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English IV – Mrs. Creekmore – Houston Christian High – 2012 Reading Schedule for the Novel Study of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein We are reading and studying this novel at a serious speed. Keep up! The quizzes are to check that you are doing careful, attentive reading. They are very specific. If you have trouble comprehending, get a study aid or organize a study group with friends. Class discussion of the material will follow the quizzes. Pages given are for the Penguin Classics (1831 revised edition). Warning: Answer your own questions. Copying from others could result in zero and referral to the dean of students (and loss of exemption from my final exam.) SCHEDULE for Fourth Quarter Quizzes: April 17-- Quiz 1 - Author's Introduction, Preface, and Walton's Letters 1-4, pp. 5-32. Hand in your notes. April 19– Quiz 2– Volume One, Chapters 1-5, pp. 33-64. Hand in answers to study questions. Class discussion/lecture and reading time. Answer questions as you go. April 23 – Quiz 3 – Volume One, Chapters 6-8, pp. 65-90. Class discussion. Hand in answers to study questions for Volume One. April 25 -- Quiz 4 - Volume Two, Chapters 1-4, pp. 93-118, followed by discussion. April 27 – Quiz 5– Volume Two, Chapters 5-9, pp. 119-151. Class discussion/lecture, reading time. Hand in study questions for Volume Two. May 1-- Quiz 6 - Volume Three, Chapters 1-4, pp. 155-188. Discussion. Complete the book for next class. May – Quiz 7 –Volume Three, Chapters 5-7, pp. 189-225. Class discussion/lecture. Be ready to hand in Volume Three answers to study questions before you take your test when class meets next. May 7– Unit Test over Frankenstein: 50 % will be an essay based on class discussion and notes, study guide questions, and comprehension. 50% will be objective questions covering the entire novel. Turn in completed Volume 3 study questions.


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