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Iason et Argonautae Final Review • •

Proper names/culture: the myth and the story behind it: o Lolcus, Cholcus, Iason, Aeson, Aeetes, etc. Vocabulary : o Story vocabulary. (Look over your PowerPoint notes too.)  

Anything from the vocabulary quiz or story. Matching, derivatives etc. • The Aries sign is in the shape of a _______ o Mermaid o Turtle o Ram o Bird

Grammar : o Anything that we talked about whilst reading the story is free game.  This story has a lot of perfect passive participles. Sentence translation: o There will be a section on the correct translation of sentences.  E nave egressi

having entered the ship

having been kicked off the ship

having been entering the ship

having departed from the ship

Ediderat nullum essepericulum eo tempore

____________________________________________________________________________ _ •

There will a map of the journey and you will need to tell me where the Argonauts went; in order and a short description of each event. o Example: their first stop was _______________________________________________


o There will be Iason et Argonautae pictures for you to label.


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