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“The people of Joma showed me that joy has nothing to do with the things I own or do, but rather the fellowship of other Christians and my love for God.” –Kelsey Simmons

Loretta Hob

bs and gran


hter Sara


g hins and Fran Hutc n (‘11) an lm e m m o R


Paige Hob

bs (‘13)

George Burke an d granddaughter Elizabeth Davis (‘11)

d granddaug Judy Bunoski an (‘12) er ch els Haylee Ho

John Clarke (‘14) and

Bryan & Beverly


son Rex Wallace

Gregory and grand

grandmother Jane McC


(‘14) )

on Keaton Leak (‘14

Kay Tyner and grands

Jackie Burke an d granddaughte r Madeline Davis


HCHS 2010 AP Scholars

NWA Alumni: Kirk Love (‘86), Stan Harris (‘86), and Tommy Crockett (‘87)

HCHS 2010 Alumni: Garrett Nondorf, Erick Chaves, Meghan McCurdy, and Caleigh Taylor

HCHS 2010 Alumni: Matt Moore, Connor Toups, and Will Rawlings

The “Pretty in Pink” team included HCHS mom Theresa Attwell and her golfing buddies, Janean Murphy, Peggy Almond, and Anne Thomson.

HCHS dad Mark Holmes, freshman Madeline Davis, HCHS dad Clark Davis, and senior Elizabeth Davis

David Oelfke and HCHS dads Al Paret, Jeff Everist, and John Thompson

Gifts & Special Events 8%

Pledge Collections 19% Other 1%

Tuition & Fees 88%

HCHS Life Fall 2010 Newsletter  
HCHS Life Fall 2010 Newsletter  

HCHS Life Fall 2010 Newsletter