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Course Syllabus

Honor – Community Heritage – Scholarship


Subject: Studies in Leadership

Teacher: T. Wilson – CSL

Conference Period: A-1/A-2/B-3

Quarter: 4th – 2011/2012

Phone: 713-580-6070

March 19 – May 24, 2012

Voice mail: 170 Email:

Unit(s): 1. Famous Leaders Study 2. Guest speakers. 3. Organizational Leadership Theories. 4. Movie Leadership Study 5. Case Studies

LEADERSHIP - Spiritual -Personal - Interpersonal -Managerial - Organizational

Learning Standards/Objectives: 1. Understand the organizational dimensions of building culture, strategic and contingency planning, and vision, change, rallying people in pursuit of the mission and learning from failure. 2. Learn from guest speakers who are recognized leaders in their career field. 3. Study famous leaders (Eisenhower, Truman, etc.) and their leadership styles. 4. Participate in case studies which address leadership in organizations.

Classroom Rules: 1. In seats at the bell. 2. Be respectful of each other. 3. Participate in class discussions. 4. Attend to the tasks assigned.

Grading: Tests - 50% (Apr 13/16, and May 17/18), Homework – 25%, (Mar 26/27, April 5/10, Apr 25/26, and May 3/4), Movie Study – 25% (May 11/14). _____________________________________________________________________

Resources: The Centurion Principles by Jeff O’Leary; The Leadership Moment by Michael Useem Cases in Leadership by W. Glenn Rowe and Laura Guerrero Case Studies on Educational Administration by Theodore J. Kowalski