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Name:______________________________ Culture & The 60’s/The French Indochina War 1) Who was the “Great Stone Face?”

2) What episode of The Ed Sullivan Show remains in the top 3 rated TV shows in U.S. history?

3) What was the British Invasion?

4) Give some examples of the bands in the British Invasion.

5) Who was the influential singer/song writer who was banned from The Ed Sullivan Show?

6) Why was Ed Sullivan considered to be a Civil Rights leader for the entertainment industry?

7) What was considered to be the key to the success of the Ed Sullivan show?

8) Why was the show canceled?

9) Music changed during the 1960s. What event caused one of the major changes in popular music? What was this kind of music called?

10) What event made Jimi Hendrix a major star and is considered to be one of the definitive musical events of the 1960s?

11) What event is said to have brought about the end of the “Summer of Love?”

12) What entertainer was shown only from the waist up on The Ed Sullivan Show?

13) What band started the British Invasion and is still popular today?

14) What band rivaled the band in question number 13 and is still performing today?

15) What band is introduced at live performances as “The World’s Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band?”

The French-Indochina War 1) Roughly when did Vietnam become a French colony?

2) Why was the Vietnamese colonial government so corrupt?

3) Why were the British more successful in their governing of colonial nations?

4) Occasionally the French did something correct in Vietnam. What positive changes to the Vietnamese legal system did the French make?

5) What changes did the French make to Vietnamese education? What effect did these changes have on literacy in Vietnam?

6) Who was the French governor who made Vietnam a paying concern for France?

7) How was this economic feat accomplished?

8) What positive things did this individual do for Indochina (Vietnam)?

9) What fate later befell this individual?

10) Who was the Vietnamese leader who fought for the independence of Vietnam?

11) What major world event set the stage for the Vietnamese to fight for their independence from the French?

12) What document is the Vietnamese Declaration of Independence based on?

13) When was the French Indochina war fought?

14) Who, or what, was the Vietminh?

15) Who was the military leader of the Vietminh?

16) What was the great battle that determined the outcome of the French-Indochina War?

17) Who did the Vietminh accomplish this victory?

18) Ironically, where did many of the soldiers who fought for the French at this final battle come from? Who led these soldiers?

19) What was the final outcome of the French/Indochina War?

20) At whose request did the U.S. send American military advisors to South Vietnam?


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