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ABOUT US Holly Carinci, Founder & CEO HOLLYWORDS PUBLICITY Holly Carinci launched HollyWords Publicity Group over 20 years ago with a mandate to focus solely on personal publicity for talent within the Film and Television Industry. During that time Holly has built an envious list of media, network and studio contacts from all around the world and grown HollyWords Publicity into the premiere Entertainment PR company in Vancouver, as well as one of the best independent firms on either side of the border. Ms. Carinci’s greatest skill lies in her ability to immediately identify emerging talent and their media hooks, and knowing with whom, what, when and how she and her team can get the client excellent international coverage.


Scott McLean has more than 30 years of experience advising a wide range of clients on major organizational change initiatives and post-merger integration. Scott earned an engineering degree and an MBA. He became a partner with PwC in Vancouver in 2007 prior to becoming an Independent Consultant in early 2016. Holly Carinci knows that she could not have found a more qualified COO to see her company’s expansion develop smoothly over the next few months while yielding the greatest immediate results.

Stephanie Michelle Scott, Digital Strategy HOLLYWORDS PUBLICITY | VANCOUVER, CA Stephanie came to the team with experience in feature film art departments and a BSc Business with certifications in Content Strategy, Digital Marketing and Event Planning. A technology early adopter since 2009, ‘Steph’ surfs the trends across social media, interactive mashups, and fan engagement to create a social media plan that supports Holly’s carefully crafted media hooks. HWP client interviews and memorable moments are posted in attention-grabbing graphics designed to kickstart a viral buzz. Steph’s work delivers HWP clients staggering growth in their social media compentency and followers.

McKenzie Morrell, Contributing Writer HOLLYWORDS PUBLICITY | NEW YORK, USA With a B.A. in Journalism, McKenzie Morrell is well-versed in both media law and ethics, radio broadcasting, television news production, and she most definitely does it AP Style. She comes to HollyWords Publicity Group from a literary publicity and marketing firm, where she perfected her skills as a producer, managing editor, and overall tech nerd. Now, an honorary Canadian, thanks to HWP, McKenzie is ready for even the most complicated of projects! PAGE 2 | HWP Highlights


‘DC’s Legnds of Tomorrow’

Twenty years ago, HollyWords’ CEO, then an actress, founded HollyWords Publicity (or ‘HWP’) because she needed a personal publicist and there weren’t any in Vancouver so she became one. Holly Carinci provides her clients with the wisdom and experience she’s acquired over her twenty years of working with Hollywood studios, networks, and the media, and she does it with the same energy that she had when she first began.

‘Shut Eye’

Today, Ms. Carinci and her team are leveraging their considerable qualifications by incorporating a unique business model that is light on infrastructure but heavy on returns for her company’s USA PR partner. In anticipation of the increase in business and the demands involved in nurturing future stars, HWP looks forward to introducing its new PR talent on this page in the very near future.

‘The Revenant’ ‘

We hope that you enjoy viewing these media highlights as much we enjoyed getting them for our deserving actors. ‘Suicide Squad’

‘The 100’

‘War for the Planet of the Apes’

DUANE HOWARD | ‘The Revenant’

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- 2016 Oscar Party Duane E Howard w/ Cate Blanchett; w/ Christoph Waltz; w/ Ray Liotta; w/ Lauren Hutton & Sissy Spacek PAGE 6 | HWP Highlights

Duane E Howard w/ Leo DiCaprio; w/ Forrest Goodluck;Â w/ Arthur Redcloud PAGE 8 | HWP Highlights

MICHAEL ADAMTHWAITE as LUCA ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’

PAGE 10 | HWP Highlights

ALAIN CHANOINE a Arranging media w

PAGE 12 | HWP Highlights

as INCUBUS| ‘SUICIDE SQUAD’ with a strict NDA, we got creative!

Arranging invitations opens doors to more Alain Chanoine and Adrian Hough , eOne Party, TIFF PAGE 14 | HWP Highlights

to VIP rooms at exclusive parties work.

Adrian Hough w/ Sigourney Weaver ; w/ Holly Carinci, w/ Walter Hill; w/ Michelle Rodriquez (re)Assignment

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ADRIAN HOUGH |‘(re)Assignment’ at Toronto International Film Festival

- MARCH 23, 2017, Meagan Meehan

‘PRISON BREAK’ ACTOR CHRISTIAN MICHAEL COOPER DISCUSSES SHOW AND RECENT AWARDS On April 4, 2017, a new season of the hit television show Prison Break will air on FOX. Actor Christian Michael Cooper plays the role of “Mike,” aka Michael Scofield Jr., a young boy who is growing up without a father. The very talented and extremely upbeat 10-year-old actor has appeared on screen since he was 18-months-old and recently won both the Young Artists Award and the Young Entertainer Award for Best Young Actor in a Short Film for Sidekick. Christian was happy to discuss his career thus far. Meagan Meehan (MM):You’ve been acting since you were a baby! What are some of your earliest memories on set? Christian Michael Cooper (CMC): I can’t remember much about the early years with the commercials, but I do remember how fun it was working on the set of Cult. I remember the fun I had when I met Robert Knepper on set as he was a really nice guy. I also remember getting to drive away in a sports car with some stunt men as I was being kidnapped. That was pretty awesome too. MM: What have been some of the most fun characters you’ve played? CMC: That’s a tough one as I have really liked most of the roles that I have had. I would say the top three would be Shockwave/Billy on Sidekick, Max on Some Assembly Required, and Mike Scofield Jr. on Prison Break. MM: How did you land the role on Prison Break?

CMC: Well, I remember it taking a few months to land the role, as they went through two different auditions to find the right person, so I ended up doing three auditions in total to get this role. Because it took quite a few months to book it, I was super surprised and excited about it. READ MORE OF THIS STORY PAGE 18 | HWP Highlights

CHRISTIAN MICHAL COOPER ‘Prison Break’, ‘ S i d e k i c k ’, m o r e

“Click to play”

- APRIL 3, 2017, Film Reporter, Dave McNary


APRIL 3, 2017 | 08:57AM PT Christian Convery has been cast to play Steve Carell’s youngest son and Timothee Chalamet’s brother in “Beautiful Boy.” The Amazon Studios drama is being produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B banner. “Beautiful Boy” is based on David Sheff’s book “Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction,” as well as Nic Sheff’s “Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines,” about Sheff’s drug addiction and its impact on his family. Chalamet portrays Nic Sheff, while Convery plays Jasper Sheff, a happy seven-year-old who must deal with the serious effects drug addiction has on an older brother whom he adores. Chalamet starred in Luca Guadagnino’s “Call Me by Your Name,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and will be released later this year by Sony Classics. Variety reported in 2015 that Felix van Groeningen (“The Broken Circle Breakdown”) had come on board to direct the movie. Cameron Crowe was believed to have been attached earlier, but the filmmaker subsequently left the project to direct “Aloha.” Van Groeningen directs the screenplay that he co-wrote with Luke Davies (“Lion”). Other cast members include Maura Tierney, Timothy Hutton, Amy Ryan, and Kaitlyn Dever. Filming began last week in Los Angeles. Convery starred in the television movie “My Christmas Dream,” and in episodes of “Supernatural,” “Lucifer,” and “Legion.” Convery is repped by Innovative Artists and Premiere Talent Management. PAGE 20 | HWP Highlights

CHRISTIAN CONVERY ‘Beautiful Boy’, ‘William’, ‘Lucifer’, ‘Legion’, ‘Christmas Dream’, Hearts of Spring’, ‘Supernatural’,’ Va n H e l s i n g ’, m o r e

Elizabeth Wagmeister TV Reporter @EWagmeister

Lifetime Releases First Trailer for ‘Who Killed JonBenét?’

SEPTEMBER 27, 2016 | 02:28PM PT

COURTESY OF LIFETIME Lifetime has released the first trailer for their upcoming JonBenét Ramsey TV movie, “Who Killed JonBenét?” The cabler has also filled out the cast for the telepic, casting the young actor to play JonBenét’s brother, Burke Ramsey, who will be played by nine-year-old Kiefer O’Reilly. The Lifetime movie will follow the real-life story of JonBenét’s murder, featuring Burke being accused and interrogated. Burke Ramsey recently gained a re-surge of attention, following CBS’s true crime docuseries “The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey,” which highlighted a theory that Burke is guilty of his younger sister’s murder in 1996. (more)

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K I E F E R O ’ R E I L LY ‘Who Killed JonBenét?’, H o w a r d L o v e c r a f t & t h e

U n d e r s e a K i n g d o m , L e g e n d s o f To m o r r o w, m o r e

“Click to play”

MITCHELL KUMMEN ‘Ties that Bind’, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, ‘Minority Report’, ‘A f t e r m a t h ’, m o r e

CORY G RU¨ T E R A‘The100’, N D R‘ B eEy oWn d t h e

S u n ’, ‘ S u m m e r o f ‘ 8 4 ’, more


‘Shut Eye’ Premiere, Fashion Photo Shoot


“David took what was meant to be a two episode role and, thr character that ended up being key to our entire season.” - And

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Photo: Courtesy of The CW Network

ernatural’, more

rough his amazing work, gave us a drew Dabb, Supernatural Exec. Producer

WE SUPPORT OUR CLIENTS NEEDS ON THE NEWEST DIGITAL TRENDS DID YOU KNOW? We advocate for you on Variety’s Vscore, a program Producers use to estimate your popularity We moniter your accounts to advise or take action, you are fully supported every step of the way We VERIFY accounts to get more influential mentions We design campaigns using the NEWEST uses of social media. INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, SNAPCHAT, TWITTER from “stories” to “LIVE streams”

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TWO WAYS TO RAMP UP IMDB A feature in Variety gave Christian Con 14 000 point STARmeter boost Van Helsing


Legion My Christmas Dream

David Haydn-Jones Keeps Front-of-min


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nvery’s IMDB this

nd with Social Media

MARCH 2, 2017

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