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2011-2012 Tutoring Policy Miss Jessie Liu Houston Christian High School I am here to help you. Please e-mail me at (I check until 4:00 pm each day), and / or come and see me if you have (a) question(s). I hold tutorials in Room A131 during the following times: • •

Pre-block (7:45-8:25) on B Days except Tuesdays Daily for one hour after the end of the school day

Tutorial appointments are available by signup in the Tutorials binder in my classroom. Keep in mind that time slots will fill up quickly during the week or two before a paper is due; please sign up in advance. You must do your best to honor a tutorial appointment. Either cancel or reschedule in advance, or expect to get a detention if you do not have a good excuse for a last-minute cancellation. If you do not have an appointment, you can still try to come and see me; however, those with an appointment will have priority. Important Note: For papers, you must come with specific questions. I will not read your entire paper and revise it for you. Make sure any helper who looks over your paper, whether he or she is an outside tutor, family member or friend, is aware of the following guidelines: 1. Helpers may make suggestions or point out that sentences should be reworded or rewritten, but they should not actually reword or rewrite any sentences. 2. Helpers should not make any actual word choice in the paper, but may suggest that an alternate word should be found and / or help the student look for one in a reference resource. 3. Helpers may assist with brainstorming of ideas but should not provide the actual theme, idea or outline of any paper. All of the ideas in the paper should come from the writer of the paper. 4. Helpers may point out the presence of grammatical and / or mechanical errors in the paper, but should not correct the errors. The writer should determine what the errors are and correct them himself or herself. Writing Center: The writing center is right next door to us, in A129! Please make use of the center, which is open Pre-Block Tuesdays-Fridays and Post-Block Mondays-Thursdays. Tutors are available to look at your writing not just for English class, but for writing in all of your classes. For more information on the WAC, click here. Please sign below to acknowledge your understanding of my tutoring policy. Student's Printed Name & Signature __________________________________

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