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Welcome to our region! The Living In Program of the Municipality of Eindhoven and Holland Expat Center South recognizes that a new start in a completely new environment is not always easy and that’s why we want to help you to get to know Eindhoven and surroundings better with this booklet. The Living In program is a program of the Eindhoven city council which aims to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment, in which you as an international feel at home earlier and more easily. In this program we work together with internationals on a daily basis, so we can meet the needs of internationals. In our discussions with employers and educational institutions, we call for a warm welcome. For instance the monthly Welcome Evenings, in which you can get acquainted with other internationals and with the inner city. In addition to the Welcome Evenings, there are almost weekly events with information about studying, living, working, language and taxes. We also want you to feel welcome in other urban facilities. For example, we are committed to better discoverability, accessibility and communication in culture, sports, events, education, etc. In addition to more English language for our facilities, learning the Dutch language is often important. Especially if you have the intention to stay longer in the region, to learn Dutch has a lot of advantages. 2

Think of finding work for your spouse or participating in activities organized in Dutch. With employers we also work to improve facilities for internationals and their families. More and more employers are becoming aware that boarding an international family in the region requires more than what has been offered so far.


“On a daily base we talk with the community and not about the community” 3

Holland Expat Center South is your starting point for information about settling into Brabant. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you! Kind regards, Holland Expat Center South Team


ABOUT THE EXPAT CENTER Holland Expat Center South is a one-stop shop for expats living and working in Brabant. Our mission is to promote and support international companies, highly skilled migrants, scientific researchers, and EU citizens by offering a fast and easy procedure for formalities, and providing information about the region. At Holland Expat Center South, internationals can obtain information, as well as arrange the formal procedures regarding settlement in the Netherlands, including the municipal basic administration and residence documents. This applies to internationals living and/or working in one of the participating municipalities. The Expat Center also provides regional information, and organizes events for the international community. These services are available free of charge, to every international living in the region. Holland Expat Center South is a joint initiative of the participating municipalities, the Immigration and Naturalisation Services (IND), and the province of Noord-Brabant.

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Welcome to our Eindhoven and region! its surroundings


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Partnership Program


CONNECTING PEOPLE AND CULTURE Holland Expat Center South organizes events to welcome you to Brabant! These events are free to attend and give you information about important topics, such as how to file taxes, how to buy a house and an introduction to the Dutch health care system. We also organize Meet & Greets where you can go on guided tours of cultural institutions in the region! We hope to see you there! Check our website for upcoming events

HAVE YOU RECENTLY MOVED TO EINDHOVEN? Then join our Welcome Evening! We organize this monthly event to welcome newly arrived internationals to the region! There is no charge to attend, but registration is required. Check our website for upcoming dates 9

The City of Eindhoven and its surroundings Eindhoven is the fifth-largest city and a municipality of the Netherlands, located in the south of the country. It has a population of 235,707 in 2021, making it the largest city in the province of North Brabant. Eindhoven was originally located at the confluence of the Dommel and Gender. Neighbouring cities and towns include Son en Breugel, Nuenen, Geldrop-Mierlo, Helmond, Heeze-Leende, Waalre, Veldhoven, Eersel, Oirschot and Best. The agglomeration has a population of 337,487. The metropolitan area consists of 419,045 inhabitants. The city region has a population of 753,426. The Brabantse Stedenrij combined metropolitan area has about two million inhabitants.


Middelbeers Westelbeers

Lage Mierde

Hoge Mierde










Gemert Mariahout

De Rips De Mortel




Bakel Milheeze



Nederwetten Gerwen





DEURNE Vlierden











Aalst Heeze







Heusden Neerkant

Dommelen Sterksel




Someren-Eind Someren-Heide




Borkel Schaft Luyksgestel



Gastel Budel Budel-Schoot Budel-Dorpsplein

The name Eindhoven may derive from the contraction of the regional words eind (meaning “last” or “end”) and hove (or hoeve, a section of some 14 hectares of land). Toponymically, eind occurs commonly as a prefix and postfix in local place- and streetnames. A “hove” comprised a parcel of land which a local lord might

lease to private persons (such as farmers). Given that a string of such parcels existed around Woensel, the name Eindhoven may have originated with the meaning “last hoves on the land of Woensel”. Another explanation is that “Eind” is derived from “Gender”, a river that runs through the city. 11

HISTORY OF EINDHOVEN 13th–15th centuries

The written history of Eindhoven started in 1232, when Duke Hendrik I of Brabant granted city rights to Eindhoven, then a small town right on the confluence of the Dommel and Gender streams. At the time of granting of its charter, Eindhoven had approximately 170 houses enclosed by a rampart. Just outside the city walls stood a small castle. The city was also granted the right to organize a weekly market and the farmers in nearby villages were obliged to come to Eindhoven to sell their products. Another factor in its establishment was its location on the trade route from Holland to Liège. Around 1388, the city’s fortifications were strengthened further. And between 1413 and 1420, a new castle was built within the city walls. In 1486, Eindhoven was plundered and burned by troops from Guelders.


The capture of Eindhoven in 1583, by Frans Hogenberg

16th–18th centuries

The reconstruction of Eindhoven was finished in 1502, with a stronger rampart and a new castle. However, in 1543 it fell again, its defense works having been neglected due to poverty. A big fire in 1554 destroyed 75% of the houses but by 1560 these had been rebuilt with the help of William I of Orange. During the Dutch Revolt, Eindhoven changed hands between the Dutch and the Spanish several times during which it was burned down by renegade Spanish soldiers, until finally in 1583 it was captured once more by Spanish troops and its city walls were demolished. Eindhoven did not become part of the Netherlands until 1629. During the French occupation, Eindhoven suffered again with many of its houses destroyed by the invading forces. Eindhoven remained a minor city after that until the start of the Industrial Revolution.

19th century

The Industrial Revolution of the 19th century provided a major growth impulse. Canals, roads and railroads were constructed. Eindhoven was connected to the major Zuid-Willemsvaart canal through the Eindhovens Kanaal branch in 1843 and was connected by rail to Tilburg, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Venlo and Belgium between 1866 and 1870. Industrial activities initially centered around tobacco and textiles and boomed with the rise of lighting and electronics giant Philips, which was founded as a light bulb manufacturing company in Eindhoven in 1891. Industrialization brought population growth to Eindhoven. On the establishment of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1815, Eindhoven had 2,310 inhabitants.


20th century

By 1920, the population was 47,946; by 1925 it was 63,870 and in 1935 that had ballooned to 103,030.[11] The explosive growth of industry in the region and the subsequent housing needs of workers called for radical changes in administration, as the City of Eindhoven was still confined to its medieval moat city limits. In 1920, the five neighboring municipalities of Woensel (to the north), Tongelre (northeast and east), Stratum (southeast), Gestel en Blaarthem (southwest) and Strijp (west), which already bore the brunt of the housing needs and related problems, were incorporated into the new Groot-Eindhoven (“Greater Eindhoven”) municipality. The prefix “Groot-” was later dropped. After the incorporation of 1920, the five former municipalities became districts of the Municipality of Eindhoven, with Eindhoven-Centrum (the City


proper) forming the sixth. Since then, an additional seventh district has been formed by dividing the largest district, that of Woensel, into Woensel-Zuid and Woensel-Noord. The early 20th century saw additions in technical industry with the advent of car and truck manufacturing company Van Doorne’s Automobiel Fabriek (DAF) and the subsequent shift towards electronics and engineering, with the traditional

HISTORY OF EINDHOVEN tobacco and textile industries waning and finally disappearing in the 1970s. People of Eindhoven (during World War II) watching Allied forces entering the city following its liberation from Axis forces on 19 September 1944. A first air raid in World War II was flown by the RAF on 6 December 1942 targeting the Philips factory downtown, in which 148 civilians died, even though the attack was carried out on a Sunday by low-flying Mosquito bombers.[12][13] Large-scale air raids, including the bombing by the Luftwaffe on 18 September 1944 during Operation Market Garden, destroyed large parts of the city. The reconstruction that followed left very little historical remains and the postwar reconstruction period saw drastic renovation plans in highrise style, some of which were implemented. At the time, there

was little regard for historical heritage. During the 1960s, a new city hall was built and its Neogothic predecessor (1867) demolished to make way for a planned arterial road that never materialized. The 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s saw large-scale housing developments in the districts of Woensel-Zuid and WoenselNoord, making Eindhoven the fifth-largest city in the Netherlands. At the start of the 21st century, a whole new housing development called Meerhoven was constructed at the site of the old airport of Welschap, west of Eindhoven. The airport itself, now called Eindhoven Airport, had moved earlier to a new location, paving the way for much needed new houses. Meerhoven is part of the Strijp district and partially lies on lands annexed from the municipality of Veldhoven.

Eindhoven, view to a street: 18 Septemberplein-Vestdijk-Stationsplein


Geography The villages and city that made up modern Eindhoven were originally built on sandy elevations between the Dommel, Gender and Tongelreep rivers. Beginning in the 19th century, the basins of the rivers themselves have also been used as housing land, resulting in occasional flooding in the city centre. Partly to reduce flooding, the bed of the Gender stream, which flowed directly through the city centre, was dammed off and filled up after the War, and the course of

Topographic map of Eindhoven (city), September 2014

the Dommel was regulated. New ecological and socio-historical insights have led to parts of the Dommel’s course being restored to their original states, and plans





Centrum Stratum Gestel


to have the Gender flow through the centre once again.

the mild daytime temperatures.

The large-scale housing developments of the 20th century saw residential areas being built on former agricultural lands and woods, former heaths that had been turned into cultivable lands in the 19th century. The city is currently divided into seven districts: ● Centrum ● Woensel-Noord ● Woensel-Zuid ● Tongelre ● Stratum ● Gestel ● Strijp

As of 2021, the population of Eindhoven consists of 235.707 persons. The spoken language is a combination of Kempenlands (a Dutch dialect spoken in a large area east and south east of the city, including Arendonk and Lommel in Belgium) and North Meierijs (between the south of Den Bosch and into Eindhoven). Both dialects belong to the East Brabantian dialect group), which is very similar to colloquial Dutch).


Eindhoven has an oceanic climate with slightly warmer summers and colder winters than the coastal parts of the Netherlands. Its all-time record is 40.3 °C (104.5 °F) set on 25 July 2019 and −21.7 °C (−7.1 °F) set on 13 January 1968, while winter lows have dipped below −15 °C (5 °F) during extreme cold snaps. Although frosts are frequent in winter, there is no lasting snow cover in a normal winter due to



Eindhoven has grown from a little town in 1232 to one of the biggest cities in the Netherlands with around 230,000 inhabitants in 2020. Much of its growth is due to Philips, DAF Trucks and Brabantia. After the resurrection of the Netherlands in 1815 and the end of the Belgian Revolution, Eindhoven was a small village of some 1250 people in an economically backward and mostly agricultural area. Cheap land, cheap labor and the existence of pre-industrial 17

home sourcing (huisnijverheid in Dutch) made Eindhoven an attractive area for the developing industries which were being stimulated by the government of King William I. During the 19th century, Eindhoven grew into an industrial town with factories for textile weaving, cigar manufacturing, match making and hat making. Most of these industries disappeared again after World War II, though.

NXP Semiconductors (formerly Philips Semiconductors), ASML, ALTEN, Simac, Neways Electronics and the aforementioned Philips and DAF. Eindhoven has long been a center of cooperation between research institutes and industry. This tradition started with Philips (the NatLab was a physical expression of this) and has since expanded to large cooperative networks. The Eindhoven University of Technology hosts an incubator for technology Philips startups and the NatLab has In 1891, brothers Gerard and developed into the High Tech Anton Philips founded the small Campus Eindhoven. Also, TNO light bulb factory that would has opened a branch on the grow into one of the largest university campus. This tradition electronics firms in the world. Philips’ presence is probably the has also fostered inter-industry largest single contributing factor cooperation in the region; to the major growth of Eindhoven one example of this is the announcement in September in the 20th century. It attracted 2010 of a new research lab for and spun off many hi-tech companies, making Eindhoven a high-grade packaging materials, a cooperation of IPS Packaging major technology and industrial and Thales Cryognetics. hub. In 2005, a full third of the total amount of money spent on research in the Netherlands was This cooperative tradition has spent in or around Eindhoven. A also developed into a different direction than the traditional quarter of the jobs in the region technology research done at are in technology and ICT, with companies such as FEI Company the university. Starting in 2002, the university, the Catharina (once Philips Electron Optics), 18

hospital, Philips Medical and the University of Maastricht joined forces and started joint research into biomedical science, technology and engineering. Within Eindhoven, this research has been concentrated in a new

university faculty (BioMedical Technology or BMT). This development has also made Eindhoven a biomedical technology hub within the country and its (European) region.

The Evoluon conference center

shops. The Admirant has been renovated into an Office building for small companies. Across the street from the Witte Dame and Prime examples of industrial next to the Admirant is Philips’ heritage in Eindhoven are the first light bulb factory (nicknamed renovated Witte Dame (“White Lady”) complex, a former Philips Roze Baby, or “Pink Baby”, in lamp factory; and the Admirant reference to its pink colour building (informally known and much smaller size when as Bruine Heer or “Brown compared to the “White Lady” and “Brown Gentleman”). The Gentleman” in reference to the small building now houses the Witte Dame across the street), “Centrum Kunstlicht in de Kunst” the former Philips main offices. The Witte Dame currently houses (centre artificial light in art) and the municipal library, the Design the “Philips Incandescent Lamp Factory of 1891” museum. Academy and a selection of


1. Wal k or bike through Ein dho ven a Dutchy and get to know the

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and it’s surroun din gs 2. Join a soci al or spor ts clu b to meet new people , ther e are a lot of them in this gui de 3. Lea rn Dutch to become mor e in con tact with all the people 4. Visi t the cul tura l and leisure pla ces; ther e are a lot of hidden gem s! 5. Che ck the website www.h olla nde xpa tcen ter.c om for free even ts to join !

zen Josine Frankhui and project er lop ve de y Polic In program at coordinator Living er South nt Ce Holland Expat


as city

Culture & leisure Arts, music and dance










Events and Festivals




Theme parks




Food & Drinks






Books and Record shops


International Supermarkets




10 unique architectural highlights 96


Culture & leisure

Arts, music and dance CKE Arts Centre Creativity for everyone In Eindhoven and the surrounding region, CKE creates unique opportunities for people to grow, meet up and connect with others. They believe in the value of arts and culture! That’s why they want to give everyone living in the Eindhoven region the chance to practise and experience the arts and cultural activities. CKE does this according to the three strategic cornerstones of culture education, amateur arts and cultural participation. Their organisation consists of a permanent team of professionals from all arts disciplines and supporting roles, and they also collaborate with numerous partners in the field. Would you like to learn to write your own creative stories or are you taking up your music lessons again? Now’s your chance to start that new hobby. At CKE they offer all kinds of courses and workshops. You can take short or long courses, individual or group lessons, always given by an enthusiastic and experienced teacher. Still in doubt? Take a trial lesson. Trial lessons are entirely without obligation. You can learn all about visual arts, dance, photography, musical, music, theatre and writing at CKE. Pastoor Petersstraat 180 5612 LW Eindhoven +31 (0)40 216 32 63 22

Culture & leisure

Other music lessons:

Muziekschool Eindhoven, Mijnmuziekles, Muziekfabriek

Other dance schools for ballet, breakdance, streetdance et cetera are for example: Balletstudio Valentijn, Balletschool Liesbeth Hagenaars, Ja!Academy, Dédédance, Flexx-ndance, Bruce Dance Factory, Area51dance, Dancer studio, Step by step, Movement studios, Dansschool Funk-R Entertainment, AfroMoon World. 23

Culture & leisure

Theatre and Cinema OIRSCHOT Parktheater Eindhoven BEST • International Theatre Collective Eindhoven • Pand P Oostelbeers


Natlab, LAB-1 Wintelre


EINDHOVEN Vessem Lage Mierde

Casteren Hoge Mierde



Theater de Schalm






Duizel Hapert

Dommelen Theater de Hofnar





BERGEYK Theater de Kattendans Weebosch

Borkel Schaft



Culture & leisure Handel



De Rips


De Mortel



Bakel Milheeze

Theater Speelhuis Aarle-Rixtel

Nederwetten Gerwen




De Cacaofabriek Vlierden


Ommel Liessel


ASTEN Helenaveen Heeze


Heusden Neerkant

Sterksel Leende


Someren-Eind Someren-Heide


Gastel Budel




Culture & leisure

Theatre Wonka

Wonka includes six stages from the Brainport region: Parktheater Eindhoven, Cacaofabriek & Het Speelhuis Helmond, Theater de Schalm Veldhoven, Theater de Hofnar Valkenswaard and Theater de Kattendans Bergeijk. A number of shows in our program have been labeled ‘No Dutch Required’. These shows can be easily understood by those who don’t speak Dutch. No words are needed to understand the international language of music and dance! Check out the website for the offer


Culture & leisure Parktheater Eindhoven

Parktheater Eindhoven is one of the largest theaters in the Netherlands. The theater offers more than 450 theater performances and receives almost 300,000 visitors per year. Parktheater offers a varied program with family performances, dance, cabaret, theater, music, and opera. They also have an international program with offerings in English, and language independent performances, like dance and pantomime. The theater was built in 1964, then under the name Stadsschouwburg Eindhoven. Between 2005 and 2007, the complex was thoroughly renovated and expanded with the Philipszaal. The design of this multifunctional hall is based on Teatro Central in Seville, which was built for the 1989 World’s Fair. For more information, go to: Elzentlaan 50 5615 CN Eindhoven +31 (0)40 215 61 56

Theaterpad 1 5615 EN Eindhoven +31 (0)40 211 11 22

Pand P

Throughout the year you can visit theatre, dance, film, presentations, lectures, parties in the halls at the top of Pand P. Leenderweg 65 5614 HL Eindhoven +31 (0)40 303 21 70 27

Culture & leisure Theater Het Speelhuis en De Cacaofabriek (Helmond)

Theater Het Speelhuis can be found in Helmond. This is a special theater because it is a theater in the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk. A number of shows in our program have been labeled ‘No Dutch Required’. These shows can be easily understood by those who don’t speak Dutch. Kromme Steenweg 29 5707 CB Helmond +31 (0)49 258 70 00 Cacaofabriek In De Cacaofabriek, an old cocoa factory, there are stageperformances, exhibitions and movies. Cacaokade 1 5705 LA Helmond +31 (0)492 52 90 09

Theater De Kattendans (Bergeijk)

Our theater seats almost 300 people and offers a stage for both amateur and professional artists. Eerselsedijk 4 5571 CM Bergeijk +31 (0)497-571318 28

Culture & leisure Theater De Schalm (Veldhoven)

Theater de Schalm is a medium-sized theater in Veldhoven. The Brabant ‘culture temple’ was set up around the beginning of the 1960s. The cozy theater has two theater halls with a capacity of 480 and 185 seats. Every year about 170 performances are shown by both professional and amateur companies. The cozy theater also shows films in the halls, in which De Schalm focuses mainly on the better arthouse films. Meiveld 3 5501 KA Veldhoven +31 (0)40 253 35 78

Theater De Hofnar (Valkenswaard)

The theater was created after a visit by the two owners of the cigar factory to an opera by Guiseppe Verdi in Brussels around 1919. At that time a lot of commotion arose. More than 80 years later, the new Court Jester once again serves for theater and all kinds of cultural expressions. De Hofnar strives to promote the participation and influence of art and culture in and around Valkenswaard. Amateur and professional performances are organized. De Hofnar 10 5554 DA Valkenswaard +31 (0)40 207 40 10


Culture & leisure International Theatre Collective Eindhoven

International Theatre Collective Eindhoven (ITCE) creates theater productions with and for internationals and nationals under direction of Geert Niland. After ‘Outsiders’ (2018) - a moving piece about refugees - in 2019, the ITCE created the performance ‘(De)Humanize’ about the human identity and the desire to live forever. The ITCE creates both original works as well as modern adaptation of classics from world literature. Productions showcase professionals and amateurs, both in cast and in the crew. Do you want to participate in a theatrical performance either on or behind the stage? Do you want more information? Send an email to:


Culture & leisure


Culture & leisure


Cinemas in the region offer mainstream movies as well as art-house productions, and even movie-theatre performances in smaller venues. Most films are shown in their original language with Dutch subtitles. Foreign films aimed at younger children are shown in two versions: ● the original (subtitled) version ● a version dubbed into Dutch Make sure to specify which version of the movie you want to see when buying tickets for a children’s movie.


The Natlab is a culture meeting place for contemporary arts. Theatre/ballet - They offer a wide range of performances in collaboration with Parktheater: theatre, dance and cabaret. Cinema - Natlab screens English movies and movies from all over the world with English subtitles. Enjoy the latest movies, from Oscar-winning movies, to low-budget documentaries, to costume dramas and kid’s movies. Activities for Children - Every school holiday Natlab organizes activities for kids. Kastanjelaan 500 5616 LZ Eindhoven


Culture & leisure LAB-1

Lab-1 is a cinema & Club in Eindhoven Experience movies, live music, exhibitions, quiz and comedy, parties and events in 1 building! LAB-1 stands for retro, fun, dynamics & creativity. A place to enjoy, hang out and feel yourself at home. In LAB-1 you can work, play games, chill or relax in the evening with a drink in our cinema bar. You can watch the best Hollywood, music, art-house, classic and documentary films in one of our four cinemas and attend a comedy night, concert or event in our event space. Keizersgracht 19 5611 GC Eindhoven +31 (0)40 209 40 91

Other cinema’s in Eindhoven are Pathé and Vue. 33

Culture & leisure


There are music performances offered in many places, and of many different types. Several bars and cafes around the region host regular musical events by lesser-known artists, many of them local acts. Some of these events are free to attend.

Muziekgebouw Frits Philips Eindhoven

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is a contemporary concert venue with an international status. An Acoustic top-location attracting worldfamous orchestras and soloists. Over 160,000 music lovers find their way to this special building in the heart of Eindhoven every year. Muziekgebouw Eindhoven has two halls: the main hall with 1,250 seats, the small hall with 400 seats. Every year over 160,000 music lovers find their way to this special building in the heart of Eindhoven.


Culture & leisure

It’s their mission to inspire as well as challenge you. Therefore Muziekgebouw Eindhoven not only hosts a broad and varied programme, but also: ● their own, unique productions (Scherpdenkers, Lay Down & Listen, composer in residence, singer-songwriterfestival Naked Song and jazz & beyond-festival So What’s Next?) ● young top-talents (Grand Prix and masterclasses) ● international top-concerts in the classical, world music and jazz genres ● innovating collaborations in Eindhoven (with de Effenaar, Van Abbe Museum and Piet Hein Eek) ● events in our city-foyer and our grand-café Meneer Frits: concerts for kids including the monthly pancake concerts, weekly Blue Note Club Sessions (jazz) and van Meurs’ Monday (intimate singer-songwriter sessions). Quality, hospitality and experience Thanks to the grand-scale refurbishment of their venue in the summer of 2010, they can welcome our guests in an ambiance in which the atmosphere and feel of the foyers mirror the concert-experience in our halls. A building in which you’ll find it easy to find your way, in which waiting feels like taking a short break and where you enjoy meeting up with friends. A contemporary concert hall that fits their mission. Heuvel 140 5611 DK Eindhoven +31 (0)40 244 20 20 35

Culture & leisure De Effenaar

De Effenaar is a top venue in the center of Eindhoven for pop, rock and dance music. It has been around since 1971 and has grown into one of the larger music venues in the Netherlands. Internationally famous bands and artists often play there. De Effenaar has two rooms. The main hall, with a capacity of 1300 people, is intended for larger bands / acts. The small hall (400 people) is suitable for smaller and / or regional bands. Dommelstraat 2 5611 CK Eindhoven +31 (0)40 244 88 61


POPEI’s mission is to let people discover and develop their talents with music and a socially responsible heart. Talent development On an annual basis, POPEI organizes approximately 200 activities aimed at talent development. These activities range from band performances and singer-songwriter evenings to children’s workshops and performances by cultural / educational organizations. In this, POPEI seeks cooperation with other parties as much as possible. Every year POPEI offers about 2,500 people a platform to actively participate in a music activity. 36

Culture & leisure Music workshop and connection Nearly 50 bands and 3 teaching organizations, including Eindhoven Center for the Arts and Rock City Institute (an MBO training for independent entrepreneur in the music industry), use the 17 rehearsal rooms every week and a rehearsal room is booked separately another 1000 times a year. On average, more than 100 musicians walk around at POPEI every day, which makes us a fertile meeting place. In addition, we also try to play a stimulating role in actively connecting musicians. Klokgebouw 300 5617 AD Eindhoven +31 (0)40 243 14 44


Dynamo is a creative platform for young talent. A youth center, stage, workshop space and school in one. In a dynamic learning-work environment, young talent develops at Dynamo in dance, music, art, culture, sports and new media. The subcultures Urban, Rock and Dance are also strongly represented from volunteer groups. Catharinaplein 21 5611 DE Eindhoven +31 (0)40 239 31 10


Culture & leisure Strijpskamerkoor

The Strijps Chamberchoir conducted by Wilko Brouwers We are a group of singers that is passionate about singing good choral music on a high level. We would love to welcome you! Apart from our weekly rehearsals on Wednesday evening we have separate monthly rehearsals for each section of the choir to work on vocal blending and thus improve the sound of the choir as a whole. Also we are trained by a professional vocal coach on a regular basis. Once a year there is a workshop weekend. We consider ourselves to be a sparkling choir that appreciates all kinds of good challenges. By collaborating with other cultural disciplines and organisations we are constantly looking for possibilities to expand our musical horizon. In the past years the Strijps Chamberchoir has made a number of recordings, some of which you can find on our website.


Culture & leisure Music with Strangers

Music with Strangers started in 2014 as an initiative to teach guitar at The Hub Eindhoven for Expats. It evolved into a community formed mostly of internationals, and over the past 6 years has grown in size and complexity and expanded its range of activities with jamming and concerts. In 2017 Music with Strangers has become an association (vereniging). We facilitate the meeting of people to play and enjoy music together, regardless of their personal and musical backgrounds, experience and preferences. We cherish the diversity of our group, and believe diversity encourages creativity. We value our differences in culture and musical preference. We empower the community by offering a friendly environment where musicians can easily meet, jam and perform. Jamming Thursdays: A Thursday evening where we gather to rehearse, jam, inspire and meet each other. Anyone can join. The location is announced on our FB page a few days in advance. Rehearsal Sessions Saturday at Popei: An opportunity for focused practice, in one of Popei’s professional rehearsal rooms (members only). We organize performances in Eindhoven: POPEI, Altstadt and many others. The theme, organization and registration rules for each event vary. Any profits or donations are used for the community.


Culture & leisure

Museums Heusden

Elshout Waspik Sprang-Capelle





‘s Gravenmoer

Loon op Zand







De Pont MuseumRiel • TextielMuseum • Natuurmuseum Brabant



OIRSCHOT BEST HILVARENBEEK Diessen Museum Wings of Liberation Oostelbeers





EINDHOV Van Abbemuseum Vessem VELDHOVEN • Philips Museum Netersel Lage Mierde Casteren Hoogeloon • PreHistorisch dorp Hulsel Hoge Mierde • Ontdekfabriek Eindhoven W Steensel Duizel BLADEL • Daf Museum Hapert Dommelen Walik • MU Reusel EERSEL Riethoven VALKENSWA • Pennings Foundation Westerhoven • Kazerne BERGEYK • Piet Hein Eek Weebosch Bor • Motion Experience Luyksgestel • Next Nature - Evoluon


Culture & leisure If you plan to visit a lot of museums in the Netherlands, consider buying a Museumkaart (Museum Card), which will get you unlimited free access for one year to more than 400 museums in the Netherlands! The card costs € 64,90 for adults (19 and older), € 32,45 (under 18)

Handel Elsendorp Overloon Gemert Mariahout

De Rips De Mortel



Bakel Milheeze


Vincentre Van Gogh Brabant

Nederwetten Gerwen



DEURNE Museum Helmond Vlierden



Ommel Liessel


Weaving Museum






Helenaveen Heusden Neerkant

n Sterksel Leende



Someren-Eind Someren-Heide

Nederlands Steendrukmuseum

rkel Schaft



Gastel Budel Budel-Schoot Budel-Dorpsplein


Culture & leisure Van Abbemuseum

The Van Abbemuseum contemporary art museum enjoys an enviable reputation within the art world. Its vast collection includes works by Picasso, Chagall, Kandinsky, El Lissitzky, Mondriaan and Appel. Exhibitions are held on a regular basis. The Van Abbemuseum also contains an auditorium, a bookshop, a unique multimedia library, and an airy restaurant with a terrace overlooking the Dommel River. Exhibition There are also different exhibitions during the year. Children’s activities Are you between 6 and 12 years old? Do you enjoy looking at paintings, but mostly enjoy painting yourself? Come to the Van Abbemuseum. The Children’s Art Club is there every Saturday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm. Every meeting of the Children’s Art Club is guided by two museum teachers and every week there is a different subject. There is a group limit of 10 children. Bilderdijklaan 10 / Stratumsedijk 2 5611 NH Eindhoven +31 (0)40 238 10 00


Culture & leisure Philips Museum

The Philips Museum is located in the heart of Eindhoven, where Gerard Philips produced his first light bulbs in 1891. The museum takes visitors on a tour of the company’s rich history. You get to see how Philips constantly reinvents itself and how its innovative technology plays an important role in social changes. First with electric light and later on with radio, television and the dawn of the digital age. These days, Philips stands at the forefront of major innovations in the healthcare sector. As ever, the company’s goal is to improve people’s lives. Activities and tours The Philips Museum offers various tours. Such as Mission Eureka. An interactive game about more than 100 years’ worth of Philips inventions for families with children aged eight and over. You work together to solve eight challenges with the help of an iPad. Children aged four and over can go on a treasure hunt through the museum to look for hidden images with a UV flashlight. Exhibition There are also different exhibitions during the year often with free audio tour. Emmasingel 31 5611 AZ Eindhoven +31 (0)40 235 90 30


Culture & leisure Eindhoven Museum - preHistorisch Dorp Eindhoven

The open-air museum preHistorisch Dorp is one of the most unique attractions in Eindhoven. It consists of a replica of prehistoric and medieval barns and houses, and has historical residents who are dressed in period costumes who offer demonstrations of skills used by people from the prehistoric and medieval eras. Boutenslaan 161 B 5644 TV Eindhoven +31 (0)40 252 22 81

Ontdekfabriek Eindhoven

A discovery factory located at StrijpS in Eindhoven. For more information please check their website. Torenallee 22 5617 BD Eindhoven (Strijp-S) +31 (0)40 787 35 06


Culture & leisure Daf museum

A tour of the DAF Museum will take visitors from one surprise to the next. The inventiveness that has been characteristic for DAF vehicles from 1928 till the present day will even captivate visitors who have no special knowledge of the subject. The ground floor accommodates a pleasant village square, with shops from the 1930s, a welcoming pub, a period garage and, not to be forgotten, a replica of the Van Doornes’ office. From here you can stroll around the museum to discover the many aspects of the DAF product. The trucks are displayed downstairs and special attention is paid to the milestones in DAF’s history. A special section is devoted to engines and it gives a good idea of the developments that have taken place over the years. The upstairs gallery holds an extraordinary collection of cars, among which a number of interesting prototypes that were not taken into production. Tongelresestraat 27, 5613 DA Eindhoven +31 (0)40 244 43 64


Culture & leisure MU

MU Hybrid Art House at Strijp-S is all about art in the broadest sense of the word. Together with mainly young makers and a broad, international audience, MU defines the liminal space between ‘what art is and what art can be’. Thereby, they prioritize the introduction to, elaboration on and handson experience of the creation of art. Starting from the near past and present of contemporary visual art, they focus on the unpredictable future of tomorrow and beyond and the role that hybrid artists want and can play in it. They combine this with Eindhoven’s innovative strength in the field of design and technology, together with an open, inclusive drive to experiment. MU is curious for talent, and challenges talents to be curious. Torenallee 40-06 5617 BD Eindhoven +31 (0)40 296 16 63


Culture & leisure Pennings Foundation

Pennings Foundations is a gallery near the City Center with photo exhibitions. Pennings Foundation organizes exhibitions, performances, artist talks, lectures, workshops, courses, meetings, portfolio reviews and a photobook fair. In October, during Dutch Design Week we host an exhibition of international designers. Gallery Pennings first opened in 1979 and is the oldest gallery in the Netherlands specialized in photography. The focus is on autonomous photography. In 2018, Pennings Foundation started to broaden their scope and grew into a platform for photography, video art and new media art. Geldropseweg 63 5611 SE Eindhoven +31 (0)40 308 06 09


Culture & leisure Kazerne

Exhibitions with current and recent work of world-class design talent, both upcoming and established. Our loyalties lie with those creatives that relate to the region through study and/or work. Paradijslaan 8 5611 KN Eindhoven +31 (0) 40 207 3730

Next Nature: RetroFuture

In 2022 the Evoluon will reopen its doors in Eindhoven. The building, which resembles a spaceship, will function as a training facility for the crew of planet Earth. It will become a future lab for the wonderful world of science, technology, design and innovation. And you are invited. On 24. September 2022 opens the first exhibition in the Evoluon: RetroFuture. This is the world’s first major exhibition on the future of the past; what was strange, clumsy and artificial in the past, is considered normal or even natural today. The exhibition takes you on a journey of the dreams of yesterday’s future thinkers—from Da Vinci to Nostradamus—and explores what we can learn from these today. Noord Brabantlaan 1 5652 LA Eindhoven


Culture & leisure Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek made his international breakthrough as a designer with his graduation project at the Academy of Industrial Design (now the Design Academy): a cabinet made of scrap wood. Precisely in a time of excess, he designed a soberly designed cabinet made of simple material. A perfect example of going against the tide of the day, something Piet Hein Eek is still known for. Instead of specialization, everything is done in-house here, and the entire process – from idea to end product – is very accessible to visitors. A complete world has been created in the striking building in which these activities are placed in context. So you’ve come to the perfect place for a real look at how design is made. Halvemaanstraat 30 5651 BP Eindhoven +31 (0)40 285 66 10

Motion Experience

Imagination Experience lets you step into a fantasy world full of light, interaction and colour. For all ages! Piazza 64 (2nd floor) 5611 AE Eindhoven


Culture & leisure Vincentre Van Gogh Brabant (Nuenen)

Van Gogh Village Nuenen: You cannot closer to Van Gogh… Stand where Van Gogh stood, see what he saw and painted. Then and now. It’s now 130 years further on, yet still everything is visible, tangible and within reach. Walk in Vincent van Gogh’s footsteps. What makes it unique is that the stories about Van Gogh, his letters and his paintings all come together in the same place. Brabant is the Dutch province where Vincent van Gogh was born and raised. How did young Vincent grow up to become the famous painter that inspires millions of people all over the world? Start here to explore his homeland and visit the places and unique heritage centres you recognize from his letters, sketches, drawings and paintings. Van Gogh Museum Vincentre Nuenen Hear stories about him in the Vincentre museum and read stories about Nuenen as it was when he lived and worked here from 1883 to 1885. Get to know him as a person and see him develop to become a world-famous artist, including the Potato Eaters. (Audio tour available in 8 languages (including English). After visiting the Vincentre, go outside where no fewer than 23 locations remind us of Van Gogh; 14 of these are locations painted or sketched by him. The others are statues or buildings with a special relevance. There is even a special cyclepath. Despite there being no original paintings, our senses are aroused: you cannot get closer to Van Gogh. Information columns along the route tell us about the places he painted. Ask for the “Out and about with Vincent” book in the Vincentre. Van Gogh Village Nuenen Berg 29 5671 CA Nuenen 50

Culture & leisure


Culture & leisure The following five Brabant communities still retain traces of Van Gogh, from his sources of inspiration to his works: ● Raised in Zundert, memories of his youth are brought to life in the Vincent van Gogh House. ● History and the newest technology merge together in Vincent’s Tekenlokaal in Tilburg! The young Van Gogh attended school in this former palace of King Willem II. See how he received his first serious drawing lessons in a reconstruction of this classroom and get to work in the digital art room. ● At the Van Gogh Church in Etten-Leur, see and hear how Van Gogh laid the foundations for his future masterpieces. ● At the Vincentre in Nuenen, witness how Van Gogh lived and painted in Nuenen, walk in the outdoor museum along all the places he painted, and experience everything the way he once experienced it! ● The Noordbrabants Museum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is the leading museum containing the best of Brabant art and history. It is also the only location in Brabant where paintings by Van Gogh can be viewed. See the peasant women from The Potato Eaters, his father’s parsonage and the unspoilt Brabant landscape for which Van Gogh was always homesick. For more information about Van Gogh Brabant, visit


Culture & leisure Museum Helmond

One museum - two locations - three collections Welcome at Museum Helmond and its two locations: Castle of Helmond (Kasteel Helmond) and Kunsthal Helmond. The Castle and Kunsthal are situated in the middle of the town Helmond, close to the railway station. In Castle Helmond you can visit the ancient story of the medieval building and its inhabitants. In Kunsthal Helmond we present modern art exhibitions and photography. Kasteel Helmond Kasteelplein 1 5701 PP Helmond +31 (0)49-258 7716 Kunsthal Helmond F.J. van Thielpark 1 5707 BX Helmond +31 (0)49-258 7716


Culture & leisure Nederlands Steendrukmuseum (Valkenswaard) Discover the art of lithography

Always wanted to know how advertising posters and book illustrations were made in the past? Or curious about how lithography actually works? Then visit the Dutch Stoneprinting Museum in Valkenswaard and discover the origin and development of our visual culture; a story of 200 years of innovation, art and craftsmanship. The microchip would never have existed without lithography! The museum keeps this special craft alive, shows the technique with its beautiful presses and has a wealth of art lithographs. Be sure to visit the museum studio and see how the printer prints a real lithograph. A top experience! Carolusgebouw Oranje Nassaustraat 8C 5554 AG Valkenswaard +31 (0)40 204 98 41


Culture & leisure Museum Wings of Liberation (Bevrijdende Vleugels) (Best)

Go back in time to the liberation of the Netherlands: the sound of roaring fighter plane engines, heroic pilots and American paratroopers. The Wings of Liberation Museum tells the compelling story of the liberation of the southern Netherlands at the end of World War II. The museum is situated in the area where, on 17 September 1944, airborne operations as part of Operation Market Garden marked the beginning of the liberation of the southern Netherlands. The timeline comprises the entire period from the occupation in 1940 and the repression years 1940-1944, through to the liberation in the final months of 1944. The museum has an extensive collection including dioramas, photos, tanks, aircraft, and weaponry that was actually used in Operation Market Garden. Sonseweg 3 5681 BH Best +31 (0)49 932 97 22


Culture & leisure Weaving museum In addition to the mostly old textile machines, which are still operated by our craftsmen, the story of the textile industry and its significance for Geldrop-Mierlo is told. In the cinema and large reel, short films are screened about weaving through the centuries and 5 characters from that time tell about weaving and their lives in the late 19th century. In the shop you can buy textile products made in the museum itself. Molenstraat 21 5664 HV Geldrop +31 (0)40 286 35 74 Please check www.visit ind and www.regioradare nt ba Bra in for other museums


Culture & leisure

Some museums in Tilburg:

● De Pont Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the most popular art museums in the country. Founded in 1992, it exhibits works by Dutch and international artists. The museum is housed in a former wool will that has been converted to provide an ideal showcase for contemporary art. ● TextielMuseum houses an extensive collection, but is also a ‘working’ museum, with historic production machinery still in daily operation. There are four main exhibits: textiles technology, industrial heritage, textile-related art and textile design. ● Natuurmuseum Brabant A museum about life in which man is central: man as manager of nature, man as a product of biological and cultural evolution. In the OO - ZONE (the Discovery and Research Domain for Nature), visitors can use a scan card to remove real materials from the display drawers and from their examination tables.


Culture & leisure

Events and Festivals Carnaval

Feel Good Market

The region hosts many annual events. Among the most popular events is Carnaval (held the five days before Lent every year) when the entire region lets its hair down, dresses up in crazy costumes, and celebrates in a festival of music and color with events for all ages!

The Feel Good Market is an event full of handmade, original and inspiring products, (bio) snacks, drinks, workshops and live music. It takes place on the third Sunday of the month in Strijp-S.


King’s Day April 27

Koningsdag (King’s Day) is on 27 April and celebrates King WillemAlexander’s birthday. On this day, the country turns orange as everyone wears orange clothing! A tradition is that the royal family visits someplace in the Netherlands and participates in local activities. There are also many festivites throughout the country, as well as flea markets in the city centres. 58

The third Sunday of the month

Culture & leisure Dutch Technology Week

STRP festival Biennale

The high-tech industry is an important sector for the Dutch economy. The sector contributes to the development of solutions for social issues and really delivers top performances. To share this proud feeling, companies, governments and knowledge institutions are working together on a week full of technological surprises. Everyone can see, feel and experience during the DTW how promising and challenging it is to participate in inventions that change the world.

STRP invites you to take part in an open dialogue about the relationship between humans, experimental technology, society and the future. They do this through our annual festival and individual events. Together with artists, designers, media-makers and thinkers, they offer alternative scenarios and mindsets in the form of exhibitions, presentations, discussions and performances. They also offer an extensive education programme based on the concept of ‘thinking through doing and learning through sharing’.

13 - 18 June 2022 7 - 10 April 2022


Culture & leisure EMOVES festival

Brabantse Dag (Heeze)

EMOVES is the Urban Culture Festival in the south of the Netherlands. It is an annual festival where young talents and (inter)national professionals get the opportunity to present themselves and to show the world what they got. The festival hosts four different disciplines: Music, Dance, Art and Sports. Every year the city of Eindhoven is the stage for its different competitions, events, shows, projects, seminars, and much more.

What once started small in 1958 now attracts more than 30,000 visitors every year. The theater parade on the last Sunday of August is undoubtedly the highlight of the year. No fewer than 16 wagon builders’ groups with around two thousand actors travel the streets of Heeze with impressive towering theater sets. The audience is captivated by expressive or endearing drama. Seriousness and humor, reality and fantasy alternate and bring the past of the Duchy of Brabant to life in a completely contemporary way. Prior to the theater parade, the Brabantsedag offers cabaret, art, theater, street theater and music. In short, the Brabantsedag is a unique experience with culture and entertainment for young and old.

June 2022


28 August 2022

Culture & leisure Bloemencorso (Valkenswaard)

11 September 2022


16-17 September 2022

The Spanish Tunatradition was introduced in Eindhoven in 1964. Since that moment, Tuna Ciudad de Luz and since 1982 La Tuniña have become an integral part of the street scene in Eindhoven. They annually organize a festival to celebrate this tradition. These large wagons are 12 meters long, by 4,5 meters wide, During this festival they invite many Spanish Tuna groups to by 6 meters high (= 40 feet x 16 Eindhoven to celebrate with feet x 20 feet). Together with us. You can enjoy the music several music bands, the floats during the Pasa bares in the city make up a feast for the eyes centre on Friday, and during the and ears within the streets of Valkenswaard, performed in front Saturday and Sunday afternoon of more than 30.000 spectators. at the stage performances on the Marktplein. The yearly revised theme of the Flower parade is being acted out by the wagons and all the acts around them, in a combination of street show and music theater. Bloemencorso Valkenswaard flower parade (each year in September) consists of 14 wagons covered with dahlias, as well as bands.


Culture & leisure Dutch Design Week (DDW) 22 - 30 October 2022

The largest design event in Northern Europe presents work and concepts from more than 2600 designers to more than 355000 visitors from home and abroad. Every year in October, the nine-day Dutch Design Week (DDW) takes place in Eindhoven. Spread over about a hundred locations throughout the city, exhibitions, lectures, awards ceremonies, network meetings, debates and festivities are held. Some annually recurring elements are the ‘Graduation Show’ with graduation work from the Design Academy Eindhoven and the exhibition of the Dutch Design Awards. Dutch Design Week presents trends two years ahead of Milan. Program locations are Strijp-S (including Veem, Klokgebouw and Microlab), Sectie-C, TU / e, Designhuis, TAC (Temporary Art Center), the Campina site and numerous smaller locations in the city center. Characteristic are the Design Rides, which can be 62

used for free to and from Dutch Design Week locations. DDW distinguishes itself from other design events by focusing on designing for the future. Although all conceivable disciplines and aspects of design are covered during the event, the emphasis is on experiment, innovation and crossovers. Special attention is paid annually to work and the development of young talent.

Culture & leisure


Culture & leisure


Culture & leisure GLOW Eindhoven

Docfeed Documentary festival Eindhoven

12 - 19 November 2022 GLOW Eindhoven is a (largely) free light art festival each year in November at which artists and designers from home and abroad show light art and design applications that have been created through the use of new media technologies, such as computers, sensors, animations, but also more famous projection techniques. It was held for the first time in November 2006. The festival is an open-air exhibition in which characteristic buildings and locations are illuminated with artificial light.

November 2022

This yearly festival showcases a unique selection of inspiring documentaries. DOCFEED is about being connected. See, feel, connect, discuss and be amazed at this festival that is filled with new documentaries. The film program roughly consists of 80 titles from all over the world, by starting and renowned filmmakers. DOCFEED includes Q&A’s and discussions with film makers, a great atmosphere, and exhibitions and music. Please check www.visit and www.regioradare events for more festivals and 65

Culture & leisure

Zoos / Animal Parks Heusden








‘s Gravenmoer

Loon op Zand






Gilze Riel


Best Zoo


OIRSCHOT BEST HILVARENBEEK Esbeek Beekse Bergen Safaripark


Oostelbeers Middelbeers Wintelre


EINDHOV Vessem Lage Mierde Hoge Mierde







Zoo Veldhoven







Dommelen Riethoven



BERGEYK Weebosch

Bor Luyksgestel


Culture & leisure

ZooParc Overloon Handel Elsendorp Overloon Gemert Mariahout

De Rips De Mortel



Bakel Milheeze


Family Zoo Dierenrijk Nuenen

Nederwetten Gerwen



DEURNE Vlierden



Ommel Liessel


ASTEN Helenaveen

Aalst Heeze



Heusden Neerkant

n Sterksel Leende


Someren-Eind Someren-Heide

Klein Costarica


rkel Schaft



Gastel Budel Budel-Schoot Budel-Dorpsplein


Culture & leisure


For animal lovers, visit the Beekse Bergen safari park (near Tilburg), Arnhem’s Burgers Zoo or Zoo Antwerpen. The Philips van Lennep and Genneper Parks are good for younger children, and are closer to home. They also offer youngsters the chance to pet a few furry friends. Younger children will also enjoy a visit to the Dierenrijk (a zoo in Mierlo), or the Zoo Veldhoven.

Family Zoo Dierenrijk Nuenen (Nuenen)

In Dierenrijk you will meet animals up close. Children can join the animal keepers on their rounds during one of the many activities. In between, they can also enjoy the indoor and outdoor playground. There are also shows with seals and elephants. Baroniehei 1 5731 RG Nuenen +31 (0)49 266 82 40


Culture & leisure ZooParc Overloon (Overloon)

Meet red pandas and otters at the entry to the park, walk around with the penguins, come face-to-face with ring-tailed lemurs, say hello to the giraffes and come meet the fosa. ZooParc is the only zoo in The Netherlands where you can meet the fosa! Stevensbeekseweg 21 5825 JB Overloon +31 (0)47 864 00 46

Klein Costarica (Someren)

Klein Costa Rica is an indoor tropical butterfly garden located in Someren. Besides butterflies, the butterfly garden also has birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles. Ploegstraat 68 5712 RL Someren +31 (0)6 27 24 95 91


Culture & leisure Zoo Veldhoven / Papegaaien Veldhoven (Veldhoven)

Zoo Veldhoven is a zoo near Eindhoven. We used to be known for years as the Dutch Parrot Shelter Foundation. In 2013 the park was taken over by the Loomans family and renamed Zoo Veldhoven. The collection of mainly parrots was then expanded to include birds of prey, flamingos, pelicans and various types of mammals, such as zebras, ring-tailed lemurs and alpacas. Wintelresedijk 51 5507 PP Veldhoven

Best Zoo (Best)

BestZOO is a cozy animal park, where you as a visitor can get close to the animals and see them well. Come face to face with animals from all over the world. Monkeys from South America, panthers from Asia, marsupials from Australia and last but not least, kingfishers from Europe! In BestZOO you can see some real gems, which can hardly be seen in any other Dutch zoo, such as tamanduas and wallaroos. BestZOO is ideal for the smaller among us. The park is not too big and clear, the animals can be seen up close and there is a large playground and a petting zoo where they can romp while the parents can enjoy a snack and drink on the terrace! Broekdijk 15 5681 PG Best +31 (0)49 937 17 06 70

Culture & leisure Beekse Bergen Safaripark (Hilvarenbeek)

On safari in Beekse Bergen. Discover the beautiful natural environs of Safaripark Beekse Bergen in the Province of Brabant. Enjoy a delightful break together. Take a safari through nature and come faceto-face with wild animals on an educational and unique trip through the world of Beekse Bergen. Stimulate all your senses during the impressive safaris at Beekse Bergen. Admire the expansive plains on foot, opt for adventure and take your own car, get on board the safari bus for an educational tour, or relax during a stunning boat trip. Each safari is unique and you can decide on the order you take them! Step into the world of Beekse Bergen and experience what each season has to offer. The Safaripark is open all year round, including public holidays. Keep an eye on the current opening hours and plan your visit or overnight stay. Beekse Bergen 1 5081 NJ Hilvarenbeek +31 (0)88 900 03 21 Please check www.visit l parks in Brabant. for more zoos and anima 71

Culture & leisure

Theme parks and playgrounds


Culture & leisure


Culture & leisure

Theme parks

There are many attraction parks in the region. The most famous theme parks within easy reach of Eindhoven are Efteling and Toverland. Bobbejaanland in Belgium is also nearby. All of these provide a range of thrill rides for children of all ages.

Efteling themepark (Tilburg)

Looking for exciting rollercoasters, enchanting attractions or spectacular parkshows; everyone will find what they are looking for in Efteling. Discover the largest theme park in The Netherlands. A unique park in the middle of nature. Europalaan 1 5171 KW Kaatsheuvel


Culture & leisure

Toverland (Horst)

Six magical worlds full of adventure, shows and spectacular attractions. From coll and mysterious to dreamy and adventurous. Toverlaan 2 5975 MR Sevenum

Aquabest (Best)

Beachpark, cablepark (wakeboarding, waterskiing), In and outdoorplayground Dippiedoe, escaperoom etc. Ekkersweijer 1 5681 RZ Best 75

Culture & leisure


Every neighborhood of a city or town has its own smaller or larger open air playgrounds. Open air playgrounds in Eindhoven are for example:

Open air playground Speelpark de Splinter

A large open air playground in the north of Eindhoven. De Splinter is the outdoor play paradise of Eindhoven and the surrounding area. Children up to 12 years old have the space to play safely and wonderfully. Literally, because the playground in the Henri Dunantpark in Woensel-Noord is seven football fields in size! There are many playground equipment, a construction corner, a toddler corner and two toddler pools. There is also a petting zoo, a pirate island and a fort. And on the large picnic meadow it is wonderful to relax for children and supervisors. For more information please check: Rode Kruislaan 2 5628 GM Eindhoven

Open air playground Speelvereniging Philipsdorp

The playground has an area of approx. 7500 square meters and is completely fenced. The playground is characterized by a good overview, something especially parents with smaller children appreciate very much. From the terrace you have a view of the entire site. The playground has a WiFi network for guests. As a guest you can make free use of the internet via WiFi during opening hours. Anthony van Leeuwenhoeklaan 30 5612 PB Eindhoven 76

Culture & leisure

Other open air playgrounds in the region:

● Sint Joseph speeltuin ( ● Speeltuin Kronenhoef ● Speeltuin voj ( ● Speeltuin ’t Hofke ● Speeltuin Tetrodestraat ● Speeltuin Kabouterdorp ( (Veldhoven) ● Speeltuin de Klimbim (Waalre) ● Speeltuin de Kievit ( (Nuenen) ● Speeltuin de Viking ( (Geldrop) ● Speellandschap De Heiberg ( (Veldhoven)

Indoor playgrounds are for instance:

● Monkeytown (Valkenswaard and Mierlo) ● Ballorig (Veldhoven) ● Kidsplaza (Helmond) 77

Culture & leisure

Food & Drinks Typical dutch food

● Beschuit met muisjes are crackers with pink/blue and white balls on them called muisjes (mice). Eaten when a baby is born; blue for a boy and pink for a girl. ● Stamppot is a typical winter dish, made of mashed potatoes and vegetables, such as carrots and onions (hutspot), chopped green cabbage (boerenkool) or sauerkraut (zuurkool). Stamppot is eaten with rookworst (smoked sausage) and gravy. ● Erwtensoep (pea soup) is eaten when the weather is cold. It is a tradition to eat it after ice-skating! ● Asperges (asparagus) are a typical spring delicacy. The Dutch like to eat them with ham, eggs and a hollandaise (melted butter). ● Hagelslag is a Dutch product, used abroad only as cake decoration, but the Dutch eat it on sandwiches! They come in many flavors. ● Kroket is a crispy crust that is filled with meat. The Dutch eat it with broodje kroket (bread) or at dinner with french fries. ● Bitterballen are a smaller round version of the kroket, and are usually eaten as a party snack. ● Stroopwafels are two thin waffles with syrup between them that tastes like caramel. ● Haring is eaten raw! On markets and in shopping malls you will find stands selling haring with freshly chopped onions. ● The consumption of dairy products is extremely high, which according to some scientists accounts for the high average height of Dutch men and women! ● Drop (liquorice) comes in a variety of different flavours and genres. There are four primary types of drop: soft & sweet, soft & salty, hard & sweet and hard & salty. The Dutch people eat the most amount of liquorice per capita of any people in the world.


Culture & leisure


Usefull websites to find restaurants in Eindhoven are: 79

Culture & leisure


Weekly markets are set up in different locations around the region, and sell a wide range of food and other items, at lower prices. Markets are popular and are where to head if you want to mix with the locals!

● Large weekly market in the citycenter of Eindhoven every Tuesday between the Markt and the 18 Septemberplein. ● Large weekly market every Saturday on the Woenselse Markt in Eindhoven. ● Weekly market every Friday on Sint Gerardusplein in Eindhoven. ● Organic market every Friday on the Wilhelminaplein in Eindhoven. ● For more markets check:


A. Taste Inte rna tion al flavour s at

by l nationa Inter en m o W e Creativ


Downtown Gou rmet Mar ket B. Take gorgeous pictures at ‘T Col lege , the mos t bea utiful stre et in the city of Ein dhoven C. Shop sma ll and unl eash you r crea tivi ty by join ing the wor ksh ops at Creative Town . D. Enjoy a local artisan al beer at the terrace of Stadsbrouwe rij Ein dho ven . E. Visi t the oldest par t of Ein dhoven at DOMUSD ELA . The form er Mon aste ry Marien hage is acc essi ble afte r 900 yea rs. C




Culture & leisure


Eindhoven is known throughout the region as a great place to shop. The Heuvel Galerie, the Piazza Centre, and the de Bijenkorf department store are particularly popular. There are plenty of topend fashion boutiques in the city centre, as well as a range of ethnic and health food stores for those looking for unusual ingredients.

● Opening hours vary slightly. Some shops are open from 09:30 to 18:00, Monday to Saturday. More open later (usually at 11:00 or 13:00) on Mondays, and close at 17:00 on Saturday. ● Shops in larger towns stay open (until 21:00) one evening each week, for koopavond (shopping evening). ● Many shops now open on one Sunday each month for koopzondag (shopping Sunday). Some shops are open every Sunday. ● In Eindhoven, most stores are open in the city centre every Sunday from 10:00-17:00. ● Supermarkets are usually open Monday to Saturday until 20:00 or 22:00, and until 18:00 on Sundays. ● Many grocery stores also offer home delivery.


Culture & leisure

Books and Record shops Bookstore Spijkerman

The second-smallest bookshop in the Netherlands is located in De Bergen district in Eindhoven. From modern to classics and from nonfiction to philosophy.


Also located in De Bergen is the children’s book store ‘De Boekenberg’. They offer a wide range of children’s books and a surprising collection of picture postcards and toys. Also if you’re looking for English books, educational books, Disney books, or young adult books.

Bookstore Van Piere

Van Piere is the biggest bookstore in Eindhoven and surroundings. You find this classic in the former Philips headquarters: De Admirant in the city center of Eindhoven.

Motta Art Books

Bookstore Motta specializes in books in the field of modern art, architecture, design, graphic design, photography, fashion, ethnography, and art books for kids.

Books 4 Life

A second-hand bookstore where 90% of the proceeds go to charity. Books 4 Life offers various book genres. Every week, the stock gets renewed.


Culture & leisure Eppo

This comic shop at the Kleine Berg can be recognized by the chequered rocket in front of the facade. Eppo has a rich assortment of everything comics-related. In addition, you will find everything from games to cool gadgets.

Ray Elpee

Ray Elpee has been on the Kleine Beekstraat for a few years now. This small business filled with records sells vinyl, CDs, DVDs, books, and nice gifts.

Velvet Music

Velvet Music is part of the Woensel Westside Stores. This shop specializes in music and film for young and old, in various genres. In addition to a wide range of new CDs and vinyl, Velvet Music is also the place to be if you’re looking for some second-hand gems.

CD Teek

In 1989, CD Teek started out as a music library and is now a charming record shop with a wide range of products. Discover new releases, second-hand vinyl, rare cuts, and interesting vintage items.

Memory Music

Looking for a break on the quiet side of the city center? Memory Music is a music store where you can search for special editions and rare titles.

Bullit Klassiek

A CD specialty store for classical music. You can find the shop in the foyer of concert hall Muziekgebouw Eindhoven.

De Platenzaak

Record store de Platenzaak originated from the love for music. Prince, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd name it, and they have it on vinyl. In their own words: ‘Vinyl is back’. 84

Culture & leisure

International Supermarkets Indian Food Store

A place for mangoes, coconuts, okras and chili peppers. In this shop on the Grote Berg you will also find Indian snacks, lots of herbs and beer brands.

Sri Akshaya supermarket

Indian supermarket at the Tinelstraat 14 in Eindhoven with a range of Authentic Indian Food Products; rice, flour, spices, pulses,pickels, paste, oil, ghee, sugar, salt, heat and eat, frozen, cool drinks, vegetables, snacks, cosmetics, toileteries & pooja Items. Also Fresh vegetables, Green Leaves and seasonal fruits.

Amazing Sang Lee

The Kruisstraat is packed with foreign supermarkets and one of them is Amazing Sang Lee. In the ‘Toko XL’ you will find a huge range of products from Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Surinam and Mexico.

Polo Smak

At the Geldropsweg you can find this Polish speciality foodstore.

Nostalgia D&R

In a side street of the Kruisstraat is Nostalgie D&R, a supermarket with food and non-food products from Russia. There is also a large selection of drinks.


Culture & leisure Megacenter Department Store

This huge store in Tongelre sells pretty much everything you need in the kitchen. Among the thousands of products you will find pressure cookers, Turkish tea sets and beautiful terracotta bowls.

Vershal Het Veem

You’ll find about twenty eateries and shops under one roof here. The eye-and-nose-catcher is without a doubt spice shop Hicham. Fragrances and colours of spices and herbs from all over the world are beautifully displayed here.


In the city centre you will find this Italian shop with delicious cheeses, fresh pasta, olives and real cannoli. Don’t feel like cooking? At Semolina you can also pick up (or have it catered) homemade meals and sandwiches.

Amazing Oriental

One of the largest Asian supermarkets is located on the Langdonkenstraat, near the Philips Stadium. This huge shop sells everything from snacks to crockery. You can also place orders online.


For authentic products from India and for lovers of Asian cuisine there is a new shop in the neighborhood Meerhoven at Meerwater 15.

EXTRA TIP: on the Kruisstraat you will find many more shops which sell foreign products. From African supermarkets to Moroccan greengrocers and Turkish bakers. On Saturday, the Woensel Market at the end of the Kruisstraat is highly recommended. 86

Culture & leisure

by do Nuno Cura

1. Sneaky Squirrels in the Stadswandelpark Look for them hopping in the tree branches or quickly running on the ground. 2. Dragonflies along the Dommel Dressed up in metallic blue, dark red or light green , these fast-flying insects are only active during spring and summer. 3. Peregrine Falcons in the Sint-Catharinakerk The fastest bird on the planet also calls Eindhoven its home. Living their life high above makes them difficult to spot, but luckily we can follow them online: 4. Mushroom mania in the Phillips de Jonge Park From bright red Fly Amanitas to glazy white Porcelain mushrooms, when autumn comes dozens of species sprout in the city’s forest parks. 5. Birds in our own backyard Our own house gardens are teeming with wildlife! Plant wild flowers to attract butterflies and set up bird feeders or a nest box to see wild birds up close.

Nuno is a wildlife d with urban ecologist fascinate nature. www.wildWild Eindhoven


Culture & leisure


For those who prefer the great outdoors, the countryside in the region is surprisingly green, and is a lovely area for those who like to bike, walk, or simply drink a beer on a picturesque terrace on a small Brabant village market square. There are many cycling routes that are marked and easy to follow. This can be a fun way to discover green areas outside the towns and cities with your children.

Cycling in Brabant

You can plan out your own route and the distances for your bike trip using the cycle route network which is mapped out across the province. Each intersection has an information panel with a map of the route so you can always modify your trip. The cycle paths are signposted with the intersection numbers and arrows showing you the way. Getting lost is a thing of the past! Each intersection also has a panel with a map, so you are always free to adjust your route if you wish. The distances between the intersections are also indicated on the signs. There are also several themed routes. Please check: Or use for example the “Route You” app to find the nicest cycle, walking and motorcycle routes and print the route map or download to your GPS device.


Culture & leisure



Culture & leisure Genneper Parken

The Genneper Parken area is located in the south of Eindhoven along the rivers Dommel and Tongelreep, the latter of which in particular has managed to retain its natural character and meanders strongly. This stream valley area is part of the ecological main structure of the Netherlands. Various shorter walking routes have been plotted here and you can also walk along the Tongelreep to Aalst and further. Looking for a sporty, cultural, relaxing but above all fun day out in Eindhoven? You are also in the right place at Genneper Parken. Genneper Parken is a sports and recreation area in the south of Eindhoven with numerous possibilities. Whether you are looking for a day out with your family, relatives, friends or partner, Genneper Parken always has something to offer with its eleven very diverse accommodations. Mini golf, into nature or experience prehistoric times. To make your day out in Eindhoven as fun as possible, you can create unique combinations of activities at Genneper Parken. For example, you can play mini golf at Paviljoen Genneper Parken and then go back in time at preHistorisch Dorp or take a walk through nature. Also nice: visit the animals at Genneper Hoeve, come ice skating at the IJssportcentrum Eindhoven in winter or swim a few laps at the Tongelreep. The choice is yours! 90

Culture & leisure Groote Heide

Almost fifteen thousand (!) acres of gorgeous nature. Stretching from the green southern side of Eindhoven, past the Belgium-Dutch border and towards Hamont-Achel and Neerpelt. Six municipalities (Cranendonck, Eindhoven, Hamont-Achel, HeezeLeende, Neerpelt and Valkenswaard) have joined forces to both nourish ‘their’ natural property and raise awareness for it. De Groote Heide is a diverse and varied area of natural beauty of exceptional importance on both sides of the Belgium-Dutch border. Due to its unique biodiversity, De Groote Heide ranks among the top 10 of nature reserves in Europe. And if this isn’t enough of a recommendation for you: the place is also of an astounding beauty!


Culture & leisure

Strabrechtse Heide (Heeze)

The Strabrechtse Heide is approximately 1500 ha and is located in municipalities of Heeze-Leende, Someren and Geldrop-Mierlo. At first glance you think you see an immense plain of bush and heather, but nothing could be further from the truth. Around the fens - the Beuven is the largest fen in the Netherlands! - special plants such as water spoon and carnivorous sundew grow. Get down on your knees to admire these and other beautiful bloomers. There is a good chance that you will also see one of the many dragonfly species - the fens are teeming with them -, a moor frog or maybe even a natterjack toad. Visitors have access to most of the heath. The sandy paths are situated in such a way that animals and plants can lead an undisturbed existence. Due to the vulnerability of the area, only quiet forms of recreation are allowed. But, what could be better than walking, cycling or on horseback looking out over these varied plains? Also always nice to see how the shepherd and his inseparable sheepdog together tend the herd. 92

Culture & leisure De Peel

De Peel is a largely excavated moor area on the border of the provinces of North Brabant and Limburg. It is a varied landscape with impenetrable peat swamps, open heathlands, vast plains, various lakes and fens, groves and sandy ridges. Countless special plants grow in this paradise for nature lovers and hikers and there is a rich bird area. The enormous diversity attracts over a hundred species of breeding and migratory birds, making De Peel one of the richest bird areas in Western Europe. Discover this beautiful nature reserve, surrounded by authentic Brabant municipalities such as Asten, Deurne, GemertBakel, Helmond and Laarbeek. You can learn all about this in National Park De Groote Peel and Buitencentrum De Pelen.


Freedom Walk Eindhoven

Freedom Walk from Eindhoven is a historical walk of 5.2 kilometers through the center of her city called Freedom Walk. After four years of German occupation, Eindhoven was liberated on September 18, 1944. The liberation was part of the Allied military operation Market Garden.

What is the Freedom Walk? Today, the inhabitants of Eindhoven live in freedom. Being free is becoming commonplace. Just like peace and prosperity. Can you imagine what it must have been like during the occupation? Freedom Walk gives you an insight into the occupation years in Eindhoven. You will experience what the citizens of Eindhoven have experienced while walking. Enjoying the green center of Eindhoven, you can imagine the Second World War events that took place in Eindhoven. These are packaged in a monument, a “Stumbling Stone” or a Listening Stone, the text of which can be viewed via For more information about the liberation of Eindhoven please visit the website: or email 94

Culture & leisure

National Monument Camp Vught: 32,000 stories and seven seasons is a multifaceted exhibition about the history of Camp Vught, Nazism and above all, the people who were imprisoned here.

Top 10 of Visit Brabant

● Walking route “Mastbos” (5 km) ● Cycle route “National Park de Biesbosch” (23 km) ● Walking route “Cartierheide” (6,5 km) ● Walking route “Oisterwijkse bossen en vennen” (10 km) ● Cycle route “Maashorst” (45 km) ● Cycle route “Groote Heide” (25 km) ● Horseback riding route “Cartierheide” ( 11,5 km) ● Walking route “De Kalmthoutse heide” (6 km) ● Walking route “Landgoed de Utrecht” (9,5 km) ● Cycle route “Strabrechtse heide” (28 km)

For the exact routes please check:


Culture & leisure

10 unique architectural highlights from around Brabant by Visit Brabant

From a suspended bicycle roundabout to an events hall in the shape of an alien UFO, North Brabant boasts a large number of architectural highlights. We’ve gathered together the most unique hotspots for you. Don’t forget your camera when you visit these structures, because they are certainly photogenic!

1. Spherical Houses (Bolwoningen) ’s-Hertogenbosch

’s-Hertogenbosch is full of unusual architecture, both literally and figuratively! These futuristic spherical houses were designed by architect Dries Kreijkamp. You will find no fewer than 50 of these tiny houses in the Maaspoort district. A field of mushrooms, a box of Bossche Bollen pastries, Area 51... it’s not clear what inspired Kreijkamp, but these houses are certainly unusual! What’s more, they are environmentally friendly.


Photo: @beemflights via Instagram

Culture & leisure 2. Evoluon – Eindhoven

It’s as if a flying saucer landed on the ground in Brabant. The Evoluon is without doubt the most unique building you will come across in the city of Eindhoven. What’s more, this architectural wonder has never been equalled anywhere in the world. It was built by Philips in 1966 and was a museum for science and technology until 1989. After having served as a conference centre for several years, the Evoluon is reverting to its former function: a museum about the future of our planet.

Photo: @vanderaalstfotografie via Instagram

3. Tilburg Station

Ding, ding ... the next stop in this list is Tilburg Station! The railway station in Tilburg is renowned for its floating canopy, an eyecatcher which is known locally as the ‘prawn cracker roof’. Next to this unique railway station you can admire all types of industrial heritage in the Spoorzone (Railway Zone). Old railway workshops have been transformed into revived concepts such as the LocHal, Gourmet Market Central Station and the Hall of Fame.

Photo: @ michaelechteld via Instagram

4. Poort van Breda (Breda Gate)

These striking buildings will certainly catch your attention as you walk through the Valkenberg Park in Breda. The Breda Gate is a residential complex with two towers, one round and one square. The original design included an observatory in the dome, but in the end a luxury penthouse was installed here. Photo: @andregerbens via Instagram


Culture & leisure 5. Hovenring – Veldhoven

A flying roundabout for bicycles is suspended from a 70 metre high pylon. This exclusive roundabout allows cyclists and pedestrians to move from Eindhoven to Veldhoven unhindered, and without having to cross a busy traffic intersection. The innovative Hovenring is guaranteed to give you an unusual cycling experience. Photo: @avezaath via Instagram

6. Cube Houses – Helmond

North Brabant is home to houses in all shapes and sizes, with something for everyone. Helmond has 21 of these unusual cube houses, designed by Piet Blom. After completing construction in 1977 he developed a liking for them and in 1984 he went on to build another 38 cube houses in Rotterdam. You will certainly need a creative mind if you want to furnish these cubes resting on a column, but they are definitely cosy!

Photo: @konaction via Instagram

7. Kempentoren – Tilburg

This 37 metre high tower in Spoorpark in Tilburg proudly looks out across the Spoorgebied district. The view from the top of the Kempentoren tower is magnificent and certainly worth climbing the 192 steps. In good weather you can see as far as Breda, Geertruidenberg and Hilvarenbeek. There is a ‘smaller’ version of this tower, built in the same style and known as ‘d’n Flaestoren’ (Bottle Tower) on the De Utrecht Estate in Esbeek.


Photo: via Instagram

Culture & leisure 8. Chassé Theater – Breda

You will find the largest (film) theatre in the south of the country in Breda. With no fewer than three theatre auditoriums and restaurants, the Chassé Theater is a popular location for culture lovers. Its imaginative appearance means the cultural show begins as soon as you catch sight of the building. Architect Herman Hertzberger described the Chassé Theater as the ‘most exuberant’ building he ever designed.

Photo: @studio__mee via Instagram

9. Paleiskwartier (Palace District) – ’s-Hertogenbosch

The Paleiskwartier next to the Central Station in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is a great example of inner city life; a bustling place where people live and work. The striking, bold architecture in this part of Den Bosch will not go unnoticed. It includes a cinema, hotel and various culinary hotspots. Photo: @ wernervanbeusekom via Instagram

10. Blob – Eindhoven

The Blob is another unusual gem on the Eindhoven street scene. Blob stands for Binary Large Object, which in computer terms means a spaghettilike mixture of data. You will come across this innovative masterpiece on the ’18 September Square’ right in the middle of the city. The 25 metre high organically shaped building is made from glass and steel and forms the entrance to De Admirant shopping centre.

Photo: @jossarisfoto via Instagram



Sports Dutch Sports Culture


Sport accommodations


Non-commercial Sport Clubs




Dutch Sports Culture Dutch sports culture

The Dutch think that it is important that everyone has a chance to participate in sports. That is why there are sporting activities available for all ages and abilities. Playing sports is not just a healthy activity, but it is also a social activity. Sport clubs and organisations regularly organise parties, gatherings and other social activities. If you join a sport club, your level of fitness and skills do not matter. They accept all levels, from beginner to advanced. In fact, most sport clubs in the Netherlands are organised in such a way that there is plenty of room for recreational athletes to practice their sport. And if you are looking to practice a sport at a high(er) level, please reach out to the club and ask them about the possibilities.

Voluntary Work

There are two types of sport providers in the Netherlands: sport clubs (in Dutch: “sportvereniging”) and commercial providers. The membership of a sport club is often less expensive than that of a commercial provider, since clubs are run by volunteers. The Board, the person behind the bar, and the trainer on the field, are often all volunteers. When you join a club, always ask whether they expect for you to volunteer or whether there is anything you can do for the club. With a commercial provider, you usually pay a bit more, but they will not expect you to volunteer.


Sports Eindhoven Sport

Eindhoven Sport is the sports department of the municipality of Eindhoven. The department’s goal is to encourage as many people as possible to take part in physical exercise. They also rent out sport halls and fields and promotes the Ir. Ottenbad and De Tongelreep swimming pools, which are also part of the municipality. You will find more information about sport clubs and sport facilities in Eindhoven at If you cannot find what you were looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our sports coordinator, Sanne van Mierlo at If you would like to keep up to date with what is happening in sports, please follow Eindhoven Sport on Twitter and/or Facebook.



Sport accommodations Area 51

Area 51 located in Eindhoven and is the largest indoor park of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg for e.g. inline skaters, skateboarders, BMX-ers, MTB-ers, stuntsteppers and WCMX-ers.


Commit040 is the place for the popular urban sport freerunning. Since August 2018, this accommodation at Strijp-S offers space for everyone with an interest in freerunning to get to know this sport. From beginners to top talents such as world champion Bart van der Linden trains here. The space is not only perfectly suited for freerunning, but tricking has also found its new place here.

Indoor swimming pools • Tongelreep (Eindhoven South)

For baby and toddler swimming lessons to more elderly swimming classes. At the National Swimming Center the Tongelreep you can indulge yourself if you’re looking for a nice swim, a movement class, water polo, diving, synchronized swimming, bootcamp or snorkling. Water rats of all ages, with or without a disability can go to the Tongelreep.



• ir. Ottenbad (Eindhoven North)

Indoor swimming pool with a recreational pool, 25-meter swimming pool, instruction pool, therapy pool, toddler baths and swimming pool with a slide. Young and old can, every day of the week, take a refreshing dip. In addition Ottenbad you can enjoy a wide variety of swimming and exercise classes. Also special shielded swimming lessons for women only by female swimming instructors. Fun activities are organized too, such as aqua sports lessons as well laps or water festival.

Ice Sports Center Eindhoven (ice skating) Ice Sports Center Eindhoven has three beautiful ice rinks: the 400-meter track, the ice hockey rink and the training rink. The 400-meter track is semi-covered. Ice sports center Eindhoven stands for skating fun for everyone. Come skate recreational or experience the excitement during one of the many competitions such as ice hockey, figure skating, speeding or short track and experience numerous fun and sports activities during the school holidays.


Sports Monk Bouldergym Eindhoven

Bouldering is climbing on walls up to 4m high. Without rope, climbing harness or other aids. The bouldering gym is the hippest alternative to the gym; bouldering makes you fit, strong, slim and flexible! In Monk you will find more than 200 “boulders” (short climbing routes) on all kinds of different walls. New boulders are built every week. There are thick crash mats under the walls.

TU/e Student Sport Center

Sport is central in Eindhoven and at the university. The Student Sport Center Eindhoven (SSC) is the most extensive of all Dutch universities, offering all students and staff of TU/e, Fontys Hogescholen Eindhoven and Design Academy Eindhoven sport (70 sports), recreation, health and relaxation. Our sport cards, allowing you to participate in all sports and courses, are available at low rates.





Non-commercial Sport Clubs BC Eindhoven

Since March 2019 I am a member of the Badminton club ‘BC Eindhoven’. There are 2 free-play evenings per week, and for competition players, there is also a training evening. The club has approximately 170 members of which about 30 are internationals. In the club we also have training specifically for kids/ youth, and in that category we have an even higher percentage of internationals. Although I speak Dutch, I really appreciated that all formal communication is sent in both English and Dutch. I also felt that everyone was welcoming to newcomers, and people are ready to speak in English, although for me the evenings at the club were a good time to practice my Dutch. I joined in March and already in the new season (which started in August) I joined the competition. Joining the free-play can be a lot of fun as you get to play with many different people (there is a round-robin kind of system) but still at a similar level. On top of that, I found the training to really improve my skills in a short time. -- Gabi Ruijten-Dodoiu, Romania 108

ne van by San o ie M rl

1 Did you know tha t with mos t

of the spor tscl ubs in Hol lan d you can do a free tria l lesson? In this way you wil l find out qui ckly if the spor ts(club) fits you! 2 Did you know tha t Ein dhoven has an awesom e Urban Spor tspa rk? Her e you can pra ctic e differen t (urban)spor ts for free . (Ha lvem aan stra at 130, 565 1 BR Ein dhoven ) 3 Bra ban t has a lot of nature , go and expl ore them by foot. This is not onl y good for physica l acti vati on , it also redu ces stress! 4 Also for disa bled people ther e are differen t spor ts to pla y. Curious what is offe red in Bra ban t/Ei ndh oven ? Che ck out; www.u nie ksportbraba nt.n l 5 Cra vin g som e good icec rea m? Go get you rsel f one of the best at Intelligenti a (Strijp)

n Mierlo te Sanne va t Gemeen rdinator a Sport coo Eindhoven 109

Sports Ice Skating club IJCE on ice and more

Want to learn to skate? Or improve you skating by training? On ice in winter or inline in summer? And become a member of an active and sociable club? IJsclub Eindhoven (IJCE) is the club for speed-skating enthusiasts in the region. IJCE is not only active on the ice in the winter, IJCE also offers activities such as inline-skating, road cycling, mountain biking and boot camp in the summer and you can do shorttrack skating on the ice-hockey rink the whole year round. In the winter on Saturday and Sunday mornings and on Monday evening the 400 meter ice rink in the IJssportcentrum Eindhoven on the Anton Coolenlaan in Eindhoven is open only for IJCE members. IJCE welcomes everybody, whether you are a recreational or a competitive skater, experienced or just learning to skate, young or old. You can participate in skating competitions or skate for recreation when you are a member of IJCE. Competition skaters ride on the roofed 400 meter track on Monday evening and Saturday morning. The track is exclusively open to the training of the competitive skaters, ranging from juniors to seniors, on this particular hour. These trainings prepare for skate competitions. A marathon group is practicing during the same training hours. The training is here aimed at endurance. IJsclub Eindhoven also offers short-track training. In small groups we train on the 30x60 meter track, both in winter and summer when there is ice provided. IJsclub Eindhoven offers ice skating instruction for children. The younger ones learn to skate in groups while playing (on a covered 30x60 meter rink), the older and more experienced children skate on the 400 meter track. 110

Sports Oranje Rood Hockey

Oranje-Rood is thé place to play (field) hockey and where you can Connect, where you can Play and where you can Grow! We offer you a very social environment where you can meet (new) people: ● On the pitch with your team members. In total we have 2600 members of which around 1600 youth members and 1000 adults. ● Off the pitch to enjoy many social events like tournaments, BBQ’s, Business events and other gatherings. We Connect – We Play – We Grow At Oranje-Rood we offer many options for you and your family to play; from the early age of 3 years up to 80 and beyond! You can join when you only want to train (every week evening possible) or only want to play matches. Since we offer all levels, you can enter as complete novice, but you can also play at experienced level. Trained professionals, we call them entert(r)ainers, accompany your children and focus not only on the hockey skills but also on the social skills. Important aspect is that older children learn how to give trainings themselves to younger children. A great way of personal growth which we believe is an extra asset when playing hockey at Oranje-Rood. And then you can also watch our top teams (women and men) playing at the highest (inter) national level while enjoying a drink in the stands or at the bar. +31 (0)40 870 68 59 @hcoranjerood 111

Sports Bandy as a dynamic alternative for ice hockey

For our Scandinavian and Russian guests, Bandy needs no introduction, and we are happy to welcome every season a few of them in our team. For the other hockey players and skaters: Bandy is based on the principles of Field hockey, and is a mix of Ice hockey and Field hockey. You can call it ice hockey with a ball, or field hockey on ice. In fact, it doesn´t matter because it is fun, dynamic and technical. The biggest difference with ice hockey is that it is played with a ball, a shorter stick, there is no physical contact, like bodychecking and doesn’t have an overkill on rules: no icing and offside. As a good neighbour from High Tech Campus, Bandy-Eindhoven exists for 50 years and belongs to the first clubs at Ice-sport centre Eindhoven. The dimensions of the skating halls in the Netherlands are 60x30 metres, so we speak of Rink-bandy and play with 6 against 6. We have matches against teams in Nijmegen, Utrecht and Haarlem. Bandy Eindhoven recently started with a junior (10-15y) team. The Juniors play on Saturday 17h00. The Senior (30+) team play every Tuesday at 21h15. For both teams we are open for new members. You bring the enthusiasm and basic skating skills, we take care of the rest ! For an easy introduction of 2 free-trial training sessions, we can provide the equipment. You only bring skates, thermo underwear and gloves. Eindhovense Bandy Club


Sports Tennisclub Meerhoven

Hi (aspiring) tennis players! Tennisvereniging Meerhoven is situated in the west of Eindhoven at Waterfront 2. We are always happy to welcome new players. At the moment we have eight all weather tennis-courts (LED-lighting) to play free tennis in a casual atmosphere from 08.30 - 23.00h daily. Unique about our club is our wide spectrum of playing strength. We start from beginner but go up to Dutch Champions level, so all players should find strength-appropriate opponents. And maybe good to know: our members are aged between 6 till 90 years old! During the year we organize several (open) tournaments and many teams participate in the KNLTB competitions. We offer many opportunities to play good matches and get to know other people. You may have a look in our clubapp to be updated. Improve your game is not always easy and requires a lot of effort. For inexperienced players or players who wish to improve we offer additional suitable tennis lessons by a professional trainer for all ages, in either Dutch or English. In the training sessions you will receive advice about technical skills and strategic concepts. After the match or training you have the opportunity to analyze the match with your opponents. This is also a great time to socialize with your club mates over a glass of beer or cup of tea in our cozy bar or terrace! +31 (0)6 48 52 15 60 Due to the Corona measures you are required to register in advance.


Sports Footballclub Brabantia (VV Brabantia)

“I am a 35 years old French man living in Eindhoven since the end of 2016. We moved with my wife from Istanbul, Turkey. As soon as we arrived, I wanted to join a football team. My choice went to the RKVV Brabantia club. It is actually a very old a big club turning 100 years old in 2022 with more than 1,100 members. The team I am a part of is really international with players from the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. We train and play twice a week during the season. We also organize social events such as diners and barbecues where we all gather to have a good time. There is a strong social dimension to the team that was very useful as we exited the covid-19 lockdown situation. As soon as authorized, we started training again. It was the occasion to get out of home and see people again. This made us feel that life was slowly going back to normal.” -- Adrien, France


Sports Football Club Eindhoven (FC Eindhoven)

FC Eindhoven is the football club of and for Eindhoven. We are a community where all facets of football come together. As a football player, fan or sponsor you can come to FC Eindhoven, whoever you are. We are the football club of everyone who feels like a resident of Eindhoven. The club was founded in 1909, making it the oldest football club in the city. Blue and white are the club colours. We play our matches in the Jan Louwers Stadium in the South of Eindhoven. In 1937 we won the national cup and in 1954 we became national champions of the Netherlands. Our futsal team plays in the top of the Netherlands and holds the record for most league titles. As a club, we bring together all facets of football. We have Profs, Amateurs, Men, Women, Youth and Futsal. We use the Eindhoven mentality to pioneer, to be creative and to use our pride and passion to challenge players, staff members, supporters, sponsors, employees to always move forward. This is also reflected in our playing style: Always looking ahead! Do you have affinity with football and would you like to be part of our social environment? Come and visit the Jan Louwers Stadium and discover the ecosystem of the Blue and White. Charles Roelslaan 1 5644 HX Eindhoven +31 (0)40 211 29 67


Sports The region has much to offer in many other sports, including (English/Dutch): ● Athletics-atletiek ● Badminton-badminton; ● Basketball-basketbal; ● Climbing-klimsport; ● Cycling-wielersport; ● Field sports-veldsporten; ● Football/soccer-voetbal; ● Golf-golf; ● Gymnastics-gymnastiek/turnen; ● Hockey-hockey; ● Horse-riding-manages/paardensport; ● Ice skating-schaatsen; ● Martial arts-vecht/zelfverdedigingssport; ● Motor sport-auto/motorsport; ● Racket sports-racket sport; ● Rugby-rugby; ● Shooting/Archery-schietsport/boogschieten; ● Squash-squash; ● Tennis-tennis; ● Water sports-watersport.



Overview non-commercial sport clubs in Eindhoven:

Akka & Panna academy Football

Area 51 Eindhoven Urban sports: Almonte Basketball BMX, Skateboarding Basketball

ARS (gymnastics association) Gymnastics

Badminton Club Eindhoven Badminton

Badmintonclub Hanevoet Badminton

Badminton club Smashing Bruang Badminton

BCAB Eindhoven Badminton

CKV Rust Rust Korfball

Commit040 Urban sports: Freerunning, Crossfit

CVV Rust Roest Football

The PSV Foundation Amputee football / Football / Bootcamp

Don Quishoot student hockey Hockey (Students)

Dr. AF Philips group water scouting Scouting / Canoeing / Rowing / Swimming

Diving association Delphinus Eindhoven To dive

Dynamo To dance / Urban sports / Fighting and defense sports

ESSV Avalanche Boarders To ski (Students)

EST Suca Gymnastics and gymnastics (Students)

ESH Da Vinci ESR Thêta Archery (Students) Rowing (Students)



ESWZV Nayade Swimming (Students)

EHV Handball Eindhoven Handball

Eindhoven Athletics Adapted sports / FC Eindhoven Athletics Football

Eindhoven Cricket Club Cricket

Eindhoven Raptors American Footbal

Eindhoven Shamrocks GAA Club Gaelic Football

Eindhoven Bandy Club Hockey / Ice skating

Eindhovense Heart Trim Foundation (EHTS) Eindhoven Fishing To walk / Eindhoven Bowling Association Eindhoven Go Club Volley-ball / Yoga / Association Fishing Badminton Bowling Go

EKV Beatrix Canoeing

ELTV Tennis

ESAC (Eindhoven Student Alpine Club) Climbing and ESBV Panache mountaineering Badminton (Students) (Students)

ESFV Vertigo Frisbee (Students)


ESIJV Icehawks Ice hockey (Students)

En Garde fencing association Adapted sports / Screens

ERV Beatrix Rowing

ESBV Samourais Fighting and defense sports / Jiu Jitsu / Judo / Karate (Students)

ESBV Tantalus Basketball (Students)

ESKV Impact Fighting and defense sports / Boxing / Kickboxing (Students)

ESSRV Quatsh Squash (Students)


ESSV Hoc Habet EST Fellenoord Screens (Students) Tennis (Students)

ESTVV Taveres Table tennis (Students)

ESVV Hajraa Volley-ball (Students)

ESWV Squadra ESVV Pusphaira Veloce Football (Students) Cycling (Students)

ETV Olympia Gymnastics and gymnastics / Freerunning

ETV Volley Tennis

Figure Skating Academy the Netherlands Ice skating

Genneper Parks Tennis Tennis

GP Bulls Adapted sports: Count Folke electric wheelchair Bernadotte Group II hockey Scouting

Longbow club Beatrix Archery

HC Eindhoven Hockey

HC Orange-Red Hockey

Ice club Eindhoven (IJCE) Ice skating

Ice hockey club Eindhoven Kemphanen Ice hockey

Kids on ice Ice skating

MVC the Hangar Volley-ball

Our Pleasure in Oranje (OGIO) 1864 Adapted archery / Archery

PSV CREZ Swimming

PSV Cricket Club Cricket

PSV Gymnastics Gymnastics and gymnastics

PSV Handball Handball



PSV Baseball and Softball Association PSV Korfball Baseball / Softball Korfball

PSV Masters Swimming

PSV diving Diving

PSV Synchro Team Eindhoven Synchronized swimming / Swimming

PSV Water Polo Water polo

PSV Swimming sports Diving / Synchronized swimming / Water polo / Swimming

Roller skating association RC de Lichtstad Roller hockey

Rugby Club Eindhoven Rugby

Rugby Club Oldfants Rugby

Scouting Angelo Roncalli Scouting

Scouting Mayor Welschen Meerhoven Scouting

Scouting Doornakkers Scouting

Scouting Scoutman Scouting Johannes Scouting Père Latour Vianney Kersten Stratum Scouting Scouting Scouting

Scouting St. Raphael Scouting

Scouting St. Sebastian Scouting

MI BOSIE Foundation Swimming

Horse Riding for the Disabled East Brabant Foundation (SPGOB) Red Lobster Divers Adapted horse Foundation riding Adapted diving


Scouting Oriole Scouting

Sport N Socialize Badminton

Special Talents Foundation Adapted sports: Football


Therapeutic Swimming Foundation SV Tivoli Adapted swimming Football

SV Unitas ‘59 Football

SV Woenselse Boys Football

Taekwondo Eindhoven Fighting and defense sports / Taekwondo

Taekwondo association Kawarmala Taekwondo

Table tennis club Strijp Table tennis

Table tennis club Renata Table tennis

Tennis club De Heihoef Tennis

Tennis club Tegenbosch Tennis

TTV Flash Table tennis

TV de Doornakkers Tennis

TV Prinsejagt Tennis

TV Triotters Triathlon

VCE / PSV Adapted Volley-ball

VV Brabantia Football

Swimming and polo club Aegir VV DBS Football / Adapted VV Nieuw Woensel Water polo / Swimming Football Football



Language & education Language


Heritage language schools!








Primary Education


Secondary Education


Tertiary Education


School holidays





Language & education


Nearly all Dutch people speak good English, and if they hear you speak Dutch with a foreign accent, they will probably turn to English immediately! Nevertheless, learning some of the local language is highly recommended. It will help you to settle in, and the locals will appreciate that you have made the effort! To get official recognition of your Dutch language skills (in order to work for instance) you must follow a course that offers exams within the NT2 (Dutch as a Second Language) structure. This is administered by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Eindhoven Library

Next to the available books, newspapers, ebooks and so on there are plenty of events for Internationals, such as free Language café, Reading Pier collection for kids and storytelling, Makers Club (713 years) and Makers Space (13 years and up, also adults), eating together monthly, Language Referral, and Free legal advice (Jureka). Children’s memberships are free, students receive a 20% discount on membership fees. The International Children’s Book Collection consist also of English, Italian, Chinese, French, Romanian, Bulgarian, Persian, Polish, Ukranian books. Later this year also: Indian, Spanish, Korean and Turkish books. For more information and dates/ times please check: english 124

Other cities also have language cafés and international events in their libraries.

Language & education Language Café at the Eindhoven Library

Learning the Dutch language by putting it into practice, that is the idea behind the language café. Do you find it a bit difficult to have a conversation in Dutch? Does the idea of practicing speaking Dutch with others appeal to you? In small groups (of at most five persons and a volunteer) you will discuss all kinds of subjects. A visit to the supermarket, a parent meeting at school, a birthday visit to a neighbor- everything can be a topic of conversation. Sessions take place on Thursday mornings, in the Eindhoven Library in the Witte Dame, from 10:30-12:00. Join us!

The Reading Pier

Launched in 2018, The Reading Pier is Eindhoven’s first English library for children. Started as an initiative by two moms in search of English books for their own children, the project quickly grew within the international community to become a small library. Its mission is to promote English literacy for all children. Looking for English books for your kids? Then drop by The Reading Pier’s youth department of the Eindhoven Library (in the Witte Dame). There are weekly English story telling sessions for kids on Wednesdays at the Eindhoven Library: 10:30 for 0-4 years-olds / 4:00 for 4-10 year-olds TheReadingPier Veldhoven Library has a Chinese children’s book zone. They have more than 200 Chinese books for children ages 1-6. They also organize storytelling sessions in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, and Italian. For more information go to: 125

Language & education Humanitas

Humanitas ‘Meedoen in de Wijken’ (Participating in the Neighborhoods) helps Eindhoven residents of foreign descent to improve their Dutch so that they can actively participate in society. Voluntary language coaches support Eindhoven residents of foreign origin in learning or improving the Dutch language. Participants can follow language support for six months to even a whole year; either in an individual process or in a group. Language groups are composed on the basis of level and district. Language café In a relaxed atmosphere and while enjoying a cup of coffee / tea, participants can practice speaking the Dutch language in small groups under the guidance of our language coaches (online registration: Time: Every Friday morning from 10.15 - 11.30 am. Humanitas building (Zernikestraat 11-13, Eindhoven) +31 (0)40 206 53 50

Stercollege / Taalkracht Eindhoven

Taalkracht can help you to get a better place in society. Taalkracht organizes courses for everyone from the age of 18. You can contact us if you want to learn to read, write, speak or understand (better) Dutch. The following details apply to the courses: ● The courses are offered on behalf of the municipalities in SouthEast Brabant under the Education and Vocational Education Act (WEB). These courses are free for the participants. ● If you are obliged to integrate, you are not allowed to participate in the free offer. ● The duration of the course depends on the starting level. 126

Language & education ● The courses are both during the day and in the evening, close to home as much as possible. ● You can always start in a school year. ● There are no classes during the school holidays. ● Lessons once a week for 3 hrs. Lesson locations The locations of Ster College are at de Blécourtstraat 1 and Willem de Rijkelaan 3 in Eindhoven. Ster College also offers lessons in a number of regional municipalities and at various primary schools in Eindhoven (online registration). +31 (0)40 269 44 44

Blixembosch International Community

Blixembosch had its first meeting with expats in November 2019. The 25 attendees discussed the needs for contact with Dutch residents to practice the Dutch language. The result is a monthly language cafe where people can meet and talk in Dutch in an informal atmosphere. Both a morning and an evening session are planned to take place monthly at the VTA Building (Overture 2). Participation is free, but registration by email is required: Find more information follow the Blixembosch International Community page on Facebook.

Holland Expat Center South organizes Expat Language Lounges where you can speak directly with language school instructors in the region. Check our website for more information! 127

Language & education

Eindhoven is home to many heritage language schools! A heritage language school is a program that offers children the opportunity to develop one of the languages they speak at home or that is part of their cultural heritage.

Heritage language (mother tongue) schools provide the opportunity for multilingual children to follow lessons in a language they speak at home, but are not able to study at school. The Eindhoven region is fortunate to have this valuable form of education available in over twenty languages! Heritage language education falls outside the scope of the Dutch education system. The lessons are usually organized by nonprofit initiatives and take place after school or in the weekend throughout the school year. 128

Language & education Heritage language education is a universal right according to UNESCO Parents want their children to be able to connect with other people who speak the same language, to learn to read and write in the home language, and to understand the traditions of the culture. It has been shown that a strong foundation in the home language leads to greater social and academic success overall for multilingual children. Purpose Heritage Language Education Network (HLE Network) is a platform that ensures that families, Dutch schools, and education advisors can easily find information about the available programs. The HLE Network website has school lists as well as news, event info, and other resources. HLE Network Eindhoven is proud to be the home of many heritage language schools! Among the languages on offer (or expected to become on offer) are: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (Mandarin & Taiwanese), Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indian (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, & Malayalam), Italian, Korean, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian. Check the website for an up-to-date list of schools:

Holland Expat Center South organizes Expat Language Lounges where you can speak directly with language school instructors in the region. Check our website for more information! 129

Language & education

Education Introduction Education is compulsory (leerplicht) in the Netherlands from the ages of 5 to 16, however, most children start to attend primary school at age 4. While the structure of primary education in the Netherlands is straightforward, the structure of the Dutch secondary education system often seems confusing because of the multiple paths and graduation ages in high school. In reality, Dutch secondary schools are similar to those in most other countries, with one stream to prepare students for vocational training (VMBO), and another to prepare students for university (VWO). The main difference in the Netherlands is that there is a third, middle, stream in high schools that prepares students to study at universities of applied sciences (HAVO).

DUTCH SCHOOLS Education in the Netherlands consists of the following levels: ● Pre-Primary Education ● Basisschool (Primary Education) ● Secondary Education (VMBO, HAVO, VWO) ● Tertiary Education: - Vocational Education (MBO and company schools) - University of Applied Sciences (HBO) - Research University (Universiteit)


Language & education

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL EINDHOVEN (Primary and Secondary education)

The International School Eindhoven provides primary and secondary education for the children of internationally-minded families within the Brainport region – a flourishing creative region, here in the southern part of the Netherlands. They are accredited with the Council of International Schools, which ensures that they not only offer programs that meet the highest of international standards, but have committed themselves to a process of continual improvement and development. They are also a member of a wider foundation of schools, called the SPVOZN; all working together for the benefit of the wider community. Together they offer students the opportunity to study with us from childhood to adulthood. Oirschotsedijk 14B, 5651 GC Eindhoven

HERITAGE LANGUAGE EDUCATION NETWORK Heritage Language Education Network for multilingual children. A heritage language school is a program which offers children the opportunity to develop one of the languages they speak at home or that is part of their cultural heritage. The classes take place after school or in the weekend throughout the school year. This form of education is available in over twenty languages in Eindhoven. For a list of all the heritage language schools please check: or 131

Language & education

Childcare There is a law that deals with the quality, management and finances of childcare in the Netherlands. It starts from the principle that childcare is a matter for parents, employers and authorities. Employers can reimburse (tax-free) one third of the costs. Ask for reimbursement from the national authorities. (The childcare centre must be accredited and registered in the place where you live.) There are many options for childcare: ● The Peuterspeelzaal (toddler group) for children 2-4. Children play together twice a week, usually for two hours each visit. The costs are modest and are often relative to income. ● Kinderdagverblijf (daycare centre) for children 0-4. Children may be present for a half or an entire day. ● Buitenschoolse Opvang (Afterschool Care) Primary schools must offer afterschool care, and often work together with an established daycare centre. If the location of the afterschool care is not walking distance from the school, then taxis are hired to transport the children. ● A Gastouder (host parent) offers childcare in a domestic situation, either at the host parent’s home or at the child’s home. Host parents often take care of a few children at a time. If your child(ren) will be going to daycare, then you are likely eligible for a Kinderopvangtoeslag (Childcare Benefit). This is a subsidy to help cover the costs of childcare. In order to receive a childcare benefit, both you and your benefit partner must be employed or studying.


Language & education

Primary Education Most primary schools are public (state-owned) or faith-based (Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, or Jewish). There are also schools that teach according to a specific method, for example, Montessori, Jenaplan, Vrije Scholen, or Dalton. Parents may send their children to a public school or to a special school, which are run by the local authorities and are for everyone regardless of religion or philosophy. ● The curriculum is broad, and progress is monitored by standard testing (CITO). ● In the final year of primary school, parents, children and teachers decide together, with the help of standardized national tests (CITO), which type of secondary school is most appropriate for the student. ● Children aged 4 can start to attend school, and are required to attend after they turn 5, until 16. ● The school year begins in August and is broken up by holidays.

Salto International school Rise

This school has a hybrid international primary curriculum. Around 50% of the classes will be taught in Dutch: as formal language classes and also integrated in other subjects, like mathematics. The other half of the time, the children will work with the international primary curriculum (IPC) in English or/and their mother tongue. Of course English will also be taught in formal language classes, also as additional language or at mother tongue level. SALTO international school consists of 2 locations: ● SALTO international school RISE Reigerlaan 3 in Eindhoven. ● SALTO international school I-St@rt Meerbos 16 in Eindhoven. For more information, visit: 133

Language & education Language friendly schools in Eindhoven

Language Friendly Schools are schools that have developed a language plan. It is a plan that is adapted to the school’s own needs and aims at creating an inclusive and language friendly learning environment for all students. ● SALTO-school RISE, ● SALTO-school Floralaan, Tafelbergplein 8 Floralaan West 264 ● SALTO-school de ● SALTO-school Hobbitstee, Ontmoeting, Schelluinen 2 Hettenheuvellaan 2A ● SALTO-school Reigerlaan, Reigerlaan 3

Primary school Wereldwijzer

Primary education for newcomers offers education for pupils age 4 to 12 years, who come from abroad. Pupils can start at any time during the school year. In 40 to 60 weeks they will learn to understand, speak, read and write Dutch, so that they can transfer to regular education. Pastoriestraat 88, Eindhoven,

Primary school ‘t Slingertouw

This school consists of two locations in the Meerhoven district. The educational methods and philosophies used are the same. At this school, a so-called ‘continuous schedule’ is implemented. Grasland 1, Eindhoven,

Primary school De Groene Vlinder

In the language class, an experienced teacher supervises children who are still learning the Dutch language. In this class, children learn to expand their vocabulary and get pre-teaching for the lessons in their own class. In their own class they meet Dutch peers. Mirabelweg 96, Eindhoven, 134

Language & education Primary schools in Eindhoven: Stratum



- SALTO school De Hobbitstee - SKPO school De Kameleon - SKPO school De Springplank - SALTO school De Trinoom - SKPO school De Troubadour - SALTO school Hanevoet - SKPO school Karel de Grote - SALTO Reigerlaan (International) school - SKPO school ‘t Startblok

- SKPO school Beppino Sarto - SALTO school De Hasselbraam - SALTO school De Klimboom - VSEZ school De Regenboog - SKPO school De Talisman - SKPO school De Wilakkers - SALTO school De Zevensprong - SALTO school basisschool Floralaan





- SALTO school De Bergen - SKPO school De Schakel - SALTO school De Startbaan - SALTO school Drents Dorp - SKPO school ‘t Slingertouw - SKPO school Theresia - SKPO school Trudo

- SKPO school De Boog - SALTO school De Driesprong - SALTO school Nutsschool Reigerlaan - SKPO school BoschAkker - SALTO school ‘t Karregat

- SKPO school Atalanta - SALTO school Cornelis Jetses - SKPO school De Bijenkorf - SKPO school De Boschuil - SALTO school De Driestam - SALTO school De Groene Vlinder - SKPO school De Handreiking - SALTO school De Klapwiek - SKPO school De Korenaar - SALTO school De Ontmoeting - SALTO school De Opbouw - SKPO school De Schelp - SALTO school De Tempel - SALTO school De Vuurvlinder - SEOO school Evangelische Basisschool Online - SKPO school Fellenoord - SKPO school Gunterslaer - SKPO school Klimwijs - SKPO school Onder de Wieken - SKPO school Rapenland - SKPO school St. Antonius Abt - SKPO school ‘t Palet - Islamic school Tarieq Ibnoe Ziyad - SKPO school Tweelingen - VSB school Vrije School Brabant - SKPO school Wethouder van Eupen



Special needs primary education: - SALTO school Jan Nieuwenhuizen - SKPO school De Reis van Brandaan - SKPO school Petraschool - SALTO school De Vijfkamp


Language & education

Kinderdagverblijf (daycare centre) A Gastouder (host parent) Peuterspeelzaal (toddler group)

required starting age 5 (most start at age 4)


age 0-4


Buitenschoolse Opvang (Afterschool Care) A Gastouder (host parent)

Language & education


Research University (Universiteit)


University of Applied Sciences (HBO)


Vocational Education (MBO and company schools)




Language & education

Secondary Education

The Dutch system streams students earlier than elsewhere, not only in terms of academic ability, but also in terms of a future career. Children usually attend a secondary school from ages 12 to 18. ● There are three types of secondary schools in the Netherlands: - VMBO (pre-vocational secondary education) - HAVO (senior general secondary education) - VWO (pre-university education) ● The school week is more dynamic than in many countries. Students start and end their day at differing times, according to their studies. An increasing number of Dutch schools offer their more academic students a bilingual education (TTO). In this system, about 50% of subjects are taught entirely in English. ● Dutch schools offer relatively little in terms of sports facilities or extra-curricular activities. Most Dutch children belong to a sports club outside of school.

More internationally orientated secondary schools in Eindhoven and region are:

Stedelijk College (Eindhoven)

Stedelijk College offers bilingual education. At the Henegouwenlaan location, bilingual education (TTO) is offered to mavo, havo and vwo classes. From year 1, the pupils receive half of their subjects in English. After three years, the students receive a diploma showing that they have followed English-language subjects at a certified TTO school. After that, they receive their diploma with the IB-English certificate that allows them to study anywhere in the world. Henegouwenlaan 2, 5628 WK Eindhoven 138

Language & education Sondervick college (Veldhoven)

Sondervick College offers Secondary School education catering for all academic levels (Vmbo, Mavo, Havo and Vwo), from vocational to pre-University level. Students have the added choice of bilingual education (TTO) which provides the opportunity to follow on average 50% of the subjects through English for the first 3 years (2 years at Mavo level). The Dutch curriculum requires a working command of the Dutch language, Sondervick College provides support and guidance for their non-Dutch speaking students. Knegselseweg 30, 5504 NC Veldhoven

Jan van Brabant College (Helmond)

At this school you can also follow mavo, havo and vwo bilingually. If you follow bilingual education, most subjects will be taught in English. They work with English-language learning methods and speak a lot of English in the classroom. As a TTO student at this school, you will be offered extras in English in the form of an extensive internationalization program. Molenstraat 191, 5701 KD Helmond


Language & education Secondary schools in Eindhoven: Area





- Huygens Lyceum - Aloysius/De Roosten - Van Maerlant Lyceum - Heliconopleidingen “Groenschool”

- SG Augustinianum - De Burgh - Sint-Joris College




- Frits Philips Lyceum - Eckartcollege - Novalis College - De Rooi Pannen - Stedelijk College Eindhoven - International Secondary School Eindhoven


- Sint Lucas Eindhoven - Montessori College ROC Eindhoven - Olympia

- Lorentz Casimir Lyceum

Special needs secondary education: - Sondervickcollege at location de Stolberg - De Korenaer - Mgr. Bekkers - De Beemden - Mytylschool

Antoon Schellens College Praktijkschool Eindhoven VSO Ekkersbeek Instituut ‘St. Marie’ Helder HAVO/VWO

European International School

The European School of Mol just across the border in Belgium welcomes all students (nursery school, primary school and secondary school). Their student body is composed of children from local families as well as from European and overseas families who live and work in Belgium and The Netherlands. 140

Language & education

Tertiary Education The South of the Netherlands offers excellent higher education possibilities.

The Netherlands has first-class colleges and universities that provide a wide variety of courses. Many classes are available in English, including all Master’s classes.


Brabant is home to the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Tilburg University. Elsewhere in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, Wageningen, Nijmegen, Maastricht, Groningen and Twente) are top universities with specific orientations. As of 1 January 2020, TU/e switched to English as the lingua franca (working language) across the board. This applies to management, education, research and services.

Universities of Applied Sciences in Brabant (HBO)

The Design Academy Eindhoven, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Breda University of Applied Sciences, and Avans University of Applied Sciences.

Vocational Education

Other public institutions hosted for higher and adult education in Eindhoven, MBO and company schools (Vocational Education) are: Sint Lucas Eindhoven and Summa College.


Language & education

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS The school holidays of the different regions in the Netherlands are registered on this official government website. Eindhoven is part of “Regio Zuid”. The summer holiday for primary schools is six weeks, and seven weeks for secondary schools. Holidays are staggered across three national regions (north, central and south).


Language & education

InterCulturas Today’s children face a completely different world then we did. The world is developing into a melting pot. It is multicultural, multilingual, and rapidly changing. This brings many challenges as well as many opportunities which haven’t existed before. Teaching about the beauty of diversity and how to connect across differences is our first goal at InterCulturas. It always includes one very important first step for us and all our students and participants – self-reflection. Where do I stand? What is my story? What have I experienced so far? Without becoming aware of one’s own role within society, connecting with others in a meaningful way is almost impossible. Giving people the tools to connect and support each other. In order to create change, education is key. We support the call for change by educating students and other educators about the beauty of diversity and the advantages of a diverse society. We want our children to be empowered to grow into global citizens who embrace intercultural diversity. We help teachers, schools, and parents to be ready to face these changes and challenges. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”



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Gisi Cannizzaro therlands, 16 years in the Ne e Language ag founder of Herit in Eindhoven k or tw Education Ne


Jobs TALENT100 program


Women for Women program






Labor exploitation


International Creative Women




TALENT100 program The spirit of TALENT100 program

TALENT100 is transforming Talent representation and how we respond to the labour market and workplaces. We understand that the accompanying partner’s career is often a critical factor in staying and accepting the new host country. This program is a steppingstone for those currently unemployed and ready to re-enter, empowering them to return to work and reintegrate into their previous career path or even a different one. Through TALENT100, we aim to capture the unique experiences and skills of the talent and then help them rebuild their career in the southeast Brabant region. #TALENT100 program is launched in collaboration with three top changemakers of the Brabant region - presented by Huis naar Werk taking a responsibility to upskill and connect talent across the labour market, realised by Expat Spouses Initiative connecting international talent in the region with local opportunities, in a bottom-up communitydriven way and the LivingIn Program (Holland Expat Center South), creating a more international living climate for the Brabant region by emphasising on the human journey of talent migration. A program like TALENT100 recognizes that there is a big pool of International Talent locally available who have stepped away from the workforce because of relocation and are greatly valuable for futureproofing the region and the companies. For more information:



Women for Women program Women for women program, at first sight, these 3 words represent a simple idea, but when you look closer, it is an innovative solution that enables and empowers others. The program connects international women who seek to start their careers in the Brainport region with influential female ambassadors. The Women for Women program believes in the power of Networking, Collaboration, and Innovative solutions to improve Diversity and Inclusion. The journey of the Women for Women program has been a remarkable one, rooted in global mobility but tied to the regional movement. The Women for Women program aims to mobilise the workforce of highly qualified international spouses and implement the dual-career system in the Brainport region. Women for Women program introduces cohorts of highly skilled international Talents to connected Ambassadors, serving as a springboard for jumpstarting both careers that are just blooming and being restarted alike. * 86 % of Women for Women talent got successfully connected to their professional goals in the Netherlands, during or within two months of the program completion [edition VI & VII ]



Jobs Holland Expat Center South

Job portal of Holland Expat Center South which could be a way to find a job for the spouses;

Brainport Development

Job portal of Brainport for internationals:

Employment agencies (In Dutch: Uitzendbureaus)

There are more than 100 employment agencies in Eindhoven. Check their websites for job offers.

Expat Spouses Initiative (ESI)

Expat Spouses Initiative connects internationals, especially partners or spouses of international workers in the region, with local career opportunities, in a bottom-up community-driven way. We are now the most prominent network in the Brainport Eindhoven region, with more than 2500 local international professionals and around 1000 professionals across the Netherlands. Turning International Talent into Local Strength We focus on successfully empowering accompanying spouse/ partner (Talent) to navigate their return-to-work path and enabling them to adjust to the Dutch labor market through our vast Professional Empowerment Program(s). Talent is introduced to the significant professional network and exclusively joins various talent visibility events in the region. We also collaborate with companies, organizations, and governments to support Talent acquisition/ retention strategies and dual-career friendly policies for more diverse & inclusive workplaces and regions. 148




ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A JOB IN BRABANT? Check out Via this page you can navigate English jobs that are available in the province of Brabant. Search through vacancies and internships that are being added daily! 149


Volunteering Many organizations require volunteers, including the food bank, museums, schools, cultural organizations, sports clubs, and Holland Expat Center South! Volunteering is a platform to learn the language, interact, and can be very rewarding. It is possible to do volunteer work for one or more days per week, or for a fixed number of hours each month. Whether you wish to do volunteer work on a regular basis or just once, the choice is yours! ● Eindhoven Doet For voluntary job offers, also for non-Dutch speaking persons. Eindhoven Doet is a movement for everyone who is volunteering for the city and for each other. Eindhoven Doet inspires people to participate and put people in touch with organizations and initiatives. For volunteer opportunities in Eindhoven, go to: app: Jijdoet040

Labor exploitation Everyone should be able to do their job in a safe and humane way. Unfortunately, there are sometimes situations of labor exploitation and inhumane conditions, such as working far too long with little rest, poor working conditions and far too low or no wages. Coercion, violence, threats, extortion, and fraud often play a role in labor exploitation. If you suspect or are involved in labor exploitation, report this (anonymously) to the Inspectorate SZW: (reporting forms in various languages). Or call SZW: 0800 - 5151, (from abroad: +31 70 333 56 78). Reporting to SZW can also via the Inwonersplein counter of Gemeente Eindhoven, where employees are trained in recognizing situations of labor exploitation. 150

Jobs Starting your own creative business:

International Creative Women

International Creative Women was founded in September 2018 by two internationals, as a social entrepreneurship organization. These women, along with migrants -- and many other women who fall in love with a Dutch citizen -- have left their careers, family and friends behind. Very often they find themselves alienated after a few months. An option is to start your own business. However, this isn’t an easy path. That’s why International Creative Women started! Our goal is to create a supportive and diverse community of women in Eindhoven, to help kickstart their own independent entrepreneurial pursuits while increasing social cohesion and integration. We are focused on the women, but the impact will surely benefit their families, the companies and the Brainport region. It does not matter where you are from, what is your background or what you want to do, Eindhoven has something for you. If you want to volunteer, find a job, grow your family, or start a business, you can find organizations that will support and guide you. If you want to become a creative entrepreneur, contact us! and : @internationalcreativewomen The Creative Store: Creative Town ‘t College 22 Eindhoven (city-centre) 151


Social groups & religion Social groups





Social groups & religion

Social groups Get in Touch for internationals is a social support program for spouses of international knowledge workers. It was created by Carola Eijsenring (Indigo-Wereld) in 2011. In September 2020, Carola handed the Get in Touch program to Megha Vaidya (Kuroosh), an active GiT spouse. Ever since its initiation, GiT has grown into a broad service for international spouses from TU/e and other companies. It offers weekly meetings that consist of trips & tours to museums, parks, spice shops, secondhand markets, library, and other useful places. Besides, there are also workshops about various themes, presentations by the spouses themselves and celebrations of traditional or newer Dutch festivities. In addition, there is also weekly English Conversation Meetups to boost English language. The closed Facebook and WhatsApp Group of the Get in Touch (GiT) Family, appears to be an important platform for spouses and others involved in the Get in Touch Program, to share experiences, call for new activities, post useful information and keep in touch with each other. International Women’s Club Eindhoven (IWCE) Are you new to Eindhoven? Would you like to meet women from all over the world? Then the International Women’s Club in Eindhoven is what you are looking for! IWCE is a social Club for international women living in the Eindhoven area. The Club offers lots of fun and has a truly international vibe. Through their daytime and evening activities, IWCE promotes friendship and networking between women from many different countries. They share passions and experiences 154

Social groups & religion

during workshops, meetings with Guest Speakers and have different interest groups. If you want to truly feel at home and find other expat ladies who understand your relocation experiences as well as daily concerns, join IWCE Eindhoven! The IWCE’s members represent 40 different nationalities! International Creative Women is a community that connects, supports, and promote small creative entrepreneurs. They help each other to transform one forgotten passion or a hidden talent into a business that allows women to be productive again, but more important all these women can be proud of what they create and their achievements. This also helps them to adapt and integrate easier.


Social groups & religion The Meerhoven Internationals Platform (MIP) supports internationals living in (or moving to) Meerhoven. Its goal is to provide information, support and help to connect and integrate. The platform is run by a group of enthusiastic volunteers. It works on topics such as education for children, care for babies and mothers, Dutch language development, sports, professional development for internationals, bringing closer Dutch culture to internationals, multicultural interaction and issues which are of interest to internationals and locals. CLO (Latin American Center for Orientation) is a large and very active organization in Eindhoven. In 2020 the C.L.O. 20 years ago it was founded. From the outset, the C.L.O. were open to participants for others nationalities. Most participants have a Dutch partner and children with Dutch nationality. Activities are therefore aimed at the Eindhoven public. The openness of the organization is also reflected in the extensive network of cooperation partners that has developed over the years. C.L.O. is and organizer of various urban events, including International Women’s Day (Park Theater), Hola Eindhoven, and intercultural encounters. Expat Ladies Eindhoven Get Together is an active group of internationals in Eindhoven, with many students and other (feeling) young people who get together at party’s and other fun events.


Social groups & religion Mums & Toddlers is a fun and informal group of moms from every nationality. Come for a cup of coffee, a play date for your child with other toddlers, and some great advise and answers to practical questions about raising children in the area. North American Woman’s Club of Eindhoven is a woman’s group meeting for potluck lunches once a month at different members’ homes. A perfect opportunity to meet other women. Stitch n’ Bitch Not just for knitters is a diverse group of women who enjoy all things crafty. Be sure to bring whatever project you are working on or come with your questions if you want to learn a new skill. The Next Step is a group that was founded in October 2011 and is for international women with school aged children. Regular outings (child-free) are varied and relaxed. Expats in Eindhoven

s in Eindhoven region For more social group ck our website and Brabant please che www.hollandexpatcen 157

Social groups & religion

The Expat Kids in Eindhoven group Expat Kids in Eindhoven was launched on 21 October 2020 by Silvia Ardila. ● Get ideas on where to go with kids and easy activities to do at home. ● Hear experts from around the world discuss different topics that concern kids, including: bullying, reading, creating activities for kids, healthy food, dyslexia, and more. ● The "Expat Kids be the Blogger" features an expat family's experience someplace in the Eindhoven region. For more information, visit: @Expatkidsineindhoven Theexpatkidsineindhovenclub Expatkidsineindhoven


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Social groups & religion

Religion The Netherlands is a tolerant nation, and every individual has the right to practice their religion or conviction. Traditionally, Brabant was strongly Roman Catholic, but during the second part of 20th century, a rapid secularization took place in the province, as it did in the rest of the country. Although there has been a big decrease in the number of people who attend church, the traditions are still part of the culture. For instance, Carnival, which takes place five days before Ash Wednesday. Today, there is a growth in the number of residents who practice Islam and other religions. The following serve the English-speaking community. Of course there are also services in Dutch, which also welcome internationals! Protestant Trinity Church Eindhoven (TCE) is an English-speaking, international church that is part of the Anglican (Church of England) Diocese in Europe. De Pracht 1, Waalre ● International Baptist Church (IBC Eindhoven) is a multidenominational congregation. Het Lichtpunt, Geestakker 546, Eindhoven ● Victory Outreach Eindhoven (Christian-Pentecostal) Hoogstraat 384, Eindhoven ● A strong presence of the Holy Spirit and a welcoming international communtiy gather in a place where you can feel at home. Polish Church, St. Maximiliaan Kolbe parochie: St. Laurentiuskerk, Ginnekenweg 333, Breda. ● +31 (0)76 565 54 33; Mariakerk Mariaplein 1, Breda. ● +31 (0)76 565 22 60 160

Social groups & religion Victory Bible Church International, Tweeschaar 125, Breda. ● +31 (0)6 26 11 40 94 English Mass Eindhoven We are a Catholic community made up of working people, students and other expats and locals in Eindhoven. We welcome anyone who wants to join us and feel part of a big family who strongly believes in showing love and respect to each other. We’re always happy to welcome guests and new members to our community. We meet to celebrate the Holy Mass in English every Sunday at 12:30. ● City Life Church Breda, Nassausingel 26, Breda ● Jefta Intercultural Church, location Graaf Engelbecht, Ganzerik 3, Breda. ● CEC, Chinese Christian Evangelical Church Seminary International. Goeseelsstraat 30, 4817 MV Breda. ● ● International English Mass in St. Michael Church, Hooghout 67 in Breda. Every Sunday at 13.00 ● Winners Church International Breda, Steendorpstraat 2, Breda. ● +31 (0)6 50 24 11 51 Muslim Fatih moskee Eindhoven, Willemstraat 67, Eindhoven ● +31 (0)40 245 19 44 ● Anwar-E-Madinah Kastelenplein 1691, Eindhoven ● +31 (0)40 251 30 89 ●


Social groups & religion Parochie Christus Koning welcomes the International Catholic Community living in Veldhoven and Meerhoven! Kapelstraat-Zuid 18, Veldhoven ● Pchristuskoning City Life Church Tilburg offers an inter-denominational Christian community who speak English and Dutch. Services are on Sunday at 10:00 and 12:00 at Club Smederij (spoorzone). ● ● ● @clctilburg Stadskerk040 is a modern Christian fellowship in Eindhoven whose services take place in Eindhoven’s landmark: Evoluon. On Sundays, the service is translated into English. ●

Jewish Community Eindhoven Joodse Gemeente Eindhoven -N.I.H.S Brabant Orthodox synagoge Hendrik Casimirstraat 23, Eindhoven ● +31 (0)6 36 35 75 93

Hindu ISKCON (Hare Krishna) Zeelsterstraat 186, 5652 EP Eindhoven ● ● Shi Shiv Mandir (Sanātan Dharm, janmavādin), Eindhoven ● Triloki Dhaam Mandir (Sanātan Dharm) Tongelresestraat 371, 5642 NC Eindhoven ● ● Murugan Tempel (Roermond) Schipperswal 26c, 6041 TC Roermond


Social groups, health & religion



Health Health care


Mental health




Health care The Netherlands has good quality health care. Some important things to know: ● The huisarts (family doctor or General Practitioner) is central in the Dutch health care system. This is usually the biggest difference to newcomers. In the Netherlands, the family doctor acts as the gatekeeper to the healthcare system. Most treatments in hospital will not be reimbursed by the healthcare insurance, unless you have been referred by your family doctor. For finding a GP in your neighborhood please check: ● Antibiotics and other medications are prescribed with great reserve. This has resulted in a very low incidence of antibiotic resistant infections. ● Tests are not done automatically and annual check-ups are only part of the basic service when they are necessary. Private clinics offer this service, but they are expensive and are not covered by Dutch insurers. ● Pregnancy and childbirth are considered natural conditions. (Pain relief is only available in a hospital.) ● The relationship between patient and medical services is constantly changing and responding to individual patient needs. Do not be afraid to ask for the information/services that you want or feel comfortable with. Your insurance company is a good source of information about what is possible and what is not. ● Family doctors treat patients for non-surgical problems, and many also perform minor surgical procedures. They can answer most general health questions, and serve as a link with other medical services. On their referral, you can visit a specialist, whom you can choose, provided your insurance company has 166

Health an agreement with that specialist. (If not, you will have to pay for it yourself.) ● Register with a doctor once you know where you will be living. Finding a doctor can be difficult because many doctors have a waiting list. You are entitled to an orientation consultation before deciding which practice you would like to join. ● Especially in smaller towns, once you have registered, it can be difficult or near impossible to change doctors. ● Outside regular hours call the Centrale Huisartsen Post (CHP) to consult a doctor or a pharmacist.


For emergencies dial 1-1-2. You will be connected to a central operator who will inquire what services are needed and transfer you to someone who can assist you.

Safe home (Veilig Thuis)

Safe Home is there for advice and support on domestic violence and child abuse. You can contact Safe Home if things are not going well at home or if you are concerned about others. For children, young people, adults and the elderly. If you are a victim yourself, if you are worried about someone else, or if you use violence yourself. It can be all kinds of violence. Domestic violence and child abuse are common, at all ages and in all cultures. In fact, they are the most common forms of violence. So if you’re dealing with it, you’re not alone. Please call: 0800-2000 (no costs). If you are in immediately danger call the emergency number 1-1-2.


Health Pregnancy and childbirth

Many Dutch women give birth at home, but more are opting to give birth in a hospital. The choice is yours! If you do want to give birth in a hospital, first check that your insurance will cover this.

First-line (primary) midwife

Midwives work according to a strict protocol, and train for four years. You can choose to have your baby in a hospital, under the care of your own midwife. Only with a medical indication do you get referred to a second-line midwife in a hospital. Then you are under the care of a gynecologist, but will mostly be seen by and cared for by the second-line midwife. Prenatal care is usually provided by midwives (you may be referred by your family doctor), who will support you throughout your pregnancy and during delivery. Some screenings (blood tests, ultrasounds or amniocentests) are done in specialist centres, but they are not standard. After delivery in a hospital you are normally sent home relatively quickly. However, you are entitled to kraamzorg (home nursing). Remember to register with the Home Care Association or with kraamverzorgingscentra (private nurses).


Health Dental care

Your dentist does not need to be located in your neighborhood. Generally, your dentist will contact you for a check-up every six months, and will perform most routine procedures. Orthodontists and oral surgeons have waiting lists. Anaesthesia is usually only given upon request, and dental cleaning is often not part of the basic treatment.

Pharmacies and medication

A chemist or drogist (drugstore) supplies non-prescription medications, baby items, general toiletries, cosmetics, etc. An apotheek (pharmacy) is the only outlet for prescription drugs. Pharmacies also sell other items, such as over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and special baby foods. They will also provide advice on taking medication. The Dutch system is rather restrictive. You may find that a prescription is necessary for medication you were able to buy over the counter in your home country. The easiest time to register with a pharmacy is at the same time that you register with a doctor. Pharmacies have 24/7 coverage, based on the same system as doctors.

Alternative medical services

Alternative medicine is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. The various forms of alternative medicine (manual therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, etc.) are organized in associations. ● More alternative treatments are being covered by medical insurance companies. ● Ask your insurer for a list of alternative doctors they cover. ● Many alternative medications are sold in drugstores.


Health Homecare

Thuiszorg (homecare) associations provide for all domestic medical services. They are often organized as kruisverenigingen (home nursing associations) where you can borrow medical equipment as well as hire nurses. Baby consultatie bureaus (health clinics for babies) are often part of these associations. In these clinics every newborn baby and young child is checked regularly by specially trained doctors who provide immunization programs and other pediatric care. The child will be referred to a specialist for specific problems.

Health screening

A nationwide program screens: ● Women ages 30-60 every 5 years for cervical cancer. ● Women ages 50-75 every 2 years for breast cancer. ● Both men and women ages 55-75 for colon cancer. Screening for other cancers is not routine in the Netherlands. If you are in a high-risk group (due to family history, previous illness, etc.) you will be monitored and screened regularly, and if necessary, you will be sent to a specialist.


The Netherlands has a large number of hospitals offering excellent medical care. Traditionally, all hospitals in the Netherlands offered the same range of specialist services, but under the new reformed healthcare system, the government is encouraging hospitals to specialize in particular areas of treatment. Although all hospitals offer the same high standards of care, the University hospitals, where medical research is conducted, often have the most up-to-date facilities and use the most advanced medical techniques. In some cases, if your condition is serious or requires urgent surgery, the specialist will recommend hospitalisation or refer you straight to the emergency department. In other cases, however, you may have 170

Health to wait some time, even months, for a hospital appointment for some types of surgery or other treatments. Check Ziekenhuizen Noord-Brabant | for all the hospitals in Brabant

Academic medical centres

For more complex diseases, you may be referred to an academic medical centre. Certain hospitals have ‘super’ specialists who all speak English. Interpreters are available in the hospital, and can be present at your consultation. This service must be requested.

At this website you can search a professional or practice such as a GP, dentist, et cetera:


Healthcare for internationals (H4i) is a a non-profit network of organisations that aim to close the gap between Dutch healthcare and the needs and expectations of patients with an international background. Many expats and other internationals not only feel uncomfortable in Dutch healthcare, they also find themselves poorly informed about the system. The H4i Community platform aims to provide information to internationals about Dutch healthcare and Health insurance that better meets their needs.


Health SGE International Health Care Services Eindhoven

For more than 30 years The Eindhoven Corporation of Primary Health Care Centers (SGE) has provided primary health care in Eindhoven. Besides general practitioners we also offer other medical and paramedical facilities, such as a physiotherapists, psychologists, pharmacists and dentists. We understand it is difficult to explain your health issues in a different language. That is why we take the extra time to listen. We offer internationals an extended consultation of 20 minutes with the GP to ensure that we fully understand your concerns and expectations. By using clear definitions, pictures and anatomical models we will together, discuss all possible solutions. We understand that the health care you will experience here may be very different from your home country. That is why we would like to take the time to get to know you and understand your cultural and personal background in an extended intake consultation. We have studied the differences in world health care systems to better understand your needs and expectations in the Netherlands. We speak English and facilitate interpreters in other languages. The clinic has a: ● GP (family doctor) ● Nurse Practitioner ● Midwife ● Pharmacist ● Physiotherapist ● Psychologist Dominee Theodor Fliednerstraat 133 5631 MD Eindhoven +31 (0)40 711 67 30 (Monday – Friday) ● 172




Mental health Emergency telephone number in case of suicide tendency dial 0800-0113

General Practitioner (huisarts)

Your family doctor can refer you to a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

GGZ Eindhoven

GGzE offers various forms of help. GGZE will receive you by appointment at one of our locations, come to your home or offer you a temporary admission if necessary. They are there for you and for your family and immediate environment. +31 (0)40 297 01 70


Health GGz Eindhoven Expat Poli

In the recent years, there is a substantial increase in the number of expats that are coming to Eindhoven. This increase reflects itself in our daily practice. Moreover, we observe it is difficult for the referring institutions to find ‘the right place’ for this specific group of patients. The expat group is not sufficiently informed about the mental healthcare services available to them. With our Expat Poli, we are aiming to bridge this gap as well as ensuring the expats are receiving state of the art treatment. For this we are striving to facilitate a good working alliance with referring GPs and other specialists. Expat Poli is providing outpatient care only and is a department within the main health care provider GGzE, which offers state of the art treatment for people living in Eindhoven and the Kempen. We provide psychological treatment exclusively in English. Who can benefit from the expat poli? English speaking expatriate adults (18+) who have (temporarily) moved to the Netherlands due to work, study or relationship and who are suffering from psychological/psychiatric problems. Our team: We work in a multidisciplinary team that consists of psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists. Referral to the expat poli Clients need a referral from their GP. De Grijze Generaal Winston Churchillaan 75 5623 KW Eindhoven +31 (0)40 297 33 00 175

Health Humanitas Eindhoven

Humanitas Eindhoven for attention and support from one person to another. Humanitas offers free help and support to people who are unable to manage on their own. We do this by matching them to voluntary coaches for direct support. Sometimes there is a waiting period, but in most cases a good match can be made right away. ● Parenting support With a little extra attention and help from our volunteers, we often manage to keep the family running smoothly. BOR Guided visitation arrangement. For divorced parents who cannot agree on the visitation arrangement or have problems implementing it. Wel Thuis The volunteers of ‘Wel Thuis’ give personal attention to families who encounter youth care. Home Start Support for families with children aged 0 to 18 ● Participate We help people build and maintain a social network, so they are not on their own (anymore). Meedoen in de Wijken Helps Eindhoven residents of foreign origin to improve their Dutch so they can actively participate in society. Gesprekken van Mens tot Mens en Belgezel The volunteers of ‘Gesprekken van Mens tot Mens’ and ‘Belgezel’ support lonely people who want to improve their situation using their own capabilities. ●


Health ● Growing up By willing to listen and offering activities, our volunteers support young people to take control in facing life and regain confidence in the future. Get a Grip Supporting young people in finance, administration and debt issues. Youth Support A buddy project for young people who have (had) to do with care assistance or who are in any other way facing a difficult period. Dr.Cuyperslaan 64, 5623BB Eindhoven +31 (0)40 206 53 50


Do you live in Eindhoven? And do you need (temporary) support in the field of living, working, meeting, raising, transport or income? Do you want to discover your talents to be able to use them for the neighbourhood? WIJeindhoven can also help you with this. WIJeindhoven brings residents into contact with each other, but also associations, foundations and entrepreneurs in your area. +31 (0)40 238 8998



Practical information Important telephone numbers


Usefull websites


Holidays in the Netherlands


Trip ideas outside of Brabant




Moving to Brabant


Living in Brabant


Working in Brabant


Studying and Working in Brabant 203 Personal & Social Needs


Culture & Leisure



Important telephone numbers EMERGENCIES (Police, Ambulance, Fire)


Non life-threatening situations Police . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0900 8844 Fire Department . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 040 260 86 08 Municipal Health Service (GGD) . . . . . . . . . . 040 238 94 44 (e.g. for Tuberculosis Screening) Animal Police . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 144 Animal Ambulance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0900 0245 To see a doctor or a dentist outside of working hours Central Doctors Post Catharina Ziekenhuis Eindhoven . . . . . . . . . . 0900 8861 Maxima Medisch Centrum Veldhoven . . . . . . 0900 123 20 24 Central Dentist Number . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0900 543 77 45 Taxes 30% Tax Facility, Government Benefits, Customs, and Private Vehicle Tax: Tax Info Residents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0800 0543 Tax Info Non-residents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 055 538 53 85 Tax Info Car . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0800 0749 Tax Info Customs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0800 0143 Immigration formalities Residence permits, Change of job, Change of Purpose of Stay, and Extension of Stay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 088 043 04 30


Municipality formalities Moving within or outside Eindhoven, Change of Name, or Civic Status, BSN, City Pass, Waste, Dog Livence, City Taxes, and Lost & Found Articles: Town Hall Eindhoven . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 040 (from abroad) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +31 40 238 60 00 CAR AND DRIVING Driver’s Licence, Vehicle Registration, Import of Vehicles, and Periodic Technical Car Imspection: RDW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0900 0739 (from abroad) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +31 598 39 33 30 TRANSPORTATION AND TIME SCHEDULES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0900 9292 Public Transport International Trains . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0900 9296 OTHERS Legal Support (Rechtshulp) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 040 265 24 00 Electricity and Gas Emergency . . . . . . . . . . . 0800 9009 Lost & Found Pets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0900 264 83 34


Usefull websites ● This is Eindhoven Find out what Eindhoven is all about on this website It’s a local guide to Eindhoven, with must visit events, things to do and more. Also inspiring stories and practical tips about studying and working in Eindhoven. ● RegioRadar Eindhoven RegioRadar Eindhoven is your gateway to cultural, leisure and sports events during the day and evening; local offerings that are also attractive to those who have to travel a few kilometres. You can browse through a rich display of top events and activities, find out which events and activities suit your mood or simply have a look on the map. ● Visit Brabant Website about must do’s, events, accommodations and attractions in the whole Province of Brabant in which Eindhoven is located. ● Out Together Connect to others through events. All information about upcoming events and activities in Eindhoven.


● Howdo magazine An online magazine with all kinds of things worth knowing. And also a printed English-language bimonthly publicationmagazine for the international community in Eindhoven. You can pick up this free magazine at the Holland Expat Center South or at the Library Eindhoven. ● Radio 4 Brainport Broadcasting 24 hours a day an English language program consisting of music, news and information about culture, science and technology for the international community in the Brainport region. ● Studio040 News and reports from Eindhoven and region. ● DutchNews Is the leading provider of quality Dutch news in English for an international audience.


Holidays in the Netherlands The Netherlands has a Christian background, and therefore celebrates many Christian holidays. On those days, companies and schools are closed. Dutch National Holidays in 2022 ● New Year’s Day (Nieuwjaarsdag): 1 January ● Easter & Second Day of Easter (Eerste & Tweede Paasdag): 17-18 April ● King’s Day (Koningsdag): 27 April ● National Remembrance Day/ Dodenherdenking: 4 May (not an official holiday) ● Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag) 5 May (holiday every 5 years, next in 2025) ● Ascension (Hemelvaartsdag): 26 May ● Whitsun and Second Day of Whitsun (Pinksteren en Tweede Pinksterdag) 5-6 June ● Sinterklaas 5 December (not an official holiday) ● Christmas and Second Day of Christmas (Eerste Kerstdag en Tweede Kerstdag): 25-26 December Every Saturday there are navigators who are available to give you free city info about Eindhoven! Find them walking around the city centre!


Trip ideas outside of Brabant Brabant is an excellent base from which to explore other places in the Netherlands and Europe. Here are some ideas: ● Drive to Amsterdam in 1 1/2 hrs, Paris in 4 1/2 hrs, or to Brussels or Cologne in 1 1/2 hrs. ● Flying to London, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Rome or Istanbul, has become affordable since several low-cost carriers began flying to and from Eindhoven Airport.

Cities in other European countries

● Belgium: Antwerp (www.visitbelgium), Brussels (www.brucity. be and and Hasselt ( ● Germany: Aachen (, Berlin ( and Cologne ● Italy: Rome ( and Milan ( ● Great Britain: London ( ● France: Paris ( ● Spain: Barcelona (


● Rijksmuseum ● Van Gogh Museum ● Stedelijk Museum ● Boymans van Beuningen ● Kunsthal ● Kroller-Muller Arnhem ● De Hoge Veluwe ● Keukenhof ● Maastricht Tourist Office ● Deltaworks


Pets Pets are popular in the Netherlands! You will see people walking their dogs around town, and also taking them into stores! The most common pets in Dutch homes are dogs, cats, birds, fish, and rabbits.

Rules regarding dogs

Dogs are only allowed to be off of a leash at a designated hondenlosloopterreinen. Dog owners who do not pick up after their dog can be fined.

Dog Tax

Dog owners must pay a dog tax. The amount of tax depends on which city you live and how many dogs you have.


There are many dierenartsen (veterinarians) in the Netherlands.

Animal food

Food for animals can be bought at dierenwinkels (pet stores), which also sell treats, games, toys, beds, and other things for pets. Pet food and treats can also be found at most supermarkets.

Finding a pet

If you find a lost or abandoned pet, you can take it to an asiel (animal shelter). The people working there will try to trace the original owner or find a new one. If you want to buy a pet, pet stores sell small animals, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. For cats and dogs, contact the local animal shelter or an official breeder.


De dierenambulances Brabant Zuid-Oost (animal ambulances for Southeast Brabant, including Eindhoven) transports sick, injured and lost animals, to a near by shelter, veterinarian or animal hospital. If you see an animal that needs emergency care in Eindhoven, call them at 0900 - 112 0000. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ik zoek baas! is a website where you can find pets who are up for adoption.

Dog obedience school

There are a number of hondenscholen (dog obedience schools) and hondenuitlaatservices (dog walking services) throughout the region.

Boarding kennels

When you go on holiday, you can leave your pet with a neighbor, a friend, or at a dierenpension (boarding kennels).

“Taking your dog for a walk is a great way to get to know your neighborhood and your neighbors! When we moved to a new neighborhood I met many of my neighbors while walking my dog, Pepper!” - Olivia van den Broek-Neri


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Diana Angelova ето е Initiator of “Четен leuk” is забавно Lezen of er Board memb twork ge Education Ne Heritage Langua n ve ho er of Me Lead coordinator rm tfo Pla ls na tio Interna



THE EXPAT CENTER PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM In order to help assist expats upon arrival and during their first months in the Netherlands, a distinctive collaboration has been set up between Holland Expat Center South and private service providers. This Partnership Program redirects expats to reliable service providers in a wide variety of expat-related sectors. These Official Partners offer information on Formalities, Housing, Taxation, Finance & Insurance, Education & Careers, Personal & Social Needs, and Culture & Leisure. More information about the Official Partners of Holland Expat Center South can be found on If you have any questions about the Partnership Program, please send us an email at:




Holland Expat Ce nter South


Moving to Brabant

Moving to Brabant The Holland Expat Center South Official Partners in 'Moving to' can assist you with any questions you have regarding the legalities of moving to the Netherlands, or your work situation.

LEGAL SERVICES Gelijk Advocaten is a law firm that specialises in migration law and (international) family law. Our core values are: fast, professional and no nonsense. ● +31 (0)73 750 28 28 ● info@gelijkadvocaten ● Maes Law is specialized in employment and migration law. We advise clients all over the world on national and European migration issues (service provision, intra company transfers, etc.) and guide them through the procedures. ● +31 (0)85 902 12 70 ● ● Pallas Attorneys-at-Law is specialized in international employment law. We are experienced in advising and representing expats and internationally operating companies in a wide range of employment matters. ● +31 (0)85 070 47 12 ● ●


Moving to Brabant SCG Lawyers is specialized in (international) family law, inheritance law, juvenile law and mediation. We advise clients in the Netherlands and all over the world. ● +31 (0)88 909 49 04 ● ●

RELOCATION SERVICES Big5 Relocation is a locally based relocation office in Eindhoven. An experienced team always ensures a smooth and efficient transition for the expat. Big5 offers dedicated relocation services in Eindhoven. ● +31 (0)40 235 15 05 ● ● What’s in a name?! Expat Management Group is a corporate mobility consultancy delivering specialized services in expat mobility management - Immigration, Relocation & Tax - providing comprehensive solutions for corporates and individuals alike. ● +31 (0)20 707 05 51 ● ● GoodGuide The hassle-free way to bring top talent to your business from around the world with a friendly, techled solution that manages the processes and helps your new hires settle in. ● +31 (0)85 047 19 65 ● ●


Moving to Brabant Holland Employment Experts provide contracts, payroll solutions and guide highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands. It is a recognised sponsor with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). ● +31 (0)51 384 54 91 ● ● Packimpex has fourteen offices across Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, UK, the Netherlands and offers destination services, temporary living services, corporate apartment management, visa and immigration services, and the coordination of moves. ● +31 (0)6 28 81 61 50 ● ● Personeel Specialisten is IND referent and specialized in payrolling highly skilled migrants for our clients. Freeing our clients from the legal and administrative burden when hiring non-EU workers. ● +31 (0)88 730 71 00 ● ● The global mobility partner for Immigration Support & Relocation Care, who keeps your organization compliant and your international employees happy. We take it personal, we make it personal! ● + 31 (0)85 620 49 00 ● ●


Moving to Brabant Ravecruitment offers a full-service solution for highly skilled migrants, enabling them to work for companies in the Netherlands. This includes payroll administration, immigration, relocation and recruitment. ● +31 (0)20 718 45 00 ● ●

NOTARY Notariskantoor Broekmans will make sure that all necessary legal documents regarding the purchase and mortgage of your house are carefully drawn up, explained and signed. You just sit back and concentrate on turning your new house into your home! ● +31 (0)40 213 63 60 ● ● Schäfer Notarissen is your excellent choice for Notary services in and around Eindhoven! We work in an informal atmosphere and that is exactly what our customerexperience is all about. ● +31 (0)40 266 06 60 ● ●


Living in Brabant

Living in Brabant The Official Partners in 'Living in' can assist you in finding suitable housing during your stay. Housing is available in different categories, and for various budgets. There are also hotels that offer long-term stay rooms.

BUYING AGENT Looking for your dreamhouse in the Brabant area? The estate agents of Debbie Mels Lommers Makelaars will help you and look after your interests throughout the entire purchasing process. ● +31 (0)40 294 80 00 ● ●

HOTELS By merging flexible-stay accommodations with luxury facilities, The Student Hotel provides a fun coliving environment in the center of Eindhoven where multicultural expats can live, work, play and connect. ● +31 (0)40 231 97 92 ● ●

FURNITURE RENTALS Move&Rent is an all-inclusive furniture rental service with a sustainable approach. Save yourself from stress & gain time so that your story abroad gets off to a comfortable start. ● +31 (0)85 016 30 37 ● ● 196

Living in Brabant

HOME APPLIANCES Homie provides sustainable home appliances though Pay-Per-Use combined with a flexible Contract (6 Months). Effortless - Sustainable - Pay-Per-Use ● +31 (0)15 760 16 15 ● ●

MORTGAGE ADVISORS Expat Mortgages is the fastest way to your mortgage in The Netherlands. We have helped thousands of expats from over 75 nationalities and we make you feel at home. ● +31 (0)20 717 39 08 ● ● Freek Hypotheek offers one-stop shopping for personal and independent advice and mediation in mortgages and insurances from 50 different mortgage lenders and insurance companies. ● +31 (0)40 292 22 22 ● ●

MOVERS Gebr. Van den Eijnden Euromovers specializes in domestic and international removals. Through our worldwide network of reliable partners we can support you with your relocation to/from any location, with personal care. ● +31 (0)40 281 88 88 ● ● 197

Living in Brabant

PURCHASE AB Makelaars provides tailored, independent and professional advice and assistance in buying a home in the Netherlands. You can find our office in the center of Eindhoven; The Knowledge City. ● +31 ( 0)40 243 63 35 ● ● Want to live in the Eindhoven area? With two offices in Eindhoven and Weert Dwars Makelaars is your professional guide. Let us help you to sell, buy or valuate your house. ● +31 (0)49 553 75 99 ● ● Our internationals are here for all your housing questions: We offer assistance in buying, renting, selling and mortgages. Easie housing is part of the vb&t group. ● +31 (0)40 269 69 49 ● ● Garantiemakelaars Brainport region With two branches in the brainport region, our mission is to relieve expats of all their housing issues. We guide you through the purchase, sale or rental of properties. ● Eindhoven: +31 (0)40 295 79 57 ● Nuenen: +31 (0)40 290 70 00 Contact Janssen Steijlen when you are planning to buy a house for the first time in the Netherlands or if you wish to sell your home. ● +31 (0)40 295 46 78 ● ● 198

Living in Brabant

Whether you’re renting or buying existing or new build property, we’ll find the ideal solution. Van Santvoort Makelaars also gives excellent advice on financing, contracts and property tax deduction. ● +31 (0)40 269 25 30 ● ●

RENTALS Corporate Housing Factory offers modern serviced apartments for temporary stays in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Always conveniently located with easy access to the city center, main business areas, airports and public transportation. ● +31 (0)88 116 95 00 ● ● Corporate Housing Solutions is a one-stop-shop for your short-stay or long-stay housing needs (rent or buy). We specialize in helping internationals. Let’s get you comfortable! ● +31 (0)40 218 00 70 ● ● Expat Housing Network: the go-to-team for expat housing in the Netherlands. As expats themselves, their experience and expertise will ensure you have the best support when securing your perfect home. ● +31 (0)20 261 74 34 ● ●



Working in Brabant The Official Partners in 'Working in' provide assistance in filing taxes, banking and insurance. These companies have experience with helping internationals, and have offices in the region.

TAXATION Blue Umbrella helps internationals manage their Dutch tax matters. Affordable, conveniently on-line and transparent. Blue Umbrella specializes in tax return, tax compliance and childcare subsidy. Income Tax Filing €145. ● +31 (0)20 468 75 60 ● ● Crowe Foederer HR Services Global mobility specialists with 50+ years’ experience that assist employers/expats around the world with permits, 30%-ruling, payroll and tax/social security support, technology and advice, offering the one-stop-shop solution in Eindhoven. ● +31 (0)40 264 96 10 ● ● DRV Accountants & Adviseurs can assist with accountancy services, national and international tax services and financial consultancy. ● + 31 (0)76 523 30 33 ● ●


Working EY is your contact when it comes to tax and social security aspects of international mobility. Our global network enables us to answer your questions in a practical way. ● + 31 (0)6 29 08 40 95 ● ● Meijer & Co Tax Lawyers KPMG’s People Services brings together a wealth of income & wage tax, social security, technology and immigration services to help make managing your global workforce easier, safer and more efficient. ● +31 (0)88 909 31 55 ● ● Tax is Exciting! Would you like to have your income tax return processed? Our team is ready for you! We work with fixed fees, but simple questions are answered for free. ● +31 (0)20 520 79 91 ● ● The TaxSavers is an all-round tax advisor which can assist you with all your questions regarding your Dutch taxes, the M-form and the annual income tax return. ● +31 (0)20 217 01 20 ● ●



FINANCE & INSURANCE ABN AMRO International Clients Retail Eindhoven We’ve been a trusted financial partner and specialist for expats. For example we offer tailor made expat mortgages and opening a Dutch bank account takes less than 10 minutes. ● +31 (0)20 343 40 02 ● ● In order to help expatriates in the Netherlands with their specific questions and needs, Rabobank has set up a specialized expatriate service in Eindhoven: the Rabobank Expat Desk. ● +31 (0)40 293 60 00 ● ● The Sociale Verzekeringsbank has departments specialized in social security for cross border workers or students who start living, working, studying or doing business in Belgium (Bureau for Belgian Affairs) or Germany (Bureau for German Affairs). ● +31 (0)76 548 50 00 ● (Belgium) ● +31 (0)24 343 18 11 ● (Germany)



Studying and Working in Brabant These Official Partners can offer you assistance and guidance in furthering your education, volunteering and finding a job.

Brainport Development is a new-style economic development agency that works with representatives from industry, knowledge institutes and government to strengthen Brainport Eindhoven top technology region. ● Braventure is a non-profit partnership between thirteen parties, powered by the province of Noord-Brabant. Our common goal is to accelerate your Brabant startup through knowledge, development, community and financing. ● ● Just arrived to the Netherlands? Edufax supports families and global mobility teams to make the best decisions regarding children's educational development and wellbeing before, during, and after a relocation. ● ● Expat Spouses Initiative has built a strong community and ecosystem of companies in the region in order to connect the highly-skilled partners of international employees with local job opportunities. ●


Education FS&E Services Revealing your blindspot + selfknowledge are the first steps to (inter)national success. Together we expand your intercultural (self) knowledge. At ease and at home in every country and situation. ● +31 (0)6 52 35 72 33 ● ● 'Cultures don't meet, people do.' At KIT Intercultural Professionals we equip organizations, teams, leaders and professionals with the skills and competencies to thrive in this increasingly interconnected and intercultural world. ● +31 (0)20 568 83 19 ● High Tech Institute Facilitates growth of individuals & teams worldwide, both in technical width, depth & soft skills. Expats’ training: “How to be succesful in the Dutch high tech work culture”. ● +31 (0)40 851 20 61 ● ●

CHILDCARE International Childcare Eindhoven offers professional Dutch day care and out of school care with an international dimension from the campus of International School Eindhoven (ISE). ● +31 (0)40 249 02 38 ● ● Children develop best when they are happy in their own skin. Helping children be happy is our most important task at Korein. Call on us for day care, playgroups, lunchtime and after school care. ● +31 (0)40 294 89 89 ● ● 204

Education Little Jungle Kinderopvang provides day care, preschool, open play time and after school care. Children learn the Dutch language while playing, make friends, do fun activities and have a great day! ● +31 (0)40 237 57 61 ● ●

LANGUAGE SCHOOLS Basten Trainingen is an official language school since 2001. We offer Dutch language courses A1 up to C1 for expats, companies, international students, spouses and children. Inburgering, Staatsexamen, ONA, (Job)Coaching ● +31 (0)6 20998707 ● ● Dutch course? Of course! teaches conversational lessons to expat(families). If you are motivated, you will be able to talk Dutch from the very first lesson. Fast, friendly, flexible and always fun! ● +31(0)6 5123 62 31 ● ● Language Institute Regina Coeli is the foremost specialist in intensive and individual language training for the business community, government institutions and private citizens, within and outside the Netherlands. ● +31 (0)73 684 87 90 ● ● STE Languages offers special Dutch group courses (regular or intense) for expats starting five times per year for the levels A1- up to C1. Check our website for details. ● +31 (0)40 245 28 60 ● ● 205

Education Volksuniversiteit regio Eindhoven offers Dutch courses for expats and internationals in all levels to A1 -> C1. We offer courses once or twice a week in Eindhoven and Veldhoven. ● +31 (0)40 782 08 10 ● ● Voorwaartz delivers custom made language and communication training and intensive courses in Dutch as a second language (NT2) for companies throughout the Netherlands. How we can help you go 'Forwardz'? ● +31 (0)76 521 98 84 ● ●

SCHOOLS International School Breda believes that your child’s learning experience should be fun, exciting and challenging! We’re proud to offer excellent primary and secondary international education under one roof. ● +31 (0)76 560 78 70 ● ● The International School Eindhoven primary department offers English and Dutch Primary Education, and its secondary department offers the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Years. ● +31 (0)40 251 94 37 ●

VOLUNTEER WORK Volunteer work is fun, challenging, educational, and good for your personal development. If volunteer work is something you would like to do, Eindhoven Doet will search with you to find a suitable position! ● +31 (0)40 219 33 99 ● 206

Personal & social needs

Personal & Social Needs The Official Partners in 'Personal & Social Needs' can offer you assistance in adapting to life in the Netherlands.

COACHING Expath Coaching provides virtual life coaching for English speakers living in the Netherlands and specializes in work with youth and young adults. ● +31 (0)6 15 43 53 47 ● ●

MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS Lebara Let us make your life a little bit easier. With flexible Sim Only, Prepaid and affordable extra bundles and addons. All on a superfast network with maximum coverage. ● +31 (0)6 19 00 12 00 ●


Personal & social needs

HEALTH CARE The midwives from Midwifery Practice Eindhoven will guide you through your pregnancy, delivery and the first weeks after birth. Working with expats is one of our specialties. ● +31 (0)6 28 06 95 84 ● ● Re-align method (holistic health hacking) is based on neurology, physiology and experience. Experience the power of your own body and breath to (re)discover your health. ● +31 (0)6 15 30 24 87 ● ● At SGE International, the visitor can expect a global approach with a medical team, which has been trained to understand the needs of people from different international backgrounds. ● +31 (0)40 711 67 30 ● ●

TRANSPORT Dekker is a professional driving school that specializes in helping and training foreigners to prepare for the Dutch driving and theory exams. We have English-speaking instructors. ● +31 (0)40 444 44 44 ● ●


Culture & leisure

Culture & Leisure The Official Partners in Culture & Leisure offer different activities that you can enjoy in the region. The Media Partners provide news and information in English.

CULTURE CKE is the home of amateur arts and cultural education in Eindhoven. Choose from a broad range of courses and lessons in music, dance, visual arts, photography, theatre, and more. ● +31 (0)40 216 32 63 ● ● Effenaar is the largest pop venue of Eindhoven, existing since 1971. We host the entire range of pop music. Musicians from all over the world play at the venue. ● +31 (0)40 239 36 66 ● ● The Eindhoven Library facilitates everyone in Eindhoven in their personal development. We offer a large collection of (e-)books and organize fascinating workshops, lectures and other activities. The entire city benefits! ● +31 (0)40 260 42 60 ● ●


Culture & leisure Muziekgebouw Frits Philips Eindhoven is a contemporary music hall with international allure. An acoustic toplocation that is extremely popular among world-famous orchestras and soloists in the heart of Eindhoven. ● +31 (0)40 244 20 20 ● ● NatLab screens movies from all over the world with English subtitles. There’s also: Q&A’s with movie directors, impressive theatre performances, English film courses and kids’ workshops, and more! ● +31 (0)40 294 68 48 ● ● Parktheater Eindhoven offers over 450 performances per season. Including: Music, dance, opera, comedy, acrobatics and other shows without language. Plus, whenever possible Dutch plays with English support text. ● +31 (0)40 211 11 22 ● The Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven is one of the first public museums for contemporary art to be established in Europe. Besides its art’s role in society, the museum contains space for hiring, like the auditorium and studio. ● +31(0)40 238 10 42 ●


Culture & leisure Van Gogh Brabant Five Brabant communities retain traces of Van Gogh. He was born and raised here, and produced his first masterpiece ‘The Potato Eaters’ here. Welcome to Van Gogh’s homeland! ● ●

LEISURE Together with the leisure sector, government and umbrella organisations, VisitBrabant puts the province of Brabant firmly on the map as Europe's most welcoming and innovative region. ● VVV Eindhoven Tourist Information Office Your visit to Eindhoven starts at the VVV (Tourist Information Office), the address for all tourist information about Eindhoven and its surroundings. Concert tickets, various gift vouchers and souvenirs are also available at VVV Eindhoven. ● 0900 112 23 63 ● VVV Veldhoven Tourist Information Office The VVV specializes in regional information and is able to help you plan a day trip, a group-activity or to find a cycling route. Please drop by! ● +31 (0)40 253 29 01 ● ●


Culture & leisure

SPORTS The Blue Zone Gym The newest boutique gym in the middle of the Park in the city center of Eindhoven. We will guide you to a better lifestyle and welcome you to our beautiful city. ● +31(0)40 843 78 55 ● ● Here at David Lloyd Eindhoven we’re in a great location, on the outskirts of Veldhoven. With something for everyone – come and join the club. ● +31 (0)40 253 81 25 ● ● Eindhoven Sport marks the start of a day, a season or even a lifetime of sports. In Eindhoven you have numerous sporting opportunities at your fingertips. Check out our website for more information! ● +31 (0)40 238 11 51 ● ● FC EIndhoven is a football club based in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). The first team is playing in the second league of Holland, the Keuken Kampioen Divisie. ● +31 (0)40 211 29 67 ● ● The Gulbergen golfclub is a very healthy and lively club with 1,100 members. Exists for over 25 years and is an inviting, low key club and open to all ”newcomers”. ● +31 (0)49 259 24 55 ● 212

Culture & leisure

MEDIA PARTNERS Stichting Brabant Onderneemt is an enterprising, independent business network with ambition and a no-nonsense attitude. We actively create connections between government, education and entrepreneurs (in Brabant). ● keeps you up to date with the latest Dutch news - in English - online, by mobile or email newsletter. From politics to personalities, from football to Philips. ● Eindhoven News Your local daily news in English! At the online news site you can find daily news in English of what is happening in Eindhoven and surroundings. ● “HOWDO” is the first English written magazine for expats, foreign students and all internationals in the region of Eindhoven. ● XPat Media is the organization behind publications geared towards expatriates. ●


EDITOR'S NOTE We hope that this guide helps you to settle into Brabant! If you have tips for the next edition of the Living In Guide or if you want to be in this guide as an organization, please send us an email: In the meantime, please enjoy your time in Eindhoven region! And whenever you have any questions, please know that you are always welcome to contact Holland Expat Center South. We are here to help you! Kind regards,

Josine Frankhuizen

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Colophon Living in the Brainport Eindhoven region. A publication of Holland Expat Center South. July 2022

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If you would like to submit your organization to be included in this guide, please contact Josine Frankhuizen at: Disclaimer In the compilation of this guide various sources have been consulted and a number of organizations have lent their cooperation and provided information. Holland Expat Center South has verified this information as far as possible with authorities and experts. Nevertheless we remain dependent on external sources. We cannot, therefore, accept any liability for any errors and their consequences. We advise you at all times to get advice from your HR department or the relevant official bodies.

Holland Expat Center South is a joint initiative of the participating municipalities, the Immigration and Naturalisation Services (IND), Brainport Development, and the province Noord-Brabant


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