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Sr. Coaches Chambers Swiggart

Jordan Watkins


Keith Crawford

Stephen Consoli

Matt Yochum

After a horrifying battle against the Senior ladies, the Junior girls decide to take a silly picture together in order to end the night on a good note. Junior Madison Sheehy says that, "It was an intense game and a lot of competition, but it was a lot of fun as well and I can't til our Senior year so we can dominate too." Senior coaches, Chambers Swiggert and Jordan Watkins talk to Coach Moore before the game begins, just having a little friendly talk to set down the rules and to make sure the game goes well. Of course the coaches are wearing the classic senior shirts that were made this year by the senior girls. Senior 2013, Fine, Fresh, and Fierce.

Karl Mundt

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Go Seniors! At their last powderpuff game, seniors Paige Hobbs, Jessie Skinn, Ashton Binkley, Alyssa Mckenzie, Alexa Reinhart, and Miranda Rogers all pose for a victory picture after crushing the Juniors in flag football.

Powder Puff



seniors relive the victory

Waiting for Mrs. Kline to drop the downbeat to the piece, the HC Orchestra sits in anticipation. At the competition in New York, the orchestra walked away with a second place plaque and special merit for the first violin section, consisting of juniors Lauren Evans, Courtney Vacker, and senior Chelsea Damon.

Readying himself for a scene from "The Mousetrap" at ISAS, senior Brendan Ehrenstrom makes a wry face at the camera. Brendan was always one of the most valued performers, from his role as Giles in the fall play to his huge lead as the Cowardly Lion in the spring musical.



rediscovered re


NYC & Austin

Fine Arts trips are a great opportunity for students to get to know fellow classmates, teachers, and faculty around the school in a new and exciting way. They encounter challenges and create connections with one another on a completely different level than they would in their classes. The Fine Arts trips consisted of a trip to Austin for the ISAS competition and New York City for the Heritage Festival. Both of these trips offered the fine arts students the chance to explore some new and exciting places. The trip to New York allowed the students to experience beautiful art and even get to visit the Ground Zero memorial. The ISAS trip was an exciting adventure as they got to observe all the different art from the other schools and listen to the music they had been working on throughout the year. Various adventures and electrifying activities brought each individual closer to one another. These Fine Arts trips created a way for students to learn more about the arts and experience them in a different light. They learned so much while still growing in their faith with fellow classmates. Enjoying the nice New York weather, the students gathered on top of the Empire State Building. The trip contained rigorous hiking, along with a focus on faith and teamwork. "All the people that went on the trip were very encouraging and it was fun hanging and talking around the fire." -Andrew Faulk


Fine Arts Trip

Painting on the community car at the ISAS competition, HC students enjoy the day between events. Every group that performed won first place with merit in their specific categories. While at ISAS, students had a chance to participate in workshops to improve their skills and fine tune their weaknesses.


re rethink

There is one day a year HC has the opportunity to celebrate the different cultures, religions, and backgrounds of the students on campus. Students dress up to represent their heritage, teachers show their devotion and appreciation for the history of the subjects they teach, and a variety of traditions are acknowledged. The International Club works throughout the year to create the most diverse, fun, and entertaining Multi-Cultural Day. Students choose which country they would like to represent and they brainstorm different ideas for their country through projects, food, and clothing they wear on the day of the festival. International Day consisted of folk music, energetic dancing, prayer, and an inspiring speech from the guest speaker, Treasurer of the Harris Country Department. The students were moved by Hope Johnson's Romanian song, on their feet dancing when the young Chinese girls danced, and clapped their hands with the Negro National Anthem. All in all, International Day was a success. The hard work and dedication of the students, faculty, and parents allowed the students to indulge in a fusion of different cultural backgrounds in the world.

To close out the ceremony, different students from the Latin Department of Houston Christian recited The Lord's Prayer in Latin. Each student memorized a different part of the prayer. Students from Latin include: Kirsten Binkley, Cody Reeter, and Jacon Erhenstrom. They dressed up in traditional gear for war and the sacred toga.

International Day excites the school

The International Day Club shows their passion and love for the different countries around the world by dressing up and speaking in different languages. The guest speaker for the anticipated event of International Day was the Harris County Treasurer, Orlando Sanchez and he told the students about his Hispanic background and rise to office.

To start the festival, the drum line marched into the chapel and then senior Christina Farmer danced a traditional salsa dance routine. To represent China, four students dressed up in a Dragon suit and performed an Asian flaired fight. Jacob Farris and Morgan Rucker showed their true colors by singing and Carson Taff and Grace Munford danced in the gym to the Hat Dance. Representing China, a few girls danced to an Asian-inspired routine with corresponding music. The girls trotted out onto the stage with their little red lamps and green outfits as the student body went crazy with excitement and joy. After the dance, Se単or Sam's wife filled the chapel with Spanish worship music and students filled the front of the stage with clapping and singing. Lastly, the drumline closed out the ceremony with a catchy tune as they marched out of the room.


International Day

ATIONAL Supplement


JP and Emma Hennessey hug as he hands her a senior shirt. Regarding her brother, Emma states that he has helped her prepare to be a senior next year by "always [being] available... and [making] time to listen to anything I need to say."

Savannah Head, Jared Pareira, Meg Gross, and Lauren McGee grin happily with their red senior shirts in their hands. Of being a senior, Savannah Head states, "I will really miss the seniors‌[and] having [them] to look up to, but I'm really excited about being able to do the same for the grade below us. I cant wait to be a senior!" Josh Keith and Morgan Malouf embrace as he hands her senior red shirt. Like Josh and Morgan, many Junior-Senior relationships have been formed over the years, and the wisdom imparted from the current seniors will assist the juniors in leading next year. Thanks to the seniors, the junior class will be fully prepared to lead the school next year.

r y t i s

s s j s i F a H i

809 Supplement Taylor Porchey addresses the freshmen class. She imparts many words of wisdom, such as that freshmen should amend friendships now, rather than wait until senior year. Of her speech, she admits that she was worried that she would not say everything she wanted to say, but she believes God fashioned her speech to convey the wisdom needed for the freshmen class.

seniors are imparting their experiences and leadership qualities to the juniors so that they can lead the school in the same fashion as those did before them. In fact, because of the passion and energy the seniors put forth to make an impact on the school, their influence will be felt through the juniors who will rise to the occasion and hopefully take their leadership a step farther because of what they saw before them.

reddy? re

Red Shirts

Red Shirt Assembly

The red senior shirt. We all know what it represents: leadership, knowledge, and, above all, a year left in high school. Therefore, it makes sense that there would be a certain air of glamour to it. After all, it-- and what it represents-- is what Houston Christian students have aspired to for four years. It is a Houston Christian tradition that a "red shirt chapel" be held for the current juniors, where the seniors hand the responsibility of leadership over to the juniors in the form of a t-shirt. However, the red shirt is so much more than just a piece of fabric. For juniors, it is a representation that it is time to step up and lead. For seniors, it represents a passing of a joyous time and a step into a leadership role in a larger community. However, above all, the best part of “red shirt chapel� is that it is a literal representation that the leaving

m o r P re


Andrew Sofka and Chelsea Damon

This year, junior and senior prom was hosted at The House of Blues in the Foundation Room. Different than previous years, most of the students agreed that it was a lot more fun. Jacob Farris and Nathalie Simoes were Prom King and Queen, elected by the class and were the clear favorites. Like all proms, the night was filled with drama, dancing, laughing, and socialization among the two upper classes. Many seniors and juniors chose to spend their nights between dancing and coming up with the most ridiculous poses in the photobooth. But after prom is where the real party starts, many students rented houses in Galveston with their parents so that they could spend the next day on the beach hanging out with friends and enjoying (or not) the Galveston water.

Junior Caroline Taylor and senior Taylor Hedgepeth surround Prom King Jacob Farris after he was crowned along with Nathalie Simoes; never one to lack excitement, Jacob gives his best "happy/surprised" face for the camera. Not everybody was surprised by Jacob's win, Jacob's charismatic personality and great sense of humor has made him one of the most likeable people in not only the senior class but also Houston Christian.

Seniors Hannah Rae and Ivan Morris cuddle up for the camera while hanging out with their prom group at the House of Blues Foundation room. Hannah and Ivan have been dating for two years and plan on continuing their relationship while she goes to TCU and he heads off to Gettysburg.

Seniors Connor Pryor and Christi Harrison get ready to have a mini-photoshoot with their prom group. Connor refused to take off his sunglasses until the last possible second, since the sun was shining right in everyone's eyes while taking pictrues. Many people for prom and homecoming try to find cool places to take pictures, so that they can get the best turn out.

Jr. & S

11 Supplement Emma and JP Hennessey and Emily Seligmann

Seniors Jacob Farris, Kelsey DeBerry, Wes Rutherford, and Madison DeLuca make the funnist faces they can think of while taking pictures before heading to the House of Blues. After seeing the picture, everybody laughed at the ridiculousness and the scariness of Wes's face, along with Jacob's lack of an upper lip.

Kyle Garman and Nathalie Simoes Katrina Shmidt, Maddy Laster, Lauren Lewellen, Madison Sheehey and Mary Grace Russell

Sr. Prom

Jr. and Sr. Prom

Nick Moll and Taylor Porchey

The two Hennessey siblings pose with their senior brother after the ceremony. Ryland and Emma embraced their older brother, while wearing his graduation attire. They are "so proud of JP's accomplishments and are excited to see what Baylor will bring in the coming years."

After receiving their stoles and awards, seniors Emily Seligmann, Rachel Henry, Leslie Lamoreaux, and Jordan Zeal head to the gym for pictures with friends. Jordan Zeal recieved the NHS medallion for most service points of the entire senior class and a Passport To Lead stole.

Senior friends Paige Hobbs and Rachel Driver pose for their last picture together as high school students. As Paige goes off to Texas Christian, Rachel will be joining her. They're sure to be great friends for years to come.

After all of the seniors walk across the stage and recieve their awards, Spencer Traver embraces his mom as they celebrate the last four years. Following in the footsteps of his brother, Spencer will be a freshman at TCU next year.


813 Supplement The seniors in the Passport To Lead program recieved their red stoles from Colonel Wilson. Completing this program requires many hours of service to the school and prepares them to serve their community for years to come.

re reminiscing

over the past years


Senior Chapel

Seniors Hope Johnson, Joyce Shaheen, and Chelsea Damon sport their smiles after the Senior Awards Assembly. Chelsea Damon said, "These two girls have made senior year the best."

Yearbook Supplement  

Additional pages to the 2012-13 Student Yearbook including PowderPuff, Fine Arts NY trip, International Day & Prom!

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