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SPA JOURNAL contents SPA Etiquette 3 Wellness center map 4-5 Our partners 6 Anti Aging !QMS 7 Team Dr. Joseph treatments 9 Hands and feet | beauty extras 11 Waxing | Make Up 11 Scrubs, baths and compresses 13 Purify and detox 15 Shaping and firming 15 Massages 17 - 19 Medical Spa 20 Therapeutic Services 22 Time for two - Private SPA 24 Treatments for him 25 Treatments for mothers to be 27 For teenagers & children 27 SPA packages 29 SPA information 30


Opening hours

To reserve your desired appointment, we recommend to book early from home. You can reach us at: +39 0474 948 111 or internally at: 101 Our email address: or:

Infinity Pool, Indoor – Outdoor Pool and Salt Cave: 07.00 – 19.30

Please arrive at the SPA reception a few minutes before your appointment, preferably in the bathrobe. You will be greeted by your therapist there. Out of respect for guests with later appointment, we ask for your understanding that if you are late, this time must be reduced from your treatment time.

Water Mill Sauna & Outdoor Whirlpool: 08.00 – 19.30 Nudiste Area / Saunas and Outdoor Whirlpool: 11.00 – 19.30 Dress On Area: 14.00 – 18.00 Infinity Sauna and Snow Cave: 14.00 – 19.30 SPA Reception: 09.00 – 12.00 & 13.00 –19.30 Beauty Treatments: 09.00 – 12.00 & 13.00 – 19.00 Sauna Reception: 11.00 – 19.30 Fit & Fun Centre: 07.00 – 22.00

The PATH to your SOUL at QUELLE. With over 3.500 sqm, we can offer you endless possibilities to feel deep relaxation. The Quelle SPA has a professional wellness and cosmetic team at your disposal who will pamper you with vitalising and regenerating treatments. Let us advise you at our SPA reception! Take care of your body, your wellbeing and your soul! –2–

MEDICAL SPA In cooperation with the Brixsana private clinic. Details can be found in our Med Spa brochure.

Solarium You will find the solarium in the pool area. You can get the coins at the SPA reception. 14 min. 14,00 €

= Signature Treatments: Treatments, which you find only at the Quelle SPA, made by regional products. –3–

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The exclusive Quelle SPA with over 3,500 sqm






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Mosaic indoor swimming pool 33°C with Jacuzzi and relaxing massage loungers 3 Panoramic outdoor swimming pool 33°C with circular massage area and counter-flow system 4 Indoor Pool 5 Sinnes-Alm with water beds 6 Luis Trenker Infrared cabin 7 Entrance area 8 Vital lounge 9 Heated relax couches 10 Relax couches 11 Health bath “QUELLE” 12 Massages

13 Gsies Hay bath 14 Massages 15 Body styling 16 Body styling 17 Solarium 18 Showers 19 WC 20 Sauna area & SPA Bistro 21 Dom Silenzio with fountain 22 Relax lounge with aquarium 23 Relax lounge with floating couches 24 Crystal salt cleaning steam bath 42°C 25 Edelweiss steam heat sauna 38-40°C 26 Herbal sauna 60°C –4–

27 Salt water Grotto 36°C 28 VIP-shower & Kneipp path 29/1 Finnish sauna 65°C 29/2 Infrared cabin 29/3 Showers 29/4 Steam bath 29/5 Entrance area 29/6 Shower 29/7 Kneipp path 30 Alpine Finnish sauna 90°C 31 XXL relaxation and outdoor Jacuzzi 36°C 32 Cold-water plunge pool 14°C 33 Snow Sauna – a wellness revolution 34 Showers

35 Infinity show sauna with sauna infusion events 36 Infinity outdoor sport pool, 30 ° C 37 Quelle water mill 38 Outdoor Sun terrace 39 Biological pine tree sauna 65°C 40 Terrace 41 Kneipp path 42 Towels 43 River “Pfinn” 44 Garden terrace 45 Vital park area 46 Biological bathing pond 47 Water mill sauna 65°C 48 Relax – Jacuzzi 36°C –5–

our partners


Team Dr. Joseph Vitalis Dr. Joseph Vitalis is a pioneer in the field of natural cosmetics. TEAM DR. JOSEPH means 100% nature and effect.

Each !QMS treatment contains: • Basic cleansing • Deep cleansing • Individual facial mask • Eyebrow shaping • Care cream

!QMS Quick Magic Skin. Unique, groundbreaking, skin improvement. This unique skin care collection and its treatments were developed from the vision of founder Dr. med. Erich Schulte. Egyptos Egyptos works with cotton bandages and a warm solution of finest healing clay, Dead Sea salt and minerals. This soothing treatment originates from the Sinai Peninsula, the source of ancient Egyptian culture. Pirochè This special line builds on the power of the alpine rose. All phases, from the selection of raw materials to laboratory research, production and final packaging, are carried out at the company’s headquarters in Merano. Tyrolean Stone Oil Due to its high content of naturally bound sulphur, the Tyrolean Stone Oil® has an extraordinarily beneficial and caring effect.

!QMS Classic Collagen Rejuvenation Collagen is absorbed deep into the skin without an injection! Dry and stressed skin gains elasticity, tone and smoothness. The building of new cells is stimulated to create more youthful skin. With facial massage. ca. 85 min. 129,00 €

!QMS Oxygen Your skin wakes up to a new life! The result allows your skin to shine anew. !QMS – Collagen, with highly concentrated oxygen, is absorbed into the skin’s layers. The treatment is very pleasant, and you see results after the first session. ca. 85 min. 149,00 €

!QMS Neo Tissue Dermatology The skin is activated and lifted with special collagen, to give an optimal, youthful elasticity to the skin. With facial massage. ca. 85 min. 129,00 €

We recommend 2 – 3 treatments for a long-lasting result. 2 treatments 264,00 € 3 treatments 397,00 €

!QMS Activator treatment Revitalizes stressed and tired skin, regenerating and stabilizing its functions. Refuels the skin with energy while supplying active ingredients that leave the skin firm, fresh and glowing. ca. 55 min. 89,00 €

Villa Buti, Bergila, Eva Garden, Les Sens de Marrakech, Sixtus Maria Galland


more oxygen therapies • Intensive oxygen • Eye treatment • Lip treatment • Pigment correction treatment ca. 25 min. 44,00 €


Team Dr. Joseph - Vitalis Cosmetics from South Tyrol Each Team Dr. Joseph treatment contains: • Lymph – stimulating massage • Basic cleansing • Peeling • Deep cleansing with cupping glasses • Facial massage • Individual face mask • Care cream

Cellular recreation face treatment For healthy and cared skin. • Eyebrow shaping • Special serum • Facial massage • Intensive mask ca. 80 min.

114,00 €

Intense purifying face treatment For a visibly fresher complexion and a healthy radiance. • Peel Off Mask ca. 50 min. 84,00 €


Advanced bio lifting face treatment Nature’s high-tech solution for a long lasting, immediately visibility effect. • Eyebrow shaping • Special serum and intensive mask • Lifting massage with herbal stamps ca. 110 min. 142,00 €

Express Power Lift for Men For a powerful and well cared skin. ca. 50 min. 78,00 €


hands and feet MEDICAL PEDICURE ca. 25 min. ca. 50 min.

beauty extras 37,00 € 65,00 €

peDicure wellness Pedicure Basic plus peeling, footbath, foot massage, nail polish ca. 50 min. 65,00 € Manicure Basic Cut and file nails, remove cuticles ca. 25 min. 32,00 € Manicure wellness Manicure Basic plus peeling, hand massage, nail polish ca. 50 min. 60,00 € Permanent enamel supplement with Manicure or pedicure 20,00 € Removal of permanent nail polish 30,00 € Permanent nail polish 30,00 € French polish supplement 5,00 € Nail polish 15,00 €

– 10 –

Straighten eyebrows Colouring eyebrows Colouring lashes Colouring lashes and eyebrows

17,00 € 16,00 € 18,00 € 30,00 €

waxing Face Arms Armpits Back/chest Bikini area Lower leg Full leg

10,00 - 14,00 € 32,00 € 17,00 € 37,00 € 24,00 € 37,00 € 47,00 €

make-up Day or night make-up for a stunning performance. ca. 25 min. 30,00 € ca. 45 min. 50,00 € including make-up tips

– 11 –


A TREAT for your skin

Body Scrub • Sea salt oil scrub, purifying • Quelle hay scrub, vitalizing • Scrub with Alpine rose, gentle and regenerating ca. 20 min. 38,00 €

THALASSO WHIRLPOOL • Sea salt bath, purifying • Eucalyptus bath, relieving the respiratory tract • Stone pine bath, vitalizing ca. 20 min. 37,00 €

QUELLE Float Body Pack in the FLOATING BED • Algae pack, detoxifying • Arnica oil pack, pain relieving and after sports • Lavender flower pack, calming and relaxing • Jojoba oil pack regenerating for dry skin ca. 35 min. 47,00 €

QUELLE Tub Bath in the „GSIESER BAUERNSTUBE“ • Honey and milk, for velvety soft skin • Tyrolean stone oil bath, pain relieving • Tyrolean stone oil – Vital bath, revitalizing • Hay flower- juniper bath, detoxifying and draining ca. 20 min. 33,00 € for 1 person ca. 20 min. 54,00 € for 2 persons

QUELLE Steam Body pack in the STEAM BED • Mud pack, pain relieving and relaxing for the muscles • Algae pack, detoxifying ca. 25 min. 42,00 € QUELLE hay bath Hay from the „GSIESER valley“ taken from over 2000 meters. Ideal for strengthening the immune system and stimulating the metabolism. ca. 25 min. 52,00 €

– 12 –

– 13 –


SHAPING And firming

Egyptos – vital bandage detox Is effective, time-saving and vitalizing. Ideal after sports. ca. 55 min. 64,00 €

Egyptos Cleopatra Is a treatment with body wraps and highly effective healing clay. The special wrapping technique with cotton bandages stimulates the lymphatic system and reshapes the body. They reduce fat deposits, water retention, stress and give new energy. Also ideal for neurodermatitis and skin impurities. 1 treatment ca. 90 min. 127,00 € 3 treatments for a special price 339,00 €

BODY FIT DETOX Is a draining and detoxifying treatment with exquisite oils and essences. A peeling sensation and a silky-smooth body care pamper the body during the massage. ca. 50 min. 69,00 € Detox foot bath „Body Detox“ Is an electrolysis footbath. Helps to excrete quickly acids, waste products and toxins from the body. Used in topclass sport for faster regeneration. ca. 25 min. 49,00 € for 1 person ca. 25 min. 86,00 € for 2 persons

BODY FIT SILHOUETTE The effective use of peeling, body mask with highly concentrated serum and firming intensive body cream ensures firmer body contours. Designed to combat cellulite and firm the skin. ca. 80 min. 98,00 €

Ear candle treatment Is very beneficial and helpful for stress, headaches, insomnia and to gently clean the ears. ca. 45 min. 52,00 €

– 14 –

– 15 –


BACK massages

QUELLE personal A massage special designed for your needs. ca. 50 min. 80,00 €

back Resonance massagE With a special cupping technique, hot roller and sound shells, deep tensions and blockages are released. Through the resonance massage, the body is activated at the cellular level and balanced, based on resonant flow forces. ca. 50 min. 75,00 €

Classic full body massage ca. 50 min. 68,00 € ca. 75 min. 99,00 € Classic part body massage ca. 25 min. 42,00 € QUELLE Anti - stress massage This massage is performed with aromatic oils. Perfect for your well-being and to relax body, mind and soul. Incl. head and neck massage. ca. 50 min. 70,00 €

QUELLE back massage with honey from the valley This special back massage with honey stimulates the metabolism and helps the tissue purify, detoxify and loosen. ca. 50 min. 72,00 €

QUELLE Sport massage A deep tissue massage for back and/ or legs with a special tonic. To release tension on overloaded muscles. ca. 25 min. 44,00 € ca. 50 min. 70,00 € Face, head and neck massage A relaxing face massage for switching off and gaining new energy, combined with a neck and head massage. ca. 25 min. 42,00 €

– 16 –

– 17 –

Special MASSAGES Herbal-stamp massage The warmth of the herbal stamps produces a pleasant inner contentment. ca. 50 min. 74,00 € Vital stone massage With warm basalt stones. Perfect for relaxing and the activation of energy flow. ca. 75 min. 99,00 € Hot chocolate massage A soothing and stimulating massage for your senses. This massage releases happiness hormones and gives your skin a fresh complexion. ca. 50 min. 74,00 € stimulating Foot massage The organs and all systems will be harmonized and energy path-ways vitalized. ca. 50 min. 70,00 € Lymph stimulating massage by Dr. Vodder A gentle method to stimulate the lymph flow in the body and strengthen the immune system. Without cream or oil. ca. 50 min. 70,00 € Gsund Belvita Treatment Natural products from the alpine rose: • beneficial foot bath • stimulating hand and arm massage • vitalizing foot peeling • stimulating body massage • face and cleavage massage • moisturizing body pack ca. 50 min. 82,00 €

– 18 –

NEW: Origin of Nature New treatment that activates the senses in an amazing way, reduces stress and brings absolute physical relaxation: the power of mountain herbs, freshly harvested from our own cultivation shortly before the treatment, combined with a musical masterpiece encompassing the sounds of meadows, forests and nature and accompanied by a guided hypnosis induction. • Welcome drink made from spring water and basil • Leg massage using a rosemary and peppermint herb ball • Back massage and foot compress with rosemary infusion • Lymph stimulating body massage • Draining abdominal massage with basil oil • Face pack made from lavender flowers and honey • Relaxing neck, shoulder & arm massage ca. 75 min. 130,00 €

World-Massages Lomi Lomi Nui The Lomi Lomi Nui energy massage from Hawaii is wonderful! Characteristic for this massage are flowing, circular strokes with hands. The massage is a cleansing and harmonizing ritual that helps the body to free itself from stressful energies. ca. 75 min. 125,00 € Abhyanga The ayurvedic full body massage encouraging regeneration and harmonization of the head and body regions. ca. 50 min. 75,00 € ca. 75 min. 110,00 € – 19 –

MEDICAL SPA In cooperation with the BRIXSANA Private Clinic

In order to detect health problems as early as possible, to prevent diseases or to start a treatment in the early stages of a disease, we offer our patients various check-up packages. Details can be found in our Med Spa brochure.

Mental strengthening and stress management (resilience training) FOR MORE SERENITY AND JOY OF LIFE Do you wish to bring more peace and tranquillity into your life? Together with our qualified psychotherapist you will learn various stress management strategies and methods of relaxation. DDR. Margharete Mayr: Many years of experience in the clinical field of psychology, specialised conversational psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, trauma therapist, sports psychologist. 45 min. 90 min. – 20 –

– 21 –

110,00 € 180,00 €

PHYSIOTHERAPY Therapeutic services Individual healing massage For the relief of incidences of local pain in the muscles and back or internal organs using relaxing massage techniques that stimulate blood circulation and remove tension 25 min. 69,00 € 50 min. 95,00 € Med. Reflexology 25 min. 47,00 € 50 min. 79,00 € Med. Foot reflexology Every part of the body and each organ have a corresponding reflex zone within the foot. Depending on the symptoms, the meridians of various organs are actively stimulated with targeted massage to eliminate the patient’s complaint. 50 min. 79,00 € CUPPING This treatment entails placing warmed glasses on the skin where it produces vacuum. This stimulates extra blood flow into the cupping area. Can relieve tension and pain, as well as other physical ailments. 25 min. 47,00 €

– 22 –

CUPPING MASSAGE The cupping massage promotes blood circulation as well as detoxifying and relaxing your body. This massage technique helps with slack connective tissue and thereby significantly improves the complexion. 50 min. 85,00 € T.E.N.S. TherapY T.E.N.S therapy (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) combats pain using mild electrical pulses. The electrical pulses are transmitted to the target area by means of skin electrodes, ideal for injuries, pain, and various joint ailments. 25 min. 62,00 € EMS training With electrical muscle stimulation, the muscles are stimulated to contract and relax, strengthening them sustainably. The EMS applications is ideal to gently train and build up muscle without having to physically stress them. 25 min. 62,00 € Taping A tape dressing applied for the treatment of pain, the prevention of pain or stabilization. 15 min. 15,00 € – 30,00 €

– 23 –




for two

private-SPA Suite romeo & Julia

Team Dr. Joseph Express Power Lift for Men For a powerful and a cultivated appearance. ca. 50 min. 78,00 €

Dolomites Dream Enjoy this beautiful wellness ritual for two. Foot bath, full body brushing, herbal bath in the whirlpool with a glass of wine and cheese, long back massage with arnica. Without cuddle time in the oil bed. 100 minutes for 2 persons 249,00 €

Manicure Basic cut and file nails, remove cuticles ca. 25 min. 32,00 € MED PEDICURE ca. 25 min.

37,00 €

Back resonance massage A combination of Alpine tradition and proven massage techniques of ancient cultures. Relieves tension in the back muscles and improves the dynamics of the spine. ca. 50 min. 75,00 €

Romeo & Juliet Let yourself be enchanted with relaxing sounds. Cleansing peeling, bath in the double whirlpool, soothing body pack with a small back massage and singing bowls. Also time to rest in an oil bed with prosecco and chocolates. 2 hours for 2 persons 299,00 €


– 24 –

– 25 –

from 22,00 €


for mothers to be & kids


for teens

Manicure Wellness ca. 50 min.

60,00 €

Pedicure wellnesS ca. 50 min.

65,00 €

Teen - facial treatment Specially created for younger skin, or skin that needs a deep cleansing and removal of skin impurities. ca. 45 min. 57,00 €

Body pack with evening primrose oil ca. 35 min. 47,00 € Honey & milk bath ca. 20 min.

33,00 €

Face, head and neck massage A relaxing massage for switching off and gaining new energy. ca. 25 min. 42,00 € Anti-stress massage Relaxing massage with a PH neutral oil. ca. 50 min. 70,00 €

Classic partial body massage ca. 25 min. 42,00 € Hot Chocolate massage ca. 25 min. 44,00 € Nail polish fort the young lady. ca. 20 min. 15,00 € Curls or plaits ca. 30 min.

from 28,00 €

Smart haircut for the young gentleman. from 28,00 €

Hot Chocolate Massage Pleasant massage with chocolate oil and cocoa butter. ca. 50 min. 74,00 €

– 26 –

Lymph stimulation For swollen and tired legs. ca. 25 min.

44,00 €

Abhyanga Ayurveda ca. 50 min.

75,00 €

fOR kids massage With massage or chocolate oil for our little guests. Up to 10 years. ca. 20 min. 38,00 €

– 27 –

packages for bargain hunters

QUELLE Massage package • Anti – stress massage (50 min.) • Classic full body massage (50 min.) • Massage with herbal stamps (50 min.) • Foot stimulation (50 min.) Special price 267,00 € QUELLE Wellness Day • Hay scrub (20 min.) • Moisturizing, regenerating body pack (35 min.) • Part body massage (25 min.) • Short facial treatment (45 Min.) Special price 174,00 € QUELLE Detox • Vital bandage Egyptos (50 min.) • Body Fit treatment (50 min.) • Detox foot bath „Bodydetox“ (20 min.) Special price 172,00 € QUELLE For the back • Body pack fango (25 min.) • Back resonance massage (50 min.) • Tyrolean stone oil bath (20 min.) • Back massage (25 min.) Special price 182,00 € QUELLE vital • Scrub with sea salt and oil (20 min.) • Classical full body massage (50 min.) • Pedicure wellness (50 min.) • Sport massage (50 min.) Special price 228,00 €

– 28 –

– 29 –

SPA Information SPA guides We are happy to give you a tour of our SPA with all its unique rooms. Inquire with our staff or take part at the tours (found in the daily Quelle). Hair stylist In our hotel we offer a hairdresser, bookable at the SPA reception. Your Health Please inform us of any medical conditions such as diabetes, inflammations, chemotherapies, allergies, pregnancy, or anything relevant so that we can treat you adequately. Thank you. Cancellations conditions Please inform us at least 24 hours before your reservation if you wish to cancel. Short-term cancellations are invoiced at 100%. Payment The treatments are automatically booked on your room. You can pay for them on your departure. Cell phones and Tablets For discretionary reasons we ask you to visit the SPA area without your cell phone or tablet.

THE path to the soul

– 30 –

– 31 –

Fam. Steinmair Magdalena Str. 4 39030 Valley of Gsies / Casies South Tyrol / Italy Tel. +39 0474 948111 Fax +39 0474 948091

All earlier prices are no longer valid. Prices and policies subjet to change without prior notice. Concept: Hotel Quelle***** – Nature Spa Resort Graphic: Pictures: Archive Hotel Quelle, Shutterstock