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Senior Legacy

The Senior Legacy project is designed to help you to look back and reflect on your high school days. You may dedicate this project to your parents or a special relative, or it can be just for yourself. It should be a book or other medium that reflects who you are and how you feel about your high school career. Criteria:

Your “book” should contain a minimum of 13 “pages,” including the cover and a blank

page with creative title / border for a graduation page. Besides the cover and the blank graduation page, there are seven required pages and four that you will choose from a list. Besides those on the list, you may have other ideas; these are welcome, but you must have them approved by me first! Unless otherwise noted, each page requires about half a page of typed, double-spaced, error-free writing. Clearly label each page. I recommend using some kind of sturdy paper (such as colored or white tag board or construction paper, with or without clear sheet protectors, or if you want it to last a long time and can afford it – please do not tell your parents that an extravagant memory book is required, because that’s not true – you may want to use acid free paper or an acid-free album from a hobby store), and the book must be bound in some way with a cover and title (may be written on cover or title page). See me for requirements on other media.

Required: Cover: This should be a sturdy cover with neat, visible letters displaying the title of your book (Senior Legacy or whatever you’d like to call it) and your name. If you don't want to mess up your cover, you may make your first inside page the title page. Page 1: Collage. This will include a favorite photo of yourself mounted on a collage page representing your interests and personality. For the collage, you may use photos, magazine cut-outs, drawings, and / or clip art. Fill up the page! This is the only page where no writing is required.


Page 2: A Blast from the Past. Include a revised journal or a new entry on one of the following: childhood memories, first crush, middle school or high school memories, what parents always say, most interesting person, who am I, or any other SRJ you wrote about the past. Pages 3-6: Metaphor Pages (to be explained in class). Entries should be at least a paragraph long and should contain ONE photo or artwork (of yourself and / or metaphor to which you're comparing) per page: • Page 3: Freshman metaphor • Page 4: Sophomore metaphor • Page 5: Junior metaphor • Page 6: Senior metaphor

Page 7: A Letter to Your Parent(s) or Guardian(s). Yes, this is required! You may put it in an envelope and attach the envelope to the page if you don’t want everyone reading it. Leave the envelope open so that I can make sure you wrote it. Pages 8-11: Choose four from the following list. • a quote page - things your friends always say, things your parents say to you, etc. Include pictures or representations of the people saying these things, and provide an explanation of the sayings. (SRJ suggestion: interesting person, parental advice) • your favorite / significant poem or song - either one you wrote or one you like. Include an explanation of why you like it. (SRJ: theme song ) • Thanksgiving break, winter break, or spring break (SRJ: what I’m thankful for, how was spring break or winter holidays) • prom plans (The writing on this page will be for prom plans; since we will turn this in before prom, you can leave space for after, but a blank prom page doesn’t count for your grade.) • an apology you owe your parents or someone else (SRJ: argument, real man / real woman) • advice your parents gave you which you did not want but now wish to thank them for (SRJ: parental advice)


• which of your relatives or friends taught you the most about life and made you a better person (a picture would be good here) (SRJ: interesting person, hero, childhood memories, core belief, real man / real woman) • pictures of your best friend(s) with descriptions (SRJ: interesting person, hero, real man / real woman, childhood memories) • descriptions of jobs you had throughout high school career (SRJ: a typical weekend) • teacher(s) who had the biggest impact on you in high school • greatest accomplishment in high school (SRJ: legacy I plan to leave, high school memories) • most embarrassing moment in high school • one thing you would do differently in high school (SRJ: high school memories) • what do you envision life to be like after high school? (SRJ: a year from now..., core belief) • most memorable event in high school (SRJ: homecoming, prom) • description of a football game or other sporting event at HCHS (SRJ: weekend, homecoming) • your most memorable date (SRJ: weekend, homecoming, interesting person) Page 12: page to include graduation on. You just need a title and a border if you choose. The following is obviously not required, but I’d like you to make one final entry to describe how you feel right after graduation. How do you feel about finishing, and how do you feel about starting a new chapter in life? What are you afraid of? Excited about? What do you want to accomplish? Or write a letter to yourself to be opened a year from now.

Required: scrapbook or sturdy paper for the cover, paper for decorating, markers or stickers for lettering (you may consider acid-free markers and paint pens), printed essays, scissors, and glue or twosided tape (there is also acid-free glue). You must bring these to class on assigned workdays – this is for a participation grade. Basically, you must have something to work on (paper and essays) and work with (cut and stick) without borrowing from others. 3

Optional supplies: ink stamps, stamp pad, stencils, stickers, photos, old magazines, punch-out art or letters, shape punchers; you may share optional supplies with others, but each person is responsible for bringing his own required supplies! The first day we will need these supplies is ____________________.

Places to Look for Help: This site contains layouts, tips and ideas. This project center contains design ideas for digital and traditional layouts. This site has a gallery of layouts. Print your own scrapbook supplies. This is a beginner’s site with tips, hints, and layouts. This site features a ton of ideas.

Grading: The book is one major product grade. I will be grading on the neatness and quality of your entries, whether or not each page is creatively decorated in some way, and whether there is enough (good quality) writing on the page (general rule: each page should be approximately ½ writing and ½ pictures). The entire book is due on _______________________. I am not accepting any late books. Other dates (Note: These dates are not enough to complete your book; I am offering them to you as a courtesy!): • Revised Essay Due Dates _______________________. Must revise / type two SRJ entries or write and revise two new entries per day. 1 entry = at least half a page double-spaced, 12 point font (this is my guideline; you are welcome to use other fonts and let me approximate). • Tentative Work Days _______________________. Two completed pages due at the end of each workday. This does not mean that you will have to do the whole thing in class. If you don’t 4

think you’ll be able to get done, do work beforehand, outside of class, and bring it with you to complete that day or to check first thing when class gets started. • The process will involve several daily grades. These will include bringing the appropriate supplies to class on all of the workdays and having certain steps done, such as writing or completing pages in class, etc. Also a daily grade will be given for revision and typing of four previous journal entries to be used in your book. If you are not using enough entries, then you need to make a rough draft of what you are writing in the book and revise it; include this with your journal entries. You will turn in your book-marked original entries with the book so that I can see what you did during the revision process.



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