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Espa単ol I Course Overview Profesora Webb Welcome to the 2011-2012 school year. I am sure that you have many questions about the class. This course overview should help answer any questions about course content, expectations, and requirements. Course Description: Spanish I introduces students to the Spanish language and to the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. Students will develop oral proficiency by focusing on the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing while also learning to appreciate many aspects of Hispanic culture. Texts Used: Realidades, published by Prentice Hall Required Materials: The following materials are necessary for the class. Please obtain the supplies by Tuesday, August 23rd. 1.5 inch 3 ring binder 6 labeled dividers as follows: Repasos Vocabulario Apuntes Trabajo de Clase Tarea Pruebas Lined loose-leaf paper Pens (one red and one black or blue) Pencil with eraser Highlighter

You must also bring your textbook and workbook with you to class each day.

I also suggest that you purchase a Spanish/ English dictionary to use at home.

Grading Policy: Your grade will be determined based on class participation, classwork, homework, quizzes, oral proficiency interviews, projects, and tests. Your 9 week average will be comprised of 20% homework and daily grades, 30% quiz grades and 50% major work grades. Homework Policy: You should expect to have homework most nights. These assignments might include vocabulary exercises, grammar activities, readings, or long-term projects. You must have your homework completed, highlighted, and ready to check and on your desk when the bell rings. It is important that you consistently complete your homework assignments in order to be able to successfully participate in class. Remember, I am willing to offer extra help outside of class if you need it. Please make an appointment with me for before school or after school tutoring assistance.

Computer Policy: You will have many opportunities to use technology in class to further your language studies. However, the use of a laptop in class is a privilege and will take place only at teacher appointed times. Laptops should remain closed and put away when not in use. Absence/ Tardy Policy: You will be expected to come to class on time and prepared with all your materials. Returning to your locker after the bell has rung is not permitted since it is disruptive to other students and takes away from our class time. If you have an excused absence on the day an assignment is given, you are responsible for getting the assignments that you missed and then completing them in a timely manner according to the number of days you were away. The procedure for obtaining missed work is to first check the make-up work folder in the classroom to obtain any worksheets or projects and then to ask a classmate for notes, warm-ups and homework corrections. If you are absent on the day an assignment is due, you should promptly turn it in as soon as you return to school. Please tell me about any pre-arranged absences so that I can prepare the work for you before you are away. Behavior Policy: I expect all students to arrive to class prepared to contribute positively to the classroom environment. You must always consider how your behavior and actions are affecting other people in the classroom. The classroom expectations are clearly posted in the room and you can refer to them as the year progresses. EXPECTATIONS       

Arrive on time to class with completed homework and correct materials Show respect to classmates and to the teacher by raising a hand before speaking Participate in group activities with a positive attitude Be responsible for absences by completing all missed assignments Ask the teacher for extra help when needed Speak in Spanish as much as possible Follow all rules outlined in the HCHS handbook

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I am looking forward to working together with you to have a successful year. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions that you have about an assignment or the course in general. I can be contacted through my school e-mail address: I have read and understand all the guidelines for Ms. Webb’s Spanish I class. Parent’s name (printed)

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