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Return completed form to Ms. Pearson by July 29th by mail, fax or email. Your student will not receive their fall schedule or be able to attend classes unless this form is turned in. or Fax 713-547-4364 2700 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. N., Houston, 77043 PARENT “BRAG SHEET” for COLLEGE RECOMMENDATIONS

For: ___________________________________________/__________________________________________________ Student Name – Please Print Parent Signature Your comments about your student can be helpful to the counselor who is writing college recommendations. Please write your responses on this sheet and use the back if necessary or type them on the computer and submit a printed copy. Please provide specific examples wherever possible. This brag sheet will be kept confidential. 1. What do you consider your student’s most outstanding accomplishments during the past 3 years?

2. Describe any significant accomplishments/activities/awards your student has received outside of school (i.e. community, religious affiliation, employment, camp). Keep in mind that we should have a copy of their resume on file, so it is not necessary to repeat their resume.

3. What do you consider to be your student’s outstanding personality traits?

4. Please describe your student using 5 to 7 adjectives.

5. Are there any unusual or personal circumstances a college should be aware of that have affected your student’s educational or personal experiences that your student did not already address in their application?

6. Share an example of when your student demonstrated leadership during the last 2-3 years. Provide details.


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