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Study Guide: Ephesians & 2 Timothy 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Who is traditionally considered to be the author of Ephesians? What are some arguments for and against traditional authorship? What does it mean for a letter to be “circular”? To what type of Christian was Ephesians addressed? What is the theme of Ephesians? What Greek goddesshad a temple at Ephesus? In what order does Paul usually addresstopics in his letters? In Ephesians 1, what phrase was most likely added to the letter after its original composition? 9. What is the seal by which follower of JesusChrist are marked? 10. Who is the Ruler of the Kingdom of the Air? 11. What metaphor does Paul use in Ephesians 2 to describe the Christian community? 12. What is the “mystery” in Ephesians? 13. What is Paul’s role in the “mystery”? 14. Know the flow chart of the gospel given in Ephesians 3. 15. What theological concept is referred to in Ephesians 3 without being named explicitly? 16. Why did Christ give the, “ apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers”? 17. Christians are part of one body headed by whom, according to Ephesians 4? 18. In the household code of Ephesians 5 & 6 Paul gives instructions to which 6 people? a. . b. . c. . d. . e. . f. . 19. Know Paul’s instructions for each of the 6 people. 20. What instruction is given to all Christians repetitively in the latter half of Ephesians 6? 21. In Ephesians 6, Paul says that Christians do not struggle against ______________and ___________________. 22. What do Christians struggle against? 23. How does Paul advise Christians to protect themselves? 24. What are the 6 elements of the armor of God? a. . b. . c. . d. . e. . f. . 25. How many offensive elements are there to the armor of God?

26. In class, you were asked to write a letter between two imaginary demons. This assignment was based on what book? By what author? 27. Know Ephesians 2:8. 2 Timothy 1. Who is traditionally considered to be the author of 2 Timothy? 2. Is this still the most common view? Why? 3. What collection of letters is 2 Timothy a part of? 4. What other two letters are in this collection? 5. What is the theme of 2 Timothy? 6. In how many of Paul’s letters is Timothy mentioned? 7. Timothy is a pastor of a church in which city? 8. What 5 sections make up the outline of 2 Timothy given in class? a. . b. . c. . d. . e. . 9. According to 2 Timothy 1, God has not given Christians a spirit of what? 10. What three metaphors does the author use in 2 Timothy 2 to describe being a Christian? 11. In contrast to other Pauline letters, what specific part of the story of Jesusdoes the author refer to when defining his gospel? 12. Depending on the translation, what two ways does the author describe the creation of scripture in 2 Timothy 3? 13. When the author says “scripture,” to what is he referring? 14. Scripture is useful for what 4 things according to 2 Timothy? a. . b. . c. . d. . 15. How many books are in the Catholic Bible? 16. How many books are in the Protestant Bible? 17. The writer is responding to what controversy in the early church when writing 2 Timothy? 18. In the last days people will be lovers of what 3 things according to 2 Timothy 3:1-5? a. . b. . c. . 19. What three things does Paul ask Timothy to bring him? a. . b. . c. . 20. Know 2 Timothy 2:3.