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Headlines By James Saunders 15th March 2019

Guided choices

Wednesday was my first guided choices evening and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We should never underestimate how daunting it can appear for our C8s and their parents. I hope that our staff made the process seem less daunting through the advice and guidance they gave. It is easy to think that, for our learners, the rest of their lives rests on the decisions they will be making over the next few weeks but in reality we all know there will be a whole host of decisions that they have yet to make that will hold more significance in their lives. I think it is important to remain grounded in this so that we do not create additional pressure or anxiety for our learners. The process is called ‘Guided’ Choices to reflect the fact that we are guiding them through it. Our curriculum is designed to be broad and balanced. The structure of the choices they can make dictates that, to some extent. Most combinations that our learners will select will meet this criteria, however, I feel it is still worth bearing in mind that we want them to make the right choices for themselves; choices that they own. I shared the following venn diagram with families on Wednesday:

To achieve success, learners need to think about a combination of what they aspire to do in the future as well as what might help them in the future, combined with what they are good at and what they enjoy. If too much emphasis is placed on one at the expense of another then they will not be as motivated to be successful. The classic mistake being to choose a subject based solely on the teacher.

As learning reviews begin, LGLs will be in a great position to talk to learners about their aspirations. This is key to any IAG (Information Advice and Guidance) conversation and parents can support us with this. In any career there will be things you enjoy and things you must endure. This was a conversation I had just this week in a learning review. Once our learners, at any level, start to understand, this it is a lot easier to support them to achieve their goals. We don’t always like every aspect of our jobs yet we understand the need for them. We don’t get to pick and choose everything we do at work. This is no different to the broad and balanced curriculum we offer our learners. Whilst we are proud to offer a curriculum that contains choice, we need to recognise that there are still things we must do that may not necessarily have been chosen. We often hear statistics about the uncertainty of the job market in the future; how there are jobs that don’t yet exist. This is why it is important for learners to recognise that the curriculum choices they make or have to take are designed to support them as they churn their way through the unknown landscape of the future.

At Honywood we aim to for learners to leave us happy and successful; to go on and leave fulfilling lives. I ended my presentation on Wednesday by talking about the Japanese concept of IKIGAI - the reason for being. I think is a great way to support conversations about choice and aspiration.

What I love about this is that it helps to to identify purpose in life. I think working in a school offers IKIGAI and most days I think I have found it. I hope you have too.

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Headlines by James Saunders - 15 March 2019  

Headlines by James Saunders - 15 March 2019