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Threshold artspace Bold contemporary art by Scottish and international artists in Perth since 2005

Open Mon to Sat admission free



10am-5pm or late on performance evenings

COLLECTIONS II: Works by International Artists The second in a series of three exhibitions featuring selected works from Horsecross Arts’ permanent public collection of contemporary art

Curated by Iliyana Nedkova

26 Jun - 14 Oct 2011

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Since we officially unveiled Threshold artspace in September 2005 we have exhibited the works of over 210 Scottish and 115 international artists. 84 of these artists are now represented in our permanent public collection of contemporary art, which boasts some 115 newly commissioned works. Throughout 2011 we endeavour to pause, take stock and reconsider our cultural heritage in a series of three exhibitions featuring works by Scottish artists (Collection I), international artists (Collections II) and women artists (Collections III). The second in the series recreates 18 site-specific installations by 17 established and emerging international artists commissioned and acquired for our collection over the years. Experience them fresh throughout the artspace:

Dome = the copper-clad dome for artists’ spacial and light interventions Artificial Moon (2007) | Wang YuYang Born in Haerbin, Heilongjiang Province, China. Lives and works in Beijing.

A giant Chinese lantern with a contemporary poetic twist. Suspended under the copper-clad dome this sculpture sits at the heart of the Threshold artspace. It takes over 10,000 light bulbs and almost as many minutes and hands to get them clustered around the custom-made steel globe. Is this a celebration of the soon ubiquitous green technology of the energy-saving light or a reminder that the visibility of the real Moon often retreats behind the radiance of a brightly illuminated urban sky. Gaze in and be dazzled. Lose sight of everything for a moment.

Wave = a long canvas of 22 flat screens in a row under the copper-clad dome showing short artists’ films back to back as a continuous multiple channel installation Out of Character ASCII (2009) | Vuk Cosic Born in Belgrade. Lives and works in Ljubljana and Dubrovnik.

Selecting scenes from 20 classic films from 1895 until the present, the artist converts them into retro-futuristic moving images using ASCII computer code while raising questions about the obsolescence of our culture.

Circles and Squares (2010) | Igor Krenz Born in Warsaw where he lives and works.

Evoking the magic of cinema experience, the artist dips into his ongoing collection of archive footage only to highlight the secret grammar of cue marks which help projectionists to load the next reel of celluloid. For further details please see Read More | Issue 10

Earth’s Weeping (2006) | Fernando Arias Born in Armenia. Lives and works in London and Columbia.

A melancholic account of Earth’s rare geothermal activity featuring some 80 geysers from the Andes mountain of northern Chile. Look out for our next Read More Journal | Issue 13

Empire (After Warhol) (2008) | Ergin Cavusoglu Born in Targovitshte, Bulgaria. Lives and works in London.

Slowing down the transition from dusk to night over a forlorn building, the artist echoes Warhol’s pioneering use of single continuous take in extremis but instead creates a subtle interplay of light and dark. Please see our new Read More Journal | Issue 12

From Our Own Correspondent (2005) | Dan Perjovschi Born in Cluj. Lives and works in Bucharest.

Hand-crafted drawings with extra dose of dark humour and news appeal appear as exclusive reports from the hot spots of the art world - Venice, Paris, London, Cologne, Istanbul and Athens.

How to Read Between the Lines or Method for Self-Education (2008) | Valentin Stefanoff

Born in Sofia. Lives and works in Paris. The mystery and power of reading are captured in a series of single, continuous shots gliding along the gap between lines of newsprint in French, English and Bulgarian. The rhythm of text and image is syncopated by a specially composed soundtrack by Dan Senn which is playing at Threshold Welcome area.

Running and Falling (2008) | Nils Messeke Born in Gothenburg where he lives and works. A parable about the resilience and strength of human beings set against a dreamy nocturnal winter landscape.


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“Perth’s Threshold artspace shows no signs of watering down its bold remit in programming stunning and inspiring artwork”


Wave = a long canvas of 22 flat screens in a row under the copper-clad dome Love and Fear (2007) | Claude Closky Born in Paris where he lives and works. For further details please see Read More | Issue 3

Newly invented prefixes meet Ancient Greek suffixes in a whirlwind of emotions and artificial intelligence.

Shuffle Mode (2005) | Janek Schaefer Born in London where he lives and works.

An audio-visual ode to the people of Perth and the portable music player. Starring 66 local residents clutching their headphones and humming to the music.

Switch Over (2007) | Kosta Tonev Born in Plovdiv. Lives and works in Vienna.

A young man is jogging along Vienna’s Karl-Marx-Hof - the longest single residential buidling in the world. Will he reach the end of the building in a single camera take?

Much Better Than This (2007) Rafaël Rozendaal Born in Amsterdam. Lives and works in hotels around the world. Time, love and computers all bear infinite number of possibilities as seen in this seductive love story.

The Moon and the Oceans (2005) Henna Assikainen + Silvana Macedo + Reza Tavakol Born in Helsinki. Lives and works in Newcastle-upon-Tyne + Born in Florianopolis, Brazil where she lives and works + Born in Iran. Lives and works in London. Tell the time at night as the ancients did by reading the faces of the Moon and the tidal coastline.

Moon Landing Programme (2009) | Wang YuYang Born in Haerbin, Heilongjiang Province, China. Lives and works in Beijing.

By juxtaposing two scenes - one authentic and the other a re-make - this work critiques the spectacular and theatrical elements of our historical memory. The scenes blend in, making it difficult to tell the artist’s own meticulous re-construction of the dramatic Moon landing from the original live video transmission of Neil Armstrong stepping onto the surface of the Moon on 21 July 1969. Look out for our next Read More | Issue 14

Threshold Stage = a small wall-mounted framed screen for online artists’ works Sun Clock (2007) | Olle Essvik Born in Gothenburg where he lives and works. For further details please see Read More | Issue 2

Follow the sun as it rises and sets over Perth in real time day after day. Download for free this constantly moving yet minimalist painting for your mobile phone from and learn to tell the time by the sun. An iphone application of the Sun Clock will be available in the autumn.

Flush = a trail of 8 small screens tucked away in the public toilets Wee Views (2007) | Mare Tralla Born in Tallinn. Lives and works in Tallinn and London.

Follow the artist’s own trail as a cultural tourist around the galleries and museums of the world through a series of witty comments and photographs snapped in the privacy of the toilet cubicle. For further details please see Read More | Issue 7

Threshold Lounge = a micro-cinema drop-in projection zone on upper left of mezzanine Voyage of No Return (2009) | Ergin Cavusoglu Born in Targovitshe, Bulgaria. Lives and works in London.

A work about the classic father and son relationship inspired by Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. Shot on location in Oban, Scotland this film unravels the notion of the harbour city which witnesses more departures than homecomings. A philosophical journey about the universal theme of migration. For further details please see Read More | Issue 12

Welcome = the interactive soundscape doorway of 16 sensors and 8 speakers How to Read Between the Lines or Method for Self-Education (2008) | Valentin Stefanoff Please see overleaf for details of this work.

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