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Section 1.6 - Classify polygons What the student should get from this: 1. Define types of polygons 2. Classify polygons by number of sides What始s a Polygon? First, a polygon is a _________________ figure. It is formed by three or more line segments called ______________. Each side intersects exactly two sides at their endpoints... Example of polygons:

Examples of non-polygons:

There are two general types of polygons: Convex and Non-convex Examples of convex polygons:

Examples of non-convex polygons:

Polygons are classified by the number of sides. Number of Sides 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 21 n infinite

Type of Polygon

A couple of definitions... Equilateral Draw and equilateral triangle.

Equiangular Draw an equiangular quadrilateral.

Regular polygon -

Draw the following: An equilateral quadrilateral

A regular hexagon

A non-convex pentagon

An n-gon

Assignment: p.44 #s 3-6 all, 8-13 all, 15, 16, 24-27 all, 29, 30, 33-36 all. Show work. Draw all pictures. Due next period.