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The Original Horse N Ranch TM Volume 5 Issue 6 2019

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“And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free, and I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.” ~Lee Greenwood

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VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019


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Here For You When Every Second Counts

Experience. Innovation. Excellence. West Location 12313 Highway 64 Eads, TN 38028 (901) 300-3830

1508 Thompson’s Station Rd W Thompson’s Station, TN 37179 (615) 591-1232

North Location 1781 Airport Road Gallatin, TN 37066 (615) 452-7789

Livestock Feed & Hay Apparel Tack • Supplies Gifts for the Animal Lover


4070 Macedonia Rd., Powder Springs, GA 30127

“I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me” VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019


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Phil 4:13 3

JRV Realty of North Georgia 1150 Old Talking Rock Highway Talking Rock, GA 30175

Rich Vigue, Broker




REDUCED! MAPLE RIDGE FARM is a 25 acre legacy farm that includes a remodeled 3BR/1BA country home, 4 bay garage with 2BR/1.5BA apartment, center aisle 9 stall barn with tack/feed room and wash rack, ~ 10 acres in cross fenced pastures, and miles of wooded trails. This private and well maintained piece of heaven can serve as a weekend getaway, full time residence and, with its natural beauty, a special events facility. Located in Northwest Georgia convenient to Chattanooga, this family treasure has many memories and is ready to make more for the next lucky family. Offered at $429,000.

events - trails - tips - advice news - inspiration - products real estate & more

The Original Horse N Ranch TM Volume 5 Issue 6 2019


Everything Horse Related Wake Up Calls- Crystal Lyons.................................. 6 PEMF is now available for Horses Casey & Son................................................................... 9 Classifieds & Real Estate.........................................11 Let’s Stay Together - Trailer Safety Chains and the Breakaway Cable Robert Eversole.................................................. 16-17 Western Dressage: Aids Communication Use Your Aids to Whisper, Not Shout Lynn Palm...................................................................18 Calendar Of Events............................................ 20-21

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VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019


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Horses are your life. And it’s a lifestyle you’re proud to pass along to the next generation. For over 40 years, Horse Health Products has provided effective, hardworking solutions for every aspect of horse care at an affordable price. Trust the tradition.

Horsemen Choose Horse Health™

For more information, visit horsehealthproducts.com ©2018 Farnam Companies, Inc. Ambush, Electro Dex, Horse Health, Horse Health purple, Horsemen Choose Horse Health, the horseshoe design, Icetight, Joint Combo, the purple jug, Red Cell and Shur Hoof are trademarks of Farnam Companies, Inc. Joint Combo Hoof & Coat not available in ID, KY, LA, NM, TX. 18-11090

WAKE UP CALLS by Crystal Lyons

I travel so much that often when I’m awakened, I’m at first totally in a fog as to where I am. I have to lay there for a minute and rehearse my steps prior to going to sleep, so I can put the pieces in correct place before I have an accurate take on where I am and why. I remember one time pulling into a place late at night with my truck and trailer and collapsing into deep sleep, only to suddenly be awakened by a literal roar of sound accompanied with vibration. I jumped out of bed and out the door yelling… yes, yelling… “don’t you DARE steal MY MOTORCYCLE!!” Only THEN, to realize no one was there. I was hearing the sound of the air compressor going off underneath the gooseneck, re-filling the air bags on my trailer and I was dreaming that someone had started my motorcycle and was about to ride it off. Problem expounded by the fact that I don’t even OWN a motorcycle. So, there I am, standing barefoot in an empty gravel parking lot, in my PJ’s, somewhere in Oklahoma… yelling perfect nonsense at 3 AM! When I finally woke myself up by my own voice yelling total delusional thoughts, it was sort of humbling to recognize the incredible FOG my irrational mind had me acting on! I stumbled back into bed (after turning OFF the air compressor), chuckling to myself over the humor of it all and TOTALLY THANKFUL no one was around to bear witness to it. Lately, because of the extreme generosity of some friends, I have been given access to 20 acres I can pull into and turn Strider loose. They have provided me with a place to rest between travels. I have pulled in off the road exhausted and totally oblivious to the sinister plot that silently awaits in Strider’s mind to sabotage my sleep. Strider has LOVED being my morning alarm clock… the turd. His normal feeding time is around 8 AM but HERE he has access to my trailer so every morning at 6 AM, he’s putting into action his plan to get me up so he can eat two hours earlier. He turns over the lawn chairs, scatters anything I left out and stomps the ramp with his hooves, rocking the trailer! If that doesn’t get me out the door fast enough, he takes his nose and bumps the front door. When I’m parked there, I have a literal 1500# 6 AM alarm clock you can set your watch to. I must admit I’ve come to be thankful for my 6 AM wake up because it’s gotten me outside in the cool hours of the morning. Using this time to re-calibrate my mind by spending quality time with my Heavenly

Father has been greatly profitable. I’m realizing (again) that it clears away the mental fog we can unknowingly acquire through the daily contacts with this world, built on thinking that’s totally against Kingdom principles. Fear based thoughts that infiltrate our minds and negatively affect our emotions are quickly dispelled in the Presence of the Father. Some folks in America could use a wakeup call like that. There are those who are sleep walking, and oblivious to the fact that they are yelling absolute ignorance over things that only exist in their delusional thought processes! It seems to have become a fad these days to demand our “rights” while totally ignoring any responsibilities! Emotions often dictate actions instead of right thinking. America could use an awakening of its own. Possibly a 1500# one.

For more information on Crystal or to be put on our mailing list you can go to our website www.crystallyons.com or e-mail uscrystallyonsministery@gmail.com at: crystalnstrider@gmail.com www.crystallyons.com or e-mail us at: 6

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019


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Wayne Qualls Sales, Inc.

Check Out our

Reduced Located beside Interstate 24 Exit 111 Manchester TN (615) 828-3844 Prices ! Prices Subject To Change Without Notice • Financing Available • Trade Most Anything • Cash For Used Trailers

3 horse slant Bee weekender with AC good condition

Used 2 horse slant/dresser/drop, windows/ramp


2 horse Big Valley 7 tall w/ dresser and tack

255 Massey Ferguson Tractor with Perkins diesel engine

Used 3 or 4 horse slant walk in tack

Calico 14’ 7’ tall, 2 or 3 horse, w tack,open stock


Maroon 16’ G.N. Livestock Trailer H.D. Axles

3 - 2 Horse Bumper Trailers in stock

3 horse slant, rear tack, 7ft tall

16 ft. S&H livestock, new 12 ply tires

2 horse aluminum trailer, 7ft tall

Extremely nice 6 yr old, Rocky Mtn Gelding, great trail horse, very gentle

Used 2 horse, roof A/C, ramp

12 ft bumper livestock trailer

16 ft livestock brush fenders

Used 2 horse dresser /AC

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019


2 horse Gibson 7 ft tall

Titan 2 or 3 horse with awning, A/C, weekend package

Titan 3-horse slant, 7’W/7’T, roof A/C, stud dividers, pull out ramp

14FT Bumper livestock


Great Deal!

16 ft. bumper pull livestock, extra wide

Registered TWH stud colt, buckskin, coming yearling,

12x7 ft tall Jackson

Dual Tandem 25’ pintle hitch trailer

14 ft. livestock needs paint

Rhino 15ft cutter. Excellent condition

Nice 16’ Bumper Livestock

Say you saw it in HORSE N RANCH TM

Used 7 Tall / Ramp

12’ Bumper Livestock Excellent condition

Used 2 horse/dresser/ walk thru/ new wheels & tires

2 Horse Aluminum Featherlight with Dresser


Professional Farrier Services available at the

CASEY Horseshoeing School

Does YOUR Farrier offer all the latest technology to analyze your horse properly?

Horses Trimmed & Shod Here TUESDAY thru SATURDAY

During the EFT


“Happy Horse = Happy Owner” Professional Farrier Services at School Discounted Prices!

Summer Specials now available

Trims $500 per horse • Full set of shoes $2500 per horse • Front shoes, Trim Hinds $1500 Call for an appt and call before you drop in • Tuesday - Saturday, every week

Valued work since 1989

FREE EVALUATIONS using all the latest technology

Georgia’s only

Horseshoeing School Trevor Wilson, Marietta, Georgia graduates from Casey Horseshoeing School in Georgia from 16 week Professional Farrier Course. Here with fellow students. 6.15.19

Fact: A REAL Education 100% Hands-on with Live Horses !! No Cadaver hooves shod at this school !!

with Services for the public Voted #1 for 30 years!

Tuesday - Saturday, year round Trade School offering classes for the novice owner and professional courses for self employment 5 courses to choose from

Call 706.397.8909 Call for a Free Color Brochure www.caseyhorseshoeing.com rcaseysch@aol.com 14013 East Hwy. 136 (in Villanow) LaFayette, Georgia 30728 Exit #320 Just 12 miles off I-75. 75 Miles North of Atlanta 35 Miles South of Chattanooga Office Hours: Mon-Sat 8:00 - 5:00 School & Visiting Hours: Tues-Sat 8:00 - 5:00

Fact: #1 Horseshoeing School preferred by Veterans in the U.S. VA approved for GI Bill Post 9/11

Give yourself a raise! $$$

Become self employed as a professional CERTIFIED farrier!

Casey & Son Horseshoeing School • Founded by Navy Veteran • Owned by son, Link Casey 8

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019


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PEMF is now available for Horses… at the Farriers’ National Research Center & Horseshoeing School in Villanow, Georgia So what is P E M F ?? google it and you will come up with hundreds of links, photos and videos. It has become very popular within the Horse Industry.

The Magna Wave company is the unit we use. We have included it in the Equine Flexion Therapy courses with Instructor Dan Marcum as shown here on May 7, 2019. Dan is a Certified PEMF Expert with the Manga Wave company.

It is used on Humans, small and large animals, used by doctors, chiropractors, veterinarians and now by Farriers

Pulsating Electro Magnetic Field We were introduced to Magnetic Therapy back in 2000 and demonstrated it’s use at clinics and conventions for farrier and owners alike for many years. In the last ten years, the Magna Wave Equine Wellness Technology Company has been designing and representing their NEW system of PULSE fields that you can actually observe and feel as the magnetic field hovers over the body. Here are their findings: • Anything that disrupts our body’s own natural magnetic fields impairs cell metabolism which contributes to cell dysfunction. • The Magnetic Field helps to speed up cell metabolism by improving oxygenation of the blood stream. • PEMF stimulates cell metabolism causing a chain of responses in the body leading to improved health. • PEMF works to improve circulation and cell metabolism. PEMF helps horses by: General Overall Relaxation and Increased Range of Motion allowing the horse to stretch out their hind quarters, necks, and front limbs. Easier for the owner in conditioning the horse for and after events, just simple riding and we use it to help the horse prepare for the farrier’s services. There is an apparent relaxing of the vascular system within minutes of completing the session (10-20 minutes) which could serve to drop or improve blood pressure. Promotes: • Calm and Relaxed attitude while relaxing muscles • Increases Circulation • Improves Energy • Arthritis Relief and Inflammation Reduction • Stimulates Hoof Growth and can bring a hoof abscess to the surface. • Boosting cellular metabolism by  • Regenerating blood cells

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019

Horse owners can reserve a session for their horses, visit and observe and become involved in the Equine Flexion Therapy Courses by calling the School at (706)387-8909. Photos at farriersnationalresearchcenter.com Next EFT Course is July 9,10,11


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SINCE 1972

Red Cell ® Gallon is part of the Horse Care Loyalty Rewards Program.




Make sure your horse is getting the nutrition he needs to look and feel his best. • Provides important vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in the diet • Contains B-complex vitamins for immune support • 300 mg of iron per ounce helps maintain normal blood cell health • For horses of all ages, disciplines and workloads Learn more at horsehealthproducts.com




one (1) Red Cell® Gallon

CONSUMER: Limit one coupon per transaction. Redeemable only on brand and size indicated. Coupon not valid if transferred, reproduced, purchased, sold or bartered. Coupon cannot be combined with any other offers. Consumer pays sales tax. RETAILER: We will reimburse you the face value of this coupon plus 8¢ handling provided you and the consumer have complied with the terms of this offer. Invoices proving purchases of sufficient stock to cover presented coupons must be shown on request. ANY OTHER APPLICATION MAY CONSTITUTE FRAUD. Coupon void where prohibited, taxed or restricted. Consumer must pay any sales tax. Cash value 001¢. Good only in U.S.A. Coupon may not be reproduced or transferred. Offer expires 12/31/19 and must be received by 3/31/20. MAIL TO: Central Garden & Pet, CMS Dept #71859, One Fawcett Drive, Del Rio, TX 78840. ©2019 Farnam Companies, Inc. Horse Health, the horseshoe design, Horse Health purple, the purple jug and Red Cell are trademarks of Farnam Companies, Inc. 19-10223


114-Acre Horse Farm In The Heart Of Coweta County Ga. Main house 5,000 sq ft with pool, second house 1500 sq ft. w/12-stall horse barn w/shavings bin, wash & tack room; pole barn. Quiet country living! $1.9 million. Call agent 770-354-8542. Video tour https://vimeo.com/202860904. Sheila Rambeck 770-354-8542; REALTOR®, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties, 300 Clover Reach, Peachtree City, Georgia 30269, 770-487-8300 (Office)

As We Celebrate Our Nation’s Freedom, We Honor The Courageous Men & Women Dedicated To Preserving It!

Have a Safe & Happy 4th of July! Horse & Ranch Magazine


15 yrs old. 16 hands, TW. no papers. very smooth, broke to do field trials, but we only trail ride, loads ties UTD teeth feet COGGINS shots. stands for mounting. (386) 559-1230 Lynn

FREE Classified Ads Must be • Under 20 Words • Non-Commercial Limit 3 Classified Ads • Emailed to info@horsenranchmag.com. 20-40 words: $5.00 Each additional 10 words: $2.00 Photo Classified $15.00. Ads received before the 15th of the month, will be published in the next month’s issue. Horse & Ranch staff are not liable for misprints, spelling errors, typographical errors, etc. We reserve the right to edit any material we receive for the publication.

Cattle and/or Horse Farm for Sale All in Coweta County - city limits of Grantville

For Sale by owner. $1,300,000. Jerry Green 770-328-6393 VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019


AQHA #5155916 Broodmare. 12 yr, excellent conformation & disposition. Gr-granddaughter Mr Gunsmoke / Great Pine. Gr-gr-granddaughter Easy Jet / Cutter Bill. $2500. (865) 406-1684 Vicky

84+/- acres with 10 acres stocked lake. 2 houses and a third place that can easily be fixed for a third house. Property is completely fenced with no climb horse wire. It is crossed fenced as well. MAIN HOUSE 2400 +/- with full light basement. Not finished but has b.room, washer & dryer connections. Hardy plank exterior, with stone in front inset and first floor in basement. Great deck, 4 levels with gazebo at last level. Granite counter tops. The lake has a seawall made with 2700 blocks weighing 90lbs. each. Steps to walk in to lake. Lake is spring fed. The property has 3 wells, city water & sewage is available. BRICK HOUSE with 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, dining room, large family room. Big storage room with 2 car garage attached. 2 car garage carpeted upstairs & 2 car garage down stairs with carpet & lots of cabinets. 4 metal horse barns, 7 metal sheds, 1 metal 32’ x 70’, 3 drive-in doors, 2 barns for large tractor. 3 road frontage, some timber, some hardwood & spring for watering cattle. A beautiful triangle, no close neighbors.

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PYRANTELCARE™ DAILY DEWORMER Gives Horse Owners Greater Peace of Mind Horse owners searching for a safe way to protect against internal equine parasites will be happy to know Farnam has just released PyrantelCare™ Daily Dewormer 2.11% (pyrantel tartrate). Instead of just using a “purge” paste dewormer a few times a year, a daily dewormer can offer year-round protection. Purge dewormers interrupt the infection cycle of the parasites, but don’t prevent larval migration, which is when most internal damage takes place. A daily dewormer prevents parasite infestations from occurring in the first place. Daily feeding of PyrantelCare™ Daily Dewormer 2.11% provides continuous protection against the most common species and stages of equine parasites, including large and small strongyles, ascarids and pinworms. The daily dewormer works in the horse’s digestive tract by paralyzing emerging parasite larvae that the horse has picked up in his environment. Because the parasites are killed before they can migrate through the horse’s digestive system, they aren’t able to inflict serious damage. The product has a wide margin of safety and is not metabolized by the horse’s body. “With a daily dewormer, you’re putting up a barrier between your horse and parasites. It’s another tool in the toolbox and is part of an integrated approach to parasite control,” says Tom Kennedy, Ph.D., a veterinary parasitologist based in Westport, Wisconsin. Continuous use of PyrantelCare™ dewormer 2.11% reduces the number of female parasites laying eggs, meaning your horse will have less exposure to parasites in his environment. The palatable, easy-to-feed medicated pellets can be used as either a top-dress or mixed in the horse’s daily grain ration. Simply follow label directions to feed the correct amount according to your horse’s weight. The product can safely be used in horses of all ages, including breeding stock. Foals may be administered PyrantelCare™ dewormer 2.11% as soon as they have consistent grain intake, which generally occurs between two to three months of age. PyrantelCare™ dewormer 2.11% may be used in mares at any stage of pregnancy or lactation. Stallion fertility is not affected by the use of PyrantelCare™ dewormer 2.11%. PyrantelCare™ replaces Farnam’s former daily dewormer Equi Aid CW® dewormer, so customers who used that product in the past will be glad to learn about the release of PyrantelCare™ dewormer 2.11%. Horse owners can take advantage of a coupon to be used on their next purchase of PyrantelCare™ Daily Dewormer 2.11% (pyrantel tartrate) by visiting http://news.farnam.com/pyrantelcare8 Founded in 1946, Farnam Companies, Inc., has grown to become one of the most widely recognized names in the animal health products industry and has become one of the largest marketers of equine products in the country. No one knows horses better than Farnam. That’s why no one offers a more complete selection of horse care products. Farnam® Horse Products serves both the pleasure horse and the performance horse markets with products for fly control, deworming, hoof and leg care, grooming, wound treatment and leather care, plus nutritional supplements. Farnam, PyrantelCare and CW are trademarks of Farnam Companies, Inc.


VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019


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eridian quine ducation enter

UPCOMING 2019 EVENTS Saturday, August 10, 2019 • 7:00 AM MTHJA show II Saturday, September 28, 2019 • 7:00 AM MTHJA show III 7930 Murfreesboro Rd •Lebanon TN 37090 www.MeridianEquine.com Cristin.Jordan@meridianequine.com

This year, Meridian Equine will be hosting 3 shows through the Middle Tennessee Hunter Jumper Association. You do not have to be an MTHJA member to show; however, only members will earn points for MTHJA year end awards. Membership registration forms will be available at shows. New for this year is the addition of classes and divisions in partnership with the Thoroughbred Incentive Program. If you are riding a Jockey Club Registered Thoroughbred, you can apply for a TIP number and be a part of the incentive program for Thoroughbreds. They offer customized ribbons and year end awards! They also have a TIP championship show in September that you can qualify for.

Proceeds from this show series will benefit the Meridian Equine Therapeutic Riding program and the Lucky Fox Farm IEA team. Our therapeutic riding program runs year round, and we are accepting new students. ~For more information on the Middle Tennessee Hunter Jumper Association, please visit www.MTHJA.com. ~For more information on the Thoroughbred Incentive Program, please visit www.TJCTIP.com. ~For more information on Meridian, please visit www.MeridianEquine.com

SKY View Equestrian Center SKY View Equestrian Center

Private, Premier Equestrian Center has stalls Private, Premier Equestrian Center has stalls available for full board. available for full board.

Come visit and make your showing dreams true! For the serious equestrian wanting quality horse hay andcome feed. Easy to keep their horse in showRoad shape 101,access from I-75, Hwy 11, with easy 158 County Riceville, TN 37370 all year long, regardless of the

turnaround for horse trailers. Come

Cannon 423-829-6829 weather. Sharon Full sized dressage arena visit and make your showing

For the serious equestrian wanting to keep their horse in show shape all year long, regardless of the weather. Full sized dressage arena (enclosed in winter), Sand footing and Mirrors. 12 X 12 stalls, Tack room with individual boarder lockers, Full care by Experienced, well qualified, professional Horseman, lives on premises. Grass pastures for individual turnout, quality horse hay and feed. Easy access from I-75, Hwy 11, with easy turnaround for horse trailers.

(enclosed in winter), Sand footing dreams come true! VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019 HorseNRanchMag.com Say you saw it in HORSE N RANCH TM and Mirrors. 12 X 12 stalls, Tack room with individual boarder

158 County Road 101, Riceville, TN 37370


Making Homeownership Simple and Enjoyable We make your dreams of becoming a homeowner a reality by offering a variety of mortgage products at competitive rates.

Logan Fetzner 865.386.1627 Lfetzner@iservelending.com

Office 888.849.5626 308 N Peters Rd., Suite 160 Knoxville TN 37923

NMLS #2914


VALLEY VIEW RANCH Equestrian Camp for Girls

Since 1954

Located a’top beautiful Lookout Mountain on 600 acres of lush pastures, wooded trails, and panoramic views

2019 will be our 65th Summer!

for girls ages 8-17

Equitation lessons in English & Western for beginner to advanced riders. Experience the full opportunity of horsemanship through instruction in the ring, time in the saddle on trails, and the care and responsibility of having your own ranch horse. Enjoy 4-6 hours daily with your horse. Limited to 50 campers per session.

English and Hunt Seat, Western Stock Seat and Barrels (Gymkhana), Trails, and Vaulting. Our Program also includes eco-education, swimming, canoeing, arts and crafts, archery, pottery, and of course, horsemanship. 606 Valley View Ranch Rd · Cloudland GA 30731 706.862.2231 · www.ValleyViewRanch.com 14

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019


Say you saw it in HORSE N RANCH TM

We work to alleviate the suffering and senseless slaughter of domestic equine and to provide an environment for rehabilitation and carefully select adoptive homes At the age of 12 Victoria rescued her first horse. Since 1968 she has always taken in the horses that everyone has given up, trying to turn their life around by giving them one last chance. In 1991, orphaned nurse mare foals were brought to Victoria’s attention. Since then, Nurse Mare Foal Rescue is our main priority and has progressively grown to save THOUSANDS of foals. We offer a neonatal and intensive care facility for orphan nurse mare foals. We provide the foals with the necessary attention in order to secure a future in adoptive homes. Annually, we save 150-200 throw away foals from a certain death and provide them with the opportunity to a healthy life. One or two at a time, horses have come in and out of her life inspiring her to firmly believe that there is always a horse out there in need of refuge, and always a need for someone to feel responsible and intervene on that animal’s behalf. Establishing the Last Chance Corral in 1986 was the realization of her vision of creating a muchneeded facility to offer horses asylum. Today, the Last Chance Corral proudly offers horses hope, shelter, and opportunity regardless of their situation or problems. Be it psychological

or physiological we are committed to addressing the individual needs of each rescued animal. Our work begins with developing an individual diet, treatment regiments, and a training program for each horse according to its needs. When a horse has been sufficiently rehabilitated we go about the work of finding appropriate adoptive homes that suit the horse’s needs and abilities. 740.594.4336 lastchancecorral.org


S&S Building Structures • 423-653-0590

Barns - Garages Any Size ~ We also build Riding Arenas ssbuildingstructures@gmail.com VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019

Member of the NFBA


ssbuildingstructures.com LICENSED, INSURED & BONDED Say you saw it in HORSE N RANCH TM


Let’s Stay Together

Trailer Safety Chains and the Breakaway Cable breakaway system BEFORE the safety chains are fully engaged. This keeps the coupler from becoming completely separated from the tow vehicle and allows the trailer brakes to begin the process of slowing down the tow vehicle in a controlled manner.

Horse trailers are way nifty with all of the gadgets we can get for them. However, two of the most important trailer items are far from sexy, but can have far reaching consequences if they fail; your Trailer Safety Chains and Breakaway system. The ability to stop your trailer in a controlled manner and in a reasonable distance is one of the most critical aspects of safe towing. And one of the most often overlooked. The primary system stopping your trailer is of course the receiver/ hitch / couple system. In the unfortunate, but rare, event that this primary system fails you have two remaining systems to fall back on. your Trailer Breakaway System and Safety Chains. Have you checked yours? Are they operating correctly? What do they do?

The Breakaway System –The breakaway system is your first line of defense is the event of a very bad situation. This is vitally important safety device works with your trailer brakes to protect you and the people around you in the event that your trailer 16

If the breakaway cable is too long: the emergency breakaway cable isn’t actuated until the safety chains give way. By then the trailer is clear of the tow vehicle and the front of the trailer will hit the pavement causing an intense deceleration that could in turn cause the trailer to flip, roll, or veer into oncoming traffic. All of which are extremely bad outcomes.

becomes separated from your vehicle. A separation event is unpredictable and highly dangerous. The breakaway system is designed to minimize damage and injury. The system is made up of a battery on your trailer and a switch connected to a cable. One end of the cable attaches to your trailer, while the other end attaches to your vehicle. If the primary connection (receiver/ hitch/coupler) between your vehicle and trailer fails, the trailer will pull the cable as it breaks free. The switch will actuate the battery and firmly apply the trailer brakes to slow the trailer. – [NOTE: safety chains are NOT part of the primary connection between truck and trailer. They are a last resort.]

The easiest way to determine the correct length of the breakaway cable is to hook the chains to the tow vehicle, gently pull forward until the chains just become tight, then measure from the breakaway device to the point where you connect the cable. Then make, or buy, a cable slightly shorter (3-4 inches) than that.   Steps to ensure your Breakaway System is working correctly.

Always securely connect the breakaway cable to your vehicle. You can test the breakaway system by pulling the cable. Your trailer brakes should immediately activate and lock up the tires. To disengage, simply replace the key in the switch. When the breakaway system should engage is a good question and opinions vary. I believe that the cable should activate the

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019


1. Hook up the truck and trailer on level ground 2. Ensure the safety chains are attached to the proper 3. Ensure the breakaway cable is attached to a separate mount / location. One that is NOT used for the safety chains 4. Lift the trailer jacks until the trailer clears the ball Say you saw it in HORSE N RANCH TM

To make sure you are using your safety chains properly, follow these instructions: • For bumper pull trailers cross the safety chains underneath the hitch and coupler with enough slack to permit turning and to hold the tongue up if the trailer comes loose. • Fasten the safety chains to the tow vehicle.

5. Pull forward gently until the safety chains tighten. Stop as they become taught. 6. If the emergency breakaway cable did not pull from the breakaway switch before the chains tighten you’ll need to shorten the cable until it does. 7. After the breakaway cable is set to the correct length. Reconnect the truck and trailer and drive in a safe area. Make tight turns and back the trailer to ensure the cable is not too short and pulling out or applying the brake inadvertently. - If it does you may need to move the breakaway mount until it no longer interferes. NOTE: Keeping the breakaway device and the cable mounting point centered near the hitch eliminates many of the pulling issues in turns and helps prevent inadvertent activations.   Safety Chains - These are the chains that are connect the trailer to the tow vehicle. They allow you to safely guide your trailer and maintain control as make your way to a safe stopping point in the event major hitch failure of the ball or coupler. Two safety chains are required and must be attached to their own chain retainers. VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019

• Always make sure the safety chains are secured to the tow vehicle before you move your trailer and regularly recheck them. • Regularly inspect the chains and hooks for wear or damage, and replace any worn or damaged chains and hooks before towing again.  Just as there are specific things you should do with safety chains, there are also some things that you shouldn’t do.  • Don’t fasten the chains to any part of the hitch unless the hitch has holes specifically for that purpose.  • Never fasten the breakaway cable to the safety chains.  • Never let your safety chains drag the ground.  Safety chains are a very important detail that can lead to big problems if you aren’t using them correctly. Pull out the owner’s manual for your trailer or contact the manufacturer if you have questions.

PLEASE CONSIDER THIS. Improper rigging of the breakaway system and safety chains can not only result in loss of control of both your trailer and tow vehicle, but can also be deadly for those it might crash into and the equine passengers aboard. Talking about trailer breakaways and safety chains in this manner may make it seem like a catastrophic event is going to happen to tomorrow.  That’s most likely not going to occur.  Most people never have an issue.  However, it can happen, so don’t disregard these safety issues.  Take the time to fit properly and to check thoroughly.  And the odds are good you’ll be just fine.

For more information on the TrailMeister Trailer Project as well as the world’s largest and most accurate guide to horse trails and camps, visit www.TrailMeister.com


Robert Eversole; Trail Meister Owner and Chief Trail Boss. 513-374-9021; robert@trailmeister.com; www.TrailMeister.com TrailMeister is The Largest Equine Trail and Camping Guide in the World

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PALM PARTNERSHIP TRAINING™ Building a Partnership with Your Horse

Use Your Aids to Whisper, Not Shout By Lynn Palm

The rider’s aids are her tools to communicate with her horse. The “natural” aids, which she uses to respond to her horse, are her seat, legs, and hands. The rider’s seat, and especially her legs, controls two-thirds of the horse’s body from the wither back. Her hands control the forward one-third of the horse’s body including the shoulders, neck, and head. Let’s look at each of these important aids. The Seat: The rider’s seat works as an aid to help the horse go forward or slow down. The seat works by applying weight into the saddle on the horse’s back according to what response the rider wants. She uses more weight in her seat for more response, less weight for a lighter response. The weight that the rider applies through her seat, on the saddle has two functions. It indicates to the horse her desire to go forward or slow down and helps him to accomplish these actions. I’ll explain more about the function of the seat in upcoming editions of this newsletter series. The Legs: The legs work as an aid because the horse moves away from pressure. In moving away from the rider’s leg pressure, a horse can go forward, sideways, or back. The legs as an aid are used slightly behind the girth. This is the proper position for the rider’s leg. When the rider applies her legs to communicate with her horse, it should always be first done with the lightest amount of pressure with a light squeeze slightly behind the girth. What should the rider do if her horse does not respond to her leg aids? Here are some tips for “tuning up” leg aid communication. The Hands: The rider’s hands control the reins. To give rein aids properly the hands must be in the correct position at all times which is in front of the saddle. The rider uses the reins for two purposes: speed control and turning. The rider’s hands on the reins can be used to slow the horse down as well as responding with the hands as he moves forward at the rider’s command. Speed control can be done through the action of the rider’s fingers. With her hands holding the reins, the rider closes her fingers around the reins to ask her horse to slow. When she wants her horse to go forward, she opens her fingers slightly while still holding onto the reins to allow her horse the freedom to move forward. The second use of the hands on the reins is to turn the horse. I like to use what is called an “open rein” to direct the horse to turn. With hands evenly holding the reins in front of the saddle, to turn my horse to the left I will move my left hand and left rein sideways slightly away from the horse’s neck. I do this through the action of my elbow, not my wrist and NEVER BY PULLING BACK on the rein. Pulling back restricts that horse’s forward motion. We do not want to this because a turn is not possible without forward motion! When turning, the inside rein (“inside” meaning the rein on the side toward where you will be turning) is the POSITIONING REIN. Its job is to position or direct the horse in the direction you want to travel. The outside rein is the TURNING REIN. The outside rein is held against the horse’s neck without the rider’s hand crossing over the horse’s neck The horse moves away from the

action or pressure of the outside rein lying against his neck and turns. Going back to my example if I were turning left, I would lay the right rein against the horse’s neck asking him to move away from the rein pressure and turn to the left while I would use my left rein to lightly position him for the turn. If more turning action is needed, the rider should slightly raise the outside hand to move the turning rein further up the neck. If less turning action is desired or a lighter response is sought, she should keep the outside rein closer to the base of the horse’s shoulder. Next article we will put these aids together to learn more about their affect on communicating with our horse and how to improve our conversations! Your Next Step… One issue many riders have is their horses do not respond to their leg aids. Here is a progression of steps the rider can use to “turn up the volume” with her leg aids and communicate without shouting! If the rider does not get a reaction when a leg aid is lightly applied behind the girth, the first step is for her to move her leg slightly further back on his barrel and reapply the leg aid. To do this properly, the rider should move her leg back from the hip and only slightly bend her knee to bring her lower leg further back. Her heel stays down. The rider applying a leg aid further back from the girth always will give more indication to the horse to move his body. In taking this next step, avoid the common error of bending the knee to lift the lower leg higher on the horse’s barrel. This brings the heel up high on the horse’s side. This is not an effective leg aid. If the horse still doesn’t respond, keeping her heel down the rider should use a “vibrating” leg pressure. Keeping her heel down, she should apply a rapid on-and-off pressure with the side of her lower leg behind the girth. A vibrating leg pressure is not the same as poking the horse with the heels! Poking and kicking will only irritate the horse and eventually make him duller to the leg aids. A vibrating pressure should liven up him up without a lot of excess squeezing. The horse still doesn’t respond? Use an abrupt, quick action with the leg behind the girth. Again it is done with the lower leg flat against his barrel (not delivered with the heel) giving a quick, more assertive bump behind the girth to get a reaction from the horse. When he responds go back to giving him the lightest of aids by asking him with a light squeeze with the leg. Remember a golden rule of aids communication… no matter what level of communication you must use to get a response from your horse, always come back to the lightest aid possible. The aids are our way of communicating with our horses. Remember the old commercial that had the tag line; “when you want someone to listen, whisper”? We want to speak softly and lightly to our equine partners to keep their attention. Only when we don’t get a response, might it be necessary to use more volume to get their attention. Once we do, we go back to soft, light communication to make sure they don’t tune us out. Make it your goal to use your aids to whisper, not shout, to your equine partner! Until then, follow your dreams…

PALM PARTNERSHIP TRAINING ™ Building a Partnership with Your Horse

We love to share our dressage backgrounds and knowledge with you and would love to have you come ride with us. You can join us at our farm in Ocala, Florida, or at one of our Ride Well Clinics on our USA Tour at a location near you. If you would like to train with Lynn & Cyril at home with Western Dressage, take advantage of the following supportive training materials: BOOKS: “Head To Toe Horsemanship” “Western Dressage—A Guide to Take You to Your First Show” “A Rider Guide to Real Collection” DVDS: “Dressage Principles for the Western Horse & Rider” Volume 1 Parts 1-5 “Dressage Principles for the Western & English Horse & Rider” Volume 2, Parts 1-3 “Let Your Horse Be Your Teacher” Parts 1&2 For more information about training courses, educational materials and much more, please visit www.lynnpalm.com or call 800-503-2824.


VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019


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75 acres, cross board fencing, 15 stall barn with 2mare/foal stalls, hot /cold water. Full, partial or pasture only. Round pen, 200’ x100’ arena. 5 minutes off 75. Calhoun, Ga. 706- 280- 6421. Leave message. PAINT COLT FOR SALE Two Eyed Jack/ Flashy Zipper   Calhoun, GA. 706- 280- 6421 Leave Message



12’ x 12’ stall Panels for 7 stalls and 3 sides for wash room or feed room. Calhoun, GA. 706- 280- 6421  Leave message

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019


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Upcoming 2019


Calendar of Events

HORSE/TACK SALES & ADOPTIONS First Monday of month - Burrell Horse Auction, Horse & Tack Sale: Tack 6:30, Horse 8:00; 6450 Bates Pike, Cleveland TN , 423-472-0805 SECOND SATURDAY: Gleason, TN. West TN Auction Barn. 330 Fence Rd. Tack 5:30 pm. Horses 8 pm. Info: Chucky Greenway 731-571-8198 SECOND & FOURTH SATURDAY: Scotts Hill, TN. Scotts Hill Stockyard. Info: James Linville 731-549-3523. www.facebook.com/ scottshillstockyard

MEETINGS First Tuesday of every month National Racking Horse Assoc, Choo Choo Chapter meets at Wally’s Restaurant in East Ridge Tn @ 7pm. New members and visitors always welcome! Jerry Clark 423-667-0440 Fourth Thursday of every month Gordon County Saddle Club monthly meeting @ Gordon County Agricultural Service Center Visitors welcome! Info: (770) 548-5956 Monthly Club meetings are held the first Monday of every month except July, there is no July meeting due to Wagon Train Murray County Saddle Club.com Monthly meeting, the 1st working Monday night of the month. Board meeting at 6:00 followed by membership meeting at 7:00 and a pot luck dinner. Bartow County Saddle Club bartowcountysaddleclub.org Catoosa County Saddle Club facebook.com/catoosacountysaddleclub

Save the Date!

Watch for these


TENNESSEE HS RODEO ASSOCIATION (731) 658-5867 http://tnhsra.com GAITED HORSE SHOWS nwha.com Sept 16 National Championship Calsonic Arena, 721 Whitthorne St, Shelbyville, TN www.thenwhanational.com HUNTER/JUMPER Aug 10 Meridian Equine Education Center. Hunter Jumper Show, MTHJA approved. meridianequine.com Aug 24-25 Brownland Farm, No Frills 3 & 4. www.brownlandfarm.com Sept 5-9 Brownland Farm, Fall I www.brownlandfarm.com Sept 11-15 Brownland Farm, Fall II www.brownlandfarm.com Sept 28 Meridian Equine Education Center. Hunter Jumper Show, MTHJA approved. meridianequine.com Nov 13-17 Horse of the Year Championship - NORTH Atlanta Fall Classic II Conyers, GA QUARTER HORSE SHOWS www.tqha.org September 12-13 TQHA Circuit (dual pointed with WTQHA) Murfreesboro, TN, 5 judges Dec. 6-8 Region 3 - Hillbilly Classic, Harriman, TN, 4 judges BARREL RACING www.ibra.us July 13 Sparta, TN, Sky Ann Wilson Arena Neysa Logan, 423-903-7437 July 20, 2019 Thorn Hill, TN, Friend Valley Ranch

Jackie Neff or Megan Greene 423-963-0932 or 423-358-3020 Aug 23-24 Murfreeboro, TN TN IBRA State Finals / Super Show Location Final Show TN Miller Colisuem Jamie White, 901-378-7470

DRESSAGE Aug 9-10 Ole South Prelude @ 8:00 am Miller Colosseum, 304 W Thompson Ln Murfreesboro, TN, USEF Recognized Aug 24 CTDA Schooling Show -Travelers Rest Farm College Grove @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Travelers Rest Farm, 8151 Horton Highway College Grove, TN 37046 Classical Eventing Western Gaited Dressage using USDF USEF and WDAA approved tests. Sept 14 CTDA Schooling Show-Walnut Trace Franklin @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Walnut Trace Farm, 8388 Collins Road Nashville, TN 37211 Classical Eventing Western Gaited Dressage using USDF USEF and WDAA approved tests. Oct 5 CTDA Schooling Show - Roberson Equestrian Center Murfreesboro @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 3207 Manchester Pike, Murfreesboro , TN Classical Eventing Western Gaited Dressage using USDF USEF and WDAA approved tests. SPECIAL EVENTS July 22 Advanced Riding Boot Camp Mon, 8 AM – 3 PM Need A Hand Horse Training, 3815 Woodbury Pike, Murfreesboro, TN June 28-30 3 V Cowgirl Ministry Clinic Women’s Empowerment Weekend Featuring Tana Poppino & Wendy Wiseman For Tuition and Deposit Info Contact Alexis Gibson 706-263-2029 or 3 V Cowgirl Ministry Resaca, GA Facebook Page Non-Riders & Spectators Free Lightening P Ranch & Arena, Resaca, GA Aug 10 Rolling Hills Saddle Club Open Horse Show, Sat, 8 AM – 9 PM Wills Park Equestrian Center Alpharetta, GA

TRAIL RIDES/TRAIL CHALLENGE/ENDURANCE JULY 4-7 Belvedere, TN. Circle E Guest Ranch. 4th of July Ride. Info: circleeguestranch.com Sept 6-7 Big South Fork Endurance Ride and Ride & Tie 30/50 miles, Big South Fork NRRA, Oneida, TN Eric Rueter, 865-986-5966 Sept 7-8 RIDE THE EDGE East Fork Stables, Jamestown, TN Wayne Tolbert, (865) 986-3333 Virginia Tolbert, vtolbert@usit.net Sept 19-21 Meadow Creek Mingle 25/50 miles, Has introductory ride! (on 9/21 only) Parrotsville TN; Ride secretary: macrobber@gmail.com; Oct 26 Biltmore Fall Ride to Benefit Hope for Horses 25/50 miles, Biltmore Equestrian Center; Ride Secy-828-665-1531; Nov 2 Bud’s Ride Til You Die 25/50 miles, Has introductory ride! Atwood Horse Camp, Hodges AL Ride Manager :Tina Cochran, 205-412-4014 CLINICS / CLASSES Aug 23-25 Dressage Clinic Erin Brinkman TriState Exhibition Center Cleveland, TN 423-476-9310 Aug 30th-Sept 2nd Craig Cameron Horsemanship Clinic Circle G Ranch, Lynville TN Sept 13th-15th Michael Lyons Horsemanship Clinic Circle G Ranch, Lynville TN Oct 19-20 Crossville, TN. Copperhead Lane. Richard Shrake Resistance Free Clinic. Terry Peiper tpeiper@aol.com AGRICENTER SHOWPLACE ARENA http://www.agricenter.org/events July 26 - 28 WTQHA Show Aug 2-4 Lucky Dog Barrel Race

Please call before you haul. Always verify dates and times BEFORE you travel. FREE CALENDAR of EVENTS LISTINGS: If you would like to include an event please Contact: Lisa Fetzner , 423-933-4968, Info@horsenranchmag.com


VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019


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CIRCLE E GUEST RANCH circleeguestranch.com July 4-7 4th Of July Ride Horses - sawmill side OHV - office side July 18-20 Bluegrass festival Horses - office side OHV - sawmill side Aug 30-Sept 2 Labor Day Weekend Sat. 8 pm till 11pm Dj/Karaoke Horses - office side OHV - sawmill side Sept 6-8 Ride & Slide The Ranch purchase tickets online circleeguestranch.com Sept 26-29 Shoba Trail Ride Oct 6-13 October Fest 6 night camping, 2 meals a day starting Monday and ending with breakfast on Sunday, guided trail rides and Entertainment. Bring your tack/camping gear to auction off. Oct 17-20 Fall Brawl Speed Racking & Pacing Competition Thanksgiving Weekend Nov. 28th - Dec. 1st Horses Only Sawmill Side New Year’s Ride/Party 2019-2020 Dec. 29th - Jan. 1st Horses Only Click Here For More Details Package Includes: 3 nights camping, 1 stall, Trail Riding, Dinner, Live Band, Party Favors & New Year’s Day Breakfast

ROANE STATE EXPO CENTER www.roanestate.edu July 13 National Barrel Horse Assn. Exhibitions Noon, Race 3pm Outdoor Arena Free to spectators Roxanne Pitsenbarger 865-360-5024 July 27 & 28 TN Stock Horse Assn. 8am to 6pm Both Arenas Free to spectators Joy Brigham 334-790-0372 Aug. 3 & 4 East TN Cutting Horse Assn. 8am to 10pm Indoor Arena Free to spectators Lynn Hicks 423-741-1435 Aug. 17 & 18 Volunteer State Pinto 8am to 10pm Diane Cox 865-882-4590 Sept 7 & 8 East TN Cutting Horse Assn. 8am to 10pm Indoor Arena Free to spectators Lynn Hicks 423-741-1435 Sept 20 & 22 No Bulls Barrel Race 8am to 10pm Both Arenas Free to spectators Jeff Robinson 828-713-4712 Sept 28 & 29 TN Paint Horse Club Inc. 8am to 11pm Both Arenas Free to spectators Tracie Haskell 615-417-4253 Nov. 16 & 17 National Team Roping Assn 8am to 10pm Both Arenas Free to spectators Pam Blevins 423-963-8106 Dec. 6 - 8 TQHA Hillbilly Christmas Classic 8am to 10pm Both Arenas Free to spectators Rose Mason 865-256-1023

CIRCLE G RANCH circlegranchevent.com/upcoming-events.html July 6 All Things Dressage Schooling Show Series July 13-14 Dressage at Circle G Show USEF/USDF All Shows Rated Level 2 July 27-28 Western Dressage at Circle G Show Aug 30th-Sept 2nd Craig Cameron Horsemanship Clinic Sept 7th-8th Dressage at Circle G Show USEF/USDF All Shows Rated Level 2 Sept 13th-15th Michael Lyons Horsemanship Clinic Sept 21st-22nd Western Dressage at Circle G Show

SCENIC CITY EQUESTRIAN CENTER sceniccityequestrian.com Sept 28 SCEC Hunter Jumper Show 8am-5pm Oct 26 SCEC HALLOWEEN FUN SHOW 8am-5pm Nov 23 3 Phase Horse Event 8am-5pm

GREENRIDGE EQUESTRIAN CENTER greenridgeequestriancenter.com July 13 6am-4pm Greenridge Horse Show July 20 6am-7pm Poplar Place Farms Horse Show

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019

TENNESSEE LIVESTOCK CENTER MTSU Murfreesboro, TN www.mtsu.edu/tlc July 5-7 US Team Roping Championship www.ustrc.com Aug 16-17 Tn Valley Paso Fino Horse Show Tlc Main Arena Lee Ann Williams Maley 901-483-1341 Sept 19-21 National Spotted Saddle Horse Show TLC MAIN ARENA Mullican, Bonnie 615 898-5575 Sept 28-29 Middle TN Arabian Horse Show TLC MAIN ARENA Mullican, Bonnie 615 898-5575


TRI-STATE EXHIBITION CENTER Cleveland, TN 423-476-9310 www.tristateexhibitioncenter.com July 8th-11th Mid-South Pony Club Camp July 13th & 14th Paint Horse Club Show July 20th Paint & Pinto Horse Show July 27th Summer Sizzlin’ Dressage Benefit Show July 28th Stillwater Trail Sports Show August 2nd-4th Ben Carol Roping Aug 10th & 11th Ranch Horse Buckle Series (4) Aug 17th Tennessee National Racking Horse Association Event August 23rd-25th Dressage Clinic Erin Brinkman Aug 24th Stillwater Trail Sports show September Sept 4th-7th Nation Racking Horse Association World Show Sept 28th & 29th Ranch Horse Buckle Series (5) October ​4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, ​18th, 19th, 25th, & 26th Post Mortem Haunted Trail Every Friday and Saturday in October from 8pm to 12am Oct 12th Tennessee National Barrel Horse Association Event Oct 19th & 20th $10,000 SYH All Breed Challenge Class List Oct 26th & 27th Ranch Horse Buckle Series (6) ​Nov 9 TAGDEA Dressage Show Nov 16-17 Ranch Horse Buckle Series (7) Nov 23rd Tennessee Georgia High School Rodeo UT MARTIN AG PAVILLION & EQUESTRIAN www.utm.edu/departments/agnr/calendar_ events.php July 13-14 WTQHA/IBRA Barrel Race Aug 30-31 Volunteer Ranch Horse Show Sep 13-14 Rodeo Booster Club Barrel Race Sept 19-20 Equestrian Competition Sept 21-22 Pony Club of America Show Oct 10-12 Equestrian SCJ & Sweet Brier Oct 18-19 Rodeo Booster Club Barrel Race Oct 23-27 Wild Horse & Burrow Adoption WILLIAMSON COUNTY AG EXPO PARK Franklin, TN (615) 595-1227 www.williamsoncounty-tn.gov JULY - Shut Down for Renovations AUG. 2-10 Williamson County Fair

GEORGIA HORSE EVENTS July 20, Sept 7, Oct 19 9am - 5pm North Atlanta Equestrian Dressage, Eventing, CT and Western Dressage 118 Old Mill Rd, Cartersville, GA www.northatlantaequestrian.com July 13, Aug 10, Sept 21, Oct 19 Union County Saddle Club UCSC Obstacle Practice & Competition Series 73 Saddle Club Dr, Blairsville, GA Sep 14 Foxberry Farm; 3 phase Dressage 2338 School Rd, Dallas, GA www.foxberryequestrianfarm.com July 25 thru 28 Brandreth Farms - John & Samantha GDCTA Adult Camp 4 days of intense training and lots of fun with your horse 470 Brandreth Farms Dr, Talking Rock, GA www.gdcta.com Aug 3 - 4 GDCTA Summer Finals Schooling Show Wills Park - 8 am 11925 Wills Rd, Alpharetta, Georgia 30009 www.gdcta.com Aug 31 - Sept 1 Georgia International Horse Park Labor Day Classic I & II Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association 1996 Centennial Olympic Pkwy NE, Conyers, GA www.gdcta.com Oct 11 - 13 2019 Region 3 Dressage Championships & ANFD Georgia International Horse Park 1996 Centennial Olympic Pkwy NE, Conyers, GA www.gdcta.com

Don’t Miss It! Mark Your Calendar! PLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU HAUL!

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Always verify dates and times BEFORE you travel.



VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 6 2019


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Round Pens Include:

• 1-6’ Ride-Through Gate • 15-12” Panels • Panels are 6’ Tall, 4 Tube, 16 Ga.

1.5” Diameter Tube...... $2,299 1.75” Diameter Tube.... $2,499 2” Diameter Tube......... $2,799

If you buy anything but HOT DIP GALVANIZED PANELS you are buying tomorrows rust!

Hot Dip Galvanized Panels 20 Year NO RUST Warranty 574.583.3883 • rick@jacobsmfg.net www. jacobsmfg.net


Full maintenance, service & repair facility. Collision, storm damage, and more repaired. 2+1 Goosenecks in Stock! Well Equipped and Ready to Roll – Starting at $29,605.33

Exiss 7X00 series. Nice all-aluminum, with front dresser and folding rear tack. Extruded sides, aluminum wheels, HD drop windows and more. A great value- 3 and 4 horse in stock now. Just in, and ready for you.

Let us freshen up your trailer!

Delta 500 series BP Trailers- 10,14,16 & 2 Horse models on hand. All with brakes, spare tire kits, PPG paint & more! Starting at $5,645

Sundowner Super Sport. A great all-aluminum trailer in 2 & 3 horse. Great starter trailer, or the perfect run around. On hand, starting at $15,454

2019 Lakota Charger 11’ Shortwall Living Quarters


Multiple floorplans in stock!


mod e! are her

TAEP Qualified and in stock !

Several floorplans on hand, with more on the way!


WOW- Looking for a pre-loved living quarters?

2019 Sundowner 6 Horse Hybrid! 8’ wide, 8k axles, 7’6” tall! Buy it now for only $41,523.08

These used trailers SELL FAST! Please call or message to check availability.

“Located beneath the BIG American Flag”

on Hwy 231 between Murfreesboro & Shelbyville TN

Come by for the latest selection, or check our website!


Call Toll Free

866.484.0420 or 931.685.4040


All prices are plus applicable taxes, tag, & title fees. Payment prices are quoted with 10% plus T, T, & L down with qualifying credit and a 720 or better score. Call for specifics in your case.

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