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Issue 628 - 11th May 2018

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Headlines By James Saunders

This week has been the last week of formal schooling for our cohort 11 learners. Today they begin their study leave as the GCSE examina on season begins. I feel like I have only just said hello to them and now I must say goodbye. Exams are o en associated with pressure; with stress. My par ng advice to each one of our learners is to not let the outcome of one exam define them. Exams are an important part of the system; they are designed to do so many things. There are however, many things they do not do and it is important to remember that. They do not dictate or define dreams, hopes, aspira ons or happiness. I hope that all of our learners go on to fulfil their dreams and aspira ons post-Honywood. I am confident that they have been prepared to be able to tackle life’s challenges with gusto. It was great to get the chance to congratulate a group of leanrers on comple ng their Duke of Edinburgh award this week. As I stood by to hear Mr Ramsey talk to them with passion and pride in recogni on of the skills they had developed, I pondered on the vision I began to set out last week. I spoke about the importance of developing social and cultural capital. It was clear that through the Duke of Edinburgh programme our learners had developed these things, and it was the result of these quali es that Mr Ramsey was alluding to, when he spoke to the learners about the character they have developed throughout the programme. I want there to be more things like this available to everyone at Honywood. Capital enhancing ac vi es should not be the preserve of the few; my vision for Honywood is that we will create equity through the development of cultural and social capital for every child. We will work toward a core en tlement for every learner. This journey will not happen overnight but we will achieve it. I have also managed to con nue to visit our local primary schools this week. At Soaring High I was impressed with the flexibility that children have through choice. What struck me was the excellent outcomes that the children achieved through this approach.

St Andrews in Marks Tey also welcomed me in; I had a great me looking around the school and saw some challenging Maths and problem solving taking place. Thank you Soaring High and St Andrews, I really hope I get to meet your children in the future and offer them a warm welcome at Honywood any me. I wish you all a great weekend James Saunders Congratulaঞons To Liam Chapman (11CFr), Louis Clements (11CFr), Josh Colairo (11CHo), Anjelina Fox (11CFr), Morgan Harrod (11SWo), Ella King (11SAr), Annabelle Kitching (11CFr), Ben Lown (11AMi), Ben McSweeney (11FLo), Philippa Miller (11CGa), Emily Milner (11LSt), Callum Pennock (11FJo) , Amy Pye (11CGa), Jack Rice (11CHo), Abbie Steele (11CHo), William Whitbread (11CHo), Ben Whitehead (11SAr), Jack Whitehead (11AMi) and William Wright (11SWo) for receiving their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award cer ficates. Thanks To Regan Camps (8CRs), Shafira Collins (8CRs), Charlie Mullenger (8CRs) and Charley Reid (8CRs) for leading tours and suppor ng the internship interviews.

Parents’ Time Members of the Leadership Team will be available to see parents without appointment: Monday 9.00am—9.45am Tuesday 7.15am—8.00am Wednesday 3.00pm—3.45pm Thursday 5.00pm—6.00pm Friday 7.15am—8.00am

C7 Visit to St Omer On Friday 4th May, Cohort 7 had the opportunity to travel to St Omer in Northern France to prac se their speaking skills and to explore the culture that this small town has to offer. The day started at 5am when learners arrived in school – it was an early start but everybody was so excited and desperate to get going. We travelled to France from Folkestone. The learners found it very exci ng to watch the coach driver steer the coach onto the train – he managed to successfully drive the vehicle into an excep onally ght space! The journey from England to France took just 30 minutes and once we arrived in Calais we then travelled 45 minutes further un l we reached St Omer. Once we arrived learners split up into smaller groups to explore the town and the first thing everybody did was to prac se their French in the bakeries and the ice cream shop so that they could buy things to eat and drink for lunch. I was very proud of everybody for trying their best to communicate using the target language and doing this definitely gave everyone a confidence boost! The town was great as there were a lot of shops and we didn’t hear any spoken English anywhere at all as it was a typical French town. We ate lunch in the park and learners had a fantas c me running off their energy in the sun! A erwards we went back to the town where learners con nued to complete their challenge booklets – some groups even had the opportunity to sit in a café and order from the menu (in French, of course!). A er we le St Omer, we went to the hypermarket where learners explored a giant supermarket! Most people went straight to the confec onary aisle! We finally arrived back at school at 8.45pm. I would like to congratulate Cohort 7 for their enthusias c and posi ve engagement on the day and thank the accompanying members of staff who made such a valuable contribu on to the day. Mrs Hoogakker Comments from youngsters: Saint Omer was really fun, busy and educa onal because we were allowed to explore and learn at the same me. My favourite part was when I ordered something at the pa sserie because a french lady commented on how good my french was. Also, I enjoyed going around with my friends. Xanthe Goodman 7JLa I found Saint Omer really fun and interes ng it was a great experience for us I especially enjoyed the scenery. Maizie Nixon 7DPe I found the trip fun, exci ng and different because some mes you might go to a museum or something. But this trip was way different especially as we went to France for a whole day. I learnt quite a lot from it especially different phrases. I also got more intrigued in learning the phrases that I booked an mlc. I also got to talk to my friends and have fun with them especially on the bus. I really enjoyed this day and loved talking the French. I liked being in my group with some friends and got to talk to new people and made some new friends. I loved this day. I was hoping it would never end. Makala Dunne 7MHa I loved the day, especially ordering in the cafe. Patrick Smith 7AGi I really enjoyed the day. I enjoyed si ng in the park ea ng lunch and I managed to use my French. Ben Gaskell 7AGi

Duke of Edinburgh Presenta on

Liam Chapman, Louis Clements, Josh Colairo, Anjelina Fox, Morgan Harrod, Ella King, Annabelle Kitching, Ben Lown, Ben McSweeney, Philippa Miller, Emily Milner, Callum Pennock, Amy Pye, Jack Rice, Abbie Steele, William Whitbread, Ben Whitehead, Jack Whitehead, William Wright On Wednesday 9th May 2018, our Cohort 11 Duke of Edinburgh par cipants proudly received their Bronze Award Cer ficates from Mr Saunders, at a lunch me celebra on. To achieve this Award the youngsters took on a challenging programme of ac vi es which included learning new skills, helping others, taking on a physical challenge and learning how to be self-sufficient on Expedi on. Experienঞal learning They learnt such things as naviga on, first aid, camp cra , problem solving and how to respond in an emergency situa on. They increased their confidence, persisted even when it was really tough (it was scorching on the weekend of the final expedi on), improved their communica on skills, learned the importance of planning ahead and they could only have achieved this Award by working together as a team! This was a great group of young people, some of whom will have made lifelong friendships through their shared experiences. I know they all felt a great sense of achievement at the end of their expedi on and the Award is well deserved. Some of the group have chosen to go on to take commence their silver award over the coming months. Remember, many organisa ons such as employers, colleges and universi es take a good view of the Award and what it says about the person who has achieved it. But mostly what the Group will remember are the friends, fun and adventures that they shared as a team. Congratula ons, we’re proud to have been part of your journey! Mr Ramsay and Mrs Palmer

Primary Challenge Primary Challenges for Year 5 and 6 youngsters from the local area have begun for the summer term. Over 50 learners from a range of primary schools, including St Peter’s, Earls Colne, Kelvedon St Mary’s, Rivenhall, Silver End, S sted, Soaring High, Great Bradford’s, St Andrew’s and Lyons Hall, have joined us for this term to enjoy extending their learning in either Art, Compu ng, Dance, English, Humani es, PE, Science or Technology. Our newly appointed Cohort 6 Ambassadors have been busy helping out and have shared below what they have been up to: Every Wednesday we welcome the Year 5’s and Year 6’s into school and take them to their chosen a er school club. They have many op ons so it takes a while to get them all in and to the correct loca on! Every me they come in they are so excited to start their ac vi es and are learning new things every week. We, as ambassadors, pop into the clubs and see what exci ng things they are up to, helping out if any children have ques ons or want help. It is a great way for the younger learners to express their feelings towards their chosen subject and to experience learning in a secondary school environment. (Eva, Hannah, Lily and Sam, Cohort 6 Ambassadors) There are s ll spaces in some of the Primary Challenges. Please contact Emma Reece at if your child would like to take part in this opportunity. Mrs Reece, Cohort 6 and Primary Transi on Leader

C11 Macbeth On Thursday 10th May 43 C11s and 4 members of staff met at the Odeon cinema to watch the Na onal Theatre produc on of Macbeth. This is worth 20% of the English Literature GCSE so it was a great opportunity for the learners to see the text performed as a play. The produc on was a dark version of the play which matched the text’s themes of ambi on, blood and honour. The learners represented the school brilliantly and enjoyed the performance. I wish them all the very best for their exams coming up soon! Mrs Sparrow

C8 Netball

On Friday th May, Cohort 8 undertook the first Netball game of our inter-LG challenge this term. 8DCa, 8KAr and 8APr all played a game of 8 minutes in order to win and progress through to the semi-finals. All teams played fantas cally well considering most learners had very li le experience and showed some brilliant collabora ve skills. Congratula ons to 8KAr who won and will play the winners of the next two games in the semi-finals on the 25th May! Learners Report by Gabby Assuman 8PBl Last Friday 8PBL started a netball match. The first forms to play was 8DCA, 8KAR and 8APR. But 8KAR came out with a win twice! All of the forms played worked collabora vely and supported each other in the matches. The players who stood out where: Jack Newnham, Ashtyn Newley, Hannah Read and Emily Pya But everyone worked really well together.

LS3 with 9SPl A bit of fun in LS3 for 9SPl this week! Mrs Khoshkhou sends out a science update with experiments for the learners to try at home. 9SPl decided to give it a go and grew their own cress this week! #nevertoooldtogrowcress

This amateur production of “Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD.

My Learning Choices Enterprise & Soluঞons. MLCs this week are available to C7 learners that would like to develop their understanding of what the key differences are between sole traders, partnerships and franchises. Sessions will also be available for C8s that would like help developing their inves ga on into Social Enterprises. Business Studies. MLCs this week will be focused on the ‘Mo va on and Reten on’ and ‘hierarchical structures’, as C9 learners con nue to work through the ‘Human Resources’ unit and start their Case Study 3 inves ga on. Sessions will also be available for C10s who would like to go over any aspects of the course following their two mock exam papers.

Important Dates 13th May - French Exchange Honywood go to France 14th May - GCSE Exams Commence 18th May - French Exchange Return Home 28th May - 1st June Half Term 12th June - Intake Day 1 14th June - Intake Day 2 14th June - Intake Evening 7pm

English Please spend some me reviewing your most recent learning points in English. What is it you need to do to improve? Do you know how to move forward with your learning? We have many members of the English team available for you to book an MLC appointment with. Your 1:1 or small group MLC session could be focused on improving an aspect of your wri ng or tackling a par cular ques on on the GCSE language papers. It might be that you’re finding poetry tricky or the study of a par cular text is causing you concern. Whatever it is, don’t hesitate to book an MLC today. MFL Cohorts 7 and 8, there are Modern Languages MLCs available for French, German and Spanish. Your teachers can support you will all aspects of your learning, including pronuncia on, listening skills and memory strategies.

Well Done

to our Cohort 8 Duty Recep onists Molly Mead Sammer Garvey Freddie North Freddie Penrose

Family Learning Team email If your youngster is absent please email a

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