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SAT., JUNE 10, 2017




The Future Begins Now...

Mike Floyd DEFEATS the PISD Trustee Rusty DeBorde without a runoff!




“Thanks for Your Vote!”

Kristin Tassin won her bid for re-election in the race for FBISD Position #4

“Thanks for Your Vote!”

Dr. Shirley Rose-Gilliam came up short in the race for FBISD Position #4

“I’m Asking for Your Vote!” Mayor Tom Reid was forced into a June 10th runoff in Pearland, Texas with Wiltz

“Thanks for Your Vote!” Mayor JasonA. Perez won his re-election bid in Angleton, Texas

SAT., June 10, 2017


Re-Elect Tom Reid for Mayor of Pearland Vote Early: May 30th - June 6th

Born in Houston, Mayor Reid acquired his conservative philosophy growing up in the farming and ranching country of Central Texas. He moved with his family to Pearland in 1965 and both his son and daughter graduated from Pearland schools. Mayor Reid became active in Pearland and served as Scout Troop Committee Chairman, City Planning Commissioner, City Councilman, Chairman of the Pearland Library Board, Chairman of Brazoria Drainage District #4, and as Mayor. His professional career includes scientific writing, underwater defense research for the Navy Department, and as a Junior Design Engineer with WKM Valve Manufacturing Company. He was hired by Rockwell International and worked at Johnson Space Center from 1965 to 1997. He supervised and managed complex projects with sizeable staffs and tight budgets on Gemini, Apollo, Apollo-Soyuz, Skylab, and

Space Shuttle Programs, and spent the last 10 years at JSC in the Space Shuttle Program Office. Mayor Reid is highly visible in community activities. He is a Board Member of Pearland Arts League, PISD District Education Improvement Committee, and Adult Reading Center. He is a member of the Gideon Society, Chamber of Commerce, C. F. Spencer Lodge, and many other community organizations. He is an Eagle Scout, Ordained Elder in the First Presbyterian Church, and is a 32 Degree Mason and a Shriner. He has a history of regional participation and currently represents Pearland as a Board Member and Past President of the Houston-Galveston Area Council and the Texas Association of Regional Councils, and is Secretary of the H-GAC Transportation Policy Council. He is on the Executive Board of Bay Area Transportation Partner-

Business Owner & Political Analyst Fox 26 Jacquie Baly:

“Mayor Tom Reid has done an excellent job representing the City of Pearland. His heart and head are in the right place. The residents of Pearland are blessed to have such a dedicated public servant as their leader. Mayor Reid you have my full support and endorsement in your re-election bid. Please let me know how I can help you in this race and in the future.� VOTE FOR MAYOR TOM REID ON MAY 2, 2017

ship and is a Vice President of the Economic Alliance of the Houston Port Region. He is also Chairman of the Pearland Development Authority, and the Pearland Area Citizens Corps. Mayor Reid believes that regional partnerships on transportation, surface water, and air quality are essential to economic growth and quality of life for both Pearland and the Houston Gulf Coast area. He is working with local, regional, and state organizations and officials to make Pearland a quality city that will make us all proud to say we live in Pearland.

Traffic and Roadway Projects

We should all be proud that Pearland is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation – but growth brings challenges. We must strengthen our city for the future by continuing multiple transportation solutions for Pearland commuters such as Park and Ride, light rail, and support the toll lanes for SH-288. We must also complete our city roadway and street construction plans to provide mobility and other major capital improvements for our citizens.

Public Safety and City Services

We must continue Pearland’s recognized quality of life by managing our growth and continue to provide quality Police, Fire, EMS, and City Services. We must maintain our small town atmosphere, and brand Pearland as a Destination City with museums, cultural amenities and shopping and dining opportunities expected of the Gulf Coast’s 3rd largest city by population.

Quality of Life and Growth

Mayor Reid recognizes that rapid growth is not the same as quality growth. He feels we are fortunate to have a dedicated Council and professional staff that have worked in partnership with other community organizations to make Pearland a special place to live, work, and play. He will provide proven leadership and experience in city government and will work to continue the progress that has been made.

Economic Growth and Taxes

We must grow our economy by keeping our taxes as low as we can afford and still provide quality City Services and continue to make Pearland a unique city that will attract corporations and businesses to develop a strong economic development tax. ----------------------------------------------------Political Ad Paid for by the Campaign to Re-Elect Mayor Tom Reid 2017



I have been honored to serve FBISD as a trustee these past three years and as Board President this past year. We have made great strides as a Board and are currently a Finalist for the HEB Excellence in Education Award. My work as a trustee on behalf of the students in FBISD has been extremely rewarding. Our current Board has led the district to developing and implementing innovative instructional programs, such as allocating $2 million in resources to two struggling schools with the EDGE program. We have expanded professional development options during the school year and hired instructional coaches for all Title 1 schools. We have approved teacher, principal and staff raises and hired additional staff to increase support for students and classroom teachers. We have increased stipends for teachers who invest additional time and effort in coaching, fine arts, and student clubs. We have adopted a District of Innovation plan that will provide greater local control for our families and flexibility in instruction and planning for the district. We have built or are in the process of building 7 new schools, including a Career & Technical Education Center, to accommodate our growing community. We are working to develop inclusive educational classrooms and practices for all students, beginning in pre-school. FBISD is on the path to becoming a model district in Texas in many areas and the current Board has led the way in advocating for our students in the State and Nation. With three children attending schools in the district, all receiving various services including special education and GT, I am running for reelection in order to continue helping to lead FBISD in these and other innovative ways for the benefit of all of our students. Over the past year that I have served as president, my priorities have been to: (1) drive Board-level strategic planning and adoption of the Profile of a Graduate through creation of a Vision & Planning Committee; (2) set clear legislative goals and effec-

tively advocate on behalf of all students and teachers in FBISD through creation of a Legislative Committee; (3) expand Board community engagement and partnerships by holding Board Listening Tours and Workshop sessions at community high schools and by coordinating joint meetings with city councils; (4) create policy and Board priorities that guide FBISD to expand innovative instructional programs that support classroom teachers, offer strategies for diverse learners, create inclusive environments and improve student achievement, including the EDGE program, restorative discipline, co-teach classrooms, instructional coaching and creation of an inclusive pre-school model; and (5) begin the process of becoming a District Of Innovation in order to increase local control and flexibility for planning and instruction. If re-elected, I will continue to work on all of these priorities. As an attorney with over 20 years of experience, I have used my experience to advocate on behalf of students in FBISD and throughout Texas. I’ve been outspoken on various subjects that affect education including truancy, school finance, the newly passed A through F rating system, special education, and school vouchers. I am currently working with other school districts and organizations to build a coalition of support for education laws and policies that benefit not only the students in FBISD but all students who attend public schools in Texas. Prior to serving on the FBISD Board, I was managing member of my law firm, Dry & Tassin, PLLC, where I practiced Intellectual Property and Special Education Law. In 2011, I was recognized as a Texas Rising Star by Texas Super Lawyers Magazine. In 2003, my husband, Shannon, and I co-founded Father’s Joy, a charitable organization that supports children with disabilities and their families. As a FBISD parent for eleven years, I served in many capacities in my children’s schools. I was founding PTO president at my daughters' Title 1 school where I served for three years. I have also served on school fundraising committees, VIPS, dance committees, booster clubs, decorating committees and am a volunteer in the FBISD mentor program. My husband and I are 20-year residents of Missouri City and we have three daughters attending FBISD schools. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pol. Ad. Paid for by the Kristin Tassin Campaign, Krystene Woodard, Treasurer

THANK YOU! Why I decided to run:

First and foremost I care about the education of all children. I am seeking this position to make a positive difference in how we educate the children in FBISD. There are perceived differences between schools on the east and west sides of the district. I will work to ensure all schools in the district provide a quality education for the students we serve. I want the students at every school to boastfully say “I graduated from ….” I want parents to be confident that the school they are zoned to is a GREAT school. I want teachers to also be proud of where they work. I am a student advocate and I will be the board member who will always raise the question “Is this best for students?” before we cast a vote.

Who am I?

I am a long-time Fort Bend resident, a 28-year veteran educator and an administrator with a proven track record for turning around struggling schools. I have witnessed the uphill battle that some schools face. I clearly understand the support needed for parents, teachers, and administrators. I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from the University of Houston and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Texas A&M University. For 25-years, I serviced Fort Bend ISD as a teacher and administrator. I am a practitioner who understands how policy matters and how it allows educators to do what is best for students. I am eager to team with the present board in

“Believe in the Possibi order to do the work necessary for continuous improvement. Each individual trustee on the board brings a different experience or viewpoint, my viewpoint includes classroom instruction and knowledge of daily campus life. I believe we all plant seeds in order to help a community grow. Fort Bend is a community where I live and have raised both of my children. FBISD is a positive experience in my life and I plan to give back as a servant for the District.

Paid for and authorized by Shirley Rose Gilliam for FBISD School Board Position 7; 3011 Bonney Briar Drive, Missouri City, TX 77459

Shirley Rose-Gilliam, Ed.D. for FBISD School Board Position #4 The Right Experience for the Fort Bend ISD School Board Wheatley High School Principal, HISD (Presently) Service to Fort Bend ISD - 25 years spanning across the District from Willowridge HS to Bush HS/East Fort Bend to West Fort Bend Teacher of the Year Secondary Finalist 1998 Region IV and FBISD Secondary Principal of the Year, 2005 Doctorate of Education, Texas A&M University Community service through various youth sports associations Expertise in Organizational Culture and Climate Experience with educational policy and programming to boost academic excellence Professional Development for Educational Leadership - Local, State, National Level Proud resident of Fort Bend since 1986 Active member of The Fort Bend Church Proven Advocate for the Education of All Children Happily married to Kevin Gilliam with 2 children educated in FBISD Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. One of six children to attend and graduate from college


“Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed!”


Mayor Tom Reid finished first; but must now compete in the Saturday, June 10, 2017 Runoff Election.

Gary Moore won his bid for re-election in the race for Pearland City Council At-Large Position #3.

Sherry Stockwell finished third in her race and narrowly missed the runoff in a very crowded field of candidates.


AUBREY R. TAYLOR: "I would like to take this moment to thank everyone who voted for the candidates we recommended in FBISD and Pearland, Texas." As President and CEO of Aubrey R. Taylor Communications, the publisher of Houston Business Connections MagazineÂŽ I am imploring you to support businesses, elected officials, corporations and other entities who value our support and patronage.

Aubrey R. Taylor President & Chief Executive Officer Aubrey R. Taylor Communications 957 NASA Parkway #251 Houston, Texas 77058-3039 Email: Blog: Phone: 832.212.8735 I Cell: 281.788.3033

FBISD Trustee Jason Burdine won his bid for re-election in the race for Position #1.

Mike Floyd won his race by unseating a 2-term incumbent in the race for Pearland ISD Trustee Position #2.

Trustee Jason Burdine won his re-election bid in the race for FBISD Trustee for Position #1 against Lorenzo Angelo DeCamps.

Lorenzo Angelo DeCamps came up short in his bid to unseat FBISD Trustee Jason Burdine in the race for FBISD Trustee for Pos. #1.

Trustee Kristin Tassin won her re-election bid in the race for FBISD Trustee for Position #4 against Dr. Shirley Rose-Gilliam. Dr. Shirley Rose-Gilliam came up short in her bid to unseat FBISD Trustee Kristin Tassin in the race for FBISD Trustee for Pos. #4


According to the Brazoria County Clerk there were 68,633 registered voters eligible to vote in the Saturday, May 6, 2017 General Election for Pearland, Texas. Of the 68,633 registered voters 7,652 participated in this election – that’s an 11.15% turnout.


Mayor Tom Reid finished first in the race for mayor of Pearland to make the Saturday, June 10, 2017 Runoff Election against Quentin Wiltz.

In the race for Mayor of Pearland, Texas, Tom Reid was being challenged by Quentin Wiltz and Jimi Amos. Mayor Tom Reid finished the night with 3,703 votes for 48.85% of the vote. Quentin Wiltz finished the night with 3,460 votes for 45.64% to force a runoff to decide the winner. Jimi Amos finished the night with 418 votes for 5.51% of the vote. The unofficial turnout for this race was 7,581 according to the Brazoria County Clerk. The runoff election between Mayor Tom Reid and Quentin Wiltz will be held on Saturday, June 10, 2017.


Quentin Wiltz closed ground on Election Day to force a runoff in the race for mayor of Pearland.

In the race for Pearland City Council At-Large Position #3 Gary Moore defeated J. Darnell Jones. Council Member/Mayor Pro Tem Gary Moore finished the night with 3,921 votes for 55.32% of the vote. J. Darnell Jones finished the night with 3,167 votes for 44.68% of the vote. The unofficial turnout for this race was 7,088 according to the Brazoria County Clerk.



In the race for Pearland City Council At-Large Position #5 (Unexpired Term) J. David Little defeated Jude T.A. Smith. According to unofficial results J. David Little finished the night with 4,214 votes for 64.64% of the vote. Jude T.A. Smith finished the night with 2,305 votes for 35.36% of the vote. The unofficial turnout for this race was 6,519 according to the Brazoria County Clerk.



In the race for Pearland City Council At-Large Position #7 Dalia Kasseb and Woody Owens are heading into a runoff to decide the winner of this race. Sherry Stockwell finished third to narrowly miss the runoff election. UNOFFICIAL RESULTS: Dalia Kasseb 2,958 (40.78%), Woody Owens 1,527 (21.05%), Sherry Stockwell 1,399 (19.29%), G.C. Sonny Atkins 699 (9.64%), Terry Gray 498 (6.87%), and Bud Tollefsen 172 (2.37%). The unofficial turnout for this race was 7,253 according to the Brazoria County Clerk.




According to the Brazoria County Clerk there were 61,886 registered voters eligible to vote in the Saturday, May 6, 2017 General Election for Pearland Independent School District Trustee. Of the 61,886 registered voters 6,242 participated in this election – that’s an 10.09% turnout.


In the race for PISD Trustee for Position #1 Charles Gooden, Jr. was running unopposed on



Saturday, May 6, 2017. Trustee Charles Gooden was first elected to this position back in 2014. He is part-owner and chief operating officer of Charles D. Gooden Consulting Engineers, Inc. A Pearland resident since 2003, Gooden earned his master's degree in accountancy from the University of Houston.



In the race for PISD Trustee for Position #2 Mike Floyd, the 18-year old Pearland Dawson High School student unseated Rusty DeBorde, the 2-term incumbent who was first elected back in 2011. By winning election to the Pearland Independent School District Board of Trustees Mike Floyd has become one of the youngest candidates to ever be elected to public office in the lone star state. He joins Kelvin Green who was also 18-years old back in 2014 when he was elected Mayor of Archer City, a very small town close to Wichita Falls. UNOFFICIAL RESULTS: Mike Floyd 3,075 (54.21%) and Rusty DeBorde 2,597 (45.79%). The total unofficial turnout for this race was 5,672 ac-

cording to the Brazoria County Clerk. There will not be a runoff in this race.


In the race for PISD Trustee for Position #3 Pam Boegler defeated Al Lloyd and Trevor Hale. UNOFFICIAL RESULTS: Pam Boegler 3,273 (60.39%), Al Lloyd 1,527 28.17% and Trevor Hale 620 (11.44%). The total unofficial turnout for this race was 5,420 according to the Brazoria County Clerk. There will not be a runoff in this race.



According to the Fort Bend County Clerk there are over 321,210 registered voters in Fort Bend County. Of the 321,210 registered voters 11,093 participated in the Saturday, May 6, 2017 General Election for FBISD for a 3.45% turnout.

RACE FOR FORT BEND ISD POSITION #1 In the race for FBISD Trustee for Position #1 Jason Burdine defeated Lorenzo Angelo Decamps. UNOFFICIAL RESULTS: Jason Burdine 3,207 (61.90%) and Lorenzo Angelo Decamps 1,974 (38.10%). The total unofficial turnout for this race was 5,181 according to the Fort Bend County Clerk. There will not be a runoff in this race.




In the race for FBISD Trustee for Position #5 KP George defeated Lorena Dueñas. UNOFFICIAL RESULTS: KP George 3,341 (63.72%) and Lorena Dueñas 1,902 (36.28%). The total unofficial turnout for this race was 5,243 according to the Fort Bend County Clerk. There will not be a runoff in this race.








In the race for FBISD Trustee for Position #4 Kristin Tassin beat Dr. Shirley Rose-Gilliam and Rodrigo Carreon. Kristin Tassin, the incumbent was being challenged by Dr. Shirley Rose-Gilliam and Rodrigo Carreon. UNOFFICIAL RESULTS: Kristin Tassin 2,654 (49.35%) and Shirley Rose-Gilliam 2,227 (41.41%). Rodrigo Carreon finished the night with 497 (9.24%) and is out of the running for this seat. The total turnout for this race was 5,378 according to the Fort Bend County Clerk.

*No runoff in this race!





SAT., JUNE 10, 2017 Early Voting Begins on Tuesday, May 30, 2017



In the race for Sugar Land City Council District #4 Carol McCutcheon and Qaisar Q. Imam are heading into a runoff to decide the winner of this race. UNOFFICIAL RESULTS: Carol McCutcheon finished the night with 702 votes or 36.35% of the vote. Qaisar Q. Imam finished the night with 653 votes or 33.82% of the vote. Sean Burnett finished the night with 576 votes or 29.83% of the vote. The unofficial turnout for this race was 1,931 according to the Fort Bend County Clerk. The runoff election to decide the winner of this race will be held on Saturday, June 10, 2017.




City of Alvin, Texas General Election Results

Mayor Paul Horn defeated Andy Reyes to win re-election in Alvin, Texas.

City of Angleton, Texas General Election Results

Mayor Jason A. Perez defeated Hardwick Bieri to win re-election in Angleton, Texas.

City of Brazoria, Texas General Election Results

Stephanie M. Cribbs beat David Larry Cryer, Jr. oin the race for Brazoria City Council Position #4

City of Clute, Texas General Election

Judge Randy Smith beat Arnold Vaughn and Edmond Baker, Jr. in the race for Municipal Judge in Clute, Texas.

City of Freeport, Texas General Election

Mayor Troy Brimage beat Tyrone”Ty” Morrow to win re-election in Freeport, Texas.

City of Manvel, Texas General Election Results

Debra Davison unseated Mayor Delores M. Martin in Manvel, Texas.

City of Sweeny, Texas General Election Results

Mayor Dale Lemon defeated Rodney Weems to win re-election in Sweeny, Texas.



WON!!! J

Jason Burdine was elected to Position #1 back in 2014 and currently serves as the FBISD Board of Trustees Vice President. His family has called Fort Bend their home for the past nine years. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Education.

Jacquie Baly Political Analyst for Fox 26

Jason is currently a Financial Adviser and has earned numerous accolades for his commitment to exemplary service. In the Fort Bend community, Jason has mentored at-risk youth and has served as a member of the Ridgemont Elementary CampusBased Leadership Team. Other community involvement has included volunteering at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, where he has logged a total of 500 volunteer hours over the past 10 years. Additionally, he has served on the District Strategic Plan Steering Committee working collaboratively on the Facilities Master Plan for FBISD. Jason is enrolled in the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Leadership Forum. Jason has been married to his wife Andrea for 10 years, and they have two young children who attend an FBISD school. In addition to volunteering, Jason enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors.

Jason Burdine was Endorsed By Well-Known Business Owner & Political Analyst for Fox 26 Jacquie Baly

JACQUIE BALY: “Jason Burdine has a passion and dedication for education that surpasses many. As the current Vice President of the Board of Trustees he is able to utilize his business and management skills along with his passion to serve the students, teachers and administrators of FBISD very well. It is imperative that we keep Jason Burdine on the Board of Trustees of FBISD. It is with great honor and pleasure I endorse Jason Burdine in his re-election bid.�

Jason Cares...

As a passionate educator, mentor, and servant leader, Jason is always seeking to serve others for the sole purpose of positively impacting the community to which he is vested. These traits have been demonstrated through his years of volunteerism and civic duty.





“Gary Moore put forth some great ideas for mobility, economy and water management. Our hope is to see Pearland’s governing body work with Gary to achieve his stated goals.” - Aubrey R. Taylor, Publisher of HBC Magazine®

Gary's Message:

I actively serve the entire City of Pearland as the voice of the people. Just like most in our City, I want to maintain the great hometown feel of this City we call home, while managing the growth. I am passionate about meeting and listening to the citizens of our City.When they have issues, I work to address them in a timely manner. Not always is it possible to fix issues right away, but I work towards fixing them within budgetary limitations and time constraints. I understand how our city charter was designed and make sure to communicate to our citizens how and who can help them with concerns. As a representative of the City, I am active in working with several state and local organizations to ensure Pearland has a voice, including the Texas Municipal League (TML), the Texas Department of Transportation, (TXDOT), the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and the Houston Galveston Area Council (HGAC), and I attend both Pearland Days and Brazoria County Days in Austin to work with our state representatives on issues and concerns for our City and our county.

***U.S. Army Veteran


Thank You for Re-Electing Gary Moore!

Learn more about what Gary stands for and how he works for the betterment of Pearland and the citizens of this great city by visiting

Integrity Respect Service

PEARLAND CITY COUNCIL: Tony Carbone (Councilmember for Position 1), Derrick Reed (Councilmember for Position 2), Gary Moore (Mayor Pro Tem/Councilmember for Position 3), Tom Reid (Mayor), Keith Ordeneaux (Councilmember for Position 4), Greg Hill (Councilmember for Position 5), Trent Perez Councilmember for Position 6).

Councilman Gary Moore was the “Right” Choice!


Continue to work with Brazoria County, Houston Galveston Area Council (HGAC), Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), and State Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to help relieve traffic congestion.


Represent current business owners, while promoting new business growth and welcoming new small and large businesses and corporations to Pearland.

Work to continue the quality of life and quality city services.

Water Management:

Secure water as needed as we continue grow and to continue the efforts to provide more water to the west side of the city. We currently have to buy water from the city of Houston. Work on providing flood relief to any remaining areas that need to be addressed per Master Drainage Plan.

Strategic Priorities:

Continue to be engaged in the City of Pearland’s six Strategic Priorities to keep improving our community.


“MIKE FLOYD WON!” - Aubrey R. Taylor, Publisher of HBC Magazine®

The Future Starts with Education... Mike Floyd is the youngest candidate for elected office in Pearland history, but don’t let Mike’s age trick you! Mike has been involved in local and community politics for the past 7 years, serving on Rep. Ed Thompson’s Youth Advisory Council, shadowing Federal Judge John W. DeGravelles, managing and operating over 5 campaigns, attending national political con-


ventions, and is well versed in the issues of our district. Mike has been a longtime advocate for student rights in Pearland ISD. Not only has he gone to Pearland schools his entire life, but he is committing himself to improving our schools for others. During his time as a student of Pearland ISD, Mike has served as President of Dawson High School for the past two years, has founded

several on and off campus organizations, and successfully altered the Pearland ISD dress code in 2016, a change that students, parents, teachers, and even administrators have called a “great move”. By working with senior administration and by engaging students, Mike has implemented more policy changes in Pearland ISD than any other student in history. Mike is a Pearland native, growing up

his entire life in our great city. Each of Mike’s 5 brothers and sisters have started and finished their education in Pearland schools. A member of an active family, Mike has led several political organizations and has organized community events, international fundraisers for the needy, and has been recognized by the Pearland Police Department and the Pearland ISD Board for “Service Above Self” for his record-breaking Toys-for-Tots Christmas Collection Drive. In 2016, Mike was fully supported and sponsored by the American Legion, America’s largest Veteran Organization. Never before in Pearland ISD history has a student been elected to the Board of Trustees. Mike believes it is long overdue and is a great opportunity for someone who knows what is going on inside of the classrooms to help set district policy. There is a disconnect between the district and the campuses, which has been a challenge for teachers, parents, and students. That’s why Mike has more contributions from Pearland ISD teachers and employees than any other candidate running for the school board. It’s essential that the board understands how policies implemented at the top would impact each student and every classroom.


Our community demands a high level of transparency from our elected officials. In 2017, the School Board voted 7-0 to move

the public comment sign up time to 4:30pm, a time that many working parents and active community residents cannot often make. Mike believes this should be reversed and the time slots expanded. Our elected officials should be interested and willing to hear our community and their comments/concerns. Pearland ISD needs more transparency at every level.

World Class Schools

The modern world is competitive and global. While we need to teach Pearland


M The Future Begins Now...

students Pearland values, we also must prepare each of them for the challenges ahead. This means that Pearland schools need to have a broad range of opportunities for our diverse student base to expand their own knowledge and harness valuable skills. Success isn’t getting kids through high school – it’s preparing them for college and/or great jobs!

Fiscal Responsibility With such a high tax rate in Pearland already, we do NOT need any more taxes! With a deficit over $8 million and over $500 million in debt, Pearland ISD needs a balanced budget. While difficult, it is important to ensure that our community and our children aren’t saddled with debt in the years to come!

Real Leadership

Mike is running to bring a new perspective and real leadership to the board. With 13 years of Pearland education, Mike knows where we are succeeding and where we need to adjust our methods. With more teacher support than any other candidate, Mike is fighting for ensure all employees in Pearland ISD are treated with dignity and respect. Mike had been called “the real deal” by education leaders in the greater Houston area.


“THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!” ...Now Let’s Grow Pearland Responsibly Mrs. Stockwell focuses on quality for Pearland. She strives for excellence by creating the most desirable place to live, while continuing to build our communities and maintain our economy. As a humanitarian and philanthropist, Sherry Stockwell is involved locally and internationally. She created a 501 (c) 3 foundation, One World Foundation, that provides clean water for Third world countries. She served as Director for Turning Point, an organization that helps struggling teens get connected to positive opportunities. Sherry has been involved in Rotary for 29 years serving as Director, International Chair and most recently, 2016 President of the 288 Rotary Club. Currently, Sherry Stockwell serves on Pearland’s Arts Alliance and Cultural Board, appointed by Mayor Tom Reid. Sherry Stockwell is a very savvy local business woman. As a real estate broker Sherry understands that to build a leading city it also takes quality leaders with a clear understanding of home values, commercial and retail development. Pearland requires planning with focus on taxes, transportation, safety, infrastructure and needs to provide arts, culture and history to our people. Sherry has developed commercial property in Pearland and knows what will take for Pearland to be a city that investors choose when thinking of expansion or relocation. Sherry Stockwell also owns two flourishing businesses. One on the East side and the other on the West side of Pearland. Sherry has served on the Pearland Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for 5 years. In 2008, she served as Chairman of the Board. Most importantly Sherry Stockwell loves Pearland. Her mother, children, grandchildren and friends live in Pearland. Sherry is deeply rooted in our city and will work tirelessly to ensure we are a First Class City!

COMMITMENTS: Great Place to Live

• Expand Arts and Culture throughout the community • Improve mobility through Alternative Transportation Corridors such as cycling, and walking trails • Preserve local history for future generations

Building Community

• Develop city facilities and venues that support community arts and entertainment • Engage and educate residents in local government procedures and processes • Adapt to Pearland’s changing demographics and diversity • Support local non-profits organizations • Enhance senior citizen lifestyles and well-being

Strong Local Economy • • • • • •

Maintain quality schools Manage growth properly Preserve home values Preserve and protect city services Support small businesses Balance property tax values and sales tax revenue

“Sherry Stockwell brought forth some awesome ideas to grow Pearland in a responsible way. My hope is that the governing body for Pearland would seriously consider her ideas.” -- Aubrey R. Taylor, Publisher of HBC Magazine® THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL AD PAID FOR BY THE SHERRY STOCKWELL CAMPAIGN


“Lorenzo Angelo DeCamps came up short in his bid to unseat Trustee Jason Burdine in the race for FBISD Trustee for Position #1. However, we are hopeful that the FBISD Board will seriously consider some of the awesome ideas and priorities brought forth by Lorenzo Angelo DeCamps.” -- Aubrey R. Taylor, Publisher of HBC Magazine®

Top 3 Priorities:

1. Hold administration accountable for the programs the school district maintains they offer the students and parents especially when it comes to special education. 2. Support our teachers and try to minimize the amount of red tape they are required to cut through. I want teachers to be able to focus their efforts on teaching and work to remove the obstacles that make that challenging. 3. I want to help keep parents, students, and teachers involved in the decisions Fort Bend ISD makes. I think full transparency in those decisions is crucial and I want parents, students, and teachers to know the why behind any decisions that are made.

Message from Angelo:

I have been a resident of Fort Bend County for over thirty years and I am very proud to call myself

a product of FBISD. My wife and I are raising our eight children in Fort Bend. Our two oldest have graduated from FBISD and we currently have two children at Travis High School, one at Bowie Middle School, and two at Oakland Elementary. I am passionate about the education of our children and have a vested interest in the success of our school district. As a student and parent I have seen firsthand how easy it is for our school district to label students and not communicate clearly to parents their rights as well as the reasoning behind administrative decisions.


I am currently a commercial banker with over eighteen years in the financial industry with the majority of those years being spent in a senior leadership management role.


BA Finance, MBA in Business Management

FBISD’S Biggest Challenge right now:

I think transparency in matters of financial and administrative decision making is the biggest challenge for the district. Currently it seems the board is transparent after a decision is made but I feel they do not communicate to the parents, students, and teachers before that decision is made and explain how it will impact the district.

Current board support for teachers:

I truly believe the board support for teachers is failing because it seems that we are requiring more from them and yet asking them to do it with less resources. One of the things I would do differently is hold quarterly town hall meetings where we communicate the decisions we are thinking about implementing and listen to their feedback and concerns.

Jean Lopez - USA Olympic Taekwondo Coach

Mark Lopez - USA Olympian in Taekwondo

Steven Lopez 5-Time USA Olympian

“My family and I would like to thank Jean, Mark, and Steven for endorsing me in the race for FBISD Trustee for Position #1.”-- L. Angelo DeCamps


“I truly believe that every child in Fort Bend deserves the best education we can give them. I will fight to make sure that is happening in Fort Bend ISD.” -- L. Angelo DeCamps




Let’s Re-Elect Mayor Tom Reid on Saturday, June 10, 2017 Pearland, Texas


SAT., JUNE 10, 2017

Vote Early:

Tuesday, May 30th - Tuesday, June 6th

Meet the Honorable Jacquie Baly

Jacquie Baly, President of BalyProjects LLC, has been a leader in the Houston region's business and policy communities for more than two decades. She began her career as a city and regional planner for numerous entities, then served as a gubernatorial appointee on water and wastewater issues and most recently served as an elected official and is currently an appointee of Gov. Greg Abbott on education issues. . Baly founded BalyProjects in 1999 with the objective of providing public affairs, media relations, and public policy services to individuals, institutions, small businesses, government and corporations. Ms. Baly is also a co-host of FOX 26 KRIV's political show, The RoundUp which airs every Sunday morning 6 AM - 8 AM. Baly has been featured on KUHF, KTRH, KTRK and several radio stations discussing politics and policy matters. She also lectured on public policy and urban politics at the University of Houston for over 8 years.


Mayor Tom Reid was endorsed by well-known Business Owner & Political Analyst for Fox 26 Jacquie Baly and finished first; but must now win the June 10th runoff election to be re-elected!


Jason Burdine was Endorsed by well-known Business Owner & Political Analyst for Fox 26 Jacquie Baly in the 2017 General Election and won with 61.09% of the vote!


Gary Moore was endorsed by well-known Business Owner & Political Analyst for Fox 26 Jacquie Baly in the 2017 General Election and won with 55.32% of the vote!

Saturday, May 6, 2017 General Election Results Edition of Houston Business Connections Magazine  

Carol McCutcheon, Quentin Wiltz, Dalia Kasseb, Troy Brimage, Dale Lemon, Debra Davison, Mike Floyd, Kristin Tassin, Dr. Shirley Rose-Gilliam...

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