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Bible 9: Old Testament Final Test Review Judges 1. What is the meaning/significance of Ehud being a “left-handed” man? 2. Two things make Deborah unique among the judges. What are they? 3. What did Barak require of Deborah in order to fulfill the command to take the troops into battle? 4. How did Sisera die? 5. Why did the people of Gideon’s village want to kill him? 6. Describe the signs Gideon requested of the Lord. 7. Describe the way in which God determined who would fight for Gideon. 8. How many men did Gideon take into battle? 9. What did the people request of Gideon after he had won his victories? 10. What was a Nazirite? 11. What was wrong with Samson wanting to marry a Philistine woman? 12. Why do you think Samson did not tell his parents about where he got the honey? 13. How did the men of the village finally get the answer to Samson’s riddle? 14. How did Samson get the goods to pay off the bet? 15. What did Samson do with 300 foxes? 16. With what weapon did Samson kill 1,000 Philistines? 17. How did Delilah finally get Samson to reveal the secret of his strength? 18. How did Samson “bring the house down”? Ruth 19. What were the “days when the judges ruled” like? 20. Where was Moab? 21. Why would good crops compel Naomi to want to return to Bethlehem? 22. What is the significance that Ruth and Naomi return “at the beginning of the barley harvest”? 23. Was gathering grain in the fields dangerous for young women? 24. What did it mean for Ruth to uncover Boaz’s feat? 25. What advice did David give Solomon concerning Joab? 26. Why did Adonijah seek to marry Abishag? 27. How many women did Solomon marry (including concubines)? 28. In roughly what year did David live and rule? 29. How were Rehoboam and Jeroboam alike? 30. Who established the city of Samaria as his capital? 31. Whose reign formed the backdrop of the ministry of the prophet Elijah? 32. Why did Elijah pray for death? 33. What did Elisha ask of Elijah as his farewell gift? 34. What happened to the boys who mocked the bald man? 35. Who conquered the northern kingdom of Israel and in what year? 36. Who conquered the southern kingdom of Judah and in what year? Ezra 37. Early manuscripts put Ezra and __________ into one book.

38. What leader of the Persian Empire is said to have defeated Babylon? 39. What three Persian leaders are mentioned in Ezra? 40. What part of the temple was rebuilt first? 41. Second? 42. What part of the temple caused an outpouring of joy when it was rebuilt? 43. Who issues an edict authorizing the completion of the temple? 44. Who pays for the rebuilding of the temple? 45. How long had it been since the first temple was destroyed? 46. What was the biggest difference between Ezra’s temple and Solomon’s? 47. Upon his return how does Ezra find the people living? 48. Why did Ezra tell the Jewish men to divorce their wives? Nehemiah 49. What is Nehemiah’s role in court? 50. What about Nehemiah did the king notice? 51. What does Nehemiah go back to Jerusalem to build? 52. Which specific part of his project receives the most attention? 53. In Nehemiah 5, what are the Jews doing amongst themselves that anger Nehemiah? 54. What two local governors are trying to stop Nehemiah? 55. How do Nehemiah’s opponents plan to stop him? 56. How do the people respond to the reading of the law? 57. After the building project is complete what does Nehemiah oversee? 58. In Nehemiah 13, what does Nehemiah, like Ezra, outlaw? Esther 59. What is the strange fact about Esther that was mentioned in class? 60. Esther 1 begins with a falling out between which king and queen? 61. Who is Esther’s cousin? 62. What does he overhear and prevent that becomes important to the story? 63. Who is trying to kill Esther’s cousin? Why? 64. When the king can’t sleep, what does he do? How does this come into play later in the story? 65. What new law is passed at the end of Esther? 66. What festival honors the survival of the Jews and Esther’s accomplishments? Job 67. What kind of man was Job? 68. What happened to Job? 69. Name Job’s three friends. 70. How did Job’s friends try to help him? 71. What did Job’s friends think was the cause of his suffering? 72. Who is the young man that can’t help but speak after overhearing the conversation? 73. How does the story end? Psalms 74. List the possible meaning of the phrase “a psalm of David.” 75. How was the book used in the 3rd century B.C.? 76. What is an “anthology”?

77. With what does Hebrew poetry rhyme? 78. What is “parallelism”? 79. Be familiar with the types of parallelism listed in the MAP book and be able to identify them. 80. Be familiar with the types of Psalms listed in the MAP book and be able to identify them. 81. List the literary devices used by the poet. 82. Which psalm contains the words Jesus said on the cross? 83. Which is the most famous psalm? 84. Which psalm was written referencing David’s affair with Bathsheba? 85. What is a song of ascents? 86. What does the Old Testament teach about life after death? Proverbs 87. What are the possible translations for the Hebrew term “proverb”? 88. What was the purpose of the proverbs? 89. List the authors who contributed to the anthology. 90. What does it mean to “fear the Lord”? 91. Be familiar with the different types of Proverbs listed in the MAP book and be able to recognize them. 92. What two women are mentioned in Proverbs and how are they described? Ecclesiastes 93. What does “Quoheleth” mean? 94. Who wrote Ecclesiastes? 95. What kind of life did Quoheleth live? 96. Does the writer reject the idea of God? 97. What is destroying everything in his life? 98. What might the real point of the book be? 99. What warning does Quoheleth give? Song of Songs 100. How was the book traditionally been interpreted? 101. What’s the problem with these interpretations? 102. When Song of Songs says “love,” what is it referencing? 103. What might “His left hand is under my head and his right hand embraces me!” (2:6) mean? 104. How is the woman in Song of Songs described? 105. How does Song of Songs portray a woman’s role when it comes to sexuality? Prophets 106. Prophet comes from the word meaning 107. What did a prophet do? 108. What is the broad meaning of the word “prophecy”? 109. What is the narrow meaning of the word? 110. Which meaning is more commonly used in the Bible? 111. In what three ways did the prophets deliver their messages? 112. How does biblical prophecy compare to prophecy in the Harry Potter novels?

Isaiah 113. Where did Isaiah live? 114. According to Jewish tradition how did Isaiah die? 115. What is the “general agreement” concerning the authorship of Isaiah? 116. What are the core themes of Isaiah? 117. What is the purpose of Isaiah? 118. In what chapter can you find the story of Isaiah’s calling? 119. What chapter have Christians historically interpreted to be referring to the experience of Jesus? Jeremiah 120. Which king laid seige to the city of Jerusalem? 121. To the people of what city did Jeremiah prophecy? 122. How did Zedekiah’s kingship come to an end? 123. What is Judah’s instrument of destruction? 124. What did the people of Judah do at the Hinnom Valley 125. Why is Jeremiah “weeping”? 126. What are the 6 illustrations used in Jeremiah? 127. Why did Jeremiah put a yoke over his shoulders when he spoke to Zedekiah? Lamentations 128. What prophet has traditionally been thought to be the author of Lamentations, even though he is not mentioned in the text? 129. The poems in Lamentations are written with what type of structure? 130. According to Lamentations, who is attacking Jerusalem? 131. What atrocities are happening in Jerusalem during the time of Lamentations? Daniel 132. What diet did Daniel propose to eat? 133. Daniel’s rise to power can be compared to what other Old Testament character? 134. How? 135. Why were Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego thrown into the furnace? 136. Who ordered for Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to be thrown into the furnace? 137. What did the hand write on the wall? 138. This message was meant for whom? 139. Who ordered for Daniel to be thrown into the lion’s den? 140. Why is Daniel thrown into the lion’s den? 141. The second half of Daniel can be compared to what other books of the Bible? Ezekiel 142. How many living creatures comprised Ezekiel’s vision of God? 143. T or F: each living creature had a set of wings. 144. What were the four faces on the creatures in Ezekiel’s first vision? 145. T or F: Ezekiel’s vision had a bunch of eyeballs in it.

146. What strange object did Ezekiel eat? 147. In what way did Ezekiel use a brick to get a message across to the people? 148. For how long did Ezekiel lay on his sides: over a week, over a month, over a year, over a decade? 149. What did Ezekiel use as fuel for the fires he used to bake his bread?


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