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Briana Hopes and Vivian Le

Leigh and Paul McElroy

Christina Morris, Emily Driscoll, and Rebecca Whiteman

Kelly and Marc Weaver

Hunter Calhoun, John Haier, and Garrett Nondorf

Taylor and Dan Jolly

Cody and Ron Mathis

Sarah Overshiner, Lauren Scott, David Dalton, and Chris Kirkland

Scott and Andy Biar

Caleigh and Randy Taylor

Scott and Ashleigh Rogers, Lindsay and Jerry Quandt


Gala Co-Chairs, Fran Buchanan and Laura Clawson, surround Gala Chair, Nancy Tutunjian.

HCHS parents, Bill & Mary Livesay

HCHS parents, Paul & Christine Sofka and Melissa Woodruff

Richard & Janet Drake, HCHS Trustee

HCHS dad and Trustee, Kurt Nondorf, and HCHS dad, John Crawford

HCHS parents, Mark & Marijean Morris and Richard Vaughan

HCHS parents, Connie Dalton and David & Joanna Bohmbach

HCHS parents, Brett & Robin Binkley

HCHS parents, Julia & Jody Batdorf and Paul & Lisa Burgan

HCHS parents, Keith & Gail Lloyd, surround HCHS teacher, Casey Bourland.

HCHS parents, Keith Buchanan and Tina & Clark Davis

ar Athlete of the Ye Neighbors Scholar the Year Hallie Byth � Janie holar Athlete of Mickey Riggs Sc rector (center) Chris Kirkland � HCHS Athletic Di ey Riggs, retired Mick

Mary Lo hlete of the Year HCHS Female At Sonia Sanchez � of the Year Male Athlete Jud Webre� HCHS

uise Claw son � St Taylor Pa ate Champion 4 0 yne � St ate Cham 0m dash pion disc us

HCHS Life Summer 2010 Newsletter  

HCHS Life Summer 2010 Newsletter