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APR/MAY/JUN 2014 Issue 10

How to Attract New Clients Find the Right People to build your business

Easter Business Promo Tips

Embrace and Initiate Change

Spring Forward in Business! +


TIANA Or Cocon ganic Beaut ut Oil y Tre ats

Janey Lee Grace’s Holistic Product Picks



For Your Business 9 Books to feed your mind Our book reviews and recommendations, plus Words of Wisdom for Father’s Day 10 News & Dates Including volunteering opportunities and communication skills tips 12 Business News Jayney’s Letter 14 The Inconvenient Truth About Drugs Doctor Stephen Hopwood’s Soapbox 15 How to Recruit Online Jonathan Pollinger’s advice on how to source staff online 16 Interview Dos and Don’ts How to be a good interviewer and interviewee with AoR’s CEO 17 How to Write a Job Description Geoff Simons’ tips for getting the JD right 18 Embrace Change in Life and Work LJ’s business journal on how to use change to move forward 19 Bowen Technique Case study of this gentle therapy 20 Kelly Anne Therapies Holistic therapist business case study 22 How to Get What You’re Worth Rachel Fairweather’s advice on the pitfalls of undervaluing yourself

24 Starting out? How to Attract New Clients How to find your first customers with Jane Sheehan 26 Procrastination v Motivation v Inspiration Mark Shields’ advice for getting the most from your client sessions 29 Promo Tips for Easter Jordan’s top tips for promoting your business 30 Business Bolt-ons Vicky Killick looks at ways of diversifying as a therapist 32 Ali Norrell Case study of a reflexologist, birth doula and baby massage instructor 34 Competition - TIANA Fair Trade Organics Win gorgeous organic coconut oil beauty products 37 The Connect Effect Sandy shows us how amazing things happen when we connect 38 How to be a Holistic Entrepreneur Rachael Hibberd’s top 5 tips

You and Your Health 39 Product reviews What works and why


40 Use Yoga for Change Rozy’s guide to initiating and accepting change 42 Products with Vix A little guest columnist shares her thoughts on baby stuff 44 Meet the Maker How one goat started a family business 50 Fresh Spring Looks Makeup therapy with Emily Rose 51 Beauty Despite Cancer How one company is helping people with cancer to feel beautiful again 52 Janey’s Picks New columnist Janey Lee Grace on detoxing for spring 53 Detox Your Home Naturally Spring clean the way nature intended 54 Make your veggie diet a healthy one Nutrition with Karen Watkins 55 Easter veggie lunch Recipe therapy with Charlotte Palmer 62  Editor Pix: Professional Panel 63 Buyer’s Guide: Editor’s Choice 64 Ethical seasonal gifts Father’s Day gifts and dairyfree Easter treats 65  Editor Fix: Natural Facial Lift 66  Editor Six: Psychic healer Mairead Armstrong

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Registered Qualified Therapists Information for Allergy Sufferers

70% or more patients present with symptons wholly or partially cased by allergy. National health service patients may wait up to 13 weeks for specialist practical help Many therapists who are working effectively in the field of allergy today have been trained by the Institute When Allergy Therapy becomes part of your practice, many more patients come to you by recommendation


Help to find a Practitioner in your area An approach that does not rely on drugs or diet Register of over 300 Specialised Allergy Clinics Training for Health Professionals Associated Homoeopathic Pharmacy

Managing Director Jayson Firmager Art Director Richard Hejsak Managing Editor Amy Schofield Sales Team +44 (0) 208 668 5423

Dear therapist,

editor’s letter

You can feel it in the air…the hope and renewal of spring, as we shrug off the cold, damp winter and emerge into the dawn of a new season of renewed success and fulfilment. Welcome to the spring issue of HTM! This issue is practically vibrating with positivity and fresh ideas as we share the insights and wisdom of our holistic business experts with you, present some fascinating business case studies, explore different therapies, and present you with holistic health, beauty and lifestyle advice, products and people. You may be thinking about expanding your business this year, so we have some great advice on how to find the right people for you and your business, whether you’re a sole trader taking on your first member of staff, or a larger established practice looking for the right fit to add to your developing team. Our internet expert Jonathan Pollinger shares his advice on how to source staff online on page 15. Carolyn Story, CEO of the Association of Reflexologists, tells us how to conduct good interviews and be the ideal interviewee on page 16, we find out how to write the perfect job description on page 17, while Sandy Newbigging introduces us to the “Connect Effect” for forging great connections and relationships in all areas of life on page 37. On page 24 foot reader Jane Sheehan takes us through that all important skill for new therapists – how to attract new clients, while life coach Mark Shields offers his advice for getting the most from your client sessions on page 26. Rachel Fairweather puts us in the picture about money, what to charge, and how to get what you’re worth on page 22. Because you are worth it!

Photographer: LoveMemento Make Up & Hair: Priyanka Kaur Narain Assistant: Jemini Pattni Model: Lia @ LENIS MODELS LONDON Proud supporter of Breakthrough Breast Cancer GO PINK. RAISE MONEY. SAVE LIVES.

Another theme of this issue is embracing change. On page 18 Louise Jensen shares her personal story of how she embraced and accepted change to move forward and thrive, while Rozy explores using yoga to initiate and embrace change in your life on page 40. We’ve got tips for using Easter to promote your business on page 29, as well as some delicious dairy free Easter chocolate gift ideas on page 64. Charlotte Palmer cooks up a beautiful Easter vegetarian lunch recipe on page 55. Don’t forget Father’s Day - there’s a selection of ethical present ideas for dads on page 64. We also welcome our new columnist, holistic health and beauty expert Janey Lee Grace, who recommends some fabulous natural beauty products to detox you from the inside out on page 52. We also introduce a new section, Meet the Maker, where we talk to the people producing ethical health and beauty products, starting with the captivating story of how getting a goat led to new health and a new business for a family from Wales.

Enjoy this issue and we wish you health, wealth and happiness,

Amy x

Holistic Therapist Magazine, in memory of Pat and Bill Firmager.


With a special thank you to Jan Firmager

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Jane Sheehan

Jonathan Pollinger

Dr Stephen Hopwood

Charlotte Palmer

Sandy Newbigging

Mark Shields

Karen Watkins

Emily Rose


Louise Jensen


Jayney Goddard

Vicky Killick

Rosanna Kalliabetsos

Rachel Fairweather

OTHER ISSUE 10 CONTRIBUTORS Carolyn Story, Sally Earlam, Sheila Whyles, Claire Mellor, Geoff Simons, Kelly Anne Hill, Ali Norrell, Rachael Hibberd, Jennifer Young, Mairead Armstrong 08

holistic therapist 2014

Business | Book ReviewS

Devour these holistic reads

Expand your knowledge with these holistic health and business advice books 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back (Esther Gokhale with Susan Adams, £18.99,

Himalayan Sound Revelations (Frank Perry, £18.99, polairpublishing.

After experiencing crippling back pain, Esther Gokhale delved into finding out how to achieve a pain-free body. Years of study and research have resulted in the creation of the Gokhale Method which uses posture therapy to help people rediscover a life free of back pain. Esther’s belief is that a painful back and body are due to the fact that we don’t know how to “use” our bodies anymore. This colourfully illustrated book will help back pain sufferers to make simple, powerful changes to seated, standing, and sleeping positions to return their bodies to a healthy upright and relaxed stance adopted from the natural posture of athletes, young children, and people from traditional societies around the world.

International percussionist and master of Tibetan singing bowls, Frank Perry, has drawn together 40 years of knowledge to create this extensive work full of teachings about the nature and power of pure sound for healing and spiritual development. Each chapter is an in-depth study of what Tibetan bowls have to offer in relation to ancient symbolism, yin/ yang shapes, astrology, chakras, mantra, nada yoga, cymatics (wave fields), planets and the astrology of the bowls, the awareness of the bowl user and more. Frank Perry’s years of experience have led to this clear and detailed analysis of how to ‘play’ the bowls, alongside his studies into esoteric traditions, meditation and mysticism.

Starting a Spiritual Business

(Charlotte Anne Edwards, £11.99,

Billed as “the ultimate savvy spiritualist’s business bible”, this useful book presents inspirational case studies and business advice to help people to find the motivation to start their own holistic practice. The book encourages aspiring therapists to find the confidence to create the spiritual business they want. Charlotte’s research has resulted in a book packed with real life stories and practical advice from healers and therapists around the world who have already realised their dream. Covering everything from which course or credentials are right for you and your business aims to the all important financial advice, this motivational book will help wouldbe spiritual therapists to succeed in business.

Words of Wisdom: My father was a statesman, I’m a political woman. My father was a saint. I’m not. Father’s Day Quote by Indira Gandhi


as king Thin e iv it h: A Intu Pat m itual ir p eedo aS of Fr ophy s r o e il in Ph Ste udolf edia by R yclop Enc s ’ m by a icine artr 2) B erbal Med m of H rtra s Ba a y m o atom Th l An eleta k s lo uscu er 3) M er by Lay y er La k Ba ack by J

Do you have a recommendation? Perhaps you’d like to write a review for next issue? Or maybe you are an author and would like us to review your book? Email the editor:

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business | Dr Hopwood’s Soapbox

PROFESSOR DAVID NUTT: THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH ABOUT DRUGS Dr Stephen Hopwood explores the effect of anti-drugs policy


CCORDING to a former senior UK government drugs adviser, Professor David Nutt, the inconvenient truth about drugs is that alcohol is substantially more harmful to public health than cannabis and other prohibited drugs; anti-drug laws are unjust and contradict the latest peer-reviewed medical research into the actual harm they cause; and horse riding is more dangerous than the ‘clubber’s drug’ ecstasy. However, Professor Nutt was sacked because it was claimed he was giving mixed messages about drugs. But was he? He reportedly said: “Our current drug laws are not based on science and therefore potentially unjust and laws are meant to be just.” He also reportedly said: “The UK Government’s focus on cannabis and ecstasy is actually distracting attention from the real killer, which is alcohol.” He also told a New Zealand conference last year: “If alcohol were invented today, it would be illegal”.

he called for drugs to be reclassified according to an objective assessment of the harm they actually cause On the basis of his independent research, he called for drugs to be reclassified according to an objective assessment of the harm they actually cause the individual and society. Professor Nutt’s study identified nine ‘parameters of harm’, broken down into three groups: ‘physical harm’, ‘dependence’, ‘and ‘social harms’. Under this classification, alcohol and tobacco are considered to be more harmful than LSD, ecstasy and cannabis. In fact alcohol was ranked the fifth most harmful drug after substances like heroin, cocaine, barbiturates


holistic therapist 2014

and methadone, the dangers of which are well documented. Tobacco was ranked ninth. Professor Nutt, a practising psychiatrist and currently President of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology, also used the UK government’s own statistics to show that drug consumption had increased after the introduction of the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act, which criminalised the use and prescription of certain drugs in the UK. For example, the number of people using cannabis had increased 20 fold in the last 20 years. This evidence, he argued before medical professionals, demonstrates that cannabis does not and has never been a cause of schizophrenia as the rates of schizophrenia remained constant at the same time, alongside the increase in cannabis consumption. This research has been supported by the recent publication of a long term study carried out by the Harvard Institute of Psychiatry, part of the University’s famous medical school, which concluded that cannabis did not cause psychoses like schizophrenia. The study found they are instead more likely caused by genetic predisposition. In his presentation, Professor Nutt also showed how media reporting influenced anti-drug policy. A review of 10 years of media reporting of drug deaths in Scotland found that the likelihood of a newspaper reporting a death from paracetamol was one in 250 deaths, for diazepam one in 50, whereas for amphetamine it was one in three. For ecstasy, every associated death was reported. Prof Nutt came to public attention in 2009, when the New Labour government dismissed him as chairman of the independent Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (AMDC) after he published a pamphlet summarising his research into the real harm posed by alcohol and tobacco, compared to illicit drugs. Prof Nutt jokingly concluded that if we wanted to stop people from harming themselves and others – saving

public money on treatment and care – logically we’d be better off banning horse riding. In the UK, horse riding directly causes 10 deaths a year in addition to maiming and killing many others in traffic accidents; and horse riding has ‘a serious adverse event every 350 exposures’. Its addictiveness has been accepted by the courts. If it were a drug, the ACMD would be obliged to make it Class A, along with heroin and cocaine. The evidence shows that anti-drug policy is not founded on science and fact. As Prof Nutt concludes: “It is high time we adopted a just drug policy based on sound medical research and reason.”


Hiring staff online Jonathan Pollinger explains why social recruiting is the way forward


f you’re not using social media for finding new staff, or ‘social recruiting’ as it’s known, you’re missing out. In the 6th annual Social Recruiting Story from Jobvite, 94% of 1600 recruiting and HR professionals said that social recruiting was an essential practice. The three main benefits to social recruitment are access to a large recruitment pool; being able to communicate easily with potential candidates; plus it’s free, although it does take time and resource. A candidate’s own social networks can also be used for screening during the interview process. When screening be careful not to base recruitment decisions on discriminatory factors - for example; race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation or political beliefs. It should be noted that the law on discrimination applies online as well as offline. Social recruiting best practice can be achieved in two ways; presenting the right profile for your practice so that candidates can find you, and actively seeking out potential recruits. Here are my tips for finding the best recruits for your practice using the big three social networks; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

FACEBOOK Ensure that your Facebook page has a full description of your practice as well as your contact information added to the About section. To actively seek out candidates, use Facebook’s new Search to see who Likes your own and competitors’ pages. It’s possible that there are potential recruits amongst your and your competitors’ fans. You could also search for people interested in your field. For example, search for “People who work in holistic therapies (or health)”. You can also search by location, “People who work in acupuncture in London”. However, it’s difficult to contact people on Facebook if you’re not friends, so the best option is to use Twitter or LinkedIn – see below. Use your Facebook page to post details of your

vacancy and make sure that you include a link to further information. You could also consider using a Facebook App where you can list vacancies and candidates can submit applications. To top up the above strategy you can use your personal Facebook profile to ask your Facebook Friends if they know anyone suitable that might fill your vacancy. TWITTER Your Twitter Bio should contain keywords that clearly reflect your practice or clinic and the services you offer, as well as a link back to your website. One of Twitter’s lesser known but really useful features is Advanced Search which you can access at You can use this to identify potential candidates by searching for tweets containing words such as “holistic health” and “job”, or phrases such as “holistic therapist”. You can also tweet your vacancy and post on TwitJobSearch - - which is used by employees to find vacancies. You can then bring yourself to a candidate’s attention by following them and contact them by tweeting or sending a direct message or DM (the person you DM must be following you or be opted in to receive DMs). LINKEDIN It’s worth setting up a Company Page on LinkedIn to make it easier for people to find you. Make sure you add information on all your products and services plus your contact information. You can post details of vacancies on your Company Page as well as on your Personal Profile. Just like Twitter, LinkedIn has a really useful Advanced Search with lots of filters to help your find new employees. You can search for keywords such as “holistic health”, job titles like “yoga teacher” and by industry such as “health, wellness and fitness” plus location.

You can also join LinkedIn Groups such as Holistic Health Practitioners UK where you can post vacancies and perhaps spot a therapist looking for work. Once you’ve located an appropriate candidate select 2nd and 3rd degree connections and then you ask for an Introduction from a connection and make contact. If you are a LinkedIn Premium member there’s no need for this step as you can ‘Inmail’ people directly. If you have a budget it’s well worth considering advertising in LinkedIn’s Jobs section.



setup a process and a policy for social recruiting. spread the word about your vacancy across your social networks. actively seek our potential candidates. include a link to your vacancy in your posts and tweets. discriminate when screening employees.

For regular social media tips, examples of good and bad practice and social media news please read the blog section of my website at n

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Business | Mark Shields’ Coaching

MOTIVATION INSPIRATION PROCRASTINATION How do these emotions impact on each other and how can you use them to get the best out of your clients? Mark Shields explains


O get the most from your sessions with your client you need to understand your role as the professional practitioner and the key skills and strategies you need to deploy to ensure your client achieves the desired change in their lives, whatever that may be. The ability to motivate and inspire your client is fundamental to the overall buy-in and commitment you will get and contributes heavily to the success of your sessions. Failure to motivate and inspire often results in clients dropping out of a programme early and not following through on actions agreed with the practitioner at the outset. This article is dedicated to helping practitioners to understand the importance of motivational interviewing and the impact it can have on empowering the client to achieve the life changes they are looking for. How are these emotions linked, and what part do they play in the success or failure with our clients? “Inspiration comes forth from within.


holistic therapist 2014

It’s what the light burning within you is about, as opposed to motivation, which is doing it because if you don’t do it, there will be negative repercussions. Motivation is making me do something that I don’t really want to do.” Esther Hicks. Procrastination seems to be one of the biggest problems that clients experience when embracing change. There is an entire industry (the personal development industry) focused almost entirely on attempting to address this problem, helping us to get clear on our goals and then motivating us via coercion to achieve them. Guilt, irritation, shame, self sabotage, stress, the fear of not reaching one’s potential, anger at self, beating oneself up, right path/wrong path thinking and so on all accompany the so-called unmotivated client. One of two things can happen when you find yourself procrastinating or seeking

Business | Mark Shields’ Coaching

to motivate

yourself. You will motivate yourself with head talk and force yourself to do something that doesn’t feel great. Or you can wait (aka procrastinate), until you feel inspired from within to do it. The first, motivation, will take substantial effort, be a fleeting addictive high followed by a down, like a pat on the back that leaves you wanting. The second – inspiration - takes courage, will feel good and uplifting, absorbing, purposeful and of course inspired!

It takes courage to live free and in the flow of your own calling but the reward is extraordinary. I believe that the word inspiration originally means to be filled with life, passion, and emotional and physical balance and wellbeing, thereby achieving great results in your own life and the lives of your patients and clients.

The experience of motivation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Are you focused on the outcome of your success with your clients? Do you find yourself comparing the success of your practice to others? Do you ever say, “I know I should be trying that with my clients, but…”? Do you waste a lot of time feeling guilty? Do you achieve goals and then wonder what the point of it was?

The experience of INSPIRATION

On a personal note it’s been a journey of many years now to learn to live from inspiration. The most notable experience that sticks in my mind was when I was a senior bank manager in a previous career. This was a wonderful time for my family and I and we seemed to be riding on the crest of a wave. We had it all but sadly it didn’t inspire me. I did not procrastinate for more than a couple of months as once my mind was made up I was ready to change my life for ever. I felt inspired to become the best life coach in the UK. I should mention that there was an element of fear in this career change as the prestige of my bank position was what everybody seemed to want so I had to stay motivated with my new idea. I felt inspired and motivated to study in my spare time and took the relevant qualifications; at the same time I was itching to treat my first client. An internationally acclaimed coach and personal friend told me: “For goodness’ sake Mark, live the dream, you only live once”. I was both motivated and inspired by this statement and his advice helped me leave the safe zone of banking which was all I had known for twenty years and the desire to become a well-known life coach became my first choice. Within a week of leaving I was running my own life coaching practice. The desire to inspire and motivate people to live the dream within the boundaries of their own goals and dreams was enormously satisfying.

1. 2. 3. 4.


Do you feel a strong sense of purpose and clarity? Do you start the day with intent, eager and excited to face the challenges that lie ahead? Do you believe in your potential and the value of your contribution to your clients? Do you know that you have something unique to offer your clients and are open to discovering new ways to continue adding value to your client’s lives? Do you take the time to be reflective about your life path and practice and how you are developing as a practitioner? As practitioners we need to be able to identify our clients’ levels of procrastination and resistance to change and find ways to inspire them which in turn will motivate them to take action. Next time you feel inspired by a new idea or perhaps a fresh role model in your life, somebody you meet by chance, or a gut feeling that won’t go away, embrace these new feelings and use the experience to its full advantage. Nothing happens by chance, everything in life happens for a reason. Don’t allow yourself to procrastinate and simply exist. Seek out the inspiration and motivation you need to lead a full and exciting life as a practitioner; follow your star, live your dream as I did and see where it takes you. The CAM Coach, by Mark Shields and Simon Martin, is available to buy from

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As a reflexologist I specialise in fertility, women’s health,

pregnancy and birth. I am also a birth doula and a baby massage instructor. In addition I spent two years qualifying as a healer and hope to expand this area of my work in future. Since moving to Sussex from London three years ago I have

experienced a change in clientele. I had enjoyed a thriving practice in London and worked for four years as part of the small team of renowned therapist and obstetrician Dr. Gowri Motha, which gave me lots of really valuable experience. My clients in this practice were often high flying career women embarking on a very different phase of their lives - pregnancy. I was fortunate enough to work at the world famous Hale Clinic around this time, and met some fascinating women from all walks of life. In Sussex, I work from home in a small village but now I’m

becoming a little more known - clients are coming to me from Brighton and across Sussex. These days I tend to see women who have elected to stay at home with their families, like me, and I often see returning clients with subsequent pregnancies! The most enjoyable aspect for me as a therapist is working with

a woman to enhance and better understand her fertility, then seeing her throughout her pregnancy, serving as her doula and then welcoming her to my baby massage classes with her new

CASE STUDY: Ali Norell

Reflexologist, birth doula and baby massage instructor Ali Norrell tried out a few career paths before finding her true vocation. I enjoyed several careers before coming to holistic therapy,

including as a tour guide leading European coach tours and

working for a large American non-profit company. The last five

years of my conventional working career were spent in charity PR, as PR Manager for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and then the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

When I first started out reflexology was the only string to my bow -

my business name was Heel Your Sole - I’m still quite impressed with

that one! I now run my business from Cuckfield, a small village near Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

I had always been very drawn to all complementary therapies

and had used several over the years, particularly following a minor car accident which gave me whiplash. When my sister had a

difficult birth experience I found myself thinking that there must

be a way that complementary therapy could help women with pregnancy and birth, and this was my motivation for studying reflexology.

Leaving my career wasn’t as difficult as I had thought; it

somehow wasn’t enough for me. With complementary therapy,

for the first time in my life I felt that I had found my calling and the

baby. This is a real privilege and one which I have been lucky to experience many times in the ten years I’ve been practising. Each stage gives different rewards. I value and respect every single client I have ever worked with, and learn from them all. I am in such a privileged position, to have found a vocation

which I absolutely had to honour. The Association of Reflexologists was a major stepping stone in this path for me. By gaining recognition from them (and later serving on their Board of Directors) I felt very supported, and to this day their advice and guidance is useful in the reflexology strain of my business.

I’m currently pregnant with

my third child, so a little time

out is imminent, but I’m using

my maternity leave to grow my

business. The urge to develop and learn further never leaves me. Email ali@alinorell.

com, or call 07802 589630, Facebook Ali Norell (or Baby Massage Sussex, which is currently on maternity leave!)

To find out more about the Association of Reflexologists, visit aor.

apparent sacrifices involved in following this path didn’t seem significant.


holistic therapist 2014

TWO FANTASTIC TITLES, ONE GREAT PRICE! We’re delighted to announce a very special offer in collaboration with Choice, Health & Wellbeing Magazine. Both publications have quickly become trusted sources of information packed with news, practical advice and the latest innovations for practitioners and therapists.

Enjoy a yearly subscription to both magazines for just £30! 8 iss ue just s for (norm £ 30 ! al per y ly £ 41 ear)

(normally £41) for a limited time only! PLUS…

your free gifts!... FROM HOLISTIC THERAPIST MAGAZINE: High Five Multivitamin & Mineral 30 veg caps RRP £7.95 Helps convert food into energy and is essential for the normal functioning of the adrenal glands, along with other benefits. 100% Organic Omega 3:6:9 Oil 200ml RRP £9.50 - Nutritional oil for everyday and the family.

FROM CHOICE, HEALTH & WELLBEING: • Free Bonus selection of pre-blended essential oils by Quinessence (RRP £14.99) • FREE Web Listing Of Your Business • FREE Ebook: 36 Highly Effective Massage Techniques

To enjoy this special offer please visit... *Free gift is subject to availability, and is offer limited to UK addresses only.



Rosa Damascena pure essential oil produced by distillation which contains more than 300 active nutrients. Excellent for dry, mature and sensitive skin as a day moisturiser, night cream (including around the eyes) and with its natural rose scent it‘s a sensual pleasure to use.

HE UK’s No 1 in coconut products and ingredients, TIANA Fair Trade Organics Ltd, introduce new Beauty Sensations for skin and hair with 100% organic and Fair Trade-certified fresh coconut.

THE RANGE INCLUDES: • Rose Fresh Coconut TLC Effective Anti-Ageing Moisturiser • Pure Virgin Coconut Oil Essential Moisturiser for dry skin • Argan Fresh Coconut TLC Intensive Hair Treatment.

All of these luxuriant products contain no chemicals, no additives and no water.


Pure Virgin Coconut Oil - An essential moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin. It’s the purest multi-functional coconut oil for skin available that is suitable for a delicate baby’s skin as well as for problem skin due to the high content of lauric acid. It has extra moisturising properties and is quickly absorbed into the skin, making your skin feel smooth and soft without feeling greasy.


TIANA Rose Fresh Coconut TLC - A luxuriously rich ultra-concentrated face cream - reduces fine lines and wrinkles, deeply conditions and hydrates the skin. Unique moisturising and antiageing formula with the highest quality


holistic therapist 2014


TIANA Argan Fresh Coconut TLC The first ever product to combine these highly effective hair oils! This intensive hair treatment will give you replenished hair ensuring manageable, healthy, hydrated, silky and shiny hair. Specially formulated to repair damaged hair using a unique mixture of intensive coconut oils and butters with top quality cold pressed Virgin Argan oil from Morocco.


N ensure A Fair Trad e s no ch that absolu ild te Childre labour is us ly ed. n hav acce e bett ss farme to educatio er rs and n and th have bette eir families r health access to care.



cts produ by TIANA e certified the Trad e of

ir n are Fa ir Trade, o dies in rt Fa n bo Trade Ecoce certificatio g Fair t larges By choosin actively you orld. milies the w d products their fa n e , ifi rs rt e e c rm o ti fa r ta oo lan help p coconut p better and get a to rs worke life.

TIANA Fair Trade Org anics’ eth responsib os is that le compa of a green ny and th is sustaina , eir primary bility and principle social resp 2009 TIAN onsibility. A has bee Since n working Trade Pro on the TIA ject, whic NA Fair h has alre several th ady bene ousands o fitted f people in the Philipp ines with improvem in healthc ents are, educ ation and infrastruc ture – as w ell as imp general st roving the andard of living. TIANA is c ommitted to Fair Trade , transpare organic methods, ncy and su agricultura stainable l methods to ensure supply ch a reliable ain from c oconut fa consumer. rmer to The TIANA Fair Trade Project gu a fair pric arantees e for the c oconuts it guarantee buys, ing that c oconut fa at least 25 rme % more th an the min rs earn requireme imum wag nts in the e Philippine Trade Pro s. The TIAN ject has b A Fair enefitted in the Phil th ousands o ippines by f people funding im healthcare provemen , educatio ts in n and infr TIANA Fair astructure Trade Pro . The je c purchasin t is also e g of seeds ngaged in and planti the trees, thus ng cocon pro ut securing a viding sustainable agriculture permanen , t source o for genera f income ti o n s to c purchase o m e . TI A NA does n any produ ot been clea ct grown on land th red from n at has atural virg committe in forest a d to the e nd is nvironmen t. By buying TIANA Fair Trade cert will be co ified prod ntributing ucts you to the TIA helping c NA Fair Tra oconut fa de Projec rmers’ com economie t, munities a s to achie nd local ve a bette r life.

Packed in 100ml gla ss jars, ultra -concentr ated, and great value!


tions auty Sensa of their Be ts g se in e e g re y th C Anti-A giving awa oconut TL TIANA TIANA are se Fresh C o turiser and R is g o in M d il u O cl t in u , n e g co t. n o Ra gin C treatmen r, Pure Vir nsive hair moisturise t TLC inte u n co o C sh oconut. Argan Fre sit tiana-c ing, just vi n in r u w f yo o il ce n and ema ith a chan To be in w the following questio m. r e tm sw therapis com, an ic st li o h @ win answer to conuts


the co country are h ic h w n wn? ‘I roducts gro p A N IA T for

holistic therapist 2014



The top 5

qualities you need to be a holistic entrepreneur You already possess the skills to become a successful therapist. Rachael Hibberd shares her tips on how to harness them for success


T was time for a change; I had itchy feet and felt ready to swap the night shifts, bedpans and long stressful days of nursing for something else. But it was all I knew. I decided to take a gamble. I put the names of different jobs and careers in a hat and pulled one out:


I’d never even had a massage before, so to choose a career that I knew nothing about was ridiculous! But I sat with it for a while. The more I sat, the more it made sense. And so my new life began unfolding. After massage came reflexology and my practice grew. Within three years I was self-employed and earning my living as a therapist. One year later I set up my own specialist pregnancy therapy franchise business, Mummy Glows. Many therapists qualify and set up in practice only to give up. But you already have all the skills needed to be a holistic entrepreneur, you just need to use them. If you’re full of self-doubt, need some inspiration or simply just a kick up the backside, my experience can help you to realise your intentions.

The top five qualities you need to succeed: SELF BELIEF

She believed she could so she did. These simple words have become my daily mantra and they can work for you too. When faced with something you’ve never done before or an unpleasant task, it’s easy to say; “I can’t”, or “I don’t think I’ll bother.”


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Tell yourself those terms no longer exist. Instead each day repeat, “I can, I can, I can!” Self belief is your magic wand.


You already passionately believe in what you’re selling. You passionately believe that holistic therapies have the ability to change people’s lives for the better. Take that passion and tell people about it. Let everyone see that you practice what you preach. The results will shine through.


As a skilled therapist you will already have great communication skills. When put in a one-to-one situation with a client, you will shine. However, when put on a social media platform do you freeze up? Effective social media is about being interested in what other people have to say and telling them so. It’s about supporting others in their ventures and making new friends. Imagine being out and about and someone turns to you and says: “Have you seen the news? Apparently massage therapy is really good for reducing stress!” Would you ignore them and walk away or would you strike up a conversation? Thought so!


You use your gift of insight every day to help others feel better. It’s your turn to be insightful and recognise your weaknesses, take ownership of them and turn them around. Pinpoint exactly what is standing in your way when it comes to marketing. Is it something, physical, emotional or spiritual? If it’s something physical or technical, identify the problem and overcome it. Enlist the help of professionals to teach you the skills required or pay them to complete the task on your behalf. Need an emotional or spiritual pick me up? Get your positive affirmations and mood boards at the ready.


You need a strong work-ethic and a strong constitution. Giving in or giving up is not an option. You have the gift and the skill to heal and make others feel better about themselves. Use that! You are stronger than you think.


Rachael Hibberd is a massage therapist and reflexologist with a private practice based in Sheffield. Her passion for promoting the

benefits of both massage and reflexology along with helping therapists build thriving sustainable practices has lead her to launch pregnancy specialist massage and reflexology training and advertising opportunities around the UK with Mummy Glows.


Songbird Zest Reflexology Wax Therapist Jan Lee tries out a reflexology wax full of the goodness of fruit oils


FTER years of trying different lotions, waxes and creams I had never really found one that I was completely satisfied with. That was until a pot of Songbird Zest Reflexology Wax landed on my lap! Songbird originates from New Zealand and is now available in the UK thanks to the passion of the company director who has brought it over here.


On opening the pot I was met with a gentle aroma that (unlike some waxes I have tried) would not have my male clients running for the door for fear of smelling too flowery. Even better, it didn’t start me off sneezing. The fresh, pleasant, natural scent makes it a joy to work with. The Zest Reflexology Wax includes Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Cera Alba,Tocopherol, Citrus Nobilis Peel Oil, Citrus Aurantifolia Oil Citral, Geraniol, Limonene and Linalool in its ingredients. I dipped my spatula in and the thick wax scooped up easily, spreading smoothly over my hands and onto the client’s feet. Although it’s a wax it doesn’t feel greasy and just slid effortlessly over the whole foot without any need to reapply during the treatment. Even the driest of feet felt smoother 10/3/14 11:15 after using the AM wax.

What I loved about this product was the control I had over my fingers while performing the reflexology sequences. Walking the spine I had complete control without slipping, which happens with some other creams. This gave me full control over my fingers. The wax is also available in Tea Tree and Mint and the brand new Lavender Wax. I’m looking forward to trying these in my clinic soon! The wax is available in various sizes and very well priced as it lasts for ages. To order, visit and register. If you are a therapist or student you’re entitled to 25% off which makes this product very affordable at only £3 for a 20g pot, and just £6 for 100g pot. Songbird Naturals also offers massage waxes, and balms for various uses.


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Koko Dairy Free Original + Calcium milk is a unique dairy free alternative to cow’s milk made with freshly pressed coconut milk.

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Will clients taste the difference? Koko Dairy Free is totally suitable for vegans or people suffering from food allergies or intolerances. It is totally free of animal products, soya, nuts and cholesterol. Total fat, calcium, vitamin D2 and B12 levels are matched to semi-skimmed milk.




With a taste that’s remarkably close to ordinary milk it is palatable and versatile to use in tea and coffee, with breakfast cereals and in sweet or savoury cooking. It allows clients to eat a more normal, balanced diet.






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holistic therapist 2014


ISSUE 10 - APR/MAY/JUN 2014 (extract from full issue)  

This issue is practically vibrating with positivity and fresh ideas as we share the insights and wisdom of our holistic business experts wit...

ISSUE 10 - APR/MAY/JUN 2014 (extract from full issue)  

This issue is practically vibrating with positivity and fresh ideas as we share the insights and wisdom of our holistic business experts wit...