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MAY/JUN 2017


How Two Broke, Blue Collar Workers Earn a Combined


John Haremza & Korey Johnson



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Grant Finds Both with Work or Leonard 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Pleasure?

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Work or Pleasure?

Leonard Grant Finds Both with 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle “I do what I want, when I want, and I decide how much money I want to make each day. Exactly how is this possible, particularly the part about deciding how much money I’ll make? Hi, I’m Leonard Grant! I’m about to reveal to you the head surgery that crippled my entire right side, caused me to lose my speech, forced me into foreclosure and turn me into a WORLD TRAVELING 3-5 DAYS A WEEK working MILLIONAIRE. The good news is you don’t have to have an accident like mine to get the same EASY, WEALTHY, LIFESTYLE. In fact, it’s easier if you don’t!!!

The Whole Truth! But first, let me tell you how I got there….in late January 2011 I was driving home from my friend’s birthday party. It was late at night and I WAS EXHAUSTED FROM WORKING SO MUCH. My life was an endless workday and much of it was the same mind numbing tasks day in and day out. I was about 10 minutes into the drive, when I felt a mind-numbing pain inside my head. I got home and immediately took two Advil. But the pain persisted through the weekend. I had had enough and felt there was something wrong. Immediately I called my doctor and scheduled an appointment. I remember him referring me to the Neurologist who ran several tests on my head. To make a long story short the Neurologist told me that I had a cyst in my head and that I needed to have surgery immediately.

A Day I Will Never Forget! February 8th, 2011 is a day I will NEVER forget. I remember going to the hospital approximately 7:15am, changing into the surgery garb and shortly thereafter I had the surgery. The next thing I remember is I woke up in a recovery room. I woke up screaming in agonizing pain. My speech was GONE, so badly in fact, that the nurses had rushed me to have a CT scan done. The only thing they were 100% clear on was that I would NEVER be able to speak the way I was used to…. EVER AGAIN.


Now I’m not talking about most head injuries, where over a period you’d recover. My speech was GONE. My entire right side was completely numb. My right-side MUSCLES felt as if they were COMPLETELY ripped out and it appears, I would never be able to WRITE,

TYPE or even pick up ANYTHING again with my right hand. I essentially had ONE-ARM! To make matters worse it was my dominate arm that was destroyed. During my recovery (about 2 months after the surgery) I felt this sharp pain inside my chest. I’m strong and before the initial surgery I had not been hospitalized before. But this pain was sharp and I could barely move. I rushed to the emergency room and the doctor told me that God was on my side. Had I not gone to the emergency room I probably would have died. You see I had blood clots in my right leg, right lung and pneumonia. Holy Cow!!! I laid in the hospital bed DEFEATED, not sure where my life would go wondering if I even wanted to live to find out. Between the speech, occupational and physical therapies I had to endure, being on Coumadin (blood thinners) for the rest of my life and being confined to an oversized sofa, all I could really do was text or surf the web from my iPhone. I was in a dark place and had pretty much lost all hope!

My Confession… I was down on my luck and couldn’t continue living like this. Then I was checking my e-mail when a friend, Joe from Philadelphia e-mail had caught my attention. I was looking for something; anything I could do from home that didn’t require me talking on the phone. Mind you I only have about 85% of my speech back. I immediately visited his website and did my due diligence before even e-mailing Joe. Once I had heard enough it was time for me to e-mail him. He said since you have some extra time I thought you might like this…THIS could be your light at the end of the tunnel.

responses (people that opted-in to my autoresponder systems) from people who had visited my website wanting to get more information about my amazing system. Within the next 5 days I got 2 people that e-mailed me that they wanted to get started. One member joined at the $3,500 Level and another joined at the $6,500 Level. That’s a gross profit of $10,000 in 2-3 days and off one ad that I paid $100 for. And my automated systems are “dripping” on the others that have not yet joined. I will show you how to have similar results too. “Basically, we don’t sell anything, its transferring information. We don’t have to do any cold calling – most people call, text and or e-mail me. “I can show you how to generate an extra $2,000$3,500 a week on a shoestring budget or I can show you how to be more aggressive and generate $20,000$30,000 a month or more. Some of the tools I’ve made available to my members to bring in such fantastic results are advertising with emails, SMS text messaging, magazine ads and solo ads for e-mail marketing to opt-in list. The above ads direct potential participants to a website like this one. The websites do most of the sorting for you thereby weeding out the “time wasters” and putting you in front of serious prospects that want to really and truly once and for all generate cash. Note: I pay various vendors to create these tools and pass them on to you at cost and in most cases FREE to you. The support here is enormous. We provide informational materials, webinars (live and recorded), marketing websites and systems that allow you to decide how much cash you want to make daily. “My systems are the result of so many successful members on my team. “If you can send an e-mail, you can and will achieve success with this business.” Keep this in mind; “systems” are duplicatable, people aren’t. I’ve been experiencing a tremendous amount of success doing this business and I can help you to do the same.

I Was Pleasantly Surprised…. I recalled Joe had revealed a simple (yet powerful) system for generating money at will. I was stunned that more people didn’t think of it. So, I eagerly jump at the opportunity to gain this valuable knowledge and said YES to his generous proposition. The very next day I went to my bank, got a cashier’s check for $22,000.00 and Fed-Ex it overnight to my new mentor so I could join his business and receive my getting started materials. So, for 3 full months, I listened and watch very closely all the materials in the back office, until I learned from A to Z how this financial system was generating thousands of dollars EVERY SINGLE DAY for average people. I was amazed! I’ll always be grateful to Joe for teaching me his fast and easy money making secrets.”

Suddenly, It Started Making Money for Me! At first it was unbelievable… Since doing this, my cash profits have exploded. I handle numerous calls each week! On one day, I received as many as 37 e-mails from people who responded to my ads. 18th,

On February I paid $100 for an e-mail campaign to a small list of 2,125 prospects. Within 3 days I had 69

I attribute that to my proprietary marketing systems that are bringing in cash profits almost weekly. On a typical day, I take the 30-second commute from my bedroom to my office.

22K Level Team Leader I have control over my Coach Leonard

days. If I want to work all day (normally 3 hours tops), then that’s what I do. If I’d rather spend time with my family, then that’s what I do. I approach each day with the thought, “If you find a business that you really like, you’ll never have to work again.” I’ve found a business for generating cash that

I love and have fun all day long with a system I could do just about anywhere – even while on vacation. To Your Success, Leonard Grant

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How Two Broke, Blue Collar Workers Earn a Combined


Before John Haremza ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire, he was a maintenance worker at a potato chip factory in Perham, Minnesota. Being dyslexic and misunderstood, he had spent the first 18 years of his life trying to be invisible. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t read or write. Even his parents, friends and teachers didn’t understand. He was placed in special classes with other kids who were mentally retarded or struggling in other ways. He was constantly teased and ridiculed by his peers. For John this was a long, long period of frustration and it totally destroyed any self-esteem he had. Just imagine this! As a teenager John just wanted to be invisible, he wanted to disappear. Though he was never very good at reading or writing, John was always good with his hands. He enjoyed his work in the potato chip factory, where he eventually became the maintenance manager. He quickly earned the respect of his team, because he was a hands-on kind of guy, always on the floor teaching and showing others how to do things, rather than just giving them written instructions. Of course he couldn’t give 16

written instructions because of his dyslexia, but they did not know that. John was careful to hide the fact that he could not read. So, how did this unlikely millionaire become a huge MLM success story? It all started when a friend invited him to take a look at a water filter business. John assumed his friend needed him to help build a display or check out a product. Being shy and introverted, he had never considered sales, but when he saw the potential of MLM, he immediately wrote a post-dated check and bought four units. Then with borrowed money he invested $5000. Later his brother wanted to join the business and John reluctantly agreed, but he made his brother promise to keep it a secret. John did not want competition in his amazing new business. Imagine being in network marketing and wanting to keep it a secret! He soon discovered the incredible personal development side of multi-level marketing. As he began to grow as a person and discover his true self, he began to experience more and more success. Within four years, at the young age of 24, John became the top income earner in that company.

So, what about Korey? Korey was employed as an electrician at the time. He did not like his job at all, and he didn’t see it heading anywhere good, so he started a job hunt. As fate would have it, Korey responded to an ad John had posted in the local newspaper. Korey actually thought he was going to a job interview. When he arrived at John’s MLM meeting he was determined to make his way out the door at the first break, so he waited impatiently. Then Korey spied one of John’s MLM paychecks laying around. Curiosity got the best of him, so he had to look. What he saw nearly blew his mind! John’s commission check was greater than what Korey earned in an entire year, so Korey decided to stick around for a while. His attitude about network marketing quickly changed. Korey spent the next few days selling everything he could live without to scrape together enough money to join John in his company. Since that day, the pair has been an unstoppable force in the network marketing industry. Together, they’ve earned a combined $23 million in their network marketing careers. Even more Advertising Pays! Ask our advertisers.

RIGHT OR ALMOST RIGHT: impressive, because of John and Korey’s leadership, mentoring, and support, their team members have earned a combined $300 million over the years. Eventually, John and Korey went separate ways in business for a while, as John decided to move on from his first network company in favor of a newer, younger company with consumable products. But, John and Korey remained in close contact with one another, and continued their close friendship throughout many years. John joined a nutritional company and quickly rose to the top again, becoming one of the top 15 income earners in that company. The company was eventually sold, and then sold again. John lost his belief and trust in what he was doing, but he never lost his faith in the network marketing industry. He took a

huge risk on a start-up company as master distributor and led that distributor force to over $4 million a month. After 12 years in that company and almost 30 years of industry experience, John wrote a book to share all that he has learned. In his best-selling book called Right or Almost Right: the Fine Line between Phenomenal Success and Average Results in Network Marketing, John emphasizes how MLM success is all about how you treat people. He explains that people need to know you care about them. They need to feel valued, appreciated, and heard. John explains that sometimes the seemingly most unlikely person in your organization leads you to the next great business builder. He stresses that you should never write anyone off, disregard their value, or burn any bridges. John’s book discusses the five critical elements to consider when evaluating a network marketing company. They include: the company, the product, the compensation plan, the timing, and the training and support. If a company is lacking in any one or two of these areas, John explains, no matter how talented a distributor is or how hard they work, they will not see the success they envisioned. John tells me there’s one more elusive sixth quality that makes a company stand out from all the rest. That’s heart. He says it’s rare to find a company that has a real sincere culture, a great

God Bless America!

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How Two Broke, Blue Collar Workers Earn a Combined

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Because of John and Korey’s leadership, mentoring, and support, their team members have made a combined $300 MILLION over the years.

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By Richard Potts

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Mike & Marsha Akins

Humanitarians are different! Humanitarians do not give up so easily! They hang in there for their distributors' sake, even at personal financial risk. The founders of this company have proven their distributors come first. Mike has shown the same commitment. No one in the industry has provided the degree of support that Mike has provided his distributors through his staff and personal involvement.

Most leaders with Mike's level of experience typically work only with the fast movers. The average networker that could actually be great with the right help and strategy often will not In 2001, Money Maker's Monthly said, become his or her best due to the strategies of "Industry veterans proclaim him the greatest the heavy hitters who want to move as fast as networker in the world." In 2014, Mike was possible. nominated for the "Distributor of the Year" category by the members of The Academy of Mike has been successfully involved in this Multilevel Marketing. I believe this is because industry for 49+ years. I was astonished when Mike is humble, caring, and sacrificial. he told me that he couldn't, in all good conscience, bring new distributors into Mike's impact on my life and the lives of my outdated programs that focus on a handful of loved ones was spiritual, financial, and leaders at the top and not on the other seven health-wise. I am now 83 years young and categories of networkers. still have never met anyone like Mike Akins. He gives all of the credit to his Creator. Mike decided to finance the most extensive study ever done on the network marketing Over the years, I have watched Mike train a industry. The study was conducted by staff of individuals (Professional Networkers) Research & Marketing Consultants (a company that have his same love and passion for Mike owned). This study lasted 3½ years and Mike's distributors and customers. They are researched more than 50 years of MLM history. true humanitarians. Having an upline of true The study included 342 of the top MLM humanitarians makes a world of a difference programs (later more than 1,000 programs). in the degree of support you receive. True You need to get your hands on this study. humanitarians do not put personal financial gain before their distributors' well-being. A The research examined marketing trends, number of companies have sold out to larger attrition/retention factors, marketing and companies or pharmaceutical companies product strategies, as well as the factors that generally change the pay plan in favor of involved in developing lasting success in this the company. Others go public, and industry. Mike says, "Company success doesn't stockholders generally only care about always equal distributor success." Mike money. Many MLM companies go out of selected what he is convinced is the #1 MLM business when things get tough. opportunity in the world.

Lauren Roberts



888-245-1056 620-860-0135 EMAIL:



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Mike helped the company develop the compensation program and conducted the first training seminar for their management team (before he joined) when there was only one other distributor. This company also flew Mike to the corporate office to do seminars for its staff.

in the company. Also, his organization in the MLM company that he is working has 14 of the 18 highest ranking leaders (6-figure monthly incomes) and 87 of the 115 secondhighest ranking leaders (high 5-figure monthly incomes). Even more important is the success at the grassroots level--distributors earning from $500 to several thousand per month. In addition, these distributors and customers are experiencing the benefits of life-transforming products that are patented, exclusive, unique, and extremely effective!!

Mike has decided to develop a new leg, his first since 2002. Lauren Roberts will head up this new leg. Lauren worked for Mike as a staff member for five years. She is an ordained minister, missionary, and has traveled with Mike and Marsha Akins to minister to orphans throughout the world. Mike believes Lauren is one of the most talented leaders that he has seen in his 49year MLM career and has the potential to lead thousands of distributors to the top with her.

One of these outstanding achievers was formerly a maid and another was a garbage collector. One of the highest paid leaders was a night watchman. I have never seen anything like this.

Lauren doesn't look at individuals who join this journey with her as just dollar signs. She genuinely cares about the well-being of each and every person on her team and takes a personal interest in helping them achieve the success they deserve. Lauren works tirelessly, day and night, making phone calls, sending emails, traveling, and strategizing with team members around the world to help make their dreams become a reality.

His vision for this company has come true. This company paid its distributors $1.2 billion on $2 billion in actual revenue not just on a point system. It is debt free, with an A+ rating with the BBB, manufactures its own products, and has received many awards from the Direct Selling Association for the More than 60% of these high quality of its products and for customer achievers were new to network marketing. Of the remaining 40%, service. about 95% had never achieved a More important to Mike is that he is high level of success, in spite of seeing more success for his beloved having the potential to do so. Mike distributors than any time in his four- specializes in providing training and for this category of decade career. The products are support distributors. changing lives all over the world! Mike and his Professional Networkers staff are a legend in this industry for helping newcomers to the industry and grassroots distributors achieve optimal success. He empowers them to be their best. Mike says, "It's all about teamwork."

There are thousands of successful networkers in Mike's organization of 450,000+ distributors and customers, scattered throughout more than 90 countries. Mike's $23+ million in monthly organizational volume is mostly produced by his distributors and leaders in his primary three legs. These three legs are on cruisecontrol due to a great number of very leaders servicing his This team has helped so many dynamic networkers achieve their dreams and worldwide organization. literally change their lives. They are like a magnet that draws like-minded A few of his staff members are now people into his business. Mike has developing their own businesses. been blessed with an organization full Mike says, "They have given me their best years, and now it's my turn to of heartfelt leaders all over the world. give them my best." I believe this is why his organization includes 100+++ million-dollar earners Mike lives on 5% of his income while he invests the rest into supporting his distributors and his humanitarian endeavors. One way Mike supports his members is by providing his distributors with a professional staff. Many of these staff members have been with him for 15-30+ years.

For Lauren, this opportunity is about much more than making money or enjoying a more lavish lifestyle. It is about making a genuine difference in the health of others while at the same time laying the foundation for a future where she can pursue her humanitarian goals of supporting children and orphanages around the world.

Lauren knows that, in order to achieve her dreams of making a difference in the lives of others, she must help others do the same, and that is what she will do for you too! If you want to work with leaders that will sincerely care about your success beyond what you can do for them, I suggest you jump on board.

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OUR COMPANY HAS BEEN IN BUSINESS SINCE 1998 AND HAS BROKEN SALES RECORDS EVERY YEAR - A+ member Better Business Bureau - Debt-free company - World-renowned research team - Manufactures its own products - Ground floor relative to potential - No inventories - Just connect people with the company - Highest paying compensation plan in the world! - Out of first $2 billion in total revenue, $1.2 billion (60%) paid back to members - Humanitarians. Over 5.1 million meals donated to orphanages and children around the world. 70-80% OF THE TOP RANKED LEADERS ARE ON OUR TEAM - We generate about $23+ million in monthly volume - 14 of the 18 highest ranking leaders (6-figure monthly incomes) - 87 of the 115 second highest ranking leaders (High 5-figure monthly incomes) - NEW LEG! WE KNOW HOW TO HELP YOU BUILD!


Mike Akins has 49+ years of successful network marketing experience.

We can assure you that anyone who joins our team is much more than just a dollar sign to us. We genuinely care about you and your success. If you decide this is the right journey for you, you will receive our help and the full support, tools, and resources of Mike Akins & the PN staff. Thank you for your consideration.


God Bless America!

Mike & Marsha Akins with Lauren Roberts


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The other problem people have is not choosing the right company with the right products.

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BELIEF – Belief is trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something. You have to fully believe in the company, the products, the compensation plan and your mentor (or team member) you’ve joined. If any of these are missing, it’s much more difficult to achieve your desired goals or dreams. COMMITMENT – Commitment is a promise to be loyal to someone or something: it’s also the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something. In order to grow your business you have to be committed for the long-haul. There are going to be other opportunities that come and go, but you must remain steadfast on the path that you’re on. Keep your blinders on and don’t go chasing shiny objects or worse, squirrels! [Smile] PERSISTENCE – Persistence is the quality that allows someone to continue doing 30

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By Korey Johnson

potential inside your mind and body. Now you must believe it and go out and do what you’re destined to do. To quote Amy Leigh Mercree, “Every single person is sacred. Sacred means special, precious, a treasure of true beauty. That means you.” Learn more about Korey Johnson in this issue on page 16-17, or visit him at for more tips and mentoring.

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Allow me to Mentor You To $15,000 To $20,000 A Month Entrepreneurial Mom’s ✔ Survival Checklist ❏

By Christine Perkio Work-At-Home Mom. Entrepreneur. Network Marketing Professional.

Who says moms can’t have it all? When done right, we can have our own business in direct sales, be a stay-at-home mom, and do well in both arenas. I know because I’ve done it – not once, but twice over the past several years.

#3: Make your own homegrown cheer squad

#8: Look after yourself! After all, you count!

Involve your children in the business. Reward everyone when you reach a milestone together.

Make each of these 8 survival strategies a habit and over time you’ll move from surviving to thriving in business.

When my daughter was born I struggled with both roles but through trial and error I learned how to navigate. Since then I’ve vowed to help other moms learn to manage without burn out.

Keep the kids occupied for short periods of time while you’re on the phone or online. Plan ahead.

Here is a survival checklist that will help guide you through the rough waters of growing your own business while being a stay-at-home mom.

Keep TV access up your sleeve - pre record programs. Let them watch only while you’re doing business.

#1: View your business as a marathon, not a sprint Setting realistic goals while maintaining a long- term perspective is crucial to not feeling overwhelmed. #2: Focus on the bottom line: Retail and Recruit We get paid to get customers and recruit business partners. 32

#4: Invest in the dollar store

#5: Reserve special treats for business time

#6: Each night, highlight what’s critical tomorrow List “to dos”. Star critical ones. Sweep others off the plate. #7: Learn to Say “No”! Say “Yes” to what will benefit the kids and your business. Remember, you are not customer service.

Christine has earned a residual income from Network Marketing for 16 years working part-time. As a stay-at-home Mom, she understands the dynamic of making her children a priority while earning an income. Helping moms do the same is one of her greatest passions. Christine is a Founding Brand Partner of a new networking marketing venture. Advertising Pays! Ask our advertisers.



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Two Steps to DOUBT AND FEAR The #1 concern of networkers is fear stemming from a variety of sources: fear of falling flat on our face, fear of losing our reputation, fear of looking incompetent, fear of friends, family and colleagues’ disapproval, fear of failure, fear of change, fear of stepping up, fear of losing control, and yes, even fear of success. The question is how do you overcome fear and take control of your business and life? It’s not as complicated as you might think. There are 2 steps: Step 1: Acknowledge your fears. Do not sit in denial – unearth the truth. What is it that you fear most about growing your business? It’s impossible to deal with issues that are unacknowledged. Self-sabotage in network marketing often stems from unconscious fears. So, go ahead and ask yourself this question – what is it that I’m 36

afraid of regarding my business? Once you acknowledge your fears, you will lift the weight off your shoulders and move to step 2, resolving the dilemma.

By Valerie Bates Networker. Coach. Author. Entrepreneur. inevitable cycle of building self-confidence grows. You demonstrate what’s possible and your business and life flows from that strength of character.

Step 2: Step forward in the face of fear. Waiting for the fear to go away doesn’t work. What does work is taking action in the face of fear. That’s what changes the equation. Nelson Mandela was once asked, “How did you have the courage to do what you did?” He answered that he never thought of himself as having courage. He was often afraid and yet he stepped forward. His bigger goal (his “Why”) was more dominant than his fear. What’s your “Why” for building your business? Get passionate about it and step forward in spite of fears. Your purpose must outshine them. In the very act of stepping forward you muster strength and courage and the

Valerie Bates - Networker. Coach. Author. Entrepreneur. Valerie has mentored, coached, & trained thousands. Bestselling author of 5 books, 18-years in NWM, former Master Distributor, top earner, Valerie is growing a team in a new NWM venture. Advertising Pays! Ask our advertisers.


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"Biblical Keys to Network Marketing!" by Paul Mason The Holy Bible is the eternal guide book for success in every facet of life, the network marketing industry being no exception. And, for true success and blessing, both temporal and eternal, one must put the eternal first. In fact, Jesus Christ, gave us the model for networking. He recruited 12 men, taught them the

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Seems strange that multitudes reject the greatest offer of all time. (Eternal Life). The Biblical principles of networking apply to everyone, but especially those who profess faith in its author, Jesus Christ. Saint Matthew, in his gospel, records the words of Christ,“ Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all (needful) things will be added unto you.” (Matt.6:33) But we, as mortals, are so short sighted, just like the rich man in Luke’s gospel who stored up riches only for his own benefit. God called him a fool because he had no regard, or time, for God, for others, or any preparation for eternity. The apostle Paul wrote,“If in this life only we have hope, we are of all men most miserable”,and three of the gospel writers sound the warning,“What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” Sorry to say, we live in a materialistic world and even many MLM companies are structured to benefit the greedy, rather than the needy. Seems that most who are pursuing the many opportunities being offered are primarily interested in the earning potential (Does it have the potential to make me rich?" It has been said that if we help others get what they need we will have no lack of the things we need. Those who covet riches, to consume upon their own lust, will fall into temptation and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men (and women) into ruin and destruction. (1 Timothy 6:9) Anyone who thinks they must have more material “things” to be successful, is believing a lie! Any time a person is more interested in selling a product than ministering to some ones need, that person is only serving their own selfish desires.“The liberal soul shall be blessed and he that blesses will himself be blessed." (Proverbs 11:25) Multi-level marketing requires two basic ingredients, according to the Biblical definition; first, service to God, and second, service to others. The wisest man who ever lived (second only to Christ) and learned many lessons the hard way said,”He who loves money will never be satisfied with money, nor he who loves abundance with it’s income.” (Ecclesiastes 5:10) Remember the “law of the harvest”.(Galatians 6:7) We reap only after we sow. We reap what we so. We reap more than we sow, whether good or evil. (What goes around comes around). We must sow only good seed, into good ground and carefully tend and nourish the resulting crop all the way to fruition.“Let us not become weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” (Galatians 6:9) “Only one life, will soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last.” Paul, and wife Eunice, of 60 years, reside in New Mexico. Paul has 50 years experience in MLM. “I think I have just about seen it all,” he says. The Lord has blessed the Mason’s with three daughters and two sons, all married to their original spouses; two past 30 years, two near 25 years and one for over 15 years. They have 12 living grand children (one de-ceased). Paul and Eunice are “sort of ” retired, spending most of their time in church work, gardening, and visiting their extended families. Spare time is very limited, but Paul still finds time for some MLM activities. Feel free to communicate with him by email:

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God Bless America!


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“I’m goin g strong and flyin g high,” Sistah Vic kie proclaim s!

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If you’d like e! g feature , she’s d in HBA Sistah Vic to learn more abo Earning kie $3,200-$9 ’s per and how sonal suc ut ,700 per ces Sistah Vick month… you ver ie y own tra can start you s and her hom is a self-described r vel bu ww “pe e sin ople person business w.DefySu ess fits in per is her lifes ” , visit fect Don’t ign of her hea ly with all the pas tyle choice. It today. sions and ore this art rt, and she desires years like icle for a is living her dream Sistah Vic few kie once of

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By Dr. Dick Pritchard

Dr. Dick’s Downline Building by Mail:

Bringing in the


that Most Builders Miss As you know, Donald Trump was recently elected President of the USA. Love him or hate him, he pulled off an election surprise that still has many political “pros” mystified. President Trump himself says he focused his campaign on the “forgotten” Americans – middle class folks in the heartland that believed politicians had abandoned them. And, if you look at the electoral map, that’s who put him into the White House. Now, this column is NOT about politics, so stay with me. What Trump pulled off in the political world is also more than possible in the network marketing world. Who are the “forgotten” in network marketing and why are they being ignored? Big time builders (and most network marketing companies) focus on millennials, females, yuppies, frustrated corporate job holders, etc. – all fine. They’re fighting each other for those pieces of the prospect market – coming up with more focused websites, online ads, sales pitches, complicated pay plans, etc. We don’t completely ignore those groups. But our primary focus is on the MLM FORGOTTEN: OLDER AMERICANS. As I pointed out in my last column, most people on “biz opp” mailing lists are older (50s, 60s and even 70s and 80s). Quite a lot are not online. Most network marketers ignore that entire demographic. OK, let’s say you believe me when I say older people are being ignored in MLM. What appeals to them? What are their needs and problems? Big Problem #1: HEALTH. Older people 44

are VERY interested in improving or maintaining their health. They like nutritional supplements that help them avoid prescription medications – those that promote heart health, joint health, eye health, skin health – and offer to reduce the effects of aging. Big Problem #2: WEALTH. The financial challenges of senior citizenship have caught most older people by surprise. Social Security isn’t enough – and they worry about how “secure” it is. Retirement plans and IRAs/401-Ks are quickly depleted. Savings and CDs earn almost ZERO interest. They generally can’t or won’t invest thousands of dollars in an opportunity – no matter what the income potential. Unfortunately, this also makes them vulnerable to the many “chain letter” type scams that come in the mail almost daily. That brings up Big Problem #3: TRUST. Who can they trust? How can you EARN their trust, especially when they’ve fallen victim multiple times to scams?

CONTACT. If they have email, we subscribe them to our list, which insures multiple “drips” of follow-up messages. We have follow-up or “welcome” letters for our group to send to new people. The more contacts we make by phone or mail, they more they trust us. We also have weekly phone calls or recorded updates. They get to hear my voice. They feel they know who I am. TRUST. More than 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every single day now. Most of them need what we have. If you want to leave them all to me, make my day. I love having these folks in my downline. And that’s why my systems are geared to the FORGOTTEN. You can contact Dr. Dick at Dr. R. H. Pritchard, P.O. Box 340040, Columbus, OH 43234. Also see his YouTube channel at rhpritchard1945 and his ad on page 3.

Most of us can name multiple MLM opportunities that address Big Problems #1 and #2. However, if you want to address #3, you need to take “baby steps” before you go in for the close. That’s why we start with postcards. For a small S&H fee, they get the information they wanted. But it doesn’t stop there. They also get a recorded message and a phone number to call a LIVE person. We encourage our members to also follow up with a phone call. Because if you want to build trust, YOU MUST MAKE PERSONAL Advertising Pays! Ask our advertisers.

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manufacturing this form of cholesterol. The small-density LDL become very dangerous when oxidized. This pathway or change of events can be interrupted with statin drugs or with certain nutritional products. This principle is true with most genetic programming. Antioxidants can interrupt the oxidation of LDL, lowering the risk of damaging your arteries. In this article, I would like to address the damage we accumulate throughout our lives. One of the greatest factors in this lifetime process is glycation. Glycation is a fusion of a glucose molecule to a protein or lipid molecule without a managing enzyme. When this fusion takes place in one of your organs, the function of the organ is compromised. For example, glycation in the eyes leads to poor eyesight or a disease within your eyes.

and certain short chain carbohydrates increases glycation. Even what we call normal glucose levels cause some glycation after meal glucose spikes. The greatest damage from diabetes is glycation. What is the answer to this damaging process of glycation? First, decrease your consumption of refined sugar. Secondly, consume certain nutrients that can interrupt the glycation process. Carnosine, pyridoxal 5’-phosphate, and benfotiamine help control this glycation process. In the next issue, we will address inflammation. 800-460-6211 or 620-663-6418

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Do you want to become a better communicator? Be a reader! When your reading patterns include genres and topics outside your comfort zone, you will expand your vocabulary and language competence. Developing this habit helps master communication skills and transfers proficiency into many other areas of your life and business; including, public speaking, organizational management, and relaxation.

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Mike & Marsha Akins with Lauren Roberts

Lauren is heading up Mike s 4th primary leg Benefit from Mike's 49+ years of success in MLM! Also check out this anti-aging miracle! Mike is 69 years old and Marsha is 45 years old! Reduce your biological age!

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An interview with Chis Cannon

Customer That Says …

Chris Cannon had to learn responsibility at a very young age. He was born in Sarasota, Florida. When he was younger, he had an ideal family. He had a mother, father and 2 sisters that were very close. Then, one day when he was 7, he came home from school not knowing that his life was about to be turned upside down. His parents were waiting for him on the porch to tell him that they were separating and that he and his sisters were moving to Japan with his mother. This was very scary for Chris…he didn’t even know how to speak Japanese. He found himself in a foreign country at a young age having to look after his two sisters. His father was in another country and his mother was always working to support their family, so she was never around. In fact, he only saw his mother once or twice a month. This would have a powerful effect on Chris later in life, because he wanted to be there for his kids when they were growing up.

Today, Chris lives in Hawaii with his wife, Liz and his children (Mina, Christopher & Case). He is now living a life of total freedom! After continuing to earn a six-figure income, Liz was able to retire when they had their first child. Chris gets to work from home and be there for his family and work on his own schedule. To Chris, the money is great…but it’s the quality of family life that he is the most proud of. He is able to provide his children with the attention that he missed out on when he was a kid. They are able to put their children through private school, and Chris has the time to spend as a coach on his son’s baseball team.

“YES!” because they have a life changing product that truly makes a difference in people’s lives. They have proven founders with a long term vision for the company and a very simple but lucrative compensation plan. They have a turnkey marketing system that people can use to market to any of the 60 different countries that this product is available in. Most importantly, it’s affordable and allows everyone an opportunity to earn a significant income.

10 Customers = $750 a month 20 Customers = $1,500 a month 100 Customers To Chris, the secret to his success= is $7,500 a month very simple…put the team first and the money will follow. Just like Chris’s family is very important to him, he looks at his team as a part of his family. Everyone on his team has got each other’s back. His goal is to help improve the health and wealth of those people he encounters on a daily basis. It just so happens to be that he gets paid a very nice six-figure income for doing so in the process! With this outlook, it’s no surprise that Chris has the fastest growing team in his company.

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As Chris grew up, he played baseball and worked as an actor in the entertainment business. In 1996, one of Chris’s teammates introduced him for the first time to the concept of network marketing. Chris was very intrigued and decided to give it a try. Chris tried everything in the next couple of years, and ended up losing about $30,000 in the process. Even though he really couldn’t afford it, he continued to go to all the training seminars and conferences that he could to improve his skills. As a result of his persistence and the skills that he learned through his training seminars, he finally started making the big money that he always dreamed of. In his third year he earned a six-figure income for the first time in his life!

If you are like most people, you are probably reading through this magazine looking for a way to improve your financial future. Chris has been in your shoes and he’s found a way to provide his family with the financial security and peace of mind that they deserve. He’s looking to help as many other people achieve the same level of success as he has experienced. Find out how Chris can help you by visiting today!

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Having the right mindset is one thing, but you have to have the right vehicle. Chris carefully chose this company

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AS OF THIS PRINTING, CHRIS CANNON AND HIS TEAM, HAVE ALREADY HELPED… · 984 people reach Jade (avg. $255/mo.) · 203 people reach Pearl (avg.$756/mo.) · 114 people reach Sapphire (avg. $2,116/mo. + $500/ mo. car bonus) · 28 people reach Ruby (avg. $4,611/mo. + $500/mo car bonus) · 12 people reach Emerald (avg. $9,010/mo. car bonus + one-time, $5,000 bonus)


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