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Mandarin IV Course Syllabus 4th Quarter Subject: Mandarin IV

Teacher: Mrs. Chang Verse:



Unit(s): 4


Learning Standards/Objectives: 4 covers the following language items:   

400 basic words for listening and speaking. About two-thirds of the oral language vocabulary for reading and half of it for writing. Adjustable depending upon the students’ learning pace. More sentence structures with a higher level of syntax complexity.

Contents • • •

The world of young people including the opinions about having a boy/girlfriend Personal judgement, parents, fashion trends and health issue. Examine the peer pressure, generation gaps and some social issues

Culture: • • • • •

Opium and the Chinese Chinese women’s bound feet Suntan or no suntan Tan Poem Chinese Painting

Chinese Food

Classroom Standards: 1 In seats at the bell. 2. Request permission to leave seat. 3. Raise hand and be recognized to ask questions or comment. 4. Be courteous to other students in the class. 5. Push chairs in and clean area before leaving class.   Grading: 1. 20% homework & daily grades 2. 30% quizzes 3. 50% test Homework and assignments are to be turned in at the beginning of class to receive full credit. Late homework and assignments received the next class day will receive 50% of the grade earned ( no credit given after that). The student is responsible for getting make-up work from the teacher, assuming that the student’s absence is excused.    Materials Needed: Binder Note cards (500 standard sized 3 x 5) Box of Kleenex Chinese Dictionary

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