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Algebra 1 Course Syllabus 713-­‐580-­‐6000  

Subject:  Algebra  1   B-­‐1/B-­‐2/B-­‐3  

Teacher: Amanda  Mellor   Performing  Arts  Center  –  PAC  –  Room  207  

Conference Period:  A1  (by  appointment  only)   Phone:  713/580-­‐6039   Email:    

Tutoring Availability:   M,  W,  Th,  F:  7:15  –  8:25  and  after  school  for  1  hr   Tu:  after  school  for  1  hr     Most  days  during  lunch  (Not  Chapel  Days)  

Semester Verse:   “Whatever  you  do,  work  at  it  with  all  your  heart,  as  working  for  the  Lord,  not  for  men,  since  you  know   that  you  will  receive  an  inheritance  from  the  Lord  as  a  reward.  It  is  the  Lord  Christ  you  are  serving.”                                         (Colossians  3:23-­‐24)           Classroom  Rules:   Grading:       1. Be  on  time.   Tests  –  50%   2. Be  prepared.   In-­‐Class  Assignments  –  20%   3. Be  respectful.     Homework/Movie  Assignments  –  15%     Participation  Grade–  5%   Mastery  Quizzes  –  10%   Your  lowest  Assignment  grade  will  be  dropped.           Materials  Needed:     • TI-­‐Nspire  CAS   • AAA  batteries  (to  be  kept  in  the  classroom  for  calculator  emergencies)   • Binder  –  notes  must  be  organized.  There  will  be  a  note  check  every  day.   • College  ruled  notebook  paper   • Pencil  (for  all  work)   • Grading  Pen  –  red,  blue,  green,  purple  –  not  black   • Holt-­‐McDougal  Algebra  1  Textbook   • Set  of  fine-­‐tip  dry  erase  markers  (bold  colors)   • Mac  Computer  –  for  watching  videos    

Policies:   Notes:     Notes  will  be  available  on  the  portal  in  advance   under  “Class  Documents”.  You  MUST  print  out  the   notes  on  your  own  time.  (NOT  from  my  printer.)       Flipped  Class  Addition:   You  will  print  out  your  notes,  watch  the  video,  fill   out  the  notes,  and  bring  them  to  class.  The  notes   will  be  completed  in  the  video.         Missed  Class:   1. You  are  responsible  to  complete  ALL   missed  work.  See  Student  Handbook  for   details  on  due  dates.     2. On  your  own,  you  should  print  out  the   notes,  watch  the  video,  and  complete       Cell  Phones:   Place  your  cell  phone  in  the  red  drawer  unit  before   class  starts.  You  can  retrieve  it  at  the  end  of  class.   IT  MUST  BE  OFF.  If  it  goes  off  during  class,  it  will  be   confiscated  and  a  detention  will  be  issued  –  no   exceptions.     Homework:   The  homework  for  this  semester  will  be  to:     1. Complete  the  Cool-­‐Down  exercises  (10   min)   2. Watch  the  Video    (10  to  15  min)   3. Take  notes  on  the  video     4. Complete  the  Warm-­‐Up  exercises  (10  min)     You  should  have  to  spend  no  more  than  30-­‐45  min   on  your  homework.  However,  I  expect  you  to  come   to  class  completely  prepared.  Failure  to  be   prepared  for  class  will  result  in  the  following:     First  Offense:  Denied  entrance  to  class  until  the   entire  assignment  has  been  completed.  All   classwork  missed  will  then  become  homework.     Second  Offense:  Same  as  First  Offense,  with  a  50%   deduction  of  Homework  Grade.     Third  Offense:  Denied  Entrance,  50%  deduction  in   HW  grade,  and  detention.     Subsequent  Offenses  will  result  in  detentions  as   well.              

Mastery  Quizzes:   These  quizzes  are  timed.  They  will  cover  material   learned  in  previous  chapter(s).  You  will  have  up  to   5  chances  to  make  a  perfect  score.  Each  time  you   take  it,  the  highest  grade  you  can  receive  decreases   by  5  points.  However,  after  you  have  made  a   perfect  score,  each  subsequent  time  your  score  can   be  increased  5  pts  or  decreased  by  1  point.       Example:     First  Round:  did  not  pass   Second  Round:  passed  –  grade  is  95   Third  Round:  passed  –  grade  is  95  +  5  =  100   Fourth  Round:  did  not  pass  –  grade  is  100  –  1  =  99   Fifth  Round:  did  not  pass  –  grade  is  99  –  1  =  98     Final  score:  98     Tardiness:   I  expect  you  to  be  in  your  seat  when  the  bell  rings.   If  you  are  not  “on  time”,  the  following  will  happen:   • First  Time:  Warning   • Second  Time:  Bathroom  pass  will  be  taken   away.   • Third  Time:  Detention  will  be  issued.     Computers   Computers  will  not  be  used  unless  otherwise   specified.  They  need  to  stay  closed.  Consequences   will  be  in  effect  if  your  computer  is  out  during  class   (this  includes  the  beginning  of  class).     Bathroom  Policy:   Go  to  the  bathroom  before  class  begins.  However,   if  an  emergency  arises,  you  may  use  a  bathroom   pass.  You  have  3  for  a  semester,  so  be  careful  how   you  use  them.    If  you  have  them  all  at  the  end  of   the  each  quarter,  I  will  give  you  a  bonus.  The  bonus   for  the  second  quarter  will  be  better,  so  I  suggest   hanging  onto  your  bathroom  passes.     Missing  Calculator:   The  calculator  is  an  essential  part  of  this  class.  You   MUST  bring  it  EVERY  class.  Consequences  will  be  in   effect  if  it  is  left  at  home  or  in  your  locker.  It  also   must  be  usable  –  i.e.  batteries  must  work!                    


  EXPECTED  BEHAVIOR:   § o Cell  phones  are  to  be  turned  off  and  put  in   the  red  beast  every  class  before  we  start!     You  are  NOT  to  have  access  to  your  phone   at  any  time  during  class,  and  this  includes   the  times  you  might  be  dismissed  to  go  to   the  restroom,  etc.   o Respect  for  instructor,  peers  and  yourself   (affects  Participation  Grade)   o Honesty,  integrity,  exemplary  character,   responsibility   o Attentive  and  active  (not  passive)   participation  in  all  classroom  activities   o Completion  of  all  Homework  Assignments   (affects  HW  Grade)   o Use  of  PENCIL  for  HW  Assignments,   Quizzes  and  Tests,  and  a  PEN  (not  black)   or  colored  pencil  for  making  corrections   o Present  and  on  time  to  class  with  all   necessary  supplies  (affects  Participation   Grade)   o Participation  in  independent  study  groups;   taking  responsibility  for  your  education  is   the  first  step  to  academic  success  and   excellence     o Attendance  at  tutorials  before  or  after   school  when  you  need  help,  at  your   discretion   o Leave  Mrs.  Mellor’s  stuff  in  the  same  or   better  condition  in  which  you  found  it!  

UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR:   o Closing  up  or  leaving  class  before  its   dismissal  by  the  instructor,  not  the  bell   o Profanity  (verbal,  physical,  symbolic  or   written)   o Cheating  in  any  form  (including  copying   homework,  telling/asking  others  what  is   on  a  Test  or  Quiz)   o Disrespect  or  general  surliness  toward   instructor  or  classmates  (affects   Participation  Grade)   o Sleeping,  or  head  down  on  desk,  working   on  other  material  (affects  Participation   Grade)   o Not  taking  care  of  this  space  (trash,   writing/gum  on  desks,  etc.)   o Incomplete,  non-­‐existent  or  uncorrected   HW  Assignments  (affects  HW  Grade)   o Waiting  until  the  day  of  (or  the  day  before)   the  Test  to  request  assistance  in  learning   major  topics  –  this  is  unwise   o Fishing  for  hints  during  Tests  –  this  is  my   day  to  ask  you  the  questions   o Absence  from  class,  especially  if  there  is  a   recurrence  on  Test  days  (affects   Participation  Grade)   o Removing  anything  from  the  classroom   which  is  not  yours   o Asking  if  there  is  any  extra  credit  work   you  can  do  to  “bring  up  your  grade”  –   aaaaaaagh!!!   o Using  a  pen  on  coursework,  except  when   specifically  instructed  to  use  one  (affects   Participation  Grade  or  grade  on   assignment)  


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