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November 2019 | Issue No.2

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Catering Expo 2020 Malta’s main Horeca event

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Healthy Finances at the Heart of Hotels Operations

International HORECA Trade Shows Calendar 2020

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LED Information Displays At Innovative Solutions we offer a wide range of freestanding or wall mounted illuminated menu displays in various sizes for indoor and outdoor use. Available with a battery pack for a wireless solution.

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Cater to guests experiences with engaging Digital Signage









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Editor Tonio Schembri

Publisher Ryan Galea


Contributors Joe Vella Josef Bonello Elsa Messi Mark Camilleri Jo Caruana Kristina Cassar Dowling Lorna Camilleri-Bonici


Welcome to the second issue of Horeca Magazine – the positive feedback we received for Issue 1 was overwhelming – ranging from congratulatory emails to Facebook messages, newsletter subscription requests and more! Moreover, there were several people who made direct contact and called our offices asking for more information on how to get involved editorially or as part of the distribution setup.

Sarah Formosa Clara Cachia Jennifer Azzopardi Daniela Sammut

This edition includes messages from all the leading Hospitality and Tourism bodies and entities, including the MTA, AirMalta and MHRA. All articles provide a respective overview of the sectors’ performances throughout 2019, together with recommendations and proposals to sustain the forecasted growth next year.


Other features and articles include exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs and professionals who are involved in the Horeca industry. These include the likes of Mark Weingard, Diane Izzo, Steve Xuereb and Chef Marvin Gauci. We are proud to announce that Horeca Malta will be partnering the MFCC in next year’s Catering Expo. More information about the event, together with a feature on the Kulinarja Malta competition can be found inside. Finally we would like to announce the complete revamp of our website – – which now includes all features and articles in digital format. We have also made it much easier to subscribe to our newsletter – we recommend you do so immediately so you will be kept updated with all the latest and important Horeca news!

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Always attuned to the evolution of the foodservice industry and eating habits.

With over 60 years experience in the hospitality sector, ECB Hotel & Catering Equipment Ltd. offers complete solutions for all types of professional cooking: hotels, restaurants and cafeterias. ECB Hotel & Catering Equipment Ltd. has worked closely with projects managers and highly professional chefs on main kitchens and bars at leading hotels and restaurants around Malta and Gozo, offering the best of innovation and guaranteeing long-lasting reliability and excellent performance. Authorised Distributors

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Riding the Change The travel industry is everchanging. The emergence of internet technology, e-commerce, smartphones and social media has transformed the way this industry operates. It made it possible for travellers to review, plan and book their own holiday from the comfort of their home or office. This phenomenon brought about new trends and subsequently it gave rise to demands for new products and services alike. The Travel and Hospitality industry complement each other. Local hotels, restaurants and cafes have reacted to market changes effectively and have gradually steered away from the traditional model and embraced more innovative and diverse ways to offer a truly unique experience. This is indeed encouraging. These changes are reflected in the number of new boutique hotels opening for business, especially in Valletta, and the culinary revolution the Maltese Islands are experiencing, not only inspires creativity and quality but above all it celebrates the local traditional cuisine. Presently Malta boasts of a vibrant restaurant scene with exciting diverse cuisines and concepts to explore and enjoy. It’s

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a pleasure to see so much enthusiasm in this sector with new hotels, restaurants or cafes opening every month. As the airline of the Maltese Islands we are determined to enhance our customer experience. Lately we have overhauled the inflight catering product for both the Economy and Business class. The focus of this refinement is about offering fresh quality food sourced directly from local farmers by our suppliers, whereby the menu changes depending on the seasonality of the local produce. As for the Business Class experience the airline created a unique brand new concept which offers a more personalised superior service. The freshly prepared gourmet meals are presented on specially designed Maltese themed crockery that celebrates the Maltese Islands’ traditions, history and culture. These changes are all part of the drive to allow our passengers to choose their preferred travel experience and offer them a varied choice. I strongly believe that there are great opportunities for all stakeholders working in the travel, tourism and the hotels and restaurants sectors provided all of us are ready to adapt to change and fulfil customer expectations. Our services need to be improved and enhanced all the time so that we will be able to satisfy the individual demands of our customers in our respective sectors. Furthermore, maintaining quality of service is also an essential element within the travel and hospitality industry. Thus, the availability of a well prepared flexible, skilled staff constitutes a continuous challenge to all stakeholders. I think it’s the combination of commitment, ingenuity, preparation, training, and skills of all concerned that will underpin a high level of success within the travel and hospitality industry in the future.

Dr Charles Mangion Air Malta Chairman

11/11/2019 13:45

Indoor & Outdoor

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f okhomemalta

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The end of a hot summer... As I write this message for HORECA Magazine, the summer season is slowly drawing to an end. Looking back at what we have managed to achieve together during Summer of 2019, we have reason to be satisfied and proud. Not only have we as a destination attracted a larger volume of visitors during the peak months of summer (and this on top of last year’s record summer) but we have also made significant inroads in other aspects of our overall policy objectives. Improvements in quality is one such objective that we have set ourselves and that will continue to guide our actions and activities in the months and years to come. This has various facets, ranging from human resource development and improved levels of service, to higher standards in the tourism product and the hospitality sector, and in the destination as a whole. Summer 2019 has also seen the Malta Tourism Authority actively enforcing the regulations with regard to beach concessions, deckchairs and umbrellas, permits for tables

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and chairs and other regulations pertaining to the hospitality side of our product. These actions may have been unpopular with some operators who may have preferred a more laissez-faire approach but were welcomed by the vast majority of the operators and the general public, including our visitors from abroad. Ensuring a fair and level playing field for everyone is what ultimately results in the best possible utilisation of Malta’s limited land resources. This summer season will also be remembered for the dramatic collapse of the world’s oldest travel company – Thomas Cook. Although not entirely unexpected – the warning signs had been there for some time – nobody was expecting such a rapid end to this tour operator. Like all other destinations in the Mediterranean and beyond, Malta was also affected by this calamity, having a number of customers on holiday here when the news broke. MTA was quick to offer its assistance in the repatriation efforts, as did Air Malta who offered special fares. This incident brought back recent memories of a similar collapse affecting a local operator – though on a much smaller scale. This had prompted the setting up of the Insolvency Fund in which all local operators selling package holidays must be members and which is there to protect local customers should there ever be such an eventuality. Finally, this summer also brought along the welcome announcement that Visitmalta became the Official Destination Partner of global football giants – Manchester United. Through this three-year partnership, brought about with the joint effort of the Ministry for Tourism and MTA, Malta will benefit from an association with a powerful brand with a worldwide reach of more than 1.1 billion fans. Summer 2019 was a hot one… and not just for the temperature. Dr Gavin Gulia Executive Chairman Malta Tourism Authority

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from information in hand the last quarter is expected to be good especially in the 5-star sector where the MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and events) business seems to be strong and this normally also percolates to 4 star and to a lesser extent to three-star properties. Indeed, the year is expected to finish off reasonably strong in the hotel accommodation sector.

Strengthening Product and Experience to Sustain Growth As 2019 grinds its way past the third quarter, we can now take a look back at how the year has been to date for the Horeca business and try to project forward as to expectations. Following several years of annual growth, 2019 was always going to be a challenge to maintain the rhythm. However maintain the movement forward we did, even though maybe at a slightly slower pace. Malta finished the first six months with an increase in arrivals of circa 5 per cent and room night of circa 2 per cent. This indicates that the average stay is continuing its trend of getting shorter however the average spend has for probably the first time in a number of years gone up. What is of concern however is that percentage wise less people have stayed in collective accommodation then in previous years. It seems that the increase in Airbnb type of accommodation (or as it is known in the trade as non collective accommodation) has been growing quarter upon quarter and has reached over 40 per cent of arrivals. Looking forward

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The number of catering establishments continued to increase in 2019 with a number of new establishments. The information coming through to MHRA for the restaurant business is that some have performed considerably better than others although there does not seem to be a pattern, either by class or type of establishment or geographical area. This seems to indicate that consumers are being selective with their choice of catering destination. Generally however the surveys done by MHRA have shown a positive trend - the last quarter is also expected to be good with a positive forecast of visitors and spend. Looking further at expectations for 2020, the indications are that the number of seats to Malta will increase slightly and therefore one can expect a correspondingly higher number of visitors next year. However one must be cautious in our product and price pitch as the sleeping giants of Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia are coming back to mainstream. These destinations have low costs and can absorb huge numbers and could be a serious threat to our numbers. Malta therefore must embrace the value for money principle and continue strengthening our product offer. The trend today in tourism is experience and we must ensure that the Malta experience will be a memorable one where our visitors return home positively and be our ambassadors in attracting future visitors to the Islands. Tony Zahra President – MHRA

11/11/2019 13:45

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The all-new VisitMalta+ application Information Technology has played an important role in the Hospitality and Tourism industry over these recent years, and has helped in reducing costs, while improving operational efficiency, services and customer experience.

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The VisitMalta+ app was launched in October at the Malta Tourism Authority stand during Delta Summit, by the Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi and Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds and Social Dialogue Aaron Farrugia. This app will strengthen the collaboration already in place between different entities and will therefore see, for the first time, the creation of a number of e-services which will cut across the work carried out by different entities. The

11/11/2019 13:45

installation of digital information stands at different locations in Malta and Gozo shall also provide interactive information. The app, partially financed through the European Regional Development Fund, will enable stakeholders to centrally showcase a product or event to tourists and citizens alike. It is smartly designed to provide location based information about attractions and activities around the islands making it an information-rich opportunity that has the potential to change the way visitors experience their stay in Malta. Through this universal mobile app tourism stakeholders can also centrally showcase a product or event, rather than publishing content on multiple applications for different areas of information.

“ This app will strengthen the collaboration already in place between different entities ” Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi lauded the development of the first phase of the VisitMalta+ mobile application. He emphasised that the team has now been tasked to evolve the functionality of the app to include augmented reality experiences, events and ticketing, booking and seamless service offering. Hence, the use of technology in the hospitality and tourism industry will help raise the bar further and enable a quicker process of making travellers’ experience more enjoyable and efficient. This will complement other projects that are constantly upgrading our infrastructure, together with the creation of new open spaces, green areas and a rich calendar of events aimed at consolidating Malta’s position as an all yearround destination in the Mediterranean.

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Malta Chefs Society Enhancing higher standards in the culinary sector

Set up to stimulate greater interest and enhance higher standards in the culinary sector, the aim of the Malta Chefs Society is and to bring together chefs and other professionals, working, studying, or otherwise active in the catering industry, with the purpose of helping them further their knowledge and skills, and, directly contribute towards the improvement in the quality and standards of the tourism industry in Malta and Gozo.

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/ 17

The Malta Chefs Society owes its origin to an amalgamation of two ‘rival’ groups, and one of the society’s main events is the Malta Kulinarja, a biennial competition for local and foreign chefs. We meet up with Dr Lino Schembri, Malta Chefs Society Chief Executive Officer, who recounts the competition’s modest beginnings. “Our first venue for the event was the Dolmen Hotel,” Dr Lino recounts. It was only through an association with Eric Bartoli that the competition started growing and was organized in conjunction with a catering related exhibition. The first event on these lines, called Vivanda, was held at the Ice Arena, Intercontinental Hotel. The event started growing and after a couple of years it moved to the Ta’ Qali Pavilion whilst the next step was to take the event to the actual MFCC arena, which will once again be the venue for the competition in January 2020. Next year’s Kulinarja will include the following Individual and Team sectors: • Senior Individual Events - including Street Food Challenge, Local Cheese Starter, Mediterranean Underutilised Fish Dish, Asian Fusion Dish and more. • Senior Individual Events (Pastry) – including Banquette Plated Desert and Entrements. • Junior Individual Events – including First Course Dish, Pasta Dish, Local Pork Dish and more. • Junior Team Events – including Juniors’ Vegetarian Dish • Static Team Events – including Grand Buffet Display and Chefs Grand Prix • Team Classes Practical Theatre – including High Tea Set Competition, Mystery Box Menu, Cook and Serve, among others.

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The competition itself has gone through some name changes, including Salon Culinaire and De Malte, until Lino opted for a local terminology, hence Malta Kulinarja. Dr Schembri explains that his vision for the Kulinarja was to present a platform where local and International chefs can showcase their talents competitively and the winner is awarded the prestigious “Chef of the Year” title. Winning the competition invariably helps boost the Chef’s career and credentials. Participants for the Chef of the Year award will not be asked to prepare a Static Buffet – this is being done to reduce food waste as much as possible, explains Dr Schembri. This experiment was successfully initiated two years ago in the Juniors’ category and now the Association has decided to replicate it in the Seniors category. Dr Schembri will be the only Maltese on the 9man adjudicating panel – the rest will hail from foreign countries, including Norway, Italy and England. Judges use international score sheets in line with criteria set by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS). Competitors will not only be judged on the taste of the food, but also on aesthetics, portions, mise en place, overall hygiene and cleanliness & organization of food preparation.

The Malta Chefs Society is still accepting entries for next year’s Kulinarja competition. For more information, and to register, please visit

11/11/2019 13:45

Gianni Merola


MEROLA HOTELS & HOMES Backed by years of experience and a strong commitment to excellence and passion for work. We are the ultimate team to get the job done!! The Merola group was founded by Giovanni Merola. This operation has been running successfully for over 70 years, with expert technical knowledge and professionalism. Merola is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of catering equipment in Malta, supplying professional kitchen equipment to

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restaurants, hotels, bars and more. From the latest professional kitchen equipment such as a sous vide to eco-friendly disposable catering supplies, we can supply everything you need to make your business a success. We also stock a vast range of cookware, utensils, professional kitchen knives and smaller appliances suitable for all - including home cooking enthusiasts. Over the past years, we have established a reputation for industry excellence, providing the largest range of commercial kitchen equipment. We are committed to goals that provide our customers with both the competitive pricing and the finest quality products they seek – coupled with the fastest turnaround time available in the industry. We strive for consistency in the quality of the products we supply – and reliability in the service we provide, continually screening the quality of our products and the market price of the goods we sell. To ensure we maintain such high professional standards we pay great attention to detail and customer care -ensuring that our clients’ manufacturing specifications and

11/11/2019 13:45

/ 19

requirements are met in full. We obtain the best price to quality ratio and ensure our clients obtain the smoothest interface in logistics and supply services.

Caroline Merola

Caroline, the youngest of three siblings, is responsible for managing the showroom in Valley Road, Msida. Amongst many things Caroline focuses and specialises in collaborating with clients and design teams to bring our inimitable perspective, creativity and commercial insight to every project. Especially focused on the interior design and dĂŠcor of your establishment. She will gladly help you to maximise space in the most practical and attractive manner. She helps create beautiful interiors that differentiate us from others, working across multiple portfolios of brands.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Merola showroom in Valley Road, Msida.

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Serving the Horeca Industry

Founded in 1952 by a young pharmacist by the name of Wilfred Gatt, Vivian was named in honour of the founder’s late brother who passed away at a young age. Today, Vivian is an extended family of over 100 people.

“Wilfred was a pharmacist by profession - so Vivian Corporation started off as a healthcare oriented company, which constitutes 70 percent of all operations today,” Benji tells Horeca Malta. As years went by, Wilfred, together with his children, developed and diversified the business further. Vivian ventured into the food market with world renowned brands like Plasmon and Misura.

We met Benji Gatt – third generation family member, who in his various roles in Business Development and Sales & Marketing, links the Company’s growth in recent years to the origins initiated by his grandfather.

Other brands soon followed – Cirio, Riso Scotti, Bi-Aglut and more – all considered as household names in the local consumer market. For the past decade, Benji has been responsible

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11/11/2019 13:45


Dingle, located on the west coast of Ireland, on the fringe of Europe, enjoys a pristine environment like no other. Buffeted by winds from the Atlantic Ocean, the air is fresh, just like our gin.




IN G B BAR ith ed w v r e s ce of best a sli

ED C Y O J I EN u m TO N i m e a pr

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 21



11/11/2019 13:45

22 /

for the growth of the Food & Beverage sector with an emphasis on Horeca products. “We started with a modest number of clients. Over the years we increased and enhanced our product portfolio for the Catering industry,” Benji recounts. 2012 saw the launch of what Benji calls his baby – the Wines and Spirits division. Having a strong personal passion towards wines, and with a distribution channel already in place, Benji felt this was the next

tasting and networking,” explains Benji. Moreover, the staff undergo constant training to gain accreditation and remain up to speed with all product and industry updates and innovations. Most importantly, the company goes the extra mile to ensure they only import top quality and award-winning brands. “I look for a product which has a story behind the label” Benji claims. With so many similar products already available on the market,

(From left) Josef Cassar, Sales Executive - Food and Beverage Division, Benji, Sales and Marketing Manager and Kayne Lanzon, Manager - Food and Beverage Division.

natural step forward as part of the company’s drive to expand further. Over the last seven years Vivian continued to invest, seeing the Horeca client base increase significantly. Sourcing wines from the most important and acknowledged regions in Italy and other countries around the world, together with a range of small batch production spirits, has helped the company earn recognition among key people including hotel and restaurant owners, purchasing managers and sommeliers. Some of the prestigious brands are Villa Sandi Prosecco, Rocca delle Macie, Marques de Murrieta, Mezzacorona, Schiopetto, Francois Lurton, Lucien Lurton et Fils, Dingle Gin, Ha’Penny, Hedonist... “We create our own events which are great for product launches,

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 22

it is crucial to source a brand which has an engaging background to help it stand out. Benji tells us that the immediate term goal is to continue strengthen Vivian’s presence and reach in the HoReCa industry with the impressive brand and product line up. Understanding and satisfying our clients’ needs whilst maintaining a service which is second to none.

To get to know more about Vivian’s range of products available for the Horeca market, please visit or call on (356) 2258 8600.

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#1 Choice for Team Building Birthdays, Parties and Corporate Events

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Equipment & Protective Gear

Licensed Arena

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/ 25

Continental Purchasing was founded in 1928 by the late Joseph M. Cuschieri, a sole trader who at the time was importing textiles, clothes for women and children, confectionery and mineral water, besides also running a printing press. Fastforward almost thirty years, Joseph’s youngest son Alfred felt the need to diversify the company from the importation of textiles to that of hospitality and catering.

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 25

This marked the inception of a pioneering company in the catering industry in Malta. We meet 80-year old Alfred, or as he is fondly called “Il-Kuxi”, in his office in Ta’ Xbiex, who recounts the company’s history over three generations. “My father wasn’t too keen to let me join the company - he wanted me to start working at a bank!” jokes Alfred as he reflects on his start as a sixteen-year-old. Driven by a passion for sales, Alfred was having none of that and he convinced his Dad that the time was perfect for a move in the Tourism sector as the country was gearing for Independence in the Sixties. Alfred travelled to the UK for his first ‘proper’ >

11/11/2019 13:45

26 /

sales assignment. He looks back with a fair degree of emotion as he remembers flying to London and booking at the Hotel Olympia. During his stay, he went against his father’s instructions and ordered some chinaware, cutlery, kitchen tools and accessories. His next trip abroad was to Italy, where he came across a top custom furniture company called IBA (Arredamenti Bergamaschi) and Alfred could now start accepting bigger and more important jobs. His first such contract was agreed in 1969 with the supply of custommade furnishings for Paul’s Punch Bowl in Paceville. Palazzo Pescatore in St Paul’s Bay followed soon after. Alfred considers the Verdala Hotel to be his ‘breakthrough’ project in 1971, with the supply of all cutlery, chinaware and linen. In the early seventies Alfred befriended a number of Maltese businessmen - Alfred Pisani, George Fenech, Raymond Fenech, Zaren Vassallo, Winston Zahra, Michael Zammit Tabona and Joe Gasan – who were all starting their careers in the catering industry. Over the years Continental Purchasing has been entrusted with numerous prestigious projects, including Hilton, Dragonara, Suncrest and much more. Contracts would typically consist of customized buffet and bar counters, reception counters among others. The company also boasts a strong presence in Gozo, with clients including Hotel Ta Cenc, Kempinski, Calypso Hotel, Ta Frenc Complex and Restaurant, Kartell Restaurant and Porto Vecchio Restaurant. Projects handled abroad include the prestigious Hilton Evian-les-Bains in France. Alfred’s travels brought him in touch with several architects, interior designers and other business contacts. This allowed him to be in

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 26

a better position to handle bigger bespoke projects. The Continental brand experienced significant growth, but more importantly, Alfred claims that the strength of his company was thanks to a solid reputation based on trust and delivering within pre-agreed deadline timeframes. “We always placed the client first,” claims Alfred proudly. “We go the extra mile to make sure that the requirements presented to us are met to the last detail”. Apart from made to measure furniture, Continental Purchasing today imports a number of other product categories including chinaware, cutlery, glassware, holloware, linen & fabrics and amenities, representing world renowned brands such as Villeroy and Boch, WMF, Schott Zwiesel, Skopos, Mepra, Bottega del Albergo, De Witte Lietar, Tino Sana and other leading suppliers for the hotel and hospitality industry. The below are just a few contracts and projects undertaken by the company in recent years: Chinaware: Catermax, Cater Essence, Corinthia Group, Westin Dragonara Hotel, Radisson Golden Sands, Island Caterers, Radisson Bay Point, Hilton Malta, The Seabank Hotel, Valentina Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel and Preluna Hotel. Glassware: Radisson Group, Hilton Malta, Westin Dragonara, Valentina Hotel, Corinthia Group and Intercontinental Hotel. Cutlery: Corinthia Group, Catermax, Hotel Marina Corinthia, Radisson Group, Westin Dragonara, Valentina Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel. More recently, the company replaced IBA with Merli Arredamenti, also from Italy, as their supplier for custom made furnishings. A family-run business, Merli gave Continental

11/11/2019 13:45

/ 27

a new level of product and pricing options. Together they have been involved in several projects including Hard Rock Café at the Malta International Airport, Cheeky Monkey Gastro Pub, Malta National Aquarium, Is-Suq tal-Belt, Hilton Malta, Carvv Steakhouse at the Dolmen Hotel, Qawra Palace Hotel, Ramla Bay Resort, Maritim Antonine Hotel & Spa, Salini Resort and Hotel Juliani. In 2019 alone, Continental have been involved in no less than sixteen projects in Malta. Despite being beyond retirement age, Alfred still goes to the office on a daily basis and gives his input on a number of issues. He explains that around eight years ago he was happy to pass on the baton of lead role to Mark Ciantar, who is now the company’s Chief Executive Officer. “Mark shares my business vision and work ethos,” claims Alfred. “His passion and drive will help Continental expand its operations and client base – just like we did in the past six decades.” Mark’s connection with the company started when he was actually one of Alfred’s clients.

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 27

“Joining was an extremely easy decision for me,” Mark tells us. “Continental is backed by an amazing up-market brand line-up and a wealth of experience in the Horeca industry. We pride ourselves in maintaining a top-level service whilst offering competitive pricing will be pivotal for the company’s future success,” concluded the company CEO.

11/11/2019 13:45

28 /

Horeca recruitment Advertise your vacancy completely FREE of charge!

Recruitment plays an important role in any organisation, no matter how big or small. From the multinational chain of hotels to the smallest gourmet restaurant, it is people who make the Hospitality industry. You can advertise your job vacancies on Horeca Magazine for the best targeted exposure in Malta, by sending an email to


The overall scope of the job includes serving food and beverages to guests in the assigned outlet and providing a courteous, professional, efficient and flexible service consistent with the standards of the hotel and in line with Kempinski’s DNA values in order to encourage sales and maximize guest satisfaction. To apply for this job please send in your cv together with a covering letter by e-mail:

JOIN OUR TEAM FOR A REWARDING CAREER IN HOSPITALITY. Join our team for a rewarding career in hospitality. Send us an email on to discover what opportunities await you.


db San Antonio Hotel + Spa, a leading 4-star all-inclusive hotel is recruiting Food & Beverage Servers, Front Office Agents and Room Attendants. Interested applicants are kindly requested to send a detailed CV to

SEEKING FULL TIME ASSISTANT CHEF AND FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVERS. Requirements: - has a food handling course; - minimum 3 years experience as an assistant chef, preferably in a Turkish kebab outlet; - able to communicate in English; - able to work in a team. Responsibilities: - To prepare food as directed by the Head Chef; - to take care of the storage of food; - to keep track of what supplies are used

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 28

- to aid in re-ordering supplies as necessary; - to assist in keeping the stations in working order and fully stocked; - to prepare items prior to a meal service; - to ensure that the kitchen meets the sanitation standards set by local regulatory bodies. For more information email You can hand in your CV at our outlet, too.

11/11/2019 13:45

e c I

m a e r C Machines


es n i h c a M h s & Slu

Importers & Distributors of Slush Puppie, Pernigotti ingredients for Gelato, soft ice cream & pastry, Soft Serve, Frozen Yogurt & Milkshake machines, Slush Machines, Crepe makers, Cones and more‌

Island Food Importers and Distributors Ltd, Norbert Garage, Triq M.Borg Gauci, Handaq, Qormi QRM 4000 Tel. +356 21 448 464 - -

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30 /

The Malta Catering Expo

The next Malta Catering Expo, Malta’s main culinary B2B event will be held from Monday 27th to Thursday 30th January 2020. Organised in association with the Malta Chefs Society, the Expo showcases the latest trends and innovations in the catering industry by Malta’s leading suppliers. This all happens in conjunction with the Malta Kulinarja, a chef’s competition extravaganza that has over 200 leading professionals battling out to win Malta’s prestigious culinary awards.

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As in previous years, the Expo will provide exhibitors the ideal platform to showcase their products and services to key decision makers – including purchasing managers, food & beverage managers, chefs and restaurateurs - throughout the four days of the event, with further networking opportunities throughout the Expo hours.

Limited exhibitor space is still available at the Expo - the main event to kickstart your successful culinary business year. For more information and rates contact Gunther Micallef Decesare on 9995 0502 or via email on

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/ 31

Malta Kulinarja Chefs Competition

Visitors to the Expo will also be able to see leading chefs, both local and foreign, competing in Malta’s main catering competition – the Malta Kulinarja. Held under the auspices of WACS – World Association of Chefs Societies, the competition is organized in the presence of international judges who are invited to officiate the event, together with the Malta Chefs Society. Competing chefs hail from local hotels and restaurants, together with several teams coming from overseas. See more information on Page 17.

Conference In collaboration with HORECA Magazine, a three-hour conference will be held on Monday 27th January. This will give business leaders the opportunity to listen, discuss and interact with the panel of speakers touching upon various topical subjects and issues pertaining to the hospitality and catering industry. Contact our editorial team on 9942 2561 or by sending an email to for more information about this specialised Horeca event.

Seating for the conference is limited and available on a first come, first served basis.

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International Horeca Trade Shows Calendar 2020 January


13 JAN

HORECAVA 16 Amsterdam, Netherlands JAN






Berlin, Germany


Antalya, Turkey


22 JAN

FITUR 26 Madrid, Spain JAN







London, England


TEA & SOFT DRINKS 20 EXPO MAY London, England













8 Berlin, Germany






Ta’ Qali, Malta








17 Hamburg, Germany MAR 16



17 Paris, France MAR 22






















10 Athens, Greece FEB



Assen, Netherlands

April 30


15 FEB

INTERGASTRA 19 Stuttgart, Germany FEB


2 Birmingham, England










20 APR

23 APR

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& HOSPITALITY Paris, France

24 Foggia, Italy





















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A powerful and cost-effective marketing channel

Promote your ent Venue / Ev mas X during the Holidays

Distrib u of Rest tion aur Take-O ant ut Menus

S A M T S I R H C ty






y ee en tr pm | fr sa n ta en at 10 dj Do or s op in g DJ sn ow & te .c om - fe at ur rw eb si w w w .y ou

Ranging from bulk to personalised door-to-door distribution premium service

Contact us to get your message across 39, Kurat Schembri Street, Mosta MST 1176 MALTA HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 33

(+356) 2142 2561 (+356) 9997 0284

Distributing your company’s message for the last 15 years



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Fine Wines with Personality Vincenzo Melia’s bond with Malta originated much like it did with many other Italians in recent times - the English language. Almost thirty years ago Vincenzo would send his son to language schools in Malta whilst taking the opportunity of spending a few days of relaxation here.

Being an agronomist with a special interest in viticulture, he would familiarise himself with local vineyards comparing notes with what he already knew of those growing in his native Sicily. What was immediately evident to him was that most vineyards he had inspected were severely afflicted by Peronospera, or Downy Mildew, which is a plant disease and manifests itself as yellow to white patches on foliage. This would eventually result in vines losing their leaves very prematurely, severely hampering full maturation of the fruit and it was clear that local

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awareness of its cause was very scarce in those days. He was eventually contracted to offer consultancy to local farmers who benefitted from his hands-on expertise for many years following which this malady was no longer such a major menace to local vines. Vincenzo’s influence on local viticulture also left other very positive effects which had their part to play in the quality improvements in local wines which was direly needed at the time. Vincenzo knew a thing or two about what it takes to produce a wine of refined quality. Together

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/ 35

with his brother Giuseppe and brother-in-law Francesco Vallone, the trio set about their quest to create a truly exceptional red, inspired by the Bordeaux philosophy and motivated by the sweeping oenological renaissance in Trinacria in the early nineties. Earning the charming nickname of ‘garagistes’, the Melias tapped into their family’s vine-growing heritage and created Ceuso in their humble, now historic garage. Sicily’s reputation in the wine world was hitherto still struggling in the shadows of other much-revered Italian wine regions to the north, despite the fact that the latter notoriously availed themselves of Sicilian wine in bulk to supplement their own. With a questionable reputation for being producers who favoured volume over quality, at least 14 million hectolitres of its wine were yearly being shipped north for blending, six of which to France. If this was going to change, it would need an intervention of gargantuan proportions. Notable protagonists with this task at hand accompanying Vincenzo Melia - who by now had become a key figure in the Istituto Regionale Vite e Vino - included Bruno Pastana and Diego Planeta. Bruno’s main focus was understanding the characteristics of indigenous as well as classic varieties and their affinities to terroirs ranging from sea level at Menfi right up to the altitude of 1200 metres of Mount Etna. Diego, as president of the IRVV, assigned Vincenzo Melia to spearhead the setting up of a Cantina Sperimentale with the sole purpose of maximising the island’s oenological potential. The search was on for the best wine-maker

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of the time. The search was a very short one. The man was Giacomo Tachis. Such was the importance of this man’s influence on Italian winemaking that one journalist is known to have suggested that the historical eras of wine from Italy should be categorised as ‘BeforeTachis’ and ‘After-Tachis’. Marchese Piero Antinori’s opinion was that ‘Giacomo Tachis was responsible for kickstarting an extraordinary period for Italian wine.’ And the Marchese, of all people, would know what he was talking about. Covering Giacomo’s exploits would require volumes of print, however the mere mention of some of the wine projects he was responsible for excites many a palate like few others. With the direct involvement of Tachis, Antinori saw the creation of wines like Tignanello and Solaia whilst, together with the Incisa della Rocchetta family, he transformed a wine used simply for family consumption into a veritable icon until this very day, the Sassicaia. Born in 1933 in Piedmont, Tachis had this distinctive attraction towards wines whose grapes took root in islands, particularly those surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. A keen admirer of the Bordeaux oenologist Emile Peynaud, Tachis introduced two key elements which would slowly but surely steer the helm of Italy’s wine identity towards new heights. With the country’s traditions firmly rooted in the exclusive use of indigenous grape varieties, Giacomo’s belief and endorsement of classics like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and the like was just as challenging as it was enlightening. Furthermore, his strong tendency towards the use of French oak barriques served to complement his affinity towards noble varieties seamlessly, rubberstamping his novel ideas and their immeasurable worth. Despite the fact that his claim to fame stemmed from his innovative approach, Giacomo Tachis had full confidence in the traditional use of aging wine in glasslined cement vats as well as the critical impact >

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36 /

of terroir. His firm belief was that the only way to craft a wine of great finesse was to ensure that the fruit of the vine is in supreme health. Poor grapes could never be transformed into a wine of any grandeur, no matter how expertly handled by human hand. These were the key fundamentals that Giacomo Tachis started to implement through his consultancy to Sicilian winemakers which owed its facilitation to Vincenzo Melia who had by now witnessed the master’s work and lapped up every bit of expertise possible. The transformation of Sicily’s fortunes in the world of wine was nothing short of phenomenal. From being the forgotten runt of the litter of wine regions in Italy, many critics affirm that Sicily today proudly occupies the third spot in terms of importance, with Piedmont and Tuscany gracing the top two. As one of Giacomo Tachis’ proud disciples, Vincenzo Melia applied all he had learnt and all he knew, not only to Ceuso, his very own winery in Segesta, but to his second love, Malta. His first visits happened to coincide with the initial stirrings caused by Juanito Camilleri and his firm focus on creating a wine from grapes grown in Malta capable of finding a place amongst higher echelons. Chance crossed their paths and Vincenzo Melia jumped at the opportunity of implementing his expert approach. This happened to mirror perfectly Juanito’s inspiration which saw him plant classic

varieties, source top quality oak barriques, invest in concrete Eggs, the modern, perfected take on the age-old practice of fermenting in concrete vats, and dedicate exhaustive attention to the vines and the earth they draw from. The story of Ta’ Betta Wine Estates winds through well over ten years of tempered tenacity during which its experimental wines have been annually finetuned to their current high levels and the people behind them frequently renewed their vows to commit to utter quality despite numerous challenging tests of their resolve. And all of that, well before the first bottle was ever officially launched and available on the market. Uncorking a bottle of Ta’ Betta today is unleashing the outcome of an intense quasi-obsessive quest for the best possible attributes which stem from the highest levels of scrutiny in full respect of what the land and its fruit can deliver.

Joséf Bonello Anointed by the god Bacchus himself as one of his most loyal prophets, Joséf was entrusted with the sacred mission of bringing wine to people very early on in his adult life. Spreading his mantra that age improves with wine, he has now been delivering the good news for almost three decades, saving many a poor soul from being lost to meagre pleasures of other earthly potions by helping them see the light eternal, as seen through a gleaming goblet of wine of the finest.

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Valletta Cruise Port - where Excellence meets Opportunity The Valletta Cruise Port is one of Malta’s most picturesque areas with nineteen historical warehouses dating back to the 18th Century to the late Baroque period. Grandmaster Pinto saw the potential of this area and further developed it into an area where connections can be made a lot easier for trade. The area later saw the construction of the first Power Station, that serviced the island and ultimately pushed the area to become a prime spot.

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/ 39

Today, the Valletta Waterfront, an area where most locals and swarms of tourists gather mostly for entertainment reasons, is one of the highlights of the capital city. Stephen Xuereb has been part of the Valletta Cruise Port journey from inception, seventeen years of progress, updates and improvements in the area. He is now the CEO at Valletta Cruise Port and devotes his time and energy to the wonders of this location. “This is an exciting role in a dynamic and fun industry, with no day like the other - it keeps me on my toes, and I like that,” Mr Xuereb tells Horeca Malta. “Three years ago, I was appointed Chief Operating Officer of the largest independent cruise port operator worldwide, Global Ports Holding plc, of which Valletta Cruise Port is a subsidiary.” This great feat saw Mr Xuereb entrusted with tasks that required a whole lot more responsibility. “Wearing the GPH hat, I am responsible for the overall performance of both cruise and commercial port operations of all the twenty ports in twelve countries across four continents falling under the GPH portfolio.” This huge task is one that dominates Mr Xuereb’s time but it’s also highly rewarding. “It’s an honour and privilege for me to be entrusted with this role at an exciting time in Global Ports Holding’s history. The dynamic company is growing strategically and constantly keeping its core value of accountability, excellence, respect and teamwork as the prime focus in all its endeavours.” Valletta Cruise Port itself has experienced a 75% actualised growth rate between 2013 and 2019 - this proves that the economic worth of the area is vital to Malta, with farreaching aspirations. Valletta Cruise Port has invested over €40m in developing one of the few dedicated cruise and ferry terminals in the Mediterranean after being awarded the licence for the operation of the cruise and ferry terminal in 2001. The success of Valletta Cruise Port parallels that of the Mediterranean cruise market and has a number of contributing >

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40 /

factors that add to the country’s success in the industry including: • Its strategic location that offers endless possibilities for Western and Eastern itineraries • It welcomes cruise ships of all sizes from large resort class ships to luxury boutique lines • It offers a fully modernised port and facilities equipped with all the necessities including check-in counters, waiting areas, screening equipment and other facilities • It provides fast and efficient transfers from the airport to the seaport which is excellent for homeporting • It is within walking distance to and from Valletta, the UNESCO World Heritage site with over 300 places of interest • It is set within the natural beauty of the Grand Harbour, a historic site in Valletta. From 2000 to 2018 passengers generated €400m to the Maltese economy, as recorded by independent studies. “The industry leaves a big impact on the local economy through services to ships, passengers and crew, incoming and outgoing flights through the Malta International Airport and on hotel accommodation where cruise and stay passengers have the option to spend a number of days in Malta prior to or after their cruise,” claims Mr Xuereb. “More importantly, it is estimated that more than 80% of passengers visiting Malta on a cruise show interest to return to Malta for a longer land-based holiday. Indeed, the cruise industry gives the first taste of what Malta has to offer, leaving passengers hungry for more.” In addition to the running and maintenance of the port, the restoration of historic buildings in the area, previously a no-go area, was also a key focus for the company. “The area known as the Valletta Waterfront has matured into one of the island’s most sought after business and entertainment destinations, and a key

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welcoming element of Valletta Cruise Port. Valletta Cruise Port has become one of the top fourteen ports of call in the Mediterranean with passenger movements in 2017 reaching 778,596 aboard 342 calls, 2018 with 711,018 passenger movements on 322 calls while 2019 is expected to be a record year - we dare say we will reach the 900,000 passenger movement mark, with both 2017 and 2019 being record years in the history of cruise industry in Malta,” Mr Xuereb proudly explains. The Valletta Cruise Port has been presented with a host of awards, with some of the most recent ones being Best Terminal Operator by Cruise Insight, for two consecutive years and listed as Top-Rated Mediterranean Cruise Destination through Cruise Critic Cruisers’ Choice. While all the awards and moments of merit are the highlights of the hard work Mr Xuereb and his team put into the Valletta Cruise Port, there are also a number of challenges that they must face to strive for the best. “With the right frame of mind challenges can be turned into opportunities,” says Mr Xuereb. “All is only possible with the drive, flexibility and perseverance of the people at Valletta Cruise Port and that of the supporting stakeholders. Working in synergy is the key to success. Cruise lines frequently highlight the need for a coordinated and collaborative joint approach in destinations. We work closely with all local partners from the handling agents to Malta International Airport and others. Indeed the Malta Cruise Network Forum meets on a monthly basis, involving essentially Valletta Cruise Port, the Ministry of Tourism, Malta Tourism Authority, Transport Malta and the Police, and involving other stakeholders who form part of this Forum on a case-by-case basis in order to look into pertinent matters.” Malta, itself, is an island in flux. New events from art exhibitions, visual experiences to dance, drama, literature and science are held

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/ 41

in the iconic capital hotspots and regenerated historic buildings, meaning no one visit to the island will be the same as the next. The investment in infrastructure and services both in the port and in the destination is constant. “We pride ourselves in keeping our product fresh - this we do both with capital and maintenance investment. We also invest in our human resources and in the guest experience,” Mr Xuereb told Horeca Magazine. “We strive for excellence and the drive of the Valletta Cruise Port team to always exceed customer expectations is at the core of this success. Communication, synergy and perseverance are vital - the skills allow us to respond as a unified team, efficiently and effectively as well as to preempt any challenges and turn them into opportunities.” Meanwhile Mr Xuereb and the team at Global Ports Holding have recently announced a 25-year lease agreement with

the Government of the Bahamas for the Prince George Wharf and related areas at Nassau cruise port. “Nassau is one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world, attracting 3.7 million passengers per year so this agreement will bring lots of synergies, providing us with the opportunity for knowledge transfer, partnerships and exchanges,” says Xuereb. The plans for growth in Malta’s cruise port industry are centered around ‘creating guest experiences’, a notion that Mr Xuereb explained as the industry’s primary message by “providing passengers with affordable vacations, relaxation and fun” - as levels in standards and expectations increase, so does the quality of the Valletta Cruise Port services, with innovation, speed and creativity as the industry’s drivingforces.

Kristina Cassar Dowling is a journalist, blogger and writer who focuses on food culture, the arts and sustainable lifestyles - her biggest passions in life. Kristina is a freelance writer who also focuses on human stories, business and other niches.

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A on his Travels One of the benefits of working in the hospitality industry is that you can work anywhere in the world. Food has always been a passion of mine, and I always wanted to cook, so naturally and logically, I wanted to one day become a chef. Achieving the title of a chef is not easy - it takes years of dedication, sacrifice, respect, loyalty, mental and physical strength, practice, hard work and knowledge.

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/ 43

Like many other disciplines, knowledge does not have a beginning and an end, but it is a continuous process. Every kitchen, every kitchen member, patrons, suppliers and producers will teach you something every day of your life. Some things might be incorrect whilst others might be just genius, and that is why we are and always will be students. One particular form of training is to travel. Travelling to a new country and absorbing the surroundings, interacting with the locals, appreciating the culture, discovering new ingredients and trying new dishes will offer something which you cannot just achieve from books or from staying in one place. My first work travel experience was during my internship in Scotland, and after that, I had worked for a client in France for four years. I also spent a year in Australia, where I discovered a cuisine which I am incredibly fond of, and that is Asian. I find Asian food to be very exciting, complicated yet simple, and fantastically balanced, hitting all the right notes whilst filling my soul with happiness and joy. This year I decided to dedicate my travels towards Asia, and last April, I made it happen and visited Vietnam, followed by Bali in Indonesia. These

countries are magnificent. The natural beauty both countries have to offer is too stunning to put into words. The landscapes are mindblowing. The people are just amazing, greeting everyone with a smile and are genuinely happy even with the little they might have. The food and ingredients are novel, abundant and exciting. Street vendors are selling uncomplicated yet intriguing authentic food roadside or in markets. The connection you get with the locals while buying and eating food together on a communal table is an experience which is very hard to beat. Food travel is a great learning tool to develop new cooking techniques, taste new ingredients and appreciate world cuisines. Before the end of the year, I will be travelling back to Asia - this time to Thailand. Next year I also have several exotic locations beyond Asia on my travel list and a project with a local travel company offering food trails trips. These getaways will give travellers the opportunity to discover new cultures through food - from producers to street vendors and eateries and more. Food and travel can help us understand and appreciate different cultures enriching our mind and skillsets. 2020 is going to be a delicious year.

Chef Mark Camilleri has had a successful career in the hospitality industry. After studying Food Preparation and Production at the Institute of Tourism Studies, he worked as a private chef for several years and also read for a Masters in Gastronomy at Le Cordon Bleu in conjunction with the University of Adelaide, Australia before returning to Malta. In Malta, Mark, with his friends, opened up a catering operation. Since 2017 Mark has been offering private chef services as well as training and product development to companies in the hospitality industry. You can reach Mark on +356 79444733 or

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ITS’ COMMITMENT TO UPSKILL INDUSTRY WORKERS Apart from providing skilled personnel for the hospitality and tourism industry, the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) remains committed to these industries by providing upskilling courses for those already in the industry.

The ITS now offers study programmes up to MQF level 7 at Master’s degree level, which were introduced earlier this year. The first cohort for the MBA in International Hospitality Management, offered in academic affiliation with the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, started earlier this month. Most of the applicants possess a career within the hospitality and tourism industry.

Photos by

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/ 45

The ITS also offers three Bachelor’s degree programmes (MQF level 6), namely the Bachelor in Culinary Arts in collaboration with the Institute Paul Bocuse in France, the Bachelor in International Hospitality Management in collaboration with the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Finland and the Bachelor in Gastronomy. The institute has received great response for these programmes throughout the years and the first cohort will be graduating this December. For the academic year 2019-2020, the Institute has received a recordbreaking numer of new applications, with an increase of over 85% when compared to previous years. This will mean that there will be more workers available for the industry. Apart from the full-time programmes, the institute offers multiple part-time and tailormade courses aimed at training further those already in the industry. In the previous academic year, the ITS trained over 700 individuals on a part-time or a tailored basis and envisions on having these numbers increase significantly in the upcoming year. Applications

for these courses are received either from individuals or as a group. The training provided is aimed at strengthening the workers’ skills and to further enhance the quality of the tourism and hospitality industry. Some of the available part-time courses offered by the institute include basic Maltese language specifically aimed for individuals working in the hospitality and tourism industry, a Higher National Diploma in tour guiding, languages for tour guides and WSET Intermediate and Advanced. The Institute offers several other tailormade courses, typically focusing on soft skills such as communication skills, guest services information, handling guest concerns, English and Maltese for Tourism and Hospitality, Languages and Maltese history and culture. The duration for these courses is typically set on 2 hours per cohort per week, spread over 7 weeks, meaning 14 hours of learning in total. The tailor-made training can be offered both at ITS but even within the property of the company or establishment making the booking and is part-funded by Jobs Plus.

ITS Chief Executive Officer: Pierre Fenech

Anyone interested in offering tailored courses for their employees may contact ITS by email on

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Your partners for HR outsourcing

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Iniala’s Vision for Malta

Mark Weingard, the businessman, philanthropist and entrepreneur, was kind enough to take some time from his exceptionally busy schedule so that I could pick

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his brains on everything from Iniala, his super luxury new hotel opening next year in Valletta, to his favourite eateries in Malta.

11/11/2019 13:46

/ 49

How did your business start and what prompted you to invest so heavily in Malta? In 2008 I sold my business in Asia. I spent several years working out what to do next. I set up a small trading business, I opened a hotel in Thailand and focused on philanthropy. I then decided to come to Malta 7 years ago. When I arrived I fell in love with Valletta and realised there was huge investment potential. Over the next few years, I put together a portfolio of properties for development. Today we have several office projects in development, we have just finished a residential project in the city that is for sale and we will soon open our hotel in Valletta. Your plans for Iniala started off in 2012. The last information we received is that the hotel is set to open its doors in January 2020. Can you confirm the opening month? My plans for a hotel in Valletta started in 2014. We opened our pop-up restaurant in July and I purchased several properties on St Barbara Bastions. Over time we have collected seven different properties and we have combined them into what will be Iniala Harbour Hotel and Residences, which will open in April 2020. We also have a smaller property which is an exquisite jewel box that will be opened in January 2020 called The Hideaway. What can people expect from Iniala Malta? From sophisticated minimalism to understated Baroque styles, the hotel is a collection of unique and innovative design concepts executed on four historical buildings by three world-class design studios: A-Cero from Spain, Autoban from Turkey, as well as Malta’s DAAA HAUS. The result of this collaboration is an eclectic masterpiece that offers guests an unexpected and unforgettable experience. Iniala Malta will have 23 rooms and suites that will cater for all, varying in size from 21 square metres Deluxe Rooms to Signature

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 49

Suites measuring up to 162 square metres. With Valletta’s quaint East Street on one side, and the impressive Grand Harbour and the fortified “Three Cities” of Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua on the other, each one of these rooms and suites enjoys authentic and impressive views. While some suites feature their very own plunge pool, the hotel itself incorporates an indoor pool as well as a gym, a yoga room, a spa, an exclusive bar for guests and members only and a superb rooftop restaurant with outstanding views. Although each house reflects the distinctive personal style of its designer, they each share the same extraordinary level of service and experience. Combining their industry expertise and passion for exceptional service, Iniala staff continually strive to exceed all expectations. Upon arrival, guests will be greeted by their House Manager, who is entrusted to ensure that each and every experience is truly bespoke and unforgettable. Your company has invested substantially in the Valletta project. What is the long term vision for this investment as a quality destination? We invested around 40 million Euros in Malta, but today that has grown to a portfolio of over 100 million Euros. Our hotel will open its doors soon and this will establish Iniala Group as the top luxury group on the island. We hope to expand on that and create a few more luxury projects over the coming years. Reports claim that you are planning further investment in Malta (building along Hastings and Canberra House on St Paul’s Street, Valletta). Any further plans to share with us? We will open two new office developments in 2020 and 2021 in Valletta. One is Canberra House next to Castille which will be beautiful boutique offices, perfect for companies in the financial and gaming sectors. >

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50 /

You’re obviously an exceptionally busy man, what do you love to do to relax? I love to travel and always visit new places. In 2019, I will have visited Georgia, Latvia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, the Azores as well as several other places. I like to visit places off the beaten track. I am also a huge football fan and visit the Etihad stadium regularly to watch Manchester City. What are your favourite places to eat in Malta? Ali Baba in St Julian’s is excellent and all the Marvin Gauci restaurants. Can you tell us about your philanthropy work? In 2002 I lost my fiancée, Annika Linden, in the Bali bombings. I was devastated, however I knew that Annika wouldn’t want me to focus on hate or fear. She would want me to do something good. The following week, I donated all of my business’ revenues to the people that had been affected by the bombings. This was the seed to the Annika Linden Foundation, which I officially founded in 2003 and which has, over the years, grown into a leading grantmaking foundation, now known as Inspirasia Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to funding and supporting exceptional projects in health and education for marginalised communities and people with disabilities. Since Iniala’s inception in 2013, philanthropy has been at its very core. Iniala Beach House donates 10% of room revenues and 5% of all other revenues to the Foundation. The foundation now supports 13 organisations in Indonesia, Thailand and India. Inspirasia also extended into Malta shortly after I relocated there. Since 2015, the

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foundation has collaborated with Iniala Giving to organise a number of philanthropic and charitable events in Malta. These include forums that explored and inspired high impact giving, as well as gastronomic charity events, which have raised over €100,000 for local charities. In 2016, Inspirasia Foundation joined forces with The Gasan Foundation to launch the Malta Social Impact Awards (MSIA). MSIA provides opportunities for local changemakers to receive financial and non-financial support to develop an initiative that has a positive social impact on Malta while inspiring others to give and give well. Over the years, MSIA - with the support of businesses and individuals - has awarded over €250,000 in grants, with around another €75,000 of funding to be awarded at MSIA 2019 in November. Earlier this year, Inspirasia also donated €15,000 to support a Valletta Research Project (conducted by the University of Malta for the Valletta Local Council) to assess the needs of the Valletta community. The results of the research will be used to create the basis for future projects aiming to improve the lives of the Valletta community. Inspirasia Foundation, Gasan Foundation and Level Up have recently collaborated to launch the Academy of Givers, a first of its kind in Malta. The Academy of Givers is a platform which brings like-minded people together to learn, inspire and be inspired, with the aim of improving philanthropic and corporate social responsibility efforts in Malta. In addition to supporting Inspirasia, Iniala places a strong emphasis on its corporate social responsibility. In Thailand, Iniala Beach House organises regular beach clean-ups and has also recently

11/11/2019 13:46

/ 51

invited children from Home & Life orphanage and students from FED (the Foundation for Education and Development) for a fun and educational activity day at the hotel. Every year since 2016, Iniala has sponsored between 10 and 15 children from challenging backgrounds in Malta to attend Valletta FC nursery. Iniala has

Elsa Messi - Food connoisseur, freelance writer, blogger, curiosity feeder and travel queen. Londoner who has lived in Tokyo and is now based in Malta.

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 51

also donated a sum of money annually to San Ä orÄĄ Preca College - Valletta Primary School for books and refurbishment. Iniala is, and always will be, committed to giving back to the communities it finds itself in. What has been the highlight of your career? Launching the Annika Linden Centre in Bali which has enabled me to change so many lives for the better. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I expect to be out of active investing within the next five years. I hope to be focused on teaching philanthropy and inspiring others.

11/11/2019 13:46

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OPERATIONS Hospitality is one of the world’s most exciting and rewarding industries. However, like many other business lines, any hotel business will only be attractive as long as the finances are in shape. Successful hotels rely on solid management principles to enable them to maximize their property profitably. The keys to financial success include an annual budget, detailed financial tracking model, ongoing audits and reporting structure, amongst others. Horeca Malta spoke to Lorna CamilleriBonici, Director of Finance at Hilton Malta, who explains that the purpose and benefits of budgetary planning and control process

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11/11/2019 13:46

/ 53

include: • Establishing financial and organisational objectives through discussions between hotel owners and hotel senior managers. • Communicating objectives and plans. • Planning and coordinating operations through discussions between hotel senior and middle management. • Participating in the budget process motivates managers and employees – they get to “own” the budget. • Measuring and controlling organizational performance. • Evaluating managerial performance which is linked to a reward structure. This stimulates superior performance. Lorna stresses the importance that heads of departments are conversant with budgets and financial information in general and it is the role of the management, team to train, explain and support heads of departments in the use of financial information. One of the main roles of the finance team is to hold monthly meetings with key departments to analyze profit and loss results and discuss short term future operational and financial expectations. The finance department of any hotel needs to position itself as a financial consultant to other department heads as these evaluate fresh models of how to enhance revenue and/or explore ways to reduce costs. We ask Lorna to elaborate on the best practices for revenue management and growth undertaken by a hotel. One of the key pillars of a hotel organisation, revenue management, is vital to the success of the operation. It is all about the basic concept of maximising demand and a given supply, optimising yield in the process. In order to do this, the gathering of market information, historical information and having the right tools to analyse the business >

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 53

11/11/2019 13:46

54 /

trends are all critical to help adopt the right strategies and making the best decisions in maximising revenues.

and direct, whereas segmentation by country comes mainly from the UK, Germany, France, Benelux, Scandinavia and Italy.

Capturing correct data and proper forecasting are important elements to ensure that central marketing campaigns are effective and essential to drive business home. Revenue management is not something to be visited once a month, but it has to be practiced in real time, all the time.

Using internet and social media to interact with customers, as well as following the latter’s reviews of own and competitors’ hotels is an essential tool to forecast and meet guests’ expectancies during their stay at a hotel. “It’s a balancing act between lowering rates to secure business earlier than competitors versus retaining higher rates with the prospect of achieving superior room rates but risking a lower occupancy which might ultimately result in lower revenues than the previous option,” Lorna says.

“In our industry, certainly the 5 star hotels, revenue management normally falls under the remit of the revenue department, often headed by the director for business development. The function is fully embraced and supported by

the general manager. The critical role of the financial controller is to review, challenge the numbers, look at the overall picture and give constructive feedback,” explains Lorna. The strategies adopted by independent hotels are different, according to Lorna. These include: • Segmentation and customer knowledge • Capacity management • Forecasting and overbooking • Channel management and distribution • Pricing strategies Lorna goes on to elaborate on each topic. Segmentation by source involves individuals, leisure groups, meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions (MICE) online

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 54

The stance adopted along this spectrum depends on the business outlook perceived by the sales and marketing department and risk appetite of the management team. Hotel management endeavour to increase the number of tour operators, liaise with Destination Management Companies (DMCs) for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions, participation in sales trips and travel fairs to establish direct business connections, investment in technology to grow the online segment which allows the hotel to set room rates in the short term depending on the market’s current supply and demand. “Apart from the seasonality aspect which translates into higher rates in summer, the vast amount of information on room rates available on the internet (both ours and that of our

11/11/2019 13:46

/ 55

competitors), makes it more difficult to charge rates which are much different from those of competitors or different rates to operators based on the perceived affluence of their target market,” stresses Lorna. Any pricing differences stem from qualitative factors such as differences in the manner tour operators package their offers, the hotel’s “augmented services” - free WIFI, free safe deposit boxes, “free upgrades” to sea-view rooms, etc. or the discount schemes (loyalty or early booking discounts) and the commission structure agreed with the tour operators and DMCs.

Asset management for the hotel industry is maximising the return from the way the business is run. It is a systematic approach to manage assets and identify business improvement opportunities. The asset itself ranges from the actual tangible product (the rooms, restaurants, meeting rooms, public areas, recreational facilities and IT systems), to the service provided by the frontline employees who are central in ensuring that the hotels’ guests enjoy a memorable experience.

In conclusion, Lorna tells us that like any other business, for a hotel to thrive, grow and be successful, there needs to be a solid structure and backbone to sustain the operation. Having excellent facilities for the end product is key but without the know how to manage and maximise the use of these assets, they will fall apart. Investing in the right people to run the business, working closely with various partners and knowing your customers and market, managing revenues, a pro-active credit control function and perpetual cash-flow management, investing in modern tools and technology, having well trained team members (both front and back of house), and having

sound internal control processes to support any operation, is key to the success of any hotel business. There definitely is the need to be innovative and keen on embracing new techniques and systems ensuring a total customer focus. It is ultimately all these factors woven together that sow the seeds of success.

Information provided by Lorna Camilleri-Bonici - Director of Finance at the Hilton Malta with over 20 years of experience working in the Travel and Hospitality industries.

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11/11/2019 13:46

56 /

“I’ve always had enough energy for two people, and I don’t think that’s changed today.”

The Culinary Showman Known for his ‘wow’ factor approach to gastronomy, restaurateur and chef Marvin Gauci now runs no less than six establishments in Malta and Budapest, and he’s certainly not slowing down.

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 56

11/11/2019 13:47

/ 57

Marvin Gauci is inimitable on the Maltese culinary scene. Meet him and be bowled over by his personality and zest for life; try his food and be blown away by the concept and sheer creativity. This man is no average restaurateur. I first met Marvin when he was just starting out on his own – although, already his confidence and drive was unparalleled. He had just opened Tarragon at the time – the restaurant that would make him a household name – and things were going well. He was happy, and didn’t actually have plans to expand beyond the modest success he was enjoying at the time. “Tarragon was my baby,” he smiles, as we sit and chat over nibbles at Susurrus in St Julian’s, one of his latest ventures. “To be honest, I never wanted to expand beyond its doors but things didn’t quite work out that way. Destiny had other plans.” Destiny, it seems, always had big ideas for Marvin and his path was paved early on. Food has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember, as he was born into a foodie family, with a mother and grandmother who both loved to cook and involve him in the kitchen, and a grandfather who ran the renowned St Anthony’s Bakery. His business acumen was evident early on, too. His father ran an ironmongery and he would work there in his free time. But, at 13, he got a job in a local grocery shop, cutting meats and cheeses in the deli. He loved it. And it quickly led to his next role, cooking breakfast in a hotel for 400 people. Even then he wasn’t put off by hard work – he would complete a morning shift before school each day, and head back to the hotel after lessons to help with the dinner shift. Again, he loved it. “There was a buzz about it that had me hooked,” he says. “I’ve always had enough energy for two people, and I don’t think that’s changed today.” This drive to get things done continued to take him places even after he left the hotel. Marvin worked in 15 different restaurants in the next year-and-a-half, eager to learn everything he could from each chef and team before moving on to the next spot. >

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 57

11/11/2019 13:47

58 /

“When I felt I couldn’t learn any more, I would move on. I don’t like being bored,” he says. This ceaseless journey didn’t wain as he got older too, but he did spend some time overseas when he and his wife Alison moved to her native Ireland to explore opportunities there. This actually turned out to be his first taste of running a business and, again, he loved it. “I started to get a feel for what I wanted from life,” he recalls. Back in Malta, though, Marvin found himself disillusioned by the way some local restaurants were run and the fact they didn’t pay their staff on time. Frustrated, he turned to his longtime friend, and fish supplier Tony Azzopardi, Tony ended up being the liaison between Marvin and the original owner of Wild Thyme, an operation Marvin would go on to take over. Some readers will remember that period in Maltese food history with fondness; already Marvin was making waves on the local market. “It went very well,” he says. “And we did very well. But, after a while, another opportunity emerged, and I went for it.” This opportunity would turn out to be Tarragon – the first restaurant to really put Marvin on the map. “It was as if I’d hit the jackpot,” he says, thinking back to those heady early days when the restaurant had just opened. “It just worked – our guests loved the food, the décor (designed by Alison, who is my in-house designer for all my concepts), the ambience, the energy, and the team. There was a buzz about the place and it ticked over beautifully. We gave people the wow factor they were looking for. Every evening we were packed, and every year did better and

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 58

better. We were on a high.” He was on such a high, in fact, that he didn’t want to consider opening a new restaurant, despite regular suggestions that he do so. “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else,” he says. “But, one evening after service, I was chatting with friends into the night – as we often did back then. They were going on and on at me about opening a new place, and questioning me about what it would be like, and what I would call it. I remember telling them adamantly that I wasn’t interested, but they kept pressing me. Eventually, I said that – if I ever did open a new place – it would be bold and called something with ‘bull’ in the title, but that it would also have to be offset by something more sophisticated, like ‘caviar’. Yes, I remember musing that it would be called ‘bull and caviar’… but no, that wasn’t quite right… it would be ‘caviar and bull’!” The night ended there but, for Marvin, the seed had been sown and that was it. He couldn’t stop thinking about this new concept – the caviar and bull. “All of my ideas start off as dreams, and I think about them for months and months until they are fully formed. Then, once they are – and I believe they can be viable – I go out and create them. I just needed the right location.” As destiny would have it, that location was to present itself soon. “My dear friend Simon Naudi, CEO for Corinthia, approached me and suggested I take over a space within the Corinthia St George’s. I have wonderful chemistry with Corinthia Chairman Alfred Pisani and Simon, and have been so grateful for their support over the years. At the time the space was called Grill 3301, and it needed some work to make it a success. I saw the space, fell in love with it, leased it, and

11/11/2019 13:47

/ 59

the rest is history.” There began an absolute marathon in Marvin’s life and career. Tarragon’s triumph somehow transferred to Caviar and Bull, and it was a roaring success within days. “It attracted a totally new clientele – the sort who weren’t as enticed by Tarragon, but who were looking for something new and exciting,” Marvin says. “Again, it just worked.” Then came Buddhamann – a rooftop restaurant with a more laid-back feel and Asian menu. This also worked, and clients flocked to try yet another of Marvin’s new concepts. “It did very well. Again, we put a fantastic team together and it soared. Suddenly there was a lot to juggle but I thrived on it.” Once it was on its feet, Simon Naudi had another suggestion for Marvin – a spot in Budapest, at the Corinthia’s

We are only in soft-launch phase but already the feedback has been incredible.” Of course, life in the fast-lane of the restaurant world hasn’t been without its challenges for Marvin and his team. Just earlier this year, Buddhamann was caught in the eye of the massive storm that made landfall in Malta in February, and the entire structure was destroyed. “It was a massive shock,” he says.

fabulous five-star property, had opened up there. “I was unsure at first, but again, once the seed was planted I couldn’t stop thinking about it. We opened Caviar and Bull in Budapest and it was a hit again. At first, we were only attracting tourists to the city but, in time, the locals started to love us too. Today we rank among the top restaurants in Budapest. And we didn’t stop there either, as we have just this month launched our brand new restaurant in Budapest – Uncensored. In a world-first, the eatery surrounds our guests with a 360-degree visual experience, and presents food to match.

a great hit too.” So what could be next for a restaurateur with so much success under his belt? America, of course. “I’m not saying we’ll definitely open a restaurant there, but I am thinking about it and dreaming about it. And, when I dream about something that I think it will work, I generally do make it happen,” Marvin grins, adding that he is always grateful for the support of his team. “Oh, and maybe after that it’ll be time to do a TV show in the States too. Who knows? It’s always been about the wow factor for me, and I am excited to find my next wow. Where there is a will, there’s a way.”

“But we got through it. The financial hit was substantial but, thankfully, our team was unscathed, and that’s the most important thing. As soon as the storm passed we were back on our feet and working on a replacement concept. That’s how Susurrus was born – a Mediterranean/South American fusion restaurant with a laid-back feel to it. So far, that’s been

Jo Caruana is a journalist, editor, business owner, and actress. She runs – a full service content agency that puts together the words for books, magazines, website, blogs and more, as well as Finesse Consulta – a business etiquette, customer care and protocol training company. Jo is also editor of Style on Sunday and Malta CEOs, and is a founding member of the Comedy Knights comedy troupe and the all-female theatre collective the Shrinking Violets.

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60 /

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Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo, 19th & 20th of November 2019 Excel, London

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Photo credit: Brian Grech

A Conversation With‌ Diane Izzo As one of Malta’s most prolific retail entrepreneurs, Diane Izzo built the DIZZ Group from the ground up. Now, with her fashion empire secure in its success, she has set her sights on the food and beverage market too.

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 62

11/11/2019 13:47

/ 63

Diane, when you think about your success today, where do you think it all began? What are your earliest memories of business? In a business world full of men, I could have easily been intimidated when it came to starting my own company. However, from an early age, I dreamt of a career in business. It’s a known fact that men dominate this world, but I never felt discouraged from reaching my goal – and especially not because I am a woman. I was fortunate enough to have people to look up to, and part of my success can definitely be attributed to the fact I followed in the footsteps of my father and grandfather. I will always cherish and treasure their good advice. When did you decide this was going to be your career path? I was 19 years old and on a vacation in Italy with my husband-to-be, Karl, and I remember that we saw the now well-known clothing brand Terranova, for the first time. It was relatively unknown back then, especially with Maltese customers. On our arrival home we made contact with the brand and set the wheels in motion for us to open the first Terranova outlet in Malta, as a franchise within the DIZZ Group. The rest is history! What do you consider your major milestones? I would say that owning a company founded in 2000, and which today enjoys continuous growth, is already a milestone. Couple that with the fact we have consistently expanded our portfolio of brands to include some of the most popular and prestigious higher-end market-leading labels out there compounds this landmark. However, there are specific moments I look back on too. September 2016 comes to mind, for instance, when we launched our €8 million bond issue. Then there was the moment in November last year when the €7.5 million unsecured bonds for D Shopping Malls Limited were fully subscribed and, as DIZZ Group, we celebrated our first day of trading on the Malta Stock Exchange. Both of these

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 63

milestones were made possible thanks to a series of other achievements we made as a company over the years, and all centre around the substantial expansion of our fashion offering and investment in the retail experiences at our shops. One of your major successes so far has been in the retail sector – what made you choose this notoriously difficult industry? Simple. Both retail and fashion were always a dream for me. I absolutely love fashion and I consider myself to be a fashion enthusiast. I also love the business world, so mixing both together provided the best blend to help me achieve the utmost in my career. You have successfully side-stepped into the hospitality industry now, with Nespresso, Caffe’ Pascucci and more – what made you want to do that? Our company has grown substantially in the retail sector - we are Malta’s leading fashion company and, over the past few years, we have added more top brands to our remarkable portfolio of labels. So, more recently, we embarked on a diversification programme that has seen us move into the property and catering businesses too. Our aim is to have a balance between fashion, property and, now, food and beverage. We strongly believe that the F&B sector in Malta has the potential to grow, and that we can attract new franchises and popular international F&B chains to Malta. My own areas of focus at DIZZ remain investment, diversification and development. What defines the businesses you run in the hospitality arena? Initially, we launched the DIZZ Group food sector with Caffe Pascucci. Today we already have five stores in Malta and, in the coming weeks, that will increase to seven as we open another two branches of this immenselysuccessful Italian coffeehouse. Then, at the end of 2018, we were pleased to announce that >

11/11/2019 13:47

64 /

we had reached an agreement to represent Nespresso – the pioneer and worldwide reference for highest-quality portioned coffee – locally. There is more to come in this area too, as we will soon be opening a Nespresso flagship store in Sliema, along with another three smaller shops, and a large customer service centre in Mriehel. The acquisition of the Nespresso brand for Malta was another important milestone for us as a group, and great news for all coffee lovers on the island. And we didn’t stop there. At the start of summer this year we launched another new franchise – Pastrocchio. This Italian food chain has a fantastic and trusted reputation in the food industry, and is know for delivering excellence and enjoyable food and drinks. We’re pleased to say it is growing stronger every day. Finally, to sweeten our F&B offering, we also opened Yogorino, an ice cream shop in Valletta. Yogorino is an Italian-rooted frozen dessertery, which launched in 1993 and went on to become a leader in the frozen yogurt field.

What are your favourite things about working in the hospitality sector, and what are the biggest challenges? I love watching our clients’ faces when they taste the delicious food prepared by our hardworking and dedicated team. For me it’s rewarding to look at the smiles we place on people’s faces, and to see their satisfaction in what we have served them. Our motto for our F&B arm ‘is feeding happiness to our clients’ and we work hard to accomplish that every day. What is your advice to others in the hospitality sector? Always have something to look forward to. If you believe in what you are doing, then let nothing stop you from realising your ideas and dreams. What is next for you, and for Dizz? There is always something new and exciting on our agenda. I encourage all our customers to keep following us so they will be the first to know what’s in the pipeline – we can’t wait to share it!

F t e c c

Jo Caruana is a journalist, editor, business owner, and actress. She runs – a full service content agency that puts together the words for books, magazines, website, blogs and more, as well as Finesse Consulta – a business etiquette, customer care and protocol training company. Jo is also editor of Style on Sunday and Malta CEOs, and is a founding member of the Comedy Knights comedy troupe and the all-female theatre collective the Shrinking Violets.

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The ProKitchen team, from left to right: Cj Cuschieri - Sales Executive, Andre Agius - Managing Director, Roderick Abela - Sales Executive, Robert Sciberras - Sales Executive, Massimo Bonarrigo - Sales Manager and Alan Grech - Sales Executive

World famous Italian actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta was a special guest at the Miscela D’Oro stand.

The Catering Centre team at the Churchill stand, from left to right: David Theuma (Managing Director), Martha Theuma (Front Sales Clerk), Ryan Sammut (Sales Executive & Coordinator) and Betty Calleja (General Manager)

Georges Schmitz (left), Villeroy & Boch International Key Account Manager, with Alfred Cuschieri and Mark Ciantar, Managing Director and CEO at Continental Purchasing Ltd

Adrian Gomez Blanco - Multivend Services Ltd Managing Director (far right), with Umberto Urbano (Miscela D’Oro Managing Director, John Cordina and Luke Cordina from Caffe Cordina at the Miscela D’Oro stand.

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 66

Horeca Magazine writer Elsa Messi with two Michelin-starred Chef Pino Cuttaia at Villa Corinthia, Balzan (Photo credit:

11/11/2019 13:47

news / 67


Photos credit: Daniela Sammut

Horeca Magazine Editor Tonio Schembri with Panettone World Championship winner, Alessandro Smala from Ischia.

Judges at the Panettone World Championship

The founder of the Italian Pastry Master Chefs’ Acadamy, Iginio Massari with his daughter Debora

Horeca Magazine Editor Tonio Schembri with Chef Iginio Massari.

Michelin-starred chef Paolo Barrale at Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar

Chef Christian Milone, with a Michelin Star and two Gambero Rosso forks under his belt, was the special guest at Dical House in Mosta. Photo credit: Dical House

Photo credit: Palazzo Parisio

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 67

The winner of the FIPGC Cake Designers World Championship, Jowita Woszczynska from Poland.

11/11/2019 13:47

Paparazzi Pictures

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EDGAR CIANCIO CATERING EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS Triq K Darmanin, Pieta’ Malta PTA 1471 T: 21 230 508

FRENDO ENTERPRISES CO LTD 65 Triq Joe Sciberras, Hamrun Malta HMR 1552 T: 21 237 728

360 RETAIL SUPPLIES LTD Triq l-Imdina, Zebbug Malta ZBG 9015 M: 79 313 233

FAVA TRADING Triq Mro Giuseppe Camilleri TalHandaq, Qormi Malta QRM 4000 T: 21 376 929

11/11/2019 13:47

directory / 71 LONGBOW LTD Triq l-Ahwa Zammit, Qormi Malta QRM 3425 T: 21 488 268

POTTERWARE LTD 160 Crafts Village Ta’ Qali, Attard Malta ATD 4000 T: 21 414 773

FM ENVIRONMENTAL (MALTA) LTD A 15 B Water Technology Hse Qasam Industrijali, Marsa Malta MRS 3000 T: 21 226 172

PREMIERE CUISINE LOCATION CATERING Triq il-Foss , Paola Malta PLA  T: 99 821 754

FRIZOLL 12a Telghet Rahal Gdid, Paola Malta PLA 1703 T: 21 806 866

PROKITCHEN 92, Balzan Valley, Balzan Malta BZN 1406 T: 21 447 676

GRECH CATERING SUPPLIES LTD Mira Bldg, Level 2 Triq Kan K Pirotta, B’Kara Malta BKR 1114 T: 21 443 307

REFPRO REFRIGERATION 300 BT Buildings Triq San Tumas, Tarxien Malta TXN 1602 T: 23 956 000

HOTELS & HOMES LTD. Merola Showroom Triq ilWied, B’Kara Malta BKR 9027 T: 21 318 130

RS STEEL Ent 4, Door 12 Triq Valletta, Luqa Malta LQA 6000 T: 99 462 824  SPITERI CATERING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES Triq l-Arcisqof Pietru Pace, Victoria-Gozo Gozo VCT 2552 T: 21 560 779

JOEM AUTO PARTS LTD 67 Triq Birkirkara, San Giljan Malta STJ 1301 T: 21 337 074 K C TRADING LTD K 1a Qasam Industrijali, Kordin, Paola Malta PLA 3000  T: 21 696 987 LONGBOW LTD Triq l-Ahwa Zammit, Qormi Malta QRM 3425 T: 21 488 268 M B F & CO 5b Adonis Triq Dun Karm Psaila, Zebbug Malta ZBG 3527  M: 99 842 236 MONTDIAC COMPANY LTD Hostel Jones Triq Sir Adrian Dingli, Sliema Malta  M: 99 706 003 MULTIVEND SERVICES LTD Triq in-Naggar, Mosta Malta MST 1761 T: 21 470 153 PACE PITTSFORM PRODUCTS 96 Triq Sant’ Ubaldeska, Paola Malta PLA 1408 T: 21 662 959 PHILIP PACE & SONS LTD Triq l-Imdina, Attard Malta ATD 9039 M: 99 424 646 PORTELLI WEIGHING SYSTEMS 88, 89 Triq San Pawl, Rabat Malta RBT 1240 T: 21 459 735

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 71

SPITERI CATERING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES Triq l-Arcisqof Pietru Pace, Victoria-Gozo Gozo VCT 2552 T: 21 560 779 SUGAR CRAFT 99 Triq Mons Arturo Bonnici Swatar, Msida Malta MSD 2250  M: 99 804 431 THE CATERING CENTRE 8 Triq il-Mosta, San Pawl Il-Bahar Malta SPB 3111   T: 21 577 305 TKS - THE KITCHEN STORE 82 Triq in-Naxxar, San Gwann Malta SGN 9032  T: 22 587 420 WORLDWIDE CO LTD Worldwide Bldgs Triq il-Belt Valletta, Qormi Malta QRM 3617 T: 21 447 904

MENUS COLOUR FOCUS DESIGN AND PRINT STUDIO Crown Court Basement Level 2 Triq it-Tamar Qawra, San Pawl Il-Bahar Malta T: 21 443 553 GOZOCREATIONS Triq l-Ewropa, Victoria Gozo VCT 2737 M: 99445708 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS 229 Triq il-Kungress Ewkaristiku, Mosta Malta MST 9038 T: 21 423 572 LOGOGRAFIX EXPRESS 198 Triq Birkirkara Kappara, San Gwann Malta SGN 4196   T: 27 498 829 MENU MAKER 17 Portico Mansions, Block E P5 Triq San Pawl, Naxxar Malta NXR 4018 M:99 428 951  PIXEL SERVICES LTD Digital Press Triq Victor Denaro, Msida Malta MSD 1604 T: 21 347 432 PRINT RIGHT LTD Triq l-Industrija, Qormi Malta QRM 3000 T: 21 250 994 THE LEATHER HOUSE BY PINS & NEEDLES PRINT RIGHT LTD 25 Crafts Village Ta’ Dbiegi, Gharb Gozo GRB 1143 M: 99 823 638 

INTERIOR DESIGN A SCICLUNA INTERIOR DESIGN 115 Triq l-Oratorju, Bormla Malta BML 1509 M: 99 887 856 ADRIAN MICALLEF DESIGN (AM DESIGN) Triq Giuseppe Briffa ,San Gwann Malta M: 99 463 557 ALEXANDER CUTAJAR BE&A(HONS), PG DIP(BLDG

CONS TECH) 2A AJ Maison Triq Mile End, Hamrun Malta HMR 1718 M: 99 824 232 ANDRE PIZZUTO BE&A(HONS) MA PLANNING (LONDON) A&CE 5 Design Principle Triq Sir Joseph Carbone, San Giljan Malta STJ 1320 M: 79 603 096 ANDREW AZZOPARDI DESIGN CONSULTANT Vjal il-Wiehed U Ghoxrin Ta’ Settembru, Naxxar Malta NXR 1017 T: 21 420 472  ANTHONY BEZZINA BE&A(HONS) 18 Triq Cikku Portanier,  Sta Venera Malta SVR 1732 M: 99 430 012  ANTOINETTE INTERIOR DESIGN A & D Studio Triq il-Pitkali, Attard Malta ATD 2216 T: 21 421 867  antoinetteinteriordesign. com AP VALLETTA 4 Triq l-Inginieri,  Valletta Malta VLT 1320 T: 21 243 981 APTC - ARSENIO PROJECTS Warehouse A.P.T.C Ltd Triq ilGhajn Mriehel, B’Kara Malta BKR 3000 T: 21 660 850 ARCO DESIGN STUDIO 149 Triq il-Kanonku Bonnici, Sta Venera Malta M: 79 069 110 ARCSTUDIO LTD FAFNER House Level 3, Suite 7 Triq Nazzjonali Blata L-Bajda, Hamrun Malta HMR 9011 T:21 228 257 ATMOSPHERE 272 Triq tas-Sliema Kappara, San Gwann Malta SGN 4412 M: 99 452 934 BENCINI & ASSOCIATES Design Centre, Level 1 Triq it-Torri Swatar, B’Kara Malta BKR 4012 T: 21 255 001 BLOW 82 Triq in-Naxxar,  San Gwann SGN 9032 T: 22 587 417

11/11/2019 13:47

72 /


BUILDING & DESIGN CONSULTANTS Dolores Bldg Triq Nazzjonali Blata L-Bajda, Hamrun HMR 9011 T: 21 246 145 CAMILLERI BURLO ARCHITECTS & DESIGNERS 20 Triq il-Wizna, Swieqi Malta SWQ 2300 M: 79 827 534 CARLOS MAGRO INTERIOR DESIGN 22 Sqaq San Vincenz, Zabbar Malta ZBR 1492 M: 99 459 796 DANIEL BORG BE&A(HONS), A&CE, MSC PROJ MNGT(MELIT) Triq il-Barrieri, Mosta Malta M: 79 280 889 DANIEL SCERRI PERITI (DSP) 14 Vjal De La Salle, Gzira Malta GZR 1531 M: 99 822 635 DAPHNE FENECH BE&A (HONS), MSC, CONS.TECH (MELIT), 75 CREAID Triq San Gorg , Naxxar Malta NXR 2549 M: 79 092 883 DAVID CARUANA INTERIOR DESIGN WORKS Sculptura Triq Alfred Gerada, Iklin Malta IKL 1681 M: 99 854 234 DEREK MIFSUD 23 Catang Triq id-Dahla Ta’ San Tumas, M’Skala Malta MSK 4026 M: 79 002 245 DESIGN PRINCIPLE 5 Triq Sir Joseph Carbone, San Giljan Malta STJ 1320 T: 27 041 800 DFAB.STUDIO Capital Business Cen tre, Ent A, Level 2, Triq taz-Zwejt, San Gwann Malta SGN 3000 T: 20 103 322 ELAINE SANCHEZ MICALLEF 43 Sqaq No 2 Triq Preziosi, Lija Malta LJA 1195 M: 79 064 088 ELIZABETH SAGUNA The Haven Triq F Assenza, Swieqi Malta SWQ 2321 M: 79 557 755 FORSITE F S DESIGN LTD Ivy Mansions Triq il-Qasam, Swieqi SWQ 3027 T: 21 383 211

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 72

GODWIN ZAMMIT & ASSOCIATES 90 Misrah San Alwigi, B’Kara BKR 1472 T: 21 440 068

MEDISTONE Vjal Sir Paul Boffa, Paola Malta PLA 9024 T: 22 482 000

GRETA DESIGN 3 Triq Massimiliano Debono, Lija LJA 1932 T: 21 422 281

MICALLEF, VERONICA, BE&A(HONS), MSC(EDINBURGH), A&CE 25 Triq il-Merhba, Fgura Malta FGR 1830 M: 79 691 341

IDESIGN -INTERIORS PH 4 Sapphire Court Triq il-Barriera, Balzan Malta BZN 1201 M: 99 009 198 IMPACT DESIGN 56 Triq il-Vittmi tal-Gwerra Swatar, B’Kara Malta M: 79 049 031

MICHAEL ANASTASI BE&A(HONS), MSC(LOND), DIC FORSITE F S DESIGN LTD Triq il-Qasam, Swieqi Malta SWQ 3027 M: 79 000 930

IVAN ATTARD 9 Chamonelle Vjal il-Wiehed U Ghoxrin Ta’ Settembru, Naxxar NXR 1017 M: 99 497 598

MMP STUDIOS/MANGION, MANGION AND PARTNERS 37 Dolphin Court, Blk C, Apt M Triq l-Ambaxxati, Ta’ Xbiex Malta XBX 1073 T: 21 336 704

KZDESIGN STUDIO 7 Row E3 Triq Olaf Gollcher Ta’ Paris, B’Kara Malta M: 79 421 402

NORITA FORMOSA 85 La Hoya Triq tal-Hamrija, M’Skala Malta MSK 3573 M: 99 449 241

LAWRENCE MONTEBELLO & ASSOCIATES 40 Beaumont Place, Flt 1 Triq il-Kbira, Balzan Malta BZN 1259 T: 21 491 144

PAUL CAMILLERI & ASSOCIATES 127 Triq l-Arcisqof, Valletta Malta VLT 1444 T: 21 224 889

MANIERA GROUP 80 Triq it-Torri, Mosta Malta MST 3502 T: 21 411 790 MARCO GALEA ZAMMIT 115 Triq il-Hemel, Swieqi Malta M: 99 471 730 MARITA XUEREB INTERIOR DESIGN Triq Mons F X Zahra, Balzan Malta BZN 1153 M: 79 210 192 MARK MIFSUD BONNICI Aliki Triq il-Fortizza tal-Mosta San Pawl Tat-Targa, Naxxar Malta NXR 2303 M: 99 423 212 MARTINA MICALLEF Med Vista Bldgs, Flt 6B Triq San Mark, San Giljan Malta M: 79 300 186 MATTHEW BRIFFA L-Ufficcju Triq Hal Kbir , Siggiewi Malta SGW 3090 M: 79 257 907

PAUL STELLINI DESIGNS 106 Triq l-Imgarr, Ghajnsielem Gozo GSM 9017 M: 99 471 741 PIPPA TOLEDO DESIGN STUDIO Garden Terrace Court Triq il-Baltiku The Village, San Giljan Malta STJ 1881 M: 21 341 367 RANDOLPH CARL BORG A&CE, BE&A(HONS), MSC(PAVIA) 98 Mirabell Triq id-Dawr, Mosta Malta MST 4316 M: 79 730 211 SANDY BONNICI INTERIORS B6 Upper Crust Suites Triq il-Keffa L-Ibrag, Swieqi Malta SWQ 2256 M: 79 594 722 SYMPHONY DESIGN HOUSE Cotswolds Close No 4 Triq Dom Mawru Inguanez, B’Kara Malta BKR 4813 M: 99 446 028

TANTI INTERIORS Triq il-Wied ta’ l-Imsida, Msida MSD 9022 T: 20 601 107 THEHOUSESHOP INTERIORS Marina Business Centre Triq l-Abate Rigord, Ta’ Xbiex XBX 1127 T: 21 334 226 VITRUVIAN HOME Sea star Triq il-Qawra, San Pawl Il-Bahar Malta SPB 1905 M: 99 636 915

FLOORING 240 LTD - PROJEKTE GLOBAL LTD 13 T/G fi triq Valletta, Luqa Malta LQA 6000 T: 23 676 100 A DIFESA SEAMLESS 28 Triq in-Nassab, Qormi Malta QRM 3543 M: 79 452 975 adifesaseamlesssurfaces AGIUS MARBLE WORKS LTD Triq il-Belt Valletta, Mqabba Malta MQB 9019 T: 21 640 202 ANDREW VASSALLO GENERAL TRADING LTD Triq Hal Tarxien, Gudja Malta GDJ 1905 T: 21 692 917 / 79591338 ANTI SLIP SOLUTIONS 39 Triq Efesu, San Pawl IlBahar Malta M: 99 990 247 BATHROOM DESIGN LTD 358 Triq in-Naxxar, B’Kara Malta BKR 9040 T: 21 441 328 BC BATHROOMS Triq Dun Karm B’Kara By Pass, B’Kara Malta BKR 2940 T: 27 495 590 B&M SUPPLIES LTD Triq Dun Karm B’Kara By Pass, B’Kara Malta BKR 9035 T: 21 440 710

11/11/2019 13:47

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74 /


BUGEJA MARBLES Triq San Gwakkin Mriehel, B’Kara Malta BKR 3000 T: 21 448 012

HALMANN VELLA LTD The Factory Triq il-Mosta, Lija Malta LJA 9016 T: 21 433 636

PM HOBBY DIY HOME SOLUTIONS Mriehel Bypass, B’Kara Malta BKR 3000 T: 22 988 000

CAMILLERI MARBLE WORKS LTD Triq Hal Tarxien, Gudja Malta GDJ 1905 M: 99 468 711

HMK INTERNATIONAL The Factory Triq il-Mosta , Lija Malta LJA 9016 M: 79 499 456

PROJECT TECHNIK Triq il-Kanun, Qormi Malta QRM 9032 T: 21 470 988

CAMRAY MARBLE WORKS LTD KW 4 Qasam Industrijali, Kordin, Paola Malta PLA 3000 M: 79 993 149

IDEAL BATHROOMS LTD Triq il-Kostituzzjoni, Mosta Malta MST 1137 T: 21 423 039

COLEIRO GENERAL SUPPLIES LTD Triq il-Wied, B’Kara Malta BKR 9023 T: 21 492 082 CUSTO BATHROOMS Triq Joe Sciberras, Hamrun Malta HMR 1550 M: 79 425 175 DE VALIER CO LTD COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS Triq San Gwakkin Qasam Industrijali, Mriehel, B’Kara Malta BKR 3000 T: 21 491 111 DESANA MARBLES Triq il-Buskett, Dingli Malta DGL 2709 T: 21 451 350 DEX Triq l-Imdina, Qormi Malta QRM 9011 T: 22 773 000 EVOLVE BY RS GROUP Triq l-Imdina, Zebbug Malta ZBG 9018 T: 21 805 486 FLOCK IMAGE CO LTD 593 Triq San Pawl, San Pawl Il-Bahar Malta SPB 3418 T: 21 572 759 FLOORS OF STONE 115 Triq il-Wied Ta’ L-Imsida, B’Kara Malta BKR 9021 T: 21 496 742 G R F 117 Triq l-Assemblea Nazzjonali, San Gwann Malta SGN 3034 T: 79 424 422

HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 74

JGC LTD BLB051 Qasam Industrijali, Bulebel, Zejtun Malta ZTN 3000 T: 21 824 101 MARK SCHEMBRI & SONS LTD 44 Triq Santa Venera, Msida Malta MSD 1907 21 250 112 MELI BUGEJA LTD Triq il-Mithna, Qormi Malta QRM 3102 T: 21 444 348 MELVIN BORG CONCRETE WORKS LTD 5 Triq l-Ibjar, Paola Malta PLA 1540 M: 79 456 444 MCS BUILDING SOLUTIONS 6 T/G fi triq l-Imdina, Zebbug Malta ZBG 9051 M: 79 473 038 MELVIN BORG CONCRETE WORKS LTD 5 Triq l-Ibjar, Paola Malta PLA 1540 M: 79 456 444 MODERN BATHROOMS LTD 396 Triq Fleur De Lys , B’Kara Malta BKR 9063 T: 21 441 689 M R C D LTD Triq Karmenu Camilleri, Qormi Malta QRM 4631 T: 21 468 770 PARQUET WAREHOUSE LTD 230 Vjal il-Wiehed U Ghoxrin Ta’ Settembru, Naxxar Malta NXR 1012 M: 79 496 475 parquetwarehouse/

RGP MARBLE WORKS Triq Gharram, Zebbug Malta ZBG 2851 M: 99 496 421 R LAUTIER NATURAL STONE WORKSHOP 146 Triq it-Torri, Msida Malta MSD 1821 T: 21 340 394 RM FLOORING MALTA 83 Triq Hal Warda, Attard Malta M: 79 470 755 SEAMLESS SOLID SURFACES 4 Triq Guze’ Duca, Qormi Malta QRM 9088 T: 21 440 404 STONEAGE Triq San Silvestru, Mosta Malta MST 3702 M: 99 526 254 TESSERA Triq il-Kanun, Sta Venera Malta SVR 9031 T: 27 490 100

Bersim Triq Il-Qalb Ta’ Gesu’, Fontana-Gozo Gozo FNT 1030 M: 79 064 535 M-QUIP CO LTD 137 Triq Il-Madonna tal-Gebla, Gzira Malta T: 21 320 410 ABELA EMANUEL (TALPOWERFLAUT) 3 Ritman Triq l-Ghasir, Zebbug Malta ZBG 1500 M: 99 475 655 A DIFESA SEAMLESS 28 Triq in-Nassab, Qormi Malta QRM 3543 M: 79 452 975 adifesaseamlesssurfaces CHAR CONSTRUCTION Plot 10, Mon Cherie Triq Mons Pietru Pawl Saydon, Iklin Malta IKL 1331 M: 99 424 169 MELVIN BORG CONCRETE WORKS LTD 5 Triq l-Ibjar, Paola Malta PLA 1540 M: 79 456 444 FRANKIE GRECH Frankie House Triq il-Kileb, Mqabba Malta MQB 1170 M: 79 425 302 FIRM LORENZO CUTAJAR 60 Triq Sant’ Anna, Floriana Malta FRN 9011 T: 21 244 189









SCHEMBRI BARBROS LTD Triq tal-Barrani, Ghaxaq Malta T: 21 808 876

THE TILE Triq Bella Vista, San Gwann Malta SGN 2690 T: 21 371 891 THREE EIGHT NINE (389) LTD 22, 26 Triq Dun Xand Cortis, B’Kara Malta BKR 1531 T: 21 445 152 VELLMANN LTD Pantar Estate Triq Pantar, Lija Malta LJA 2023 T: 21 424 990 / 21424991 VELLA FALZON HOME Triq il-Wied ta’ l-Imsida , Msida Malta MSD 9022 T: 21 445 165 XMUN PROJECTS LTD

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thecateringcentre Suppliers, consultants and maintenance of professional catering equipment ST PAUL’S BAY

Telephone: +356 21577305






Tools for coffee shops, restaurants, professional chefs and enthusiastic home cooks HOR002.19 Horeca Magazine issue 02 - no-airmalta.indd 75

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MENUS & DISPLAYS Italian Made Leather Menu Covers Discover our New Range of Menu Covers in real bonded leather.

Custom Line personalised menu covers. MADE IN ITALY



Innovative Solutions, 229 Triq il-Kungress Ewkaristiku, Mosta, Malta. -

+356 9997 0282 -



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Profile for Horeca Malta

HORECA Magazine - Issue 02  

Horeca Magazine is an essential resource for all professionals involved in the Hospitality industry.

HORECA Magazine - Issue 02  

Horeca Magazine is an essential resource for all professionals involved in the Hospitality industry.