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uerst war unsere Liebe zu Immobilien. Die Fähigkeit die richtigen Immobilien auszuwählen ist die Grundlage unserer Arbeit. Und schlussendlichen ist das Vertrauen unserer Kunden der Grund unserer Existenz.


Erfahrung basiert auf über 30 Jahren Arbeit im Immobilien- und Baugewerbe in Deutschland. Jetzt feiern wir zusammen mit unseren Kunden unser erstes Projekt im königlichen Seebad Hua Hin - Thailand.

Villa Luise Wohnfläche: 165 m² Grundstück : 570 m² Preis : 5.95M THB

Wohnfläche: 195 m² Grundstück : 830 m² Preis : 7.49M THB


ie Sanierung von historischen Mehrfamilienhäusern und Herrenhäusern stand zunächst im Fokus unseres Schaffens. Über die Zeit erweiterten wir unser Aufgabengebiet und spezialisierten uns auch auf hochwertige Neubauten. Somit sind wir Ihr Ansprechpartner rund um den Immobilienerwerb.

Aller Anfang war schwer, aber

jetzt freuen wir uns umso mehr über den Zuspruch unserer zufriedenen Kunden. Dies treibt uns voran immer besser zu werden. Und der messbare Erfolg ist Zeuge, dass uns dies gelingt.

Deutsche Qualität Aufpreis

Wir freuen uns am Markt un-

ser Bauqualität präsentieren zu dürfen und sind uns sicher, dass zukünftig das Thema Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis auch in Hua Hin mehr eine zentrale Frage beim Thema Kapitalanlage werden wird. Union Bauträger Smart Home



Villa Klara Wohnfläche: 169 m² Grundstück : 570 m² Preis : 6.04M THB

Wohnfläche: 200 m² Grundstück : 830 m² Preis : 7.60M THB

Villa Klara 169 m² - 3 SZ, 2 BZ Villa Klara 200 m² - 3 SZ, 3 BZ Villa Luise 165 m² - 3 SZ, 2 BZ Villa Luise 195 m² - 3 SZ, 3 BZ


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Dear Reader Welcome to Issue 3, Volume 5 of HOT Magazine. We start out this month’s issue by sitting down with Miss Chutima Durongdej. Khun Chutima, with the nickname Kai Mook, represented Thailand at the 2009 Miss Universe Contest which was held in the Bahama’s. While not winning the Miss Universe Title, she did win the “Most Photogenic” and was 2nd runner up in the National Costume competition. Khun Chutima left her entertainment career behind to join the family firm, heading up their Corporate Communications. The company is called Mazuma and has a market value of over 7 billion baht. Our interview begins on page 6. The Thailand Property Awards is celebrating their 12th year searching out the finest Real Estate in the Kingdom. This year the winners will be announced at a Gala Dinner in Bangkok on September 15th. We take you to the TPA’s 2017 kick off press conference on page 40 to find out what the judges will be looking for this year from developers and builders. Of the 4,500 hotels and Resorts that the Marriott Hotel group owns and operates around the world, only 8 can call themselves a Marriott “Marquis” hotel. The very first Marriott Marquis hotel to open in Asia Pacific did so just a few months ago in Bangkok. Here you’ll find the Goji Kitchen + Bar, one of the signature restaurants inside this very luxurious and large hotel. Their evening Buffet features the most live cooking stations of any restaurant in BKK and you’ll find Alaska King Crab is available 7 nights a week. Pull up a chair and join us on page 46. Sticking with the Marriott brand, our Let’s Stay feature takes us to the beautiful Phuket Marriott Merlin Beach Resort. Famous for having their own private beach, they are also close to several of the best beaches on the island. Make your reservations, pack your resort wear and check-in on page 54. Those are just a few of the stories you’ll find in this month’s issue. As always, thank you for picking us up and we hope you enjoy the read.

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Chutima Durongdej, Beauty Queen to Business Woman


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An Exclusive Interview with Miss Chutima Durongdej, Miss Universe Thailand 2009 This month’s HOT Magazine cover is graced by Ms. Chutima Durongdej. Khun Chutima represented Thailand at the Miss Universe Contest held in Nassau Bahamas in 2009 where she won “Most Photogenic” and was second runner-up in the “Best National Costume.” Khun Chutima is also a secondgeneration member of the Durongdej family which founded Mazuma (Thailand) more than 20 years ago. Khun Chutima has now joined the company which is benefiting from her rich media and entertainment experience in supporting her family firm. HOT Magazine recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Khun Chutima, whose nickname is “Kai Mook,” to discuss the business side of her life. HOT: Khun Chutima, what is your aspiration in continuing the family business and what is your ultimate ambition for the business to be in the future? K.Chutima: Prior to Mazuma, I worked in the entertainment sector as a TV host and Miss Thailand Universe. I am now looking after the corporate communication aspect of the company. This position allows me to use the people and presentation skills I developed from my entertainment work as well as my love for science and technology. To be able to expand my father’s business and to improve its positioning is the pride and joy for me and my 4 siblings. Also, to be able to offer Thai people a quality and sturdy product, producing the best water suited for their needs and budget is extremely fulfilling for myself and Mazuma’s management team. The ultimate ambition for the business in the future, apart from becoming the number one manufacturer in the water treatment sector in and outside of Thailand, is that Mazuma would be able to provide the best innovative water solutions for every industry and every household. As my dad often said, "the key to our successful business is not in the profit, but it is in the quality of our products that we are offering to our consumers".


Hot Magazine

Hot Magazine


HOT: How many markets are your products currently available in and do you have any plans to export overseas in the near future? K.Chutima: Mazuma started with a small range of products which now has expanded to cover the low to high-end market. Our products are used in every industry sector; manufacturing, catering, hotels, hospitals and households to name a few. Our products are available via modern trade, Home Pro, Home Work, Tesco Lotus, Big C, The Mall, The Central


Hot Magazine

group and more than 500 distributors in Thailand. Our regional 2 to 3 year plan is to increase and expand our direct sale distribution channel as well as paying more attention to the main cities outside Bangkok throughout Thailand. In terms of the International Market, Mazuma has been selling and exporting into South East Asia (Vietnam Laos Burma Indonesia and Philippines) since the first generation of Mazuma

management. Our sales and exports are at a very satisfactory level at present. For the next three to five years we forecast that exports will increase when Thailand enters AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) and the laws and agreements within the spectrum become stable. HOT: Do you have an expansion plan for the company in the area of manufacturing facilities, both in Thailand and beyond?


Hot Magazine


K.Chutima: Currently Mazuma has an annual production capacity of 120,000 units. Those units are divided into 7 categories under the ‘Mazuma’ brand which are; small strainers, big strainers, water heaters, warm water heaters, drinking water vending machines, pumps and filters. Due to our positive continued growth each year, despite the economy, we definitely need to expand our manufacturing facilities in the future. For the time being though, by focusing on improving our manufacturing processes, we have been able to maximize the efficiency rate of our production to serve our current needs. We are presently planning both joint venture and partnerships with potential investors in many neighboring countries. As of now though, we are keeping the details confidential until the contracts are signed. HOT: What is your three to fiveyear plan to increase your business performance and what will be your key strategies to achieve those goals? K.Chutima: We forecast Mazuma will stay strong for the next 20 years as we continue to cover innovations in water treatment technology’s from around the world as well as continuously paying attention and caring for all of our customers. This has been our unique position and strategy for over 2 decades. Currently, Mazuma’s position in Thailand in the water filter segment is in the top 3 and we are one of the top 5 brands for water heaters. Our market value in the water heater category is 4.8 billion baht and it’s 2.3 billion baht for the water dispenser category. In 2017 we forecast our closing revenue to be at 750 million baht with a 20% growth in revenue in 2018. Apart from continuingly scouting for the latest and most prominent water treatment technologies and innovations (in terms of water filter, water heater, water dispenser, industrial water treatment systems, fresh water converters and waste water management systems) from the innovative countries (such as UK, US, EU, Japan and Korea), and improving our production efficiency, we are also focusing more on the product design. We would like the total look of our water filters, heaters and dispensers to be more stylish and sophisticated.


Hot Magazine

In addition to improving our product design and branding to boost sales, we will also increase our online marketing as well as increase our distribution channels in Thailand and neighboring countries to increase sales. HOT: How do you balance the proportion of management between family members and business professionals? Is your company still family run or are you moving it more towards outside professionals? Also, do you plan to list Mazuma on the local stock exchange? K.Chutima: Mazuma Thailand was established in 1993 by my father Mr. Rittichai Durongdej, Chairman & Founder who developed the business and kept it growing for more than 20 years. In 2011, Mazuma entered its 2nd decade with new 2nd generation family management. With new and old experience combined, the company has achieved efficiencies in operations, expanded sales channels, developed new products and modernized product designs while still focusing on after-sales service, marketing and communications. We are however working towards being listed in MAI so we are currently undergoing rebranding and restructuring the whole company towards that end. HOT: Thank you Khun Chutima for taking the time to chat with us. For more information on Mazuma and their products visit http://mazuma.co.th

MODEL Khun Chutima Miss Universe Thailand 2009 PHOTOGRAPHER Sunya Yamaka

DRESSES Zibeth Thailand @ terminal21 bangkok

LOCATION Marriott Merlin Beach Resort

MAKE UP Kung Makeup Artist kungmakeup.artist


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Wide range of modern fans and garden lights Welcome to our showroom! 70/164 Soi 112 Huana , Tub Tai Road, Huahin, Prachuapkhirikhan, Thailand 77110 Hua Hin Email: info@fanslightshuahin.com Tel: +66(0)32 900426


HOT AROUND HUA HIN HUA HIN BUSINESS NETWORK’S FEBRUARY MONTHLY EVENT IS A GOURMET SUCCESS On 24th February members and guests of the Hua Hin Business Network got together for the monthly HHBN event, this time at newly opened Ob-Oon Deli Boulangerie & Patisserie at Putahracsa Hotel. The venue is stunning in design and the food for this event was amazing with abundant finger food in the shape of mini bagels, barbequed meats, pates sandwiched and more. Hua Hin Business Network keeps going from strength to strength. Club Members have now become fast friends and the atmosphere is of catching up on personal and business news. New attendees quickly meet many new movers and shakers of out town. In one evening you can meet the most active business owners and employees in one event, the club is also suitable for people keen interest in the city of Hua Hin and its Success. If you would like to join Hua Hin Business Network please email us at brigittehomeless@ gmail.com for more information. Website: www. h-h-b-n.com

MULTI ROTARY DINNER On February 10th the The Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin held their Multi Rotary Night which is their annual Dinner Party as part of their Intercity Meetings organised with Rotary Clubs from Bangkok. The evenings program consisted of 3 main parts; the installation night of the Rotaract Club of Webster University, the installation night of the Rotaract Club of Stamford Int. University and the ceremony of the Sister Club Agreement between RC Patong Beach and RC of Royal Hua Hin. This year they had the pleasure to host many special guests, the most significant being the District Governor Juthatip Tamsiripong. More than 100 guests attended with the majority affilliated with 14 Rotary Clubs from around the World.


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THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY & RESTAURANT OPENS THEIR DOORS IN GRAND STYLE On Tuesday evening March 7th, the Chocolate Factory & Restaurant in Hua Hin held their grand opening for VIP guests and media. The evening included wine tasting with each wine paired to a specific delectable chocolate, a large buffet and as you would expect, plenty of sweet desserts, all while being entertained with live music. This is the third Chocolate Factory & Restaurant in the Thailand chain. The company opened their first location in Khao Yai several years ago and last year opened a Chocolate Factory and Restaurant in Pattaya. According to the owner, they like to be in located in Thai resort city’s. As the name implies, there actually is a chocolate factory inside each restaurant where guests can view the sweet confections being made through a glass wall. The Head Chocolatier is Chef Eric Perez from France who has garnered many awards for his chocolate creations. The restaurant serves Italian and Thai food along with plenty of seafood items. Soups, pastas, pizza’s and steaks can all be had here. The Hua Hin restaurant is quite large with both indoor and outdoor seating. The building boasts large decks on each side to accommodate up to 280 dinners in total. The Chocolate Factory and Restaurant also holds Chocolate Workshops where guests can learn to work with chocolate and make their own creamy chocolate creations. The Chocolate Factory and Restaurant is located across the street from Villa Market at the entrance to soi 65. They are open 7 days a week from 9:30 to 22:00 and feature live music every Saturday night. 061 172 8887 www.chocolatefactory.co.th

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HOT AROUND HUA HIN AMARI HUA HIN WELCOMES A SUPERSTAR FROM THE PHILIPPINES Khun Supinda Rojanawisut Executive Secretary to General Manager and Manager On Duty, Amari Hua Hin (left), recently welcomed Bea Binene, an actress and celebrity host from the Philippines. Bea Binene is also known as a finalist on StarStruck Kids and played the role of Natalie Dimaculangan on First Time. During her visit, Bea Binene saw many tourist attractions while filming an episode for “Reel Time”, an award-winning weekly documentary programme developed by GMA News. This episode is aimed at promoting tourist attractions in Bangkok and Hua Hin, Prachuab Khiri Khan Province, to people living in the Philippines. For reservations and enquiries about the hotel, please call +66 (0) 3261 6600 or email reservations.huahin@amari.com.

DUSIT THANI HUA HIN AWARDED ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFICATION Victor Sukseree, General Manager, and the management team of Dusit Thani Hua Hin proudly display their certificate of ISO 9001:2015 awarded in recognition of the hotel passing the Quality Management System (QMS), one of 8 hotels in Dusit International Group to do so. Certification provides assurance of the consistent quality of Dusit Thani Hua Hin’s service to the hotel’s valued and loyal customer base.

CHIVA SOM PAYS RESPECT “Krip Rojanastien, Chairman and CEO of Chiva-Som International Health Resorts Co., Ltd., and a group of management and staff, co-hosted a ceremony to pay respect to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, held at Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall. The management team and staff were deeply honoured to be part of this ceremony to show their love, gratitude and deep respect to His Majesty King Bhumibol.” 18

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Enjoy premium BBQ along with international dishes by Executive Chef Riccardo, live cooking stations as well as tempting desserts on the beach and all to the sounds of unplugged music. Let’s get together and feel all right – at Beachcomber BBQ & Grill. THB 1,599 net per person including soft drinks and fresh juices. Saturday, 25 March 2017 from 6.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. InterContinental Hua Hin Resort

DIGGING THE RIBS AT THE EXCHANGE RESTAURANT Dig into the awesome slab of prime rib that is bound to satisfy the meat-lover at The Exchange Restaurant during 6th March – 2nd April 2017. Savour the taste of meaty ribs by their chef’s secret recipe including Kansas City Sweet & Sticky Ribs-Meaty, tender ribs basted with homemade honey barbeque sauce, J. D. Ribs-Great, meaty ribs combined with Tennessee whiskey barbeque sauce, Memphis Smoked RibsTender, slow smoked ribs, covered with Memphis barbeque sauce

Rib in a half slab is priced at only THB 320 net or full slab just only THB 480 net


All served with Texas Barbeque Baked Beans and mashed potatoes. Digging the Ribs promotion is available daily at The Exchange Restaurant for lunch 12-3pm and dinner 6-10pm For more information or to make a reservation, please call 032 421-777 or facebook.com/radissonbluhuahin


Choose one of the following packages from March 17-31, 2017: 1. Oyster Tasting Set (2 pcs of each oyster) - THB 800++ 2. Oyster Tasting Set + One Bottle of Sparkling Wine - THB 1900++ 3. Deep Oysters No.2, Ireland (6/12 pcs) THB 700++/1300++ 4. Coffin Bay Oysters, Australia (6/12 pcs) - THB 700++/1,300++

OYSTER WEEK AT HUA HIN MARRIOTT RESORT & SPA One of the world’s most delicious and desirable delicacies, oysters encapsulate the fresh taste of the ocean in every bite.

Coffin Bay Oysters from the Tasman Sea, and French Belon Oysters from the Normandy coast.

But did you know what these undersea delights come in all different shapes and sizes? This March, Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa is offering guests the chance to taste a variety of oysters from around the world.

These are being offered in a two-week series of tasting packages, including options paired with sparkling wine.

During Oyster Week, the hotel’s beachfront restaurant, Big Fish, is showcasing three different types: Ireland’s Deep Oyster No. 2 from the North Atlantic Ocean, Australian

Oysters have a wonderful fresh flavor. At Big Fish, which prides itself on the purity of its ingredients, our oysters are simply “shucked” and served with a selection of condiments such as lime juice, red wine vinegar or Thai chili sauce.

5. Belon Oysters, France (6/12 pcs) - THB 1100++/2000++ To experience the freshest seafood experience on the serene shores of the Gulf of Thailand, please email mhrs. hhqmr.ays@marriotthotels.com and book your Oyster Week tasting package. Terms & Conditions: • Valid from March 17-31, 2017 • Marriott Rewards benefit or discount applies • Club Marriott Card benefit or discount applies • Only one benefit or discount applied per bill

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THE HUA HIN MARRIOTT RESORT & SPA TAKES CLUB MARRIOTT BENEFITS TO THE NEXT LEVEL On Sunday afternoon March 5th, a party was held to announce that Club Marriott members can now receive exclusive benefits at the Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa. This exciting lifestyle loyalty concept was introduced to Marriott’s guests, clients, industry partners and members of the media at the recent Sweetest Sunday Party, which celebrated the official launch of the Club Marriott program for Hua Hin residents. A lot of members of the Hua Hin community attended this glittering event, which took place in the hotel’s very own Siam Bakery. During the event, Goetz Bauer, Hua Hin Marriott’s proud General Manager, outlined the program’s exciting new developments and the benefits of becoming a Club Marriott member. Club Marriott is a richly rewarding program that provides its members with a range of benefits at Marriott hotels and resorts across the world, including more than 100 in the Asia Pacific region featuring an impressive 350 restaurants and bars. In Thailand alone, Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa is one of more than 20 hotels participating in the Club Marriott program. Moving beyond discounts, this dynamic lifestyle program creates an array of members-only offers, including exclusive activities at hotels. At the Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa, Club Marriott members can look forward to a series of special events, stylish soirees, children’s surprises and invitation-only 20

Hot Magazine

experiences. The program even treats members on their birthdays! The hotel, with its extensive array of amenities, will also act as a key leisure destination for Hua Hin residents and global travelers, providing a fullyequipped central hub for dining, leisure and wellness. As a Club Marriott member, guests can benefit from reduced fitness club membership, exclusive dining deals at the hotel’s extensive collection of restaurants and bars, and discounted therapies at the luxurious Quan Spa. And of course, members will be offered a range of deals on stays in the hotel’s rooms and suites. Join Club Marriott by the end of April and you will receive additional benefits at the Marriott Hua Hin Resort. Those benefits include a one night complimentary Room for two with breakfast, a complimentary Sunday Roast Buffet lunch for two at the Amber Kitchen and a 1,000 baht credit for food at any Hua Hin Marriott Resort restaurant. Terms and conditions apply. With an extensive collection of facilities and amenities spread across 34’000 sqm, nestled in the heart of Thailand’s most popular city escape, Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa takes the benefits of the Club Marriott reward program to a completely new level. For more information call 02 091 1001 or visit myclubmarriott.com.


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HOT AROUND BANGKOK HOTMAN FACTORY SPEED FITNESS LAUNCHES NEW FITNESS GYM On February 16th, 2017, Khun Chalomejit Junkate, owner of Hotman Factory Speed Fitness, introduced her new bigger and better fitness gym in the heart of Bangkok at a star studded exclusive launch party. Hotman Factory Speed Fitness caters to client’s fitness needs regardless of their skills or fitness level. They offer personal training, circuit training, group classes and more. Four times larger than Khun Chalomejit’s original HOT Man Factory, located across the street, the exclusive Launch Party saw many celebrities and fitness lovers. Guests included Miss Aniporn Chalermburanawong, Miss Thailand Universe 2015, Ms. Jinnita Buddee, Miss Thailand World 2016, Seagame Arthit Mekarkard, Mister National Thailand 2016 , Thai Superstar Nadate Kukimiya, Thai actress Katreeya English, Eniko Kesmarki, Miss Fit 2016 and Boy Pisanu who performed a mini concert for delighted guests. The event was also the launch for Kangaroo Jumps, seen for the first time in Thailand. Kangaroo Jumps are the world’s most renowned rebound shoes, reducing impact stress by up to 80% and helping to burn up to 20% more calories. The shoes patented IPS (impact protection system) prevent injuries and provide many health and fitness benefits. The boots can be used indoors and outdoors. HOT Man Factory has a wide range of fitness programs designed around Kangaroo Jumps such as Kangaroo Power, Kangaroo Dance, Kangaroo Boot Camp and Kangaroo Discovery which is children oriented. Eniko Kesmarki, Miss Fit 2016 flew all the way from Hungary to demonstrate Kangaroo Jumps on stage. Khun Chalomejit has also teamed with well-known Muay Thai fighters Antoine and Leo Pinto in opening a Muaythai gym, Pinto Fight Studio by Hotman. Pinto will offer individual Muay Thai training, circuit training, body weight training and Muay Thai group classes. For more information on HOT Man Factory Speed Fitness visit their website, hotmanfactory.com or visit their facebook page https://www. facebook.com/hotmanfactory


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We deliver the experience of your dreams from beginning to end. International & Thai Cuisine, Weddings, Engagement Parties, Birthdays, Pool Parties, Wine Dinners & More...

Your Story



In Award Winning Surroundings FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE

Soi 112, Soi 20 Hua Na +66 (0) 32 900 700 www.facebook.com/labuaresort/ *Location Next To Bayan Golf Course




07:30 09:30 11:30 13:30 15.30 17:30 19:30





06:00 08:00 12:00 14:00 16.00 18:00



LM SPA ESCAPE PACKAGE AT LE MÉRIDIEN BANGKOK Discover a perfect accommodation and wake up to a leisurely breakfast buffet on us. Indulge yourself with our spa treatment of your choice and create a wonderful escape with many inspiring benefits. Room rate starts from THB 5,300++ per night. From now until 29 December 2017. Relax your body + mind and rejuvenate your spirit at Le Méridien Bangkok. Indulge and enjoy inspiring benefits include daily Le Méridien signature breakfast buffet and complimentary high speed internet. Rejuvenate your stay with LM Spa package where you can sooth all senses with 2-hour spa treatment

PRIME TENDER RIVER PRAWNS SILK ROAD STYLE AT PLAZA ATHÉNÉE BANGKOK, A ROYAL MÉRIDIEN Indulge the inclination to consume more of the finest + freshest river prawns cooked with inspiration + precision to bring out the fullness of their flavour and succulence. The renowned chef Kam + team present a special river prawn-starring 05-course set menu and a sumptuous a la carte menu of similarly succulent dishes, available for both lunch + dinner from now till April. Priced at THB 2,200++/person the beautifully balanced set menu ranges: Deep-Fried River Prawn + Crabmeat Spring Rolls; Braised River Prawn/ Chinese Spinach + Egg White Soup; Steamed River Prawn/Yellow Curry Sauce; Fried Rice/River Prawn + Black


*Terms and conditions applied For reservation, please contact 02 232 8888 or email Reservations.LMBKK@ lemeridien.com or visit website www. lemeridienbangkokpatpong.com


The 06-item a la carte delicacies include: Stir-Fried River Prawn/Beijing Sauce; Steamed River Prawn/Yellow Curry Sauce; Baked River Prawn/ Supreme Stock; Steamed River Prawn/ Radish + Vermicelli; Baked River Prawn/ Salt + Chili; Stir-Fried Egg Noodles/River Prawn. Served with timeless grace amid Silk Road’s modern-classic Cantonese décor, every mouthful is a celebration of another dimension of nature’s beauty + culinary integrity.

fb.bangkok@lemeridien.com or visit plazaatheneebangkok.com, lemeridien. com/plazaatheneebangkok

For restaurants reservations please call 02 650 8800 or e-mail

Operating Hours: Lunch 11:30 – 14:30, Dinner 18:00 – 22:30

Location: Silk Road, Plaza Athénée Bangkok, A Royal Méridien Hotel

DINING IN THE SKY PACKAGE Fly high to the sky and leave the culinary creation to us. From delectable gourmet experiences at our awardwining Octave Lounge to refreshing signature cocktails at 49th rooftop level that offers a stunning 360-degree cityscapes, Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit is ready to set the stage for you to revel the trendiest Bangkok life with unbeatable culinary adventure. • Table for two booking at Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar at the 45th Floor. • THB 2,500 net credit per stay* at Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar. • Complimentary one signature cocktail per day for two at Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar.

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LM Spa Escape Package rate starts from THB 5,300++ per night for single occupancy and THB 6,150++ per night for double occupancy. Booking and staying period start now until 29 December 2017.

Olive; and Double Boiled White Fungus/ Chinese Jujube in Syrup.

Package offer includes :


include 30-minute steam, 30-minute foot treatment, and 60-minute Thai or Aroma body massage per person per day.

• Complimentary buffet breakfast for two. • Complimentary in-room high speed internet. • 30% discount at any of our food and beverage outlets.** • 30% discount on spa treatments. • 30% discount for laundry services. Package price per night starting from THB5,000++ To book, log on: www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-deals/ bkkms-bangkok-marriott-hotelsukhumvit/



Presenting over 100 mouthwatering dishes on our famous buffet, Zeta Café is the perfect venue to spend quality time with business colleagues, friends and family. Our globally inspired, market fresh buffet reaches from Far East Japan (with a sumptuous sushi bar) to Viva Italia (and your favorite pasta). Not to mention our simply wonderful desserts! Open daily: 6 pm – 10.30 pm (5:30 pm on Sundays) From THB 799++ per adult THB 449++ for children 6-12 years old (Below 6 years old eat FREE) Call now for your reservation on +66 2 683 4888 For more information please visit www.holidayinn.com/hisukhumvit Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit 1 Sukhumvit 22, Klongton, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand


“EVERYDAY COLD CUTS” AT THE CONTINENT HOTEL BANGKOK The Continent Hotel Bangkok, Executive Chef Satjar Thongsrikaew unveils his inaugural new menu this month with "Everyday Cold Cuts" at Medinii, Italian Restaurant (floor 35) and Axis & Spin, Sky Lounge & Bar (floor 38): Everyday! Medinii, Italian Restaurant is the hotel's lofty Italian with Asian flavor restaurant and offers the feeling of intimate dining and inspiring venue setting. It is located on the 35th Floor with amazing city views. Its dining and

seating options, high ceiling, floor-toceiling wall panels that can be adjusted for dining privacy, a private dining room, and great service all work to create a memorable dining experience. The window panels provide panoramic night views of downtown Sukhumvit with clusters of building lights and streams of car lights illuminating the night's darkness. Medinii is just the right place if you plan to have a romantic dinner with your better half or wish to have a private dining experience with your family.

Axis & Spin, Sky Lounge & Bar is Bangkok's upcoming coolest night party and relaxation venue. It is spread across two floors connected with a spiral staircase. It is located on the 38th and 39th Floor. The best skyline city views are available from this rooftop bar. Time: 6 pm till 11 pm Price: THB 699 9NET) per person Reservations, please call Medinii 02 686 7000 ext. 4416

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WEEKEND DESTINATION PACKAGE AT MARRIOT BANGKOK Make the most of your weekend by pampering yourself at one of Bangkok’s premium lifestyle hotels. Enjoy sumptuous buffet breakfast for two, complimentary signature cocktails at Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar with 360-degree Bangkok city views, plus a late check out that allows plenty of time to relax by the pool. Amplify your weekend stay experience at our hotel and celebrate your special moments with your friends and family.

Package offer includes:

• Complimentary one signature cocktail per day for two at our award winning Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar.

• THB 1,000 net credit per day* at any of our food and beverage outlets. • 30% discount at any of our food and beverage outlets.** • 30% discount on spa treatments. • 30% discount for laundry services.

• Complimentary buffet breakfast for two.

Package price per night starting from THB5,000++

• Complimentary in-room high speed internet.

To book, log on: www.marriott.com/ hotels/hotel-deals/bkkms-bangkokmarriott-hotel-sukhumvit/

• Early check-in at 12:00pm and late check-out until 16.00pm.

From left: Nuchanat Raveesangsoon, Mayrissara Chantararat, Apantree Srimuang, Sumanee Guna-Kasem, Anukool Rattanaphan and Mark Kingpayom

THE LAUNCH OF NON- SURGICAL MEDICAL AESTHETIC TREATMENTS AND WELLNESS CLINIC Mrs. Apantree Srimuang, Mr. Anukool Rattanaphan, and Mr. Chayaphol urapong, the three co-founders of “Kharites Medical Aesthetic Clinic” welcome high-profile guests at the launch of their non- surgical Medical Aesthetic Treatments and wellness clinic. The grand opening event, held under the concept “Where aesthetic therapy and medical science meet” to offer services from accredited medical doctors to 30

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provide treatments of which ensures the safety and satisfaction of their patients. Their clients include women and men of all ages and cultures. They believe in excellence and strive to provide only the highest quality services and products delivered by their knowledgeable and friendly team. With highly qualified registered nurses and skincare doctors, warmly greeted. The star-studded gathering was attended by top-tiered

Thai celebrities including Sumanee Guna-Kasem, Nuchanat Raveesangsoon, Mark Kingpayom, Mayrissara Chantararat, Mark Thawin, Wandee Sahasartkulchai, Nishsha Boonyagorn, Vachini Krairiksh Venvell and Areerat Krissanasmit. The grand opening night was held at Bangkok city, Sukhumvit soi 11.

HOT AROUND BANGKOK founded in 1835, dedicated to making fine Sherries and brandies in Jerez, Spain and is one of Spain’s most recognized wine brands world-wide. Tradition, research and quality are the pillars of this winery which boasts nearly two centuries of experience. Following in the same tradition, González Byass has, over the past 30 years, converted itself into a family of wineries, producing wine in some of Spain’s most famous wine producing regions. Similarly, the company has also expanded into the premium spirits business with brands such as The London No.1 and MOM Gins, Druide Vodka and Nomad Outland Whisky.

From Left: Mr. Robert F. Maurer Loeffler (GM, Group Director of Operations City Hotels of Centara), Mr. Jorge Padilla (CEO in icon Wines), Mr. Valent Soisuvant (CEO of Playboy Thailand), Mr. Boris Ivan (International Spirits Ambassador of Gonzalez Byass), Mr. Xavier Vicente (Asia Pacific Export Sales Director of Gonzalez.

BYASS SPIRITS STAR AT UNO MAS IN BANGKOK If you are a Gin lover, and / or a fan of other high quality spirits, then there wasn’t a better place for you to be on Wednesday February 8th then the UNO MAS Restaurant on the 59th floor of the Grand Centara Hotel in Bangkok.

a cocktail demonstration. The special guest bartending was led by Mr. Boris Ivan, Gonzalez, Byass International Spirits Ambassador and Mr Xavier Vicente, Asia Pacific Export Sales Director of Gonzalez Byass.

It was there that Gonzalez Byass S.A and Iconic Wines Thailand presented the “London Nº1 Gin cocktail demonstration and Gonzalez Byass spirits masterclass.”

The second session was for media and VIP guests. It included a short presentation of London Nº1 Gin and Gonzalez Byass in Thailand which was followed by a cocktail event where all guests were able to enjoy Boris’s classic cocktails using Gonzalez Byass spirits.

The event was divided into two sessions, the first was a masterclass for industry insiders educating them on the spirits of Gonzalez Byass, as well as

Guest Bartender Boris Ivan started his career in the bar industry whilst at University in Slovakia. He has worked at the Soho Hotel in London, The Crowne Plaza in Prague, Hush Mayfair and the MINT Hotel Tower Bridge in London where he ran the Sky Lounge Bar. In April 2013 he joined Galvin at Windows, located on the top floor of the Hilton London Park Lane Hotel. Here he managed a team of 15 people running all aspects of the bar business at this world famous Michelin starred restaurant. Throughout his career, he has worked in a private capacity for A list celebrities including Jay Z and Robbie Williams and as a member of The Dan Aykroyd Star Tender Program. Boris joined the González Byass team in April 2016 where he is responsible for the promotion of the company’s premium spirit portfolio globally.

González Byass is a family winery,

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AVANI'S NAMASTE SATURDAYS AROMATIC SPICES TINGLE WITH INDIAN FLAVOURS Famous for great views across the River of Kings and wide selection of international dishes, Skyline offers a new promotion for Saturday evenings.

Chef Karan has carefully selected a range of dishes to immerse diners in the authentic. Hailing from Uttarakhand in Northern India, Chef Karan says

Indian Moong Hari with Mango and Tomato Salad. Enjoy the modern surrounds of Skyline restaurant with cosy enclaves to be seated.

Grab a seat at this stylish restaurant for the new Indian Buffet. Chef Karan has prepared a tasty new menu full of Indian flavour. Dishes to tempt the palate include Akhroti Pumpkin Kebab and Kashmiri Lamb Rogan. Views of the city buzzing below accompany the scents and sounds of this authentic buffet. Visit the Indian street stalls, which change weekly and bring inspirational flavours from the different areas of India.

“Contemporary Indian Cuisine is all about exploring tradition whilst adding new perspectives and accentuating healthy attributes. I like to present Indian cuisine with a new modern style whilst remaining authentic.�

Add zing to your Saturday night dinner. Visit Skyline for the new Indian buffet from 6:00 pm. -10:30 pm. From 1 February 2017, set your tastebuds alight with this special promotion.

Share in this experience with a group of friends or family for a wonderful evening. Tuck into traditional Indian food with delicious fresh ingredients such as Paneer Soffiyani Tikka and

Book your Saturday night Indian buffet at Skyline, price at baht 1,200++ per person. For reservation, please call Riversidedining +66 (0) 2431 9100 Ext. 1416 or visit avanihotels.com

SHURA PAKUNO NEW COLLECTION LAUNCHED IN BANGKOK On February 23rd at Gaysorn Plaza in Bangkok an event was held to launch the new collection of SHURA PAKUNO luxury bracelets. Shura Pakuno bracelets are known for their luxuriousness and unique designs. The company was co-founded by Surayuth Vilailaks from Thailand and Martin Ambiorix Pakuno from Belguim. The event was well attended by celebrities and media and also featured a Cigar Bar and wine tasting. 32

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Perfect gifts with luxury and unique touch Romani Heritage is a extraordinary gift shop with a variety of products specially designed and chosen from the finest arts and crafts in Southeast Asia. Lasting memories of your Thailand experience. Since the start 1977 Romani Heritage has been working with high quality products. We are specialized in handmade silver and jewelry. 100 % pure Thai silk , specially designs made for Romani. Beautiful home decor and lacquerware handicraft. Natural spa and beauty products for all your skin care.

You can order our products and also quantities from our website www.romaniheritage.com Romani Heritage Since 1977 Shop 33 Unit No.4 Hilton Huahin resort & Spa, Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin, Prachuap Tel +66812557099

TRUE ARENA NEWS stress on your joints. Truly a total body exercise, swimming nearly eliminates any and all impact while providing your core, arms, legs, and heart an incredibly balanced workout. Swim sprints are excellent alternatives to the land-based versions. Another low impact exercise, biking also saves gas money. Biking is good for long leisurely journeys, or you can find some steep hills and do interval sprint training for a killer leg and cardio workout that won’t kill your joints. Rowing is an extremely rigorous upper body exercise, but it’s the fluid, smooth motion that makes it work for people coming off an injury. Start off slowly (either using a machine or an actual boat) and ramp up the intensity if you’re feeling up to it.

EXERCISING THROUGH INJURIES Luckily, when we get injured, we can have surgery and then simply recline on the couch and read a newspaper in between visits to the physical therapist. In the old days, most people just fought through pain, due to not having access to the information and treatment available now. So while we may have it easier, that down time is still painful, especially for people that are usually active. Even though we’re staying trim and we still look pretty good in the bathroom mirror, we just feel different when we don’t exercise. Whether it’s the lack of postworkout endorphins (to which we’ve grown addicted) flooding our system or the nagging sense that our once fit hardbody is going soft, staying off your feet throughout an injury is difficult to deal with. But there are options? For the most part, you need to listen to doctors. Most times, what your injured limbs require is simply time to recover, and pushing them will only hasten a relapse. Attend your physical therapy sessions and do what they prescribe. But that’s probably not enough for our active readers who still yearn to sweat and strain. What follows are a few

general observances, things we have learned from our respective downtimes about exercising through injury. SAFETY FIRST At some point, your doctor should give you clearance to “test it out.” Light jogging, some light weight work, hiking – these are normal for a doctor to prescribe to a patient coming off an injury. It’s sound advice, too, but be careful. If you’re coming off a knee injury, don’t go jogging on hard concrete. It’s hell on the joints, and it could just aggravate your injury. Instead, opt for sand, trails, grass, or even a rubber track. Anything with absorbing surfaces will do. If you decide to hit the weights, stick with the compound movements at drastically reduced levels. Push yourself, but only in slight increments, and be sure to report any pain to your doctor especially sharp pains, which can be indicative of something more serious than just dull soreness.

info@truearenahuahin.com Facebook: truearenahuahin Hot Magazine

The idea is to accept your injury. You don’t have to like it, and you don’t have to give up, but you do have to accept the fact that being stubborn about the intensity of your workouts will only keep you sidelined longer. You can still work up a sweat and stay fit; just don’t overdo it. George Grecia Director of Sports Development

SWIMMING, BIKING AND ROWING What aggravates (and, indeed, usually causes) most injuries is joint impact. Swimming, biking, and rowing are all great exercises that exert little to no

032 909 633


REPLACEMENTS Can’t do Tabata sprints because of a sore ankle? Try Tabata pull-ups, burpees, or jump rope. Dislocate your shoulder, and now you can’t put up your max on the bench? Try doing four sets of 50 push-ups instead. Can’t keep up with your squat routine because of a herniated disc? Do body weight squats, or only use the bar. If you were a heavy lifter before the injury, these exercises certainly won’t make you stronger, but they will help you maintain your strength and keep you active and fit.

www.truearenahuahin.com Instagram: truearenahuahin Twiter: @truearenahuahin


TABLE 94 Restaurant & Wine Bar 16/124, Soi 94, Hua Hin +66 (0)852635533




La Grappa's 6th Annual Charity Golf Tournament, Another Solid Success


a Grappa held its Annual Charity Golf Tournament at Banyan Golf Course on Saturday 25th February with a full house of 160 players and 200 guests for dinner in the evening. La Grappa’s event at Banyan this year was as usual very well organized and many participants have subsequently praised the organization by La Grappa and Banyan Golf Course for this well


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conducted event. The winning team of the golf games was the Star Property team with runners up by the Titleist team and Lotus Well. The net proceeds, which was a record high, will be applied to support two Schools in the Bang Saphan area, Ban Huay Sai Khao School and Wat Ban Na Phak Khuang School, with various equipment including computer equipment all of which were destroyed during the severe floods in early January

this year. La Grappa will host its 2018 Annual Charity Golf Tournament on Saturday 24th February 2018 at Banyan and La Grappa is reporting, that also next year’s event is already fully reserved with repeat teams and sponsors from this year’s tournament.

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12th Thailand Property Awards 2017 launched to search out the country’s finest real estate

(L-R): Russ Downing, managing director, HOT Hua Hin, and long-time member of the judging panel; Jaime Rivera, Asia regional manager, Crystal Lagoons (co-sponsor); Kamolpat Swaengkit, country manager, DDproperty.com (official property portal); Paul Ashburn, co-managing partner, BDO Thailand (official supervisor); Terry Blackburn, founder and managing director, PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards and Property Report; Raj Tanta-Nanta, group presidentl DTGO, representing MQDC, 2016 Best Developer (Thailand) Winner; Suphin Mechuchep, managing director of JLL Thailand, and incumbent chairwoman of the judges; and Marciano Birjmohun, managing partner, Siam Capital Group, and member of the judging panel


he annual PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards, which seeks to reward the finest developers, properties and real estate personalities across the Kingdom, will return for its 12th annual edition this September. PropertyGuru Group, the organiser of the long-running event, expects to receive more than 300 entries from developers with ongoing projects located in the top tier markets of Bangkok and Phuket, as well as emerging destinations of Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Samui, Phang Nga/Krabi, the Eastern Seaboard, the North East, and Songkhla. Developers, industry professionals and the general public are now invited to submit nominations for more than 30 categories until Friday, 30 June 2017. Online submissions are accepted via AsiaPropertyAwards.com/nomination/ thailand/.


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“This is a great opportunity to share to the world what are being developed in those locations and to celebrate the key factors that drive the growth of the real estate industry in Thailand,” said Suphin Mechuchep, managing director of JLL Thailand and incumbent chairwoman of the independent judging panel. Increased recognition and respect from the property sector An internationally recognised and respected platform that has championed the progress of the Thai real estate sector for over a decade now, the Thailand Property Awards debuted in 2005 when the Southeast Asian property scene was just starting to make global strides. “The Thailand Property Awards have showcased high quality developments and have well demonstrated an increased recognition and respect gained from the country’s real estate industry,” Mechuchep noted in her speech during

the Awards’ 11th anniversary gala dinner. That event was attended by around 600 VIPs and senior industry figures and saw MQDC Magnolia Quality Development Corporation crowned the Best Developer (Thailand) and collect a total of eight awards. Mechuchep and DTGO Group president Raj Tanta-Nanta, who represents MQDC, both appeared at the exclusive media launch for the 12th edition of the Awards held at the VA Room of Plaza Athenee Bangkok, a Royal Meridien hotel on 1 March 2017. The MQDC executive expressed his gratitude to the judges for giving their winning and highly commended projects the industry’s stamp of approval. “We’re very humbled and proud to win Best Green Development and the Special Recognition in Sustainable Development last year. Our projects are top quality and this year we aim to continue promoting ‘sustainnovation’ in our developments.”

One of the region’s real estate leaders “Time and again Thailand has proven to be one of the region’s real estate leaders – whether it’s the retail, hospitality, villa or luxury residential segment – as we have seen in the quality of entrants in the past 12 years. The Awards are meant to put a spotlight on the strongest aspects of the industry,” said Blackburn. Among the major categories in which developers will compete for the Best of the Best honours include: Best Condo Development (Thailand), whose Winner will be picked from condo categories winners; Best Housing Development (Thailand), chosen from the Winners pool of villa and housing categories; and Best Commercial Development (Thailand), chosen from the hotel, retail and office categories. A special award for Thailand’s Real Estate Personality of Year will also

be named by the editors of Property Report. Presented to an individual whose influence and achievements resonate across the Kingdom, the coveted title’s previous recipients include 2016’s Dr Suriya Poolvoralaks, managing director of Major Development, and 2015’s William “Bill” E. Heinecke, founder and chairman of Minor International, a fourtime winner last year that swept the hotel categories. Winners of the 11th Thailand Property Awards 2016 held on 23 September at Plaza Athenee Bangkok (a Royal Meridien) The top winners from Thailand will be eligible to participate in the grand finals of the Asia Property Awards held annually in Singapore every November, opening up their businesses to new audiences around the region. The black-tie gala dinner, which happens on 15 September at Plaza

Athenee Bangkok, will begin with a twohour international cocktail networking reception, followed by a lavish fourcourse dinner, and the awards ceremony proper. Previous distinguished guests include Bangkok’s Deputy Governor Jumpol Sumpaopol, and former Deputy Prime Minister Suwat Liptapanlop, who attended the 2015 and 2016 events, respectively, as keynote speakers. More information are also available on the official website.

Nominations are now open to the general public and will close on Friday, 30 June asiapropertyawards.com/nominations

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Phase 2 Hua HIn 102

Affordable Elegance In Town


Including European Kitchen Air Conditioning

Close to The Beach, Town Center, Market Village, Blu Port Resort Mall, Night Market, Vana Nava

082 094 3000 086 808 0886

Milford Estate Email: sale@milford.co.th www.milpoolvillas.com


A “DREAM” YOU CAN AFFORD Welcome to The Park Hua Hin where we not only operate in luxury, but deliver some of the most memorable eco-friendly experiences to guests and an outstanding level of care and return on investment to owners.

Facts • Price from: 4.700,000 • Location: 5km from city • Include: Fully Furnished • Garden: Landscaped • Walls: Smart Frame • Walls: Magnesium Board • Windows: Double Glazed • Lights: LED & Solar Led • Solar & Electric Heaters • 30,000 litres Water Tank • Finance: Available • Maintenance fees: Low

Facilities • Reception: 24 hours • Security: 24 hours • Club House: Completed • Restaurant: Completed • 2 Bars: Completed • 2 Large Pools: Completed • Fitness & Salon: Completed • Spa & Massage: Completed • Mini Mart: Completed • Reception: Completed • Free Shuttle Bus: Operating • Internet: Free Wi-Fi • Common Area: 10,000 sqm


Address: Tap Tai, Soi 112, Hua Hin, 77110 Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand Tel: 032 510 518 Thai: +66 (0) 83 088 6772, +66 (0) 62 232 2998, +66 (0) 86 369 3604 German, French, Dutch, English: +66 (0) 83 006 1300

In Bangkok, Pattaya or Singapore? You need eatigo!


atigo is the leading dining deals and restaurant reservation portal in Thailand and Singapore where you can enjoy real-time discounts of up to 50% at restaurants every day for free! Even the best dining destinations have empty tables and when Eatigo connects empty stomachs with those empty tables diners never have to pay full price. By using their proprietary technology, you can search restaurant availability to find the time-deal combination that’s best for you. Eatigo’s app even tells you how far you are from each participating restaurant with the closest at the top and the furthest at the end of the list. Once you find the restaurant you want to visit you can make a reservation from within their mobile app or website. The process has been made very easy. 1. Pick your preferred restaurant. 2. Select the party size, date and the time when you want to go to the restaurant. 3. The time you chose will determine the discount you are getting so play around to see what the best time option is for you. 4. Fill in your personal information. 5. You will receive an email & SMS with your reservation details after confirming.


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No credit card information is requested and there is no upfront payment, just a reservation. You pay normally at the restaurant after eating. The discount shown on the app applies to all food items, starters, mains and even desserts (unless specifically stated under the ‘special conditions’ section), Only drinks and in-house value set meals which are already discounted are not included. The business model effectively takes the tried and tested yield management principles of charging different prices at different times used successfully in the travel and hotel industries and applies them to the F&B sector. Eatigo offers time-based discounts so punctuality is important. Based on their “Terms and Conditions” your reservations are guaranteed within 30 minutes of your reservation time. Any time before or beyond 30 minutes, their restaurant partners have the right to ask you to wait or reject your reservation. However, if they do accept you, they are required to honour the discount that you have reserved for. Founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs of diverse nationalities (French, Singaporean Indian and Thai), Eatigo aims to connect empty stomachs to empty tables. Via its Iphone and android applications and website, Eatigo serves up time based discounts of up to 50% for all participating restaurants, every

day at near 700 of the most popular dining venues in Bangkok, Pattaya and Singapore. Restaurants join Eatigo in order to fill up their empty seats in off-peak hours and increase their profitability because Eatigo ensures they turn a profit on every single available table. Having seated over 2 Million diners Eatigo is the leading online reservation platform for restaurants in Thailand and Singapore. Visit their website www.eatigo.com or download eatigo app to start! Find a table you want, reserve it online for free and enjoy your deal with a special discount off the whole food bill!

New Year Promotion for Woodlands and Lakeside Developments 500,000 THB discount on each villa on the next 5 sales at Woodlands or Lakeside. In addition: Plot 7 at Lakeside is available at a very special price with the condition that the pool villa remains a show house for 12 months and without maintenance fees for the owner during that period. Price reduced by 25% to 4,500,000 THB including Furniture Package

085 135 9301

L et’s Dine, Bangkok

Goji Kitchen + Bar Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park



arriott International has over 4,500 hotels and resorts in 87 countries and territories. There newest brand is Marriott Marquis. Besides being luxurious, a Marriott Marquis hotel must have 1,000 rooms or more and it must have an abundance of convention and meeting space There are only 8 Marriott Marquis


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hotels in the entire world and the very first one in Asia Pacific recently opened in Bangkok. The Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park is the largest hotel in Bangkok with more than 1,300 rooms. With a hotel of this size you would expect many restaurant options and the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park certainly has them. Goji Kitchen + Bar is the hotels Breakfast restaurant that also

serves a magnificent Lunch and Dinner Buffet plus an over the top Sunday Brunch. We had the pleasure of taking in their Monday night Buffet and were so impressed with the exceptional selection and quantity of food choices that their buffet offered. As an example, four types of fresh

v seafood including Alaska King Crab is on the menu every night, as is two types of fresh Oysters and Foie Gras. What turned into one of my favorites was their Spanish style roasted suckling pig which is cooked using their special Parilla Grilling technique, a Signature at Koji, which turns the skin crispy and the meat soft. Soups, Pastas and steaks are also plentiful.

I was amazed at how many live cooking stations Goji has and was told they have more than any other restaurant in Bangkok. Their Japanese cooking station offers premium organic sushi and sashimi. Their Salad Cooking station offers a multitude of green salads as well as many varieties of cooked salads. Their Chinese live station includes Dim Sum and Chinese hot dishes. They also have

Thai, Indian and Western live cooking stations offering a multitude of delights. All of this is capped off with an exemplary amount of both Thai and Western deserts. When dining, you must save room for their Coconut Cake, it is a Goji signature dish.

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If you happen to dine on a Friday or Saturday night then you’ll enjoy even more menu options. As an example, your fresh seafood choices go from 4 to 7, you’ll have 4 different types of Oysters to choose from instead of 2 plus more meats such as lamb, more sushi items and more deserts. The Goji Kitchen + Bar is a dining experience not to be missed but be sure you go in hungry. Their Sunday thru Thursday price is THB 1,200++ and Friday and Saturday THB 1,800++. A beverage package is available offering free flow fruit juices and soft drinks for THB 99++, free flow fruit juices, soft drinks and beers for THB 499++ and free flow fruit juices, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages excluding champagne for THB 950++. The Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park is on Soi 22, not far from Phrom Phong BTS, Emporium and Em Quartier. Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park 199 Sukhumvit Soi 22 Reservation Line: +66 (0) 2 059 5999 or email restaurant-reservations. bkkqp@marriotthotels.com

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The Property Consultant

Der Immobilienberater

Professional - Reliable - Independent

We listen

Wir hĂśren zu

E-Mail: michael@immo-th.com Phone: 082 586 5050 Skype: miventhai www.immo-th.com Š Immo Property Co., Ltd.

Wir sprechen Ihre Sprache.

Fantastic Tropical Garden incl. a luxury 2-storey home with 3 bed, 4 bath, exclusive Euro kitchen, 14x5m pool, Jacuzzi, 330 sqm living on 1200 sqm plot. Hua Hin Soi 114 area. 12 Mio THB Homely Pool Villa with covered roof terrace having 111 sqm, offering exciting views, 2 bed, 2 bath, Euro kitchen, 120 sqm living on 420 sqm plot. Hua Hin upper Soi 6 area 6,95 Mio THB

Energy Efficient Smart House Top design, top quality in “Best Residential Development 2015”, 3 bed, 2 bath, excl. Euro kitchen 8x4 m Pool , 179 sqm on 512 sqm plot. Hua Hin West. 8,5 Mio THB

Cosy Living In White Beach Villas Surrounded by “300 hills” (Sam Roi Yot) and close to the beach. 3 bed, 2 bath, Euro kitchen 10x4 m Pool, sprinkler system 130 sqm living on 545+ sqm plot in Pranburi, Dolphin Bay starting 6.9 Mio THB

La Bua Garden & Penthouse Apartments. Or Both? 1 bed, 1 bath each with direct pool access in “Best Residential Development 2016”. 71 and 138 sqm, fantastic views. Hua Hin Soi 112, near Banyan Golf Club, ready to move in. 3.2 and 4.3 Mio, or both for 7.3 Mio THB City Location. On The Beach. Wonderful Apartment with direct private access to pool and beach. 2 bed, 2 bath, Euro kitchen 135 sqm, huge terrace along living room and bedrooms. Hua Hin city opposite Market Village, 13.5 Mio THB



L et’s Stay,

Phuket Marriott Merlin Beach Resort


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Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa, welcomes all kinds of customers, from business travellers, to couples, friends or vacationing families. This 5-star accommodation of peace inducing serene surroundings makes it seem a world away from reality; traffic, loud disturbing noises, and crowds, are terms unknown on the grounds of this revitalizing spa resort. To assist and allow guests to easily unwind from the dangers of stress and a fast-moving society is what the Phuket

Marriott aims to do through its five-star luxury spa. The massage rooms are of terracotta, Sino-Portuguese colonialinspired tiles and warm teak wood floors all especially designed and placed in a combination to enhance the powers of relaxation through mind easing décor. The Spa offers an array of services treatments and amenities. Full body scrubs and rejuvenating body wraps to cleanse, moisturize and regenerate both body and soul. A variety of massages; from oil massage, to traditional Thai massage to even couple’s massage for a unique experience for two. Facials are available too and well as plunge pools and manicure/pedicure to pamper the most exploited parts of the human body which are our hands and our feet. The rooms at the Phuket Marriott allow you to keep unwinding in a beautifully designed atmosphere. Whether it be a room or a suite, it is

a treat to the soul unlike any five-star elegance. The rooms offer sophisticated style following the spa mood with terracotta tiled floors and rich finished wood. The modern amenities offered feature plush bedding, a pull-out sofa in case you may need it, and a private balcony with marvellous panoramic scenic views. The variety of rooms is endless, all divided into their strongest features, these include Deluxe Lagoon Pool View, Superior Lagoon Pool View, Premiere Lagoon Pool view, Premier Pool access with direct access through the private balcony towards the pool, Premier Andaman Sea View and Premier Beach access with direct entry to the beach front, Merlin Suite, Royal Suite, Deluxe Garden Terrace and Deluxe Andaman Sea View. The rooms may vary from one another in what they offer to the eyes, but it can’t be said that one is better than the other as each has its unique spin and style.



f your next destination is Phuket, we recommend that you stay at the Marriott Merlin Beach Resort and Spa. This breath-taking resort is located at a perfect and conveniently secluded spot of the Tri-Trang Beach not too far from the craze and excitement of the party beach, Patong and the Phuket Old Town .

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The hotels location on Phuket is one of its biggest attractions. Not only does it have it’s own private beach, but it is very near several other great beaches. Freedom beach, known for its white fine sand and crystal clear water is just around the bend. You can take one of the hotel’s kyak’s to get there. Two other nearby beaches are both excellent and worth visiting. Paradise beach has a lovely tropical atmosphere and the Tri Trang beach is just across the street. Location, location, location, as they say. The hotels swimming pools are also a top attraction. The resort encourages guests to take advantage of the Phuket weather and relax by one of their three outdoor pools, and work out in their fully equipped modern gym. The resort also features an activity program for kids, as well as excursions in and around Phuket for people who want to spend time exploring what Phuket offers. Another very important aspect of the resort are its dining options. With eight different eateries at the resort, dining never gets boring. D.O.C.G. is the resort’s Italian restaurant dedicated to fully embody the concept of La Dolce Vita, importing products directly from Italy and having availability of a superb selection of fine Italian Wines, cheese and cured meat. The Merchant Kitchen and the Beach Grill, on the other hand offer International dishes from all over the globe and are both open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Both restaurant offer both local delicacies and international favourites and have an outdoor seating space at the lagoon pool. The Lounge, also offers international dishes, situated at the lobby it is open for lunch and dinner. Phuket Coffee Co. is the resort’s coffee house serving freshly baked bread and artisan pastries by the beachside. The coffee is freshly roasted and all the coffee varieties one can think of are offered, therefore coffee lovers or those on the run shall not miss it. The Thai Pantry is the in-house local cuisine restaurant which allows guests to discover the authenticity of classic Thai dishes from top to bottom of the diverse Thai Kingdom. Finally the Pool Bar is the place to be for refreshing cocktails and once in a while day drinking while on the vacation of a lifetime.

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Phuket, the mountainous island of the Andaman sea, can be enjoyed while being accommodated in any corner of the archipelago, even in a small hidden bed and breakfast. However, if pure serendipity and relaxation is what you strive for, the perfect holiday in Phuket will only be best enjoyed in a few select places, and the Marriott Merlin Beach Resort and Spa falls into that category. Its luxurious rooms, stunning views, several refreshing swimming pools, topnotch in-house eateries and its five star Spa services will make anybody’s trip to Phuket, an unforgettable and treasured holiday. Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa, Merlin Beach 99 Muen-Ngoen Road, Tri-Trang Beach, Patong Phuket, 83150 Thailand Phone: +66-76-335300

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L et’s Go, Phang Nga


ou may have heard of alluring unpopulated Ranong, and Surat Thani the ‘City of Good People’ and most surely, majestic bustling Krabi. You may have perhaps even enjoyed a couple of memorable holidays in these destinations. But meanwhile, you have unfortunately completely overlooked the rich and beautiful province that is Phang Nga. If that’s the case, you are still in time to rectify, grab your bags and go explore!


Hot Magazine

Phang Nga is located on the west side of the Malay Peninsula, one of the provinces located at the south of Thailand, with the refreshing shore of the Andaman Sea to its west, Phang Nga Bay to the south as well as Phuket Province which is connected by a highway bridge. This province is blessed with the many islands located in what’s known as the Phang Nga Bay, amongst them lays the famous James Bond Island; a limestone rock in the middle of the sea, shaped

in the magnificent form of an upsidedown cone. This fairy tale-like sight was featured in The Man with the Golden Gun in 1974, a James Bond movie which made Thailand a marvelled touristic destination with an only upward trajectory. To ensure the protection of these rare, almost mystic islands, in 1981, the Phang Nga Bay National Park was established, which is how the Bay remains exotic and humble even with the many local and international visitors.

v James Bond Island

Two other famous islands in the Bay, which also form part of the province are the Similan Islands and the Surin Islands; two of Thailand’s most prominent diving destinations. Transportation in the district is a little unconventional, the nearest airport to Phang Nga Province is the Phuket International Airport. Although there are frequent buses from Bangkok and other provinces both air conditioned and nonair-conditioned which are mostly the

intra-provincial buses, the main mode of public transport around the large towns are the famous songthaews, bulky pickup trucks with a convenient seating arrangement at the back for customers. In Phang Nga town one can also find motorbike-taxis which are used mainly for very short distances. The favorite mode of transport however, would undoubtedly have to be strolling through the towns while getting a golden tan. What makes Phang Nga a great

holiday destination are the many beautiful sights all around the province. Apart from the James Bond Island, there are many other great things to see such as Ko Panyi, a unique fishing village on stilts giving it the impression of it floating right next to an enormous island which itself looks like a floating bolder. The village is comprised of a large Thai Muslim community providing an extra zest to those who enjoy culturally dynamic trips.

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Simalan Islands Phang Nga is a culturally rich province with a large majority of Muslims in rural areas who do not suffer from any tensions and who live in peace and harmony with other religious groups. A thick Southern dialect is used in the rural areas, difficult for even Thai people to understand. The people, in this southern province are warm, approachable and gentle. A place is made by its population, and Phang Nga’s diverse society makes it even more special as a holiday destination. An interesting community, are the Sea Gypsies, who live on the small island of Ko Surin. This little seafaring community live their life as traditionally as it gets, even with the many curious tourists around. Perhaps you may consider your holiday destination with a focus on all the new or all time favorite activities you may be able to carry out. If snorkeling enters your list of top activities to make a holiday more fun, the Mu Ko Surin National Park is a must visit. This archipelago of five paradisiac islands was declared a national park in 1981 and is not only on the Andaman Sea itself, but it is also right next to the Thai-Burmese oceanic border. The area is undeniably rich in beauty, and the addition of coral reefs create a picturesque and colorful scene perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts. Snorkeling is not the only water sport you may enjoy during your visit to Phang Nga. You can also enjoy canoeing through and around the bay while exploring the natural caves or travel with a motorboat or kayak through the more undiscovered parts of the bay. The friendly local guides make sure every guest gets a feel of the many hidden caves and secret lagoons as well as ensure that you go back to your hotel with a deeper understanding of the large variety of wildlife, plants and geology of the area. Another extraordinary National Park declared as such in 1988 is the Kha Lampi-Hat Thai Mueang National Park. Here, one can go to both Namtok Ton Phrai and Namtok Lampi, large waterfalls with various levels which flow smoothly all year round. The Hat Thai Mueang is also one of the largest attractions, a long beach where the sea turtle festival is held year after year to create awareness, foster and protect the highly-endangered species that is the turtle. Between October and March, turtles lay their eggs on the beach, these are put a fence around so predators don’t have access to them. Once the eggs hatch, the turtles are taken care of and looked after until they are released back into the wild, a process that usually takes place at the beginning of March.


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Dargon Back Island

Ko Panyi

Simalan Islands

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Similar to the freeing of sea turtles, Phang Nga is notorious for its many enchanting annual festivals. Some of these include, Watermelon Day; when plenty of watermelon is offered and a beauty contest is held, Songkran Festival; a national holiday which celebrates water, a water-pouring ceremony is held to pay respects to Buddhist monks and the elderly and water fights occur all over the country. Other festivals include the Vegetarian Festival and the Sea Gypsy Boat Floating Festival which celebrates and worships ancestor’s spirits, fortune telling is practiced, and music and dance performances take place all over the province. The list does not end there, from the many islands, the activities and the festivities, we move onto an important aspect of Thai culture; the temples. Although you may feel like you have seen it all in Bangkok, there are a couple of temples that are of great importance in Phang Nga and are completely unlike those you may have visited in the big capital city. One of them is Wat Suwannakhuha, also known as the Cave Temple. This magical place has various caves within the boundaries of the temple itself; exemplifying the inexplicable greatness of mother nature. Another famous temle is the Wat Rat Uppatham also known as Wat Bang Riang. The temple, located on top of Khao Lan hill contains several structures such as an extremely detailed bell shaped pagoda known as Chedi Phutthanthambanlue. The Pagoda, at the very top of the hill, gives vistiros the chance to overlook the many surrounding mountains as well as a large Buddha statue and the angelical beauty of a Guan-yin Chinese Goddess statue; a clear representation of the beauty of coexisting religions. Phang Nga, a land by the vastness of the ocean is one which makes you see time go by slowly and intensely, liberating you from all the constraints of a scheduled life. There is so much to see; the Phang Nga Bay, the Pak Weep Beach, the White Sand Beach, the Similan Islands National Park, the Panak Island. And there is indeed so much to do; visiting rare temples, having a look at the turtle conservation centre in charge of the annual sea turtle release, snorkelling, cannoning, and or simply doing nothing while basking beneath the great Thai sunshine. All in all, Phang Nga is a place which possesses eternal sunshine, the warmth of local people, translucent water bodies that magnify rare beautiful animal creatures, and the gentle breeze of the sea. All of which work in perfect unison to make this province the unimaginable paradisiac holiday spot you thought you could never find.

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41 prestigious residential pool villas in the most exclusive resort of Hua Hin BAAN PHU THARA A Community Solar Development Energy Sharing For A Sustainable Future

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Ask the Expert: Why Won’t My Home Sell?


irst impressions are extraordinarily powerful, and your house is no exception. When others approach it for the first time, does it strike them as clean, inviting and well maintained? In real estate, these all-important qualities are known as “curb appeal.” If you plan to put your home on the market, here are some ideas that will ensure your home makes a positive first impression. Clean, clean, clean. Start by cleaning and tidying your driveway, walkway, front yard, and front porch. Pressure washing can make concrete and aggregate surfaces look like new; pressure washers are also ideal for cleaning stains from gutters and removing moss from patios and decks. In your yard, keep the grass neatly trimmed, and edge your paths and walkways for a meticulously groomed look. Keep the beds weed-free, and trim trees and bushes as needed. Remove and replace any dead or struggling plants. If you are selling your home, it’s a


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smart investment to have a professional gardener make things picture-perfect, and then you can maintain the look yourself. On your front porch, remove any cobwebs and sweep away all traces of dirt, leaves and pet hair. Clean your light fixtures and bulbs, and be sure your windows are sparkling clean. Wipe down your front door and polish your door hardware. Repair and update. Fix or replace loose latticework, gently tap down nail heads that have worked loose from your siding or decks, and ensure that downspouts are attached and secure. It might make sense to replace and outdated front door, or at least five it a fresh coat of paint and update the handle and kick plate. If your exterior light fixtures were fashionable 25 years ago, they’re undoubtedly out of date now. Visit a home-improvement store and choose something more contemporary. If your exterior paint is in good shape, light pressure washing will make it look

almost new, and a fresh coat of paint on just the trim and shutters can provide a quick facelift. On the other hand, shabby paint dramatically devalues a home. If repainting is necessary, use a mainstream color that fits in with your neighborhood. Keep it simple, clean and classic. If your home is on the market, be ruthless with clutter. Remove anything that distracts from the home itself, including children’s toys, bicycles, garden hoses and tools. You want your home to appeal to as many people as possible. When potential buyers step onto your property, they need to be able to imagine it as their own. Create a welcoming entry. Your front porch and/or entryway provide an opportunity to make visitors feel comfortable and welcome. Beautiful pots overflowing with flowers appeal to everyone, and a trickling water feature can create a serene atmosphere. And if there’s room, a small table and chairs on the front porch are very inviting. Finally, if your doormat has worn out its

be justifiable to buyers. Location. You can’t escape that location is always going to be important to buyers. Some locations are going to be more appealing than others. For instance, a development may be hot for fast home sales but the particular location of a home may be a drawback. Marketing. There are times when homes will go on the market and you won’t even need to post a photo and the home will sell in a flash. However, proper marketing will help draw buyers to your home. Let’s face it, if you have a high-end home, you want the image that your home projects to be consistent with the price point. Sorry, but an iPhone photo for the main photo of your home and poor quality photos – or no other photos – will hurt the first impression that your home makes. And since most house shoppers get their first impression online, good marketing matters. Condition. Homes that need work can be a turnoff. Again, these homes will sell if the price is right. However, the price should reflect the condition, otherwise buyers are going to assign more value to homes that are priced appropriately. As a seller, you don’t have to update everything in the home, but you do need to be aware of how the current condition stacks up against the competition. For instance, if you have an old roof, 20-yearold kitchen and dated bathrooms, you will most likely need to compare the price of your home to the selling prices of updated ones and be realistic about the value.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR welcome, it’s time to purchase a new one.

positive opinion.

Get a fresh point of view. It can be surprisingly difficult to view your home objectively and to see it as others do. One helpful trick is to shoot photos or video; for most people, this technique helps them see their home from a fresh perspective. By all means, ask your agent for a professional opinion. He or she can give you a checklist of recommended tasks that will strengthen your home’s curb appeal.

You’ve cleaned, you’ve decluttered, you’ve gotten psyched up to sell your home and you’re pumped on getting an offer – or better yet multiple offers. But the offers aren’t rolling in as expected. Slowly the adrenaline changes to anxiety and even anger. Your house is great and you know it so why doesn’t everyone else see it? Are you ready for a reality check? It’s time to face the music. You’re about to hear a heartbreak symphony.

There’s only one chance to make a first impression. Curb appeal is more important than you might imagine. I’ve seen buyers make a snap judgment before they step out of the car. If it’s a negative first impression, that’s hard to overcome no matter how nice the home is inside. One the other hand, when a home is charming and cleaned and cared for on the outside, buyers can be so positively affected that once they’re inside, they are less critical of an outdated kitchen or a small bathroom. Strong curb appeal can help cement a

Price. This is probably the most important reason that homes don’t sell. You might think it would be location since that’s the number 1 rule in real estate. But even a home in a less desirable location will sell if the price is right. If the price is way too high, buyers generally won’t give the home a chance. Buyers want deals. If the price seems too unrealistic, they won’t see that they are getting a good value. This isn’t to say that homes need to be priced low to attract buyers, but they do need to be in the right ballpark so that their value can

Russ Downing is Managing Director of HOT Hua Hin Property and has for the last 10 years headed up the Hua Hin judging team for the Thailand Property Awards, widely seen as the Academy Awards for the Thailand Property Sector. Russ’s articles have been translated and re-printed in a large popular Chinese magazine and he has had 3 of his luxury listings chosen for the Wall Street Journal’s “House of the Day” feature with near worldwide exposure in the WSJ’s U.S., European and Asian editions as well as online. If you are looking to purchase or sell a home in Hua Hin contact Russ at 084 387 5699 or russ@hothuahin.com, www. hothuahinproperty.com.

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We offer modern, luxurious tropical villas affording cutting edge design and functionality. Prices from 3.990.000,- Baht tel: +66(0) 87 793 2193

email: sales@orchidparadisehomes.com


tel: +66(0) 87 793 2193

email: sales@orchidparadisehomes.com


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Tel: 094 960 4959 (Thai) 08-4387-5699 (English) E-mail: info@hothuahin.com


3,800,000 THB

Hua Hin Center




5,250,000 THB


Hua Hin West


5,500,000 THB


• 5 Minutes South of Hua Hin Center • Highly Desirable Dev., Full Furnished • Large covered Terrace, Pool, Euro Kitchen

• 10 Minutes of Hua Hin Center • Highly Desirable Dev., Full Furnished • Fitted Wardrobes, Pool, Euro Kitchen

• 10 Minutes SW of Hua Hin Center • Guest House, Fully Furnished • Large covered Terrace, 5X8 Pool, Euro Kitchen

Beds : 2 Land Area : 280 m2

Beds : 3 Land area : 550 m2

Beds : 4 Land area : 550 m2

Hua Hin North

Baths : 2 Living area : 180 m2

5,900,000 THB


Beds : 3 Land area : 800 m2

Koh Takiab



Baths : 4 Living area : 247 m2

8,000,000 THB


Hua Hin South


Baths : 3 Living area : 175 m2

6,900,000 THB


Hua Hin West

Baths : 3 Living area : 165 m2

7,500,000 THB



• 15 Minutes South of Hua Hin Center • Highly Desirable Dev., Full Furnished • Large covered Terrace, Pool, Euro Kitchen

• Located 10 minutes West from Hua Hin • Euro kitchen, air con and fans throughout • 5 X 10 Master pool, garden, alarm system

Beds : 3 Land area : 500 m2

Beds : 4 Land area : 648 m2

Hua Hin North


Baths : 2 Living area : 170 m2

8,900,000 THB


Hua Hin West


Baths : 3 Living area : 299 m2



• 7 Minutes S of Hua Hin Center • 1 minute walk to desirable beach • Townhouse, communal Pool, Euro Kitchen

• 12 Minutes N. of Hua Hin Center • Close to golf course, Full Furnished • Covered Terrace, Large Pool, Euro Kitchen

• 10 Minutes W of Hua Hin Center • Fully Completed Dev., Fully Furnished • Large covered Terrace, 4X12 Meter Pool, Euro Kitchen

Beds : 3 Land area : 350 m2

Beds : 4 Land area : 808 m2

Beds : 3 Land area : 700 m2

Baths : 3 Living area : 135 m2

Baths : 5 Living area : 425 m2

Baths : 4 Living area : 270 m2

Tel: +66 (0) 84 387 5699 (Eng), +66 (0) 94 960 4959 (Thai) • Email: Hot Magazine




8,900,000 THB


Hua Hin West

9,500,000 THB


#AG-B138 #AG-B138

9,500,000 THB


#AG-B138 #AG-B1702010

• 10 Minutes W of Hua Hin Center • Fully Completed Dev., Full Furnished • Large covered Terrace, Large Pool, Euro Kitchen

• 10 Minutes SW of Hua Hin Center • Highly Desirable Dev., Full Furnished • Large covered Terrace, 4X10 Pool, Euro Kitchen

• 10 Minutes SW of Hua Hin Center • Highly Desirable Dev., Full Furnished • Large covered Terrace, 4X10 Pool, Euro Kitchen

Beds : 3 Land area : 776 m2

Beds : 4 Land Area : 630 m2

Beds : 4 Land Area : 540 m2

Hua Hin South

Baths : 4 Living area : 273 m2

9,700,000 THB



Beds : 4 Land area : 1,120 m2

Hua Hin Center


Baths : 5 Living area : 300 m2

12,500,000 THB


Hua Hin West

Baths : 3 Living area : 189 m2

11,500,000 THB



Hua Hin North

Near Beach

Baths : 4 Living area : 250 m2

11,630,000 THB


• 10 Minutes West of Hua Hin Center • Outdoor covered Bar, Built-In Outdoor BBQ • Large covered Terrace, Pool, Euro Kitchen

• 15 minutes North of Hua Hin’s Center • Ground floor unit with direct swimming pool access • Beach Front Complex, tremendous amenities

Beds : 4 Land area : 900 m2

Beds : 3

Hua Hin West


Baths : 5 Living area : 233 m2

12,900,000 THB


Hua Hin South


Baths : 3 Living area : 166 m2

13,750,000 THB

# AG-B3000541

• 2.5Km’s from New BluePort Shopping Mall • Brand new, ready to move in • Large covered Terrace, Pool, Euro Kitchen

• 10 Minutes W of Hua Hin Center • Highly Desirable Dev., Full Furnished • Large covered Terrace, 4X12 Pool, Euro Kitchen

• 10 Minutes South of Hua Hin Center • Fully finished Dev., Fully Furnished • Large covered Terrace, 15-meter Pool, Euro Kitchen

Beds : 3 Land area : 769 m2

Beds : 4 Land area : 1,100 m2

Beds : 4 Land area : 1,200 m2

Baths : 3 Living area : 245 m2

Baths : 4 Living area : 340 m2

Tel: +66 (0) 84 387 5699 (Eng), +66 (0) 94 960 4959 (Thai) • Email: 78

Hua Hin West

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Baths : 4 Living area : 400 m2


Golf Course • 10 Minutes North of Hua Hin Center • Highly Desirable Golf Course Development • Large covered Terrace, Large Pool, Euro Kitchen

Pak Nam Pran

Beach Area • 25 Minutes S of Hua Hin Center • Highly Desirable Location, 50 Mtrs to beach • Full Furnished, 4X10 Pool, Euro Kitchen

Hua Hin North

Golf Course • 12 Minutes North of Hua Hin Center • Highly Desirable Dev., Fully Furnished • Large covered Terrace, Large Pool, Euro Kitchen

14,800,000 THB

#AG-B211550 Beds: 4 Baths: 4 Living area: 340 m2 Land area: 2,400 m2

17,950,000 THB

#AG-V213990 Beds: 3 Baths: 4 Living area: 380 m2 Land area: 700 m2

19,750,000 THB

#AG-V1701001 Beds: 4 Baths: 4 Living area: 300 m2 Land area: 2,000 m2

Hua Hin West

Countryside • 10 Minutes South of Hua Hin Center • Highly Desirable Dev., Sea Views • Large covered Terrace, Large Pool, Euro Kitchen

Hua Hin North

Countryside • 10 Minutes North of Hua Hin Center • Modern Large House, Fully Furnished • Separate Guest Suite, Large Pool, Euro Kitchen

Khao Tao

Beachfront • Located approx. 15-20 minutes South of Hua Hin • Ocean & beach views, Oceanfront pool • Euro kitchen, Air cons, large covered deck

16,900,000 THB

#AG-V3000570 Beds: 5 Baths: 5 Living area: 700 m2 Land area: 380 m2

19,000,000 THB

#AG-V211578 Beds: 5 Baths: 5 Living area: 560 m2 Land area: 2,200 m2

21,950,000 THB

#AG-A54 Beds: 5 Baths: 5 Living area: 250 m2

Tel: +66 (0) 84 387 5699 (Eng), +66 (0) 94 960 4959 (Thai) • Email: Hot Magazine




19,500,000 THB

Hua Hin North

24,500,000 THB

This modern Hua Hin golf course home is located in Palm Hills, the “Beverly Hills” of Hua Hin. With majestic mountain and water views this “almost” new home is stylishly decorated with high quality furniture and high end kitchen appliances. All 3 bedrooms are en-suite plus there is a separate guest bathroom. A covered terrace gives you golf course, water and mountain views, the perfect place to entertain guests or just to relax and soak in natures beauty. Included in this home’s purchase is a lifetime family membership to the Palm Hils Golf Club and Palm Hills separate Fitness Club.

Located in the desirable north end of Hua Hin is this 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom home on a very large land plot of 2,512 square meters. Three separate buildings are contained within the property. The main house features 3 bedrooms, all en-suite and a large open plan kitchen, dining room and lounge. A very large covered terrace provides great outdoor living along with an outside shower and bathroom, storage room and covered parking for two cars. A separate building contains two large bedrooms with a Jack and Jill bathroom, a storage room and a large office that could also be a bedroom. A spacious entertaining sala overlooking the ultra large 8 X 16 meter pool contains a bar with two wine fridges and plenty of seating. The lawn is immense with stunning landscaping. Additional amenities include a CCTV system, an internal and external alarm system featuring laser beam protection on the perimeter walls, 2 large storage areas and a separate washing machine room. The large executive home is ideal for entertaining many guests.

Beds: 3

Beds: 6

Baths: 3

Hua Hin South

Living area: 650 m2 Land area: 854 m2


24,950,000 THB

Baths: 5

Hua Hin North

Living area: 411 m2


Land area: 2,512 m2

27,500,000 THB

Located in the popular south end of Hua Hin, but still just mere minutes from Blu Port, Hua Hin’s 5 billion baht shopping mall, is this stunning well built, luxury pool villa in a Mediterranean design. Sitting on a large land plot of 1,600 square meters this home has 520 square meters of living space on two floors. Inside are three bedrooms and four bathrooms plus maid’s quarters. The spacious master suite benefits from a large walk-in wardrobe and a master bathroom with both a bath and a shower. From the master suite, double French doors open to a wide covered terrace offering distant sea and countryside views as well as the pool and tropical gardens below. This beautiful home is surrounded by lush mature tropical gardens and features a large 12 X 5 meter swimming pool and a double car carport.

This Hua Hin golf course home is located in the prestigious golf course community of Palm Hills and offers gorgeous park like views overlooking a lake and golf course. The mature grounds contain a three car enclosed garage with storage, two one-bedroom guest houses both en-suite, a main house with 3 bedrooms all en-suite, a bedroom/fitness room en-suite with steam room, an oversized kitchen amd maids quarters en-suite. The 15-meter swimming pool overflows and there is a 10 person jacuzzi with waterfall feature. This Hua Hin Golf Course home comes with a family lifetime golf membership and a separate fitness facillity lifetime family membership.

Beds: 3

Beds: 7

Baths: 4

Living area: 520 m2 Land area: 1,600 m2

Tel: +66 (0) 84 387 5699 (Eng), +66 (0) 94 960 4959 (Thai) • Email: 80


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Baths: 8

Living area: 750 m2 Land area: 2,400 m2


Beds : 6 Baths : 7 Land : 1,600 m2 Living : 700 m2

Hua Hin West

Beds: 5 Baths: 7 Land: 4,096 m2 Living: 728 m2


60,000,000 THB

Located in Palm Hills,


39,750,000 THB

Located 10 minutes west of Hua Hin city and equal distance to the two best golf courses in Hua Hin is this ultimate family and entertaining home. With an indoor kitchen fully fitted with high end appliances and an outdoor kitchen perfect for entertaining in Hua Hin’s ideal climate this home is luxurious without being ostentatious. The property features a swimming pool the size that would make a medium sized resort jealous of and a pool bar to service it. The large expansive lawn can accommodate almost any sport. This home was the personal home of one of Hua Hin’s best developers and has way too many options to list here. Contact for a personal tour.

Tel: +66 (0) 84 387 5699 (Eng), +66 (0) 94 960 4959 (Thai) • Email: Hot Magazine


LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE We believe being 50+ is an opportunity to shine, to have the time you always wanted, to be surrounded by like minded people who inspire you in a resort style environment. A home that feels more like a luxury hotel than a residence. At Sansara’s category defining residences at the world renowned Black Mountain Golf Course, Hua Hin you have the time, services and people to Live The Life You Love. Visit our website or call for more information.

+66 63 268 0088


What makes Sansara so unique is our lively community and our ongoing commitment to expanding our activities to ensure that Sansara remains vibrant, fun and ultimately beneficial to every one of our residents. Community Benefits include: • Active Community • Health and Care Facilities Onsite • Free Rounds at Black Mountain Golf Club • Impeccable 5 Star Hotel Grade Service • Luxurious Housing and Surroundings

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HOT Magazine, Issue 3, Volume 5  

HOT Magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine based in Hua Hin Thailand covering Hua Hin, Bangkok and the surrounding regions. HOT Magazine al...

HOT Magazine, Issue 3, Volume 5  

HOT Magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine based in Hua Hin Thailand covering Hua Hin, Bangkok and the surrounding regions. HOT Magazine al...

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