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Lord of the Flies Annotation

Requirements Chapter 10: “the Shell and the Glasses” •

Characters- For the following characters, you need to highlight any information that characterizes (how Golding describes them, what they say, their actions, other characters’ responses to them, etc.) them. Additionally, in the margin of the book, you must also makes notes for yourself about what this information shows about the character or why it is important to Golding’s overall argument: o Jack- Mark instances where you see evidence he represents the id. Additionally, look for instances where you see boys other than Jack behaving according to their id. o Ralph- Mark instances where you see evidence he represents the ego. Are there any times Ralph displays the ego’s defense mechanisms? Or are there any places where we see the boys as a whole using defense mechanisms? o Piggy- Mark instances where you see evidence he represents the superego. Remember that Freud believed we feel guilt when we offend the superego. Where do we see that happening in this chapter? •

Jack’s society- As you read, look for instances where you see defining characteristics of Jack’s society in this chapter. How is it different from Ralph’s society? Think about why Golding chooses to have Jack and his hunters break off from Ralph’s society.

Symbols o Conch- You have already identified this as a symbol for order. Continue tracking this to see what Golding believes about law and order. o Fire- You have made several predictions about this (hope for rescue, disorder and violence, a connection to civilization), so keep tracking it to see if any of your predictions still seem accurate. o Piggy’s glasses- Again, you have predicted that Piggy’s glasses represent a connection to civilization, so keep tracking what happens to Piggy’s glasses in this chapter to see if your predictions are still accurate.