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Bahia de Cochinos 1) Who was the dictator of Cuba prior to the Castro regime? What objections did Cubans and others around the world have with this regime?

2) Describe Castro’s initial invasion of Cuba to overthrow the legitimate government.

3) Describe how Castro actually overthrew the legitimate Cuban government. Be sure to include who was involved, how the overthrow took place, what was the role of propaganda in the coup, the role the United States played in the coup, and what happened immediately following the coup.

4) Describe Castro’s actions once he was in power. What role did the Soviet Union have? What was the reason for panic when this role was revealed? How did the Soviet Union become Castro’s master?

5) Describe Eisenhower’s relationship with the newly formed CIA. Who did Eisenhower place in charge of the plans for Cuba? Why did Eisenhower wait to execute the plan? How did this decision hurt Nixon in the presidential campaign?

6) Upon taking office, what was Kennedy’s reaction to learning of the plans for Cuba? Why were these plans a problem for Kennedy? Who was the New Frontier – what does this name describe? Why did Kennedy and the New Frontier veto the plan presented to them?

7) What was the Trinidad Plan? What were its advantages? Describe the details of the plan and how it was to be executed. Why did Kennedy cancel this plan? Why does Kennedy change his mind about an invasion?

8) What are the requirements placed on the planners. What was the motive for these requirements? Why were these requirements ludicrous from a military point of view?

9) Describe the site of the Bay of Pigs. Why was it a poor site compared Trinidad? Who actually made the plan? Why did the Joint Chiefs of Staff (the commanders of the military) frown on the Bay of Pigs plan? Why did Kennedy overrule the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

10) Once Kennedy gave the order to launch the Bay of Pigs plan, he began making changes immediately. When was the Bay of Pig operation ordered to start? What were the initial changes Kennedy made? How did Kennedy cover his political rear end prior to the start of the operation? Why did this concern the military? What final changes did Kennedy order to the plan just prior to the invasion?

11) In military terms, what did the impact of all of Kennedy’s changes to the plan mean for those who had to carry out the plan? What was the final outcome of the Bay of Pigs?

12) Describe why the behavior of Kennedy and the New Frontier could be considered cowardice?

13) Describe the rescue operation. How did Kennedy and his New Frontier hinder the rescue operations? How did the professional military handle the situation?

14) What was the reaction of Kennedy and his New Frontier when the Bay of Pigs was over? Who paid the price for this debacle and how? Who was protected from political harm and how?

15) Explain why conspiracy theories abound concerning the Kennedy Administration and what relationship does the Bay of Pigs have to these theories.