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City Hospitality

Your Passport to a more Hospitable City

Your Passport to a more Hospitable City “During my period as Alderman for City Marketing in The Hague, I introduced City Hospitality as ‘the art of creating meaningful hospitality experiences.’ To support us, we endowed the Chair of City Hospitality at Hotelschool The Hague to help us to redefine hospitality in our city, which led to the introduction of innovative, hospitality-based approaches and applications for The Hague City Marketing. I highly value the expertise of Hotelschool The Hague and I can definitely vouch for their ability to create value for cities and their stakeholders.” Frits Huffnagel - City Marketing & Communication, former Alderman of The Hague



Does your city have a hospitality heart? Is your city aware of its lovability and liveability? The Hospitality Research Centre of Hotelschool The Hague helps cities to make a difference with the concept of hospitality. Hotelschool The Hague is consistently ranked as one of the top Hotel Schools in the world and has been ‘At the heart of Hospitality’ since 1929. The university-wide Hospitality Research Centre, founded in 2010, encourages interdisciplinary research with a strong practice-oriented focus, and (inter)national collaborative dimensions. As experts in City Hospitality excellence, it is our mission to value cities and cities’ stakeholders through the implementation of hospitality philosophies and concepts, which help cities to make the difference for their visitors, residents and organisations. With our unique approach, we combine education, organisations and municipalities to increase City Hospitality.

Cities are judged by their welcome! By 2050, two thirds of the world population will live in urban areas. Cities are economic engines that have to balance the interests and needs of residents (including students), organisations, and last but not least, tourists. Of course, many ‘hard’ elements determine the competitive edge of a city, but a real difference can be made by creating a warm and welcoming climate!

Return on Hospitality Hospitality is the art of giving people a welcoming feeling. City Hospitality uses the concept of hospitality to create enduring engagement of visitors, residents and organisations. The four main elements of City Hospitality are: • The welcoming product of the city; • The welcoming atmosphere in the city; • The welcoming behaviour of people in the city; • The resulting experiences of visitors, residents, and/or organisations, achieved by combining these first three elements. A strong hospitality experience leads to a strong emotional connection, making people feel welcome and enthusiastic. When expectations are exceeded, people become engaged; they stay longer, spend more money, share positive city experiences and even become loyal Ambassadors for your city. A Hospitable City increases the residents’ quality of life and the business climate for organisations and employees. City Hospitality certainly pays off, both economically and socially. You can calculate your return on hospitality and happiness in terms of spending, engagement, loyalty, visits, employment and social atmosphere.

The chance that a positively surprised and enthusiastic customer recommends your company is 96% (Crotts & Magnini 2011). How can we help you to increase the value of your City Hospitality?

The City Hospitality Impact Economic, social, brand

Visitor Behaviour Numbers, frequency and length of stay, return rate, spendings

Visitor Experience Memorable experiences throughout the whole guest journey Service Level Service Level City products and services, City products and services, the total offering the total offering

The probability that a satisfied customer recommends your business is 30%. The chance that a very satisfied customer recommends your business is 60%.


Does your City have a Hospitality Heart? Successful City Hospitality requires a clear vision on ‘hostmanship’, which is not only implemented by the municipality, but by all stakeholders that can and will make the difference. City ‘hostmanship’ requires a co-creative and collaborative approach with the city stakeholders who will go that extra hospitality mile to create added value.

Hotelschool The Hague City Hospitality is happy to inspire and co-create the roadmap towards your city’s distinguishing DNA!

Many factors influence how people experience a city: hotels and restaurants, retailers, museums, tourist attractions, events, transportation, parking, signage and infrastructure. It is your challenge to maximise the effect of these factors.

Every encounter is a hospitable encounter! House of Hospitality is an initiative of Hotelschool The Hague and City Marketing The Hague, and facilitates, informs, inspires and provides tools and knowledge on the subject of hospitality that pays off. This collaborative community connects The Hague ‘hospitality makers’. In the House of Hospitality, local organisations aspire to make a difference in hospitality and aim to co-create top City Hospitality. www.houseofhospitality.co


How do Visitors, Residents and Organisations Experience a City? A key factor for the success of your City’s Hospitality is gaining a clear understanding of the hospitality experience of the city’s core target groups: it is all about the experiences of visitors, residents and organisations. Research into all stages of the guest journey (from early orientation prior to the trip to recollecting memories) reveals the touch points on which the visitor experience is built. We help you select the appropriate research method to gain these insights including: building personas, mapping guest journeys, empathising, shadowing, observing and mystery visits.

“Building a welcoming city is a continuous process of co-creating wow experiences, always with the visitor in mind. The benefits can be endless!” Karoline Wiegerink and Jan Huizing, City Hospitality Experts, Hotelschool The Hague

Experienced City Hospitality Visitors Objectives

Hospitable Behaviour



Residents Organisations

Atmosphere Demand of all target groups/ Guests

The City Hospitality Experience

The Hospitable City

How can we help you with City Hospitality? Variables for a hospitable performance of all Hosts

Contact our Hospitality Research Centre and take the next step to a more hospitable city.



Branded City Hospitality Experiences! How can you be successful? Look at your city through the eyes of your guests! Be alert to their expectations and how these can be exceeded; search for your city’s wow factors! Do not be satisfied with the average, look for the true “delighters”! “Our Certified Smile Training Programme, that has been developed and executed in close collaboration with Hotelschool The Hague, leads to a remarkable increase in passengers Net Promoter Scores, but also – at least as important – to an enjoyable and hospitable working atmosphere within and between all partners /service providers of the airport.” Saskia Coenders, Chief Training and Experience Officer, Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

In order to brand experiences, you need to focus on the strengths of your city, the needs of your target groups and on what you would like to achieve as a city with regards to City Hospitality. By making strategic choices and designing connected programmes, we aim to enhance your City’s Hospitality performance and create memorable experiences that make the difference. Hotelschool The Hague City Hospitality is specialised in programmes for enduring hospitality experiences. How can we help you?

View the Progress! City Hospitality really works! Create your City’s Hospitality Dashboard and quantify the created value and the strategic measures that will improve hospitality in your city in the eyes of your visitors, residents and organisations. Give them all that ‘guest’ experience. Your City Hospitality Dashboard indicates: • Service performance measures: satisfaction; • Guest experience measures: the wows; • Behavioural measures; the City Net Promoter Score (NPS); • The relationship with economic parameters. Let us help you to co-create your City Hospitality Dashboard!


Take the next Step! Are you interested in: • Inspirational keynotes about the power and advantages of City Hospitality; • Research to identify the touch point experiences of your city; • Building your visitor personas; • Developing a dashboard that measures the hospitality in your city; •A  dvice about implementing hospitality within your community; • Training and support.

‘Ambassade van Den Haag’ is a volunteer based City Hospitality programme that was initiated by the Municipality of The Hague in collaboration with Hotelschool The Hague. This unique programme is aimed at providing visitors with high quality service, a warm welcome and a memorable stay. It started off as a project dedicated to the Hockey World Cup 2014, with the ambition to develop further into a continuous City Hospitality programme, in which over 200 well trained and motivated residents play a structural and key role.

Then please contact our Hospitality Research Centre and take the next step towards a more Hospitable City.


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City Hospitality - Your Passport to a more Hospitable City  

Does your city have a hospitality heart? Is your city aware of its lovability and liveability? The Hospitality Research Centre of Hotelschoo...

City Hospitality - Your Passport to a more Hospitable City  

Does your city have a hospitality heart? Is your city aware of its lovability and liveability? The Hospitality Research Centre of Hotelschoo...