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Sylvie Ritter BaselWorld Switzerland “We are keen to assist our exhibitors in this crucial goal of consumer confidence and believe that our support of the Responsible Jewellery Council will achieve this objective.


Chef Charbel E. Aoun 2 Star Michelin award winner, innovative chef with an exceptionnel record of service and international experience....



For the Spring/Summer 2012 season, luxury brand Porsche Design is featuring colour in the Women’s Fashion Collection. The dominant colours are striking Sulphur and fresh Raspberry.

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Temna Fialka British Columbia Clothing Designer Photographer: Nina

CHEF MATT CLARK Matt Clark is a very passionate chef whose career has taken him Australia wide ...

The Perfect Look for New Year’s Eve

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Sylvie Ritter

Managing Director Sylvie Ritter, Managing Director of Baselworld, said, “We have received a great deal of excellent feedback from our guests. The upturn is evident in all areas – both in the watch and jewellery sectors and in the related brands."


New building for BASELWORLD 2013: topmost point reached After only four months’ construction work, the steel structure for the building over Exhibition Square for BASELWORLD 2013 is now in place. The topmost point of the impressive hall complex has thus been reached. The building work is progressing on schedule. The new building at the Basel Exhibition is visibly taking shape. The centrepiece of the new hall complex for BASELWORLD 2013 has now been erected: the 32-metre high construction over Exhibition Square. The steel structure is in place for the two exhibition storeys, both with a height of 8 metres, which are being built above the 10-metre-high “City Lounge”. In the course of the first main construction phase, the basic supports for the new building were installed in summer 2011 at the corner of Hall 3 and the corner of the entrance zone to Hall 1. Since September 2011, a total of 2,600 tons of steel girders have been welded and screwed together. In parallel, more than 2,300 tons of concrete slabs have been installed for the hall floors. At the moment, the roof is being put on and the shell of the building erected. At the same time, the facing around the atrium is being installed, as well as the technical systems for the building. After BASELWORLD 2012, a start will be made on the second main construction phase: between April 2012 and February 2013, Hall 3 and the entrance zone of Hall 1 will be demolished and the new building completed.


BASELWORLD 2012 The World Watch and Jewellery Show Date Thursday, March 8 to Thursday, March 15, 2012 Venue Exhibition Center Basel (Messe Basel) Opening hours Daily from 9 am to 6 pm On the final day from 9 am to 4 pm Admission prices 1 day pass CHF 60.00 8 day pass CHF 150.00 Organiser MCH Swiss Exhibition (Basel) Ltd. Internet E-mail Facebook Twitter

Marc Ecko believes when you have a winner, ride it! When you have an iconic timepiece, re-imagine it. Re-interpret it for a new generation. The Flash, designed in 2009, is a best-seller and icon in the Marc Ecko collection. Now, the popular men's watch brand introduces its latest interpretations of The Flash in two new color styles—fast and furious gunmetal and the uptown, two-tone silver and gold version. A brilliant integration of industrial edge and sleek sophistication, the new Flash is fresh, sexy and attentiongrabbing—in a subtle way that grips and grows on you. The gunmetal version is mysterious—giving up its hidden design details grudgingly—a gear toothed bezel fastened with six metal screws, an inner ring marking 0 to 60, connected to the outer ring by solid metal supports that speak strength into the timepiece. Intricate industrial inspired etchings on the face reveal yet another layer of mystery. Treasury is presented in a silver tone or black IP plated case which frame dark grey metallic dials and integrate black resin straps for


a unique, grooved-metal, ramping design. This statement watch finishes with the etched "Ghost Shears" logo - Mark Ecko's signature graphic - in the right corner of the case. Presenting opposing metallic options, like day and night, the dark gunmetal style is offset with a bright silver and gold style. These new versions of The Flash are big and bold, featuring a 49mm case with 3-hand Japanese movement. The solid timepiece carries some weight but is well-balanced and comfortable on the wrist. Marc Ecko is Americana reimagined, classic design with an avant-garde twist. This latest evolution is an exquisite capture of the brand's mixture of bad boy chic and sophisticated image. "The gunmetal finish is popping up across multiple categories from technology items to sneakers," states Stephen Scholz, Global Brand Director of Marc Ecko and UNLTD. Timepieces. "It was a natural fit to add our iconic timepiece, The Flash, in full gun." Treasury is presented in a silver tone or black IP plated case which frame dark

grey metallic dials and integrate black resin straps for a unique, grooved-metal, ramping design. This statement watch finishes with the etched "Ghost Shears" logo - Mark Ecko's signature graphic - in the right corner of the case. Presenting opposing metallic options, like day and night, the dark gunmetal style is offset with a bright silver and gold style. These new versions of The Flash are big and bold, featuring a 49mm case with 3-hand Japanese movement. The solid timepiece carries some weight but is well-balanced and comfortable on the wrist. Marc Ecko is Americana reimagined, classic design with an avant-garde twist. This latest evolution is an exquisite capture of the brand's mixture of bad boy chic and sophisticated image. “The gunmetal finish is popping up across multiple categories from technology items to sneakers,” states Stephen Scholz, Global Brand Director of Marc Ecko and UNLTD. Timepieces. “It was a natural fit to add our iconic timepiece, The Flash, in full gun.”


Marc Ecko watches offer a diverse range of timepieces characterized by aggressive styling, unique details and unlimited possibilities. The collection speaks to 15 to 35-year-old cultural connoisseurs passionate and engaged in fashion, music, sports, technology and social media. A Marc Ecko watch expresses character and individual style, more than just time. For more information visit


82nd Geneva Motor Show


82nd Geneva Motor Show: Ecological Transportation featured at the Green Pavilion 3 years ago, the Geneva International Motor Show was the first international automobile show to have a section dedicated specifically to the theme of alternative and ecological transportation, propulsion technologies and renewable fuel sources: The Green Pavilion. From the start, visitors could find highly qualified small enterprises and start-ups who were presenting their innovative visions of the future of individual transportation. And now the major auto manufacturers are also taking advantage of this occasion to present their latest concepts in this area. The Green Pavilion can be found in the Parc Sarasin, just opposite the main entrance to Palexpo, where the Geneva International Motor Show will be held from March 8-18, 2012. In 2009, well before the world economic crisis, the Geneva International Motor Show created the Green Pavilion and hence became THE international motor show focussing on developing ecological transportation technologies of the future. For its first edition, the Green Pavilion featured exclusively highly qualified and specialist enterprises, institutes, and start-up groups, who could take advantage of this occasion to present the latest fruits of their research to the general public in the framework of a global exposition. They could also develop their relationships with the automobile manufacturers exhibiting at the Motor Show. In the meantime, these constructors recognise this opportunity to present to the public their latest prototypes which are ready for mass production. The test drives available at the nearby Green Tests area contributed significantly to the success of the Pavilion’s concept. For the 82nd edition of the Geneva International Motor Show the Green Pavilion and the Green Tests will move to the Parc Sarasin, the entry of which is just facing the main entrance of Palexpo. Access to the Green Pavilion is included in the main ticket for the Motor Show, and it will open its doors one hour ahead for the opening of the rest of the Show, at 9:00 a.m. on weekdays and at 8:00 a.m. on the weekends.

The 82nd Geneva International Motor Show will be open to the public from March 8-18, 2012.

Colour Up Your Style Women’s Fashion Collection Spring/Summer 2012 For the Spring/Summer 2012 season, luxury brand Porsche Design is featuring colour in the Women’s Fashion Collection. The dominant colours are striking Sulphur and fresh Raspberry. The product range has also been considerably extended, including not only leather jackets and exclusive Premium Jeans but also fashionable silk scarves and silk blouses. The new Porsche Design Women’s Fashion Collection for Spring/Summer 2012 will be available from January 2012 in Porsche Design Stores worldwide. Introduced in Autumn/Winter 2011, the innovative RawTec Line has been advanced and embodies the maxims of Porsche Design perfectly in a timeless and purist manner. Thanks to the use of full-grain lambskin leather, with nappa finish on the inside, these leather jackets need no lining at all. Visually impressive as a result, they are also particularly comfortable to wear especially in the summer months. The secret lies in the top-quality workmanship and the exceptionally fine finish, clear proof of the importance of the smallest detail in the manufacturing philosophy, avoiding any doubling of the material. The leather is laid seam on seam, stitched with a zig zag finish, and then welded with a tape, creating a unique lightness as well as the purist look. For women, the new Summer Collection not only has the P’1140 RawTec Blazer to offer, but also the leather coat-skirt combination, the P’1150 RawTec Coat, and the leather P’1150 Hoody, a real eyecatcher in the feminine raspberry colour tone. An element which brings the entire Collection together is the initial sketch of the “Exclusive Sunglasses”, with the innovative interchangeable lens mechanism. The sunglasses and the sketch from 1977 were the first contribution to fashion from Porsche Design, and in the Fashion Collection the sketch is to be found on the inner lining of jackets and bags as well as on scarves. The perfect companion for the summer is the short trenchcoat for women, a creation in lamb nappa leather available in white and black. The P’1150 AirTec Trench features a casual, laid-back look and particularly light weight. The classic sporty design is emphasized by the perforated lamb nappa leather in the shoulder area. Like the other clothing items in the collection, the trenchcoat is partiularly impressive with its sophisticated top quality finish. The first-class workmanship of the products and the intelligence behind the cuts of the new fashion collection are also reflected in the fit. The clear line and purist design appeal to every age group, and make the Porsche Design Women’s Fashion Collection unmistakeable right from the first glance.




Temna Fialka

Fall 2011 is going to be a very exciting season for Temna Fialka. A recent partnership project with The National Ukrainian Museum of Canada - Alberta Branch, will hit the runway various dates this fall. The goal of the project is to blend traditional turn of the century Ukraine with modern lifestyle and high fashion in Canada. Supporting both pre and post war fashions and cultural settlements this project hopes to revitalize the appreciation and recognition of “Canadian Ukrainians� and their unique and distinctive cultural stance. A special thank you to the museum board of directors for their trust and Pauline Mudry for her time, energy and commitment to this project .

Photographer: Nina Pak British Columbia 19

Termna Fialka - Designer


Hopelessly Romantic

Signature Collection 23

Joshua Fredric Smith - Actor B or n and rai s ed on a 40-acre ranch in Nor ther n C alifor nia, Joshua Fredr ic Smith was expos ed to hard work f rom an early age. Grow ing up was an amazing jour ne y for Joshua. Instead of dog s and cats, he had hors es and cows as pets and e ver y mor ning before Joshua’s bu s would ar r ive to take him to s chool, one of hi s chores was to feed all the animal s. Whene ver the rains came, Joshua, hi s father Guy and hi s brother Rober t, would herd all the animal s to higher, s afer g round. D itches were dug and fences were mended – the work was endless. But, when there was time to play, Joshua didn’t ju st have a backyard; he had a real tow n know n as G eorgetow n. Created by hi s g randfather, G eorge Smith, who worked as a prop mas ter for the major Holly wood studios on mov ies such as ‘G one With The Wind’, ‘Pollyanna’ and ‘Wild Blue Yonder’, G eorgetow n was an old wester n tow n replete w ith per iod building s and cars, and was always br imming w ith ac tiv ity w ith wedding s, par ties, commercial s and f ilms. It was dur ing thes e f ilm shoots that Joshua’s g randfather had expos ed him to a world that was Holly wood, but in reality it was G eorgetow n – a f ront yard of cameras, hone y wagons, g r ip tr ucks and loud, rowdy ac tors. It was f r iend s hav ing f un making mov ies. Fred MacMur ray was their neighbor w ith whom Joshua’s g randfather traded cattle. Thi s was ju st ‘the way thing s were’ on the ranch for a young boy whos e g randfather dubbed ‘John Way ne.’ Joshua kne w nothing about John Way ne, but hi s g randfather kne w that he had that special s omething – that ‘star’ quality – and kne w that ac ting was Joshua’s destiny.


Joshua Fredric Smith Sausalito, California

Hopelessly Romantic Signature Collection


Music as Therapy:

The Relationship Between Sound and the Alpha State 29

Music could possibly be the oldest form of artistic expression in our world. Primitive man was no doubt chanting, and pounding rhythms on various percussive instruments, for at least as long as he was creating paintings on cave walls. And for as long as music has been with us, it has carried an indelible mystery. How is it that certain arrangements of notes can evoke sadness, or joy, or longing, in us? The power of music may be due, at least in part, to that aspect of mystery. But there’s no doubt that, for many of us, various melodies and rhythms exert an overall healing and rejuvenating effect upon our minds, bodies and souls. Music can thus be seen as a kind of natural therapy. It has been a part of sacred ritual since ancient times. One example, which has recurred in countless places, from Siberia to North America to Australia, is the songs, chants, and dances that are associated with the shamanic journey. Shamans, in whatever cultures they have practiced their profession in, have utilized very similar methods to achieve deep trance states. Having attained such states, they were then reputed to be able to utter prophecy, diagnose and cure various diseases, and minister to the spiritual needs of their respective tribes. And those methods that they used typically relied heavily upon rhythm (drums and rattles) and melody (in the form of the shaman’s sacred songs and chants). Modern research has demonstrated that the sounds produced by percussive instruments, such as the shaman’s drums and rattles, stimulate the portions of the human brain that produce what is known as the alpha state of awareness. Alpha brainwaves are associated with the dreaming state (R.E.M. sleep), the unconscious, artistic thoughts and impulses, religious or mystical experience, and the right side of the brain. Just as sleep and dreams can rejuvenate the mind and body, music that we enjoy listening to can exert a healing effect upon us by immersing us (albeit not so deeply) in that same alpha state of consciousness. This is the place from which invigorating fantasies, intuitive hunches, and unexpected insights and solutions can arise in us, as the magic of harmony exerts itself upon our minds. Modern technology has brought this ancient medicine, once the exclusive province of the traveling bards and minstrels, into the hands of nearly everyone. And it can serve as counselor and comforter to many of us – a welcome antidote to the stresses and conflicts that the modern age has also brought along with it.

Now that we’re entering the little black dress season, many women are busy planning their outfits for the forthcoming Christmas parties they’ll be attending. From the obligatory office party, to their partner’s (even more obligatory) office party, the season is packed full of events at which women will want to shine. But the most important event in any party-going woman’s calendar has to be the one that comes at the end of the Christmas season: New Year’s Eve. This is one night on which any woman venturing out to celebrate is going to want to look her very, very best. Where to Go So where to start? First, look on all those Christmas parties you’ll be attending as warm-ups to the big one, and use them as “tryouts” to perfect your New Year’s Eve look. If something doesn’t work at one party - you couldn’t dance in your new long velvet skirt, for instance - then make a mental note for when you’re putting together your New Year’s Eve outfit. When deciding on your look for the big night, you need to ask yourself one important question: where am I going to be spending the majority of the evening? To a very large extent this will dictate what you wear. If you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time outside (and what New Year’s Eve celebration is complete without a fireworks display?), then you will need to combine warm with chic (unless, of course, you’re one of those women for whom vanity acts as a sort of insulation and therefore has no need for outerwear). The rest of us, though, will need a coat, and if you want one that befits a special night then it’s probably not the one you keep slung over the back seat of the car, and on which your passengers hastily sit when you’re in a hurry to get to where you need to be. You don’t need to splash out on a new coat for the evening, though, just use a decent one and accessorize it: a big sexy furry scarf, a cute hat, and some smart gloves are all you need to jazz up it up and make it look presentable. And remember that spending time outdoors on New Year’s Eve is a great opportunity for you to show off your new boots! If the evening’s events mean that you will be spending most of your time inside, then while a coat may not be optional (you still need to get to and from the venue, remember), you don’t have to worry so much about its powers of seduction. Your trump card will be what you’ll be wearing underneath it.


The Perfect Look for New Year’s Eve

Hopelessly Romantic’s Pick of the




Chef Sockrider

Chef Charbel E. Aoun

Chef Matt Clark

Chef Cristinao de Martin

Chef Sheilla Lopez

Executive Chef Guy D. Sockrider, C.E.C. began his career mentoring under a chef formally trained, and a master in his own right, in the art of Haute Cuisine. Upon discovering his passion for the culinary arts at such an early age, Guy Sockrider began perfecting his technique toward this style of culinary philosophy. He decided to be taught by other culinary masters that revered this philosophy as well. On his path of education he also was trained in the arts of Nouvelle Cuisine and regional American Cuisine. Chef Sockrider has over 30 years of experience. Before accepting the appointment at Tomas Bistro he has held a position of Executive Chef for the second largest hotel in Orange County, California, which accommodated guests to maximum capacity with 402 rooms. Chef Sockrider supervised approximately 4400 meals per day from an Haute French Restaurant, a classical Japanese Restaurant, a 24–hour café, large scale banquets, and room service. Guy has also held the position of Executive Chef in La Jolla, in one of California’s most revered restaurants, receiving three toques from Gault Millau and a Top restaurant Award from Zagat. This venture was a formal, Haute French restaurant with a second outlet serving contemporary California cuisine. In Guy’s time there the restaurant received numerous reviews and awards and profitability increased well beyond the owner’s expectations.


Sockrider C.E.C. Executive Chef at Tomas Bistro Greater New Orleans Area

Guy’s key strengths are establishing and administrating standards, policies and procedures, business planning, menu development, purchasing, and staff development. Guy is also strong in analyzing needs and goals, is able to envison new concepts and future trends and to follow through with successful development, direction and accomplishment with a highly publicized record of success. On a personal level, Guy is ambitious, energetic, extremely well presented, and well respected by his peers.


Louisiana Crawfish Crepes

The Procedure: Cream the goat cheese with the shallots, salt and pepper in a mixer. Divide the filling between the 12 crepe shells and roll the crepes. Heat in a 350-degree oven until the internal temperature is 145 degrees.


The Sauce: 1-ounce extra virgin olive oil 4 ounces onions, diced 2 ounces green bell pepper, diced 2 ounces tomato strips ½ ounce garlic, finely minced ¾ ounce chardonnay ¾ ounce flour ¾ ounce Creole seasoning 8 ounce fresh Louisiana Crawfish tails 2 ounces butter, unsalted ½ ounce salt ¾ quart heavy cream


The Crepe: 12 each crepe shells 8 ounces fresh goats cheese ¾ ounce shallots Pinch salt Pinch freshly ground pepper

Sauté the onions and bell peppers until translucent in the olive oil; add the garlic, Creole seasoning and salt. Cook for 2 minutes then add the tomato strips. Deglaze with the Chardonnay and add the heavy cream. Stir until smooth and continue to cook until the sauce clings to the back of a spoon, add the crawfish tails, break the butter into the sauce while stirring. Place two crepes on each plate and pour the sauce over.


Hopelessly Romantic

Chauffeur & Concierge Services

France Germany Italy Lebanon South Africa Sweden United Kingdom


Charbel E. Aoun Italian-French Specialized Head chef/consultant 2 Star Michelin award winner, innovative chef with an exceptionnel record of service and international experience. More than 12 years of expertise in Italian & French cooking and management for five star establishments, Michelin-starred restaurants and as a world-class private chef for private parties & functions, received the first “Molecular Gastronomy�, golden certificate in 2009. A strong combination of Culinary Experience and Managerial Skills, pared with award winning Menu preparation, Extensive Training in Food & Beverage Management, Inventory planning Procedures and opening and Closing Restaurant Procedures, Soft Opening and Grand Openings. Manage on both national and international level. Background in providing exceptional regional leadership while directing multiple chains of stores simultaneously.

Stockholm, Sweden Lidingo, Zebra Crossing Tel: + 46 5 22368971 Office: + 46 8 3458971

Milan, Italy Monza, Lombardy

London, United Kingdom Finchley Road, London

New Castle, South Africa Kwazulu Natal, 745 Road

Paris, France Tonnerre, Bourgogne

Beirut, Lebanon Adma, Jounieh, Lebanon Tel: +961 3 56 01 57


Charbel E. Aoun HOMARD ET CONFIT DE LEGUMES. 500g fresh lobster 100g eggplants 50g fresh cream 10g green peas 10g celery 1 p. zucchini 1 egg 20g sun-dried tomatoes Olive oil Salt, pepper 1) Prepare at first the “confit� by blending the celery, green peas, fresh cream, egg salt and pepper. Chill for 1 hour. Remove from fridge and put directly in the oven for 5 minutes until soft again. 2) Cut the eggplant and zuchini in 2 cm width, round shape and deep fry until a bit brownish. 3) Start by preparing layers with: eggplant, confit, zuc chini and at the top fresh grilled lobster meat and 1 piece of sun dried tomato. 4) Design with a bouquet of fresh lettuce


Matt Clark is a very passionate chef whose career has taken him Australia wide working through a vast range of leading 5 star resorts, hotels, restaurants, cafe’s, catering companies, gourmet deli’s and boat charters. This journey has offered him with the experience to experiment with varying styles of cuisines and ingredients which has also led him to writing his own cook book to share his knowledge on the more exquisite of ingredients, including the uses of Native Australian ‘Bush’ foods.

Culinary Madness

He grew up in a small coastal town where he was exposed to all of Australia’s amazing produce and fresh seafood and this is where his passion began to grow. He has worked under leading chefs providing him with experience in all levels of cooking with a huge influence in Modern Australian cuisine and a strong French background. After travelling through Europe, the UK and working all over Australia, Matt has developed his own style where he believes that the key to great food is using good produce and letting the flavours speak for themselves. He has firm experience in a fast-paced environment with extensive knowledge of functions and a la carte menus and also the ability to put together successful degustation and canape menus both on and off site.


Born in Venice, Italy, had my earlier cooking experience while helping my maternal grandfather to make fresh pasta and gnocchi for the big Sunday lunch where all the family would gather around the table for a several course (and hours...) meal. With a great source of fresh ingredients like the markets in Venice the palate of Cristiano was soon trained to many flavours each season would bring. And are still the seasons that inspire my menu along with fresh local specialties and the relationship I like to build with artisan suppliers in whichever part of the world I happen to be. My studies in London were the beginning of my international career that so far brought me to cook and run kitchens in 8 different countries around the world, from tropical islands to multicultural cities. Having worked for some of the best hotels chains has given me opportunity to cook for Royals, Presidents, Movie stars, sports stars and most importantly for my local regular clients. “Cooking is an expression of who we are and the experiences we have been through�


Cristiano De Martin – Executive Chef

Marie Sheilla Galit Lopez


The Madison Chocolatiers West

The Madison Chocolatiers West is owned and operated by Renee Rohrbach and Chef Ricky Sanders.

____________________________ We want to light up all 5 of your senses, bringing them all together in an explosive moment to remember. Our chocolates go past the traditional concept, so we play a lot in the kitchen, visit spice and tea stores, Asian markets and wherever there may be an unusual ingredient that gets the creative juices flowing. We like different, unique and out of the box. Generally, we like the “WOW” factor. Being non-traditional chocolatiers, we seek out new and different ways and means to blend ingredients to bring out the utmost flavor profile and awaken the taste buds. We love making chocolates that have many layers of taste and texture with only a few ingredients. We also do not use waxes or preservatives because we believe fresh is best. The Madison Chocolatier was Renee’s creation. She in-


vested her $20.00 of her bill money to buy some chocolate to make Valentine’s presents for her children, family and friends. People were thrilled with her creations, so she continued building her array of chocolates. Being a new single mom and having two children to raise, this was a great way for her to be able to have the time for them and to still make ends meet. During this time Renee did events, shows and fundraisers, helping others as she helped herself. As others started noticing her chocolates, she started winning awards for her efforts. Including “Best Miniature Chocolate” at the Art of Chocolate, tasting and competition to benefit the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Center of Warren County, for her Truffle filled Calymirna Fig, along with “Most Innovative Use of Chocolate” for her Blackberry Heaven Truffle with its phylo pastry cup.


Wasabi dark chocolate truffle with wasabi caviar

Provolone cheese in dark chocolate with parm pest seasoning

Then at the junction of Dark Chocolate and Bacon Avenue, Renee met up with what would later become her new partner in chocolate crime. Ricky had asked her if she had ever done anything with bacon and pistachios. Not long after, the two joined forces to create “The Madison Chocolatiers West�. Chef Ricky, a graduate of the Culinary Arts- Le Cordon Bleu in Portland Oregon, served his internship with Moonstruck Chocolatiers. After that he did some cooking and then went into the bakery field. He worked several years as an Assistant Production Manger, in the wholesale bakery industry. During his time there he also

Creme Burlee Truffle.

worked in research and development. His products sometimes, went too far out of the box for the owners taste. Chef Ricky now has the perfect partner in creating those wonderful infusions and wild ideas that come up during their searching of stores and hidden places. Now that East and West have come together. We now have a mission to help others as we grow as a company and teach the great aspects of chocolate and the great things that it brings. Chocolate has so many health benefits, including reducing stress and releasing endorphins that make you feel happy. What better match could one come up with to help others in so many ways?

Final Touch Finishing School The Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Entire Family

"Caught in the Act!" Civility Cards

ABC's of Manners Placemat

Etiquette Flash Cards

At Final Touch Finishing School, we provide tools for life! Below are some of the products that we have available. Please click on each item for greater detail. *Please note: Shipping prices are for US orders. For those outside the US, please contact us with your order and address for accurate shipping costs, thank you. Ever bump into someone as you were going about your day and was extremely appreciative of the kindness and respect you saw or experienced? With «Caught in the Act!» Civility Cards, you can easily present those special people with a «mini gift» to show just how much you appreciate them! The smiles you will receive will be countless.


The Etiquette Flash Cards are a fun and easy way to polish your social skills. Tweens, teens and adults can’t resist going through the 72 questions. On the front of each card is a question on proper etiquette when dining or socializing with others, while the back contains the answer. Questions range from easy to challenging. Use them on your own, around the family dinner table, with a friend, in the classroom, or as a game at your next party. These quality flash cards are a great gift idea and make for great table conversation!

The ABC’s of Manners placemat would make a special and useful gift or teaching tool. On the front are the ABC’s of Manners, which are important things to always remember when dining or socially interacting with others, and make great table talk during a meal. The other side shows how to properly set the table making this a practical teaching tool.


Champagne Lunches Scented Letters Private Chauffeurs

The Romantique Society San Francisco




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