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www.hollandexpatcenter.com: The most comprehensive website for internationals living and working in Brabant. Newsletter: Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and get up-to-date news about the region! www.hollandexpatcenter.com/newsletter/ Social Media: Connect with us! Facebook - Holland Expat Center Twitter - @holexpatcenter LinkedIn - The Holland Expat Center You Tube - HollandExpatCenter Events: Meet other internationals living in the area, and get information about important topics! Check www.hollandexpatcenter.com/events/ for more information! Welcome Guide: Contact Holland Expat Center South for a FREE copy of 'The Expat's Guide to Brabant'! Welcome Bag: Internationals receive a welcome bag at their appointment at the Expat Center, which is filled with information about the region.


ABOUT THE EXPAT CENTER Holland Expat Center South is a one-stop shop for internationals living and working in Brabant. Our mission is to promote and support international companies, highly skilled migrants, scientific researchers, and EU citizens by offering a fast and easy procedure for formalities, and providing information about the region. At Holland Expat Center South, internationals can obtain information, as well as arrange the formal procedures regarding settlement in the Netherlands, including the municipal basic administration and residence documents. This applies to internationals who are living and/or working in one of the participating municipalities. The Expat Center also provides regional information, and organizes events for the international community. These services are available free of charge, to every international living in the region. Holland Expat Center South is a joint initiative of the participating municipalities, the Immigration and Naturalisation Services (IND), and the province of Noord-Brabant.


THE WELCOME DESK You are invited to contact the welcome desk with any questions you may have about settling into Brabant. Contact us by telephone, email or via our website or Facebook page.

THE WELCOME BAG Our welcome bag is filled with information that will help internationals settle into the region.

THE WELCOME GUIDE The welcome guide is the number one resource for internationals who are settling into Brabant! Get a free copy or read it online!


CONNECTING PEOPLE AND CULTURE Holland Expat Center South organizes events to welcome internationals to Brabant! These events are free to attend and present information about important topics, such as how to file taxes, how to buy a house and an introduction to the Dutch health care system. We also organize Meet & Greets where you can go on guided tours of cultural institutions in the region! More information can be found on our website.



WELCOME EVENINGS MEET & GREETS EXPAT WORKSHOP EVENINGS EXPAT LOUNGE SERIES Welcome Evenings During these events, internationals get an introduction to Eindhoven and go together on a guided walking tour of Eindhoven's city center.

Meet & Greets During these events, attendees go on a behind-the-scenes tour of cultural institutions in the region, such as Muziekgebouw Eindhoven and Parktheater Eindhoven.

Expat Workshop Evenings Our Expat Workshop Evenings inform internationals on specific topics, such as taxes, finance, housing, and the Dutch culture.

Expat Lounge Series This series of events brings internationals together with organizations and companies that can help them settle into the region. ● Expat Housing Lounge: Speak directly with realtors and mortgage advisors. ● Expat Language Lounge: Speak directly with instructors at language schools. ● Expat Social Lounge: Meet clubs and organizations in the region. ● Expat Sports Lounge: Meet sports clubs and sport facilitators in the region, and try out some of the sports. ● Expat Volunteering Lounge: Meet organizations that are looking for volunteers in the region.


MORE INFORMATION to help you feel at home

in the Eindhoven Region can be found on these websites:

CULTURE & EVENTS • CKE is the home of amateur arts and cultural education in Eindhoven. Choose from a broad range of courses and lessons in music, dance, visual arts, photography, theatre, and more. www.cke.nl • Efteling Discover the largest theme park in he Netherlands and enjoy rollercoasters, enchanting attractions or spectacular parkshows. www.efteling.com/en • Muziekgebouw Frits Philips Eindhoven is a contemporary music hall with international allure. An acoustic top-location that is extremely popular among world-famous orchestras and soloists. www.muziekgebouweindhoven.nl • Natlab screens movies from all over the world with English subtitles. There’s also: Q&A’s with movie directors, impressive theatre performances, English film courses and kids’ workshops, and more! www.natlab.nl • Parktheater Eindhoven offers over 450 performances per season. Including: Music, dance, opera, comedy, acrobatics and other shows without language. Plus, whenever possible Dutch plays with English support text. www.parktheater.nl


• Philips Museum With the help of surprising stories and historic products, the permanent and temporary exhibitions give insight into the impact Philips has on people’s lives. philips-museum.nl/en • Prehistorisch Dorp Eindhoven Experience six bygone eras from 13.000 years ago until the Eighty Years War in the Prehistoric Village. Learn about the every day of long ago and take part in historical workshops. www.prehistorischdorp.nl/en • Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven is one of the first public museums for contemporary art to be established in Europe. www.vanabbemuseum.nl • This is Eindhoven is the local guide to Eindhoven highlights mustvisit events, things to do, and more! www.thisiseindhoven.com • Visit Brabant Together with the leisure sector, government and umbrella organisations, VisitBrabant puts the province of Brabant firmly on the map as Europe's most welcoming and innovative region. www.visitbrabant.com/en


EDUCATION • International School Eindhoven primary department offers English and Dutch Primary Education, and its secondary department offers the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Years. www.isecampus.nl • Salto International school Rise With their new multilingual primary school concept they believe to have found an inspiring balance between traditional international education and Dutch education. SALTO international school consists of 2 locations: www.salto-internationalschool.nl • Heritage Language Schools Eindhoven is a platform of mother tongue schools which offers children the opportunity to develop one of the languages they speak at home, or that is part of their cultural heritage. The classes take place after school or during the weekend. www.hollandexpatcenter.com/heritageschools

HEALTH CARE • At SGE International, patients have access to a family doctor, doctor's assistant and other multilingual professionals like a nurse, physiotherapist, pharmacist, dentist, midwife, and specialist psychological and psychiatric care. www.sgeinternational.nl • The midwives from Midwifery Practice Eindhoven will guide you through your pregnancy, delivery and the first weeks after birth. Working with expats is one of our specialties. www.midwiferypractice-eindhoven.nl



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INTERNATIONAL SUPERMARKETS 1 Amazing Oriental (Langdonkenstraat 7, Eindhoven) One of the largest Asian supermarkets sells everything from snacks to crockery. amazingoriental.com 2 Amazing Sang Lee (Woenselsemarkt 17a, Eindhoven) In this 'Toko XL' on Kruisstraat, you will find a huge range of products from Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Surinam and Mexico. amazingsanglee.nl 3 Indian Food Store Eindhoven (Grote Berg 38, Eindhoven) This shop on the Grote Berg sells Indian snacks, herbs, and more. 4 Nostalgia D&R (Pastoor Petersstraat 133, Eindhoven) This supermarket sells food and non-food products from Russia. 5 Polskie Delikatesy (Kloosterdreef 84A, Eindhoven) This Polish specialty store sells food and non-food products from Poland. www.polskiedelikatesyeindhoven.nl 6 Semolina (Stadspoort 6, Eindhoven) This Italian shop sells cheeses, fresh pasta, olives and cannoli, and homemade meals and sandwiches. www.semolina.nl 7 Vershal Het Veem (Torenallee 86-02, Eindhoven) Vershal het Veem at Strijp-S, food market that offers daily fresh food products. www.vershalhetveem.nl 8 There are many shops that sell foreign products located on Kruisstraat, from African supermarkets to Moroccan greengrocers and Turkish bakers. Highly recommended is the Woenselse Markt (at the end of the Kruisstraat), which takes place from 10:00-17:00 on Saturdays.


JOBS • Brainport Development has a job portal for internationals. brainporteindhoven.com/int/work/vacancies/ • Expat Spouses Initiative has built a strong community and ecosystem of companies in the region in order to connect the highly-skilled partners of international employees with local job opportunities. expatspousesinitiative.org • Holland Expat Center South has a job portal where you can navigate all the English jobs and internships available in the province of Brabant. You are able to search through vacancies that are being added daily. www.hollandexpatcenter.com/jobs • Eindhoven Doet will search with you to find a suitable volunteer position. Volunteer work is fun, challenging, educational, and good for your personal development! eindhovendoetforvolunteers.nl

LIBRARIES • Library Eindhoven facilitates everyone in Eindhoven in their personal development. They offer a large collection of (e-)books and organize fascinating workshops, lectures and other activities. They also have free Taal Cafés (language cafés) where you can learn Dutch. www.bibliotheekeindhoven.nl/english • Reading Pier is Eindhoven's first English library for children. They also offer free reading sessions for children on Wednesdays. TheReadingPier


LOCAL NEWS • Eindhoven News Your local daily news in English! At the online news site you can find daily news in English of what is happening in Eindhoven and surroundings. www.eindhovennews.com/ • Howdo Magazine is the first English written magazine for expats, foreign students and all internationals in the region of Eindhoven. It is free and available all over Eindhoven, including at Holland Expat Center South. howdomagazine.nl • DutchNews.nl produces a round-up of the main Dutch news of the day - online, by email and for mobile phones. They cover a broad spectrum of news: from politics and economics to culture and sport. www.DutchNews.nl

SOCIAL GROUPS • Indigo Wereld developed the ‘Get in Touch with people & places in Eindhoven’ program, for the spouses of international knowledge workers, to help the ´accompanying´ spouses to feel at home in a short time. The participants start building their personal network via trips & tours that show them what their new hometown has to offer. www.indigo-wereld.nl/ • International Creative Women is a social entrepreneurship organization whose goal is to create a supportive and diverse community of women in Eindhoven, to help kickstart their own independent entrepreneurial pursuits while increasing social cohesion and integration. www.internationalcreativewomen.nl


• International Women’s Club Eindhoven is a social club for international women living in the Eindhoven area. They organize daytime and evening activities. www.iwce.nl • Meerhoven Internationals Platform (MIP) MIP supports internationals living in (or moving to) the Meerhoven area of Eindhoven. They provide information, support and help to connect locals and internationals. The volunteer organization organizes events on topics, such as education, children, learning Dutch, and more. www.meerhoven-internationals.nl • Mum & Toddlers is an international group of mums and children who meet every other Wednesday for a playgroup for their children, ages 0-4. They also have regular outings and several family events, as well as nights out for mums only. www.mumsandtoddlers.org For more social groups in the region, please visit our website!


SPORTS • Here at David Lloyd Eindhoven they're in a great location, on the outskirts of Veldhoven, with something for everyone. www. davidlloyd.nl/en/clubs/eindhoven/ • Eindhoven Sport In the Eindhoven region, you have numerous sporting opportunities at your fingertips. Check out our website for more information about all sports clubs and sports facilities in the region. www.eindhovensport.nl • The Gulbergen Golf Club is a healthy and lively club with 1,100 members. Exists for over 25 years and is an inviting, low key club and open to all "newcomers". www.golfdegulbergen.nl/en/ • Tongelreep (Eindhoven South) At the National Swimming Center the Tongelreep, there are swim classes, water polo, diving, synchronized swimming, bootcamp, snorkeling, and more. They offer swimming lessons for babies, toddlers and adults. www.eindhovensport.nl/zwemmen/tongelreep • ir. Ottenbad (Eindhoven North) There is a recreational pool, 25-meter swimming pool, instruction pool, therapy pool, toddler baths, and a swimming pool with a slide. They also offer a variety of swimming and exercise classes, including women-only classes with female instructors. www.eindhovensport.nl/zwemmen/ir-ottenbad




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Living In Eindhoven (Region) Brochure  

Information for internationals about culture & sports in the Eindhoven region.

Living In Eindhoven (Region) Brochure  

Information for internationals about culture & sports in the Eindhoven region.