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MASTER LEADERSHIP: “True Leadership is when others follow you even when they don’t have to.” -- EDWIN HAYNES

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Edwin &Andrea Haynes “Each of our lives can be viewed like a series of stages through which we must pass and transform. Each of us is a work in progress and every stage has a purpose. Every stage, whether exultant or arduous, plays a major role in building our character and delivering us to our destiny. Seeking success can be an overwhelming experience. You may be tempted to give up. If you hit a roadblock, simply find another route around what prohibits your success.”-- EDWIN HAYNES

INSPIRATION: “You are much closer to your dream than it seems; so keep right on stepping.” -- AUBREY R. TAYLOR


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Succeed! True leadership is when others follow you even when they don't have to. There is a distinct difference between being a leader and being a dictator. Dictators are followed out of fear, but true leaders are followed out of respect. A leader’s job is to steer or influence others to work toward obtaining a desired goal. It takes an extraordinary person to convince and inspire others to take action or to follow your lead. I mentor thousands of people therefore, being a leader means being a leader in every aspect of my life, not just in a professional world. My prerequisite for leadership has everything to do with the maintenance of my personal, professional and spiritual life. Without that my organization would never be able to trust me in any aspect of life, including business. As a child, I loved watching my father work to build his business. I was always right by his side trying to learn how to be just like him. It seemed that he did everything with determined effort that consistently produced winning results. I possessed an enduring yearning to be like my father. This yearning could only be nourished by his powerful example of leadership. Good leaders do just that: they possess the ability to take people forward. The best leaders are those who can relate to a wide variety of personalities with a positive attitude. Keeping an open mind and educating myself on various cultural, community and regional business practices is very important to me. I invest in relationship building, books, videos, DVD’s and CD’s to aid continuous education on how to respect various personalities as well as humbly communicate with others. Leadership is never solely about me—how far I’ve come, nor how far I’m going. I desire to empower and to create the conditions that allow others to develop and prosper. Strong leaders are dedicated to the economic, emotional, and spiritual advancement of others. Several years ago, my business partners and I developed an operating philosophy that includes taking a look at our personal goals once a year. This allows us to finalize our personal goals prior to entering a new year. More importantly, this practice allows us to focus on the goals of the thousands of individuals we serve. It’s all about service. Our motto: We believe that as you advance and acquire a leadership role, you should continue to serve others.

Edwin Haynes Best Selling Author, International Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Coach “You Have Permission to Succeed”


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Houston Business Connections




Houston Business Connections

MESSAGE Our Next Edition Will Be Released on Friday, October 18th, 2013 Aubrey R. Taylor Publisher/Chief Executive Officer In 1965 the Harris County Domed Stadium (today known as the Reliant Astrodome) was nicknamed the “Eight Wonder of the World”. But the structure once called “a wonder” by some, is being called “an eye-sore” and even an ugly old building whose days are number by others. But for me, I can remember visiting the massive structure known as the Houston Astrodome and marveling at its awesomeness and splendor as a child. I didn’t go there much — as we couldn’t afford too. But I think that was why the times I was able to go were so special to me. There’s a part of me that somehow just doesn’t seem to want to let go; so I’m pulling for the dome to live on and I’m hoping you’re doing the same. THE FIRST OF ITS KIND The world’s first multipurpose domed sports stadium has brought us both good times and bad; memories we would like to hold on to forever, and a few we would like to perhaps forget as it relates to sports. READY FOR A NEW DOME EXPERIENCE? The Harris County Sports & Convention Corp plans to honor the dome’s legacy through a $194 million project dubbed “The New Dome Experience”. Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 5, 2013. Early voting begins on Mon., Oct. 21st.

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Mayor Annise Parker Shares A Few Thoughts On How She Goes About Identifying the best Candidate In An Election AUBREY R. TAYLOR: “As a voter, how do you go about selecting the person who is the best candidate in any given election? And what are a few of the characteristics you look for in a leader?” MAYOR ANNISE PARKER: “It is wrong to run for office just to be in politics; elected officeholders should want to work toward change that will improve the lives of those they represent. I have often said that my job is the best job available because I have the opportunity everyday to truly impact our great city and its residents for the better. When I am personally deciding which candidates to support in an election, obviously, I look for someone who shares my views and positions on the issues. I also look for someone who is passionate, exhibits leadership qualities and is motivated to serve. Leadership is not simply taking the reigns and getting the job done. A leader also has to be willing to listen to different points of view, flexible enough to change course when the original path proves unworkable or will create an undesirable outcome. And a leader must be willing to compromise. They need to be genuinely concerned about their constituents, and about improving the area they will represent. Ultimately, however, a leader needs to be able to generate consensus through a cooperative approach and stand strong even when the final decision may not be politically popular.”

Annise Parker Annise Parker The 61st Mayor of Houston, Texas


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Houston Business Connections


Vice Mayor Pro-Tem C.O. “Brad” Bradford Shares A Few Thoughts On How he Goes About Identifying the best Candidate In An Election AUBREY R. TAYLOR: “As a voter, how do you go about selecting the person who is the best candidate in any given election?” VICE MAYOR PRO-TEM BRADFORD: “Who is the best candidate will surely, and properly so, vary from voter to voter. As a voter, I am concerned with someone who brings experience, training and education to the arena. Many of the issues facing our city, state and nation today are complex and multifaceted. The demand for services constantly increases and public resources seem to dwindle. Our population is more and more diverse with high, varied expectations. Therefore, it is my belief that managing the financial and human resources, along with capital assets entrusted to public officials today requires in-depth knowledge and skills.” AUBREY R. TAYLOR: “What are a few of the characteristics you look for in a leader?” VICE MAYOR PRO-TEM BRADFORD: “Leaders need to be able to inspire! Transforming a vision into a plan and subsequent implementation is no easy task. Leaders understand that reward is attached to performance and that anything worth having isn’t easy to get. Leaders demonstrate that it is nice to be important, but more important to be nice. And, at the end of the day, when it is all said and done, it is not going to matter how many degrees we have, what titles or what positions we’ve held. The question is going to be, ‘what have you done to help others?’ Leaders have a love for humanity and a passion to make a difference for the greater good of all.”

C.O. “Brad” Bradford C.O. “Brad” Bradford Vice Mayor Pro-Tem Houston City Council, At Large Position 4 10

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President of CARE USA to speak at Rice’s 2014 commencement Dr. Helene Gayle, president and CEO of the global poverty-fighting organization CARE USA, will be Rice University’s commencement speaker for 2014. CARE’s mission is to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world. Gayle has led the organization since 2006, and last year CARE’s programs reached 122 million people in 84 countries. CARE was founded in 1945 to provide relief to survivors of World War II. The organization continues to deliver emergency aid to survivors of war and natural disasters, but its special focus is on working alongside poor women who, if equipped with the proper resources, have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty. CARE’s community-based efforts include improving basic education, preventing the spread of disease, increasing access to clean water and sanitation, expanding economic opportunity and protecting natural resources.


-----------------------------------Rice’s 101st commencement will be held May 17, 2014. Houston Business Connections


Missouri City has double digit commercial growth, says Mayor By BARBARA FULENWIDER Fort Bend Independent Missouri City Mayor Allen Owen told his audience of more than 300 guests that giving his annual state of the city address this year was a “milestone” because the event was being held in Missouri City for the first time at the recently completed City Centre in Quail Valley. He then went on to say that Rice University recently named Missouri City as one of the most diverse cities in the region. “Diversity has become a very important part of our community,” he said, and added that the strategic proximity and a highly educated workforce continually attract new businesses. Because the city’s goal has been to attract businesses and lower homeowner property taxes, Owen said that over the past five years 14

Houston Business Connections

Missouri City has had a double digit increase in commercial growth and that development is taking place city wide, not just in certain areas. “Companies choosing to break new business ground here,” Owen said, include Niagara Bottling, Southwest Electronic Energy, Warren Alloy, Bimbo Bakeries, CNC Manufacturing and they have all located in Lakeview Business Park. “Niagara Bottling,” Owen said, “is the nation’s second largest water bottling firm. It has started production in its 356,000 square-foot plant and will soon install a second line, with a third to be added in 2014.” Warren Alloy is a major supplier of stainless steel pipe, fittings and flanges and is operating out of its 156,00-square-foot building. In 2014 its parent company, Allied Fittings Group, plans to build a 250,000-square-foot distribu-

tion facility in Lakeview. Southwest Electronic Energy designs and manufactures lithium-ion battery packs in its 62,500-square-foot facility in Lakeview Business Park, and Bimbo Bakeries, owner of Mrs. Baird Bread and other bakery brands, is building a 20,000-square-foot facility and will distribute products throughout the Houston area. CNC Manufacturing is to start construction on its 72,000-square-foot high automated computerized machine shop late in the second quarter of this year and plans to occupy the space by the first quarter of 2014. Owen also said that the Missouri City staff is currently working with a food manufacturer about buying 20 acres in Lakeview to build a 250,000square-foot facility. While the Lakeview Business Park continues to fill up with businesses so does the


South Gessner Road business corridor. In the Beltway Crossing Complex, Owen said, Ben E. Keith Foods is close to completing its 450,000square-foot facility that will be the company’s base for Gulf Coast distributions of hot and cold food products to restaurants, convenience stores and companies that prepare food. Ben E. Keith will open in June with its current 250 employees and will grow that. “They are and will be the city’s largest employer.” The mayor noted that “Ben E. Keith trucks say ‘Missouri City, Texas’ on the bottom, so thank you.” Then he talked about Twin Star Packaging, the company that packages trays of Frito-Lay products. They have built two more buildings, and American Tire is leasing space also. Fort Bend Brewing Co. is the first craft brewery to open in Missouri City. Their product is sold in grocery stores, restaurants and around town. You can also take a tour of the brewery on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month. The mayor also noted that Twin Star Bakery is cooking up sweet treats in its 276,000square-foot bakery and distribution center. Stream Realty Group, which originally built two buildings in the complex and leased them to Charming Charlie’s and Professional Packaging, recently built two more. American Tire Distributors leased one and Frank’s Supply, an automotive parts distributor leased the other. Stream Realty is looking at buying another 15 acres on which to build two more buildings, Owen said. Bearden Development, which built the office/warehouse buildings on Stafford Road at Pike Road, has announced they will build two new warehouses of about 25,000 square feet each. Trammel Crow, the developer of Lakeview Business Park, also plans to build two new warehouses. One would be about 95,000 square feet and the other 150,000. Owen said Missouri City now has a second Wal-Mart near Fort Bend Parkway and a Dunkin Donuts at Sienna Parkway and Hwy. 6. There is also a new Raising Cane’s at Murphy Road and Hwy. 6 and a second hotel, Hampton Inn, is to open at Colonial Lake Drive and Hwy. 6. “What all of this means for Missouri City is over $500 million worth of new business to the city and over 1,500 new jobs. Companies like Ben E. Keith and Niagara have held employment workshops and seminars here where they’ve hired local people. “We will have a daily workforce that will actually work in the city. When we talk to restaurants about coming into our city they want people all day long, so with a workforce of some 1,500 people we can now talk about how many people we have who are going somewhere else to eat,” the mayor said. Owen also said there will be an ongoing dialogue with the city’s business people every second Thursday of each month. On June 13th he said the group will tour the Port of Houston and on June 28th Houston Community College personnel will give a presentation and on Aug. 15, the new Fort Bend ISD Superintendent Charles Dupre will talk about his “first three months on the job.” The mayor also noted that next year the

Missouri City Mayor Allen Owen will be up for re-election in May of 2014. Houston Business Connections


Missouri City has double digit commercial growth, says Mayor city will “have a significant bond issue on the ballot for necessary improvements throughout the city.” He said the bond exploratory committee made up of residents from all over the community is deciding what the bonds will pay for. “There are now $27 million authorized in bonds that will be used for drainage projects citywide. The bond issue next year will build on previous referendums and benefit the city over the next decade,” he said.

He then thanked Bob Graf, the economic development director of Missouri City who got the ball rolling and who is retiring at the end of June. “You’ve worked with half of the people in this room and the school district, the water district, the county. It was your leadership that has directed us and guided us through all that growth,” Owen told Graf. The mayor noted that the city’s $50 million wastewater and fresh water treatment plant is up

and running. “This program started 12 years ago and we now have it in place and it holds 100 million gallons of water. There were 40 different partners in this. “We have so many MUDS (municipal utility districts) that I jokingly call Missouri City the MUD capital of the world but it took all the MUDs, the county and FBISD working together” to make the plan a reality. He then went on to talk about mobility and how he will continue

to work to get a commuter rail line to his town, how the esplanades along Hwy. 6 may not be liked by motorists but are necessary for safety, how much the public likes the blinking yellow lights that are turn signals and noted that Missouri City and Stafford now share a new and larger animal shelter. “Our main priority are our citizens and our community partnership,” Owen said.

Niagara Bottling Company Holds Grand Opening and Open House at New Plant in Missouri City Niagara Bottling Company, the second largest private label bottling company in the United States and officials with the City of Missouri City hosted an invitation-only Grand Opening and Open House at the 356,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center in Missouri City, located at 14810 Fairway Pines in Lakeview Business Park. The event was held on Friday, July 12, as Niagara officially “opened for

business” in the “Show Me City.” The high-stepping Mighty Eagle Band from Willowridge High School performed at the Grand Opening, followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony in front of the new facility by area dignitaries and Niagara Bottling Company representatives. About 125 people attended the Grand Opening and Open House, held under large tents outside the facility and were served a

Willowridge High School Marching Band provided entertainment for the grand opening at Niagara Bottling Co. 16

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delicious lunch of steak wrapped in bacon, chicken, sausage, rice, mashed potatoes and dessert. Attendees were invited to tour the plant and see the latest technology inside its walls. According to Niagara officials, the plant has a capacity to make 1350 water bottles a minute, 81,000 bottles an hour and 2.3 to 2.5 million bottles each day. The company makes its own water bottles, which are distributed nationwide under several brand names and Niagara’s private label bottled water. Mayor Allen Owen stated that Missouri City is proud to be chosen as the location for the new state-ofthe art bottling company that has been in operation for 50 years, with Missouri City as the location for the company’s 12th plant. Mayor Owen also praised members of Missouri City’s team responsible for bringing the plant to the “Show Me City,” including City Manager Ed Broussard, Assistant City Manager Scott Elmer and Economic Development Coordinator Bob Graf. “We’re behind you 100 per-

cent,” said Owen, “We had to compete against different states and cities to get you here and we wanted to show you what the “Show Me City” can do. For many years Missouri City was a bedroom community. Your business is something we’ve wanted for a long time, and provides a workplace and jobs for our residents.” He continued, “I love seeing Missouri City on your water bottles. When Costco opens its new store in Sugar Land, it will be selling Niagara water, so the people in Sugar Land can drink Missouri City water.” Niagara Bottling Company President Andrew Peykoff the Second spoke about his father, who founded the company. “My father, Andy Peykoff, Senior, came to the United States from Macedonia in 1963 when he was 25 years old and settled in California. He began his career as a milkman and later became a water man. After the business got off the ground, one of his sons went doorto-door selling water, and the company has grown from those humble beginnings.”

Missouri City Mayor Allen Owen, (pictured center), along with other area dignitaries and Niagara Bottling Co. officials cut the ribbon at the company's new plant in Missouri City. Andrew Peykoff, Sr., started bottling high quality, low cost water in five-gallon glass containers for home and office delivery. In the early 1990’s, Niagara expanded into offering singleserve private label bottled water for grocery and convenience stores, as well as wholesale customers with a focus on offering an unmatched combination of quality, price, and service. Throughout the following decade, Niagara’s significant developments in vertical integration, innovative bottle design, and high speed manufacturing positioned the company as the industry leading private label bottled water supplier in the Western United States. The Niagara family owns and operates the company, with Andrew Peykoff II becoming President and CEO in 2002. Since then, Niagara has established itself as a national leader in energy saving techniques at its geographically di-

versified production facilities throughout the United States. According to Andrew Peykoff, Senior, “We produce the lightest bottles in the world with the least carbon footprint. We are proud that Niagara leads the way in every green initiative including lightweight bottles, lightweight bottle caps and with bottles that weigh one-third of what they did just a few years ago. We are also the most energy efficient. We developed “nested packaging” that does not include cardboard which saves 900,000 trees a year. Our bottles are also 100 percent recyclable.” He concluded, “It’s amazing that less than a year ago this was a field. The new plant is good for us and good for this community.” Many other dignitaries were in attendance including Mayor Pro Tem Jerry Wyatt, and Council Members Don Smith, Floyd Emery, and Yolanda Ford, Former

City Council Member Buddy Jimerson, Meadows Place Mayor Charles Jessup, Rosenberg Mayor Vincent Morales, a representative from Fort Bend ISD, County Commissioners Grady Prestage and James Patterson, and representatives from the offices of Governor Rick Perry and State Senator Rodney Ellis, among others. Congressman Al Green lauded Niagara Bottling Company’s 50th anniversary celebration. “America is the greatest country to live in and we are proud to have Niagara Bottling Company locate in Missouri City.” State Representative Ron Reynolds said, “You have chosen the greatest city in the greatest state in the greatest country to locate in. It’s also the best County and this is just the beginning. We know Niagara will eventually double their production, making it necessary to build more houses for future employees.”

Fort Bend County Commissioner Grady Prestage also welcomed Niagara Bottling Company to Missouri City. “I want Niagara to know that Missouri City is the best city in the State to locate in,” proclaimed Prestage. Currently 88 people are employed at the factory with a target of 94. The plant features laser guided vehicles that are the latest technology in the world. They assist with loading bottles onto trucks and other duties throughout the facility. For its efforts in attracting Niagara Bottling Company to Missouri City and the City’s commitment to private-public partnerships, the “Show Me City” was recognized with the prestigious 2012 Community Economic Development Award from the Texas Economic Development Council.

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Google Names Bauer MBAs Best in Americas in Online Marketing Challenge Bauer MBA Team Google announced recently that a team of four MBA students from the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston are the Americas champions of the 2013 Google Online Marketing Challenge. The team, comprised of Bauer MBA students Heather Nguyen, Jason Ruth, Adam Jalfon and James McLellan, competed against 12,000 students from more than 80 countries to become the Americas Winner in the challenge, which allows college students to display their skills in advertising, ecommerce, integrated communication, management information systems, marketing and new media technologies. Bauer teams have competed in the challenge for the past four years, with the 2011 team taking the global title. “To have a company like Google once again recognize the strength and aptitude of these Bauer MBA students is humbling,” Dean Latha Ramchand said. “We are so proud of their achievement and will continue to build curriculum around innovative and evolving aspects of the business world.” Preparation for the competition began months before the team submitted its final report. To begin the process, the Bauer students selected a client — the Children’s Museum of Houston — and analyzed the company’s business and marketing needs. Then, the team 18

Houston Business Connections

drafted a pre-campaign report, according to a rubric provided by Google. After submitting the report online, the team was given an online Google AdWords account and $250 from Google for a three-week campaign to improve online marketing efforts for the museum. “Forester Research forecasts that spending for U.S. online marketing will be $50 billion this year. Being able to design, create and execute an online marketing campaign for $250 that cuts through that noise and is judged by Google, industry professionals and academic experts to be the most effective in all of North, South and Central America is a herculean accomplishment. And, being recognized twice in the past three years as either the best in the Americas or the best in the world for online marketing is reflective of the quality of UH Bauer College marketing students,” said Executive Professor Steven Koch, the team’s faculty advisor. The students came together in a course taught by Koch. In order to be accepted into the class, students were interviewed and required to complete a course in Internet Marketing and Ecommerce. “I highly value my time at Bauer because I am gaining much more than a graduate degree,” said Nguyen, president of the college’s MBA Society and marketing club. “We have opportunities to partici-


pate in challenging projects like this that can impact real businesses. This ‘beyond the textbook’ approach and the quality of the professors at Bauer are major factors in our team’s success.” Her teammate Jason Ruth agreed. “I decided to obtain an MBA in order to develop an analytics approach to understanding business and providing practical solutions,” he said. “Bauer College did just that by helping me expand my horizons and focusing my business awareness. From my first class on understanding financial models to my classes delving into internet marketing and web analytics, the classes at Bauer helped me develop the skills I needed to take an analytic approach as well as to strategize realistic solutions to real-life business problems. These skills aided me in working with my teammates to create strategies, measure their successes and then adapt the best strategy for the client.” “I am very proud to have taken part in the Google Online Marketing Challenge and to represent Bauer College and the University of Houston,” Ruth added. “I couldn’t have asked

Conducts Online Campaign for Children’s Museum of Houston, Is Named Best in the Americas by Google

for a better team — we worked together tirelessly to create a strategy for our client and to adapt and improve it as the competition progressed. And, Professor Koch is a world-class professor. Without his coaching, none of this would have been possible for our team.” The team’s campaign, while running, was constantly evaluated, in real time, by Google using 30 performance algorithms, grouped into five constructs — account structure, optimization techniques, account activity and reporting, and budget and performance. The team’s pre and post written reports were evaluated by a panel of industry experts, Google executives and academicians using a preset rubric. This is the fourth year for a Bauer MBA team to enter the competition. In 2011, four Bauer MBAs were named global champions with their plan for the Houston Symphony. By Jessica Navarro

A team of four Bauer MBA students, including (left to right) James McLellan, Heather Nguyen, Jason Ruth and Adam Jalfon, are the Americas champions for the 2013 Google Online Marketing Challenge for their campaign for the Children’s Museum of Houston.

Bellaire HS grad named Bauer Excellence Scholar at UH When it came time to choose a college, freshman Sarah Nguyen didn’t have any trouble picking the University of Houston. Nguyen, a Bellaire High School graduate, was awarded a renewable $10,000 scholarship as part of the Bauer Excellence Initiative, a recruiting program that aims to attract qualified applicants. Nguyen also received the renewable Academic Excellence award from UH, a scholarship all incoming freshman are considered for. The scholarships helped Nguyen choose UH over other schools. “It’s already a good school, and a lot of my family is in Houston,” Nguyen said. “The scholarship made my decision much easier because debt after graduation isn’t an ideal life.” UH’s diversity was also appealing to Nguyen, who was co-president of an international student association at Bellaire. When she came back from orientation, she was excited and knew she had made the right decision. Nguyen plans to take her time this semester to figure out what she wants to focus on academically but hopes to study something related to energy and sustainability. At BHS, she was involved in environment and animal-rights clubs and “enjoys being innovative and helping that part of the world,” Nguyen said. She’s already interested in the Global Energy Management track and professional program at the Bauer College and is considering studying abroad. “Whatever field I want to go into, it’s still (going to be) at Bauer at UH,” Nguyen said. “I just don’t want to go 100 percent in one direction and be heartbroken to find out I don’t like it.” Although it’s only been one week, Nguyen is enjoying the Bauer and Honors College mentor groups she’s part of, which also help UH feel smaller, she said. “Everyday I’m hearing a new ranking,” Nguyen said. “It’s impressing me. - By Sarah Tucker


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Sarah Nguyen, a Bellaire High School graduate, was awarded a Bauer Excellence Initiative Scholarship for her high school academics.

Hines Named TIPHC Director DR. LASON HINES has been named the director of the Texas Institute for the Preservation of History and Culture in the School of Architecture. Hines, with experience in communications and grant writing, she will be instrumental in moving the TIPHC center forward for the school and in the community. She will also be responsible for the publication of Journal of History and Culture, a peer-reviewed publication. She also seeks to engage the community and university departments in the preservation and collection of Texas history and culture through such offerings as the upcoming exhibit of Prairie View A&M University Presidents during Homecoming week. -----------------------------------------------------------

Tsadick Appointed Associate General Counsel The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has announced the appointment of KRISTY BERNARD TSADICK as associate general counsel. Tsadick, most recently legal counsel for the Council on Foundations, earlier served as an associate at the firms of Caplin & Drysdale and Winston & Strawn. In her new role at the Hewlett Foundation she will serve as lead counsel for grants management and program teams and will also assist in staff training. "Kristy has a profound understanding of the complicated web of government regulations, tax laws and ethical considerations that modern charitable organizations must address virtually every day," said foundation general counsel Elizabeth Peters, "and we couldn't be more thrilled to have her on our team."

Dr. Hines


Schoelkopf Appointed to Advisory Panel Schoelko


The David and Lucile Packard Foundation has announced the appointment of ROBERT SCHOELKOPF to the Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering advisory panel, which selects fellowship recipients. Schoelkopf, a Yale University Sterling Professor of Applied Physics, is also physics and associate director of the Yale Institute for Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering. Recipient of a Packard fellowship thirteen years ago, Schoelkopf was part of a team that created the field of circuit quantum electrodynamics, which enables quantum information to be distributed by microwave signals on wires. Earlier in his career he was an electrical/cryogenic engineer in the Laboratory for High-Energy Astrophysics at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, where he developed low-temperature radiation detectors and cryogenic instrumentation for future space missions. "As a former Packard Fellow, I am honored to join this distinguished group of scientists," said Schoelkopf. "The Packard Fellowship allowed me the freedom to take risks and explore new ideas early in my career. I am excited to join the advisory panel, meet some of the future superstars in a wide spectrum of science and engineering, and help them on their way via this important program." Houston Business Connections


Gov. Perry Signs Religious Freedoms Bill Gov. Rick Perry recently signed House Bill 308, which allows public school students and staff to use traditional holiday greetings and display religious scenes and symbols on school property. The governor was joined by bill author Rep. Dwayne Bohac and sponsor Sen. Robert Nichols for the signing ceremony. "I'm proud we are standing up for religious freedom in our state," Gov. Perry said. "Freedom of religion doesn't mean freedom from religion, and people of faith often feel like they can't ex-


"I'm proud we are standing up for religious freedom in our state." -- Gov. Perry

press that faith publicly. HB 308 works to address that by ensuring that people of all faiths are free to use traditional holiday greetings, and display religious scenes and symbols, even on school property. It ensures freedom of expression where, for many students, teachers and administrators, it's most important." HB 308 ensures that adherence to one particular religion is not in practice, but rather allows the freedom of expression toward religious holidays to be a part of our schools. By allowing teachers to display various holiday symbols associated with certain religions, they are able to educate students about the history and roots of different religions. "I am proud to have authored the Merry Christmas Bill which allows students, parents, teachers and administrators the freedom to acknowledge traditional winter holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah in Texas public schools without fear of litigation or punishment," Rep. Bohac said. "When I picked up my 6-year-old, first grader from school and found out school districts and teachers felt pressured by political correctness to change the way they refer to ‘Christmas trees' and Santa and holiday music, I had enough. HB 308 protects schools and teachers from ridiculous litigation and restores common sense by placing Supreme Court precedent into Texas Law." "I have heard from many constituents who dislike that it is becoming less culturally acceptable to openly celebrate these holidays in the ways past generations have," Sen. Nichols said. "To me, this is a matter of helping our teachers and administrators feel safe talking about these holidays at school without fear of legal action being taken against them, and of letting our children know that it's okay to say ‘Merry Christmas.'" 22

Houston Business Connections

Houston Business Connections


President Barack Obama meets with Members of Congress to discuss S Room of the White House, Sept. 3, 2013. (Official White House Photo by

Texas Congressman Says President’s Plan is a Mistake ‘This is not the way to restore America’s credibility’ CONGRESSMAN KEVIN BRADY (R-TX) released the following statement regarding the President’s call to engage Syria with American military assets: “I believe this is a mistake. The credibility America has lost over the last few years can’t be restored with two days of politically-correct missile strikes in which the message to Assad appears to be ‘feel free to keep killing innocent Syrians, just don’t use poison gas to do it.’ “America’s real national security interest in the region is protecting our friend Israel. What President Obama has proposed is not the type of strong, forceful military action necessary to deter North Korea and Iran from developing nuclear weapons. They’ll laugh at this ‘message’ and continue to build their weapons. “I’m not going to risk our precious military resources on an ineffective, unproductive mission.”

Congres sman Br ady


Kessler Appointed President of the Rutgers University Foundation Rutgers University has announced the appointment of NEVIN E. KESSLER as president of the Rutgers University Foundation and executive vice president for development and alumni relations, effective October 14. Kessler, most recently president of the North Carolina State University Foundation, earlier served as associate dean for development and alumni relations at the Yale School of Management and held senior fundraising positions at the University of Connecticut and Virginia Tech.


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Kess le



Syria in the Cabinet y Pete Souza)

Dear Citizens-District D: I am Georgia Provost, a candidate for City Council District D. I am a mother, a proud graduate of historic “TSU” Texas Southern University and a business owner in the City of Houston. I want to be your “SERVANT” at City Hall. I will prayerfully listen to your concerns and issues, and together, we will find solutions and moved forward with a “YES WE CAN ATTITUDE”.

Georgia Georgia D. Provost 3821 N. MacGregor Way Houston, Texas 77004 (713)942-7374 I (281)704-6655

Leadership You Can Trust!


On Tuesday, November 5, 2013 Harris County voters will have their say on the fat trodome. Early voting will take place from Monday, October 21st through Friday, N

Lindstrom leaving Mental Health America

The Houston Astrodome Could Have A New Life on the Horizon READY FOR A NEW DOME EXPERIENCE? The Harris County Sports & Convention Corp plans to honor the dome’s legacy through a $194 million project dubbed “The New Dome Experience”. Are you ready for a new dome experience?

Mental Health America has announced the planned departure of its president and CEO, WAYNE W. LINDSTROM, effective September 19, and the appointment of DAVID SHERN as interim CEO. Shern is currently science advisor for Mental Health America and served as CEO of the organization from 2006-12. Lindstrom is leaving to pursue new opportunities associated with his interest in the Affordable Care Act's coverage of mental healthcare. -------------------------------

Don’t forget to vote on Tues., Nov. 5, 2013.

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Eric Anyah Appointed Chief Financial Officer of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

In other news, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, has announced the appointment of ERIC O. ANYAH as chief financial officer. Anyah comes to the museum from the Art Institute of Chicago, which he joined in 2003 as vice president of budget, financial and strategic planning and left as executive vice president and CFO. Earlier, he worked in finance and budget roles at a variety of organizations, including the Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities, the University of Chicago, and the United States offices of software company Pindar Systems. Anyah will begin his new role in October, succeeding GWENDOLYN H. GOFFE, who is retiring after twentyfive years at the museum.


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te of the Houston AsNovember 1st, 2013.

Enrolling Now!!!

Stephanie Boutte-Phillips Administrator

Need work? Get Trained... Call Houston’s Training & Education Center to find out how you can become a: * Medical Assistant * Computerized Office Adminstrator * Computer Support Specialist * Computerized Accounting Specialist * Heating & Air Conditioning (HVAC) * Houston’s Training & Education Center can help you get your GED and learn English as a Second Language. * Classes Available Monday-Thursday 8am-1pm * 1pm-6pm * 6pm-10pm


Citizens Set to Celebrate 30th Annual National Night Out on Tue., Oct. 1 Community unity will be on display citywide on Tuesday, Oct. 1, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., as residents across Missouri City celebrate the 30th Annual National Night Out. Neighborhoods will host block parties and annual homeowners’ association meetings featuring good food, fellowship and fun in observance of the public safety initiative. The events are designed to encourage neighbors to get to know each other and partner with police officers, firefighters, City Council and staff to prevent crime. And, for the fourth consecutive year, a “Pre-National Night Out Kick-Off” launch will be hosted by Missouri City’s Finest and Bravest. The 2013 kick-off will be held on Saturday, Sept. 28 at 5 p.m. at the Police Depart-

we O r o y a M



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ment Mini-Station, 1700-A Texas Pkwy. Then, on Oct. 1, the official date cities statewide will celebrate National Night Out, citizens will gather in the Target parking lot on Highway 6 at Murphy Road, at 5 p.m. Members of the Fire & Rescue Services and the Police Department, including the Burglary and Auto Theft Taskforce and the Dive, SWAT, Bike Patrol and ATV Search Teams, will attend the Sept. 28 and Oct. 1 events to greet participants and hand out crime-prevention materials. Police vehicles, tactical equipment, a Ladder Truck and Rescue Boat will also be on display. Residents can register block parties and pick up National Night Out supplies on Monday, Sept. 23 from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Public Safety Headquarters, 3849 Cartwright Rd. Block party hosts who register on that date will receive a free “National Night Out T-shirt and cap”. For more information on how to get involved in the safe streets initiative, residents can visit or call Evett Kelly, Community Resource Officer for the Police Department, at 281-403-5830 or email her at


Sean Seibert -- Republican for United States Congress -- District 18

FEATURED SPONSOR Your Humble Servant,

Sean Seibert

Sean Seibert -----------------------------------------------------------

Dear 18th Congressional District Voters, During our 2012 campaign, you helped us achieve history on many levels. Because of your efforts, we received more votes than anyone ever has against Sheila Jackson Lee. Additionally, your donations and efforts had our campaign named to the Republican National Congressional Committees’ “Young Gun Program”, another first for the 18thDistrict. Out of the 264 precincts in the district, we received votes in all but 20 of them, and in 84 of those, we were less than 200 votes behind. I want to thank those of you that became Neighborhood Leaders. Your efforts ensured we dominated those precincts, with average vote

count above 60%. In addition we won 8 of the 11 precincts we block walked. I will be entering the race for the 2014 election as a Republican Candidate for District 18. For the past eight months, I have been working on building relationships in many communities and building our winning team for the 2014 Campaign. Now I need your help in recruiting Neighborhood Leaders, area leaders, spreading the word of our campaign, and fundraising. Please email to begin your support for Sean Seibert today! We appreciate and need your support to win. Thank you in advance for all of your support and I am looking forward to a great and successful election run for 2014.

Pd. Pol. Ad by Sean Seibert for Congress: P.O. Box 31758, Houston, Texas 77231

JOIN THE MOVEMENT: The Houston Area Urban League Young Professionals (HAULYP), a premiere Young Professionals’ Organization in the City of Houston. HAULYP is an organization that reaches out to the Community, that is engaged Civically, develops its members Professionally, and excites them Socially. Please visit, and we hope to see you at our next meeting.

Join the YP Movement! The Houston Area Urban League Young Professionals is a diverse group of individuals empowering our communities by heeding the call to action! Through civic engagement, community service and professional development, our network of young professionals works to secure economic selfreliance, power, parity and civil rights to groups in the minority. This is your call to action. Join our extensive network of professionals who impact the communities that we work and live in. Our multi-faceted, “You don’t make growing membership is comprised primarily of young professionals in the age range of 21 – 40 progress by standing that represent various industries and professions on the sidelines…You throughout Houston. General Body Meetings When: 2nd Tuesday of Every Month Time: 6:30PM Location: HAUL Building 1301 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002


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make progress by implementing ideas.” -- Shirley Chisholm

Small Business Spotlight: Chris Green Chris Green’s ability to breakdown different philosophies, to help generate results in people’s lives, is priceless! The energy that Chris provides helps his audience accept concepts that lead them to believe, achieve, and receive the things that they deserve. He does a great job in captivating people’s emotions and helping them make better decisions to accomplish their desires. His unique training methods, previous basketball workouts, and consistent work habits have helped his clients to reach their desires and goals. Chris helps develop all his clients to build their confidence to believe, achieve and receive their desires. Chris has created a proven system, which he has studied for years. One of his philosophies is to understand yourself internally, which will help you produce the results you desire externally. Besides his excellent one-on-one personal training and boot camps, his one-on-one coaching and self-improvement seminars are powerful! Countless people across the city have transformed their lives with the system he has developed. With the combination of all of the methods he has created, Mean Green Training is considered the best workout and transformation program in Houston. Chris specializes in helping people lose body fat, inches, gain muscle(s), gain confidence, self-control, and taking sport athlete’s ability to another level. During his seminars, there are no dull moments. He keeps multitudes of people on the edge of their seats by the projects that he develops. The exercises he provides help people remember his proven systems. He’s considered a great motivator due to the encouragement he installs in those that are upon his voice. He feels that greatness is built upon belief and massive action.

Everyone he has accompanied feels he has the “Midas Touch.” Everything he attracts is a result of the energy that the gives out and produces the results we desire in all areas of life. He calls it being a “Result Magnet.” Your physical state, relationships, career, depression, programming, emotions, and other challenging

circumstances can always be conquered by using Chris’ proven techniques. The combination of Chris’ positive spirit, proven systems, and awesome energy makes him the exceptional speaker that he is. “Life is so precious!Why not live it with the greatness you deserve?” - Chris Green

Chris Green Houston Business Connections


2013 General Election Information Candidates are listed alphabetically by last name under each office specified. Number in parentheses in front of candidate's name is how candidate will appear in order on the ballot.

MAYOR Cook, Don Dick, Eric Douglas, Keryl Burgess Drab, Charyl L. Fitzsimmons, Michael J. Hall, III, Benjamin L. Jenkins, Derek Lane, Victoria A. Parker, Annise D. DISTRICT COUNCIL MEMBER

DISTRICT A Brown, Helena Hale, Ron Knox, Mike Peck, Amy Stardig, Brenda

DISTRICT B Blueford-Daniels, Katherine Davis, Jerry Joseph, James Perkins, Kenneth

DISTRICT C Cohen, Ellen

DISTRICT D Boykins, Dwight Caldwell, Keith Edwards, Lana Johnson, Ivis McGee, Travis McKinzie, Larry Provost, Georgia Doyle Richards, N. "Assata" Robinson, Anthony Sanders, Christina Smith, Demetria White, Kirk

DISTRICT E Martin, Dave


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DISTRICT F Hoang, Al Nguyen, Richard

DISTRICT G Pennington, Oliver Taef, Brian

DISTRICT H Gonzalez, Edward "Ed"

DISTRICT I Ablaza, Leticia Gutierrez Gallegos, Robert Garces, Graci Mendez, Ben

DISTRICT J Laster, Mike

DISTRICT K Green, Larry V.



POSITION 1 Costello, Stephen C. Griffin, Mike "Griff"


POSITION 2 Burks Jr., Andrew C. Gordon, Brent Trebor Rivera-Colon, Modesto Robinson, David


POSITION 3 Batteau, J. Brad Calvert, Rogene Gee Chavez, Roland M. Kubosh, Michael Morales, Roy Pool, Jenifer Rene


POSITION 4 Bradford, C.O. "Brad" Dadoush, Issa Z.


POSITION 5 Christie, Jack Evans-Shabazz, Carolyn Horwitz, James S.

CONTROLLER Frazer, Bill Green, Ronald

“As your next Mayor, I will fight for you. I will fight to make government more efficient. I will work to do more with less; providing the services you so richly deserve, but collecting less from you. I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail and will work hard to earn your vote.� -- Ben Hall, Candidate for Mayor

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Bailey & Crowder Attorneys At Law

2211 Norfolk.....................................713-522-9522

Baker & Associates LLP

5151 Katy Freeway...........................713-869-9200


One Shell Plaza 910 Louisana St-----------713-229-1234


8687 Louetta Rd...............................281-251-7111


Dianne Zomper - Board Certified FAMILY LAW DIVORCE * CUSTODY SUPPORT

Clear Lake Houston 281-333-1122 713-960-9696

Abrams Jeff Law Office

815 Hawthorne.................................713-522-4733

Adams Tammi Simien

402 Main...........................................713-864-6419

Allen & Renato Sugay

5508 Louetta Rd...............................281-251-3168

Anderson Terence J

Auto & Truck Accidents Personal Injury * Maritime Death Cases * Dog Bites Slip/Fall * 18 Wheelers Workers Comp * Criminal Defense Litigation

405 Main----------------------713-522-6886


600 Travis--------------------713-220-4200

This Space Could Be Yours!


$20 Dollars----------- Call: 832-212-8735

Armstrong And Bedell LLP

12777 Jones Rd...............................281-894-1590

Arnot Williams

811 Rusk...........................................713-223-8999

Atkins Jerry K

5850 San Felipe...............................713-358-7777



Serving the Heights Area since 1976 Not Certified By The Texas Board of Legal Specialization 832 Heights Blvd --------713-869-5252


DeGuerin & Dickson OF COUNSEL

Preston At Fannin The Republic Building


1018 Preston, 7th Floor


Houston Business Connections

One Allen Center-----------713-654-1122


ATTORNEY AT LAW Criminal Law * Family Law Wills * Divorce * Traffic Tickets



Bishop K.J. Brown Ministries “Building Winning Lives for A Coming Lord!” Do you have the bible on your smart phone? Try reading a verse a day; and ask yourself: “What does it mean? How can I apply it to my life?” Then I urge you to visit: We post a new Bible verse every day. So try it for a few days. Have a blessed day and remember the Lord want you to WIN!”


711 Louisiana #2300 -- 713-223-2300


Divorce Wills & Probate Consumer Rights - Collections Real Estate - Guardianships 16 Years Experience

713-780-1355 7457 Harwin, Ste 228



Stuart Brown - Cheryl Shooks Brown 30 Years Experience Between Us Former Harris County District Attorneys * Grand Jury Investigations * DWI Criminal Mischief * Drug Cases Burglary * Weapons Cases Assault Cases * Petitions For Nondisclosure & Expunctions 3730 Kirby #1200



INSTANT CASH!!! Furniture * Jewelry Clocks, Etc...



bishop K.J. Brown Ministries




Gallery Furniture Furniture --“Rise Gallery – “Riseand and shine! Get a handle on the day and shine! Get a handle on the day and make positive things happen for yourmake posistive things happen for self! Remember that the small yourself! Remember that thethings small add up!”-Jim Mckingvale things add up!” -- Jim Mckingvale

Les Brown – “What are your plans for the week? It’s very easy to come up with big picture goals, but to be successful you have to break your ultimate goal down into action steps. Starting the week with a plan in mind will insure that you achieve as much as possible. Additionally, your plan will allow you to identify weaknesses and strengthen your approach. Remain flexible and calm so that you can adapt to changing situations.

Whatever your goals, whatever your plans, always remember that you have the potential for success. You have greatness within you!”

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Check out Edwin and Andrea Haynes, Jimmy and Cheryl Coleman, Ben Hall and Mayor Annise Parker  

This edition of Houston Business Connections features Edwin Haynes and his wife Andrea -- Title Sponsors. Jimmy Coleman and his wife Cheryl...

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