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THE PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION of HOUSTON CHRISTIAN BYLAWS Approved and Adopted ____ ARTICLE I. NAME The name of this organization shall be the Mustang Parent Council. ARTICLE II. PURPOSE The Association seeks to work effectively with the staff, faculty administration, and Board of Trustees in achieving the Institutional Goals of Houston Christian High School through service and enhancement activity. In doing so, the Association represents the interest of the parents by promoting  a strong, supportive, unified community,  volunteer efforts that enrich spiritual, academic, leadership, fine arts and athletic activities,  respect for school policies,  meaningful participation in their student’s education. ARTICLE III. MEMBERSHIP Section 1. Eligibility All parents and guardians of currently enrolled Houston Christian High School students are eligible for membership with voting privileges. Section 2. Annual Membership Dues A yearly membership fee shall be due at the beginning of the school year or as new students enroll. The Executive Committee with the approval of the Head of School shall set the amount of the fee. Annual membership dues shall be collected by the school and included in the price of tuition.



ARTICLE IV. OFFICERS AND THEIR ELECTION Section 1. Eligibility All officers of the Association shall constitute an Executive Committee. The officers must be members of the Association. The officers of the Association shall include the following positions:  President  President-Elect  Vice-Presidents (4): , Fellowship, Hospitality, Promotion, Support  Secretary-Chaplain  Treasurer  Assistant Treasurer  Parliamentarian  Faculty Representative Section 2. Term of Service The term of all offices shall be for one year. Officers shall assume their offices at the May meeting of the Association. The Office of the President and Treasurer shall be limited to one-year terms. After serving one year, the President-Elect and Assistant Treasurer will fill the offices of the President and Treasurer respectively. All offices other than the President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Faculty Representative shall be eligible to serve in the same office for no more than two consecutive years. Section 3. Nominations A nominating committee appointed by the Association’s Executive Committee shall make nominations for officers. The Nominating Committee shall consist of at least five members. The Parliamentarian shall serve as the chair of the Nominations Committee and shall report at the February Executive Committee meeting and submit the names of candidates for each office to be filled. Officers shall be elected at the March Association General meeting. Section 4. Appointments The Principal shall appoint the Faculty Representative to the Executive Committee with input from the Executive Committee. The Vice-Presidents appoint all other nonstanding committee officers in consultation with the President. Section 5. Vacancies The Association’s Executive Committee shall fill vacancies in offices of any unexpired term except the offices of the President and Treasurer, which are automatically filled by the President-Elect and Assistant Treasurer. If the Faculty Representative office becomes vacant, the Principal shall appoint a successor.


ARTICLE V. DUTIES OF THE OFFICERS Section 1. President The President shall preside at all General meetings of the Association and also of the Executive Committee meetings. The President shall prepare the agenda for the Association’s General meetings and the Executive Committee meetings. The President and President-Elect shall meet with the Head of School on a regular basis. The President shall be responsible for seeing that the objectives of the Association are being achieved. The President shall have full voting privileges at all meetings of the Association. Section 2. President-Elect The President-Elect shall assist the President throughout the year. The President-Elect shall have full voting privileges at all Association meetings. Section 3. Vice Presidents The Vice Presidents shall coordinate the communication needs of the Executive Committee and act as a liaison between the Executive Committee and the Association’s standing committees. The Vice Presidents shall work closely in support of campus leaders to effectively schedule, support, and enhance school activities to achieve campus-wide goals. The Vice-Presidents recruit volunteers and oversee the work of various non-standing committees within their area of responsibility. The VicePresidents have full voting privileges at all General meetings, all Executive Committee meetings and all meetings of the standing committee they lead. Section 4. Secretary-Chaplain The Secretary shall open all meetings with prayer and keep accurate and permanent records of all General Meetings and Executive Committee meetings. The Secretary shall distribute minutes of the Association’s meetings in a timely manner. The Secretary shall send cards to members of the Houston Christian community on behalf of the Association when alerted to various needs. The Secretary has full voting privileges at all General meetings and Executive Committee meetings. Section 5. Treasurer The Treasurer shall collect all monies and authorize purchases of the Association and shall work closely with the Director of Business Affairs and the Association’s Executive Committee to produce an annual budget for review at the May Executive Committee meeting, leading to its adoption at the first General meeting of the new school year. The incoming Treasurer will submit an annual financial report in May. The Treasurer will keep records of all collections and disbursements with support from the Business Office. The Treasurer’s signature is required for approval of all payments of all expenditures. The Treasurer has full voting privileges at all General meetings, all Executive Committee meetings, and all Finance Committee meetings.



Section 6. Assistant Treasurer The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer throughout the year in preparation for filling the position of Treasurer in May. The Assistant Treasurer has full voting privileges at all General meetings and Executive Committee meetings. Section 7. Parliamentarian The Parliamentarian shall see that the Association is governed by Robert’s Rules of Order in cases not covered by the Bylaws. The Parliamentarian shall advise the President when requested as to matters coming before the President. The Parliamentarian shall serve as chair of the Bylaws Committee and Nominating Committee. The Parliamentarian has full voting privileges at all General meetings and all Executive Committee meetings. Section 8. Faculty Representative The Faculty Representative serves as liaison and advisor between the Association, the faculty, and school leaders. The Faculty Representative has full voting privileges at all General meetings and all Executive Committee meetings.

ARTICLE VI. MEETINGS Section 1. General Meeting(s) There shall be a minimum of two (2) General Meetings of the Association each year, the first meeting will be held within 30 days of the start of the new school year and the second meeting will be held in March. Section 2. Executive Committee Meetings There shall be a minimum of three (3) Executive Committee meetings each year, which will include required meetings in August, February and May. Section 3. Standing Committee Meetings: Fellowship, Hospitality, Promotion and Support Committees will meet at least twice (2) each semester at a location and time determined by their respective Vice-Presidents. Section 4. Finance Committee Meetings There shall be a minimum of two (2) meetings each year. Section 5. Non-standing Committee Meetings. Non-committee meetings are held at the discretion of the appointed chair in consultation with their respective Vice-President at a location and time determined by the chair.


Section 6. Meeting Notification General meetings and Executive Committee meetings shall be held at a location and time determined by the Executive Committee with written notification sent to all Association members by the Secretary at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting via email or U.S. mail at the discretion of the President. Standing committees meetings shall be held at a location and time determined by the Vice Presidents with written notification sent to all standing committees members and the Executive Committee by the Vice Presidents at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting via email or regular U.S. mail at the discretion of the Vice-Presidents. Neither the business to be transacted at, nor the purpose of, any regular or special meeting need be specified in the notice of such meeting. Section 7. Special Meetings Special meetings of any committee may be called by or at the request of the President. The President may fix the place for holding any special meeting. Written notice of any special meeting shall be given personally, or sent by mail, hand delivery, facsimilie or email, to each committee member at least forty-eight (48) hours prior thereto at his or her business or home address. The attendance of a committee member at a meeting shall constitute a waiver of notice of such meeting, except where a committee member attends a meeting for the express purpose of objecting to the transaction of any business because the meeting is not lawfully called or convened. Section 8. Participation in Meetings by Remote Access If a member of the Executive Committee cannot attend a meeting in person, he/she may participate in meetings via remote access by telephone, skype or some other available technology. Article VII. DUTIES OF COMMITTEES Section 1. Executive Committee  The Executive Committee promotes the Institutional Goals and Policies of Houston Christian High School through the service and enhancement of school activity as stated in Article II.  The Executive Committee oversees all activities of all the Association, including but not limited to, reporting to the Association at General meetings, receiving reports from standing committees, establishing priorities, coordinating schedules, and providing over-arching guidance and direction to planning.  The Executive Committee approves the Association’s annual budget and submits it to the Head of School for final approval in August.  The Executive Committee may act as the Bylaws Committee or the President may appoint a Bylaws Committee chaired by the Parliamentarian.



All members of the Executive Committee shall attend Executive Committee meetings and General meetings and assist in hosting Association-sponsored activities. The Executive Committee has the authority to appoint and specify duties to standing committees.

Section 2. Standing Committees: Fellowship Committee, Hospitality Committee, Promotion Committee and Support Committee 

Fellowship Committee The Fellowship Committee is responsible for organizing and managing events that promote fellowship among faculty, staff, parents and students. Grade level coordinators focus on their classes while other volunteers are responsible for school-wide activities that encourage fellowship and demonstrate appreciation for our school community.

Hospitality Committee The Hospitality Committee works with the faculty and staff to coordinate volunteers and organize specific activities that welcome visitors to our school, enhance school programs, promote school spirit, promote participation, recognize leaders, enrich spiritual life and provide educational services. This committee is also responsible for recruiting and scheduling volunteers for school programs that request them.

Promotion Committee The Promotion Committee acquires and distributes information and products that promote school spirit and market our school to internal and external audiences. Under the guidance of the Director Marketing and Communications, it produces selected programs, roster cards and brochures and designs and sells spirit wear. It also will prepare and distribute regular association updates to our school community.

Support Committee The Support Committee works with Advancement staff to achieve the school’s Annual Fund goals. Those goals would include the oversight and volunteer efforts required to produce special events, such as the gala and others, that are part of the overall annual fund plan. This committee will also serve as a liaison between the advancement office and school programs that are interested in raising resources through the annual fund.


Section 3. Finance Committee  The Finance Committee is composed of eleven (11) voting members: the President, President-Elect, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, and one representative from each grade level. The Vice-President of the Fellowship Committee, in consultation with the President, selects one grade level representative from each grade that has demonstrated a broad understanding and support for various programs on campus.  The Finance Committee manages the budget of the Association and provides financial guidance to the standing committees.  The Finance Committee provides a monthly report to the Executive Committee, the Principal, the Head of School, and the Executive Director of Advancement.

ARTICLE VIII. FINANCIAL GUIDELINES The Association’s chief function is to coordinate volunteer services and enhance numerous activities across a variety of programs. To support these services, funds shall be classified as either Parent Dues or Service Funds. Parent Dues are applied to all at enrollment. Service Funds are monies paid to the association for a service provided to the parent and/or student, i.e., the purchase of spirit wear, the reservation of special seating or parking, a meal ticket, a reservation at a special event, program advertising, etc.  All funds collected by the Association shall be expended annually on items directly related to the unrestricted Purpose as enumerated in Article II. It is the general objective of the Association to equitably fund activities so as to benefit the entire school community. No funds of the Association shall be restricted for any purpose. This philosophy shall be reflected in the planning of the Association’s budget and thus approved by the Executive Committee and the administration of the School.  The fiscal year of the Association shall adhere to that of Houston Christian High School, which is July 1 to June 30.  All funds are maintained in accounts managed by Houston Christian High School.  The Treasurer or Treasurer-Elect approve all expense reimbursements through the School’s business office upon presentation of appropriate receipt documentation. All reimbursements must be submitted by June 30 of the school year in which they are incurred. The School’s business office issues all checks for approved expenditures on behalf of the Association and the Association committees.  Any unusual or unprecedented disbursement of funds or payment of any expense above $500.00, which was not budgeted, must be approved in advance of payment by the Executive Committee.



 

Any changes in the budget, additions or removals of amounts or budgeted line items require the approval of the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee must maintain reserve fund of $2,000.00. This provides the Association a fiscal year-end balance to cover over-budget Association expenditures. If the reserve Fund exceeds $2,000.00, the Executive Committee may consider requests for expenditures outside the association’s planned activities that fully meet the purpose of the Association. All funds raised through the volunteer efforts of the Development Committee, i.e., Annual Giving Drive, Mustang Golf Tournament, HC Gala, or other activity, compose a portion of the School’s Annual Fund and as such, are not part of the revenue for this Association.

ARTICLE IX. GOVERNANCE AND BYLAWS Section 1. Governance Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern this organization in cases not covered by the Bylaws. Section 2. Association Voting For the purpose of transacting business at the Association meetings, except for amendment of the Bylaws, the affirmative vote of a simple majority of the members present at the meeting shall be required. Section 3. Bylaws Committee The Executive Committee shall serve as the Bylaws Committee unless directed otherwise by the President. The Parliamentarian will lead a review of the Bylaws and recommend revisions every two (2) years or as needed.

Section 4. Amendment of the Bylaws For the purpose of amending the Bylaws, an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the membership present at the General meeting of the Association shall be required for recommendation to the Student Life Committee of the Board of Trustees of Houston Chiristian High School. The Board of Trustees has final authority over all by-laws of the Association. No approval of any amendment to the Bylaws shall be effective unless notice is given to the Association members at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting held for such purpose.


MPC Bylaws  

Houston Christian High School's Mustang Parent Association bylaws.