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Kevin Chin Nanotechnology Script Introduction: Nanotechnology is working with things measured in nanometers, billionths of a meter. In a more simplified definition, nanotechnology is small things doing big things. Today, these questions will be answered: What is the history of nanotechnology? What are the benefits and risks of nanotechnology? What appliances use nanotechnology today? History: The idea of nanotechnology revolves around the molecular protein, enzymes. The existence of enzymes promotes the idea of nanotechnology, also known as molecular manufacturing. These three fine gentlemen won themselves a Noble Prize in 1996 by helping the launch of nanotechnology. On October 11, 1989, these three buddies, Rick Smalley, Bob Curl, and Harry Kroto, decided to put graphite into Smalley’s machine, which vaporized metals. What they found was Carbon , which became known as the buckminsterfullerene or the buckyball. The traits of the buckyball included strength and flexibility, making the buckyball the “brick builder of nanotechnology” (Berger, 2010, para. 8). 60

Present: Even today, nanotechnology is working behind the scenes of daily appliances. Who knew that nanotechnology could be related to clothing, toys, and kitchenware? Are people tired of your pants getting wet, getting stains, and getting dirty? These old pants do not qualify these requirements. Instead, these new 4Season OG Pants can astound you with their abilities to stay clean. The Lotus or Nanosphere coating lets the pants clean themselves. Water rolls right off. Stains can’t bond with the fabric. It is like a dream come true?!? Before traveling to the future, there is still one more appliance that is amazing. This appliance relates to the kitchen. Being more specific, this relates to washing the dishes. Isn’t it a pain? Getting all the grease off. Scrubbing till the fingers get crinkled up. Yet in the end, unsatisfying results?!? The Antibacterial Kitchenware changes all that. The nano silver coating of the kitchenware kills bacteria for a long time, even maybe permanently. Wouldn’t the idea of having no bacteria attached to the spoon used for eating leave a feeling of safety? Nanotechnology continues to wow others. Nanotechnology is present in plush toys, such as the Donny the Dog Plush Toy, and Xbox 360™. Helping this world advance in small steps, nanotechnology is destined to impact its fraction of the future. Future: Now it’s time to travel to the future. By this time, idealistic dreams have become reality. Even events like this may come into reality… Wow, wasn’t that scary? As the

nation can probably see, nanotechnology might bring horrific results, as well as terrific results. Those nightmares and horror movies, that many have dreamed would never become reality, has a pretty good chance with nanotechnology. Hopefully, the era of nanotechnology does not go towards that route, instead, walking its way towards solving many crises in the world. For example, the fight against cancer could cease, and the world’s pollution has also been taken care of. Dumbfounded, many can’t help but ask, “Is this possible?” So far, only ideas of what nanotechnology can do with cancer pushes the scientists forward. Nanotubes can be used to target a specified cell. This cell, in this case, would be a cancer cell. Sending drugs into the core of the cancer cells, the cancer cells blow up. Nanotubes are “powerful, selective, non-invasive, nontoxic, and can incorporate current technology, including microsurgery” (Thomas, 2006, para. 13). These nanotubes are the solution to the seemingly invincible cancer. Nanotechnology begins to accomplish big things. If nanotechnology can wipe out the problem of cancer, nanotechnology would also have no problem taking down pollution. This is also known as nanoremediation. Nevertheless, there are precautions that are standing in the way of nanoremediation. In order to portray this problem, Kristine will hide this tiny marble in my front yard. The point of this exercise is to find the marble. All righty, ready… set… go. Whew… what a work out. As many can probably figured out, the main problem against nanotechnology is the idea that something this small is way to hard to find. As there are many benefits to nanotechnology, benefits always come with risks. The main deciding factor is how much the benefits outweigh the risks. Nanotechnology would definitely outweigh the risks. If nanotechnology truly reaches its full potential, nanotechnology would be accepted worldwide. Even now, the United States, Japan, and Europe are competing to obtain this astounding technology. Conclusion: In conclusion, nanotechnology will definitely occupy its fraction of the future. Starting with three scientists, nanotechnology continues to develop and conquer the problems of this world. Affecting daily appliances to accomplishing idealist goals. Things, that would have only been thought to be dreams, have become reality. Nanotechnology is ready for success. The question is: Is this world ready to take that step?


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