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MAR/APR 2016


PETER WOLFING “The Success Creator” See Pages 14 –15

2 Sales a Month = $100k+ a Year Fully Automated. We Close Your Sales! Business Partners Wanted! See next page

A Fully Automated Business

2 Sales a Month Can =

$100k a Year

Industry Leaders Gail Rahill & Sally Darling Introduce A Marketing System That Has Their Team Banking $2k-$22k Commissions per Sale!

tremendous compensation plan, and our team has a really successful marketing system that we all plug into.”

Starting a home based business can be a tricky venture. There is a lot involved and it takes considerable skills and knowledge to navigate what are, at times, turbulent waters. But, having the opportunity to lock arms with two industry leaders who have over 33 years of combined network marketing experience, and who have already led teams to great success, makes these waters much calmer. Add to that the ability to simply plug into a Fully Automated Marketing Success System that features fully paid magazine advertising and these leaders closing your sales, and the waters become downright smooth sailing. Introducing the TDi Pros Team, led by Sally Darling and Gail Rahill. With many years of experience in the network marketing industry, Sally and Gail have learned exactly what it takes to be successful. Long-time business partners who both left the corporate world to take advantage of the opportunity to work from home with their children, they have transformed countless hours of hard work, research, and trial and error into a formula that works for everyone. And they’ve taken that formula and refined it into an automated system for their TiDom Inc. team. TiDom is an abbreviated form of the words “time freedom” and it describes perfectly what members can achieve when they join this top-tier business with Sally’s and Gail’s team. “This is such a powerful business,” one 2 team member says. “TiDom has a

With TDi Pros: ~Your National Advertising Is Purchased For You! ~Your Professionally Written Prospect Email Campaign Is Done For You ~Your Sales Are Closed For You By Industry Leaders ~YOU Bank Commissions Of $2,000$22,000 Per Sale!

team member. “The advertising is done for us, and best of all, I don’t have to close my sales. That is such a huge relief! It’s so great to have a roadmap. It takes the guesswork out of running my business.” Gail explains, “We have made it as turnkey as possible. We’ve eliminated the things that cause people to fail and are completely committed to our team’s success. It doesn’t matter where you are in our organization. If you are on our team, you’ll receive our full attention.”

"Sally and I created TDiPros with one thought in mind," Gail says. "And that thought can be communicated with one word. Success. Quite simply put, Our Vision Is Your Success." - Gail Rahill

Gail says, “It’s great to be making this money, but what’s even better is investing in our team members’ success by buying each of them advertising so that they can hit the ground running. It’s a big reason why our team duplication is so high.”

TiDOM offers a wide range of product packages that appeal to people who desire to improve the overall quality of their financial and personal "health." "I love the products that are available," Sally says. "I have been using the health and wellness platform to meet my fitness goals for this year, and I'm on track to do just that. I'm thrilled." - Sally Darling

Sally and Gail are so committed to their members’ success that they invest 20% of their commissions to buy advertising for new members. And, as part of their marketing system, they teach every new team member to do exactly the same for each of their new members. “When you invest in advertising,” says Sally, “your income grows exponentially, so we teach our members to follow this simple strategy. Duplication is all about simplicity.”

To learn more about how you can earn a substantial income with TiDom Inc. on The TDiPros team, visit

The team’s National Advertising Co-op reaches 5.5 Million readers. And, to complete the process, Sally and Gail close their team members’ sales! “This is a complete system that works for everybody,” says a TDI Pros

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CTFO ID: 361878

HBA 3/16

Return coupon with $2 CASH or 4 First Class (Forever) stamps to:

Dr R. H. Pritchard ~ PO Box 340040 ~ Columbus, OH 43234-0040 God Bless America!




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Mar/Apr 2016 Issue 2/Vol 12


Publisher Bob Schwartz & Company

That Maybe YOU DON’T KNOW...

Associate Publisher Kyle E. Schmalhofer Wolf Enterprises Creative Director Maria Cummings-Miller National Marketing Directors Tom Ivey Cathy Weire

In the LAST 10+ YEARS of publishing Home Business Advertiser, almost 85% of our advertisers are renewals or referrals. It makes you really stop and ask yourself the question, “Why do so many HBA advertisers keep coming back for more?” 1)

H  BA reaches a total of over 25,000+ business opportunity seekers and buyers, 6x times a Josh, Bob, Nicole, Rebecca & year. (People who read HBA are looking for Jonah Schwartz Pull a 48” Red home based business opportunities, effective Drum up! - Virginia Beach, VA marketing ideas, leads, advertising and mailing list sources, and people to partner with.)

Consultants Rod Cook Marcie Cook George Madiou Troy Dooly


N  ot all, but many advertisers are running co-op advertisements. A co-op advertisement is where a co-op leader will 1) place an ad, and will 2) collect an equal amount of money from each co-op participant, and will 3) divide the leads that come from the ad equally to each co-op participant. You can get an 800# telephone rotator @ or by calling 1-800-743-1208 and asking for Lori.

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A  dvertisers are NOT trying to make 50, or 20, or even 10 SALES off their ads (although sometimes they do, depending on their particular business). Advertisers are generating incoming, inbound leads. Sometimes one, good, solid lead can develop into hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in sales for their business!


H  BA tends to hang around in readers’ homes or offices for a long time, often generating leads for months after each publication.

Sales Coordinators Joshua Schwartz Jonah Schwartz Elizabethe Bogrette

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R  epeat advertising creates a steady flow of leads. Plus, when readers see a business owner advertising for several issues in a row, they infer that the advertiser is legitimate, committed, and probably doing well.


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Bob Schwartz, Jr. CEO/Publisher

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PETER WOLFING Peter Wolfing’s National Wealth Center: a Formula for Success

There’s a new phenomenon emerging on the network marketing horizon, and its discovery just may revolutionize how the common networker does business. It’s not MLM, it’s not ordinary affiliate marketing, and it’s not a franchise opportunity, but rather a hybrid of the three that maximizes the benefits of each while completely eliminating their most inhibitive features. At the helm of this “enhanced affiliate program” called National Wealth Center is Peter Wolfing, a truthful, down-to-earth, behind-the-scenes kind of guy who has literally helped those in his organizations collectively earn well over $100,000,000 in commissions throughout his career as a networker. A lifelong entrepreneur, Peter has incorporated his great wealth of knowledge and experience into his now 2-year old National Wealth Center program, and the results have been 14 incredible.

A completely different kind of product What makes National Wealth Center so unique? Well, there are several factors, but one of the most important is a totally new type of product. You see, National Wealth Center’s product line is 100% digital. There are no “lotions, potions, or pills,” just good, solid educational products across seven categories, or business centers, each in a multi-billion dollar market. All products are delivered directly and instantaneously to customers through the digital media outlet of their choice—PC, iPad, android device, etc. Why is this so important? As Peter explains, “Typical network marketing companies only pay out 35-40% in commissions. One main reason is because they have physical products.” Peter says, “Between the research and development, manufacturing

and packaging, warehousing and fulfillment, staffing and the marketing and shipping, having physical products eats up approximately 30% of the selling price, so there just isn’t as much money left to pay out.” 100% of every sale is paid to the affiliates and break-even with your first sale! By comparison, National Wealth Center pays out 100% of the sale of each and every product to its affiliates! That’s right, Peter says, “We’ve learned over the past 17 years in the industry how to streamline everything, we’ve eliminated the hassles of selling physical products yet maintaining quality, and we’ve developed far superior products that support the industry, so we don’t need to take a portion of every sale. We’ve found a new way to slice up the pie; a massive 100% net commission goes Advertising Pays! Ask our advertisers.

to our affiliates. This virtually eliminates the risk because you make your product purchase back on the first sale you make!” We are a product focused company. Sales are made first, then if a customer so chooses, they can then become an affiliate for flat rate of only $19.95 p/m and sell the product package they have are active in. The seven business centers in National Wealth Center include three monthly subscription products that all work synergistically. Each can be purchased on its own or in combination: 1. Personal Development for $25 per mo. 2. Business Development for $50 per mo. 3. Wealth Development for $100 per mo. The remaining products are one-time purchase products: 4. Fitness Advantage for $250 5. Wealth Advantage Elite for $1,000 6. Network Marketing Elite for $3500 7. The Vault (includes every product in the company’s history) for $7,500. National Wealth Center rewards those that step up at the one-time product levels and take decisive action. If a customer purchasing any one-time product purchase, the lower priced one-time product business centers are included as well. For example, if a customer purchases The Vault business center, the Network Marketing Elite, Wealth Advantage and Fitness Advantage are also included. And, don’t forget, affiliates keep 100% of every sale they make (details to follow). So a $7,500 sale means $7,500 paid instantly to the affiliate. So, how does National Wealth Center work? Customers that choose to become affiliates simply purchase the National Wealth Center platform for a flat rate administrative fee of $19.95 per month and start selling products! It really is that simple. It does not matter how much or how little an affiliate sells. The administrative fee is always the same. God Bless America!

It’s like a flat rate cellular plan. Once price and all you can use. With National Wealth Center, it is one price and it is all you can make. It’s a first in the industry. It is brilliant and also revolutionary. A complete support system The platform includes a complete support system and set of tools that can be used to promote and build ANY kind of network marketing organization you may already be involved in. Some of the many features include a lead capture page, an auto responder, lead generation software, telephone broadcasting software, web hosting, technical support, a digital subscription to Success Magazine including every back issue, a vehicle purchasing and leasing concierge service, a benefit package of over 330,000 discounted products including travel, and much, much more. “We are here to support the industry,” Peter explains. “We’ve created a program that can absolutely be used to enhance and build ANY MLM business or can stand on its own as a primary business.” Vertical Acceleration=Leverage But National Wealth Center is not a traditional affiliate program. “It’s more like an enhanced affiliate program with legs,” explains Peter, “because it involves vertical acceleration.” The 2nd and 4th sale of each business center “passes up,” as a training bonus for the active affiliate above at any given business center essentially allowing the affiliate to “mini-franchise” themselves. Peter calls it the “Power of Four”. And, although National Wealth Center is not an MLM because 100% of the sale is paid to one person and not over multiple levels, it capitalizes on that all important concept of leverage that has its roots in traditional network marketing.

Twenty five years ago, Peter thought that working hard was the way to make money. Through his experience, he’s learned that working hard is a very important part of the formula, but it’s not the most important part. His formula for success: L (Leverage) +R (Residual) + D (Duplication) + T (Time) + W (Work) = Success. There are many important components, and each one is a variable depending upon what each individual can invest in that area, but Peter is quick to point out that leverage is by far the greatest accelerator in this vehicle called National Wealth Center. A solid company with staying power Peter is a true family man, a former U.S. Marine Corps sergeant, and a diehard entrepreneur. He loves the industry, and he’s committed to giving people all the tools they need to grow it even bigger. “This is not about me,” he says. “It’s about the people. They come first. Making money is the byproduct for me.” Right now, Peter is in the unique situation to be able to personally train and work with a select group of entrepreneurs who wish to stop jumping from program to program and start experiencing a real business with a model that’s going to be around for a long time to come. Peter mentions, “It’s not a question of weather this works. My system has been tested and refined over 17 years. The question is who will be the people that will participate.” If you’d like to work personally with someone who has done it and helped countless others to 6 and 7 figure incomes, contact Peter. If you’d like to be part of the select group of entrepreneurs to work directly with Peter, take the first step right now while it’s fresh in your mind. Start earning 100% commission from day one.

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...a 2,200-acre private island in Fiji called Wakaya. Here, the crystal blue water and nutrient-rich volcanic soil create the perfect environment for growth and healing. Wakaya Perfection offers the world’s finest collection of all natural and uniquely organic wellness products.

David Gilmour


Todd Smith

David Gilmour, Founder

Unique health treasures

An uncommon opportunity

Wakaya was uninhabited for 140 years, until wellness-advocate and FIJI Water founder, David Gilmour purchased the island.

From the world’s finest proprietary Organic Pink Fijian Ginger and Turmeric, to a patented Bula nutrition system, Wakaya Perfection products promote natural health and holistic wellness.

Wakaya Perfection is launching a unique income opportunity, unparalleled anywhere in the world. Wakaya Perfection is now accepting applications as part of our pre-launch phase.

David met Todd Smith, a 20-year veteran of direct selling. Together they decided that network marketing is the optimal way to share Wakaya’s story with the world.

For more information about our pre-launch, visit

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HBA Product Spotlight: Kyani Nitro Products

Kyani Nitro Products

If you haven’t heard about the tremendous health benefits of Nitric Oxide yet, you are going to want to read this. We here at HBA believe Kyani has developed some of the most exciting and potentially life-changing nutritional supplements available today, and their Nitro products top our list for their extraordinary combination of Nitric Oxide-producing noni concentrate, vitamins, superfoods and minerals. Nitric Oxide: The Molecule of Life In 1998, three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine for their work on Nitric Oxide. Now called “The Molecule of Life,” Nitric Oxide has been shown to positively influence: Blood Circulation One of Nitric Oxide’s most important qualities is the ability to dilate the blood vessels, leading to improved circulation and heart health. Inflammation Nitric Oxide is a “signaling molecule” with anti-inflammatory effects. Brain Function Nitric Oxide is an essential chemical messenger, improving the storage of information and communication between neurons. Digestion Nitric Oxide helps improve motility and microcirculation, promoting blood flow and nutrient delivery throughout the body.

COQ10 Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an anti-oxidant produced by the human body. It is required for the basic functioning of cells. CoQ10 helps generate up to 95 percent of the human body’s energy. This molecule also promotes cardiovascular health and improved blood flow. CoQ10 levels are reported to decrease with age and chronic diseases.

MAGNESIUM Magnesium helps convert carbohydrates, protein, sugars, and fats into energy. It also supports muscle relaxation and contraction as well as nerve transmission. Some studies show that increased magnesium is one of the most effective ways to boost energy. The journal of Nutrition reported that low magnesium levels take a significant toll on the body’s energy supply.

ZINC Essential to more than 300 enzymes in the body, zinc plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system, energy metabolism, protein synthesis, blood sugar balance, wound healing, and brain function.

Sexual Function Nitric Oxide has been shown to naturally increase blood flow, which is essential to improved sexual libido, performance, and satisfaction. Ingredients Both Nitro FX™ and Nitro Xtreme™ contain Kyäni’s proprietary blend of Noni concentrate for increased Nitric Oxide production. Kyäni Nitro Xtreme™ contains additional components to give your body an extra boost. Research shows that the combination of these five ingredients enhances the production of Nitric Oxide in the body and maximizes the body’s 26 potential to utilize it.

CHROMIUM Chromium helps turn carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy. This essential mineral also helps the body regulate blood sugar levels, maintain heart health, improve the immune system, and encourage lean body mass.

NIACIN (VITAMIN B3) Niacin is an anti-oxidant essential for cellular metabolism. It is involved in over 50 metabolic processes that turn carbohydrates and fats

into energy. Niacin also helps maintain heart health, supports the digestive tract, and promotes a healthy nervous system. “The body can last 5 minutes without oxygen (O2), but can only last 5 seconds without Nitric Oxide (NO). By generating more Nitric Oxide in the body, you achieve peak performance.” Dr. Abbas Qutab, Head of Kyäni Medical and Scientific Advisory Board. Nitric Oxide positively affects nearly every system in the body, promoting better health and wellness. Well-documented as a vasodilator, Nitric Oxide dilates the blood vessels, resulting in improved cardiovascular health. But that’s just the beginning. Look at how many more ways Nitric Oxide can benefit the human body… Help cells burn more fat. Promotes wound healing. Reduces pain. Encourages lung health Inhibits viruses and bacteria Improves digestive function. Provides restful sleep. Maintains healthy blood sugar levels. With all of these potential health benefits, we expect Kyani Nitro Products to continue to be a hugely successful line in 2015. * Disclaimer: All product information provided by Kyaniscience. com The statements and products referenced in this site have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Kyäni products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. The information in this site is intended as a source of reference materials and scientific data for educational purposes only. If you have any diagnosed medical condition we recommend you consult your individual health care provider with specific questions before using any new dietary supplement. Advertising Pays! Ask our advertisers.


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Expiration Date

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1Up Joke Of A Pay Plan! Here is some true dirt that your sponsor doesn’t want you to know in the home business industry: If you are in the home business industry, you know that’s it’s almost impossible to succeed in a one-up type program. That’s because your sponsor has no true incentive to help you succeed! They are in competition with you and once they earned your pass-up sale, they no longer have any vested interest in your success!

Now, imagine having that same sponsor in the situation where he only makes money from you if you make money too! What does that do to his motivation in terms of wanting to see you succeed? This is the new team approach that is needed to help average newbies succeed in the home business industry!


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GOD Wants to

“Show Off” in Your Business! I know that headline is a bit bold … but I wouldn’t dare say it if it weren’t true. And 2016 is not only going to be a turnaround year, it’s going to be the year that changes everything, forever! If you’re reading this article right now, it’s not by accident. Whether you’re looking for a new business because you’ve tried many in the past without success, or maybe you’ve always thought of starting your own business but never have, or maybe you’re hanging on by a thread ready to throw in the towel … Whoever you are, wherever you are right now, if GOD put an entrepreneurial spirit in you, HE WANTS TO DO AMAZING THINGS THROUGH YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS! Nothing would bring more joy to the LORD than to see you, HIS child, doing what HE put you on the earth to do … and be over-the-top, jaw-dropping successful! But there are a few things you should know about how to make that happen, and it’s most likely not what you think! In fact, the three biggest mistakes Christian entrepreneurs make will probably surprise you: • It’s not about you • It’s not about the money (but you’ll end up with lots!) • It’s not about working harder I know that may seem hard to believe, but it’s true! Of course you can succeed if you think it’s all about you, the money, and you work 24/7 … but it won’t be the ultimate “open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing you can’t contain” sort of success! So, 50 to elaborate just a little on each of these …

GOD made you for a reason, and HE put that entrepreneurial spirit inside you not only to meet your own needs and desires, but so that you can be a blessing to others! It’s for a much more important reason than a nicer house or car, or the size of your bank account, although HE does want you to enjoy those things. (I drive a Jaguar, and live in a beautiful home in sunny South Florida.) Success in GOD’s eyes is not about how much you get to keep, it’s about how much you get to give! Regarding money: HE wants you to seek HIM, not the money! Seek HIM and focus on the people you’ll be serving, rather than on earning money, even if you’re struggling financially. In fact IT’S ALL ABOUT PEOPLE! And a network marketing business is soooo awesome because it’s all about helping others get what they want. What a beautiful thing! Focus on helping others, and you’ll be blessed, focus on the money, and your success will be limited.

show off through you and your business … So make HIM proud! Mary Jo Wehniainen is the founder of Success With GOD International, keynote speaker, success coach, and author of “Make God Proud, How to Stop Living Below What God Intended!” A formerly shy, stay-at-home homeschooling mom of five, she’s trained thousands of people around the world, and has held the distinction of being one of the top 20 distributors out of 500,000 in a network marketing company.

You can find out more about Mary Jo and the programs she offers, and get your own copy of her latest book for FREE at her website

And the working harder part? Well, if you could pull this off in your own strength with your own efforts, what kind of a testimony would that be to GOD? HE wants to show off in your business, and believe me, HE can put on quite a show.

The Bible says ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty. (Zech. 4:6) When you realize that the same GOD who keeps the stars in the sky and raises the sun every morning created YOU … and specifically put that entrepreneurial spirit in you, it only makes sense that HE wants to

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By Dr. Dick Pritchard

Dr. Dick’s Downline Building by Mail:

Where Can I Find a GOOD


For My MLM? It’s great to have a well-designed postcard and a persuasive sales letter. But unless they end up in the hands of your target market, they won’t bring much in the way of results. The Mailing List is key to that goal, but unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to the question we have posed today. Learning how to choose the right list can be quite complicated. Let’s start with who your target market is. First of all, you need to decide exactly what you’re selling. Is your sales letter primarily PRODUCT oriented? Are you targeting (for example) people who want to lose weight? People who have severe arthritis and are desperate for pain relief? People who are looking for a “miracle” product that will dramatically improve their health? If that’s the case, you’re probably better off going to list brokers who target consumers. They can break their lists down by primary focus (for example, weight loss), income, location, etc. You will generally pay more for such lists, and there is usually a minimum order of at least 5,000 names. The list broker will also usually want to see your materials in advance. Most brokers will want to make sure you’re not making unwarranted medical claims. (Can you say “FTC investigation”?) So you’d better be prepared to deal with those issues. Another source is a subscriber list from special interest magazines like Money, various health, fitness and weight loss magazines, etc. Write to the publisher to find out how you can rent their subscriber lists. Those lists are usually handled by a third party, but the publisher can tell you who that is.

In the network marketing world, you’re usually selling the OPPORTUNITY and/or your SYSTEM. That means you’re looking for other network marketers who are discouraged with their current situation or people who are looking for a homebased business, maybe for the first time. The latter group usually knows little or nothing about network marketing, so your materials should avoid using “MLM terms” that might confuse them like “PV”, “downline/upline”, etc. I wish I could tell you there is a “magic MLM list” that brings in people by the boatload, but that just isn’t the case. There are HUNDREDS of “opportunity” list brokers out there, and most of them are interconnected. That means many networkers and homebusiness seekers are on multiple lists. Some lists are VERY old, despite the claims that leads are “only” 120 days, etc. old. That just means the broker got them 120 days ago by trading lists with another broker. So try to deal with reputable dealers you can talk to on the phone, not just some cheap flyer copied over 10 times that you got in the mail. There is really ONLY ONE WAY to validate a mailing list, and that is by TESTING IT WITH YOUR OFFER. Even a “good” list may not be responsive to what you’re offering. What is a good “test”? My rule is, at least 2,000 pieces mailed, but 5,000 is better. With our systems, we use up to 4 different lead vendors. They vary in price, but all of them have been tested to make sure they are responsive to our postcards. (By the way, one of my BEST vendors is Home Business Advertiser. You can find an order form for their leads right

here in this magazine.) I find it’s good to have multiple vendors. One of my better ones went out of business about a year ago, and that source just suddenly dried up. Sometimes lists get “tired” (meaning your offer has been sent to it so much that responses slow down). Always be looking for new lead sources. As a downline builder, I constantly test new sources of leads. Even if you are using someone else’s system, you need to track the response rates of leads you are using. Doing anything successfully BY MAIL involves TESTING and TRACKING results. If you are new and don’t know where to look, I recommend you either go with the leads your system manager provides or order some right here from HBA. Then branch out from there. You can contact Dr. Dick at Dr. R. H. Pritchard, P.O. Box 340040, Columbus, OH 43234. Also see his ad on page 3.

NO ONE On The Planet Can Live Without It... NOT EVEN FOR FIVE MINUTES!





BUSINESS! Return this ad along with $3 cash or 5 Loose F/C Stamps to get Complete Info Pack: The Rayburn Group / EZ PO Box 1081 Howe, TX 75459 CODE# YHWH7777 Call 24hr Message Now! (760) 569-6610 God Bless America!

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th = $100k+ Fully Autom a ated. We Clo se Your Sales Business Pa ! rtners Wante d! See next pag


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69 69

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Cars, My Fat Body & McDonalds What

Have To Do With You Making Lots Of Money Living in Wisconsin during the winter will make your car look like a salt block. Virtually impossible to keep clean. Before a snow storm hits, county trucks will be painting the roads with sodium chloride. This makes the roads super wet as the snow flies. Vehicles in front of you will kick up a salt salad dressing that covers your windshield. You’ll constantly be hitting your wiper fluid button just to see the tail lights in front of you. Here, daily vehicle maintenance is done to keep you safe and alive. You check the oil, wiper fluid and tire pressure. Make sure there’s a full tank of gas. Extra weight gives better handling. And peace of mind. Simple maintenance. I work out. 3-4 times a week. Weights and cardio. Yet lately, I’ve have packed on pounds. Using the excuse “its age related.” Truth is, I drink beer and eat cheeseburgers. Too many over time makes you hold your breath as you button your pants. I can’t simply workout and eat what I want, and then expect to lose any weight. Dumb thinking. I need good nutrition and a reduction in calories. And be consistent. Just like your car, your body needs daily maintenance. Salesman Ray Kroc purchased McDonalds in 1961 for 2.7 million dollars. The McDonald brothers settled on that price because after taxes, both wanted one million dollars. God Bless America!

Ray was famous for systematization. Everything in each store had to be the same. From where the fryers were located to how much ketchup went on a burger. Ray wanted the customer to have the same experience in California as you would here in Wisconsin. So if you were on vacation and saw the “golden arches,” you knew what to expect. And going someplace else would be a gamble. Ray was asked once about competition. He said, “We can create it faster than they can copy us.” Ray knew how to market. If he could get to the kids, the family would come. So Ronald McDonald was born. Think happy meals with toys. And “playlands” where children could wear off excess energy. Now I ask you, who hasn’t heard of McDonalds? In a recent documentary, children identify people from a picture. More recognized Ronald McDonald than Jesus Christ. Sad, but true. So if we all know McDonalds, do they really need TV commercials running every day? Just like your car and body, McDonalds needs daily maintenance. So does your business. The biggest sin I see people make in any business is not doing what you should every day. Not marketing yourself enough. Not following up enough. Not knowing who your customers are and what they want?

Running a business is not a fantasy. Not as simple as mailing one time and then sitting on a beach getting rich. It’s mailing and analyzing the data. It’s talking to your buyers. It’s finding similarities among them. Then using this information to create offers and products they want. Then you get rich. If you don’t pay attention and fail to take action, vehicles breakdown, and bodies get fat and businesses suffer. So take pay attention and take action. Shawn “The Lazy Beer Guy” is a believer in doing what works. If you’d like to learn how you can create products out of thin air and sell them for big bucks, send him an email with your name and address to or write me at: The Lazy Beer Guy, W5485 Timber Creek Trail, La Crosse, WI 54601


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one feeling. Linguists and Phycology experts tell us that people connect 55% of the time to our body language, 38% of the time with our voice and 7% of the time with our words. Using Facetime, Skype or other technology tools where you can do a video call, you increase your chances of closing the sale, by as much as 55% over using just a phone, or 93% over just email, or texting. Now you don’t have to meet someone at their house or Starbucks, you can do it anywhere. 3. – Many think Pinterest is just a place where women pin stuff they dream about. Although the majority of the audience at Pinterest are females, one of the best ways to use Pinterest, is to load all your images to your profile in different “boards”, then linkback to, and embed those images into your blog posts. With each board housing different images for different topics, you will gain some great back and forth traffic between your blog and Pinterest profile. Plus you can give someone your link to a specific Board and they can learn all about your product in a non-threatening manner.

1. – This tool allows you to do a live stream to a group of prospects, record a video for play later or embed in a blog post, and create an audio file for a podcast or replay all at the same time. can eliminate the need to hold a hotel meeting, and gives you far more control and excitement if you want to hangout with 3 or more of your team to lead this virtual opportunity meeting.

4. – This productivity tool is one of the best I have ever seen. Not only can you categorize your scripts, notes, questions, journal etc., you can sync all your devices so no matter where you are or what you are doing, you will be able to conduct yourself as a true professional. You can send documents, record audio notes, and provide instant access to important info to your clients, team or anyone else in your life.

2. Facetime – This high-tech tool, allows God Bless America! you to call prospects and get that one on

After you have taken time to study the above four technologies, you will find out they allow

you to continue a high-tough approach with your prospects, teams and yourself! Don’t let high-tech overwhelm you, just take it one day at a time. And always remember, at the end of the day, all you need to do to succeed in sales and marketing is to always be mastering the basics – Prospecting – Presenting – Closing and Training!

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INDUSTRY STOCK DATA As of February 1st, 2016 Index ofINDUSTRY the twelve largest publicly STOCK DATAtraded MLM companies compared to the S&P 500 index.

Index the twelve largest public MLM (weighted average based on market cap) comparedS&P to the(3S&P 500 index. MLM (12 Mo):of+8.37% S&P (12companies Mo): -1.15% MLM (3 Mo): -8.39% Mo): -7.39% MLM (12 Mo): -7.31% S&P (12 Mo): +11.92% MLM (3 Mo): -11.64% S&P (3 Mo): -4.06% INDUSTRY INTERNET DATA A proprietary algorithm that measures INDUSTRY INTERNET DATAthe total number of Google hits for various search terms and phrases that are distinctly st

pro/anti-MLM, and the changethat in each total over the number past 60of days (since Trend Report as and of June 1 , 2015). A proprietary algorithm measures the total Google hitsthe for last various search terms phrases that are distinctly st pro/anti-MLM, and the change total over the past 60 Change: days (since the last Trend Report as of1.67 December 1 , 2015). Pro-terms: 1,809 Change: -3.3%in each Anti-terms: 1,081 -4.0% Pro/Con Ratio: Change: +0.5% 1,789the top Change: +0.6% 1,073 -2.5% 1.65 Change: +2.4% NumberPro-terms: of sites among 20 and top 100 Anti-terms: Google search resultsChange: for “MLM” that arePro/Con distinctlyRatio: pro/anti-MLM (the remainder are neutral, or unrelated to multilevel Green/Red: Positive/Negative change since the previous Trend (the Report. Number of sites among the top marketing). 20 and top 100 Google search results for “MLM” that are distinctly pro/anti-MLM remainder aresites neutral, or unrelated to multilevel marketing). change since the Trend Report. 8 Pro-MLM (20): 6 Last Report: 7 Green/Red: Positive/Negative Anti-MLM sites (20): 9 previous Last Report: Pro-MLM sites (100): 37 Last Report: 43 Anti-MLM sites (100): 18 Last Report: Pro-MLM sites (20): 8 Last Report: 6 Anti-MLM sites (20): 7 Last Report: 157 Pro-MLM sites (100): 54 Last Report: 47 Anti-MLM sites (100): 18 Report: 18 Average US traffic ranking of the top 20 highest ranked MLM websites: 12,079 Last Report: 12,587 Last Change: +4.0% Average US traffic ranking of of the ■ top 20 highest 11,539 Laststock Report: 12,270 Change: +2.9% Three month rolling average value S&P 500 (leftranked scale)MLM and websites: ■ MLM (right scale) market indexes. 2,250 2,000 1,750 1,500 1,250 1,000 750 500 250 0

Three month rolling average of S&P Index ■ (left scale) and MLM Index ■ (right scale). 2,250 2,000 1,750 1,500 1,250 1,000 750 500 250 2008 0

2009 2008

2010 2009

2011 2010


2012 2012

2013 2013





550 500 550 450 500 400 450 350 400 300 350 250 300 200 250 150 200 100 150 50 100 0 50 2016



Although the public sentiment indicators are mixed, the MLM industry did remarkably well over the past two months considering Once upon time therefailed were attempt two MLMtocompanies. sold memberships and used a Unilevel compensation plan, the other all the hoopla over athe FTC’s take downOne Vemma Nutrition, an eleven year old company with over 200,000 tangible products and employed Binary style plan. Both gotFTC into some water with the FTC, which affiliatesoffered and customers. Vemma was also theafirst DSA member to becompanies sued by the since hot Trek Alliance in 2002, and had accused each ofa operating an illegal pyramid scheme. According to the FTC their promotional efforts toofrom much long been considered good corporate citizen, with very few FTC complaints and a long standing A or focused A+ grade theonBBB recruiting and not enough on product sales to customers, and they made deceptive earnings claims to seduce new members – until the “Young People’s Revolution”. The YPR movement first got traction in late 2012, and by mid-2013 Vemma was all the making token purchases merely to qualifyAs for students income. This resulted the membership/unilevel company goingwere to trail, and rage oninto college campuses throughout the country. clustered in in dorms and frat houses (YPR members losing. Although, court opined,sex some of their members customers, and could majors) count as to such, predominately those withasathe heterogametic chromosome – thatwere was genuine for all you molecular biology hearincomes a litanywere of “primarily” fromwhat’s such bona-fide end users, but rather thoseand whoabout wouldan never have purchased the product butortojust qualify ominousnot statistics about in store for them post-graduation, alternative way to make a living, helpfor pay income. Theyon, remain closed. After an ex-parte hearing where the court granted a Temporary Retaining Order (TRO)dropped against for the path they’re the result was a change in focus for thousands of them. Some students were alleged to have the ten year old, tangible product/Binary company, their home office in Arizona was raided and closed federalessentially authorities,did all out so they could focus on building their Vemma business – and the result was literally rage. What manyby YPRers were frozen, and a receiver was of putthe in control of theyou company. After the making companya agreed a preliminary was theassets income opportunity claim equivalent worst thing could do when medicaltoclaim about ainjunction product, it’s assets thawed, theprevent, receivertreat removed, and were–allowed to resume included among thefor, onerous which isn’t justwere claiming it will or cure a they disease it’s claiming it willbusiness. allow youHowever, to stop taking, and paying your conditions they now had to operate under was a prohibition against allowing a participant’s own product orders to qualify them medication! In this case students weren’t just told about the money they could earn, they were often informed of the money they for income, and at least 50% of all product sales to be to non-participant, retail customers. could save by not paying tuition fees! And the dean ofhad every major college and university surely knew what member of congress, the senate, any otherwhy higham level federal they werethese the alma mater of, how todescribing reach them. You’re probablyor wondering, I being coy official, about identifying companies? I’mand obviously BurnLounge and Vemma, so why not just say so? Well, because I’m not describing BurnLounge and Vemma! After secretly developing their case against Vemma for over a year (while making no attempt to even inform Vemma of, let

alone provide an opportunity to to correct, their Club concerns), the FTC evidence,Inand at anwere ex parte The above recaps relate 5 Star Auto (1997-2000) andpresented Jewelway their (1990–1997). fact,“evidence”, these two cases the st hearing primary on August 21 . for “Exthe parte” for guidance “don’t let from the judge hear bothresulted sides, otherwise we might2004 not win” (Latin Letter” was a very impetus DSA is toLatin request the FTC which in the controversial “Guidance grammatically economical language). “ex parte” means one partyfor is the excluded, andindustry, indeed particularly Vemma was even ( The DSABut wasseriously, seeking clarity as to their implications rest of the thenot implied made aware of this hearing. Theofjudge stated the incriminating evidence presented was the convincing (shocker, orderednor new “50% Rule”. In spite the attempts by some industry critics to create ambiguity, FTC could not havehuh?), been clearer, the company closed, all “the personal and assets frozen. Vemma’s home was raided three days After only more on point, and in that amount of company internal consumption in any (MLM) does notoffice determine whether or not the later. FTC will 18 daysconsider to prepare defense that scheme.” typically would take months, with frozen thetocourt ordered all assets the the aplan a pyramid They go on 9-12 to define the motive for theassets, purchase be key, regardless of thethawed, purchaser’s receiverclassification. to return control of the company, and Vemma was allowed toorders reopen, albeit under number onerousoften restrictions What’s more, they specifically declare that consent such as the oneaapplied to of Jewelway contain related to howconstraints” they promote business Affiliates for compensation (to be monitored compliance). “extra thattheir “do not apply toand thequalify generaltheir public”, but rather only to “the defendant signing thefor order” and they “do not represent the general state of the law”. If that were not clear enough, they go on to say, “most such orders contain definitions The FTC has made their entire case, and in just 18 days, with zero funds, Vemma managed to go from the gallows to probation that exclude any sale to a participant in the business from the calculation of the venture’s legitimacy... but are not intended to with an ankle monitor. It’s reasonable to assume their defense will be substantially stronger when the case is finally tried within represent the state of the law for the general public.” the next few months. I know for a fact there is compelling, irrefutable evidence of substantially more customer sales than was presented the last hearing. And it does appear cases the FTC is still doing everything cannow to prevent Vemma frombar? surviving untilas So,at are the recent BurnLounge and Vemma indicative of where the FTC ithas raised the legal MLM Are they, then. Some the major points they hit Vemma could apply to virtually all MLMs, soalleven if (like you’re notnow a Vemma MLMof critics and our own resident Chicken on Littles assert, sending the message that MLMs, like me) Vemma, must eliminate Affiliate,personal we all really need to rootand for Vemma to to survive, and to have their 50% day in We’re oneask bigthe MLM family, and our volume qualifiers have sales non-participants exceed of court. all sales? Weall could FTC for some brother guidance is gettingon their kicked a bully.will Let’s stand together this one. thisbutt – and their by response likely begin, “As weon said...”.

Trends data and commentary by Len provided Clementsby©Len 2015 MarketWave, Trends data provided and commentary Clements © 2016Inc., MarketWave, Inc. 64

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• Tired of moving pixels on a computer screen to get prospects? •H  ave 5,000 imaginary friends on Facebook that don’t care about you? • Tired of playing pen pal and writing sales messages that no one reads? •D  isgusted with low quality prospects that are only “lookers” and waste your time? •B  ored with posting to forums where everyone ignores your posts? Not enough good quality prospects = Stress! When we only have a few prospects, we press, we push, and we strain to make them join our opportunity. Prospects feel this pressure and instinctively back away from us. This leads to fewer prospects and the vicious cycle gets worse and worse. Yes, prospects can smell desperation. When we have an abundance of prospects, we’re happy. We are not desperately waiting for a single decision from a single prospect. We aren’t married to the outcome of a single presentation. Instead, we’re relaxed. Prospects respect our confidence, and we are not begging them to join. We simply share our opportunity and take the first prospects that volunteer and step forward. Now we’re working with volunteers and we have more great prospects waiting in line. Which scenario describes your career? Are you pressing and struggling from too few prospects? Or, are you simply accepting applications from the best volunteers from your large pool of quality prospects? The solution is simple. Increase your marketing so that you have an abundance of prospects.

Here are ten quick solutions. 1. Host your class reunion. You don’t have to wait for a 10-year or 20-year anniversary. You can do it anytime. ----------------------------------------------------------------2. Take your best three or four headlines and first sentences and test them. Mail out 100 postcards and test the response for each. ----------------------------------------------------------------3. Start your own breakfast or networking club. Have the members send you presold prospects. ----------------------------------------------------------------4. Offer to be a guest on a local radio talk show. (And yes, you can be an Internet radio talk show host too.) ----------------------------------------------------------------5. Loan out ten of your company’s prospecting CDs. Let prospects qualify themselves by listening to your message. ----------------------------------------------------------------6. Establish some new contacts that will send you referrals. Many people are glad to help you just for the good feeling it gives them. ----------------------------------------------------------------7. Pass out 10 product DVDs explaining the benefits of your product or service. ----------------------------------------------------------------8. Pass out 10 product samples or information packs. Prospects love samples.

9. Volunteer to speak at Jaycee events, local events, and clubs. They are always looking for interesting speakers with a great message. You will have a captive audience!

10. ADVERTISE! ADVERTISE! ADVERTISE! Reach new people that you never had a chance to reach before. Give them a great reason to contact you.

There are plenty of ways to expand your universe of quality prospects without using the Internet. Just pick a method that’s comfortable for you.

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By George Madiou

MISSION drives your business?


“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” - Psalm 139:14 I’m not a politically correct kind of guy. Anyone who has followed my journey over the last 10 years in The Network Marketing Magazine knows that there are two things that drive my business.

1. 2.

God Attitude

My relationship with God started way before this 10 year journey with The Network Marketing Magazine; however my obedience to God has guided my journey in an arena I had no experience in. From the beginning of the magazine, I was driven with a mission to help the “orphans” of the industry, that didn’t have the success mentors to guide them along in their business. Gathering over 200 contributors to teach every aspect of building a successful business, created that mentorship I couldn’t have imagined. I quickly started to receive emails and calls from members indicating how this article or that article was an answer to prayer. The common thread was I could never guess what article would get that kind of response. I realized that it wasn’t my job to know what articles that would elicit that kind of response. It was my job to develop the relationships with the hundreds of people (both famous and unknown) that would become contributors to what I realized was not my magazine but God’s magazine. This is the mission that drives my business, to be at the helm of God’s magazine and be obedient him as he prompts members, God Bless to America!

authors, company owners, distributors, leaders and new people to our industry with a desire and hope for the success He wants for us all. I have found one of the by-products of this mission has been a GREAT attitude that has been developed. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t hear the question, “how are you?” I’m certain that most of the time the question is asked out of habit and not of real curiosity. What has helped develop a great attitude is my answer every time….. “Unbelievable!” It stops the questioner right in their tracks. I then get responses like “is that unbelievable good or unbelievable bad?” I always compliment them on their great question with an “unbelievable GREAT! How are you doing?” It then opens up in many directions like. “Pretty good or not bad or could be better or at least I’m alive.” At that point I ask them “how can I help you to be UNBELIEVABLE?” This little response sometimes gets some great conversations but always makes me feel UNBELIEVABLE!

George Madiou is a full-blooded Entrepreneur, complete with validating credentials, Degrees in Marketing and Management from SUNY and NYU. To date George has owned over 30 businesses, and says they varied from wildly successful to outrageous learning experiences. Among other successful ventures George has achieved high pin levels in two different network marketing companies. George is the Founder and Publisher of The Network Marketing Magazine. George loves the thrill of teaming up with great people and seeing projects come to life and that passion is responsible for getting off the ground 10 years ago. George lives in a small town named Boca Raton, Florida. He says “If this isn’t Heaven, I know that God at least vacations here.” Without question, the joy of his life is his family. He and Debbie are celebrating their 37th anniversary this year. They have three great young adult children, Sara (married to Greg Shugars) and David.

I love having God at the center of my mission in both my business and my personal life and I really love that a byproduct of my mission of being guidedby-God is developing a great attitude that I can share with others.

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Jack Fallon Total Life Changes CEO

Total Life Changes CEO Jack Fallon signs nearly


to his top earners as TLC hosted this year’s first major event at the World’s Largest Marriott in Orlando, Florida, USA. Total Life Changes (TLC) is a privately held, debtfree company founded in 1999 and operated by an experienced group of network marketing veterans. Jack Fallon is CEO and founder. Total Life Changes markets nutritional and skin care products. The vision of the company is a focuses on helping individuals achieve success with affordable, natural products and business building systems. There is no sign-up fee to become a member of TLC. The company has a significant presence in 92 countries, including the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, Colombia, Peru plus several additional Latin American countries. More than 34,000 people have joined TLC since last year. HBA had the honor to interview Jack Fallon. Jack, how did you get involved in network marketing? As with most direct marketers, a few acquaintances introduced me to a method of earning additional income. What attracted you to network marketing? This industry gave me direct control over my income. My personal efforts would determine my success and provide me the means to raise my family without concerns of a volatile economy and job market. How did you get started? I was raised in the Midwest where an emphasis is placed on hard work, providing for your family and helping others in need. Like many others in my community, I worked in the automotive industry – but I believed there was something more important I should be doing. A few acquaintances had become involved in a home-based business and encouraged me to learn more. The concept of operating such a business appealed to me, but the core values of some companies made me question if I would have the opportunity to help others in some way other than coaching them on working a business plan. God Bless America!

If I were to reach my goal of helping others with their health and financial wellness, I would need to create the company myself. The company has a significant presence in Asia, how did this happen? As with everything in life, and especially in Direct Marketing, one’s success is dependent on the hard work and caring of those close to you. The members of our TLC family believe in the benefits of our product line and shared their vision with family and friends around the world, including Asia. In other words, we are a global company because of the work and the beliefs of our associates. What separates TLC from other opportunities? What makes TLC stand out from other companies is our focus on high-quality, natural products that improve people’s lives. Dedication to family, health and wellness has created an environment for growth and stability. Why did you choose your type of compensation plan? Our leaders and members preferred the binary plan, and since they are the real force that drives TLC, we implemented the program. We have found that the binary plan, coupled with our unique bonus incentives and retail opportunities has provided the greatest rewards. Looking to the sales force, how many people are involved? There are many variations of how to measure the involvement of a company’s sales force, but I can tell you that more than 34,000 people have joined TLC since last year. These people are a blend of experienced direct marketers and those who have chosen to enter the industry based on what TLC offers. In the Unites States, the economic downturn has created a great opportunity for those who wish to control their destiny. Wage concessions, fewer hours available to work and other austere procedures many businesses have implemented have taken their toll on hourly and salaried workers alike. Direct Marketing has a proven return on

your investment in time and effort and the profit sharing is 100% yours. What advice would you give a “newbie” in our industry? My first advice is to read. Learn about the industry and the products and business plans available. Once someone knows about the business, they will understand the advantages Total Life Changes offers them in terms of product, earnings and the opportunity to help others. What are your plans for the future? The future holds a great deal of excitement for TLC and we have laid the groundwork to meet the substantial growth it holds for us. Product development has been a driving force in opening new market segments for our members. We have been able to not only increase sales of our long-standing products, but also new sales opportunities with the additions of Ganoderma, Gano-based coffee and skin care products. The key is the underlying synergy of each product being natural solutions to preserving wellness. This is evident in our offerings of a black coffee, mocha coffee and a revolutionary weight loss coffee. As our company grows, we see the need for better communication. We are making the investments needed to expand our business deeper into Latin America, Europe and Asia. We recently launched “Revolutions,” a new smart phone app that allows our members to conduct business utilizing the convenience of mobility. We continue to move forward with establishing relationships with many different countries. The advantage we bring to their citizens is the opportunity to increase the business economy and raise the standard of living. Our goal is increase the global presence of TLC through the availability of our products and our values of helping others.

Contact Details: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Get in touch with a TLC rep now 76

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Founding Principals 1) A company that honors and glorifies God. 2) A company that develops humble leadership. 3) A company where people can win at every level.

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God Bless America!



AS OF THIS PRINTING, CHRIS CANNON AND HIS TEAM, HAVE ALREADY HELPED… · 984 people reach Jade (avg. $255/mo.) · 203 people reach Pearl (avg.$756/mo.) · 1 14 people reach Sapphire (avg. $2,116/mo. + $500/mo. car bonus) · 28 people reach Ruby (avg. $4,611/mo. + $500/mo car bonus) · 1 2 people reach Emerald (avg. $9,010/mo. car bonus + one-time, $5,000 bonus)


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Home Business Advertiser - March/April 2016  

Over 150+ home based businesses, affiliate opportunities, training articles and more in this great issue. Feel free to share!

Home Business Advertiser - March/April 2016  

Over 150+ home based businesses, affiliate opportunities, training articles and more in this great issue. Feel free to share!