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GLOBAL AFFAIRS – CURRENT EVENTS OBJ: Students will gain global knowledge in a particular area of study: geographic, thematic, or issue oriented. Students will compile a collection of research relative to the area of study – synthesizing the information, and ultimately providing a global perspective in essay format. This activity will culminate into a research project over the course of the year. Requirements:

1. Due Dates vary – every two weeks. Check specifics on portal/grade book due dates. 2. Focus – Modern day issues1980--present – select articles from areas presented in class: relative to a location, a theme, or issue. For example, health and medicine, technology, nuclear proliferation, genocides, China and far east, current wars & conflicts, social issuesand reforms, the environment, etc. 3. Articles – from accredited sources, from the past five years through this calendar year, and no less than two full pagesin length. 4. Read each article highlighting important points as you read. This basically includes, “who, what, where, when, why, how.” 5. Summary – Write 5—7sentence summation presenting the global significance and an analysis of the issue and article. 6. Then, write 2-3 sentences of historical connection or personal opinion 7. Citation – Include citation for each article as well as article hard copy. 8. Prepare to discusseach article in class.


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