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celebrities, the media and New Yorkers trying to escape for a weekend of fun. Our Summer Begins Memorial This summer’s Bedside Reading books will be placed in our favorite Hamptons hotels: 1770 House, Baker House 1650, Baron’s Cove, Mill House Inn, Southampton Inn, The Hedges, The Maidstone Hotel, Topping Rose House, White Fences Water Mill, and at Hotel Indigo & Hyatt Place East End. Do not miss these books! We have memoirs, beach reads, personal empowerment guides, mystery thrillers, cookbooks, health and wellness resources, and new romance novels to choose from. Want these titles? Go to Day Weekend!

Travel + Children Summer is when parents travel with their children. What’s going to make them happy? Can’t answer that one, but we do have some reading recommendations for the whole family! Teens (and adults, too!) will enjoy The Crisanta Knight Series, whether starting with the latest installment, To Death and Back, or heading back to the very beginning with Protagonist Bound. Curious? Find out more in our exclusive Q&A with the series’ author, Geanna Culbertson. Q: What’s the base concept of your series? A: Told from the perspective of Cinderella’s daughter, this tale focuses on the kids and siblings of fair-ytale characters, all of whom live in a magical world called Book, where they train to be main characters in future stories. Q: Tell me more about the story’s lead heroine. A: Crisanta Knight is a bold, sassy princess-in-training who’s all about taking fate in her own hands, not living the clichéd fairytale archetype her realm’s Author has planned for her. Her strength, character, and feistiness give the series witty humor, great action, and genuine heart with positive messaging.