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HOK creates exceptional environments to meet the world’s most complex planning and design challenges. Powerful, inspirational ideas guide our solutions. Our work inspires people while shaping the future. HOK projects transcend initial purposes to express timeless cultural, organizational, and personal values. Our ability to connect across markets and disciplines around the world allows us to see the “big picture” as we approach design from many different perspectives, giving us an unparalleled ability to innovate. We collaborate with clients and colleagues to create wonderful spaces linking people and place. Our ideas emerge from the intersection of many active minds and imaginations. We care about the built environment and its impact on people’s lives, as well as its collateral impact on the natural environment. Our work strives to create a harmonious synergy between these two environments to the betterment of the world at large.

We Create. We Inspire. We Connect. We Care.

H O K Ov erv i e w

HOK is a global provider of planning, design, and delivery solutions for the built environment. Since the firm’s founding in 1955, HOK has developed into one of the world’s largest, most diverse and respected design practices. The firm employs 1,600 professionals linked across 24 offices on three continents.


L o c al P r e s e n c e

We embrace our unique responsibility as one of the world’s

HOK Southwest offers our clients fully integrated architecture,

HOK has been one of the pioneers in the architecture and

most influential design firms and seek to advance sustainable

interior design, MEP engineering, structural engineering, planning,

engineering industry for providing integrated workplace solutions.

design awareness, proficiency and innovation for every

graphics and consulting services.

Working with a variety of clients in diverse industries has allowed

With over 200 professionals in the region, the HOK Houston and

as they strive to improve employee attraction and retention,

By developing solutions to enhance aesthetic goals

Dallas offices have one of the most integrated service offerings of

maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace, and create

while limiting resource consumption, improving building

any other HOK office.

shareholder value.

performance and promoting occupant health and productivity, HOK is leading the way to an increasingly sustainable future. Co r e S e r v i c e s

HOK leads the planning, design, and delivery process for diverse assignments in every part of the world. Industry surveys consistently rank HOK among the leading firms in a multitude of building types, specialties, and regions. We have won numerous awards for our projects, people and practice. Among our most recent honors, HOK ranks as one of the “Top Green Design Firm” by Engineering News-Record (July 2013); Top A/E firm by Engineering News-Record (July 2013); and “#3” by Interior Design (January 2011).

us to apply key learnings and best practices to benefit our clients

building type, geographic region and budget level.

• Architecture • Construction Administration • Cost Estimating • Engineering • Facility Management • Interior Design • Laboratory Design • Landscape Architecture • Lighting Design • Site Planning • Urban Design • Visual Communications


• Aviation • Corporate/Commercial • Cultural • Education • Entertainment + Media • Government • Health Care • Hospitality • Justice • Residential • Retail • Science + Technology • Transportation

Our professional services included: • Architecture

• Planning

• Engineering

• Landscape Architecture

• Interiors

• Urban Design

• Advance Consulting

• Visual Communications

O F F ICE L o c at i o n s






This group of talented professionals with varied backgrounds and expertise provides HOK with a broad platform to serve our clients in providing solutions that lead to more productive, supportive and efficient work environments.















HONG KONG Mumbai Singapore

H O K has mo r e tha n 1 , 6 0 0 e mploy e e s f i r m w i d e O v e r 2 0 0 i n th e so u th w e st r e g i o n 2 4 O ff i c e s Wo r ld w i d e



HOK uses industry benchmarking data to inform industry professionals of workplace trends, current costs, and best practices.

Every client is unique and our design approach is based on the ability to identify this uniqueness and translate it into responsive planning and design criteria that withstands the changes of time. Our people are committed to creating environments that make a positive impact on people’s lives. Each HOK project is approached individually, without preconceptions, and designed to serve the unique needs and aspirations of you, our client, and your surrounding community.

Our flexible work processes and advanced technology equip

and the quality of that experience. Ultimately, we are in the

We start each project with facilitated vision sessions.

us to deliver projects of any size or scale, and in any location.

“pursuit of happiness” business. Our most successful projects

These sessions are highly participative meetings where key

HOK’s diverse talent and highly collaborative culture allows

are durable, timeless, and filled with people.

stakeholder representatives work together to explore the

us to assemble teams to provide specialized expertise from throughout the HOK office network.

critical aspects of the initiative. We know collective participation We recognize good design is an investment, a way to help

has the power to translate goals and objectives into results. Like

organizations meet their objectives. A well designed building can

all important business initiatives, a successful project starts


enhance communication flow and help an organization attract

with a solid strategy.

Architectural design is not an abstract issue of style, it is a

and keep its most important resource—people. At the same

problem-solving effort for people. The reason we exist—the

time, it fits into its surroundings and conveys to the public the

The purpose of the vision session is to identify key project goals

purpose of our entire organization—is to create the finest

essence of the organization’s image and values.

and objectives, set the (project or business) context and identify

environments for our clients. We use design to enhance people’s lives.

criteria for success. Ultimately, the outcome of the vision O u r P r o c e ss

session is to identify all aspects of the problem to be solved.

Undertaking a new project can be complex. It requires a

This ‘smart start’ strategy identifies project goals, strategy for

HOK’s designers look for new ways to reinvent the utility of

thoughtful approach that provides a thorough understanding of

implementation, identification of gaps, and an implementation

commonly used places. We are constantly re-examining the

the current situation, challenges, and opportunities—as well as

plan of next steps to move a project forward throughout design

nature of how people live, work, play, shop, and entertain

dialogue about the possibilities for your future success.

and construction.

themselves. We focus on how people move from place to place


PROJECT KICK-OFF • Team Member Role / Responsibility • Review Project Scope, Schedule and Budget • Define Decision Making Process



• Develop Master Plan for Candidate Properties

• Develop Optional Stack Plans

• List Advantages + Disadvantages to Each Layout

• Obtain Record Documents

• Summarize Building Efficiencies

VISION SESSION • Establish and Prioritize Project Goals and Objectives

• Summarize Area Requirements


• Develop Preliminary Budget + Schedule

• Develop Space Plans

• P&C Plan

• Review Code Compliance

• Furniture Recommendations

• Gather Equipment Data, Security Info, Etc.

• Review for Code Compliance

REAL ESTATE DECISION PROGRAMMING • Establish Functional Requirements • Define Operational Needs • Define Parameters • Define Redundancy Level

• Finalize Negotiations • Issue Letter of Intent

• Develop Color + Material Palettes

• Develop Block Diagrams

• Update Schedule + Budget

• Define Parameters

• Develop 3D Design

• Develop Reflected Ceiling Plan

• Inventory Existing Furniture + Set Furniture Direction




• Coordinate with Constituents


• Review Shop Drawings + Submittals

• Develop Plans Elevations + Details

• Issue Documents for Subcontractor Bids

• Respond to RFI’s, Issue Bulletins for Clarifications

• Coordinate w/ Consultants

• Issue for Permit + TDLR Review

• Attend Weekly Meetings

• Develop Documents for Furniture Scope

• Issue Furniture Bid Package

• Code Review

• Respond to Questions, Issue Addenda

• Coordinate Furniture Vendors • Monitor Budget + Schedule • Review GC Pay Application

• Review Bids, Align with Budget


Internal QA / QC



• Determine Dates for Substantial + Final Completion

• Design Development Presentation • Update Project Schedule + Budget

Consultant Coordination



Review CD’s with Client • Upon Completion of GC’s Punchlist Perform Punch with Client Rep. • Punch Furniture

• Obtain Closeout Documents + Record Documents + Issue to Client


Almost five years ago, HOK made a longterm commitment to using BIM (REVIT) to work more efficiently and accurately, and to provide additional value to our clients.


Our commitment is to facilitate communications and coordination

Driven by the need to improve the quality of buildings, and to

among the Owner, Architect and Contractor to ensure achieving

reduce the costs of designing and maintaining them, building

the common goal of a high quality project constructed on schedule,

owners, design teams, contractors, and facility managers

within budget and with no unresolved claims.

are seeking ways to collaborate and share information more effectively. BIM achieves this by creating a computer “model” of

HOK has defined the following principles which create a positive,

the facility containing information that has been contributed by

productive, and professional working relationship with the

each of these participants, and is made available to all of them.

construction team. HOK’s construction administration personnel are committed to the principles listed below:

Our participation in this larger, industry-wide process is complemented by our use of BIM internally as a design and documentation tool. We are doing this because BIM also provides a better way for the design team to work. HOK uses the most recent version of the Autodesk software suite as its primary BIM design tool set, including Revit Architecture as the central BIM component, the Revit Structural and Revit MEP engineering extensions and 3D Studio Max and AutoCAD

• Team members must have the same goal: successful completion of the project and “Project First” attitude • A clear understanding of the responsibilities of all parties • Respect the profession, responsibilities, and knowledge of the other team members • Produce timely, accurate and honest communication • If you do not know, ask • Be fair, ethical, and impartial in decision making

Architecture as auxiliary tools. HOK will produce AutoCAD files for our consultants not on Revit, that will be updated routinely to help

Submittals are reviewed for accuracy, compliance with the

them stay ahead of evolving designs.

information provided in the construction documents, and coordination with other affected trades. In complex buildings, it

Additional software, including SketchUp, Rhino, Navis Works and

is often difficult to understand or derive certain information (ie:

others, is used to construct geometry and analyze constructability

dimensions, geometry) and in the spirit of cooperation the Project

of the model. Special applications for energy analysis,

Architect at HOK is willing to assist the contractor in achieving the

presentation documents, database management, and other

proper understanding. In order to determine if a submittal complies

purposes are also integrated.

with the contract documents, the following list provides a minimum

c o n st r u c t i o n s e r v i c e s

As part of our commitment to design excellence, HOK brings dedicated resources and a proactive approach to the Construction Administration phase. At HOK Texas, we have a dedicated team of professionals in our Construction Administration Department. Led by Johnny Evans, we encourage the concept of a team commitment to the project.

guide: • Verify that the submittal satisfies the design intent • Verify that the submittal complies with the project specifications • Review items specifically noted by the Contractor for verification • Review materials selections and finishes against pre-selected samples • Review details • Review schedules on drawings and in specifications • Involve other team members

As part of an intense focus on innovation and alternative energy, many developers are reexamining traditional approaches to real estate and facilities. That’s where HOK can help. Comm er c i al O ff i c e B u i ld i n gs

For more than 55 years, HOK has been designing office, mixed-use, conference, residential, and other facilities for major national and international corporate/ commercial clients

Our experience on multiple project types, including High-rise,

“dealmaker”, and help our clients bring their development

Mid-rise and Campus style office buildings, medical research and

projects to fruition.

professional buildings, as well as retail, hospitality and residential projects, gives our team the experience that translates into results

I n d u st r y B e n c hma r k i n g

for our clients’ projects. Recent work includes major assignments

As a center of excellence for the commercial real estate

for Hines, USAA, Shell and Chevron.

market, HOK manages a benchmarking database that tracks qualitative and quantitative metrics on the current workplace

Office buildings are a major focus for HOK. In the past 24 months, our office has designed almost 3.0 million square feet in office buildings ranging from suburban mid-rise buildings to a signature tower in downtown Houston. Our team is current with the design issues, solutions, materials, and construction strategies related to today’s office buildings. With our well-versed team, we are ready to put our experience to work for you. F o c u s o n th e r e al e stat e M a r k e t

Creating results that meet the rigors of today’s real estate market requires a firm that understands how to design projects that perform. Building designs for the For Lease, Build-to-Suit or Design/Build market require a responsive and market experienced design team that can produce projects which: • Incorporate the attributes desirable to tenants and user groups • Meet construction budget parameters for the commercial market • Accommodate fast-track timeframes for completion • Incorporate design solutions that ensure long term value

trends. Additionally, HOK maintains a firm-wide benchmarking database by industry that allows users to have comparative information on HOK projects. This information offers our clients the following resource on their projects to: • Provide clients with intelligence and competitive advantage • Compare with others (standards) • Develop and understand Industry Best Practices • Archive important project data that may otherwise be lost • Decrease the learning curve on project start-up • Create a better understanding of a particular industry – trends • Have a point of reference We can help developers make an informed decision that optimizes the organization. Our team leaders are experts in the design of the office buildings and understand the current trends for portfolio optimization, support services and management within the commercial market. Cl i e n t Pa r t n e r sh i ps

D e s i g n S e r v i c e s Ta i lo r e d B y P has e

At HOK we understand the process of taking a project from concept to successful completion. We understand that each development has distinct phases proceeding from initial concept through marketing, financing, tenant commitment, and finally construction. Accordingly we cluster our services so that at each phase we can equip our clients with the appropriate materials – with the goal of optimizing our client’s upfront investment. Our goal is to participate in the process as a design partner and

HOK strives to build long-term partnerships with clients who want to enhance the strategic value of their facilities. We achieve these client relationships by responding with innovative ideas and excellent professional service. We are experts in the global workplace, and our breadth as a firm offers our clients industry leading talents, skills, and service.




Meet their BUSINESS challenges IN ANN PL

eS tra t

Change Management nk

- lin e




Sustainabilit y Consulting


Mo ve-In








F o c u s i n g o n c l i e n t n e e d s ov e r t h e e n t i r e l i f ec yc l e o f b u i l d i n g s


Alternative Demand Supply/ Demand Analysis





Supply Alternative

Establish GOALS

Collect and Analyze FACTS/ CONCEPTS



State the



Describe and Evaluate

Select and Develop












a er Op

Technology Application Services


On-site Services


t Evalua

Workpl ace Solutions

Pro gram

it y d u c ti v

Progr amming

W o

y eg

ut Sol




Re s o u r


Portfolio Optimiz ation

ra g ic


lity Planning Faci

e ac pl rk



Real E sta t






we r me

es ig n


S t r at eg i c S e r v i c e s


Our practice extends the reach of traditional A/E services by focusing on the clients’ needs over the entire lifecycle of buildings. We help to develop and implement strategies, design and implement solutions, and manage and operate facilities.



HOK works with clients to align business strategies with real estate, facilities, workplaces and information systems to effectively master change. We help our clients make valuebased decisions that achieve clear, quantifiable results.


Corporate + COMMERCIAL Architecture Our expertise in the design of office buildings is recognized throughout the world, and our comprehensive portfolio includes some of the most significant high and mid-rise and campus style projects in the built environment. We strive to build long-term partnerships with clients and work in partnership with our to optimize their facilities assets. We achieve strong client relationships by responding with our high-quality work, innovative ideas and excellent professional service.

Samsung Global Engineering center Seoul, South Korea • 2 Million sf Left Top

Trammell Crow Energy Center Houston, texas • 300,000 SF Left Bottom

CAPITAL MARKET AUTHORITY HEADQUARTERS riyadh, Saudi Arabia • 2 Million sf Middle

sYSCO cORPORATION HEADQUARTERS Houston, Texas • 627,500 SF Right Top

Hines Capline Center/717 Texas ave. Houston, Texas • 600,000 SF Right Bottom

cORPORATE + COMMERCIAL interiors As one of the largest interior design firms in the world, HOK has the resources to provide all services required for a wide range of project types and sizes. Our Interiors practice offers a creative, hands-on approach to projects. We do not have a predetermined “design style,” instead our mission is to develop design concepts that translate a client’s image and business goals into a reflective design that facilitates productivity, collaboration, innovation, and optimized occupancy costs—creating value for the organization.

CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT Global Learning Center Houston, Texas • 105,000 SF Left Top

Confidential financial services firm Dallas OFFICES Dallas, Texas • 141,749 SF Left Bottom

Shell Oil Company WOODCREEK OFFICE BUILDING Phases I and II Houston, texas • 381,000 SF Middle

BMC Software Executive Briefing Center Dallas, Texas • 80,000 SF Right Top

NASA Johnson Space Center Building 20 Clear Lake City, Texas • 93,000 SF Right Bottom

Engineering Engineering has been an integral part of HOK since the firm’s beginning. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural engineering and design innovation are seamlessly integrated into the building architecture through a thoughtful and collaborative teaming environment. This is the hallmark that distinguishes our in-house practice from those of outside consultants.

King Abdullah University of Science + Technology Thuwal, Saudi Arabia • 5.5 Million SF Left

New Doha International Airport Central Utility Plant 4 Doha, Qatar Middle Top

NASA Building 20 Clear Lake, Texas • 82,818 SF Middle Bottom

CenterPoint energy Energy Control and Data Center Houston, Texas • 100,000 SF Right Top

The University of Texas at Austin Dell Pediatric Research Institute Houston, Texas • 150,000 SF Right Bottom

PLANNING + Landscape Architecture Successful master plans and landscapes connect people to their environments, both physically and emotionally. HOK collaborates across disciplines and continents to create places that are authentic and integrated with the surroundings, ensuring long-term economic growth and sustainability. We work closely with clients, stakeholders and project teams to set goals and build consensus for a successful process from design conception through implementation— blending imagination and creativity.

King Abdullah University of Science + Technology Master Plan Thuwal, Saudi Arabia • 974 Hectares Left Top

IBM Tivoli Systems Headquarters Austin, Texas • 50 Acres Left Bottom

Christus st. Elizabeth hospital Outpatient pavilion and medical office building Beaumont, Texas • 250,000 SF Middle Top

Chicago Bridge & Iron Headquarters The Woodlands, Texas • 140,000 SF Middle Bottom

Telfair Center at Sugar Land Master Plan Sugar Land, Texas • 300 Acres Right

Urban dESIGN The approach to master planned regions and communities today are as varied as much as the individual places being planned and built. The value HOK brings to the process is our ability to establish the connections that create enduring places; places people care about. We have worked on residential projects around the globe, from singlefamily detached homes to garden apartments and high rise towers. The common thread among these projects is we strive to leave a legacy of a community and neighborhood.

Kiener Plaza Redevelopment Plan St. Louis, Missouri Left

Austin Green Water Treatment Plant Redevelopment Austin, Texas • 60 Acres Middle Top

Meixi Lake - R4 Mixed-use master plan West Changsha, China • 46 Hectares Middle Bottom

HOUSTON METRO Wheeler Intermodal Study Houston, Texas Right Top

HOUSTON METRO North Intermodal Transportation Center Houston, Texas Right Bottom



S u sta i n abl e d e s i g n

We embrace our responsibility as one of the world’s most influential design firms to incorporate measurable, sustainable outcomes into everything we do. Designing for environmental sustainability is not enough.

Comm u n i ty i n volv em en t

By developing solutions to enhance aesthetic goals while limiting resource consumption, improving building performance and promoting occupant health and productivity, HOK is leading the way to an increasingly sustainable future.

HOK recognizes the value and importance of contributing to our local communities and to demonstrating the collective positive impact we can have on our world.

U n mat c h e d E x p e r t i s e

In the early ‘90s, HOK chose to build sustainable design into all practice areas, service offerings and regional offices rather than creating a separate specialty group. Our commitment emanates from every level of the organization—from Sustainable Design Principal Bill Odell to a network of “Champions” in each regional office and practice area. More than 700 HOK employees have become LEED Credentialed through the U.S. Green Building Council. All employees have access to a database of best practices, green materials, case studies and progressive industry resources. Long before the creation of the LEED green building rating system, HOK developed sustainability checklists by phase and topic. These resources served as the foundation for The HOK Guidebook for Sustainable Design, widely recognized as one of the design profession’s seminal textbooks. Ta n g i bl e r e s u lts

HOK has convincingly demonstrated that green projects can be delivered without compromising aesthetic goals, building performance or budget constraints. Our built projects include office buildings, laboratories, corporate campuses, courthouses, museums, schools and master-planned communities throughout the world. HOK currently has over 170 LEED certified projects, 11 BREEAM rated projects and over 250 projects actively pursuing certification.

Each of our firm’s local offices is actively involved in supporting charitable and community organizations and initiatives. Our culture encourages generosity and voluntaryism among employees. HOK supports and participates in Public Architecture’s 1% program, which connects nonprofit organizations in need of design assistance with architecture and design firms willing to donate their time on a pro bono basis. In 2008, HOK challenged each of our offices around the world to complete a practice-wide community service project. We donated thousands of work hours and materials to these community outreach projects, which included school renovations, park rehabilitations, rebuilding an orphanage, engaging with officials to properly preserve an historic site, helping to clean up an earthquake site and other service activities. In recognition of our impact, HOK received the 2012 Design for Humanity Award from the American Society of Interior Designers. We believe that giving back is our way to connect our people to each other and to their communities. It’s also a tangible illustration of our firm’s brand values in action: We Create. We Inspire. We Connect. We Care.



TEAM RESOURCES Embedded in HOK’s culture is a spirit of

Representative Client List Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

Sandia Nation Laboratories

Advanced Micro Devices

Grant Thornton LLP

Schlumberger Limited

Aera Energy

GTE Wireless

Sequent Energy


Harris County

Shell Oil Company

condition. Our staff feels a responsibility to


Harris Health System

Skyport International

make the world a better place.

American Residential Services

Hewlet Packard


ARAMCO Services Company


Southern Methodist University


Houston Community College

State of New Mexico

Baylor College of Medicine



Bell Northern Research

Interstate Batteries

Sysco Foods

BMC Software

Jacobs Engineering

Targa Resources


Junior Achievement

Texas A&M University

Burlington Resources


Texas Children’s Hospital


Kerr-McGee Corporation

Texas Medical Center

Calpine Corporation


Texas Tech University

Capital Market Authority

Lonestar College System

The University of Texas System

CenterPoint Energy

Los Alamos National Laboratories

Tivoli Systems


MCI Telecommunications

Trammell Crow


MD Anderson Cancer Center


Chicago Bridge & Iron

Memorial Hermann Hospital

U.S. Air Force

CHRISTUS Health System

Methodist Hospital System

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Chrysler Corporation

Methodist Stone Oak

U.S. Department of Defense

City of Dallas


U.S. Department of Energy

City of Houston

NASA - Johnson Space Center

U.S. Department of Homeland Security



U.S. Department of State


Nueva Las Condes

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

Dallas County Community College District

Office Depot

U.S. Geological Survey

Deutsche Bank

Parkland Hospital

Union Station


Peabody Coal

University of Alabama

Ernst & Young

Powell Industries

University of Houston System



Walt Disney


Rice University

Washington Mutual

FMC Technologies


Waste Management

Fremont Properties

Rio Tinto

Williams Energy

Frost Bank

Rowan Companies

Williams Midstream

General Services Administration


WPP Group

invention and a drive to innovate in ways that are sensitive to the environment and the human

HOK’s ability to bring together the best people from locations around the globe and from an array of different disciplines as a unified creative force—inspiration by collaboration­—is what today’s world needs from design.




Dennis Peck, AIA


St. Louis


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Hong Kong

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