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Pre-Calculus Course Syllabus 2011 - 2012 “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15 Mrs. Cathy Doxtater (713) 580–6088 Room #205 PAC Class Time: A2, B2, B3 Conference Period: B1, by appointment Tutorials: 7:30 – 8:15 am (see conflicts) A Days: 3:15 – 4:00 pm B Days: 2:15 – 3:00 pm

CONFLICTS TO BEFORE-DURING-AFTER SCHOOL TUTORIALS: Lunch Duty (Weeks of Aug 15 – 19 and Jan 4 – 6) Faculty Devotions (Tuesdays, 7:45 – 8:20 a.m.) Dept. Chair Meetings (9/13, 10/17, 11/14, 1/9, 2/21, 3/27, 4/24 @ pm) Faculty Meetings (9/23, 10/7, 11/4, 1/13, 2/17, 4/20, 5/4 @ pm) Grade Level Meetings (9/22, 10/27, 12/8, 1/19, 3/8 @ am) Math Dept. Meetings (Chapel Days @ lunch) NHS Chapter Meetings (8/31, 9/21, 10/19, 11/8, 11/30, 1/30, 2/15, 3/8, 4/4, 5/2 @ lunch) NHS Officer Meetings (Aug 29; Sept 6, 19; Oct 3, 17, 31; Nov 7, 28; Jan 4, 25; Feb 1, 13, 21; Mar 19; Apr 2, 16, 30; May 7, 14, 21 @ lunch)

Resources and Materials: (YOU ARE TO BRING THE FOLLOWING EVERY DAY) § § § § § § §

Textbook: Hungerford, Jovell, Mayberry, Pre-Calculus: A Graphing Approach. TI-Nspire CAS Graphing Calculator with Touchpad and 1 set of AAA batteries. st Lecture notes printed out and in your binders BEFORE arriving to class (found weekly on my web page after 1 week). If not posted by Sunday at 5pm, you will not need to print that week’s notes. Organized binder (for PRE-CALCULUS only) with COLLEGE-RULED paper and dividers (course calendars, handouts, homework assignments – dated and titled, quizzes) PENCIL (ALL work is to be done in pencil) PEN (for corrections on homework – NOT black!) Set of whiteboard markers (not the chunky chisel points) to be used on the small white boards.

Course Description/Objectives: §

§ § § § §

Overview: Pre-Calculus is a course which revisits previously studied math concepts at a more accelerated level, connects functions thematically, and introduces new families of functions. This course is explored from algebraic, graphical, numerical and verbal perspectives in preparation for the analytic needs in the subsequent courses of Calculus and Statistics. Content: Equations and Systems of Equations, Polynomial, Rational, Exponential, Logarithmic and Trigonometric Functions and Their Graphs, Conic Sections, Statistics and Probability, and Limits and Continuity Instructional Methods: lecture, discovery, student presentation, individual and group work Goals: critical reading, analytical thinking, creative synthesis and problem-solving, attention to detail Objective: strengthening of your mathematical understanding and mechanical execution, and preparation for your math course next year as well as college course and major options Major Work: Tests, Homework Assignments, Weekly Homework Quizzes, Mastery Quizzes, Participation (present work at the board during class, study group activity in my room outside of class, group work, phone rules, etc.)

Course Calendar/Schedule: §

Assignments: As stated on the Course Calendars. § Required Problems are those which must be done by the next class day and will be discussed in class if there are questions on specific problems. § Optional Problems are to be done at the discretion of the student and will not be discussed in class. Some of these problems will appear on Weekly HW Quizzes and on Tests, therefore it is a good idea to work these problem sets in order to maintain conceptual and technical understanding and skills. You are welcome to come in and check answers or ask for help on these problems.


Due dates: Always by the next class meeting. We are building new skills at each class meeting, therefore, if you have not completed your homework, you are not ready to absorb new material. This should be quite logical to you, and this policy should not need to be defended by the instructor.


Weekly Homework Quizzes will always be the first day of the week that you have class at the VERY BEGINNING of class (Strong Suggestion: DO NOT BE TARDY!!!!) They will cover the homework that was due Monday - Friday of the

previous week (homework due the day of the quiz will appear on the following week’s quiz), and will usually include some problems from the Optional Problems homework set. §

Mastery Quizzes will not be announced prior to the quiz. The purpose of these is to keep you current on the material you are learning throughout the course so that you are more successful in this course and those beyond.


Tests as stated on the Course Calendar à 100% attendance by students in a class on Test Day earns a “+2” on the Test for all students present. If you know you will be missing a Test due to a scheduling conflict (school-related, doctor, college visit, etc.) or because you become violently ill on the day of the test, please make arrangements prior to your absence for an alternate testing time. PLEASE DO NOT MISS A TEST!!! While you may receive a different make-up test, I still cannot return the class’ tests until all have been taken – Parents do not like this very much! Please remember that some of the problems from the Optional Problems homework set will appear on the tests.






If absent, you will need to print the completed class notes from the portal, read them and work the examples, work with your peers in order to obtain understanding, and only then, come in for extra help from me if the cooperative assistance did not help you.


Be proactive regarding your education: if you are absent from class, I expect you to communicate to me (by email) that you have printed out the notes, worked through them, and printed out any additional handouts that were given in class regarding the lesson. You should never return to class and ask me “what did I miss, did we do anything important, and were there any handouts?” Of course we did important things! This is school.


In addition to receiving a detention appointment, these will affect your performance in this course. Please make every effort to be on time to class. Also, since we only have about 1.5 hours every other day (and we must spend part of that discussing homework), we must make the most of our time.


If you are tardy, go directly to Ms. Andrau for your detention slip before coming to class. I will give quizzes that cannot be made up specifically to reward those who made it to class on time, and to inspire regularly tardy students to amend their ways.


In addition to being an active participant in all class discussions and lessons, you will present and explain work on the board a minimum of 3 times each quarter and collaborate with your peers in study groups in my room a minimum of 6 times each quarter (30-minutes counts as a study block – This time can also be spent simply working on math homework assignments, tutoring another student, NOT working for another class).


Be sure to sign the attendance book each time you come in to work. As well as counting as part of your grade for the course, I certainly consider this study group attendance in borderline grade cases. If you sign in the incorrect book, you will not receive credit for your session!!!


“Make-up work” on HW is not an idea you should entertain. The school policy allows for the next calendar day submission, not the next day you have class with me, for a maximum grade of 50%, but as you will only occasionally receive a grade on a complete individual HW assignment, it is important that you complete assignments because you know their purpose is to help you master course material and to prepare for Tests and Quizzes. The lowest HW Quiz grade will be dropped.


Please communicate with me regarding missing a Quiz (Homework or Mastery) so that you can make it up as quickly as possible. Missing more than one Quiz given over the Nine Week grading period will hinder your ability to perform well in the course, and I will become concerned if you develop a pattern of missing quizzes – you must make attending class a priority.


Mastery Quizzes may be taken a maximum of 3 times in order to demonstrate mastery of previously learned material, with maximum possible points reduced by 1 point for each attempt. If you still do not get all problems right by the third attempt, your grade will be what you earned on the third quiz. No Mastery Quiz will be dropped.


Make-ups for Tests will occur within 24 hours of the original Test (unless there are extremely unusual circumstances) – if you know you will miss a Test prior to its administration, and you make arrangements with me

ahead of time to take the Test, you will be looked upon by your instructor favorably for being so responsible and proactive. Please understand that prolonging time before making up a test causes you to actually get farther behind in your work and understanding of the course material. No Test grade will be dropped.


EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: o o o o o o o o o o o


UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR: o o o o o o o o o o o o o


Cell phones are to be turned off and put in the box slot each day before class begins! You are NOT to have access to your phone at any time during class, and this includes the times you might be dismissed to go to the restroom, etc. Respect for instructor, peers and yourself (affects Participation Grade) Honesty, integrity, exemplary character, responsibility Attentive and active (not passive) participation in all classroom activities Completion of all Homework Assignments (affects HW Grade) Use of PENCIL for HW Assignments, Quizzes and Tests, and a PEN (not black) or colored pencil for making corrections Present and on time to class with all necessary supplies (affects Participation Grade) Participation in independent study groups; taking responsibility for your education is the first step to academic success and excellence (affects Participation Grade) Attendance at tutorials before or after school, lunch (or other agreed-to times) when you need help, at your discretion Leave Mrs. Doxtater’s stuff in the same or better condition in which you found it! Handle your concerns with maturity and responsibility à please communicate with me prior to allowing a problem (academic or personal) to get out of hand – I expect to know from you first (not a parent or the administration) if there is a problem or area of concern. I promise, I will not hold it against you, hate you, or bite your head off! This course is intended to prepare you for a college-level course – handle your conflicts by developing good communication skills – this will profit you in your academic future! I would prefer to deal with you directly rather than with your parents on your behalf. You and I will try to resolve the issue before it gets too inflated and emotional. Remember: I am here to help you, not make your life miserable!!! Closing up or leaving class before its dismissal by the instructor, not the bell. (I will make every effort to finish with a couple of minutes left so you can have time to get ready to leave, etc.) Profanity (verbal, physical, symbolic or written) Cheating in any form (including copying homework, telling/asking others what is on a Test or Quiz) Disrespect or general surliness toward instructor or classmates (affects Participation Grade) Sleeping, or head down on desk, working on other material (affects Participation Grade) Not taking care of this space (trash, writing/gum on desks, etc.) Incomplete, non-existent or uncorrected HW Assignments (affects HW Grade, and ultimately, Test Grades) Waiting until the day of (or the day before) the Test to request assistance in learning major topics – this is unwise Fishing for hints during Tests – this is my day to ask you the questions – Hints will be given, if necessary, for a 1 point per hint deduction on the overall test (these are called “hint points”) Absence from class, especially if there is a recurrence on Test days (affects Participation Grade) Removing anything from the classroom which is not yours Asking if there is any extra credit work you can do to “bring up your grade” – aaaaaaagh!!! Using a pen on coursework, except when specifically instructed to use one (affects Participation Grade)

GRADES: § Overall Nine Weeks Average determined by: o o o o


Participation (Board Problems, Study Group, Effort) Homework (mostly evaluated by HW Quizzes) Mastery Quizzes Tests (usually 2 per quarter, occasionally 3)

10% 10% 10% 70%

Bonus Opportunities: o o

100% attendance and participation by class on Test days – 2 pts. earned Additional points may be earned on each Test

I have completely read through this syllabus. (Please return with both signatures at next class.)

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