capoeira

Join us for a Family Capoeira class, a unique Afro-Brazilian martial art that develops discipline, coordination, strength, and rhythm Midtown Park 10am All ages www.midtownhouston.com

Volunteer at the Buffalo Bayou (3rd Saturday of each month)

Lend a hand to Buffalo Bayou Partnership! Volunteers are invited to help care for Buffalo Bayou’s parks and trails 9:00 am Age: 9+ www.Buffalobayou.org

Mystery on the Trails

A new twist on a “whodunit” Head out on the trails to examine nature crime scenes and figure out “whodunit” using evidence like tracks and scat. Warning: the crime scenes will be staged but realistic examples of animal predation!

Houston Arboretum and Nature Center 6:00-8:00pm. Age: 16+. $35 for members, $50 for non-members www houstonarboretum org/eve nt/mystery-on-the-trails/

Katy Market Day

Peruse the stands and shop local the 3rd Saturday of every month Downtown historic Katy, 10:00am www.Katymarketday.com

C A L E N D A R O F E V E N T S C A L E N D A R O F E V E N T S April 2023 April 2023
10 13
The Orange Show's 36th Annual Houston Art

Saddle up and head to the trails

It’s impossible to live in Texas and not take the family to horseback ride at least once This equestrian facility is walk only with ponies or gentle horses on the wooded trails Cypress Trails, 8:00 am-5:00 pm All ages Prices depend on length of ride www.cypresstrailsranch.com/ad venture-trail-rides/

Head to Port Arthur for the day Sea Rim State Park has 5 2 miles of Gulf shoreline and 4,000 acres of marshlands Enjoy a scenic coastal jaunt along the natural beach From these beaches you’ll experience exotic birds, fresh and saltwater fish and the state’s densest alligator populations Rent a kayak and paddle one of the Park’s trails, from the 1 79-mile easy trail to the 9 59-mile advanced trail Experience beach side primitive camping, shore and marsh boardwalks, crabbing for Blue Crabs, fishing and more! www visitportarthurtx com

Explore Natures Networks at Houston Botanic Gardens

Steve Tobin’s Intertwined: Exploring Nature’s Networks

20 monumental sculptures dramatically capture the unseen power of the natural world while celebrating the important systems that give life to the Botanic Garden’s tropical, sub-tropical, and arid collections All day All ages Admission tickets required www hbg org

Jazz & Juleps

How about some adult time?

Sip mint julep cocktails under an elegant Southern garden tent, listen to the Paul Chester Quartet, stroll the grounds, and explore the first floor of the house 6:00 -8:00 pm Age: 21+ www.mfah.org/calendar/jazzjuleps-bayou-bend


The Menil Collection

Free Family Night at the Children’s Museum

Fun and engaging workshops occur once a month for young children

Activities include storyime, crafts, tummy time and maraca rhythm and movement 5:30-6:30pm

Ages: 3 and under www.cmhouston.org/events/basi cs-houston-fun-shops-freefamily-night

Take the Train

The Hermann Park Railroad takes a 14-minute journey around Hermann Park The train departs from Kinder Station every 20-25 minutes $3 75 10am - 6pm Daily www hermannpark org

Ride the train at Zube Park

You can ride a miniature train through the park This is one of Houston’s best kept secrets Zube Park 9:00am and 1:00pm

All ages www.hals.org/pubrunday.html

Midtown Art in the Park: “Let Art Inspire HOU!”



Are small wheels your thing?

Are small wheels your thing?

If you've got stable bike riders or skateboarders, ride at Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark or the North Houston Skatepark (it's the largest one in the country!) Entry is free to these parks and helmets are required Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark or North Houston Skatepark All day Every day

All ages Free www.houstonparksboard.org

Explore a new perspective with a free guided tour

Explore a totally new aspect of the city, or just get a new perspective on an old favorite Various places throughout Houston Times vary

All ages www.houstongreeters.org

Get your groove on at Seismique (open everyday)

Get carried away in this interactive museum and immersive art experience 2306 S Texas 6, 77077 10:00am-9:00pm depending on the day All ages Admission ticket is required www.seismique.com

Located in the heart of Houston, this impressive collection is located in several buildings nestled between pocket parks and outdoor sculptures, a perfect setting for picnic lunch Menil Collection 11:00 am-7:00 pm every day All ages Stroller friendly www.menil.org


Galveston FeatherFest & Photography Festival (April 20-23)

Attend during the peak of spring migration Galveston is one of the top locations in the country for birding because it hosts a diverse variety of habitats in a small geographical area where some 300 species make their home throughout the year Choose from 100+ expert-led birding and nature photography activities to beach, bay, Bolivar Flats, High Island, and more! Go by bus, boat, kayak, electric bike, or drive your own vehicle for our meet-at-site trips Come experience spring migration, area charm, history, and hospitality in Galveston

Times Vary by Day Costs vary depending on activities registered for Registration required All ages www.galvestonfeatherfest.com

Peruse an eclectic variety of vendors, artisans, and performers, while celebrating the breadth and depth of talent in Houston, which was recently touted as America’s new art city

Elizabeth Baldwin Park, 10:00am-4:00pm All ages www.midtownhouston.com/ev ent/midtown-art-in-the-park2-2/

Dismounted downtime

Where do HPD patrol horses go when they’re not on duty? As it turns out, they go to a big barn, stable and training complex Take the kids to feed the horses, everyone will love it If you want to visit on weekends, you have to call ahead (832) 394-0394

All ages $3 5005 Little York Rd www.houstontx.gov

The Escape Game Houston

Unplug and be immersed in these interactive rooms, follow clues, solve puzzles, and complete missions in under 60 minutes Each adventure is a unique elevated unplugged adventure! The Escape Game Houston (in CityCentre or The Galleria) 10:00 am-9:00pm. Ages: 7+ $37.99

www.theescapegame.com/hou ston

C A L E N D A R O F E V E N T S C A L E N D A R O F E V E N T S April 2023 April 2023 18
Hermann Park Sea Rim Park Botanic Garden FeatherFest NASA
Downtown HTown

22 Celebrate Earth Day at the Arboretum

Enjoy earth-conscious activities like guided nature hikes, crafts made from recycled materials, and scavenger hunts Houston Arboretum and Nature Center 10:00am-2:00pm All ages Free www.Houstonarboretum.org

Free Entrance - National Parks

Are you a nature lover? On select days throughout the year, all national parks are open to the public with no admission fee, take a mini vacation or explore some of Texas’ National Parks Various US National Parks All day All ages www.nps.gov/planyourvisit/feefree-parks.html

Green Mountain Energy Earth Day

This year's theme is water. As a central environmental issue, the proper care and management of Houston’s water is a topic that affects everyone. The city’s present and future relies on it

The Water Works Festival will bring their interactive exhibits to Discovery Green to educate families about this vital natural resource Expect familyfriendly performances, live music, art installations, face painting, crafts and activities Educational talks, panel discussions, spoken word performances and more will be provided And, of course, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the water features at Discovery Green 12:005:00pm All Ages Free www.discoverygreen.com/signatu re-experiences/earth-day/

Pop up Artisan Market

Do you love original artwork and are committed to supporting local artists, carpenters and designers? Mark your calendar and come out to a curated artisan market 10:00am-2:00pm

Age: 18+ www.pearlmfa.org/artisanmarket.html

Battleship Texas Dry Dock Tours (Sundays thru April 30th) 23

See the Battleship Texas up close and out of the water! Limited tours on the dry dock at Gulf Copper Guided tours that 1hr long, walking on the dry dock deck Gulf Copper Dry Dock & Rig Repair 8:00am

Age: 16+ or accompanied by an adult Tickets $150 www.visitgalveston.com/events/b attleship-texas-dry-dock-tours/

Explore the secrets of Texas at the George Ranch Historical Park

Step back in time and explore how life was lived back in old Texas across several generations The kids may be surprised that there wasn’t a Switch or TV George Ranch Historical Park, All day All ages $17 www.georgeranch.org

Take a Hike at Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center

Spend the day and visit the Nature Center learning building or enjoy hikes 1 2 to 29 miles long 9:00am5:00pm All ages Hikes are wheelchair and stroller accessible www.hcp4.net/

Space Cowboys Baseball: Orion’s Kids Club

The kiddos can enjoy baseball & perks including: one ticket voucher to each Sunday home game, front of the line access to ‘Kids Run the Bases’ every Sunday, & more Constellation Field, Age: under 12 15% discount applies on club tickets starting at $25 www.milb.com/sugar-land


Prelude Family Concerts @ Levy Park

Bring your little ones for some self-expression and development while dancing to a variety of musical styles arranged and pitched for children Levy Park 4:30pm All ages www.levyparkhouston.org/calendar


Worldfest: Houston International Film Fest (April 25 – 30)

A blend of feature and short films, screenplays, music videos, and more The Houston International Film Festival is the third oldest film festival in North America, started in 1961, right after New York and San Francisco Various locations & times

Age: 14+ $12+


Tough Broads Out at Night Book Club (meets the 4th Tuesday)

Join a group of dynamic readers for a lively discussion on the merits of classical and contemporary literature This month’s reading is On the Marble Cliffs, a fable about a pair of brothers, formerly warriors, whose idyll is shattered by an encroaching fascistic force Blue Willow Book shop, 7:00pm

Age: Adult www.bluewillowbookshop.com

C A L E N D A R O F E V E N T S C A L E N D A R O F E V E N T S April 2023 April 2023

What color are you?

Take a stroll through Color Factory

You’ll be immersed in larger-thanlife bluebonnets, specially chosen to reflect Houston! 10a-9p All ages

Tickets starting $32 www.Colorfactory.com

Reflection at the Rothko Chapel

Calm and soothing, the clean lines and open space truly is perfect for personal reflection Rothko Chapel, 3900 Yupon St

All day All ages


The Department of Wonder Experience starts inside the Light Hunter's Emporium The Department of Wonder, Sugar Land 9:00a-2:00p All ages www.deptofwonder.com


Friday Night Fever: Free Salsa Dance Lessons, MKT Houston

Join KDENCE Studio as participants are guided through an hour-long introduction to basic salsa moves followed by a fun 30-minute dance session to shake your grove thang! Sessions are outdoors, weather permitting and offered free of charge Registration is encouraged and spaces are limited 6:00 -7:30pm All ages

All Skill Levels www.themkt.com


Oleander Festival

Support the Oleander Society while enjoying plant art vendors, demonstrations, giveaways, music and food. Betty Head Oleander Garden Park, Galveston, 10:00am4:00pm. All ages. Free. www oleander org


The Annual Grand Kids Festival

Festival-goers can look forward to grand live performances and entertainment on four outdoor stages, as well as an exciting variety of fun, family-friendly activities 2020 Postoffice St , Galveston 10:00am-5:00pm All ages Free www.grandkidsfestival.com

RailFest Model Trail Rally at Galveston

Railroad Museum

ChooChoo! Don’t miss the excitement of the annual model train rally where collectors and enthusiasts show their model train sets Galveston Railroad Museum

10:00am-5:00pm All ages

Adults $20; Students 16 yrs and under $15, 4 and under free www.galvestonrrmuseum.org

Visit NASA

Take a break and sneak out for a date night or meet the girls for a well deserved break! Museum of Fine Arts, 5:00 - 8:00 pm

Ages:21+ Free www.mfah.org/calendar/happyhour-thursday

Houston Texans Draft Party

Celebrate the Draft with Houston’s favorite football team! Included in the festivities will be Fan Zone activities starting at 4:00 PM Free www.milleroutdoortheatre.com

Blast into the Planetarium

The upgraded system transports visitors to fly through the universe, experience the vastness of space, roam planetary surfaces, navigate asteroid fields, and watch the latest fulldome shows

Burke Baker Planetarium at the Museum of Natural Science 10:00am-7:00pm All ages

Admission ticket is required www.hmns.org/planetarium

Tour H-Town Architecture

Sign up for a bike or a walking tour with the Architecture Center Houston to discover the distinct neighborhood architecture and stories of Third Ward and The Heights, just to name a couple.

315 Capital St. Ste. 120. Meeting points vary depending on tours. Select days. All ages. $10 www Aiahouston org

18th Annual Frida Festival at MECA - Free

Do you have a Frida fan in your family? Celebrate all things Frida Kahlo at a Sixth Ward festival featuring lively music, performances, vendors, food trucks, and plenty of people dressed up as one of Mexico’s most beloved and legendary artists Historic Dow School, 1900 Kane St, Houston, 11:00am-7:30pm All ages www.meca-houston.org

Spring Festival at the CCMH Head over to the Czech Center to experience Czech food, folklore music, beer tasting, make a flower crown and try your hand at lawn games Czech Center Museum Houston, 4920 San Jacinto Street Noon-5pm All ages Free www.czechcenter.org/calendar/20 23/4/29/ccmh-annual-czechspring-festival

Cooking Class: Blackberry Celebration

What’s better than making homemade jam? Celebrating blackberry season by working together to make blackberry citrus freezer jam Learn about wild blackberries and (weather permitting) go on a berry-picking hike Houston Arboretum and Nature Center, 10:00am-12:00pm Age: 12+ www.houstonarboretum.org/even t/blackberry-celebration/

When was the last time you visited NASA? Have you ever?? Does one of your kids love space and secretly want to become an astronaut? Now's the time to go behind the scenes to see how our world famous Johnson Space Center works! 10:00 am - 5:00 pm All ages Admission required www.spacecenter.org

Sunday Funday: H-Town Proud

Give it up for the H, the 713, Space City, the place to be! Whatever you may call it, we're celebrating our H-Town love at this Sunday Funday event Sip, vibe, and shop local with our live DJ, hands-on activity stations, vendor pop-ups and giveaways, and event promotions in the shops and eateries! 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM All ages Trailside & Participating Locations, 600 N Shepherd Drive www.themkt.com


TO SUBMIT YOUR EVENT events submitted 6 weeks prior to ev to be considered for print issu

Online Calendar submissions can be sent 1 week prior to event.

C A L E N D A R O F E V E N T S C A L E N D A R O F E V E N T S April 2023 April 2023 26
Hour Thursdays at MFAH
Frida Festival Houston Zoo Rothko Chapel Oleander Festival MFA Houston
Salsa Dance

Museum of Fine Arts Houston www.mfah.org

Hours: Tues.-Wed. 10am-5pm., Thurs. 10am-9pm., Fri.-Sat. 10am-7pm., Sun. 12:15-7pm.

$19 adult; $16 senior 65+, $12 children 13-18 & students (19+) (children under 12 free) FREE every Thursday 10am-9pm


Portrait of Courage: Gentileschi, Wiley, and the Story of Judith Two paintings created 400 years apart raise contemporary issues through a historical lens

Through April 16, 2023

None Whatsoever: Zen Paintings from the Gitter-Yelen Collection Often playful, sometimes comical, and always profound, Zen paintings represent one of the world’s most fascinating religious and artistic traditions

Through May 14, 2023

Houston Museum of Natural Science www.hmns.org

Hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Sun

$25 adult, $16 children 3-11, senior 62+ and college students FREE every Thursday 2-5pm

King Tut’s Tomb Discovery

Experience the dark and winding tunnels that led to Tutankhamen’s burial chambers, explore the countless golden treasures he took with him into the afterworld, and explore the brightly colored, floor-to-ceiling hieroglyphics that detail his life and offer prayers to the gods to ensure a blessed life after death.

Through September 4, 2023

The Health Museum www thehealthmuseum


$10 adult, $8 senior 65+, free for children under 2 FREE on Thursdays 2-7pm


through experiment

and goggles and


Primordial shift: the science and art of genetic modification, Health Museum

Primordial Shift is an installation dealing with the implications of genetic modification of corn

In the 20th Century, a paradigm shift occurred in genetics, when scientists discovered how to unravel genetic code; the genetic code itself, DNA; and the commodification of GMOs and the positive and negative implications for consumers

Through May 23, 2023

Lone Star Flight Museum www lonestarflight.org

Hours: Tues. Sat. 9am-5pm, Sun. 12-5pm

Admission: $14 child, $18 adult

Visit the aerospace museum and its 25 aircrafts

Ongoing Exhibits

Holocaust Museum www.hmh.org


Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm., Sat. 10am-5pm., Sun. 12-5pm

$22 Adult, Seniors age 65+ $16, $16 for active-duty military and AARP members. Free for children, students and collegelevel students with valid ID FREE admission on Sundays


Woman, the Spirit of the Universe

Woman, the Spirit of the Universe features stunning bronze collars inspired by 23 American heroines who fought bravely and tirelessly for equality. Through April 19, 2023

N O W E X H I B I T I N G A P R 2 3

N O W E X H I B I T I N G A P R 2 3 h o u s t o n m u s e u m d i s t r i c t o r g
Hours: Mon -Sat 9am-5pm , Thurs 9am-7pm , Sun 12-5pm
I n s t a l l a t i o n v i e w o f P i p i l o t t i R i s t : P i x e l F o r e s t a n d W o r r y W i l l V a n i s h , 2 0 1 7 , t h e M u s e u m o f F i n e A r t s , H o u s t o n © P i p i l o t t i R i s t / P h o t o g r a p h : T h e S t o r y h i v e 38 | HOUSTON FAMILY MAGAZINE April 2023
DeBakey Cell Lab Gear up with a lab coat,
There’s a little bit of all of us at Miller... For 100 years, Miller Outdoor Theatre has delighted generations with the best in performing arts entertainment. And every performance free. MONKEY AND FRANCINE IN THE CITY OF TIGERS APRIL 11-13, 11 AM PRODUCED BY HOUSTON GRAND OPERA EDDIE AND VINNIE APRIL 18, 11 AM PRESENTED BY YOUNG AUDIENCES OF HOUSTON PANTO COMPANY USA: THE JUNGLE BOOK APRIL, 19-20, 11 AM The Little School That’s Making a Big Impact. 14120 Memorial Drive | Houston, Texas 77079 | 281.531.6088 Kids from across Houston and around the world come to Yorkshire Academy to excel, explore, collaborate, question and solve. Ours is a campus that’s alive with wonder, joy, kindness, confidence and the kind of progressive learning that ignites the potential in our students to accomplish anything. Even change the world. To find out more and arrange a tour, visit yorkshireacademy.com 300 STUDENTS – 18 MONTHS TO 5TH GRADE Now accepting applications! Apply at: www.sttheresaschool.cc/admissions-process Educating students from Pre-K to 8th grade since 1947 For more information contact Kelly McCarty, Admissions Director k .mccarty@stt h eresa.cc | 346-335-1706 t a l k b o o k s s h o p e x c l u s i v e m e c e l e b r a t e y o u r b o o k Sat u r d a y , April 29 1453 2 M emorial Dr Join us in the bookshop! 39 | HOUSTON FAMILY MAGAZINE April 2023

C E N T E R S T A G E A P R 2 3 C E N T E R S T A G E A P R 2 3


Through April 7, 2023

Miss Nelson disappears and the mean-looking substitute Miss Viola Swamp takes her place, the children are so desperate they hire a detective to find Miss Nelson in this wacky whodunit hit!

10:30am, 12:30, 3:30pm, 7:30pm Tickets start at $15 www.mainstreettheater.com


The Miller Outdoor Theater April 11-13, 2023

Drawing from a mix of musical styles from Bollywood, opera, and Ethiopian jazz, this is a fun, innovative opera the whole family will enjoy

11:00am All ages Free www milleroutdoortheatre com


Starting April 14, 2023

In a fast-paced ride full of surprises and disguises, Holmes and Watson must do whatever it takes to help their friends while facing their greatest foe

8:00pm Ages 10+ Tickets $34+ www.alleytheatre.org/plays/sherl ock-holmes-jersey-lily/

THE ODYSSEY Alley Theatre

Through April 16, 2023

An epic adventure, tragedy and love story. Follow Odysseus and his crew in shipwrecks, wrathful gods, sirens, monsters, incarceration, mermaids, a side trip to hell, and absolutely foul weather

2:00pm or 8:00pm Ages 12+

Tickets start at $30 www.alleytheatre.org/plays/theodyssey/


A.D Players at the George Theater

Starting April 19, 2023

Accident-prone thespians battle against all odds to make it through to their final curtain call with hilarious consequences!

2:30pm, 7pm Tickets start at $30 www.adplayers.org


The Miller Outdoor Theater April 19, 2023

Join Mowgli and all his pals for an adventure of learning, growth and fun

11am All ages Free www.milleroutdoortheatre.com


Starting April 19, 2023

After his parents’ tragic death by rhinoceros, James is sent to live with his horrible aunts, Spiker and Sponge The contents of a magic bag transform an old peach tree into a portal to an amazing adventure

10:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm Ages 5+ Tickets $18+



Starting April 21, 2023

The story is set in Rome in the early 1800s, where the singer Floria Tosca and the painter Cavaradossi are in love, but jealousy, envy and hatred cloud their relationship

2pm or 7:30pm Ages 14+ $20+


Denise Fennell’s The Bride, Or: Does this dress make me look married?

Stages Houston

Through May 14, 2023

With less than two hours until her wedding, a bride of a certain age begins to question the meaning of love, life, and the ritual of marriage

2pm, 7:30pm Tickets start at $30


James and the Giant Peach, Main Street Theater


Presented By Young Audiences Of Houston

Featuring Magik Theatre Miller Outdoor Theater

April 18th, 2023

In this performance, Eddie has dyslexia and struggles with schoolwork, and finds out he can’t play on the basketball team unless he gets his grades up With the help of his pet gecko, Vinnie, and the overly-helpful new girl in class, will Eddie’s final class presentation come together, or will his basketball dreams be dashed forever?

This Magik Theatre world premiere comes to Houston from San Antonio Texas and is currently touring throughout Texas on the Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Roster

11:00 am Ages 5 -12 Free www.milleroutdoortheatre.com


Alley Theatre

Through April 16, 2023

An epic adventure, tragedy and love story Follow Odysseus and his crew in shipwrecks, wrathful gods, sirens, monsters, incarceration, mermaids, a side trip to hell, and absolutely foul weather

2:00pm or 8:00pm Ages 12+

Tickets start at $30+ www.alleytheatre.org


Christian Youth Theater

April 21-30th, 2023

Come and enjoy this family-friendly performance of Beauty and the Beast

Charles Bender Performing Arts Center, Humble

2pm, 7pm All ages Tickets $22+ www.cythouston.org/shows


Midtown Arts & Theater Center

Through April 22, 2023

In a former university, society’s “undesirables” are imprisoned and subjected to a series of tortures designed to test the limits of human love on the battlefield of the human body.

2:30pm, 7:30pm, 8pm. Tickets start at $10 Free beer with select shows www matchouston org/events/2 023/cleansed


The 1894 Grand Opera

APRIL 27, 2023

On a grassy hillside, in the middle of country, there lived three billy goats and what adventures they went on

10am All ages Tickets $6/ child $10/adult www.thegrand.com


Houston Symphony, Jones Hall

April 27-30th, 2023

Get enthralled by the epic final battle between good and evil in the wizarding world

7:30pm and 2:30pm on April 30th

All ages Tickets start at $35 houstonsymphony.org


Church of St John the Divine

APRIL 29, 2023

Enjoy the final concert by the orchestra as they perform beloved musical numbers that have enthralled audiences for decades

5pm All ages Free www.roco.org


Wortham Center / Cullen Theater

April 30th, 2023

“HITS! The Musical” is an unforgettable production of non-stop, foot-tapping fun and excitement for music lovers young and old Ranging in age from 10 to 22, the show will take audiences on a musical journey, performing medleys of 80 of America’s most iconic songs including such well-known classics as “Hero,” “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” “I Will Always Love You,” “Singing in The Rain” and more

3:00 pm All Ages Tickets $29+ www.houstonfirst.com

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II in Concert, Houston Symphony

Book Bites

Brought to you by Brought to you by Valerie Kohler, Valerie Kohler,

Blue Willow Bookshop Blue Willow Bookshop

I Love You So Mochi by Sarah Kuhn

When her mother disapproves of Kimi’s bold clothing creations, Kimi jumps at the chance to spend Spring break with her grandparents in Kyoto and get away from home Teens

Uni The Unicorn Brings Spring

Will Uni be able to restore the signs of Spring in this new adventure in the land of unicorns? Beginner Readers

One Time by Sharon Creech

Gina has always felt different from the other kids in her class until until she meets her new neighbor, a mysterious boy named Antonio.. 9-12

I Begin With Spring: The Life and Seasons

Of Henry David Thoreau by Julie Dunlap

Open this richly illustrated field notebook and browse the natural history around Thoreau’s life and times through the fields and woods of Concord 8-12

The Spring Book by Todd Parr

From rolling down hills or dancing in the rain to celebrating mothers, Todd Parr shows readers the delights of Spring Board Book for toddlers

Secret Garden by Frances

When orphaned Mary Lennox comes to live at her uncle's house on the Yorkshire Moors, she finds it full of secrets Then she discovers a secret garden Classic Read Aloud

Firsts and Lasts by Leda Schubert

What is the first sign of Spring? And what is the last glimpse of winter? Whichever way you mark the changing of the seasons, every year feels like an extraordinary miracle!" 4-8

Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Spring by Eric Carle

Celebrate Spring with The Very Hungry Caterpillar and his friends in this exploration of the season ’ s sensory experiences Board Book for toddlers

Spring Parade by Camelia Kay

Follow along with Mama and Baby Bunny as they lead a festive parade of their friends through the blossoming flowers and trees, rejoicing at the coming of Spring.

Visit B Visit B lueWillowBookshop.com lueWillowBookshop.com 42 | HOUSTON FAMILY MAGAZINE April 2023
MargaritavilleResortLakeConroe.com | 877.286.9690 43 | HOUSTON FAMILY MAGAZINE April 2023
45 45 8 59 1488 290 610 288 8 6 99 146 242 105 69 69 10 10 1960 99 99 336 1774 249 149 Convenient, customized care — close to work or home. Our Houston Methodist primary care doctors provide personalized care for you and your family, including physicals, immunizations and preventive health services. Many of our practices: • Provide in-person and virtual visits with online scheduling • Offer same-day sick visits • Are conveniently located close to work or home • Accept most major insurance plans houstonmethodist.org/pcg 713.441.7265 PRIMARY CARE Personalized to You

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