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CONTENT RUBRIC SCHOLAR: ________________________________ I. INTRODUCTION (15 PTS) ________ Introduce your research and problem statement. This section should lay a foundation of understanding for all audience members. Treat it as through there is a common knowledge about the basics.

    II. EXPLANATION OF EACH SECTION OF YOUR WRITTEN REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE (35 PTS) ________ State how you went about answering your problem statement. Identify the sections you divided the written RORL into (levels of heading, major sections): these serve as the sections of your presentation. Give a thorough presentation of each major section of your RORL. Each audience member should be able to follow your presentation.

III. APPROPRIATE APPLICATION OF GOD’S TRUTH (20 PTS) ________ Using God’s Word, discuss how the truth presented in your written RORL measures with The Holy Bible.

IV. CONCLUSION (15 PTS)________ Give a final summary of your RORL. Restate the problem statement and review how the information presented in the major sections answers that statement. Include the Biblical Element as well.

V. FLOW (15 PTS) ________ Speech needs to flow smoothly using transitions appropriately so the audience members can understand the content.


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