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A Bewildering Tale On a cold and bitter night in mid-January, Marty Motivational gave his 713 th pep talk concerning the building of a giant sports facility to the parents, grandparents, councilmen, mayor and teen leaders of four high schools in and around Scruples County, Virginia. A master at raising large sums of money for over twenty years, Marty had traveled all over the country using his persuasive skills to aid city planners in fund raising. Marty’s ego had won out and he found himself unable to resist being the one who made the building of the giant sports and football complex possible. Everyone would look up to him. “Perhaps”, he mused, “they will name the complex after me.” “However, I must not”, he reminded himself as he got excited over the prospect, “forget to take my methylene blue tablet to prevent my lips and fingernails from turning blue”. Why did he, Marty Motivational, of all the grandchildren, have to be like his grandmother? “At least”, he thought, “my skin doesn’t turn that horrid blue color like hers.” His thoughts were interrupted by the presentation of powdered donuts and coffee, provided by the student council. To make things worse the courier had dropped the coffee cup, breaking it into a thousand pieces. “Just help me clean it up,“ Marty said, “and forget the coffee. I’ll have a glass of water to take to the podium with me.” Marty was given an exceptional introduction by a lovely, demure and polished student body president from Righteous County High School. His speech met all expectations. It was elegant, witty, inspiring and compelling as usual. Everyone in the auditorium wrote checks and emptied their pockets and purses as the baskets went first up one aisle and down another. “Success again! No one even comes close to being as good as I am,” Marty thought. He took another drink of water and began to move toward the curtains at the back of the stage. “Strange,” he thought, “I feel rather light-headed and a little short of breath.” No sooner had he exited the stage than his knees buckled. He collapsed onto the floor hitting his head and spilling the remainder of his water on himself and everywhere else. Katie Klone- the yearbook sponsor, Maybry Mopps- a custodian, and Elly Educanese- the head of school, all ran to assist him. Feeling no pulse, the three yelled for a physician. Though no physician answered their pleas, Dr. Will Alleve, an influential area dentist, was at the scene almost immediately. Fifteen minutes later, Dr. Will Alleve pronounced Marty dead, presumably from a heart attack. An ambulance and crime scene investigation team were called shortly thereafter.


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