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ABOUT US Holly Carinci, Founder & CEO HOLLYWORDS PUBLICITY Holly has been a personal publicist in the film and television industry for 21 years. Past career highlights include creating an international awards show in order to bring media attention to Canadian talent working in animation, video gaming and visual effects for which she brought in to Host Seth MacFarlane, William Shatner and Tom Kenny. This past year Holly worked closely with 20th Century Fox to publicize a client’s role in ‘The Revenant’, taking him to the Academy Awards’ red carpet, exclusive Oscar parties (i.e.: Armani) with A-listers and more.

Stephanie Michelle Scott, Digital Strategy HOLLYWORDS PUBLICITY | VANCOUVER, CA Stephanie came onboard as Director of Digital Media in May of 2015. ‘Steph’ comes from feature film art departments and handles all of our clients’ social media needs as well as designing attention-grabbing graphics. Fans, producers, directors, casting directors, agents and managers all love Steph’s work and use HWP media sheets as high-end promotional pieces or fan-art for collectors.

Ruth Hill, Contributing Writer HOLLYWORDS PUBLICITY | SEATTLE, US In the fall of 2016, Ruth Hill joined the team as a contributing writer. With her diverse experience as an entertainer writer on her blog (mydevotionalthoughts. net), Ruth brings the light of positivity to all with whom she interacts. Though a Washington State resident, she maintains a substantial following within the Vancouver acting community and visits whenever she is able.

McKenzie Morrell, Contributing Writer HOLLYWORDS PUBLICITY | NEW YORK, US With a B.A. in Journalism, McKenzie Morrell is well-versed in both media law and ethics, radio broadcasting, television news production, and she most definitely does it AP Style. She comes to HollyWords Publicity Group from a literary publicity and marketing firm, where she perfected her skills as a producer, managing editor, and overall tech nerd. Now, an honorary Canadian, thanks to HWP, McKenzie is ready for even the most complicated of projects! PAGE 2 | HWP Highlights

Welcome to HollyWords Publicity! What a GREAT year it’s been already! Everybody seems to be booking, and they’re bigger and higher profile roles which we’re proud to be a part of. Dreams do come true … Two examples of this are our wee Christians, the uber-talented and adorable young actors gracing our cover. The opportunity to take care of Christian Michael Cooper and his amazing family through their first foray into a major American network television series (‘Prison Break’) is an absolute honour. The FOX team has already provided us with a warm welcome as well as plenty of support … Love that conglomerate! Then there’s Christian Convery who marched right on out and hooked himself up with a lead role as Steve Carell’s son in The Amazon Studios Dramatic feature film ‘Beautiful Boy’, produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B banner. I mean, WOW! And that’s exactly what the media are saying! So, I hope that you enjoy our media highlights and don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel that it might be time for media relations, and/ or you can use some guidance with social media, we’re always here to answer your questions. :) Take care ... Kindly,



MARCH 23, 2017 On April 4, 2017, a new season of the hit television show Prison Break will air on FOX. Actor Christian Michael Cooper plays the role of “Mike,” aka Michael Scofield Jr., a young boy who is growing up without a father. The very talented and extremely upbeat 10-year-old actor has appeared on screen since he was 18-months-old and recently won both the Young Artists Award and the Young Entertainer Award for Best Young Actor in a Short Film for Sidekick. Christian was happy to discuss his career thus far. Meagan Meehan (MM):You’ve been acting since you were a baby! What are some of your earliest memories on set? Christian Michael Cooper (CMC): I can’t remember much about the early years with the commercials, but I do remember how fun it was working on the set of Cult. I remember the fun I had when I met Robert Knepper on set as he was a really nice guy. I also remember getting to drive away in a sports car with some stunt men as I was being kidnapped. That was pretty awesome too. MM: What have been some of the most fun characters you’ve played? CMC: That’s a tough one as I have really liked most of the roles that I have had. I would say the top three would be Shockwave/Billy on Sidekick, Max on Some Assembly Required, and Mike Scofield Jr. on Prison Break. MM: How did you land the role on Prison Break? CMC: Well, I remember it taking a few months to land the role, as they went through two different auditions to find the right person, so I ended up doing three auditions in total to get this role. Because it took quite a few months to book it, I was super surprised and excited about it. MM: How would you describe your character? What about him most interests you? CMC: I would describe Mike Scofield Jr. as a very bright, brave, and outgoing kid. It’s not surprising, considering that he is the son of Michael and Sarah. - MARCH 23, 2017, Meagan Meehan READ MORE OF THIS STORY PAGE 4 | HWP Highlights



CHRISTIAN CONVERY Christian ConveryCOURTESY OF PREMIERE TALENT MANAGEMENT APRIL 3, 2017 | 08:57AM PT Christian Convery has been cast to play Steve Carell’s youngest son and Timothee Chalamet’s brother in “Beautiful Boy.” The Amazon Studios drama is being produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B banner. “Beautiful Boy” is based on David Sheff’s book “Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction,” as well as Nic Sheff’s “Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines,” about Sheff’s drug addiction and its impact on his family. Chalamet portrays Nic Sheff, while Convery plays Jasper Sheff, a happy seven-year-old who must deal with the serious effects drug addiction has on an older brother whom he adores. Chalamet starred in Luca Guadagnino’s “Call Me by Your Name,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and will be released later this year by Sony Classics. Variety reported in 2015 that Felix van Groeningen (“The Broken Circle Breakdown”) had come on board to direct the movie. Cameron Crowe was believed to have been attached earlier, but the filmmaker subsequently left the project to direct “Aloha.” Van Groeningen directs the screenplay that he co-wrote with Luke Davies (“Lion”). Other cast members include Maura Tierney, Timothy Hutton, Amy Ryan, and Kaitlyn Dever. Filming began last week in Los Angeles. Convery starred in the television movie “My Christmas Dream,” and in episodes of “Supernatural,” “Lucifer,” and “Legion.” Convery is repped by Innovative Artists and Premiere Talent Management. - APRIL 3, 2017, Film Reporter, Dave McNary


Lifetime Releases First Trailer for ‘Who Killed JonBenét?’ HOME | TV | NEWS

Elizabeth Wagmeister TV Reporter @EWagmeister

SEPTEMBER 27, 2016 | 02:28PM PT


Lifetime has released the first trailer for their upcoming JonBenét Ramsey TV movie, “Who Killed JonBenét?” The cabler has also filled out the cast for the telepic, casting the young actor to play JonBenét’s brother, Burke Ramsey, who will be played by nine-year-old Kiefer O’Reilly. The Lifetime movie will follow the real-life story of JonBenét’s murder, featuring Burke being accused and interrogated. Burke Ramsey recently gained a re-surge of attention, following CBS’s true crime docuseries “The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey,” which highlighted a theory that Burke is guilty of his younger sister’s murder in 1996. PAGE 6 | HWP Highlights

O’Reilly’s credits include the CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow” on which he plays Jonas, Rip Hunter’s murdered son. He also voices a main character in the animated film “Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom.” In the Lifetime movie, O’Reilly will star alongside previously announced cast members Eion Bailey, Michel Gill, Julia Campbell and Payton Lepinski as JonBenet.

Watch the trailer for Lifetime’s “Who Killed JonBenét?” here:

With the recent interest in the murder of the young beauty queen, Lifetime has also ordered an additional JonBenét project — a true crime docuseries, which will air at 10 p.m., immediately after the 8 p.m. TV movie “Who Killed JonBenét?” resulting in an entire programming block dedicated to buzzy case on Saturday, Nov. 5. The two-hour special “JonBenét’s Mother:Victim or Killer?” delves into Patsy Ramsey, the person many people believe killed JonBenét. The special chronicles her life as a socialite, beauty queen, wife, mother and suspected killer, plus digs deep into the mind and actions of this mysterious woman. The special will feature people who have never spoken publicly, taking a fresh look at the crime and examining the evidence through the lens of modern forensic technology. The documentary special hails from Sharp Entertainment and executive producers Matt Sharp, Dan Adler and Siobhan Walshe. Mary Donahue and Kimberly Chessler will exec produce for Lifetime.

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Because 1st time ‘LIVE’ EXPERI should be exciting- we coach

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We advocate for you on Variety’s Vscore, a program Producers use to estimate your popularity We moniter your accounts to advise or take action, you are fully supported every step of the way We VERIFY accounts to get more influential mentions We design campaigns using the NEWEST uses of social media. INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, SNAPCHAT, TWITTER from “stories” to “LIVE streams”

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@MKummen UPDATE TW 3017 FB 1170 IG 3829

@CoryGruter UPDATE TW 5387 IG 2226


LA premiere of ‘Shut Eye’ is just the begin

Holly Carinci w/ Client: Havana Guppy at the ‘Shut Eye’ LA Premiere (From top right) w/ Isabella Rossellini ; w/ Angus Sampson; w/ ‘Shut Eye’ creator, Les Bohem

Photo: Red Carpet Report

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Photo: Hollywood To You

Young starlet, H Vanity Fair trea most importan

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HAVANA GUPPY receives atment through Canada’s nt Fashion House, Holt Renfrew


just ask Brendan Bradley and Da

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avid Haydn-Jones


VIP access shared live

Holly Carinci w/ Client: Adrian Hough, J Alex Brison, Michelle Meyers O’Reilly Williamson, Aleks Paunovic, Jim Michaels and Leeta Liepins, Jim Gordon, Gabr Haldane Brightlight 15th Anniversary Party

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e on Social Media

y Sean O’Reilly, and Matthew Kevin Anderson, Shawn rielle Rose, Aisling Walsh, Hrothgar Mathews and Heather

Adrian Hough w/ Sigourney Weaver ; w/ Holly Carinci, w/ Walter Hill; w/ Michelle Rodriquez (re)Assignment AfterParty, TIFF

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ADRIAN HOUGH rocked the red with HWP

Because Invitati exclusive parties Alain Chanoine and Adrian Hough , eOne Party, TIFF PAGE 24 | HWP Highlights

ions to VIP rooms at s open doors to work!


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NE -If an NDA keeps you out of e get creative while keeping appy!


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DUANE HOWARD A previously unknown actor - 2016 Oscar Party Duane E Howard w/ Cate Blanchett; w/ Christoph Waltz; w/ Ray Liotta; w/ Lauren Hutton & Sissy Spacek PAGE 30 | HWP Highlights

Duane E Howard w/ Leo DiCaprio; w/ Forrest Goodluck;Â w/ Arthur Redcloud PAGE 32 | HWP Highlights

We were happy to help a BRIT and a CDN podcaster get their Bryan Cranston interview a little extra media attention!” Mondays(#1 Writer’s Podcast, iTunes) Mark Stay: The Pessimist. Mark Desvaux: The Optimist. PAGE 34| HWP Highlights

J Alex Brinson, hosting the Sparkle-Starlight Foundation Event

TRADE | LOCAL | NIC the media LOVEs ou

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‘Click’ any graphic to read that story

CHE ur clients

I first heard about Holly Words through my agent who insisted that I got a publicist. I first did not want to. Having hired many publicists before, I knew it could do some good but really did not think it could change my life. Holly and Stephanie not only did an Amazing job but changed my whole perspective on Social Media & Marketing. I now approach the whole thing with Love & integrity. They truly care about their clients & their career, sometimes more than the client himself. Holly handled some tricky situations that I could not have handled on my own. I truly felt taken cared of. I now feel like I have a team behind me that cares & will knock down doors with me. I guess after 15 years in this business I finally feel like I’m not alone. I recommend these amazing publicists to anyone who wants to move to the next level. I’m glad I did. ALAIN CHANOINE, ACTOR “Holly and her team at HWP jumped on board to cover PR for my client Duane Howard just before The LA Premiere of The Revenant. I could not be more happy with the exceptional professionalism and the sheer volume of publicity they were able to get for Duane. And going above and beyond, Holly flew herself to LA twice to be with Duane for the SAG Awards and the Oscars, ensuring that he was handled properly and received as much attention as he deserved. Very grateful for all they do! And they make a killer Media Sheet!” LINDA CARTER | TALENT MANAGER | CTM INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES INC.

and our clients love results PAGE 38 | HWP Highlights

Needless to say I am very pleased with the coverage I got, and the skillful way you have generated, using my credits and who I am, a lot of attention and press. From the notice in Variety to being featured in the TIFF red carpet photos in the Globe and Mail, to the interviews. Well, well done! So glad that my instincts about you were correct! Look forward to continued work with you. I had three auditions, all knocked well towards the wall, if not out of the park today, riding on the energy of the last couple of weeks. ADRIAN HOUGH | ACTOR “Shortly after a major feature premiered, a client’s role started burning up the Internet with major buzz. With a small window available to capitalize on this I reached out to Holly and company hoping we could generate a bit more interest. And did they ever. Within a day they had met with the client, worked out a strategy and over the next week got his name out and we scored 40 plus media outlets running a story, including an outstanding interview on Canada AM. I live to hustle for my clients and have found a colleague with an energy and passion that matches my own.” LES BLACKMORE | TALENT MANAGER | BLK MANAGEMENT “Working with Holly and Stephanie has been a great pleasure. They are truly very helpful and the utmost professionals. Together you could call them the, “Dynamic Duo” for media and social media. Their efforts are tireless and very creative.” MITCHELL KUMMEN, ACTOR | KAREN, MOM

“My son and I needed help with learning social media skills and to create positive publicity around some unique opportunities he had. Holly and Steph were creative, informative and above all were encouraging. They took the time to understand what we were looking for, tailored a campaign to my son’s needs and his strengths, and provided a lot of helpful, upto-date information. We loved that they were always available, and my son said “they were really supportive in what I was wanting to do and were genuinely nice people to work with”. Oh, and the results far exceeded our expectations!” CORY GRUTER-ANDREW , ACTOR | JACKY, MOM “I felt like Holly always had my best interests at heart. I am so grateful and couldn’t be more pleased with everything Holly is doing for me. She went above and beyond.” MADELEINE ARTHUR, ACTOR “Holly is a hardworking and dedicated professional. She succeeded in getting us a lot of timely press for Madeleine’s movie release and TV Guest star role. These included television and radio appearances, an online presence, including a piece by and also an article in the Province newspaper. Well done Holly!” JANE WALTER, MOM

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HollyWords Publicity (for Parents of Young Actors)  

We know that Child Actors have different needs than adults. Here is what we have been able to accomplish for the children we rep.

HollyWords Publicity (for Parents of Young Actors)  

We know that Child Actors have different needs than adults. Here is what we have been able to accomplish for the children we rep.