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Houston Christian High School Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Art Best of Show 2D & 3D Tommy Tune Award Winner for Best Choreography 9 Tommy Tune Award Nominations last year including Best Show, Best Actor, & Best Actress HCHS Band - Sweepstakes Winner • Digital Music – State Winners HCHS Orchestra - Sweepstakes Winner State Vocal Winners • 2011 Choir Carnegie Hall Appearance

- Fi n e A r ts Co u n ci l M e m b e r Le ve l s Fan ( <$100) •

Patr on * ( $100+ )

1 V ot ing • m em bership Not if ic at ion of • ev ent s P rogram • R ec ognit ion

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2 V ot ing m em berships Not if ic at ion of ev ent s P rogram R ec ognit ion

Benefactor ( $250+ ) • • •

P at ron B enef it s plus A dv anc e t ic ket purc hase P riv at e rec ept ion at selec t ed ev ent s

Di r ector ’ s Ci r cl e _ _ _ ( $500+ ) • •

B enef ac t or B enef it s plus R eserv ed seat ing f or all f am ily m em bers

Pr oducer ’ s Chai r _ _ _ ( $1, 000+ ) • •

D irec t or’s B enef it s plus 2 t ic ket s t o all FA C t ic ket ed ev ent s

Fine Arts Council Membership Application – 2011-2012 Detach completed application and mail to address below or include with completed e-packet. Parent Name(s):_____________________________________________________ Fine Arts Interest(s):  Art  Band  Choir  Dance  Drama  Musical Theatre  Orchestra Student Name:_____________________________________________________________Grade:______ Student Name:_____________________________________________________________Grade:______ Address:_____________________________________________City:_________________Zip:_________ Home Phone:_______________________Email:______________________________________________

I Suppor t H CH S Fine Ar ts ! I w ant to be a member at the follow ing level:  Fan (any donation)  Patron ($100+)  Benefactor ($250+)  Director’s Circle ($500+)  Producer’s Chair ($1,000+) Method of Payment:  Cash  Check (made payable to HCHS – Fine Arts Council) Mail to: Kathy Caldwell/FAC at Houston Christian High School 2700 W. Sam Houston Parkway N., Houston, TX 77043

Houston Christian High School is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Fine Arts Council contributions are tax deductible as per applicable tax laws.